Dominica colonist

Material Information

Dominica colonist
Coquille, Francis ( publisher )
Doyle, Charles Henesy ( proprietor )
Heagan, Robert Sproule, 1815-1886 ( editor )
Doyle, Thomas William, -1878 ( editor )
Place of Publication:
Roseau, Dominica
Printed and published for the proprietor by Francis Coquille.
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
volumes : ; 50 cm


Subjects / Keywords:
Blacks in the printing and publishing trades -- Coquille
Dominica ( fast )
Dominica -- Roseau ( fast )
Postage stamps.
Newspapers. ( rbgenr )
Newspapers. ( fast )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Dominica -- Rousseau


Pactor, H.S. Colonial British Caribbean newspapers,
Cf. Pactor.:
Began in 1825? Ceased in 1866?
General Note:
Editor: Robert Sproule Heagan <1840-1849>; Thomas William Doyle 1849-<1866>.
General Note:
Proprietor: Charles Henesy Doyle <1848>.
General Note:
N.S. Vol. 6, no. 318 (Aug. 1, 1846).
General Note:
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Funded by the Council on Library and Information Resources Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Enabling New Scholarship through Increasing Access to Unique Materials grant program.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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fr> -jl, WmM&Zrvlkk *-■ » -
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N K\?

1* ea/.ovmj
L \ Mi* i&Qn G- Messrs. S’.m- i
■D Co, 1 !/*,! V ;or ':, ! the i h‘}
'l:tv>v, 'YV? !*>;•• •«<•«, .'///
B, }>*?'*ffrthx: 't fi !■■£&>}}. *o!gn *o!gnwk
wk *o!gnwk dniihriii -a â–  ifs ipi' : 'â– -mztfoej,
yg '4*QI4M t %g Of '*. ('!•.)-
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|f M;r-|f '•< ■ /' ■■.? :/ . .. c\ory t
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Bf?(/'.v' rUr k.v f%’. W cl //n?
Wt*4s*> f‘ n *■?-'*, »#ij
â–  /1 i . S'a nhj * /C. (A- oe* J
B ’*" "- 1 |
3|i:iH us W iU*f (Ml IA) I
w 10 ,p«r. . .;£':>=• iiuii'-vf^Hy!
m '
■> q.«i e^ct‘iW : ttg K*pU Li’ieajiii. b* .
, tMWA* ‘-w- 1 *'*••>■ G-r !
.■ .i Hi >t:r,*i,.-a.,, o'.if ib ti v». >.4 t -v« *J;*l•■ I
s:x i
- vji i |iue* • . 1 '» -if e i-jii
Bir Ca u..J :ii :iiâ– 
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■ lie left a«_Umx ‘•■Hci*. i* *lori»
; any
*iUU'f* 1 .Vtii#Jv Vr> tl-l M* »ti tu i
Bfity •?*!:;/ a>*J s«,***•!
I :< ■|i<»fr'‘'t! u» £»4i« f«'yr ; |);* !
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■«> M-V -*'♦ v'«u. m.j j
■t"^' *« i «0 t»g «.i L
t•* ’- 4 JhpteEH&a. WfHf?
0| B ’ ,
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i~ '-s* '
,Kvr.\ Aiumcx |
a a-/),
ti< 4/i s? uju : .>:■’ | 'j(4f (J/i&li G*ifi, -
f kTuas, Q.ftos« Wsniirr.
o. i. d
l- o j
Qu-v-u^ l 1’
-,i :m
I • ' i 0
oiiln u'y fntiijUM ties <,l .i;:> pre*
;ilr<-;« ly (ft« jMii. :•}•- .ui ti;e
tr.aj hs which h::7.e irt ? th:!;- U
J i.i car colun.,ls*. »ny *atr ipn ipn>o&
>o& ipn>o& an Ci iui fuiiity c" ityliiiy
it is iurucuia! •)• ticoiimiviKk4 in
y J i d 'l l) t‘i j
li b A L E
lft is
the Impart du dull
ll dull Act rSa5.
ftize oi' M read
tJce t<( Sujierh it ri.Ul'U heir-
BUats ittlective {•** ‘•unei ol’19 :
S|i‘‘»a( t).iwftt t.i jwu
wksiveß (ssUi€€&*
BMAiAX-rr.L k v;
Jj..uuisrv .*lf;

.-a v. "if â– - * ~ ,v 'uk . * 'LL

1 of all descriptions con conntanthj
ntanthj conntanthj on hand and
for sale at this office.
j '9~~j£o
50,000 Cur n* without
or Ex Ex;
; Ex; '* ponse by
■ t)U BAIIR V’ S deikious REV \
\ AitABfC.V FOOD, eavis 50
net s i's co-jt in otiicr mfe.tns of ciue uilii in j
’ he iurtuivil remedy widen has
• 4ir'h tvssrmiui.JaLs ol cares from the iligiit Uoa. |
•-it |.6rd Stuart, dc? f)ecic? Archdeacon j
* *Ui*n of- ptirues, of indices t
non j
•terv Uv«jßttw|ilai«nJPb I ; tci iic*4 atebtfi tie»iaess^'iojsea j
•tvad ams caV*, raina in ulmos !
.ve v piirt wt :hs? body, curoinc ijifiaination •
* rivet* mil uvvr.aii » eit.miavfi, initv
|*h u ’ hi-Aij. bkdder, gr.A
' ur> ' «ru}l ! iO!iJi. oi
,’be ak: .. ifcs.»n*NN#|*s the blood
! ■• itiid a.ckoo'a.
aft JP’‘^ si U» t*e** lft»i io*v spirit,
**t :: " » ■ • J.hV UK »'icrai j
* .T i ' i" -'X ;
wlfri' tnvke: ai -...i;, e.n'i^»c>inU»i>h : '.UJ
%?11 > otiic# ]'
• ■• o • •• .. . tire hptip- 1 ' Until kr i:: rant a ai><;
in iaAds n gl airy, as k turfts acid m»
;}.e weakest aiOni ich, lial iintint a iivaiiay
it'iishAW toucit and dnmer, iFmi restores tfc*
•acuity of ana nervous uud in jic i
duv cnertjy tu the wosi cuieulilcd. '
DC ISAIUIY w ,ic»„
77 Regents London.
A IV w out oi' 50,000 cures arc here given
* Itussiun onsnlate,
Eondoa, Live, ii iS? 1.
! he.i onsu! Gcuttui has been ordered to 1
Mtfotm hany du Barry Si Co., the
the EefeiiciUa Arabian ti.ey lud sent Ilia
Kiujtfsty the Etujxwor, has, by irnpena! .per
mismin, been JonvirdeU to the Mmisier of
tu.: Imperial I‘uiacc.
No. 71, oi tbaprpsia, Ir«m the Right ft on.
the Lord Stuart de i)ecw.< : “ \ have derive,
cOtisnte»able benefit from Du Ram’s ftevAtma
Arab-ca Food, »::d ceusider it due u voorselve
a .ti the putuc to utuiiiriba the publication of tiieie
h>. N j
jg ' : . * i
Cure Noj^l9,Fdi—“ ihhy years’ indesc/ibable j
aster.» trwin'iiy.spipsii* asthma,
r.ui!sit|i.‘ixtiv, ti;iiulfc r iej. hisiui, oicSinesa at tht .
toiiKun. and vemmutw. Ipse beta removrd by •
i>u littify’s Ci.cF.cftt Ihiti. : 'f
JIaIUA JOLLY, Wortham Liug,>
mat Dias, Norfolk.” j>
Euhcli, 8 Septenuier, IHW.
f’uie No 17, Itil. —“Miss Elisabeth' J 120 b
v N.s-in i..VU.uu. id Waiihanicicss, Herts : a cure
• i ittreuie n«s.-voasueN3, iniligesdo;*, gsrt^cnu o i.
w fillies, a id utn'vou.s fancies.
My wife, Ha'An* saSescrl for years from a pci 1
~„n„i v r ail iljint bet’ame »■» i’ll *>t r *o? hcuiUßllU
j.a.i yeirtlmt 1 l*>i>fc-d.daily for her dissolution',
;{ rc>m*4ies *Wtil hitherto fbSievelF her r? n:oi.c,
..j* wu ivji t> i-t. riu 1 ilid afeoratwiis of the ">ou£ j
.id » 4 vVi 'isiWlMivt nud ht-peUsa
ittte<»-a>y c-mAirmpitott, «Heo *vi*n ou-dh'inert' i
t'msineil %Q*'st}ts» hi even oiloioiug ;enf‘or*i\'|
ijdiifcf that J »«» induced b) a meUical bro.lip

4 .*•!

3 4 ’ S|‘'. *, , - ' l i ■ t t xv “* Y
rom lUuover, wUa makes f>ilnjoa;ut conkunt|> ;
iou bis special stutjv, treoK it,*iiii Ihi IW •
rv’is devßsmia .. -». ‘ry this Si»id||lfcgi4
ikt{ restoraiiie !•> • ti J i uo. !».»;. -.y Ih.*|
A?'l« io exfrep rny at., iis. U \ |
;.•■ ■;• Ua .< : .(,w . . iuYld; asj
j ever she was, atteiidi!)|> *o her iPtraohtd-d '
J a fid ouiie iiappv. It is situ p.t,i;ui;e and i{nrj
j mest sriwie j*ratitqdeto Goi so. tl»o*»**»t<*f4f *An }
jot my wife, that I fulfil my duty us kjf ?
i extrkdirdmiiry ' effetey of Da §jn iVs a i^ta|
|i« so fearful a complaint, known ; %!|Wb xeeom i
mend it to all other uaderers.
Gluts M.D. j
Cure NJ!w,3l4—” Miss Kluaheik Ycomouj
Gate->r re, nenr Liverpool: cure of ten years'
dyspepsia ami ah th« buri«rs of Hervwus iirilomiity 1
* Cure IN*. UUOb, — J ini tevt> voHf’s ccu ; 'li ,
gostioa, uud g-tierai debW!iy.fa|| bc ; ;n
uy Da Barry’s 3i.ceU«it Ikvaleul'ii,. SnJ>ica.Foi3
l fir Avails iMk'i Llt* 4%
Aihol-street, Pmb. N
1 P&ACIICAL Exj>«R#HNO. OP til. GiiUS IN,
!J.ig Sy, . I'^.'iß43
| tt?iric.«i^r»6m' Da^usau,
; I hive tried Da Rjrrv’s ttevalenf* Arabic j f>r

