Dominica colonist

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Dominica colonist
Coquille, Francis ( publisher )
Doyle, Charles Henesy ( proprietor )
Heagan, Robert Sproule, 1815-1886 ( editor )
Doyle, Thomas William, -1878 ( editor )
Place of Publication:
Roseau, Dominica
Printed and published for the proprietor by Francis Coquille.
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volumes : ; 50 cm


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Blacks in the printing and publishing trades -- Coquille
Dominica ( fast )
Dominica -- Roseau ( fast )
Postage stamps.
Newspapers. ( rbgenr )
Newspapers. ( fast )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Dominica -- Rousseau


Pactor, H.S. Colonial British Caribbean newspapers,
Cf. Pactor.:
Began in 1825? Ceased in 1866?
General Note:
Editor: Robert Sproule Heagan <1840-1849>; Thomas William Doyle 1849-<1866>.
General Note:
Proprietor: Charles Henesy Doyle <1848>.
General Note:
N.S. Vol. 6, no. 318 (Aug. 1, 1846).
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. • __ - . x®. ; - ;y.. . ' v'-jf k
■ yii -■%» •■>••• ...; .v ’*.

Vol. XXVI.— New Series.]

iBT The DO MINIOA COLONIST ie re reely
ely reely filed in Lbndon by tart. Eyes & £jo.
and Advertizing Agents, 4, Bouverie
>.;-,! /greet, Meet Street; end also by Georqi
Itkiit Esquire, 30, Corn Kil t, E, C.; where
Qrdere and Advertisements will be received.
H* The term* of SuDacription to the COLO*
HIS T are £1 16 per annum, payable half-yearly
in advance.
Advertisements not exceeding Eight Linen will be
iM*rted once, twice or thrice for four shillings— shillingsand
and shillingsand tor each insertion after the third, two shil shilling*,
ling*, shilling*, all advertisements over eight tinea six
pence per line, and three pence per line for each
Insertion after the third, Casual Advertisement*
are payable in advance.
%AT Notice of a subscriber’# intention to dis discontinue
continue discontinue hit paper must be lett lit this office
before the half year expires; any notice after
be half year hae been entered upon, will boon boondetstood
detstood boondetstood to refer to the succeeding term, and the
subscriber will be charged ac S Th* Kntroa alone ia authorised to grant receipts
for Subscription*. Advertisements, for other work
performed et this office, and to collect ail out out•leading
•leading out•leading debt*. $ *' w
’ Subscriptions and C mmtinieathns to be ad addtt
dtt addtt »«d to the I'ditor et the'Colonist Office.
By R«yel Letters Patent, under the special
sanction of Her Majesty's Government, and
thief a qf the Faculte de France, - -
flliicßAPiON :~er CURE OF CURES ;
I Tina successful and highly popular medica medicament,
ment, medicament, •• employed in the continental hospitals by
Roman, 4obit t, Vcipeso, and others, eombinei ail
the desiderata to bn sought in a medicine of the
kind, a.,4 surf •••( •’everything hitherto employed.
Devoid of all taste, odour, and appearance of*
medicine, it can he ten or enrrfid *t*y where, and
ttkeo from time to tiu>e without exciting auspicoo*
Each package contains fait nwrucuca# for every
cue. . * * *' i
TiiERAPION, No 1, to three daya only
-smtaovt* ‘gbnofrhafc.r, gleet, and all discharges ; i
iffectuilly sVpeistdt'ng injections, the use of which
Sloes ineparubls batoi by laying the foundation o!
d iciure and other setieo* diseases, lo dytaute dytautery,
ry, dytautery, piles, irritation cl the lowqr bowel, cough, bron bronbtetis,
btetis, bronbtetis, a*Ui«»«, and tome ol the more trying com complaints
plaints complaints of this k i d, it whl be found astonishing!)
efficacious, affording prompt relief, where other
well-tried remedies have been powerless.
TtiEtiAPION, No. 3, for syphiflie, diseiss of
ths boots, torn throat, ibreai.eoed destruction oi
oi»s« and patate; impurity oi blood, scutvy, pim pimples,
ples, pimples, spas, bloc has, and all diseases sot winch it
has been too much a fashion to employ mercury,
MiiapaiiUs, 4c., to the destruction oi the nutlet -
«'» uetb, and ruin of health. Under Ibis medi medisiu#
siu# medisiu# every vestige of disease rapidly disappears ;
•nd the iktn assumes, the pleasing sot mess of
itfj cy.
THhUAPION, No. 3, for relaxation, sperma spermatehbma,
tehbma, spermatehbma, and sit the distressing consequences aril*
iog from etriy abuse, excess, residence in hot
unhealthy climates, 4c. It possesses surprising
psMr in restoring strength end vigour tft tbs de detonated,
tonated, detonated, To those who are prevented entering
the rcarrUge sum by the consequences of e»'iy
•nor, it wi.i tender essential aid by auMuiog all
disqualifications; and restoring * ,i v but tone to
the system. Tberapioo way he procured st Us.,
and 335., per pe k*ge, through ail mediciua v»n.
t«s, otia £5 packages for foteign shipment,
direct item London only, by which £l 12s. are
saved; end £lO packets for the more inveterate
cases, by which a still gieaur saving is effected
lu otdsitng the above, the purchaser should state
which of the three numbers he requires.
Una MAjfcsiY’n Ho*. Commission km have
gtatcouiiy pat milled the government st»mp beat-
Mtglbe w. td ** Ihctspioti,” in white letters, to be
attached to each package ; thus insuring Wi* pub pubhe
he pubhe against fraudulent imitatious, and securiugto
ihe proprietor tuc sole tight ol supply throughout
lbs dominions ; sod any iufringeuieut of Which 5
*h«y w.if prosecute wuli the utmost severity,, foR EhctaNO, tbotnas A, Co., 7,t
%«3t. Uetiiu’s-laue ; Barclay A Co., Earring Earringdflunreet;
dflunreet; Earringdflunreet; Atwaid. 4 Co. aod Ntwbayy 4 boos,
hi. i*aai’i-churcu-yard ; and obtainable through
wil-mydicioe' veudora iu the known wotld, or in
case of difticuity, by enclosing a draft or older for
*5 or Alt), according to the nature of the case,
P*yable in Loudon to Messrs, Tbomsa & Co., as
sbov*, a large package will be sent by return
h| d, car.'fuily secured ftom observation or acci acci«.
«. acci«.
AHU CCUfci oF titis.SUAiVHt.
cold by mil Agent, /or jjr . fie Ross ’ Med*.
vines, or sakt post Jree, secure Jrom obser obserfj?
fj? obserfj? direct from the Author for 2s. 6J.
r I Irß HEDICAL AI)V*&EH. on tbt modern
* UMtacat of meatai and physical inoapsvity

' k ' '"V Jfl l w^wfgßPHßWHjffmwmna^www^ww^iwaaweaMw^wsnwinieMiwwwwwwr-awwiarviw^
r ■ TaJ?,- " '• “ '*" 'W I .^

syphillif, stricture, Ac. ; with unfailing rules and
. rescriptions for the speedy core, by very simple
r m . M nc, of all tbt more common diseases aud. sup sup'.p«)ied
'.p«)ied sup'.p«)ied ineurib'e maladies of the sexual ‘system.
' **!**•*' W ' D l ! Ro0 ’' D ** &c *» °f Die Ecols
de Medicine, Paris. "
“ The Medical adviskr, by Waltyh
Pi Roes, M.D., tot the class of diseases npon
when it tresu, is ondoubfedly the best and most
‘ •oondJy practical book wnicb’has come ooder our
notice, Author ia a man of most enlarged
experience."--tforfA qf England Telegraph
| Lane 29th, lß6f . ‘ »' r
1 *f To those who contemplate marriice its peru perusal
sal perusal is especially recommended.”— Bap, May
" The knowledge it imparls must come some time,
and happy they who do not possess it too late.”—
Politicals. •* Cure is certain in every curable
case, ants few indeed are they which are not so.”
■—Med. Review . “It is calculated to effect a
complete revolution iu the treatment of ibe*-
complaints ”— Med. Gat. «• Simple sod ii»ex ii»expemive,
pemive, ii»expemive, every sutierer may cure himself spesdily
privately, end tt the lean possible cost.”— Seal
pel. 1 v :
From long practical observation of the treat treatm«ot
m«ot treatm«ot pursued in the most famous Institutions of
this couutry and the continent, for those diseases
rtinned to in the above work, the Proprietor has’
bad somewhat unusual faciliitiea for enquiring that
uniform succsss which has hitherto characterised
his practice, in wliicii the dutrevaing consrquen consrquences
ces consrquences soiling from the injurious employment of
mercury, csyiri, aarsrpanita, sad similar danger dangerous
ous dangerous me iictneS are ctitueiy obviateif. Lilting hto*- '
fits iii these cases exit only be reasonably expected
at the hinds of thos? who do vote tbei’r chief atten attentjbti
tjbti attentjbti to such dicessts ; and lo such only can con confluence
fluence confluence he sqfbly extended. Dr. l)e Refers
with pride to the numbers ha hat been instrumen instrumental
tal instrumental tu restoring to health and happiness ; whilst
to all who need each aid he offers «vs>y aaturuuce
of spesdy restoration. ’ ** w,s 1 ‘ *
EoxctoN Residents can he cuecssthilly treat treated
ed treated by correepondence, on tendiug He detal of tbetr
case ; with e Hank note or Bill oh a London bouse
for £6 or £lO, in order that the package of mc mcuicioes
uicioes mcuicioes to mtet the exigencies, of the esse, 'may be
seat out by next m«i!; thus avoiding the protract protracted
ed protracted suffering and unnecessary, I9IS of valuable time
which must otherwise occur.
T .. . .
DROPS; Protected bf Royal Letters Pa Patent
tent Patent qf England; Seals of the Faculte de
France ; Royal College 0/ Prussia, #c.; hove
in numosfiass metaocts proved tbeir superrioity
over every ether advertised remedy for Sperma Spermatorrhoea
torrhoea Spermatorrhoea ; langour ; iaisitndu ; depression of spirit*; .
trritsbiiity ; anger; excitement; needieea fear ;
distaste and incapacity for aaciety, study or bust-! 1
ness ; indigestion, pains iu the side, palpitation of 1
the heart; giddiness, noise* iu the bead ;
ency ; iraiidimetils to marriage, Sec. This me* i
Jicine stiebgtheus the vitality of the whole *ass- J
tern, gives energy to the muscles and nerves, 1 :
thus speedily removes nervous cotapiaiuts, reoo-j
vates the impaired powers of lffs, and invigorates
tb« nittsi'shattered constitution',' Fur skra erup- 1
lions, sore throat, pains in the bones, sad a i those 1
diseases iu wliicb mercury, sarsaparilla, &c., are <
too oflea employed iu vain, to the ' Serious detri- <
meat of health, its surprising efficacy’ bos only <
to be Utisfito be appreciated.
As ike e complaints if neplecled become |
•* chronic” or iiriurabl*, sufferers will dn well be-1
fore they waste valusble ttrrMß in setkiiig aid Trom ,
instruments, and other absurdities piofessing to 11
supersede medicines ;lo make lair.trial of a re- j j
medy, which conceded on uuerriug scientific priii- I
cipics cannot fail; aisJ mtiy'be abnut tl-e *
per sou, or isft upon the ioilet table, without cx cxciuag
ciuag cxciuag a suspicion of iU hatuie. i’rise Us., aiuf
four times tfcb quantity et 335., per bottle. The
£5 packages containing iwtlve 1 la., quaotities, by
which a laving of Li 12s. is effected, will be
sent from 25, Bedford Piece, only, on re
Iceipt of the amount per draft on a Loadou house
‘or otherwise,
I. it AO J, GOUI, RaEUMvTisie, Disease of
tits KiDkEYe, Hladd#*, &c. Dh,. DbHoos’
Uomfound Renal Tills are a most ssfe aut;
speedy Remedy for the above dangerous Complaints.
Discharges 4 Diseases of the ternary Organs genet- (
, ally, which too frequently harass tbs sufferer ovet ,
tbs best yssrs of Hie, nod end only in tgoni* 1
ing desth.' They agree with the most' dejic»u
tomach, and in three day* effect a core when (
capivi, ctibeba,' &c. have utterly failed. 2t. 9L, ,
4s. 6d., lii.'»nd 33*. per box. The superiority
of thsse celebrated medicines ovar avety thing o<
the kind ia nnivaraatiy acknowledged, and the •** (
irsordinary demand for them witbotjt precedent. ,
Meoj tbsrs are, who from asiural diffidsnes, 01 1


