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Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC ) By-laws - Revision: March 2012 (approved June 2012)
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Title: Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC ) By-laws - Revision: March 2012 (approved June 2012)
Alternate Title: Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC ) Bylaws - Revision: March 2012 (approved June 2012)
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Digital Library of the Caribbean
Publisher: Digital Library of the Caribbean
Place of Publication: Miami, FL
Publication Date: June 2012
Spatial Coverage:
Abstract: Revised version of the Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC ) By-laws from the draft from March 2012 that was approved in June 2012 by the dLOC Executive Board. The By-laws include information on the governance structure and roles and responsibilities.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
System ID: UF00095858:00004


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www.dlo c I. NAME The orga n body est a II. MISSI O The Digit scholars, s to cultur a multilingu III. PURP O The Digit a with acc e collection language IV. PART N Types of P a. I n I n a s r e I n E I n 1 2 3 4 P a d a c .com/bylaw Dig i n ization shall a blished to d e O N al Library of s tudents, an d a l, historical, al interface. O SE AND VI S a l Library of ss to Caribb e s. dLOC co m s and govern m N ERSHIP P artners n stitutional P a n stitutional P s sociations, p e presented b y n stitutional R e ligibility n stitutions ar e Willingness t Availability o Willingness Willingness a rtners in the igital collecti o nd/or 3) con t i tal Libra r be called D i velop a colle c the Caribb e d citizens by w legal, gove r S ION the Caribbe a e an cultural, h m prises collec t m ental syste m a rtners artnership i n p ublishers, a n y a single Ins t e presentative e eligible to jo t o contribute o f appropria t to comply wi t to designate project may: o ns available t ribute metad r y of the C (Revisio n gital Library c tion of digit a e an’s divers e w orking toget h r nmental, an a n (dLOC) i s h istorical an d t ions that sp e m s. n dLOC is o n d vendors t h t itutional Re p 's absence. in the organi z collections a n t e collections t h common st a a representa t 1) contribut e to dLOC thr o ata and cont C aribbe a n March 2 of the Carib b a l archives, a r e partners/m e h er to preser v d research m s a cooperat i d research m a e ak to the si m o pen to libr a h at meet the p resentative. A z ation based n d to make th with Caribb e a ndards. t ive to mana g e digital cont e o ugh compli a e xtual resour c a n (dLO C 2 012) b ean (dLO C r tifacts, and li e mbers serve v e and to pro v m aterials in ive of partne a terials held i n m ilarities and d a ries, archiv e e eligibility cr A n Alternate on the follo w ese freely av a e an content. g e local parti c e nt to a cent r a nce with the c es to suppo r C ) By-la w C ), representi n i brary materi a an internati o v ide enhance d a common w e rs/members t n archives, li b d ifferences i n e s, museums, r iteria. Each Representati w ing criteria: a ilable to the c ipation. r alized reposi Open Archiv e r t materials in Page w s n g the coop e a ls. o nal commu n d electronic a w eb space w t hat provides b raries, and p n histories, cu l research c e institution sh a ve can serve project. i tory; 2) mak e e s Initiative ( O dLOC. 1 of 7 e rative n ity of a ccess w ith a users p rivate l tures, e nters, a ll be in the e their O AI);