; * a
, gj
s-iowCg hcs. ibj c'tvci. ii'o. •.a, ■ ..!
tariecDp; the vunnHng, wbirh is so L*;rn.i;/cis
testia ;:a cunui-.t-dap rtemusit, -u .
hßr*9(sreject nud a. . i c. i
si jl* sititffActo.'y ufla/iacv of ?fns rvo.vur / ]. ,»e
<: !*.(i >U »V COIS ptdus'.l s! Ue ‘U4’?))tH r ’< )-.r.:!lS ;j:
i, tilVvicaP ip * riost c «t»,
*P. #.«»
WmlJri tapk .‘jdri--; :a v u... !'\«-d u;,
â– * *â–  :
■: r fi|: )s e > '.|. s {. df».tnrciKSifl: J
IN '-d'f?.,.. j.yw
A;r F $ I-3ii Svn : ;«.! T L « mtt
r*i«l» Rir'-dmife;..;, y.i-vs, /
», iitfri .Mefv.a.-yi. ami .%«Ui’.o»
t»td?c!»f- »sßAr«»jt nmiyi
[yD'tß happy t# s«v tygf. your K*ad i*»-< •»:wt>.4 ah.
‘ill!j,i am now eijjov Ltvivr hr u.;.; i;.*u 1 i.*>
L'evou Cottle, Rruuikn, S*tiylvs»eii
M .rcti
Gantleuncrw —Tb* >*>«po 1 jO.nDtvd yw
food is sic rnoßihr u;t• aiiced ia prej, »od.
of severe!? fl»® indi >«s*t • irMi, thro -Hag up .Lev uuaU ■.::/•> a'r.r ealis-ye
! heat li ivjsig a gr« -.t dec! nt heeiitjuri), v i«J li 'U’g
the near., :sad SoW.» u> both. I »io harry
to inform eu *i*t vetir {««4 prudm-cs numc-'v^M 1
relief. Sim Ha< »e*vr H*tai *fck ••>'« c.-, »■*■■■.] but
little iiuo#!.bur», the fop.e;in.vs a«e minv *c
: - , Stef
Yau s»e fit liberty to |inhlh»h thi* letter, if \v§
think it will ttiid to the benefit ol . suffvrak
©r. WsnziirPs i i.sriwo >iau

ftoan, i. U ,J -.1 â– - , lH$ 3.
Tins Slid fdeusfcjU Far:#*. <* i*»*e oi toe ■
must e«tc«Ue»U uud idv.
dies, *iD lv isv « s ••-««* *“ c-ndim-a;
' habit ol body, bCnlcea be«‘b. tu«.
: jiUitns, affections of i®#'®i4Ac)s'*u ias fc ;ooe or grave! ; inH iminsiury irr.tanoa i,rd .
j bladder, strictures and h»|i*brriJo;d:;. i* !iS rtt .
• i»ivuii*bl« remedy it SWjdu/sd vs-,th tlse. sto* f
t u«-aai>.of the urethra, cnmp of the lt;i ,uys -n
•alVctory rrsu’t, uoi oaiy in r purcHi*! in-i pu.
Umtutaiv complaints, *bar* im«*iU>u *i«i *’.>*
|to he ramoveJ, hut pisa jo paimo' -r y -» • c!iia! in which 15 .#/»<.*!* taUjciir. |
ally the troublesome j ■*•,.! ! son i
*iih perfect truth to eprcss the cumieti.n m.t »
Hatty’* ftavtlenu Arabics u adapted cun j
nt iucijiieut Lectio cousplai-rts a»ni ctm? tnnj-tidti.
Da. UL'U. WL’ilZiit. I
Prices of ibe Hetalcnta Arafaea Pootiv*. v
Smali Citirvister? at i'4 I H
tfautsters Gto3s Weight I lb. 0 .
“ 2‘b. U. O «i
.‘4 sh(. * k i:» j>
«» 1.1 fi 4 •
Tha SupeDrdbted qsalw./.
f Canister Grow *ekjht Mb A‘° r » **
4*, 2 h 0 ! 2 »>
\ „ 4v " 5 5 h * t * • ' «• ICib l IV 0
. .

: UNhitnnoms C,'::o.s i C*: <• r>. ... ,
I • in >y b« sent in t- U’:l *< •
‘orih*:’opEi.ii»lon; For the (£ulr#ii'&, hi gi
I t.’.ii'ktcrs, es; coittily ,y5.-r»?f'd }<■•; j.rrsvr
i v.iiio:, oi its t«r ; v■■••-•. E.r : : ( .-..iki
; tci is accoinjihnii’d witli f ull dircciions lor -
j Use, and Oerirral Dietetic Rule*.
The irjttle supplied upon iibera
! erms against remittances only.
r '» he following ii n .Ipt of Messrs
Baujiv D*j 8.-uiry & Co’s.
’ Agents is tuc tfssT
Kingston Jamaica —Omalvico Si Co, q
Montrcsu —.Vav *ge A Co.
dffonifcai. —M w. Lynsan &tv
. Qn&Htc—? Me sst s. Musson & Co.
Kivyslou (lianuda West —L, W. Palmer;
Johns .V ewfoandjand —'l\ Mronuan. -p|
Note jßgjm&mck'j- Thos VYal . k
kor iy Soil. *'
Hold ax t Nova *§cltiu-*~ J, Naylor, Esq.
,VL. Johns, dtdiiAiii --Win,. Thibet & u.
Si C icorge, (l. tuada —‘C H, Bybr*.
htligeiown, & Itniis.
A/e«? Orleans —F. -1 ><■ conge.
Las ws, Si* facia —Patti Gifford & Co.*
ttridm Sf.
.â– â– Mb. r. If mm v

li,; .-a'trrnkf i. Kilts —Mr, T. C. Cahe. Ip— CiilT.iri^ie.JDUi»'o.
Niue 4 Hitaii Bcrhhe —G?"^ticXJfflcfir - •%
liosoao, hie" ;k:7~~,Colau:>t OHic»*
iiiidj'.’oi). Ja&yiai- —Oceania! btcodar^^-H.•
a •: vea i io.f -ai! h 06k?'% .
.% 1/ fvm 1; - fux Cvvc.. S
•(? rewfn'ied ‘•cJth. .. f .. i(i,sßS.sto*j)oF»w %
'k .f:\ii isgHdfmteeili
:j' : fj'y t.iie* slut by the .
ytx&jtiiin a'ruse ol -Mcscsrs. M. A
J •oasekii 1 in Liankf'.ri erUj
i-the-M tiuv. r he GDe wing capital Pr:st«;s .
; •r-Ui.lhc gai’k’d.
j —«i* .* —
j i: of -iOjbGiO dbii'fs. > GO of 4,000 j’i ara
j 2'> “ 4i>,mK) “ : Civ «• 2,opt! “
! 543 J,U£|IJ « : 420 “ y uOO- “
co “ »,oi)0 “ : isc “ ~son “
,ic., &e. 'l'he snaMijs' Prl»? is 55 doßar*
*Be next tlr#’.G«g wail tr.kt place iu
â–  Deer ISA#.
TU price cf the Shares k fix. fell vs :~
j. true Share oi £1 *l*.'.! 30 Slmius for t*2o S?g
1 Kb; far t*."> “ .* Bo do. for L “

I 13 ib>, tor *e ) * l** l ' ts
I Tu-keis will tv* forwindeA on receipt o *
â–  Cobmial Dank Solos. lot'll, or otj
i'mrnno. See. I‘pr theitctuiijf 4 «lt<* | ;[.f> ol lhe shares tti>'uys 4»ce,i ,
at tit" above rate:--., Mitdike iuvmw
of Vi' /'< Ci •>, IWtf It ft her
t i iu c/ ■■ ■ /«■’ J t o>4-6 C/tt tttttijttttfc
r/r> a.};/ prvtenve iuhtt!ever.
hoy have great p oa-ure hi announcing .
iin*i ; vif* no"! Sole. Ageniv tor
ihis iiii'i'ihi.Did !br the British Colonies
KorHfiH Part--, am! that tiunn" ilie las’ ii?
vc.ns I. puitl to suepfsstvi holders of
t ..I Lira*4»n, lb isies aw--Mmiing to .
I l',V..Uhi I see oi dtiiuciiow, whult nave been
ibr iihuteh in Liverpool, Man
I ’ c,..
.lUujOfil* ! tit,
j ,\!u*r the L 1 Pawing, euc!i S!'.arf!i«Wi*t‘ will
■ :,.c«ve a ol the hitmiiig,ucn>, The
: ,vtll be j>#ul ia- crts.b ;it Frankun t-oft
| - Mast .»r V\ c--.t v.atiad i,
Coituon, New \ ovk, St St\
\ St\ i>! v will'.out. tlelay; to A,.
S.Orv ,r;*:>outt• ! * a;.s >o;h, i i‘ Wllkfott
on-titiodaiiK', taCiTtviuy * ‘■tr then Jlou>e,
A. & (X, ,*<>»
Sireet,* Lo ulmi, * winca.
*mvet »r, if it'* prefers ny sit'i*Ps in me lm
ibliwinw torwmMeft.
iWsjtvciustfi. R>a*y be. sect* at tlte oi^atcev
this &§£&* '-■$ *

. k,. dglf, . ..* w
P Nh* 377

■ : 'w® urs®*. -!
' * ' -. '-*•■ * i
’ TJie Subscript begs to
. inform his friends arid the;
Vpublie generally that li<
\till continues to carry on
Business as
' /; t k •
for ivbi< h purpose be has
removed his Shop to New
Town ( Queen'» Street) a;
jthe House formerly oc occupied
cupied occupied by C. Stevenson
Esqv., where all work
entrusted to hi pi wilV be
executed with his usual
neatness and despatch.
lac t ndersigiaea a again
gain again earnestly solicits at
their hands $ share of
their liberal patronage
and support,
New Town', Ist January, ]«££&.
* w . t 't
' vV V . V
j&Ginm;c*, Pest-Office,
« J Hdseau, sth January 1856.
* ~l"T^ Steamer from tike;
-S* Southward will Us dbe
jte tore ou ttyfc I2th p r oxiut6
at 5 o’clock ? m. the bimk
will be oiootji cn tbjjt day at 3r. M. ;t
V. * '
Marine Intelligence
♦ "Arrivals.
*•. ft * .A
-Dcsr. 29, ■»* Barque, LjJj futToik, RoberWcn,.
r > 1 day; Sae Barrels OiC
SU.—Sohr. J os. t!omp(oa,’ i f »ld*Mqae, Bt.
\ * .Yiactmi, d da»s, KSfoii**! etige.
Jacy, N l.—Sleep ftl&t'c LvßYv, Lstifrl, dati^ps.
3 days, fad 3?i», Oand'fr' gc."- * 4
“ 4.—iieamtir- Couvat, Lewi*, teswaid,
ftbroyeamEod Sarnia! fdails. *'
I)£a«'o'P tts.
•* .
J)2cr. 2£.-—-Sloop Msrtiniaas*
'?* Logwood.* ' ' 4 *'•• “
“ 30.— : S»h% S'ljing iTisb, Ilerrard, ‘ Tertolt,
bn!lent.- k ! , * * -
Jsny. S.— #cbr; Jae, Campion, Telamatqec, St.
* Vii!«eai, V’artlav.grd Cargo. ,'
V 4. f*-ng.C Frames, Saint
; Tbciugs, ?ari iatrard' —S eawar Cenaar, ’Lewis,
Kurcyeaa a ci Cc.snial Kails, j
.- ••".»■ c • • >•. j
Passengers Arrived.
?«t Slacker, Mia *l£x«e!!sncy MajVr Blackall,
•r v r-. ~. v . .. # }
Passengers Sailed.
Per L»dio,—Meg?rs. Davits, Webster afd!
vfas. - ■ >-•. \*'t * » v j
CoKRCSroNDKNCE fc. (T KAoftHi N A !tl*«
*- • •• 1 • • f
Notia / The nneiler* es the ** Celonfsl'* I
hitherto supplied the wiij net bh i«. |
quired, oe?:i vesr i * ’ #i •' •• * * <- (
• ' •• . (J. A. FILLaN.
31st Desr. 1653. • * • •• • »•
Utlice i Mr. Q. *4. Falun's “ Nnrlcp” thot
*’ but *u*b«tß «t the* Moiobtsi’ liitkerto'srippiied
*' the usdstsrynad will pot be required, next
** feat l w -is'uaaccampasted with the frail fpr
he loug srreera due ? ! 1 *•'• 1 •>?» ‘t--
Cuiouiat 99ee, 31st Deer. 1855. ,
Mr. FiiUu reqeeats te be furaislied with t
Rill e! tH* ailtged \ ‘ ieng arrears him
ler i BOsariptioe :t* tbo “ Colonist’" saaspaper i J 1
Orid Janeefj 1850. • • •>• <-v ,
Mr. Fil!afi catiaot be rgWbrsnt es the extent of
the srresre : due by hi* for subsedption to the
" Ce!o®is»** newspaper. * I'hi tar*a art spee ded,
io #?-eh e«*ber,—pajawle Half yeerfy tn advance.
Ueder seek sireumetancei U V s'Btll” would be
siperf sets. A rseeipt w|lf b« fufaished ou pay
meat es the s*eeat.' Tha evaslv* answers re*
te (he apylieetiaoe for psyaeat (
reflect little credit oa ona who ptofe “ preacher as trie (despot es ]a«h es
“ lhe Lsrl.-J-r-d eac who iJiaciuaaia as
2nd Jsstirj IM$, 1 **- 1 -
*- 4 ■ -«• : j *.•