i of foot discovery, would silently bear tbeir afflia afflia
- afflia «iona rather than apply for aid to those from whom
• they may reasonably expect relief. With the
• above remedies the sufferer may without the
\ knowledge of, a second person, cure himself spee
diiy, pyyately, and at the lea-1 possible expense.
Sol i wholesale by Barclay k Son, 95, Farriog*-
t doD. street, Loadou ; Agents— Agents,
, Agents, West I ndun.—Thibou ft Co., St. John’s;
, Eaq., Weekly Register Office, Antigua;
Ke)l A Juili'es, Barbados ; Chronicle Offiee, Toba-
I go; Somalvico ft tin., Kingston, Jamaica; R.
[ Ross, E*q M Laboratory, Falnacutb ;W. H. Hay ne»,
Etq. Journal Office, Kingston, Sr. yinceni; Gif Gif;fard
;fard Gif;fard ft Co., Castries, St, Lucia; Hr. C. Bubb, St.
George's Grenada ; Beichmann ft Tait, Trinidad ;
T. C. Cable, Basseterre ; Hayiock, Storek, Belize,
Hondaras; Leriverend, Ilavsnnab.
* â–  of whom also may be had '* THE MEDI MEDICAL
CAL MEDICAL ADVISER,” or should difficulty arise in
procuring any of tha above, enclose the amount by
draft or otherwise, to 25, Bedford Place, Blooms Bloomsbury
bury Bloomsbury Square, London, W. C., and they will ba
sent veenreiy packed per return.
CA UTlQN.—Sufferers should guard agains
the recommendation of useless imitations by dis dishonest
honest dishonest vendors, who thereby obtain a larger pro profit.
fit. profit. The genuine have the words “ Walter
Dr Roos, London,” printed in white letters on
the Government Stamp, by order of Her
Mask tyy’s Hon. Commissioners, to imitate
whirl, is felony.

2\. LIFE PiLXS. Al eufierers Irom genetal
oervousnem, debi.ily, tow spirits, eleepk’ssoess,
barrassing dieanus, uui< cearary feara, menial irri irritability,
tability, irritability, failure of tbe mental and bodily powers,
weakness of the nerves, noises in tbe bead, gid giddi’oess,
di’oess, giddi’oess, indigestion, rheumatism, pains in the back,
and oiher symptoms of cbroaic disease, will bail
with joy the discovery of Dr. De iioos' Life Pitta
that speediiy and almost magically remove psiu
and aMtaasol, whoever nature, teaiora cheerful?
aeas oi spirit and vigour to tbe mind, and etreogtb
en all the organa on which health and life depend.
They do not contain a particle of mercury, but
are purely vegetable. They act mildly on tbe
bowels, without pain or griping, impart strength
to the stomach, promote a healthy action of tbs
liver, bust preventing, or when present curing the
juuadice and dropsy, clearing tbe skin, removing
r.ailownass sud pimples, purifying the blood, and
marvellously iuvigbratiug the whole system. Fe Females
males Females of.a!! ages will find them invaluable, and
should never be without them. For elderly peo people
ple people or wiifQ aa occasional aperient is required
uothiag can ba better adapted. Owing to the
great end increasing demaud for these pills; and
in eider to protect the public from fraudulent im imitations,
itations, imitations, Her Majesty's Commissioners have gra
ciously permitted the proprietor to have his name
** Waiter Dk Roos, London,” impressed up
on the government stamp affixed to each box.
Sold by ail medicine vendors in the world, price
2s. 91., 4s. Cd., Us. and 33a. per box. ' *
”As a Fttniiy they are iqvaiuible."—
Dundee Timet* “JPdraona of full habit ahoo d
uever be without them.”— Surrey Telegraph.
** For Females they are almost a necesai'.y ."-La ."-Ladies
dies ."-Ladies Jour Hal, u Tj Mothers—for children of all
ages they are tbe simplest and bast medicine that
can be given Fide Dr. Smith's Report.
TETrn wmiour pain.
PATENT, M AUCII Ist, 1862.
Messrs. GABRIEL'S Invention for supplying Artifi Artificial
cial Artificial mineral Teeth, witft soft flexible gums, entirely dis dispensing
pensing dispensing with the use of springs, wires, or metallic
fasteniffgt, and especially adapted for those long resi resident
dent resident iu warm climates. '
•VC .'V ‘"•■• •S' * 4 i -"V -
Diploma 1815.
274llAnt»y Smear, Cavendish SqnAne, and
4 door* from the Railway Bridge, Ludgat* Hill,
' % London j
Liverpool : 134, Dukb Street.
Birmingham : 65, Nbw Street.
Parties at ibh extremity of tha globe, by forward forwarding
ing forwarding particulars as to the condition of their mouths
with an enclosure of One Guinea, 'will receive by re
turn that which wiil enable them to take an impression
Os the mouth, w as to euable ‘Messrs. t 3. to forward
either a partial or complete set of Teeth.' ' '
QUE, TALGIQUE, (or restoring and preserving the Teeth, iO*. id
and 21s. per boflle. Patent White Eutrael for stow,
ping Wont Teeth, warranted never to change colour,
ss. and 10s. 6u. j«r packet j rad *h‘e Gutta Percha
la. 6d. per box. ’
Gabriels Practical Treatise on the Teeth, which
explains tbe numerous advantages 4bUinabi* by their
atteuted method, may be bad of their Agent*, or wiU
be furaiahd direst pa reeeipt of Twelve stamp

-1 AP-1 [ POINTMENT to H.U.H., the PRINCE
CLOCKS « n d WATCHES, 58 and 60,
Ludgate Hill,
BENSON J. W., 09, Westbouine-grove,
and 25, Old Bond Street.
7 BENSON J. W. w AKEft of the CiOLli
CASKET presented by the city of London
EaSON J. W. MaKoK ol the cas-
KET presented by the City of London to H.
~Benson" j. w., tuiZe madaij,
London, cu»s 31
BENSON J. W., PiitZu. iViEOAb
DUBLIN, Class 10.
~"IiE.NSUN, J. * »v., MAKER of tiro
CH.ROONGRAPiiby which the DERBY
BENSON; J. W., MAivEU of the

...... —■■.■■■■ lie. e.ii l ..eww»;
UtidSwiN'i) tYatcU Pduupniet,' Uiustru•
eds on evtry construction of Watch, with
their prices.
BENSO.VA WA it CiiLft are sent to all
parts of the World eef'* bv
BE;N ftuiVo vv Al 0 M Est - Clout aiU jii-'
ver, al gOO to 2 Guinea*, in ail sizes, from
lyylf'to 3 inches to Afonorter.
B ills vON'S >v AiCli ka, CHii > 4-’
ML NOUN'S W A i'^flLN,
DitNaON'o liN WAVLiI, com compeijsated
peijsated compeijsated for all C limates. Silver, 15 Gui Guineas
neas Guineas ;, Gold, 30 Guineas.
b liNß'LrN‘ft, ”LXd C 1 *’ VV atC U, lor
Extreme Temperatures. Silver, 25. Guip.
neas; Gold, 40 Guineas.
BtiNSUN’S cLoGKft lot tile DiuW^
1N G, DINING, and BED* ItOUM S, from
2 to 2.C90 .Gntnewy.
BuNsO ULUUK.S t’oV l.ic ii iuls
LlLOCiv* tor GriUßu t•
ES, TlTlliUi FS r and SI AfILLS. E ti*s
mstes s°n*. ’
~C vM l>oL AtiHA I«t Ua U ij LtJ and
CANUIiLA >ttA lit uibVLit .and
EI.ECI lln-i'LA l R
DtiONZii'* d’Alk rby ItuSA a.iJ iVI-
B \ UYB. ffec , . .
JGW /< ilaEli t , ui ViVIUA Li. OI Uiht*
r;|i\ \\, ogglt XS
J Jtii vV a. t.t.ihUl iot Dlit Uao anti o ll^lf
P RI?- EM 18.
J 111 VV EL L. il. UY, eatgoeu oy kU Li Aal*
and FllK HMI AliHS' S
diLVitU i‘i.a i"efy Ueaigm-U tog T
Pit vSKSTVt 1 >"J.
Ot U.IV PL »l hi tor It FtitLDs
or AQ s iA i IE ftp )R IS.
1 BEN)N*M PLATE PAMPHLET; ilUtstrated # *
contains 300 Engravings.
Orders reooived at the Colonist Office, wherZ ¥ .
the illustrated Pamphlets* can be seen, will be
promptly attended to.
liami-t Vftlve*, Ac., for »U pnrpose*. Washers, Joint King*,
eij.i Fleam he*; Hose sod Tubing; Gernm ts t&a ... other »rtic*«s.
Kverj thing folly warranted sad of te« WJ»
gnarsotsed below sofolfter bouse iu the trad*. O. P.
Bernwnhtsey Kubbsr Worki, 38, Oj>H> TUiaes LUeet, fate*
Age&te wsuted to Ibis di.trtoC ‘ 1
_ •' *; : • M'its sit** y i* ■* ‘ -'*■ •* • ,’ r '
I At the Liquor Slow of tbe Undersigned
per basket* offered cheap.
â–  STB DM AN A o**,
* Bomau,lit October li®®*.
" > '"■> i\ Jsi ’

No. 300758.