www.dlo c b A c o c o p a c P a E i n g V. MEM B a b t h m b A d M c P e VI. GOV E dLOC is g Board wh dLOC's c Committ e a T h n i i n M T e E c .com/bylaw Associate P a A ssociate Par t o llections of o llections. A s a rtners who w Inactive Par t a rtners not c x ecutive Co m n active statu s e neral meeti n B ERSHIP All member s e nefits outlin e h e administra m embership d u Institutional A nnual memb e velopment a M embers may Personal M e e rsonal mem b E RNANCE g overned by ich provides g c ontinued su e e, Advisory B The Executi v h e Executive i ne partner r e n stitutional re p M embers and e rms of offi c x ecutive Co m i. Gov e The E x and s h a rtners t nership is o p Caribbean c s sociate Part n w ill make pro v t ners c ontributing t m mittee will r e s Inactive p a n gs. hip dues sup p e d by the Ex e tive host ins t u es may also s Members ership dues a nd promoti o represent th e e mbers b erships are a an Executiv e g uidance to t ccess and s u oard, Execut i v e Committee Committee s e presentative s p resentative f the Chair of c e shall be s t m mittee. e rning Autho r x ecutive Com h all oversee t p en to indivi d c ontent but n ers may sub m v ide represen t t o dLOC fo r e view partne r a rtners may b p ort the gene e cutive Com m t itution with a s upport an e n cover the t e o n of the co l e group at the a nnual donati e Committee w t he Executive u stainability. i ve Director, a s hall be the g s elected fro m f rom one of t h the Scholarl y t aggered, 2y r ity mittee shall e t he work of t d uals, organi z do not have m it their con t t ation on thei r r a period o f r s annually at b e reinstated ral hosting a n m ittee. Mem b a pproval by t n dowment to e e chnical infr a l lections. A n annual Exec u on commitme w hich overse e Committee, a The Govern a nd sub-com m g overning bo d m the instituti o h e host instit u y Advisory B o y ear terms. A e ngage in pol i he Executive z ations or in s e the resour c t ent into dL O r behalf at g o f 5 years w i t general me e upon reque s n d developm e b ership dues t he Executiv e e nsure long-t e a structure c o n elected re p utive Commit e nts to suppo r e s all project a nd a group n ing structur e m ittees. d y of dLOC. o nal represen t u tions, and r e o ard, non-vo t A majority s h icy-making, p Director. Th s titutions tha t c es or expert O C through c o vernance m e i ll be consid e e tings and wi l s t by a majo r e nt of the res o and donatio n e Committee. e rm sustaina b o sts, partner p resentative o t tee meeting. r t the dLOC m t activities, a of Contribut o e shall consi s The Commit t t atives by th e e presentative t ing, for a to t h all constitut e p lanning and f e Committe e Page t have appro ise to digiti z c urrent instit u e etings. e red inactiv e l l notify part n r ity vote at a o urce in addi t n s are mana g A percent a b ility. training an o f the Instit u m ission. Scholarly Ad o rs working t o s t of an Exe c t ee shall con s e general bod y of the Instit u t al of 12 me m e a quorum o f undraising e e will conven e 2 of 7 priate z e the u tional e The n ers of a nnual t ion to g ed by a ge of d the u tional d visory o ward c utive s ist of y one u tional m bers. o f the fforts, e sub-


www.dlo c b. S c The S Com m curri c Com m for i n sourc e addr e the fi r on th e c. E x The E Exec u c .com/bylaw commi Advis o ii. Offi The of Offic e iii. Off The C h 1. Pre s 2. De v 3. Ser v The Vi 1. Ser v 2. Ass i 3. Mo v The S e 1. Re c Com m 2. Ha n 3. Ma i iv. Ele c 1. Ele c Partn e 2. Re p Execu t c holarly Advi s S cholarly Ad v m ittee. The r c ulum develo p m ittee and th e n clusion, revi e e s. Professio n e ssed by the o r st term, at th e e Board for a x ecutive Dire c E xecutive Dir e u tive Commit t ttees who re p o ry Board. cers ficers of the E e rs will be ele c icer Roles an d h air of the Ex e s ide over gen e v elop the gen e v e as ex-offic i ce-Chair sha l v e as liaison t o i st the Comm i v e into the C h e cretary shall : c ord and di s m ittee; n dle corresp o i ntain partne r c tions and Te r c tion to the e rship Meetin g p resentatives t ive Committ e s ory Board v isory Board epresentativ e p ment, and/o e Executive D e wing stand a n al expertise o rganization. e end of whi c third year. R e c tor e ctor (dLOC t ee, to devel o p ort to the Ex E xecutive Co m c ted by the p a d Responsibili e cutive Com m e ral partners h e ral partners h i o representa l l serve as Ch o the Advisor y i ttee Chair b y h air position f : s tribute minu t o ndence as re q r ship and me m r ms of Office Executive C o g from active e e. shall consis t e s of the B o r in technical D irector by r e a rds develop e of represen t Terms of offi c c h three or fo u e presentative s Director) sh o p and man a ecutive Dire c m mittee shall a rtner repres e ties m ittee shall: h ip meetings; h ip meeting a t ive of the A d air in the abs e y Board; y representin g or 2 years af t t es of the P q uired; m bership rost e o mmittee sh a institutional t of seven r e ard will be issues. The B e viewing pro p e d by subco t atives of th e c e shall be st u r members o f s may be re-e all be hired b a ge activities c tor, and will s be Chair, Vi c e ntatives of t h genda; d visory Board ence of the C g the Commit t t er serving as P artnership, A e rs. a ll be by se c partners will e presentativ e skilled in rel B oard will pr o p osals for col mmittees an d e Board will r aggered, 2y f the Advisor y e lected. b y the host i n of the Digit s elect the re p c e-Chair, and h e Committe e C ommittee C h t ee at meetin g Vice-Chair f o A dvisory Bo a c ret ballot d be eligible f e s appointed evant acad e o vide guidan c lections, no m d assisting w r eflect the c u y ear terms, wi y Board will b n stitution wit h al Library of Page p resentatives Secretary. e h air and shall: g s upon requ e o r 2 years. a rd and Exe c uring the G e f or election t by the Exe e mic disciplin c e to the Exe c m inating colle w ith future f u u rrent issues th the excep t b e invited to r e h counsel fr o the Caribb e 3 of 7 of the e st. cutive e neral t o the cutive es, in cutive ctions u nding being t ion of e main o m the e an as