.S. .fit ft DOMrftiCA.eo to * is t

At the corotneneftraent of another New Vein-, '
greet you well ; trustmjp you have en-.
loyed all the blessirrgs of life during thi
iastiva season, and (hat yap roay leog con ;
•inue so 4o do.
I o t hone hind friends who have bear
punctual In their payments, tetorn ou*
acknowledgments ; those wSn have
teen “backward incoming forward" will j
■xeuse us for reminding them that w« have
ngagements to meet, to which we ere nnxi nnxiva*
va* nnxiva* to do Boner; bat which we ate onatile
edo vithotrt (heir assistance.
The terms of our office tre specified in
each number of the * Colonist,’ and we Tiope
u will he uOncceaaary to make any further '
application. * â–  *
’ *hiOWP———jPMPP^a— f l Will' |
BIRTH. —da Monday the 24th ultimo, ante ;
Hittsbro Estate Mrs. W. Lo»b*m es * Son.
KWh l -"" â–  m i
M ißftlEfl.—Os Monday evening the 3!st
«t’the Ree»*>n Mathallc by the
Ve y Revd. D. D.| Mr. W*. BtAtg.
ts if i a to A* ixa . dam r. La moth a.
' '®tlE CcllHltjSU !
Ma , II ■*.<.. I - ——— .**'■
* >A!R FIELD AXD SO FA*Cf&ft.’’ ‘ I
RUSEAU, STn tyXUARJ, 1865-.
% h ‘ “* • ■'. ‘z ■ '
(J f o r i o u » N e w- s.
r « ’ * *>- .. *t. *'

■ < ■ .-.*•>■■
Tjjr dawn «f *he tfew Year ia rendered
tleub.y propiiious by the F„x F„x-eatlcr
eatlcr F„x-eatlcr c/ Major Blaciull, fiia
arduous duties,— to achieve the
he had so nobly btgv.n, to accomplish the'
desired end of rdi’fyVMft ordep N£bd gb#d
government to this distracted Country,—and
to workout the regent raftcri of thet Colony:
Wiih an able end efilightehed Cbivf, anch
as wearenbw blessed wjth' at’ HitedMluer!<***,
His Excellency will find kid gene re as tabors
materially Tightened ; and we look forward
wi)h eke a. jpg-hope tothe perfect of
his Lyudsb.s tissues. * > '
Wlitn tbe rumour retched ottr ear?, a few
s'eeks pa?*, that flis EicelleWey had re-ug V Vedhis
edhis Vedhis ysce, i« coeWquence of the dueoutt?-
ous' eenddet of »ir \v m MoLnwoarn, we
fert dismay ; —which *4s not a little aug augmented
mented augmented hy iliegffiewl cry “ you’ll bev*fs«!
him again”but the anneancemeiH of the
,desih of the lata Secretary for the Coiepfea,
by the lolloping mad, revived oir hopes; and
aiihough wesioud almost alene in the belief,
we feii assured, & never lost confidence in the ,
slt'ang impressK.ii nnoarmitui that ft is Lx-t
cvhi ncy would be rtsiored tout. He is now
here, and (Ko true friends of the Colony will
rejoice with us on t!ie happy event. j
HiS Excellency landed from the
last nighs, abeut 9 o’clock; h b repair/d »o
Government House, and Avaa speedily sur surrooitiied
rooitiied surrooitiied 'by* his iiirnds.
’The general news by the mail is net ol great
morjfru ; (hough \ve have to regret the recap
turtf ot K r$ by-the Russians, & the captivity
Cf <3enerai-Williams;-—this i* uhfortinaie, but
the ephemeral success of the enemy, will no
; doubf, be speedily rep#id. ’*"■ vv y . .\ v
The Buga? Marked-have again reeeeded,
, but this was to be expected ; a coiiunnanee of
; the astounding advance could net reasonably
be hoped for; —ihe decline in price, however,
a Fetus no ground ter despondency;"there* is isstill
still isstill a broad margin to enceuraga ft‘jigorcua
activity Amongst our planters. > “ . •;
i " ‘ “Tims to persist
In doing wrong extenuates not wrong '
Hot makes it mack more beaty.“
Tußjeitii message of the Count'd c.nd
Assembly, tn answer to the despatch hi ,ns
Etceiiency the (iovernorm-Chief disallow disallowleg
leg disallowleg the BtiJ tor amending the House lax
.Act,— read in the fießse,»--is one of the
i*ost anomaiena productions that ever fmaja- •
ated from a delieeratite body.
The •kjeetiftwe t# eke till are threefold ; |
—l. i ha| 41 ihe measure to which* the BUD
“ has referrnoe, from its vefy itoitftiien has 1
* been fraught with error and irregttlaffty ,**
and that * J it is new aetght to care defects'm
“the la«t M fill. * • > '»*'■ --- • \
, f. That it weuld effect an infraction of
th« Rwyal Prerogative;by taking^out of (hw'
hands e{ the Rteeaiive, and COh(erring upon
thy Legislature, the power of ftpeemting
the pnhlift fnnetionaries; And "i. â–  v
X I‘hat it eentaina an allegation which is
t® fact”f Tilthat two of thc

Comiriis.toncre b|d rrgtedccl Io perform
tlteiv duty. 1
The Board »n 4 House,—instc.* J of stating
the rtetl fact, that Mr Boyle was pigrenteJ
from discharging his daty by an illegal was wasrant
rant wasrant of the House ©f Assembly. wh«r*by he
•as unlawfully deprived of bin liberty,—say;
—“ The'circumstaneeof Mr B«ylo’s amittinf
rf> perform »be duti**?,' ocoorred on tbs lEili
“ September."—Vvhy; was ih« rehlf pressed?— sappressed?— gentle reader,— it b«
believed ?—though so it is,~-tl*4t «is tha ItSt*
September theie was no fur any ot Sa* 1 '*
CorpmSssiouevs to |wrionu ! Nor ha if they
any duties to perform prior to the MJ*h O.cto.
bet ! A proof nf this we h;rv« under the
hand, bt Mr Chief — Maciu
nrsara Uix bimseif—in the foUowh»-{ letter < :
U //. M. S.
Domiaica, 16 h Oct, 185 S.
SI a. —\a ftlt* CunmUsbusr of T firyt names In His*H#uur t(vj Oflriud
Notice, it may perhaps be expected that l •bviid
taka the Initiative far the purpose of‘car r vifg
iytO »T*ct the previjlouj of th.- “ Wou<» la
Act lain'* an far as isNlet ta th'» duf'es vs %iv
CoT.missiaaers oppoujlel aidt* that Act
{ wao»4 there!>»ra pr«*p *e tljj (.'.»at «’*•
ftiouera ehotilJ ot ib>i«ry ti>«i*i> at }
o'clock lb recri»© tha ftctvrao raa-le t/' the
Treaabrar, surf 'c p'eum-* the notict requ.rod to
he yiven Hi.rier tbo Ctaaso ©f the Act abuve:
referred in g,\
I have »(Wr4;secl a similar unie ta Hr.
TarntX Letf*-’.#. ' • J
1 have »he honor to i'o. Sir,
youi n'r>tt oh-3i. Snivan',

W. PovMl P?V. He. ft':, ate.
coer ol liume Tax.
Te this letter ihe following aflMrpr «a*
' returned :np
; " # # 0. S.
B’iuaioisd, IfdiOctr. ls|o.
|i Sift.—l Ihw sbf honor to a-k^nwlidje
of yoor note of * dui*. prcpusjne ii
ineedrig o! dis (% Ceamis&!on«ts ts ilscse T«x,”
»t 4 pT tliat dnv ; hut which onto did v«!
nts untf) nfior < her boor sgft*n»ed.
| As Mr, Lrtsng wu'h «nn!l f>»r7» «
• qaortim. I imnt irvv non afiwfewaWCo wsold
• ftorre.*'* of the pr*lim*nvry si tpi.
f# ' W 1 Inve.the boner to be, Syr, ...
Yoar most «edt, S*iv»wr,
j.'T , V T*m W. HOYLE.
I Tf# ijou'b'a â– M'ac*a4uii\ ijix. &c. he. he.
! —w;!| it he beifeyafi that the twit
cf the Legivtlutute potuinics;
unjn dl v in PailinoK-tU
he taught die nr io»i"Uftf—that they !
dr»? yet to learn tbv wietitiiiig of so rc mmtn a
verde* ‘'negieci"! iiiase henor-ible and;
f wise Sanatory aver that, “ the (»rr-» »rjflec»e-!
‘‘•o perloim, i:t this sense.f the Pond and
“ House understood to njvau omitted to do ,
“ antrso long as the a! tided tq was
• “ net qualified (>) fIS Iwin'g suffat, mere was
; “ nmhiijg as the f|oard and !lon>e ran par par“ceivc*
“ceivc* par“ceivc* io prewrfivits being reoeived by his
a Excellency in (he less ngjtfivaieb atewplH atewplH,•
,• atewplH,• ** lien of being u/tin'Ciifiorial, lie- tsi;n fffff ffffffactcd
factcd ffffffactcd was in point of tscu ih d cniv in
“opposition to the’ term pttfonned."
i h«s is, certr.inly, a very c&gvnt piece of
composition;—we cannot wasie i® «lis--
sect and afialyze the whole, bu* re rwny be
pet mined to aik,—how c-.n “ nojfeot" he
“ tinintettfiotal"? in another p«'t o( their
- message they have gone further, ««d actually
declare that it may be “ blamentss S" —why, i
—the very sound n{ the word conveys re- ]
protch, and negatives the possibility of th# i
Dr. Joh*>j{> j?, the great lexicographer,!
gives ihe derivation «i the wb wltvt-- “ To
from the Latin— a kj It tins .
5 which K defines —
1. ( o •tiiit 'by caieiecsr.^ts.
S. To treat with scornful bectiiessncss.
3. I o*posip«na.
j a uieto modern author, giyea the
i 2af oP drfinitiftn ; and ao does Am»r;»ak.
Haw then cau •• uvgfect” be either “ auife.
| tentiftoal”, or ‘Mrlaufelas* taking the mill
cst definition of the term—“ to
or even their own explanation «1 their wteia-l
ing—“©milted to (Jo”; infeither Ms* it would
be, iii a public fuuciioftary, a gross detwlia
ftien of duty and highly; . ;iu l such
jas w#u!d .merit net only pcveie reproof, ftut
j ever* dismissal ItOm ofica. idart He two
j Comniissieners beensaiity havior/ (< amiu
j.t.d .o .if their datyftkay would d. nchly
d#Mrv#d to U Jbmissed; but, it is rather too
; much fer the liooie oi Assembly first Ho
dvprta# m »©« of kit liberty W then to ory
HAS “ OMITTt* TO no** ms doty '
ji *'•*> A « *«pH« ih«t they did a© mtafe
t ]»,—that they understood “ the ttras necrect necrected
ed necrected to perform” to mean ** emitted to’do;* and
that each douesiek »« « uaintentionai” a H d
i blataofdss ©ticre iheo was the |roa«d
\ $ Wkrt*n»«t, *

for a tpfetal anactmcht to dismiss a,p3
fun«tM*nAi.yj ( hay that doubts oxm
* th# validity ©f hla di*mis«al), agaioat ou
his Honor th© Provident daelares. ih
“nothing in the least dagrao militati** Jj
“ his aCisioary to yet form with nstidoitn