SSTApS pqi» |4(,D
? jN jp . ;â– 
, ; |#£AN&Q>B9HINfCM t
aw II '"'HI "1— 11 ± .iti.iu-jum..i-■■' ll'-»BJ
gituatein the parish qf §t- John, in said Island containing 700,
atioii.ta. o's which 101 Aefes
i>e*considerably extppded- 3%*, Estate ought produce average annual of 250
large hogsheads Sugar. prppe'ity'is cVnYeuiently situated on the aca-board, in’
the iihmCHhate vicinityof the TqwVct ' *■’ vv '
tl, fojiomodkms and in good repair.
ThC Bunding* comprising she. >isiiufactory, are also ip tolevphle, repair, and the ‘Ma ‘Ma-omfewwM
-omfewwM ‘Ma-omfewwM tJw? n#?rawWMl fiswj*. %
Live Stock comprise 4 Horses, & Mules, 1 Ass, and 41 head or neat Cattle."
This Estale’W phe of the moss picturesquely situated ip the West Indies.
j*. «i ;i< y TSt, Viflh Ol V N 4, „‘V ' ’ *•* AV V \ *\ *‘* v ' ># '■?'**'• ***** *■’
situate in the Parish of St. Joseph, in the said Island, containing 4sl Acres or there-,
iiboiits, TO' 'Acres[being in CanWTor'crdplS'67. The cultivation can be extend <â–  1
ac-mevvhat, and the property ought to yield average annual crops of 140 large hogs hogsfyeads
fyeads hogsfyeads Sugar. ‘ 1 • u ‘ ‘ :
The Edate is within two hours ride of Roseau and is advantageously situated on
the sea-board.
* The Manager’s and Overseers’ houses aie comfortable residence ' and,in good re-,
pair. The Sugar Works, pistillery, and Mill-house are also ip goo 1 Repair, the. sup supply
ply supply of Water is abundant. and Labor plentiful. The Live Stock comprise 3 Morses,
4 Mules, I As 3, and 40 head ot neat Cattle.
\ - - .>•■*» % ‘ V V *H‘ . ‘ ‘
. situate in the Parish o f St Jpseph, in the.said Island, containing $9,0 Acres cr there theretfbouts.
tfbouts. theretfbouts. of which 103 Acres are iii Canes for Crop I Thi* cultivation can be, ex extended,
tended, extended, and the land 'being fertile, average annual crops of 250 large liogsbtad sugar
ought to be produced. ' '
The Manager 5 -; and Overseers’ houses are comfortable, the J/anufactorv emmne h hous,
ous, hous, and in fair repair. The Machinery is in good ordet. Tlx supply, ot IWor i>
most abundant, and a lair a mould of labour *s obtainable, The Live'.’Stotk cppiprise.
3 Horses, 10 Mules, and 42 head of neat CijUie.
4 th-WALL 410 USE %S;LAT&
aitpate ip the Parish of St George, in the said jsknd, coi*iainicg 271 Acres, cr c calbo'
albo' calbo' !ts, of which 52 Acres are in Canes for crop 18G7. f ' ‘ '' '
This is a most desirable. Plautgi ieii, Beigg within a mile of the Town pf Roseau.
There is a very fine Hwe’ opthe’'Estate, and all the Buildings are, mosr sub-
Bfantiai, and in excellent repair. The Land is fertile and labp t ur abundaut. Water
supply quite sufficient lor the capacity of the Estate, which is aboiit 16,0,
pel annum. The Liv 6 Stock comprise t Horse' fiMules, and 10Read of hcat.Oa,ttle. #
For all further particulam, please apply't»f London to Wm/iiuhia.Ev' iluMe, Esq.,
cr to P. N. BERNARb, Esq., care of tlie.'C'bl.oui&l id, LeadenhfUl
Street, London. In Dpminica to William Macintyue, Esq., qi; T. D ? Tench, Rsq.,
Manager of. the Colonial Bank. ' •• •
~ VI 29th October 1566.

•s <.' ' . •- • V~ - * • - 4
Just to band; a small as assortment
sortment assortment ox the above
\ .. * â–  -4 i X*
consihtifig of;
fiemf 4$ Noyau,
Cacao a la Vam^
Creme de Cassis
Qncao Caraque.
&e. &c* &c.
Lo/eau 17 Kovr. I§GG.
**" • • « ■ . • • »
f"W A VINO recently arrived from
Ja. Auieric?., vHfh all the hr.’.V and best
iuiiMovcMhems ]*• tlie profession
\ iea shortly fto make a
%" Vu U : •/ v.V.%' when Lb Will be
I*l o-py to attend those requiring his ser ser>TkW.‘
>TkW.‘ ser>TkW.‘ '■ 1 ■ < ■
Ll Jcember 2ud>SG6 A
.. t *« * T * * ■» •
THE Ptil>lic are hereby caqtipnecLnot:
to purchase from any pel son whoinsoever
u.iy Lands' whicli were the property ot
she late William Blanc, deceased, particu;
Ijirly any p>rt of the “BONA VISTA” and
• r AM ELlA’*..Estate, 4s flifere’ large
incumbi-ances on tbem.‘ ‘ -
Executrix bf/the last 1 ; Will and.
Testament bfthe'late Win/
Blanc Deceased.
Korean 6Ui December 1866.

fan douiv ic 4 «ft ILft ■ J*li

7 he Rum. Outy Aqi 18/yj.
This Act has been proclaimed and he
come Law. Parties desirous of
Copies of the. Act, give their efdois
without, ddau ; in order to prevent diWtd diWtdpoiiiLneut.
poiiiLneut. diWtdpoiiiLneut. * ' " '/ ; '
„ ■«■■■■■■ -. ■» ■ ■- - ■«■■■ ■ .
Board of Health, \
Roseau, 12th Decmber, 18C6.
Sir, •" ' ' 1 • '
Take, notice that Tortola and 'he Vir Virgin
gin Virgin have this, day been declared to be
infected p JQ&iNIMIUV
Board of ilealth.
The Harbor Master
Per “ M<*rie” tt ©m, Lon London,
don, London, the IsJtidersiimed â–º
Several} Bales & ‘Qasevd
the above, comprihuj«;
7-8 & 9?8 P»inf* & Printed. Muslins,
< iunbufas 4c BroWn Linens. * ' '
Regatta Stiiju e, ‘ '
A Select Assortment of French Prints,
Superior Cambric SJrii tings, ’V
A variety of Tweed* & oWlngs,
Gentlemen’* Hats & Caps in the la test, style,
hcya Fancy St>aw Hats, ’ ** ‘ • ’
Ladles & isses Fashionable Hat*,
Ladies J^'nc)'Belts, '' ’* “ ».
Worked Cambric Muslin Collars A Case.
Latest Style cf, Crinoline*, , ~ ' ' 3nt *
Embroidered Cambric Hdkf*. f' b *
** ’ -fi. * -* - >
$&: BTEDMAN & Ca,
D«c. K. '

iT FT P■fPOt: Mi G MST Al.UJKv}* ■•• UN ,XHK• •*.(?KKiaTAL• CAZE®TE : .*’
:LISTQF t QL^3MST()iBE4int'>;;Tl J l .LußftirylN MWUPLUaEiIfI TflEd4C>TTn QFiNOYDaiBfiR :bW«.
I JJMWm. *'■■!■■<" ' 'UMI'I— ■Willi.' nil 1 «in.l'l i„ ' J "H ■ n . i» 111 VT",' T ITU ■"> I 'W* ™ 11 "P"—• ■ ■"
j p|*t:e of A bode .(vtjfkjfeh. iijnpdfl Lke.ftu*lifi.ty»tii«
,Wilii»d»‘ A *■ • nj n." w i $i HoCsV. k’A V»riAl. ofjfv ii'tvTf l«*jtt'fe , 'k'ofcea«ft'’^Tp?'-iltift'U»or , i«i»*''V»bo.ia l 11*•TR-%*«dr!»»ch1!to«-«n«*i3«liJ;»i!.'’U»w«#ar«»orlI! Ur. ,lr.ou«au».
_ „ _ ,1 M , . liw-rt»w») ».>w .T.iP f|'ro»J. . ,
Jwn« Crttyn.... Towtrof ij iDitjo flours - ! .:*oCl*i )( i «u ilijltb«.v»lrottiiittiie\To«i.flf!R«W(»nU>ri4htflf.*ife,worUiitolberr«Bt«*ii*»«r‘£*«^'«iim»*o.
. -?r l.t»«2i'wßA4t' 'Kwif- i
Fi»»ci»!Ky. f ih«dn;»r St Andrw E.'i(sror»l Dhri«i«n cf '•'»>* vo ,'i'«
Jib* ;J)91»iv*.,....... E*t..p»r o* .‘ct.A*«fr*w ' J>kto |)fa ..iy • X 5« p*r I »wu,jg.
r qmrihi «r >t. AaJr«* I’iwo la. .«>*rA^p*r i
JfßVior tfpyfr...,. ,I'iirwh of hi. Aodr«w h>t)G . it-l W VWirt *!m* bAL'*') birfo | in of * Aft .vUa««i imtb« of-bL Aadrow <&i'. iL«J»«e>Sold*t itho lkAUiag*
U Hlinn rrbsi*M* ..... Ditto .Jhtlo *f* ***«*i* i *.f*U iottbo /«u:,iMr,,«ii t.jaipp rtYtrfcca *oro«.oflT»*i»rt. ...o !
;lv ,-,, u«* l a., ‘ip !fijl... Town of Uo«*9* •!)( io t* :• wovwofiLwod.lhtnf of l''dtCth*t4lo»'& : o>p*tUh Aourewt.
hi' Vyi -....-. J)im> Dvj* CU ‘li-*tA*vr**»f JUod «i Utc i»»i*u
: ......... Sugar t, fkot Joins 9ho*tv> it DiTiii-n.of tbo
l*orui»oitWt ‘ A jMrly Ior W « o&noUfM tidMi \,.Aam- . .. „ ..
Moo l.r|xis k*ntt in,tb« part. .John ,cwtittiftii’g -over-ttsO usenao dflhwai tills <4k* liui.dtng* iUmtowc if.m
wwtlk Ohio ilHlt® X*U»n*iin.Wvo >t*»Ub uumkC.
,Lu| »gt,j|. Town ot Hoty** J)»«o I vn »*»*• »f l«B'Ui>«ii4g,|j*rt ufj‘rqtc« V Q p*« BiiUu> , 'l*! ,JOB'S ;P. Trosl .lliito „ jtjUo r»n«(;rM Qt UAd,bv>Bg p»U.of)l*no«eiUt.Graoi«i>.:tßt#.irutiM|pßritb,«f^atuUl«a>q.
Jiiwin...:| Ditto *b»|U> T*».««re» of l*»dsUing.p*rt.of
A; f. . .Übatiu* ri|»f»q.. ■.> rCJiu?JA* .. j Parith «ir sjoint JijJjrs’ Ditto i l."l» with tb«.lluiUiin§a itb«r«ou>i. ;t v / i.p-«n.(i
JUnutt Jlatjo:.. ~. r»»»i»b oCGtTafc! Jliuo . I«» uf.ia.od ibai:«, at.Prinuu^.G r. v . '2b (*t« ur^ae l pßai«iiastatine alobt*.
Luuu. Ai*of. .uirauo . Twwn ofltv4«Bu Dittw j J io.;«b* p**Ul)a»f'»»u»t^4E«t.
JoUm Jlqs-.t,,,,, T iDHtw Jiitio Uti B( i«i •f tßßil.Uiajt |M(«t Ok ~ «« JUthb.
S _ , „ fcit J’itntA &, j t %r ,«.! &t Dwnid
’^ u “ “DanGi ; * l)At* f Tan aoifua afJandib«i j*
v.otuM i’.. 3 'wn w lew tMtmid jwod-Mioit^wrt M ifioigßaUMo fmMt*t**k* Em 4.
_T= ” - .
kiv»M5P. T»a«. —. *Kf» i. 4, T T«a tew of U*i t*ng jmi of fteato ** am &p< Wf «as Hu ZfttaMfcJ
_ ’ _1 , idw«& tiu iaro( St t'alrscld . >
EUrtorai eba of j?t Aim per anotitw yariali ofoaAW
- . i, ' Iti ss r tavt