www.dlo c direc t Direc t is a p a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 d. Ho The h repre s Exec u i. T h i n ii T h d VII. STA N Standing members h be forwa r the Carib These ma y Director, o a T h i n c .com/bylaw t ed by the E x t or shall hav e a rtner of the o Provide le a organizati o Develop a Promote t h Seek sust a gifts from i Liaise wit h Supervise p Assist with Be locate d Serve as a members a st Institutions h ost instituti o s entative fro m u tive Commit t Admin h e Administr n cluding all p r Techn i h e Technical igital preserv a N DING COM Committees h ip. All reco m r ded to the E x bean may ha v y be suggest e o r by the Adv Technical S t h e Technical n clude catalo g x ecutive Co m e managerial, o rganization. a dership in al o ns and instit nd manage d h e activities o f a inability thro u ndividuals; h legal couns e p roject staff i budget over s d at a host ins t n ex-officio m a re non-votin g o ns provide v m one of th e t ee. istrative Host a tive Host I r ocessing an d i cal Host Insti Host Instituti a tion of all m a MITTEES shall be ap p m mendations a x ecutive Dire c v e additional e d by the par t isory Board. andards and Standards a g ing, metada m mittee in c o fiscal, and li The responsi l aspects of d utions in sup p LOC membe f dLOC; u gh active gr a e l to clarify a n n support of d s ight and fin a t itution that i s m ember of the g members). v ital suppor t e host instit u Institution nstitution pr o d distribution o tution on provides s a terials. p ointed by t a nd minutes o c tor for appr o task forces w t ners and me m Training Co m a nd Training C ta and mark u o ordination w brary experi e bilities of the eveloping an p ort of dLOC r/partner coll a nt writing a n n d resolve iss u d LOC missio n a ncial reporti n s a partner of Executive C o t and sustai n u tions (techn i o vides supp o o f membershi s upport for th he Executive o f Sub-Com m o val and acti o w hich will be c m bership of t m mittee C ommittee s h u p, and deplo y w ith the Adm i e nce and be l position are t d administeri n C ’s mission; l aborative str u n d fundraisin g u es of jurispru n ; n g; the organiz a o mmittee and n ability for t ical and ad m o rt for the a p dues. e online acc e e Committee m ittees and a d o n. To carry o u c harged with he organizat i h all establish y ment issues. i nistrative Te a ocated at a h t o: n g linkages w u cture; g efforts and s dence; a tion; the Advisory t he program. m inistrative) s a dministratio n e ss, system, t o from among d hoc Commi t u t its work, th specific resp o i on as a whol h standards f o Page a m. The Exe c h ost institutio w ith outside s olicitations o Board; (exo One instit u s hall serve o n of the pro o ols, and lon g the partner s t tee meeting s e Digital Lib r o nsibilities or e, by the Exe c o r digitizatio n 4 of 7 cutive n that o f o fficio u tional o n the gram, g -term s and s shall r ary of tasks. cutive n that


www.dlo c b T h i n c T h s u d T h o VIII. MEE T a T h A c o b T h a t c T h a d S E e T h r e p a f. M g M m IIX. Vaca n c .com/bylaw Teaching a n h e Curriculu n itiatives of th Collection D h e Collectio n u pports for th Developme n h e Develop m r ganization a T INGS General Pa r h e general m A ssociation o f o nference. Executive C o h e Executive t another mu t Advisory Bo a h e Advisory B nnual confer e Special Me e pecial meeti n x ecutive Co m Quorum h e quorum wi e quired for a a rtners, and t Participation M eetings are o Meeting No t M eetings will b m onths prior t o n cies n d Outreach C m and Dev e e organizati o D evelopment C n Developm e e collections c n t Committee m ent Committ e nd implemen t r tner Meeting s eeting of the f Caribbean o mmittee Me e Committee s h t ually agreed a rd Meetings B oard shall m e nce. e tings n gs of the pa r m mittee. ll be a simple vote, and m e t he Chair of t h o pen to partn e t ification b e announce o the schedul e C ommittee e lopment C o o n. C ommittee e nt Committ e c reated by p a e e shall plan t fundraising i s partners of d University, e tings h all meet onc e upon time an m eet once a r tners and/or majority of t h e mbers may a t h e Executive C e rs and mem b d to the part n e d meeting th o mmittee sha e e shall pla a rtners as we l and conside i nitiatives. d LOC shall b Research an e a year, in p r d place. year, in pro x the Executiv e h e partners p a t tend and vo t C ommittee w b ers of the or g n ers, membe r rough appro p ll plan and n and coor d l l as collabor a r future fisca b e conducted n d Institution a r oximity to th e x imity to the e Committee a rticipating i n t e virtually. E w ill only vote w g anization. r ship, and/or p riate dLOC consider fu t d ination dis c a tive, themat i l priorities a n once a year, a l Libraries e ACURIL an Caribbean S may be held n the annual m x officio part w hen require d associated p email list(s). Page t ure prioritie s c ussions reg a i c collections. n d initiatives o in proximity t (ACURIL) a nual confere n S tudies Asso c by direction m eeting. Qu o ners are not v d to break a ti e p arties at lea s 5 of 7 s and a rding o f the t o the a nnual n ce or c iation of the o rum is v oting e s t two