“justice th© hmatim* »he
“ vrhieh h© h;id ovdortaVrn to p«rfer*a
* f OTM njniiiutrHtio'i**, and that to©, uL
room far the irtvtijatar at th© illo§aUj*S
iwa< of the* How»* of mml
cvti'ed the and ail the ctS[
mirchiaf; and met©«v*r t when to
ol'jvet it am RPCfstAt y to cy mil infil
tiwn of til© Roval Trrer©^at'v^
But th*v /lid >i%t a© rntanil, arfli
ligve by tboir shuwjog; far tbtJH
I ut state tk*t ibty “ repudiate tharafof|g
j “ existence nfsnV g« whil*! io iheh reiAhU flp
, "ground which they «©q1«I lofJjiy m|
; ** td have !ml jnur llonar to fWparuiM
“Isott** Xn. VTbjt War this
; supersede ? an'aasiesiou (bat wa*
; titinal ’asd “/J jn*/?x.v" Wa» that a3§.
f 0 iwrancntixa ! W bat does all thii||
\\ti are perlcct y loot in bewildering gp
toewt! , Tm
W« yca-ce'y ghiok that io thgt_,.ftei|i
the rnv>sa ul ineontlsteMCtes whiefT
Uaoumont pr©«9att, hla Fi'’©llcu©)*f«
will h l ia to
** udvriii that there «re t:o BuAi “f*r the rajoctivii ci' th© Eiii"!-&Tb9
tion, ho«©v**r. i» in s.ds haada.*
The pretiv *' w*.Mui” tnf|
tlio verb, but thraotlccwv© am
of Umnmif* f!«©i©v tt l» qualify tha fl
Now, tb» “ u» t|uahfy", io the ««$1
i©rr©d ;♦>. is 'rio*. —‘‘l© abuit.w
“ foe, fa •iiiiuni'hj to io moliffl
ho©' theu c*t» tk« \#>b aeutoct” bt J
.r. . / * j/ © i ©

jU-.i fiy the p-tfU* uftfj*?
Jn tfieir struggle# » 'ro>u a |>eiileus uueui've, taey have k«
'Aitr-w to iii» nitti a< r«ur4in*ry ine*J|
,(i-.s .*««! ennlradtefioii* \ juvJ the resultfl
n»*s of UiUeions -ogle, fioiceaoing iH
Hid sameuQce,
rbsiPkonieinptucus ineers and
aspersiew r *f tiiir Auumsy (leigmi!, anp
Mtiwarrtiueaie; ruciit sptffnr if pH
*?ow. They at* m tSie ©J an 'ii.|
upright chief,'who **4 knoljpkow M
wirh the castffrj ©u4 ikcif is »o dew
at tiis ktuds ihsy will uu*s»l their
■—— v’*‘ ‘jr i
* Wh. rchrn l '
It seams, hy his -
acre is d«ttrmnad ia loJ^neta *«***.&
ol the pahiic moneys, to ike tune e
HSKDufo ritjrhs iTftftuao, under vim
*1 bis “ /•ehetae 9 • * for, ctseplefitdl
“ printed eewpilaitoit of Acts e?l
“ island. *’ Os these—as we before asiMl
is bound by hie eomract —for wkiek be 4S
unl*wtwl!v r sn vnerMoiis aaiary— to printli
copies ; & prefer© he has nojnet e/«»wfy
ehUUhtj L fie says that “ ibe pettHfewisn
“ hxa alieaily printed tit© laws io force w
“ )oar i d-tt, has to remit to people it m
“ •and Oae bandied pauiid© scerliog. Wm
“ inveicM or types, papei rtc. 4
; “ poiU.ti for the x?»rk.~~ Feta flay
• ** J l»WBL.” • i
Sow. we agree that ♦* FaiA mil
Jewelx*,,and it is for this very reasaep
say “ he hAS ao just cishn to sbilik \
I rhflt that it was extra weik, not reqehH
| kin.* under lu3 r r ract,—wt
! thoriapt! hir.% to do u ? “ L'titot eeV«
1 H hot ver eruhor;2ad hiwi to do Ǥv
Vdii. , is the proper j>ariy tr pry then pin
but it will net do toddle i( up»n HfS
Me; even oj «.>#r*aeo uuft t» Air.
(JhatUe i uie*as’ l ft iik ruecevdi ie *m
mg (u* Council, let »usi, " rememeer m
fonjet' that tfiaie is a pawn ab«ve ibfdi
pronsunue a vet©. «
ll '*e si a to jftdge of the value «f
tj/pte' hy the specimen o! hi* is*, W*H
euy « priftt, tbe Job bad ©vtrr br; (eh
for it would puxale o/«m “a Bbilade®
i Lawyer” to rend Aais the* printed. ■»
We s*y sgaie, that (it tti< «r*surr-«
necossary one, and one wnicfe lie is net Ofil
uuJer bis, contract to patibim, let it
up to public ceuipoii.ionj aad we pb||
ourself, that {it shall ha don# for wm
money than he ©»acis. *
“ Eftlft PLAY* IS A JtWttL.* 9
We have been favored with a copy flflj
A ddr*s« io tbe members of (he W’edil
Societies in Auiigua, relative to seine **â– 
occurrences. By HE»aY Bl«by.* | f
.•** He that aasweretb a tustter before hr WB
it, it is (eliy sad sfesme abt# ki». M — Fftt^j
Tbe “ Address” is too lengthy for o#ji
tian»j but, tail coot#los isatter fl-H

I itnputhtion, involving the Moral characters efj
1 mete (ban one of the Missionary Preachers;;
1 w# purpose making some extract* far inter, j
1 in future number*. In the mean time i
Ip the pamphlet i* ep*n to all who fee! an inter.
lest in upttelUing the poee principle* inc*l inc*l’
’ inc*l’ seated by the revered Joan Wesley ; and
are invite an inspection and pcrosal es its con*
teotsst our office, as leisure and convenience
nay pewntt.
The fttvd. James Cox— ** the w*r»h> euc euccetstr
cetstr euccetstr ol the Apostolic Wosloy,"—in con conjunction
junction conjunction with the Revd. Mr Onrry, shines
forth iu bold relief!—the petulant attacks of
these Rettrends, upon a gentleman of talent
and sterling worth, like Mr Rlebjr, are puenle
in the extreme; —it is anusln* to had this
said Mr'ttx erecting himself into a Judge,
Enauther'medly, to try. ly an illegally con*

stituted iribflnnl, a groundless charge asade
against his superior,; who had fognd it hi*
duty to less" that)'sixteen distinct
charges against the said *ai( eouttitwed
judge; tad which charge*are now kmnurac
of investigation by the cennexieaal authori authorities!
ties! authorities! • '
Buck schisms in a Church eaaaot be suffi sufficiently
ciently sufficiently deplored, especially whea titty are
oceaaieied by the wiles of artful tad design,
fclg me “evil men aud seducers” of ftbo.u
the Aposile say* they ** shall wax worse,
deceiving aud being dectifcd”; it lira. ui.
19 verse; —whe, to gratily their unholy (na (nations,
tions, (nations, have driven their deluded foUewere,
lEto the matinees o( fanaticism.
Tie Quidnunc of the Dominican lias
1 resolved that wo tbeJi go to war won “ Ua.
Ido ham.” Ho and sets ss vriAtf eoofrore of,
I th# Aatigus Gesertw have willed it s# ;«*•
ft “* no loss than a war hetnraen America tad
I Ragland.”! Tho felty of a
I of su Ameriesa Frigate—th* Crene l
liu hie offensive deporunvat to our h,xce). ?
g| lent Chief, is to oauso a war between tw#
mgiaat natrons whoso interests alike cail.alou«l;
■ for tho preservation ul amicable reut!Q&» 111 j
As well might it he said that the silly con-
If duet of Mr. T. 'J/Canmins, J. i\ of liar- <
Ibadoa, —an aaeouot of which will
|i. another eoiumu,—woaid cause a war t-y\
■£«•— Captain Fyankiia
SdottbUiMS, receive a repraband t«« tbp'
■ Court at Weahtfcgteo ; aud Mr. T. 1, Cu«o r >
rams, J. P., will receive tin ** wa.Lag tteß- ‘
S|t.” and this all that will, !*o looked. lEf,
â– a either tide.
(Jrtom Ike Weekly tfegi#p r Beer.
H A Uw weak* sine# we remark**
affile ot the Ifoefe ojL A#»sa|bly as L>om”
Ssiu against jthe hsaorpbtfe Hr Rail*, adi:«r
Mod proprietor es tks> Cette let aewapapsr,
Her at alleged breetoh a/ th# pntilSfCt of the
gUKesembly, hecaaae ha d*,;fAv ta aoiujuant in bis
(lljwaaj oa tbs caaduat eg,sprain wawbars ai tb* ,
...ffikate. whisk semloljr *ggJ»gd,|tQ be. squall>j#'- 4 ,
I »atia»ea with lao, efaßftai&fffiP”9
jab a rsfa,, shjstd
»*&! hy. so*®
Jff W*g.>*M*.** m ‘-ihi-W,
W>hg.; *>« * “H,
?* diatiaciiao at hai ig a-
iy t .(?»o.g* n d fa-ka m u»«i Ul|ade-
Mi;a.aal.vara ajiaisf ia »he a*l«ciioe oi their rapre* j
[Smtlipi-*-iinkers acd itallbr# t[ no
ars ctj jwKa hvuored by
tightened heektifatt •( wiib the »ail
■•kovse. for cuenbar* al tbs*:
ccp«9,.af Aks ktn«rable tlausa tlveylintni* [
ia.thf .dU/a«.Mt, *ti*i*i» tht editor had <;
l^l^eofabla.BoySt.ia.v»«*lis»«» ua thaagbt
to. i --of<*r’-■ thp.kiteudaoo# " fortjhfith” at its i
ai tho j)r«e»taj»taae» aauar aaswer sad,
exn«>eb:bg a grow of the |»ri ;
(* of die. Maast, epetsiaett i» ,tha €«iv*ist as <
:«l|o 4ii as hrptetubariasi. T.ljf “order” as thij ;
«lt eaiwtitNted irihwaal,
r • ) i iiious taoagh .to disregard arid forthwith a
was issasd fsr |bi* to ths
ndhH** “ doriag tho piaasara. as the M%paa."
. jMat the audaaiaaa editor aot, having thojtar cl
JBl.s heeorablt loose before «i», t«»k thf liberty
® to the chfgrie »ad
r jftortifiattlau es tbs said ,7ekoner nt Trail ap*J
fftoir friooda the Tailer sad by whieb
*^fteasts Type, Rtsdla mud irou, â–  were
P'mfcisviwaaly disaypoiuted. bir ranson far
et Mtdiag tie hstgasut at at ns?, aed the Sysaker’a
forraut, is stated t) bimscit tg have been a 4catre
M lO av oid oo open the ttouse, beta#
â–  W druiy impreased with the tllsgality as each a
pglr arrant,” aid, “ trusting that wheu tbs erior ai
tbeir proceedings waaid hs clearly atado_ui«ai atado_ui«air|l
r|l atado_ui«air|l fast, the Bouse would tetracs tbeir stspa,”
wsa rather a, strange dstusiae it most ba
*j9nr*tsjed ; aud .bow, a peraaa wt Hr Dojrls't
re %*tere jedgmsut and siem (wrseption eaaid nep nep|HS
|HS nep|HS anch • set of men capable as seeing auytblog
t beftiving • sealblaoie as prapriet| can attiy b? so
ttfMkentsd for oo Ike Buppositjou that ” she «Ub
ttf l&s father talk* tbtpglji/* &*i >;gn at