: ik% KWlf
‘ ‘ UTULL GODDS yi?,:-;* ' '
LADJES Tr uim, d L,» nets
Do-, ALhtj:* « HA T a'
;Silk f iiwpi* «t. Muslin. Fancy & Blk. & W hite
78 t &J 9m. 54 l\n<*y. Pain's, Cambrics Ac
qrmgttim*,-'' '
White ' h !, ’ cok, Jacco’.et 4c Cambric
i" * -
j Long. Cloths ' Croydons. & Ma laopolamL
hjidtfi lt r Jt- fcßutkles,; v 1 *
i Blk. Lets re*, ObbnrgH nmi Cpjd,
lidkfs wire ket Edmeg
Kid, Silk, Lisle Norway Ac Spup fpr
f ah hatstf*, ’ ' s ‘ ' *
/Fancy, White & Grey Hoge, Snx>
Navy, Barony, 'Ac ’VVeldr, Klanlja)%. ’
Ofiecks, Oxnaburg*. %'ngays A Dpipeatips,
Cold Ac Whip* LViIL, 'l’vreeds.VCo^tiage,
- ItLACK &
Poo!.!!â„¢, Note, A Letlar Pap,,., 0, Hj. M. &.
Official Envelopes,
Playing Cards, Fen, A. Holders, w iA : -
BBc. 4[. Bod. Lik, 1,2, & 3 quire Book*,
MkMm&MkQ* f
Knives, penknives, Kitcbep, Knives
L #Jiywfc “ * i
Wat,Cvf m h

Long, & Hw»iA!e?LV«i>a** "fajn. ■ ,
Camp OvonsL. V Letts, CV< h 4dl*9
Combi, %u*Lhs. -fcc. Ape.
t-i-rvs* e-atr-c-UGS. I
\Vp)f Ac. Baker's Straw pi pc*, . 8 i
Washid Pij/ea. White 4 Prevr.
i Cigar *j(uWu;’nJ : , 8 tu i ' G«(»CEtUEL ; I;
l *ka ¥ T. v. % fit,.. r.-,v*r, B,r(,v. BNcaitt I.
4?ea*. O/'L 1 ' Ittopjbirfjf Yb»e|af, I Ip j
%r.«p. lilqskiatfy
Imi.:a ion Kv*y"l .C,*»nA 'Seat. Qiiaiif * n ” * 8 {
Market-Srptare. 14th Tec*. 8 i
The iMihsz-ribers I ;
I i
PRI-MPJ Ym k H w ~WVt})Mia P«V I 1
, v (>rtii. \^Ll ) tßl)iro Ckeo.-je.-xii?ig
Ci (Luanda - Mo hnxwt -4
ttmtiSTEW, I
W : !
Grqfi Pqis A PeJ^o>s-JPo;t©d
Cof.nqd. Loe %U, Hod*, I t
Veid] A G?oea r**ih.
A ««weW 4f M ixe/f & Fu.ncy WfOWt*
.SMI, AJarpndj»-Bi' v yeib'W.Nn>a,. .
4 - ‘ HI

I jna£—- let December 1806,
â–  ' *
I To thfl Harbour Master
‘ Roseau.
rtf' t » *
m. Take notice that (lift island of Jamaica
t«ga this day Ma declared to bo iui lqfecfed
Chairman of the .Board
of Health.
$6 feet above Sea level.
Mill weat^
130 ocl 8a 80 ENE Rain—Fair.
l|bo-00 84 80 “ Har.y
1130-04 8a 81 “ 'Hum.
T 2 30-U) 84 61 “ ITazy nnin. Wind
13130-12 85 131 “ V~‘ lMir lMirl4!3o-02
l4!3o-02 lMirl4!3o-02 84 81 K3t 00. 81 *Bl U..zy - Showery*
g Ruin tail 8 4ih — -r
At Roseau, 04? in.
«• Wall Houbp, U 99 “
lOtii Pkcemher 184>fi,
THE Mails M>r iiarUdn* apd IV
Windward Islands will be closed t-H
I the 17tU Instant at 2,a’cl»rk p m- t
Those for Europe snd the Northern
I Islands on the 26th Inst, ah,3 o’clock
The Monejt Order Office vOUte tloseM
op the 24'h I ««s ant at 6 o’chvk inn.
If- — 11 ; : —]
I Qu the sth O' tot*er, at Bathnno Weft Coast of*
I Africa, Chauu:s O *#u w I*i!ks»r;JAU?.U., tiged
■jo Tbs dace-s«‘«l wa« the eldest survUijy on
m Hon. Wit. BlaN «>»r late Attorney Gctt.
I ifaUnd htcther of Engineer aud Stir
I teyor General. He was a disringuithed ami es
I Sereied officer. , _ .
â–  Also, at the Ihftruy. ha S&ajot, the Revd
â–  ru;MAB IttpKf KI.WIM. $ I%* a:*c>q.
At on Tuemfaj h**t, M•# -J ich*
■ foiroreae «« thf rip*' ago
I - The ileccaswl tody was tb« hurt- of t hf e. JJ .
I rfths Laaocvii Ks, and Aunt of H»r.:‘Mc V.'d ,
[ Urwjite, M.i?. — Bhehud ftue'f .uk ofdytyßti-rjr. j
I fhicU iv»a too <**v<*r« for h*;r stt!,‘*ua,ifd frann* >
I -ilu'd iu j>vace alter a abort iliac*# ol only
» pSkdays-
I~SurCtlaiii*ii* ?â– 
9 agmakscsasxmmpmmmmesmmrn «n ■ Tsssasaamsa. rt-—-•-»»
BL_ai.ll 'I "WjJ' I HS» " ~~ —■ ™
| Mj&’au Ip&lpwm taxi!, 1866.
I offaSfgssaMe . ... —-
I'IISSK Mails were irce'vfd- here by the
■ C.-.wai/ on W'minesiliy even Jijs;.ato o’clock.
K A; I'F.MUtUKA., )vih\. iet »tiM lagra.
I smenget (fro Shippii.g, and the
â–  eltarcd the garriemi of Emopean Troop#. The
■’ remainder nf H»o city was entirely free from
â–  the . ae.
I Two Chioauien vyere coi-victed of deli! crate-
I ly murioiing one of ths lr countrymen, and were
I seutenecd to be executed on tb l ' -2ud insUnt.
■ « At BAKBADOH the weailier has beeu ooibttr-
I ||s i the Globe ot the iCtb-instant any#--
I “ The Weather has heeu very unusual
I the last fortnight; beavv. dark and sultry during
[ tiie fiyst part. Ou the I*l oi,.nejC*Jsb*r4ve
II rQ the indications of had weather; heavy cloudi.
â–  not a breath of air to stir a leaf, hut os. tba season
I fashionahle for *• blow*" was over, no one appre appre■
■ appre■ .Jieuded any niiachh f; however, in Bt. Joseph’s
B paii*h they hod can >etoknow that there is an
B eiception to the rule, for n severe eauie on
|. from is W- accomibnied by a whirlwind which
|| nearly blew down a
| f low Cliff, and Phpaw tree* tffflrelaid low in dozeus,
| ams many belda pf cnneFuniucu Aaken and injured,
| «ud strange to pny, ti e,Barometer gave no notice
•if iliApprdacb—furtuuately, i.t lasted hut half an
| hou«. We have not heard* that, tbo mischief ex ex|
| ex| tended beyond St.. Joseph’s ptyishsince then
B atmosphere has cooled oousidrrably. A great
| dal of ram has fallen, and tlm Piarijers nre ajt
I stuilea with the prospect of l(s fertilizing eiftjci eiftjci**
** eiftjci** Provisions are very plentiful, and as aTwpya
I an attendant good, the market is adniiialdy sup*
I pJied witU all luttive ]»rojiuctious v Tim Stock
| leak in good condition and ,»!f proxisiun.,. planting
I K«iugon. The cane H 5 ® . **Afd to Hn*
bounce on, bat still every foundation., is..laid.for
I foud •syectation*; as yrt, all give fair promise.’’
At ’1 unvii aD the new Governor - the Hpn -
I â–  hie Arthur Gordon, had.entered upon th.Q func functions
tions functions of bia oil ce ; and, in au able speech to the
I bo« y, declared Ixijs determination of
I moulding his political cpnduet on that of his
I illustrious fating and he desired above all
I Tonga the we farn of tbo country committed to
I his At Bt. ViJfQEJJT the good folks are jubilant
I«t the change, in Constitution ; the Single-
I Chamber Act had passed, and only, waited the
I Heyal confnmatioa,'
â–  Meanwhile they glorify themselves on the
Cf mcession of the home Government to
I |, !ie:r application, for a. GoJ»p iny of British
I' ' ; albeit at the cost of j£4,000. per aft,-
I to the Colony, exclusive of the cosh of
I 'wrack
I u »Jted to meet; anid the fblU>w»Dg Resolution*
I ' / . '