www.dlo c A vacanc y by the ins t IX. Remo v Any instit u affirmativ XI. BYLA W a 1 D b y c o 2 a w 3 b A R t h c L e C XII. FINA a E b y b T h c d c o d T h e c .com/bylaw y in any offic e t itutional alt e v al u tional repre s e vote of a m a W S, GOVER N Bylaws Amendmen t D irector, or b y y the Executi o ntain Execu t Amendmen t ny proposed w hich it is to b e These byla w Parliamenta r A ll matters of p obert's Rules h irds of the v o Legal Coun s e gal counsel C ommittee on N CES AND R Dues and F e ach member s y the Executi v Fiscal Year h e fiscal year Finances LOC shall o p o ntributions f Registration h e Executive Records e because of d rnate. A new s entative may a jority of the v N ANCE, AN D t s to these b y y the partner s v e Committe e t ive Committ e t s will be con amendment e discussed. w s may be am e r y Procedure p rocedure at of Order (la o ting represe n s el shall be ma d a voluntary b R ECORDS e es s hall be asse s v e Committe e will begin 1 J p erate with m o rom partner a Fees Committee w d eath, resign a institutional r be removed f v oting Execu t D LEGAL CO U y laws may b s Proposals s e All propos a e e or Executi v sidered at th shall be sen t e nded by a si any meeting t est edition). n tatives prese d e available b asis. s sed annual d e uly each yea r o ney receive d a nd member i n w ill have the ri g a tion, remov a r epresentativ e f or cause fro m t ive Committ e U NSEL b e proposed hall be subm i a ls submitted v e Director re c e annual pa r t to the part n mple majorit y of the Com m These rules o nt. to dLOC b y ues accordin g r and end 30 d from a varie n stitutions an d g ht to establi s a l, disqualific a e shall be ap p m the Executi v e e representa by the Exec u itted to the E shall be pre s c ommendati o r tners meetin g n ers at least 3 y of voting pa m ittees, or th e o f order may y the partner s g to a fee-str u June of the f o ty of funding d donations t s h fees to co v a tion or othe r p ointed by th e v e Committe e tives then in o u tive Commi t E xecutive Dir e s ented to th e o ns. g Notice co n 30 days bef o rtners. e partners sh a be suspende d s represente d u cture and s c o llowing cale n sources to in c o maintain th v er the cost o f Page r wise, shall b e e institution. e at any time b o ffice. t tee, the Exe c e ctor and rev i e partners an d n taining the t o re the meet i a ll be gover n d by a vote o f d on the Exe c c hedule deter m n dar year. c lude grants, e organizati o f annual mee t 6 of 7 e filled b y the cutive iewed d may ext of i ng at n ed by f twocutive m ined dues, o n. t ings.


www.dlo c A B f. I n t h o c o f o c .com/bylaw A ll active rec o oard, shall b e Disposition o n the event th h e Institution r ganization's o ntinue to se r o r continued s o rds of the g e maintained a o f Assets at the dLOC of the Exec u records. In t r ve in its role s tewardship o g eneral partn e a t the office o is dissolved, u tive Directo r t he event th a as the techn o f dLOC's di g e r meetings, o f the Executi any remaini n r for the sole a t the dLOC ical partner a g ital assets. the Executiv ve Director. n g funds in th e purpose of p is dissolved a s the conta c v e Committe e e Treasury s h preserving a n the Univers c t for the FlorPage e and the A d h all be disbur s n d maintaini n ity of Florid a ida Digital A7 of 7 d visory s ed to n g the a shall rchive

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