LACC Haitian Art Digital Archive

The Haitian Art Digital Archive (HADA) contributes to the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center at Florida International University's ongoing efforts to help preserve Haitian cultural patrimony, highlight the work of Haiti's cultural leaders, scholars and artists, and promote broad access to discussions about the Arts through the use of Haitian Creole. 

HADA boasts content from Nobel Prize Nominee, author, and painter, Franketienne; leading art historian, Michel Philippe Lerebours; renowned songstress and entertainer, Emerante de Pradines; and popular vodou flag (drapo) beading artist, Mireille Delisme, among others. All content is available for free through the Digital Library of the Caribbean and may be accessed from across the globe. HADA is made possible through partial support from the US Department of Education Title VI Grant.

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