“ That instruotian# be given to the Attorney
General t« draw a Bill to lay a tax of one shilling
per acye on all laud*' cultivable in Sugar-Cane*
Cotton, Arrowroot, pr any ojlher article exported
i by the oplo.nyof sixpence per acre on all pas pas-11
-11 pas-11 turn land and provision grounds.
To. lay a tax of ono per oent on the value of
aft article' imported Maohiuery aud
Manures. â– â–  'T
i “To lay a tax ojq houses (except tjios* on, E*
«s) of ss. for every house containing two rooms
ahd under; one shilling ip addition for larger
1 houses for every room above two ; ou,t olhees and !
kitcVns nut included.
•* Houses ou Estates rented out to be liable to
this tax—and
. “To add a tag of one ppr cerj to the tax oa In Incomes.
comes. Incomes.
“ That Bis Excellency be authorised to carry
. out the necessary requirements; and to take steps
to procure ti\e services of U cojnpetent officer from
Barbados, aud that £IOOO be, at once, placed at
»the disposal of tlm Governor fur conyneucing the
peeessary repairs to the barracks.’'. >
, I'hq WUnes& atAtca the Lieut. Governor in
aipeecb said, amongst other things, -
* “ Tim Lieutenant Goyerpor sees every reason
for congratulation on the part of the colony that
this concession has b*eu made by Her Mai.'aiy’a
.uoremnient ip her favor wipon will bav* the
effect of placing St. Vincent in a conapicuops and
position as compared with .all other uo
lonic ’ -/f a similar cuss in the West Indies, and

he attended with Other bony at* to* obvious call
fpr noiice.M.
The same paper saysrw
“ We are iiifdrniyd that Mr. George Trafford,
?,f the Northern Circuit,' will be our new Chief
Justice and that we way expect him here by the.
in«il of the Sud Hecambor.’k'* !
' «. ' \ V*.
This fina Suip, bflonging 'o Jfess’rs Scrn.t Scrn.t-tpn
tpn Scrn.t-tpn Cupf. hamlyu, consigned to the'
kbui’idi W'Mac in tyre, arrived here on
L Thurrdajr, aft well j Mr# Howard Lloyd came
passenger, by her.
She left London on the. 20th October, aud
the Downs on the 3let, waa driven by stress
of weather to put in to Portland Road* on
the 4th November (where sha hpd Iw remain
two days) and to Torb iy on the ?th ;
r n»kf.n%ht of|!ie Bth : owing t<>
, ’!*lycvse wixids Wa»'u).ucji yyt.^od,
- —:<*h —:<*h

* -* • V' "
] jut; Maas; a n i;r.
belonging to Chw. Leathern K.-qr. arrived
yesterday from Trinidad, wliw she deli i
vered her cargo provisions ftmgtj
Baltimore on account of b< r qwner<
, m â– â– â– 
*'â– â–  - V ;-7" v v r
The Monologist, purposes paying a visit
to Dominica by the next <3 (Cairo* froift,
the Southward —The following,
appear iu the Grenada Cjtronicle :—
“ MIL Wallace, «ir Monologist—ls af affo.r4*h
fo.r4*h affo.r4*h u»i m;-y i ■u"« to be able to
oar reader* the i jhis.colony of the cel celebrated
ebrated celebrated Munologict, All* ' -Ulack. who after trav
citing ever Europe, Ask, Africa, aud America,
&ii(i •tapping at Barbados, British Guiana, Trim Trimdad,
dad, Trimdad, ua XobiCtA, ha* now done u* the favor ot a
visit. This eminent nerfonner purges giving
(as onr advertising columns prove), nut three ner nerforumuces
forumuces nerforumuces in the island; the first on Thursday,
the second on Saturday next; and the last on the
Monday following. We, hay* seen some highly
complimentary tcsfenoniult of this gentleman,,
paiddiinfc by sotne of the highest personages iu
Eqyfdne imd elsewhere, but we. tbiniL. tliat thqse
subjoined, coming from oqr own neighbourhood.
. will he considered-more valuable and much
stronger recommendation than any others:—
*• • Government House, Trinidad
' SJ2nd Sept. ISfitk
•“ The Private Secretary feels much pleasure
in expressing to,Mr. Wajiack the extreme enjoy enjoyment
ment enjoyment derived by Hiß,lixcelleuoy tire Governor and
Pa/ty on the ocpjtsiou of their visit to, his very
cUsve;- Wednesday last.”’
“And our old friend Governor Korfright,
writes, through another person with whom we are
alsowellacquaiutcd, in the following
manner:■—• ' *
“ * Government House, Tobago,.
“ * To Wattt Wallace. Esq.
“ • 1 aiu directed by His Excellency Lieut.. Govr
erupr Kortright to express to jou the very great
i siftisfncttwi and pleasure he .received at jour en
tertiiiuuieai yesterday - evening. His Excellency
much rcgrtttsJhat u-> to ceseo iryci 1C a! n s tan ces pre prevented
vented prevented his attending your firet represeutation; aud
be uotonly hopes, b.aJjhas no'dqpnt that your
very great abjUly as a Monolegist. and your ex ex!
! ex! ertions tu please your audience, \Vill meet with the
â– 1 encouragement ami success they so justly deserve.
Your entertainments have the, advantage of. jiyy
i' fording atuuo-.ueut and hearty laughtcy to,, all
â–  classes of ay..: ;, Sfcospr.
- “; W. J.; Buhot, A.D.C. ”
uAftorpyi tho above, we look forward to
a, bumper house on Thursday, for, wo are certain
! 3te sfife o&ii. town well know that it is very
seldom that, such men a* Mr. VVallaek favour old
Grenada with a visit.”
This will aid in breaking tha dull mo monotony
notony monotony of our every-day-life, apd furnish
an additional zest to the enjoy ments of the
approaching festive season.. ,
. STA'nSTIQB Or.THK STApS.—The fol*.
lowing statUtic* weT© prepared ur *«•
States Censs Bureau. Department of thqjntepor,
and are taken from a report in reference Who
area, population, and of population flfthe

UmtedNtitesThe bud and water surfaces of
the Hutted States are equal tu 3.256,000 square
j miles—land, 3,010,370, water about 240,000
i square ndfos. The state# embrace 1,804,351
“ ,< lVA rc JW** of landed surface,, and the territories
, 1.206,QJ9 miles, as exhibited by the eighth census
of 1860. Tl\e number of inhabitants in the Uni •
ted States returned in 1*560 was 34.448,321—in
j the states, 31, Hu,056, and 295,275 in the territo territoj
j territoj lies ; f thus showieg an average of 17 inhabitants tp
| «*ch square mile m the states* while in ih# teyrfe teyrfe,
, teyrfe, tories there are 4 squaee miles to each inhabitant;
, sad exclusive >f the Diptopt of Columbia the ter territorial
ritorial territorial area would represent 5 l-sth square miles
to each inhabitant, m 1860 Massachusetts had
| 157, Rhode Island 133, New York. 82, and Penn Pennsylvania
sylvania Pennsylvania 62 inhabitants to the squire mile, which
rate applied t* Ike ynjtedStates would-give 472,
000,000 in Massachusetts, 400,000 in Rhode Is Island,
land, Island, 24G,000 in New York, and 180,000 in Penn Pennsylvania.
sylvania. Pennsylvania. Belgium, England and Wales, and.
Tranqe yn 1855 had 387,307, and 176. inhabitants
to tlie square mile respectively. If tho Ur.itc.,l- 1
States as densely populated as Franco yur
populatigu, would number 528,600,000, or if pop populated
ulated populated as densely aa.Eiigknd and Wales, 924,000,!
Op 0; add iyicoording ta Belgiam’s density of
u?>pala;iini' i, ‘t97 to the square mile), the United
States 1,195,000,000,
086,00 f( mure thuu the eiitire popuhuioti o( the
world luldbf ‘ ' " * 7 ’
' A".* 1 "/ : â–  :,w ;

1 Tlie following extract from a speech of.Lord
Rusdtll, ip 1854, ha* been scutum, a* bearing on,
the qase of Governor Eyre
Ja the last despatch which Earl Grey
wrote, he stated that Her Majesty,s Govern Government
ment Government ktill belii vo that Lord Torringtou wa§
giiided i*y Qpinjpns which he had conscientious conscientiously
ly conscientiously formed—supported as he was by those who
claiming Martial law, and iu punishing those
vilio suffered, he was acting as he believed, in
the*only way that could ynajqtan, tlip tnuiquili*
ty of the country, and provide for tjtie welfare ot
Her Majesty’s subjects. That Sir, is our be belief.
lief. belief. It t* oar belief that when you send a.
to-a diatauj the glo!>e when
you find that he is endeavouring by all tbo
m‘ j aus in his power to preserve the colony in 1
aHegmuee to Her Majesty, and at the same
yjoa .- the peace, the welfare and
of such colony—we tbinh. tLit 1
iqiifidguce oughkto be placed in him, and that 1
w c not, as a Governnsent, to attempt to ’
throw any censure upon questions upon which i