*• 1— t.'." 1 —
! bis elbow wo weald bun dispelled tho food dele.
] sion in o few Ncsods. Seek lesa are little
j to set their erraraoT Mttses their steps, no ss alter
; what stay bare been thsmsguitade of thair falltos.
Tho wtwrent of ccttiftitment was tnsde on the,
!Bth Keptctpbor ; aboat a week after the AMar AMarnsy
nsy AMarnsy Gsoaraf, whs is alto s member of ths Beau,
add reused a letter to tha Speaker adtieiaf biea cf
th* illegality of tho coarse par,so«d, with a view
that it might be laid before th* Kaow. No, w»eet
ifg took'place from the itßth fiepUraber
SUtlt October, whon the Modes wet, hot no vatfs*
was taken of tbs fetter as the Attorney (Sansrsl
Mr Doyle intended having the' case “ dss dti
" scsordfng t* the duo course of low—rbht. tb*
“ eontinnad ai'tinga of (ho Court as Qtwsn’s ie.teb
41 prevented his,applying for a Writ ot j/miets j
44 €urp* 9, and since then the illness us hu lead*
44 lug Ceuesel reuderad such s proceeding Ins*.
44 pefliem.*' bis secardingly laid th« matter
before Mr President Rremner, **ro*ni*tarmj the
Aosernmsaf. His Uanur regnirsd 4 a .iuli aint*-.

mental “ the wholt.. tbs’cysy, with
the lew bearing at) the s whiuii ws’S drawn
op by coyi««! and sobmiusd.lo bis Honor. This
was on tbs 21rd October, bat an tbs 2S)lt nf ths
S'uns nianlh. Mr L'cylo was informed, that it
I would be impassible t§ forward by that dry's m«ii
a copy of th* aorrogpaadeftce to the Governor to {
Chief; end to sy re .time ha sttit to, the president â– 
copies at thn.entire •oire«g>ondca|,e ) tbs.receipt afj
whisb was ncknowlsdgei, and though tho stsaoner j
did not strive till tha naxt day, they were net j
far warded ; a fact, which ta pnrawns sot sd nijh ibs kahim at same of thy pfM>e*.,<6n
earned, might appear Ssgtswhnt. strange. Resit*
• tflly, kasrevsr, the dsenments did retch die §sv* ,
srnsr iu Chief, whs replied by the failpwing. dce.J
pstsh, mbieu shows the view he took as ike *l*l r,
•nd his rusnner of dealing with thus* w 1.9 asset**
’she tight, to set oi they think At, and attempt to.
tramp!*. *n the liberty oi a feiidw ««>j**;: -t -t---»jBOMiWCA
--»jBOMiWCA -t---»jBOMiWCA J ApTiwwa, 6nv*nnu«iitv 'l«vfs*
Ro. 2. (’ Rovßuaxx.lltE, lkb-V. *'
fix, l have reepryedjour desprteh, Nn. IWI IWIfo(
fo( IWIfo( '.be ftlh instant, traiua*!tt:9jj s -romw e^tCHtian,
• s.ddissued t* ms by ibsmsp Wiiitsfa ,
infSTming ms tbs', or iHtb September last., th*
f Hoase at Assembly, bad Issaed a for ,bii.
I omKvitinl t* tbtt Bsnunas J«ti during tkep!««ssre
■••of ths
i prtvilpge in patjlitKing aj ccJojujeniere _ the
f proceed)ngs jsf certoin wunipers th^ c tfusia,
‘ i at%» gatbar from Mg Dayle'e ;e*mm*ajc%tign
! that, impelled *■} fe • aimprtted of hi.waeif, *;*o bad itiarrhy
j a spaaed mecU
• Imyle's camtn«»*c«tton ts by jour
*p/r*p;.ot*de«c* ,»U» b. ee b’.t^.aubjecl.,.
( 2.. It has f ast) decided by lie*nut j
f :pgaH*l the Lardg. as-the ivy 4p«s*it hi t hp. *p*a,
Kieiy v«.*C*rsu.3 4 ptbara,”-tbajt aCaltr..
aui Haase as Assembly tisn no; tie. a
• legal incident, the vf
[ sdjnditßtioa «o a sqnfaoipt opt.vf *!)* ,
! Rouse; audthtrafsie,.ib.ts,ptho«,edsng ?a»t /
pf tha assembly ,< f .an ,sn«ra*rti*e»i,'.
upon thn liberties : *»f t'n# sosamasiiy.. i
yna did uot act. upon tha s'jfges !oa of ibe Af•*/*,.
' ney General,
Canned, Prareg** th* Awembiy, »i»iib app»«,rs
,to,b* tb# meet efilaaclsna made of â– porrefih.g
c *k»«e. wbish aba»!*i hav* reseiyed mare ytsyapt
.aud usatiuent ot yone lued*. H tha
i , errata ta raa an JSttafkutA&i, sad baa.*»nt been
; r«cudad, **y Kr> J>#yl« to maet ths Vt>r-;
met, aed (bus #l/UJaingjiit*t rsdrss?. v» tiiah
be would, i dcubi nat, l**v# received, you wii) at
Okie adapt the coarse 1 bay* indicated, and, with
th* advice of the JRxecutiva jDowucil, Pyaregn* tnsi tnsi)
) tnsi) Rons* lor a saw days, in 6r,der.i# render
tha Warrsat itsaad Uj tbs Assembly^
3. Jt i» by no v*e£n* a pajnt el luiarlor iujpar-.'
tsnea ia this tbtt tliis illegal avanmpttan ,
as power f>n the pari as the Assembly,
■ i*n«l operate tt» bring ab'ngay upon itself, and
; cause an ancient and boncrabts losli>Utt»i; to suffer,
t is pablfc esumatje^.
r. . ' I havp,k fi;c. j
(Signed) Kill ». HAMIITPir, .
ifioTarnor in CUief. . j
r * j
. lat Mr Doyle’s persecit,»on wss not ,sonfii*6 ;to tbs sxereise ot et) itlegaj assumptlan as ees-,
1 potic power oo tbe„part as th# Assembly h:s
|sf paintmcnt as * C.opimwsl.#nsr uudtr the Houav
Tax Act was csncellad, **,.nothing Jo tb* l«a»ij
44 degree militatlag upon kip eflieiene#, t# per- j
. “ form with attidaivji th* fapclrous!
44 ot tb* offices# auys ins trivaU Septetary
as bis Honor, an th# Octabsr, in a letter,
informing Mr Doyle hie lemata! from effise,
to m*k« room far Mr Kpi*aiv;r, tha Snstigatat pt
tbi* 44 illegal” ngninst bi.uj in the
Assembly. The rtmeva* f»p*» etiiee, 41 Uftblog
upon his efficiency ia perierm with asst
daily.and joatica” it* luwetiapp, Sir D*yle.dfJ,»ed i
a fr«sh set of injustice, *ed rafeired it aisq jo hi*
KncsHeiav the Gavemar in Qhief. lbe Atlarney
General of Pwminica ban given it a* bis.-opinion
that, tb* whole proaesding Wps illegal eb iokio,
How the affair'will tcrnsgiuta remtins ta h* than ;
but fs*m the tone- ot eke Goveraoi’a dispatch
shave give*, thef* seems to bt lUiila reason tS
doubt that bis IxcfUeusy will do full justice to
t ike tt«».
- Comment on prfesedings s* despot is an the
part of, men of ‘Miboral and aptightansd princi principl#s”j»
pl#s”j» principl#s”j» aselesi?. Event casual reader wit! set
tbs ipjuglice of tb# treatment to which ; t p*a a!
•Mrlipß *ud laxity Uns been imwfi*
... • * t

TitX 90MIS if A CO.t, OHI BTV

»■■■■■'■■ -V** ....— 4..,. — — mm
stkmif beesnse baked the honesty and tb* four,
age to expose th* foiirand injuatic* wf *h« «t‘
men who lutv* <«tced the was! vet Into a ps»P*jh)p
far which Ihoj jttre uot (jualiffcAtfi*
.'Sabtiag tUdtst* m ifo t justice orjitmpr tarty ov
v#» t* ,s*v« tkemselres/lom tUr ryprosch of eat: ■
,'umate vguoranse, bi'eful .dpspati fatly,' Ar* those ths eyideuces of the. esii>ca<>
y.i those 44 liberal and aallghieued prii(rif-r», ,, ‘
v «*lN#b w» »r# to J cbtralsteslse the procc?tltpgs « .
■'i«.Han#« ol A**emnly ot Dumhica ?
« s #*sh, seidsupea to n* f*nnd fi I b«u iibcrw(ii.
s -ba, the despot, tbsjr ant: J ,
it the coligblsiHMtoi oi ilia ip**i|ilio» vats ecs*
tittmy atibsarji tba defencciicpp..*fttim nurhgd. fo* '
dcstruciiaw. Thu l.ih*»*lj|/. •„ tbt
• nligbteawecl oi a Soaieuqaa, arc jest aud- »i»<
,aj»|>nr.«d to .tha'feckless. 'pr*c**ilWgv as - «;*». f
:ar#*a up fruat. th* drags of cpwety-,. autbxaslinta.r
plaswr.')!... p\i«er. Frara th* Under taerciaa a:
tb#s*> >r o>Ktf «f Hbar*! ejid p/ipelitJc*’ 1
tnar tht* fektpA ha e **r prSearypld, t»«j sacb imi 1