we believe, if there could be any difference of <
opinion, he is more likely tojpdge right- fi»l% i
the circumstance a, before him, and the assist*
i ancc of bis advisers, than we should be able,
J judgement* Os them at a distance,. :
1 believe -y_e cams to a right coici jsiou on that 1
subject; 1 believe that,, looking at colon- <
ial government in general, the House t ought to i
come, to an entirely' opposite conclusion to that
of the hoo. member for Ipvernesshire, L« bo i
lievc that if at the fijst beginning of an ineur*
reetion a Governor were to say to,lnniself. “ I
must take care hq»’ I crush the I
n:nst be careful bow 1 punish the offenders, I
u., yhe brought before a, Gomwtteo by the .
liouse of Commons, I may be c. inured by the i
Government under which 1 stave, I may i
undergo the., pains and penalties of.<
a resolution of the House of.. Commons, and <
therefore I must be careful net to extend to the <
verge and boundary of strict law.” I believe |
if you teach such a lesson to your <
while you will diminish the security of her Mu- ;
jestyVaubjects in this colony, yaw. will do no nothing
thing nothing fWbmnauity. On the contrary, when • i
ever un insurrection springs up yom v will have
a long and bloody eoutest—you wijl have the ,
lives of her Majesty.’* troops on the | ;
one hand, and you will lipve the iiyes aud oro oroperty.oX
perty.oX oroperty.oX iunoceut colonists destroyed orendan orendanfejfied
fejfied orendanfejfied on the other; and for raypart I must say
thi' kit better that one guilty man should.;
suffer than ten innocent men should suffer
death., I ..therefore come to an entirely oppo opposite.
site. opposite. oo.uclusiou from that of the lion gentleman
(Mr. Bnil.e)'
1 .trust nope witt jdm in the vote who
have not considered the Oolonial question fully,
and none will vote iu favour of the motion wuo
! do not feel bound to pronounce a vote of e#n e#nsurg
surg e#nsurg upon the late Governor cf Ceylon, upon
tke'Secretary .of Sute tor the Colonics, and.
upon the Gpygnyßqujr. If that he the case, I
checrfuliy lcave th.e decision to the House.
I.believe whatever the decision may be, that
the rules aud maxims hy any Govern Government
ment Government will be g< - !(U‘d which seeks to pueaesse
! this empire,; and that if any Government was
to take the dastardly part of sacrificing a Gov Governor
ernor Governor tliere was a clamour raised
against him, got up with great perscvmaftße
’ and iuduqty’—-l believe iiu£t the Government,
, while it W>uld sacrifice tho colonies, wm>kt
i meet with the reprobation, the deserved repro
: bation ol the people of E igland - motion nega nega!
! nega! tiyed. - AgriculUiral fteporter, Dec. 7
1 ! ' ■•’g-v-’-rv.
| ( The,alarm of'GbuJera in St- . Thomas, wiik.
which we have.comuiuiiiqjstion ouee a fortnight
by tho U M. Eteamei.s, onco a month gby tho
5 Liverpool steamers, and perhaps ot*
’ tener, and at feast with equal is what ar-
C‘ rests attention, at the present, m »mcuL r lhs
i passengers by t!*« Meruey this mornjiig aie now
undergoing every, moment the
Liverpool steamer is expected from tho infected
port iWßoard of BeaJth is employed watcti watctitug
tug watctitug against tho introduction of this fearful epi epi'
' epi' demic into the Island ; and not this only, but
almost ss dreadful a scourge, Yellow Fever,
which by the latt accounts prevails in, Gswfs*

f tawn and St, Thomas, the two entDof the In Inter-colonial
ter-colonial Inter-colonial route, each infected with one or
other, or rather St. Thomas with both. *1 be
Beard ander these circiinstances prr pose the
erection of a wooden building on j» Ki» on th*
reef, between the North side of she Bay and
the shore as a recep'ion house for sick arriving
here on boar*l vessels from these ports; at au
estimated expense of about £6OO. The coat
o( providing vessels to receive the passengers
by the Mersey, and a guard-boat te see tbo re*
gujaUoos enforced for even a week, amounts to
nearly oue-hal( of„ this sum ; and we dont know
how often, the same domana may* be hrade,
before the danger passes away. But there i*
an objection to ilia proposed site on the Upper,
reef below RicketF* Battery, which does not?
apply to the Lower reef. If is that it would
!>u liUhpnlt to isolate a building on the former
site, being easily accessible on the spit below
the Boltery, and te prevent inbf*reoui>a with,
the persons kept under qnaiantine ; whilst the
j Lower reef is surrounded by the sea, at a-, longer,
distance from tbe market swamp, the drainage
of the Bt. Mary’s District, and the deposits of
filth iu daily accumulation an the Upper reef,
or Bird Island, is turtber from the shore, with
a free current of seawater all rouad it ; cooler
and purer air; and soß*ewhßt higher than the
spot.selected on the reef for tho buildings j aud
iu the opjnbn of those best acquainted with,
tha locality, is much preferable.
The weathar has changed to wet since the of the mouth, a beneficial
change for crop and advantageous fur
planting the next year’s crop* A lew mill# are
ut work to day in the neighbourhood of town
making syrup. But. unless, the, weather
changes again, io drjv but little sugar wdl be bemade
made bemade before (Jhr stmas. Ihe rains have been
heavy in Scotland, and have much improved
tho prospect of a lair crop |throughout the Is Isiaud,
iaud, Isiaud, serving to bring the capes to-. n*ftl,ufitj’ >
in a healthy state, *siclwn their^rowth.
It has been a dull fortnight the Legislature
not sitting, nor the Courts ; uud lor soma days
IT. E. th« Governor away on a visit to Greoa*'
da ; the dulnoss o ily relieved by a Concert,at
Mu is hall’a Hall given by certain Amateur per performers
formers performers for a cbariiablo pqi pose,.
Captain and far# TYi.kinaqn, both of which.,
went off with groat au’ma i m aud equal sue--,
sess and; of the latter we copy from the Agri Agricultural
cultural Agricultural Reporter, .a description of the , more,
striking cos: utugs-.
Th« CoBfeDTOTunSotP-niNO. Llvßa Com ComplaiM,—Some
plaiM,—Some ComplaiM,—Some most remarkable fscu la rtUdeib.
•a the a»psTsii«l«d eftfiacy of ÜbUTOl’s Bag«r Bag«r--iu
-iu Bag«r--iu Liysr coiu^'am 1 * haversesut y c?ms_
l?t light* Esq , of HsrtfonL
aonouncts that ibsV “ cuud b n of copgeslio# of
ths'ivcr Aireventiog jaundics) is thus days.” Rich Richard
ard Richard VL I’aelps, lb* weTl-kpo*u insebiaist of Pitts Pittsburgb,
burgb, Pittsburgb, Oaio writs* The pbysiciaus coastdersd
ms s bossies* case when. 1 comtneocad tak ag
Bristol's invaluable AotibUli&es snd Alteiad»e
Pills.. Tbajr csl ad my compisiat degeneracy of
tbs liver, and I suffered great paia iu the light lightaide,
aide, lightaide, which waa §w«lj?d, accompsahd, »ivh *Ay® r *-
coasiipatkm and utter less oLappetite* A course
of tbe Pills Jim made me a wall mao, and l re- ,
commead ih'tn to all who suffer from similar com compiaintf,”
piaintf,” compiaintf,” Miss Sarah lane Demiog, of Jeuey
Chy, eooctud#* a letter to Or*. Bristol, thus :'*To
your medicine (Bristol’s coated Fills) alotl9 f
l owe the re-esta dishmsui of my health,.,fi pm
remittent 'yyer for.mqre this three, mouibs.**
these ao'bentio stst met Is. the tick should
consider addressed directly to ibsmaelvea,.
laid act. fi)«y arej>ot up ingbsSe
visit- and will keep iu aoy climate, lo ell
cases arising horn, or aggravated, by impure
blood, BaiiTpi’a SAiisAVAttiH. should be us»d
connection, with the Cilia* . 41-0&
Brl-t l's Sahapakilla.—-Inventors of po potent
tent potent engines of des'ruciioi.'- the Armstrongs, the-
Wbitoaya, thf D>blgiSDS—are imroortaliaail.
Sorely De* Bristol wUoaj8 s pf*par*ti*u has saved
more lives than are lost in e.dos»u tmtiles, deserv deserves,
es, deserves, at least, as high a niche iu tbe Temple of Fame Fame>is
>is Fame>is ibsy. Vsh«« c*!m, phlegmatic observers, like
ifora«3,..G *de>', sud eminent, all >
parts- of .the come forward volnutsrUy,
and the effects t»f Brl.-tol’s Sar- ,
sAfAHILtiA 0* "well uigb mirscuious," tbe
veiiest skeptic cu.oat dismiss such'tstimon; with
* “ Pooh ! pooh f l don’t beliave it !“* For thirty
fit# years bus this modern medicines
bees gaining sack virtc&As o v*s scrofulous, cm- %
cerous, and rheumatism, <&c„
Ac., as ihe -if •*’* ' 1 never before bellied pos pos*|jJe.
*|jJe. pos*|jJe. In mi;'< luibeei over tie
hundred countcilths and imitations, and ie still
upward mud -..-aid. **!* bg ell D og oggistsa
gistsa oggistsa 309 h hi•
i• hi• Uuuiiav Besiiits i s vytmri y ee a f*i>famt ovrf it# ,
etsilier c.».npeerf, ibis dsiicious floral es- .
sence form* a .dahjiuu! tooth-vasb snd it aosthiog,
iipplicslsivaffjtffr when mixed ni! ~water,
A bsodkefchie! wetted â–  with it aed apj .*ed to the
brow will relieve the- severest nervous,headache, „
and ladies, who value a clear coqaplexioe end â– 
velvet akin, will find it usefil in re removing
moving removing blotches, pimples,, cold sows, cbspa, sne sneburos
buros sneburos lad ill those eAlffraat’-ciurho** ,ni diacol diacol-ocations
-ocations diacol-ocations egaiist tbe parity, tr,ll tr,ll
- tr,ll lad fliiibility of ibeckia, that
the n*ans of * Murray It Lsnmso art upon every
wrapper, »a t 'el. snd bottle ; witboal tfils noae it

111,1 ,l1 "* w 11,11 * •JsWm I'lG®**!
We have often lta«l oppasion to notice an
evil .from which this island- b»s suffered. .We
refer to the agitations headed and led .»n by a ;
class of political missionaries. • A« we have, 1
however, stated, we do trot object to rarisiona
ries or any other ©lass of moo having their po political
litical political opinions and expressing them. Wo do
not see bow men of pubjip spirit in any grade
of life ego forego the right of having political j
opinions, What we object to is their so Wend I
lag the-missionary and the politician before the
ignorant and eicitable people whom they pro »
less to lead, and t.i giy« to the politician the I
authority of the tn sdonary, and in that way
secure for the opiuions of the former an influ- j
Mice which is not justly due to them. We also j
object to the way in which this has often been :
dotje. Politics, the chapel, a'd the Christian
denomination become inseparably blended m
the eye of the public, and, we believe, to the
great detriment of botli politics and religi >r>.
Jt bus always been a source of- satisfaction to
those who seek the welfare of the island that
this evil has not spread beyond the bounds of
one denomination, and even there it is partial,
hot universal. But within the limits of its pre prevalence
valence prevalence it is not the less an evil â– to bo con condemned
demned condemned and reprobated both on political and
religions grounds. ■ * it •• • >
Au instance of the combination to which wo
have above alluded was given a few w.*«ks
ago in S; James. At two missionary stations
in that parish, on two successive days, two
meetings were held at oacli station ou the same
day. The first meeting on each occasion was
0» a mission uy character the second was noli*
fcicul, and ti e dividing Ii io or partition wall
between the tw> me-t >gs consisted in tlie tliechi
chi tliechi rman of the lb-:uer-leaving- the chair, and
the chairman of frii- latter taking it.- With
such nicety was th j distinction drawn between
missions and politics, the church and the world.
Two gentlemen, changed pi ices, and, although
the place of maetiug was .the same, theau i ienc#
enc# ienc# the same* the speeches t:-e same, and the ,
general aspect of the pi ice and people the same,
the meeting had been transmuted fiotn tit:
gold ot the church to the stiif clcyv of the wo Id.
There is a sleight'of hand in this wlic iis
rarely practised, if no.f didicult of attai.nneut.
The interest of the meeting, so far wo can
judge fr om the report of it, seems to have ten
tred iu the second ot political ; phase of the
gathering. * Ihe first is disposed of in seven seventeen
teen seventeen lines, the. second fills eighty-live. We
must, however, admit that this discrepancy
may be accounted for by the proclivities of the
reporter 5 at any- rate if is a noticeable feature
of the report, the more so th i? the repor'er
seems to have been
interest of the people attending the meeting, in ,
the nolitical pari of it f than, in the* other.
Their gratitude for inissionaribs and for red i
gious instiuctron if-not mentioned, hut they 1
“ appeared,” he says, to be more than evi-i* I
thaaktul that they were cared for by' friends in
England, and timritheir interests were waCched
over by the Imperial Government.” I* we
may judge .from the report the climax of til
proceedings at the gathering was politics, and M
the sympathies of the people political. We
speak with this reserve, u? wo are depet dent j
for onr information respecting the gathering on ;
the reporter of the proceedings. I
. On. * part of ihe ; political business was a re resolution
solution resolution to congi atulate our present G • vernor on
his appointment to oifite; anoihef was a reso resolution
lution resolution of thanks to the Anti Slavery Society. *
But the ioterest of the meeting appears to have
centred in the second and third resou lions, in the
subjects of which, were 4l\e.. Japprica Commit Committhe
the Committhe and the Royal Commission. The meeting
agreed to thank 'lie Queen for the recall of our
late Governor, Mr. tyre, and the Jamaica
Committee in* their exertions to bring him to
trial for murder. This at aui ssii nary gather- 2
ing, in the Missijn Chapel, ,m *y be taken as a
fair index to the character- of the meeting, ancl
as an instance of what we have often remarked
re-pecting the injurious influence Os political
missionaries. We shall not at,present go into .
details. We shall simply obaerv% that a more 1
fatal misdirecii'/u of the attention of the pea peasantry
santry peasantry cannot be conceived.than that of making
them or inducing the n to decide on the con conduct
duct conduct of our late Governor, Mr. Eyre, To say
that the islaud is not prepared for It > presen t.*v
tiya Government, and yet to subm t s\ich ques questions
tions questions to sucL meetings, is g aiiagly inconsistent,*
and. it is au of which,the conduc-.
to»s of the two meet ug ft we now refer ta hhv©
been guilty,
A more glaring inconsistency, however, is
chargeable against- them, x Tney have been
amongst the foremost in denouncing the con connection
nection connection of Oburoh and State, \Vllat el3ebut
Church aud State is the ©«« gntuering at the
Mission station, in the Minion Uui.ptl, uutdro uutdrocata
cata uutdrocata misiio m and certain political opinions,
with the smart device of separating Church ,
aud State, by the motiou of one man out aud
anotlis*- mau into the chair? Did the men represent separata principles, and did the
rising of the one ami sitting down of the other
revolutionise the assemblage of people l • We
are sure that in Ancient India Mr. Ilider has
not discovered anything more wonderful, if
trite; or in the mythology of the Hindoos any
more atari ling instance oS transmutation. We
shall meet first M Chareb, then we shall meet
as Sta% and we shall t set up the transparent
p attniou of exchanged chairmefi, and we shall

»PI 0OMI»ICA Cot*P, ». ? LI

then have Church without State, und S'-,ate
wabout * hurch In this way we shall save
our pnuotples from injury, »nd ImnisU the pub public
lic public with au illustration of their meaning. That
seem* to us to have been the intention oi
(the little bit of acting on the phudorm
To us, and we suspect to the general
public, it w ill appear ox trendy childish, The
initiated may perhaps b ’lieve in it We are
quite sure that it will meet with no favour
1 Horn the large body of Dissenteis in the etna
j try at large . If we understand the views that
1 prevail amongst the»B,' they hold principles
which they would regard as caricatured by the
I' show at th-’ Missionary meetings in St. James.
Ih’om info mat ion which has reached us we
are g*ad to find that the' Missionary bodies aip
relax in th-dr endeavours lb promote the real
welfare of the lstaad.—We trust that Church Churchmen
men Churchmen and Dissenters will feci that there i- en enough
ough enough work for all of them to do in discern ma mating
ting mating religious and other knowledge. We wish
them every success in this good work, and we
are certain that tie State vdi be the better of
(he Church in almost every form but that of
tun transmuted Missionary meeting— Quctnlian.

: : 1 " d
THE Undersigned requests that long
outstanding debts, due to h;m, should be
immediately paid to prevent legal process
bpiug takeii.
Roseau, 7th November 1866.
*» • ; ’ »
I HEREBY warn all parties against
purchasing any part of the HON A
VISTA or AMELIA Estates or any other
land or lands which were the property of
the late Hou’hYe William Blanc, ns I
shall not leave them in quiet possession Ot
riie same.
* it.'
Executor (resumed) of the
late Hon. Wm. H!;tn. and nest friend of
the Plantifls in the suit in
Chancery Coralie Blanc”
and others vs, Philiu 1 Blanc
and Felicite Laurent.
N >v. 7, ISGS. -
11 ' L1 ' â– ' '' I '' "â–  m m
i hereby ve notice
that any Party or Parties
purchasing Stock from
the Geneva Estate in the
Praish of ht. Patrick
without the consent ot
the undersigned will be'
held responsible tor the
Joint Attorney for the Geneva
t 'Estatd' and Executrix of
Oct. 17th ISG6.
\ 1•• \ . v
•s •# V k ’ '-■■■% f i
MEN’S KiJ Tops E. S. C tlf Boots
do ' do do Ibitent Leather do
do do do False Lacing d«>
do do do Toa Gap'd do
do Canvass Osonjan Shoes
do Buck & Black Roan
Ladies E. S. Boots, Kid Tops
patent leather fronts
do Bronx*? de-Black Morocco Slippers]
Hair Combs, Hair Hrushes
Superior Long Cloth '
36 In. Gambric do a
White (aoydmi,
Grey & Blue 1 lo.m.cstio
Llawk Coburg & Lustre
'•*- -v. a x \
Black Twill’d Summer Cloth
Black & White Prints-; 1
Plain Black Can brio w
White Cotton R'*e!s
Carded C:)tton Thread
Silk Watch Guards h
Black Ink in Stone j ugs
dec. » &c, - STEDMAN & 00.
Roseau 26th October 1860.
7 -A ■wYv'vY « -5 **>

Barga i 11 s
TflfE Undersigned now takiwg Stock
invites'the Public in Genera;, to ctU
and sen after their wants, and gec
them supplied clnntp.
To tub L vimbs
Jle particularly begs their *« CompUl*
88000” in calling to select, from hi* well
known tasteful assortment of hAN C x
GOODS, recently received for them.
hum D. BOYD,
Roseau, 7th November ISO I *.
jjAt U li, WuLa A D i' l, R iti .xa 1
Worcesfcrnhirc s^aiVia.
VitONOUNCED ‘ KKTiacr of . I^titor
mm triMU a Miit.i-al
Q.atLmiiiA at AjiKlraa
, ~ Woror#t«i*,M»j,lSsl
TO B»THI ji , „„ , . „ '
, ffrYdfl H ** 1 or ”
onj.v good aaucß r ‘ ,,s 6a;ic^
pOlsl I L.-,| ; 4 tiighl) fisrere od »n
4MD appi,ic*ulb ami is, in niy
ro I ; ; I opinion, ilu- »nos.t j*aJ
Every Variety of ■’'-r Li .bio aa w«*ll as tin,
most '*» holno n» «
DISH. KJm J«uce that is utuU* .”
C a 111 i o 11.
v. - â–  r - T
Beg to caution the public against «purioti»
imitations of their celebrated
WorceHterxhire Sauce.
t&i P, have discovered tint nvera
j (« of he f oreign Vl ukris have been
supplied with Spurious Imitations, the
abels closely resembling those ol the genu
in. 3 bauce. au»l in one or more instanced the
name ot L. an*! V.Jorgcd *
L. and P. will proceed against any mu
*’ho may matt'ifactlire Or vein! *tlch tmita
lens, and have in Articled ri»».**r cme*non
Invs in vaiious parts of the world, t,d udv;s>
'hem of*any iuffiogemeni ol t. rir rights.
IS K FtU LK\ ANb I’i' KUl|: s' 8 lUI K
%* Su'd VYholtsale snd lor Export, f ;
vhe i’ropfieiors, VVorcester ; Messrs. Cross Cross»;ul
»;ul Cross»;ul B.aCiweli ; Messrs, Barclay and Sons
London ; &c , &c. ; and by Grocers am
; 1 h > tmiversanv
• vi-i, i.,t » i, w.i (!*—■’• T ,‘f 4 t).-., *. If‘.!i.
i*' l», li 11. M. I I ***,, -lltyl , it. IK*', i
*TI.< r»p;* -I in- » «* v ■:■ ii- -i it • !l •
•» *'*-.-ii f-M'.ii 1 >4, i|| i-tti'liv \|‘„ .vi-l ** i.rn r.. i:i.. [y 1 *.r. tun* , 1 V*'* v*c aoXM'Un not, r«-i-l.s «>,*<•«.!.*». IUUS
M tMi V I US,
i»v*h.\,f ». -c,. t;j ic.-urj-m ■ cunvk®.
yAork»N.~ ‘-i * fu.\N tv: 1."
C II L O R O D V 3>J t: .
t H E CUAXOEI.UIii WOOD YiotHl tiint T)r.
» J,*VH's,i.v.i«ii.t* «»»»«!,aovliMl.* tbc Inv.f.vt'if j# ('UV.r.Hi;,
Knii-ioitt !-*l I'liv.sici.m- # tin,t r« l Or. •. 1. in*
iitmru' ««.«tl*« iiisc- v-ie ufthi Us t r- ; »» efriw tt
In: ■ »!y, an 4 Kii-sn li<> oilier I*4l, J>r. r!f..»i,r Sa-e /iui.-i. July
Uiiii, I*ol4, It.® j ulitic, Iteicfuf*. a® carti.a-xa *£&{»«(
ai'V ultic Ilian I*r J, COM Is t l\H'.V Mt !S. X.. Point- ali -wltl lai ti. ?whl it: rntthf, S» t?.I s £
4s. fid.; liy J T IJ.WEsi-.iiiT 33, (iuat l! i-tsi-lt-iircjt. : *)H" T.,
VV.* htd® Mai,iii»cinr»r Ot*«arv« : attkalailr, ».cu.® geo..u.» {
wlthcH.t(l» w« **Ur. J. touil'B ClObikotrrJt. **■ f
â– sf T
og' I *< M
B 3 g Q'
Prise, £’l3 13s. coniplefe,
/\ Cold', lloar-an**-*, nnd[ other Hetetitui* tit# i'l.roat and
(hunt. In Iwoljilcnt C'ouioaijdi c Asthma, fcc., tt®y ar® unf Ot
l»g free from ev -ry linrtlai.!ngredieu Utey.may !•« tukM
liy tlie most Uelicat-i female or the yotuigeet cliliX l*ia ur*4
and S‘.lil iu lifjtes. Tins, and J’Ottks.of varlo'j* e>*er, bv 'I H 'UAS .
KF.VHXOv Clmnjist. Ac., 76, St, Hatil'* < bnrehy&rd, Loa.lona
Sold ictaii Oy all and i*..uu; Veudora In >ba
X H—Ta prevent ap'tiom Injllatian* PV.sak,ohs*r» tliat’
the wo:db “ KKATINO 3 C'lil'OH U’ZKMtI- are OA
tU® davarnmi-nf stamp, wttkont wtilek anlitt-.
R£lEI/-aAi.'jUuU, GuUa, LU i tint.
Cured by External a
a^P s^rw®oRi sr' 5, % *
' \
Proved by more than 30 Year*’ Experience,
rj*XTRACT from a Utter of J. E. Noutom, E*q.,
J V Rnrgeon, Liverpool. y
“ No lamt y ought to b« without tbU IneojnpawW® rarxadv fog
Gout, Rheuntatitm, Burn.,
Spasms, Sprains, UruUes, Cnta, Puncture*, Contraction*, < MU
«e, *e. Ttia inesttnwHl® oJ tills simple com comjVJO'id
jVJO'id comjVJO'id consists ip its positive inf .IHldUty in, subduing infiatmaa infiatmaatimi
timi infiatmaatimi ami swciltags, no. matter how vir«iept.,or Ir-'m wU»t Cmw*.
Iha discos* must yield to It* auo tvna influenc®.’-*
Sold by atl i'b*mists and Medicine Venders, pr c* Ss ad, pa*
hotti*. Depat-®j[.r»aßaAvam,d son, winiam street, BJscWrtw*
E A . . . m >
*- Ask for Fasaw'i Sothroostiona
w« ", H '• -V-v - vUrSi