. * {Frtm (kt Wai *
j Tbe Cits MsgiHvates iiav« / bees- far tbwlsst
J f#w days ectnptad iujVtesrisg « ease, which hue as -;
• oasiantd eweth exeitemco: ;h Btidgstaww. A
j baat'■»•*« jasand Tsierets tbarged the Easter and
; Mate as du r \assricai> ackoaiut wit.V havilig dip-.
; charged, a pea at himsaif and others, with intent
: t* jaiora tbenl-oa htnday eraniog last S
‘ e*p!ofk, m they lay. niangsid# .in their bool,
The* t;dd tfsaglst « man belongiog ;o ibm. ashes* j
let *H*re„ dsmsndcd poyment, which i
was jefaytd.them.T word* eneusd with the man in
ths fat* pa.f» ofj ths vessel j they wsr* srJbr and ns they somiuasd they
av# t »ed that, jp , « pietpl w«* jwid* .his- j
charged at thorn by lbe Mastpr. aud Mata as, th*i
raevfl. Cpon ibis ataiaassut, s» >fu to nafert
aaa of tws Magiatrates,, 11*. Cummias,. these
perac4s wata brosgbt a* shore , and c*ustred iu
• the Pfijt* 8* «; Mill wax-sfrorwards rakvti fur
' ta# Rate ref need us tb incase of tb*
Master, lur. Aesper,. Tha trial was heard on
Moadey ü by £!*#*:»,' Gill aed Clarks } .the other
f Mi- Cummins, bfciag prtisnt, aaA
asueg, atrauge ta asy", tha,part of .advocate cf
"thu Mr. Tqw.ear, tha Amenssn
-Canvai, tbepsit as th* aaeased.
'4\. i'iftlih, ft# cauaignv* of the ~ Crocks ««s
ala* present, and «Abcf gtatlsmco to witness lbs.
p/aatodiegs ; and Mr, Mlcsik, with a ntfph of die-,
ardei I* ta.iaws (r«tc \b« Wbail, wh# was pllswod ,
tv lake a part,i« the procesditge, as ccuasal far:
tha it.ttuwid appear, ugstbttf with Mr.
Vantmiligf •«' ' V j
A fur ftphtlsal, auJ ie»g(bea*dihy.S3tigpti#B ibu,,
as.ea, waa...dteH>nm-«l a* W*rd»#sdpj. Mr. Camr
miss agtas'irg 'with, tba aiuiag V.agistrstsa, that j,
necyniiu g ; is rh* evUesse, ihey .san.d tarn* to a*
*ib*c,dvj|)ai«a. v Ttureayla a atraage asens aa
earned,,*jepwit of which by *a tfb witases, no
• antes. 3d». UawMpi)» somplnined that b« hsd
‘pet bciu eakp.d i* beav th# Uut il <:eujvucti*M
wnk. bbt.bislbar-bfag»«tr»ie* ; a»d aa# as ifcesu,
' Mr, (JjJii eapinined why be it*d not bean a»k%d|
iii|- ,»i aa ing, a*id tbu. latter, t# an j
SKj'tassien, sf by Cammiae ,•« lha svatfipg ’ Uf*«# tba opprebaoeica.ef tba
Siiaeaerj, ahteH V»»i la i.lte efi-sat, that “ hs bad
n 4. -Aci tb(Sf »y»A*«s for lh# v Captain and
Mats wan'd anything, and .by Gad ha |
rworld o«i. W'6* v * **• Wfrd iboy aaid.”/ Mr. Gill
' added iVat Mr. had made, tb# qaesiio#
'•a? es ia’osir, snd'bad prejudged the aave ; .f which reasers ba bad thaagbt it beltar not t*
; a&k-bie a*»fm*»s> r #>er«is»'tl a p»«j'«r dissieliwp ]«..*«t doing so, n* :
'on# wbm ie t !ds tbSjapori saw dvuht. lint sa tbs
i miads of nv praivvut, who witnessed Mr,
f am*;)'.*# v *f*i»dntt tbra«gba*t lbs trial, s atrsng,
SC tmpreliiw .was Ated,—tbvl be aagbt never \o
- It* permitted t» jMsldt a quesiiau »f this kiad,
!>i* prejtl«ieeA,*r*.Bi> Viejeut ns ,t». prs'.'eat h:m
j fra.n av%,r arrjiv»*jj at a diepassisnass jsdgwent
XiiaaUg. «*» Mr. Cnianiiss’a J>«-
j lbs Amcricaa . icnast. Rr Rr•
• Rr• Taw«#ft whoV*®! 1 * ceolaaa part iu
j Ms. eaußirjme ,v«nd io. ; i>*ving, their-e***4» * right, puius at ..view j
helots, ilia Heath, il Mr. Cuanain* used iht '
oxpetasisas, which M*. f#»aar, says ibiki be did
(awards “Th%Kb* (Ri. T) sbaaid
j beer j«
| r»!a" 4 ssd agaiu, ” «k»ut he (Mr. C ) was ? reud
l re>a# Bdtklit t, aad was glad was
%at hi American, >*2 newer tha,Awet/uaa Gov
4 #rß,m*F** , ‘ *t * K * l » li,v " C4t was an
iasiU t# th* A weVCas Coseul, aud it ip well far
Mr. Csssaiss that l>* nea find,/«l did net .pra-**
seed tam jh? Bensb. liUt only from . bi* *« tb*
advaaats afib# preseemaf*. Aud wb# are they?
According., !a., bjp. ,«w a w sippid cad
illiurat* negtass ; ,a* ukjactiatr to »h#ir
being ntgeaeji. dr-hingg iiiiiawtc.* t But ore. . thky
bantsUniAl ; tie At J wen as know u jsotJ
ectar, end A»i|.lh«y-h«- tbeir ,oaths if;
•With res pec I ,to,tk* juipcifmi - F*t*r
**U, wa ba** >•#* infatmsd that ha ja a quarie.-
aam* fallew l <*» «f \h# UaSacien wsr* a »f d
an* af,them oftsrsd," iu. h«k*i( as Pattrpan, t*
withdraw.the charge against. tb* Officers #(-the
ifroene; fd^ a.aaesiderarfra ; which .will. tkffw
some light so Vox Attars of . tbs tisusietion. An
ts ths regard fur truth anil the obligations es at
Aath, shew* by thp »r*s*c»t*l* and iWr wit--
I naasde, it wHl'UWbc'if.uavjergioad by the fact,
I tldlsuicuU ukU+h I bent m «»cpwl ci.

I tip cbnrg* »♦»* diaiiticHy dispruyed, sad f*«M A-,
-i, tv be, hive, laaumony of other witewsem
j for - f*en» AUabnrgiag ,
nay kind* of iffimfrova at .th? ?rtw with the intent
;f bumiuf llum» it pgffffGp. that tb* wf
•h* s*hastier v>£s io, tle nU-,j>nrA of Jkt vassu! •,
tth «<.n,p l«iSAd|* having tap or, vpwtf »* -•
• rpey ht;at -l.acbargfp liyard, and *u\r*l
,i»sn marie ,uil{> mniHj.'iotn ia.M-nI,, meral v ,
;v*aaicm#(f ii;> lisa rik,>j !»'| cujj'lv pi*t*li*h v
capper cap, wideU w«m tirna ai h
ianftage, aad uot in the dUrClia* t 4 tba a» ?
i *l' it »ofi. *» otttroj Ito iMgbten avraj ibn sgwt*
> there, ar I not .'K Mapping hi *
i*a fiirltl by the Cnpig'r- Ar.d ‘t'#»t,,ar l‘t,#i*o .wgre, j*. if l in o>e-
Aiatui.f toiiiisrA.ifllo aa oUftapt upon li rhy the Utter, an* »pr*n j e ebajjp.# of.. thi.*-, ;
kind, a llagtatra * ga*C fA . and hntig#':‘be Gffl Gfflr*i!>
r*i!> Gfflr*i!> es. ill* vaasci asfearc., utd rfaey »fn cststfiitied
io. ibr sfttedy <*f lb* ffui'a, nUi»« •**•.,t* kg{>i
far three day*.
*, Mr. B»*;‘wr and his .Mai* bar* c»wplately themselves from the .budghtv
. ' *» Wa . • I _ .

C£,pinst,t!icn»K beep «he«« tba»* »•* nw
auffieieft grsnnd fsr is, **d the Pravreutcr and
biy wjineasss h*vs apekea what wa* false# Tbm r
po8iUo» ; of the patties is isvarasd, »««! sb*y «lm
' we.r* asjtaird aad locked, pp for, thrs* d;»ys c*u» f
brkg a# aciioa far falaa Imprisoptnent agsimrt
Mfgislrste.wb®.. aecsuat Mr. Cnnstnias teletod. t# allow tbw
Asrtriftau ffsita'l, even to iCad ths sorsunrsHtlat
apd. can prosessti Petersen for p*»jory. This, i*
tbs:: rsmedy. Hat what fcsneit. will that ba to
jib* Officer aof the CraeW, who as spon as tbrie
j saiga is diajjascd es, will bav* to leave Harbadss .
lor a#»* ether purl, snd so they are debarred
auspegttag anything of tb# kiad. fhsff
' have aa si her cornea ,t* parses, but ta submit iE.,
isiltucß ta ih# on*.rag* that has been ea.mmitifd .
. upon them, sad tbe snaayante* they hsjMl.euffcr*
#d.> Wsiraa.l, however, they w>*l tev ft
tepreieat «!»« oouiioat of tb# Mpgistrati,; Mr-. .
Cntnmias, la His ffxcsllencv, and ta call hi/
ut sntioji the result ot tha protvediags *n the
miugeef-Aibcr AmsrisaivShjpiaasters visiltag th*.. .
Part, —that they e*n b*** “• «o*Bdsdc# io Gi»-.
fairness of hip..daci*t*n, ta fc&J simUa* osffiplaittk
.that may hereafter stue.
It is ta ihia paint w« wUb more pariUglsrjy tA
di.-eei tbe attention as the ppoli*. ft most act,
he. ;ertainted ta any aaa oapopying sneb.* reß '
psiniihla pasitieß as a Magisuat*, tabs
a«,.*y hy bis prc cr’Uaa as eoiaur, and to ..laakra
, a*. ap*4. dispU Ot thaw *a th*. Denab. Mr*.
Cf.» meat >*) «a permitted ta nppvsr as ihw
>dy#s*is al tha must Uwleas and rll-mwiutrcdi
kiulgetu»vn,—the Osntmvu of the Whurf*.
! VVbar asp| > si{»en r ,*f.their maauars given •* r<
iast meek ia the C*ur.* #1 Stand fiesoioH*, ahetv
faor oi them, were coayisied of. hsviag d**e<.yed
a ysunj neman let# their boat*, and violated Urge. .-
pars** oat*, with unheard of ..brutality f
gush *r# Mt. Cataiains’s piutegses. Meiihea;
miat ba he parmkt' d ta iosult tba
Caasol, in the ditcharge «f his d»lj, as prelect#.
’*r of the interssif .of bis eou»ii),toun. Sver> v»
prryeat asknswisdgas .that Mr,'Pawnsw -
ia » very proper tßb n *V i* nail gave *> *
accasiaa for lbe iosuitiag rotutfka addressed ,tt»
him by Mr. Cemui’as. Mr. Toniier occupies v
very isnpertast pcyitica in a Port ficqqeat— ?
*d, a* ears is, w* .rauvii by Amevicaa Ve»«
sels. He hss hi'hiifo. lived on the roost friendly l
i tstjrns ffiib lb* inhabitants as the pUcu, ar.fl rc*»
•sired «v*i* siviliiy lit* Anthuiitlf*.; wii>|
it is dvsitsbie, sapesiaily at the prcseni tnoaaentv
that these Ueiingi should continue* rot *nly hs hstwnew
twnew hstwnew T'uwtsr surf soiKdlves, bat between th sltaagats, bis sonnirynepti *bo com* hers t* die*
! pe>#r«fwiheir and i&babiisntg
at Bridgciown.
West* lnforgetd.,iliat, after .the* trial, Mr*.
Tnyriar and th* Ofljcsrs oi the Crocus, were
falivrwed by a roab «i Ulsck; psgple, with fetarsou
at theit heai, ts jvis ptsmiats, where he was cstU-
to heist jibe/ Amsiican Fl#g, »s a *S‘t of .
prataetlvn sgsimt any vmi*»e# thet might be •
attempted, and that Itoopsr and his Mote had 10 t
be esaarted ct* S#|rd his .vessel by a guard Q? **
TaUceuisa. Wa are further, informed, that it iA
asu&i with lbe’nwlfss.beaWnatv-t# insiit Ammcao
. beams* sad .VUntyra, by abtuivv Uaguige E gem gemhares.
hares. gemhares. whewersr an appoHanilf offers ; to ia ia?tapo«#f
?tapo«#f ia?tapo«#f which ytl‘ given io us by a gentletnao**.
whasajs, that haviag icecwtly aceasiou ip g* «tv
bsatda vavavi ia Iks Hav, t>o passing su Arofticai\ 4
ortg, t&n..hw«ispwn. much to his set prise.
e'en ay* see, wi'heot tb* nlighteet f.rovpcsnsu, .
peered f *#ilev r ef shna* agalrst tbs farsons oii.
heard, rt if lh#vr object was ta terk a r;n«rr*<. It
arfll.jpit.dy, ta avcsufbgv tugh, a set es l*«iesb
, fellow* iu their ili.iuaaneik.
r This woffling, to ah* 4 * character c/
j nun, and ih# Icwies.#.. proceedings that
' appear tu take usually . SB tbe Wharf, a» w
Mr. flasper was (an/itig *la?es f?‘>ut t* l * vasseiw
h« waa savyaited by I'*lyraoa fc and - »e( of rnlUaac,
wh# thffW slaHas at him. compelling him to seek,
tiis pratsclitn of ib«;M*g*atr.a;re. is it poasjhl^.
‘ hat .such tbiugs aboil bo permitted in, Bridge-,
townw- . '
j 'i â– * Q
* Tha Emperor of Bu**ia >a* given .to Mr*
GrcAnchu the Editor of the Bet, e soolf -
%ox, rishlv se f - with dlvntsnds, a»tl insetthed wilii
the name of the jiatperial denar
■ Moti7|,s r»x *L»Vfr,—Wa luve handsome *«-*.
iuen tiom iun!(nation, oidinaiy eocs Jtuffi in’«Xs»Jw,
end virwvtt* ° :iCS

—t- i- n ~- a^-p
IHE itBW y l£AR’s Y ROMI*ES. I
.The Ne* Ye»dc , *n*‘ kiid a bounding «tep,
Jovial, lusty,Yu 5 opglte ;
."While »»« braze.Afiifints of riie church bell chimes,
Like an esget cwowd ettiUlHgly,
Hurried aloiin «n tVs crisped cold air,
' To hera J bis Ln (|i to time ami u^.
J]e stood beside us fair and young,
Ue,iai« b ; « ftatwi ftuc-i upon mine ,
(Jur Left (If giowed bright with a ebeerfh) light.
And our eyes lit up with a keener ekifle,
A s we raised a goblot brining o'er,
Aud pledged him ia the tipe red wine.
1 know not if tlt ( ) merry gaesta
Heard the words thst I coaid hear;
1; «n U.nt morn when he was bora
Lbty heui chmtMuuioK with the year;
Bat this I kuu*, he sprkrt to me
In tow itvoct aeecuts, stiver clear
** My stre**, (j'.rotb he, “ Is tfasd and gene;
He served thee ill or sorted thee well,
3iu i-nlv did as he was bid •
fbirj wert the masuu i>i his Spell;
I-le tack t s character breui thee— *
ile -t wiiliu* cud meal tract able.
“ Such is my prunais*, weifjh its worth,
If thou’lt sad. I'll bslp thee sigh ;
31' (h»a wilt ptay lbv lifa b*ay,
\* tut fiisnd sbuli «»1-J thee mere thaa 1 ?
"Whate’er »se cs lour o! thy sited,
I’ll wear it tor my livery.
. - • ■ .« f
“ If tLeu’lt he busy, I will toil,
Ami aid the tveik ibat thou hast planned;
It thee v»i!t quaff, or j«st, cr laugh*,
Mioe hoo's ska;! weite at (by command;
It tk n’t! «wdc««our te be wise,
I't! atu thy sstii te umitMStMiJ."
fl Po with me a? thee tul't goad fiictsi ;
l’:l be tin eiwve in time ifc he,
But when f pass. whatever l was—-
I no thr mvstcr nver (hue.
M.V f.nlier's ijh*»»; luspms rny words;
Take heed I—tpike friends with Bemery,
“ Tomorro* end to 4ay h» thine,
Lu .Wl my vaster Jay’s iris s, cut
Slnil tve m foes to »by irpcse,
â– Wd c|dg the spirit's Ires ascent ;
P rsue tlitre r.%e:i thou LnowVt it not,
AaJ hunt thto i© thy dotjuucut,’*
Tie Tfew Year’s face «-.s calm «n*t snd :
li»s word* Kfiiii'ttfiateti i«v brs'n;
VNeu tha #.m>s around with a j.nrijs aovuii
0 *vu !«*»« * welfares a;;ui’i :*
"b'V La Le hatter Ibu ike !;»: ! '
W b aft the hurdca el tijtir atta-u.
/in ! the New Year’s free grew bright a s oats ;
F» t* *, kinimen, ‘ lovers, true Vfc tw.uied *ho prayer lint s<*•»:•*
Our bear 18 »o Wipes him a-heo i - dt •.!;
/at! thus we ushered the New •vsir.-iu,-*-
A'-'d »tict»»e«i It m te enr gre sid'i.
—~ r.i
The electietu were prectedirig, >l*., y 0 ;\
vti egiteied h- the fikJmg e? i«»r* ‘lttdir; nr* m ]
ttgeiu*; city lin Seis’d of i" *P h „ers !
—* Pererdiy mvieiAf, Cty d-idpr Sin i*\ «,.*
greeted with t c->»p.’e es i(icicitKen : '» fee til] by
tie grkini jure, on • Charge c r Veniiieueding a
fftJjM'. A sioi'lr sha r ge tie eimi *. > icueds «.a
hreisgljt agiiovv • jie.ic* sljfis: ; n-he lx
k.'V* tieei'rfts. i«<’ed*ia tuo ns: j«(i ( .a.
Ttii* * very nice 'ot t o —»** an* fto'ict muglftreie, ih-M ..Livfr ..Livfrt»*a,
t»*a, ..Livfrt»*a, tiirtc, eed owe ym-Tce etiber, aif’
|>reor*d*ii u •© Sl< ; utiuiieL, jo a: *»d tha;,' 11 i;
forcer.•!;»: «W e •••! e'.ese of mtitt, jfe n.e*’i*
than-cr w..| fertjir.L r ««r tfte f.eJofysi »;r. |t i*
r.ot g«e*'« fy kiin-e tha* "ill these" j.iw*i;(.u.toe* j
areee ©•'. of the ref©»*}l)lf the tosyor te eppeinl ■
A oertuea '.Mrm-k’s tioiiei ciet*la of tks "
urns eeeih w*:*J.* |
* - . i - w
Py «e erttyt’, from 3»»:e oomm*e
v u a r»< hitt t-leced in vet jiaaenjjy* n neeber ol<
/■» lArt/cowo,'of the a.*i ima. Therein we
r »: Rit eseittbieet prevails i» the tlepab
• 0 ’ “i* i!l k*'** es ar.ether ittvssioe
1 - ! *l lovie «(■? ] * . « *rs i .hat she t fin el pruteetiei wlneh
t? . -acu *titi Huj. .eh Ci.vcr*»»efit* granted the
l>«!<.*«* .Irbies' u, *t:«sk from Ne>li has, er
> i s..»iw. uifire*, end these Oesernmtntß it is
a*i< i taa ib sxeted it tarther, 2u
c-. u 'joe .>t thereof it is nstatier.ed that the Gee
*•■'•** : ’t el S*>M »i> orrpeth)g as errny I©
bar -a ; >.•<] ue*tbe mhei head the Jiemiwicaus are
nuiii :g »;ke preparsiiens. —Wutyf Timu. *
3KWEM. " '
Tafermttieii has been reeeiesd by a gefittemse
in tb.s . iry froar the iret aetbority ia to ioa, j
tiiv- the a*ioye meet i«eVee«ry egerallou can l s
*Bweied by disioiflag Jib. of (Jopperss In a g*]/
* * V • - e ' * >