tsvsSTKPBV BlUlAUUPUliEMAN.Puiimac]]!, ** I
Fallowed to be one of the greatest disco*«4-l
of th* pro so nt Century, and i* larg?ly emotov.-.i t, . M I
'eminent Medical Men, in lio»pit*l and prlvat® B.AUuT ,a,w > I
j*ru ot U»c glob*. r * CUts ' 4B m 1
It rapidly lelUvea pata from whatartr causa llartti. â– 
Won ..f feyer, fooilie* tii® »y» am undar ealuua’inv diJd. I
I |ivss ejean (th >u commuply arJtdng from U*e ue* of otdatea. v “"“‘“Wap 1
Ulioler i, t)i». rlt Jl.i, U- sontary, hpun,* Cr Dtp® Rbee..., 1
G ui, Pew, Ague. Ast ijh, Hooping Cough, dec. a
.’o.ievud ami in must rust cured, ' *■*-1
t i Conclusive evidauca of tlso value of Ulc Cholera. Diina~. ‘I
pyst- t ary ta »’f-r.lod |>y the follott'jnf from the Rtecht 9
Haiti. Ki'uku,, who graciously transmitted to the 1
Cidorodyn#, Mi*. H /fu.awaif, and to tie Horsl rlj i! I
, f*a>* ci«i)» of London, tlie friliowleg;— 1 S
Eatrsct of a I)c«iw*cb (turn Actt»g.Conatil W®bb u. ... 1
, Ba ( .temW JT. * ,a * W 1
' iho remedy most etfloecfmis 1# It-alfeeis (In Rn!d*m'(.c}i u.,1
h»» been found to be fhtomiyn* and with a tU'MI I
to mo by l»r, Burke I bare g»v*d wvoral live,..*' 1
■ M*n'daotur®d by the Invontn*. BICIiAUD FRKEstev M I
JC-mningtoii Park Roa.C Loinlon, 8. ' h I
! ' Uf l *M.* «•- »*- »D.ti o*.a*.9d„audtOo*>. M I
by ill Chemists. . J . - ""*• I
i fAimoji.—Bs *are of Sjmrioiis and Dceentlre ialtatfens n. I
gemutc lots engraved on the Gnvernment Stamn. nnui J? 1
; Milo, *‘*'iiiCKMA.Vß OIUUJX Ai, C||Lollof»vKlt« i
lie nf r<*r»oada.l to I«tv any Snlwtltnt® |
, ' lamplougWs -|
pyrbtio saline, |
il KK MAJESTTS Rcprestnta. I
cYb -** || Uve the Gowrahr of Sierra Ua, I
Jr I m Un hie letti-r for additional annnlvl stow SZ 1
. 1 WII |* great value. It ahould be in tk X
Jy, «JSS> A-t*. s iC hand* id a t Kuro;*ana visiting «
i >a l R L jjjr t" hot climate. It forms a most
<* renovating l-wcmga; iu efficacy in Metres, I
(psueru! d- Ulity, and eru|*t«ve eompUintail
‘ auv.p«dtid Uy the testtuioniali and teem.ft
mcndutßns of nearly ail «>t»r metiopnllun physician* aud ntsdiatl ft
, C, nUcmcu, mid it ha* been rt-coneneniled by their letter* to Hw 1
, Meja-ay’* Commissariat ** * !o f«v*c* aud other ft
of th« l*lo *l. . ■■ ;■
*.Cm btrreiia. Fikj., M.D., DO.I-, sta**.< in hie werit co West I
ln.Ua fevers, tbit whatever the *#iin* t wslUMh U a*opted,'Mß
. ratal yyll'.w favor* «te •aaes all rc«a-ore t tmt elewen, . . ''*d '
lib Kt*.-lien-y S J. Hill, tlovernrrf at Autlgn* sod tbateewtttK
Irtm.d*, *; h hi* a*n*l order, aitof seventeen yets* re-Msseaâ– 
itiles.—l J..n*e no opivrtunity of rneomraeuJm*ltt»othen, (■
k .j. r «n P.v 'flobonrd ti-*t it may attrnct alteutioa with theft
. hope of h ading to e«M|*4isy, a«d U»t they may profitaslhsntft
rete'-n!itV, 11. I.aMPLOUOf't, U*. U tbort,loeW I
A lit, Ml t* to captain*, Skipper*, and UoUmt, ft
/ 'iDd.i'U*.:*'•** \\ ->I» *1 l AULE to (Kkatiku*)l
V > ‘lhc ri-tuo tv f..r there din. d‘: * In t?h Wren can user ft
w aitni to!, red Ui :>*• A»*»» of « pmtf tvgttoN* *U tetm«*(, St ft
n.-v asiwal-i* .til l ,c.!f **«¥#• PfSpeied funi * id in lias, tyft
. Hlo'lA* Kh*ilNn4on. .ft
Observe the words * KI*;V*NOV WuttJS TABU' f'if tie |
r «.( crav.m ’ n tho fl«»t*rruw«t biawp oi wh -Tie,
j •- v ..t ~•*. i',,r U I-
1851. ISrS. 1855. anti 1861 V I
-*■ • tilvcercne, B „w«, Windo>r, djtfrr Ptoweit, o»id Cr«w£ ft
and every <>r n t iv--l in ters, iniH.un cal for fumtly ae. Ate HiOu* ft
** w * !c* tor the Hair end elegnot ert-set* lor lit® IMintWa’l
for a. 1 *i s I wa- award.,l lor e(ct-i)eaoe or qu.Uty, ft
Ksend.2, BEi> id H sTBI-lfT Lt'NItON, WjCkeaA I
e ; UK ttl'K FT WtW*, PABIrC ft
K e fU" G ’ 8 l
4- -ts YJU'J «ft®\ PERSIAN ft
• £&-s*.h INSBOT I
*' .• V Tft';? DeeTßoriNO I
3E» o w d b r,|
r*>T wklek s» Priu V«lol o*s|
wcHuili <*»«(» tr at the /life* notion »< t xjiil-itUm, ISM, ft
t'a-teo!. !In c*t< rm nati*g MwwiiiiPw. f*r»s? Ruga,-4si(wft
o* t*e*. tV- ..wac. ic*. j*:,,’, e*rrr#4»cr«f>t:«*i of Its***A iokstfafft
tv • ! 'v i- ? If.diry.imi **• atWhe*. A*e,fiontM«?li«, UN hr I
v iV : - f.'t 1 T<» 1 V
't VI >•'.?*» a- ».«<»,/ f .r»u» ‘
i»ii« iti--f it Mf-Dv w.mj«i>w»*WU.t,ft
. * recommemici m • *i> ip'c but t erfaltt remedy for isdige-iisfcift
! hev a<*t a« a po-«rf«. Umic aad.«*n!l® eperieut; aeemi d in the*, ■
epcraikxt; aft ? o.kra»ye w*H*n»UmrM: ewl «i*M*di4a«ff*r*ft.ft
tan nwU- r tsdisnoi.y to ih® leireftMdefSeed fnu* their «**v. -9
bold ta hotite&t Is. *» M. a»d its raoh, by Chemist* I
i-ri. g *t*. and i’toT*ke«pere iu *M parte of the werlA, , I
Rißßai I
Utarsltr CJi'**est (5( j
nryttittimjT ft imm fl
hnviQosmu, u I
. X _ „ „ liiirirfl
iiltiTWH & CmLoNIAL ADVfcili* I
80 f'onvii id-, Loufp.w. Ku
Printing Materials, Ink »n plied at the bluest r«tet for Cash.
Order* with KemUfancei punC;‘t*Hjf **'
tended to, _
i u p p ir ii & G« «r
1 voa
OUT-BUILDIiNGS, & In order to protect the Public, all Tup*
per & Co.'» ManufAduies are marked— marked«
« marked« TUP PER & COMP’Y.,
M 6la, Moorgate Mieet, London; w
With'.either of their brands B e:>t
TO with Crown over i Best Crh«s Dagger*l
oi For Price*, Drawings, and general
matron, apply through any re*|>ect4bie » of P
on House, or to the Manufacturer* diree
Catalogues forwarded on applicait° D *
Inferior quatUiea are being sold as Tupp
mi mmmmm** 3 *
PRINTED and pulTWied hy TaoUAb Wrij
i.iAM Dovle of Lavgt lom tiia
Roseau, Printer to tb« LegialaUire _ana
r.vietar a» hi* Offiv* •» Lot 45 in Long
i» the Taw» of Rwteau— Saturday uw*
kn l*lhMS*. .♦ ” ’*»•-*-'-.-'.a
' RW V* .V ’ •=-- ■-
•/ / f WMSk
A. /, * * - i€\ . ./ £