ioV is t,
- J _. -1 2 V m, , f»v !r»W< •,***> «»*. 1 V^WT

■" esfi' ■**' , l p /e •fill of It’i’inl irntpr, »hil Reunit'd fl» mth qn.ui qn.uittv
ttv qn.uittv ns runy !u rtrjvr?c»tt to rl'sihlect the L
i thus, lw a few pence every i*nvdv Iwve ihu p«i»ct
[ y| cortijilßg t'niir j iciv isis.— Lmtriek C/iiamclt
FvjW, nlc!*ri»?ir'c:w; »;ct*;ii, hint* piou«
ijillCaCiCiiis il(S1 ri 11V* * v #.lj» Cut. j
A ceiuoiucd Qeiat *mi rupture exi iditifu Ji
being rajiivlir ergamscu uy tut i mnlmy goveru*
rfivm tu Ciinjl out auy oicrts iii«i xi niAy retetvi
item Euglui.d, or irour the Uavvruoi Gvncrui.
The important territory of Bernr, the sgartlwt
jf ImiiA, mis lapsed to the British goveromunt Oj
•.he death el its rnier without inane.
mwm mm&
7 0 be published at St. John's, rfntigua.
11 is pruposed to establish a Weekly
JQumal under the above name.
In three of the Islands ottiiis Government
rticre is no Press -were there any, it might
be dtfficait to preserve i's iiuiepejidenoe irefh
t couiiiti'ittiHtion hy tocal ittlluem'e.
And even in. these in which Newspapers
are already established, considerate persons
will be disposed to admit the utility ol an
Organ * high aims at diffusing iine **f©phen **f©phentable
table **f©phentable infuririafiMi ; —adfocafirig what are
| honestly befitted to be just principles;—
i aßufloneing passing events from me scene
!of action, and yet esefeiHWg imparwiii jadg jadgi
i jadgi tijpni lV»rri u cjnite ot discussion.
I lie strength ol ur.i.»n is vvtil understood ;
j and h i» iutendud to father into one Period
1 ieai u» ; *.c* of mutual iraporunte to
1 tidi Vt csst Indies. \
T his Jouruai wia be conducted by ne
single & (01 obvious te asciis, that a Consisieucy ol
views anct piinciples shojiid be maintained,
tiie ongmaiofS at the same time, seek to
obtain combined effort for the support of
v, hit is leii to be u ccminon cause. A coi- j
unm ot (ho .ionrniil will be expressly ap ap,
, ap, luted to ** t into wliich
ess;t}« Mid n •.umoiiiS ia advocacy of extreme !
or coufliesing ppinions nmy uo idjectionably j
j find artfruso.n ; jouvideft suCii Canlt ibufiop- I
J slut’.! at tdi tines tieai the strictest set u tiny !
1 u «i;t regard to courtesy am! tttrtiruiu —Ann |
the pvomofcis <„| trds imflepakmg pledge ] So { ct'ciiTp..! binit by the pre- i
Ctpi i?;»n vx.-unp.e of flair cp.n prsr.t tosltca
fetiai uis j O'.ante to conduct political and
vt NvM al Cuu-.tov* I*V) V’, 1 iiuyj (k'SCeiidlßg ftfiui
u:d utgbiiy pi to i.-t;sonttl vitupera vituperaj
j vituperaj hua 11 ierg-s a potipni ts dit- ol the scheme
!to c;.M'o;}-h such mutnftic corres corresjpomb
jpomb corresjpomb net* v.j.h tacii ol use islands in the
!' » 'WiTufctmi as r« obtain .teedrate intiill j
i ttvate %,i i’ icedog cn the rneminent
.• Suofi'Cis ot petifiai ifitmst.
T tic po, ;*•' 1 i.? iheroi'riic brought nnd. r the
[nfftjee ot tin iTtbdc ot tbe Lfewavd isutids
i a »»»c codfi;'iOfit'"f.». ci«;atioa liiat it will ob obi
i obi iniu die- Mipp-’i t (it itu-o and true, vrill vrill:
: vrill: tiig end able to «-e.o fin vjh'nt which it is
wdl lie p.o*! i .ave of material
. ifCiv.uAa t*t! Itiv.t jv l
1 un* oi piibjKuptOM -a? huisct iviiis. nU. S-:. per anatim in An*
. rigor., p,v i-.v.v ,i:iv in advance.
rbi. 0. Wto uda; is Iftl as oft account of
l’Or.tape v ftich mo: • OC pl ALvtflUftaciitJ,— l weivf lifiv;- or nuder 2i. Bd.
sEverj exit a li.ic 3d.
Subscriptions will be leceived lor the
iTupne ..i* i. #illiufa Mercer.
■ It is4tfsh.i«>it? i* ptaisio.e jo first
'* on the fitsji;ui't{py m the JSew
*4> &L » dak Sj? Xsc'H>
W iiproaa on Thursday
the 18th instant, about 4
o’clock in the aherijoon,
a valuable belong belonging
ing belonging to tlie i 'ointe . Mu Mulaire
laire Mulaire had her
thigh bone broken by the
blow of a large Mone,
while grasing in the pas pasture
ture pasture opposite to the
Dwelling House of the
gaid (Estate:
We.the undersigned do «

hereby oiler a Reward of
mm mm wymi
or the discovery of the
.ieikdit who threw the
siud stone.

Rasp, j-IN LAV,
AdtlfiulsCl'ittrix of i'. IdETAXOdtcd
Pointc M'ulrttre, 19ih December 18A.V
mb m mb AMmnn
â– 8 02iurjlv%
Qvrvs Snttr.T Place, Lon»■>•>« ;
Branches: New Camion Streep
Birmitigli.mi; lloutl Siifti, v\ < h' thamp-tMt;
Market'icrraoe, 11 antey ; and Uo'J.cstt r ;
Roth those Swifiies .ivc ponstitul»d on
the pure aiid liittl syn in of Mt.ttiatity.

The whole Funds me ;ncuimA«tC'd for the
exclusive Itciulit id the Pioiay li»ddct§.
The "hole Profits aiv divided itiu niilly
and tiirge Hctunia h .y« mat hce;i dcJ.»ied,
All Policies mo l^idtf puiaUc.
The Policylioidcis have the entue c*/tt ! ioi f
nnd niaititcomem u} the So.
Prospectuses Antiuat Reports, Forms o!
Pro ptis.tls, and ail other lulouia-ieiiH, .mh
be supplied up )ii afipl'cathm, pemtnadv e?r
by Idler, ai tiie Dent. o*Uce> % or at .Un ol
the nthntnjus Agenciob L*r
Uuittrd Kingdom.
Manager. i
TflOS, WFBSTF.iR M.tsC.S.R 1
Mtdk'al Ihfcrw % UathUka.
Taofc W. Dt>Yi,F.,
Sgani. !
•diy AimiuiuTy.)
T— T|
| Dominica.
LY Uh U>mx JAMES pAfNq
jittkM.\ EH, 'V, A.v.Va/ Ad :i :i---uisiunity
--uisiunity :i---uisiunity tin iiinu no't’iuA «; tite
slid Is At it >;f vj Ãœbpt infra, L h.tgcclUtr
cclUtr h.tgcclUtr uuti Oitliaurg 0/ ii.s
*A '*• ta’V. #c.
J. L. [Seal] LKIiMNLH.
Pre sidctit. A ding, the Govermu.eiit.
\%THI'.KCAS by Psr»£;anid! n dely pu ! »- •
’ hsllfti oil the tjiiviy first (!;iy oi ?.1..y
1*0 vv iast, l did lit virtiil it in excicisi* of the ,
power amt authmiiy in me vested under si-i â– 
by vniuf â– ( the filtlr clause of ihe Act ol tiie!
Lagista.l tire ftl the c.xld ls!.ir,d euiiu'c.i ** ,iu
Act to provide uaiinst ii (t: uuiodyctiou hm»
tins island ol lie iiii.-Pcx and ch!i»t emtugi* j
on» disca'-es*’. and by ami •.vith the advice of
rLr MajtKjvo i"ii>y Council, p'oeiaim,
puidish and make kuawu unto all whom h i
did m tf.'icbt coucffu, llmt ail aval sinanlar i
the Rules ntpi He*;uhitiotis ol the liouiu oi
i.ei'lth, tevivtd by Proclamation chdv puts j
lisiied in tiie yrtid isi. nii, co the tuemy
eigtnh iiay ol one tiious.n.d eight!
hundred aml fi;ty three, ami all ai. singular to her the Rufcfe and Jifjrubnoiw'
ol tin* s.iAie iifuir.i established, Lamed, ep. <
proveU ol and Hu;fiejliaal «hcr the is.oii.o j
ol Ute said l -s. meu ioned Prod; ma,ion, be ;
sud vhe s.ttM. and each and every of idem ;
Acne, an;i was thereby suspended in their i
operation lor the tun* being, and unit! fur- 1
tiler u: uer, And Aiiercas H is tleerued ex ex|»etlitni
|»etlitni ex|»etlitni .«:ui ticeessary the eairl iLiTes
mtt iX the said # laoard of
flealfh, so as hfor* said suspended, beie-!
vtved.— .now j do ta i n rcisc ol tl;e power
and authority in me v. su d in and by the
Saul filth clause * ; ilia . ;hi rtciird Act, and
by tiftd *<» n tiie at!Tice ond consent of Uu Uuda
da Uuda t-siyY /rpy Couneit, proclaim, publish
.and make kwr.r-ii unto all whom it doth,
siiail or may cMuecrn, dial all and eveiy me
r Rules and lUgtilwiOH* M s me said Board »f|
Health as were in f.aeo at tiro time of tin
pubii«biu« ol tliu vaid Ihochiia'.ion of the inn., f
ty fie at auy ol Way last past, & thereby su * f
jended m their .*j,ettt'toh, l>e ami the' same j
anil e.itli and every 0! ilhoi vesj.>ectiveiy, are areand
and areand is nwytoy revived; hod tKe!sicd ti
in full icice and efi'ect ; aTid all Public
officers, Magistrates, Police and other Con*
MabJee, a& ail otijc; iLr

*ov:il sufyiecis me hereby required to takaf|*va
notice tlmreof, and to govern themselveaV*.

G'.vi.x tluiler tr.v Hand and Seal at
At‘nvi at the Gove, idncnl llottsC tn**
t?*‘ town n I this lixTfi day
ol Dt'Y.’enibcr it. if>« ’Year of Uor
J.or»l Gite dtottsaml ciofit hundred
and iijty five, and in the Nine Nineteenth
teenth Nineteenth jem of Her Alyjesty’a
Cod Save the Queen l
By His Honor's comtimn#.
W. 11. McCOY, T *#*
Colonial Secretary.
Duly pubibUt d in the T own of Resead this
day of i)ec«rrix.M cnc ihouaud eight
liundtcd and fifty five. * '
Provost Marshal.
A true Copy. * *
\t It. M«f Y,
Loloniai Secunry, .
Board of IT vr/rsr,
Dqsiuinicx, Ttls liter « H 5.

iVj n. Erlwiift'il iicury
Newman is hevahy rp rppoiuteu
poiuteu rppoiuteu Qtiarirnthle or
iiciikli Oliker- umlct
vi 0. J Regakuions dat- i
a\ 30tli Ai gust i 654
A ice T. Webster Esq „
JOHN l MR AY, Chaimtan.
j. Approved by 11 ia Honor the President
Administeriog the Govurntrcn in Councii.
J. L. HR KM v 4-IR,
Ptasideyi Adtng. ihf Govt.
k. ' »
Board of Health,
■f :.■£*£&. ‘ ,:jN Y. i d
Dost!mica, Decn IL.SS.
Sir, —Take notice that
the' island of. Porto
I{ico has this day been
declared to be au kdbet-. f
cd port* |
Uruntiiu LCrUtu'. th.
Mr. «v If, \ iWkiAN, or
Ofitcer. .?!
• tTUCUL'I:]
l -
To tux MVmbkrs or m* Po*pd ot #
ftVALTJi AT till Obt STaTIi'N -
Kuiv.ut, Kith Dcccuifi* 1 J
8i ii, Tiie Cfiolfrß having ap «-md at
*> Kico, the
hay** *HN‘n pm in ;«rec.
I iiix'Hoard of iioailh at llosi.,u Ukvc dc«
>n. v*. * in 1 of,Out Stations the dudts and
of k|m lhaith Officer UevolYc upon
i;iv tucinbcrs there reftiucni.
*'• will bo your’s thtaefore to prcvmt all
I vt; 'arming Irontr abroad from corruMinu
with tt.e shore, #nd frotn lnxit*4{ vixitad |
there! 10m tt«ttl alter they have bn* «ffiemily ;
b"=»v,U»d. and tt is manifest that no r,*fc can
i a incurred by their being allowed pintiquim
1 lit’ t-r.j 15. 1 Regulations for dw n* h«.
tutiicc (d cieanlineas are .-»!?© to be v?ge 1 y J
tnf. ricd —especially y#i» alibttlij iuu#-. -hit |
id 1 .‘-i.igivtui pooja and flitit, docsvstly. cal |
;•"• yege:nb!e matter Wr< •••• d Itoro ihm 'imjl
vicinity oi the people’s dwellings.
*he Rorrd will Oe ala,l to 1..»i tinns arid ini .i nution Trotn yen touching l|mk
übjecu ol this letter at any time.
t have the honor to be, + V1
Your most obedt.,setvmt,
(By order of the i,) *>|
C. A. FfLLAN, Secretary,
PL IN' 11,1) and published by Thoma*
NV jlliam Doyle, of “ Lung lam ia the 1
* cur* of Roseau, Pvittter and Proprietor ”! 4
Gfi w y a- f
at iy.s office on Lot 45, in Long Lan»
* '*l
iu the Town of Itcseaii,-*Satui day, M
\ -• yA