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The Vieques Times
Vieques Times
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Vieques, Puerto Rico
Vieques Times
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Archivo Histórico de Vieques
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Newspaper started in May 1987. Bilignue, 1989-2004. Cubren eventos significativos, la vida cotidiana y cultural de Vieques en las décadas de 1980 hasta el 2000.
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From the Diaspora Project, Museo de la Memoria Histórica de Vieques y el Archivo Histórico de Vieques con el auspicio de la Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades y el National Endowment for the Humanities, Director: Robert Rabin, Imágenes: Archivo Histórico de Vieques
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Una Lmea Netamente Puertorrqua Vuele con los FOR OU$1NES$ on FOR PLEASURE ISLA GRANDE 722-3736 723-9882 SANJUAN ST. THOMAS F AJAR 5T. CROIX ST.THOMAS ST. CP, OIX YIEQUES FAJARDO OFFICE| 776-8600 778-9858 741-8331 863-3020 741-328ql 741-8211 741-588111 03 ?:30 A.M,* 05 9:00 ) 12:00 M, Ill 2:30 P.M. |13 4;30 P.M. )15 5:45 F 6:30 A.M. 04 8:15 A2d, 9:45 A/. I0 12.'45 P.M. 2 3:15 P.M. 314 5:15 P.M. CHARTERS AVALE VQOF 301 fi.'O A.M. !.5:00 &.M. 05 8:00 30? 9:15 309 11:50 A.M. E11 2:00 313 3:00 P .M. 315 3:30 317 5:00 P.M. 302 7:15 A.M. 304 7:30 A.M. 306 9:45 A.M. 310 1.'00 P.M. 312 .2:0 314 4.'00 315 4:0 P.M. 318 5:30 P.M. 50 8:30 50 3.'00 503 9:15 A.M.* 509 4.'00 I ? :45 $05 2:45 2:00., 911 wr 02 8:30 3'.30 910 1.'00 912 3.'00 Ie 12 Volume One May 1987 WHAT'S HAPPENING ON THE ISLA NENA cricl slurries of nd/d. otbsr supples, h IV pmb but fb mh op H Dr. L Mo ,He a for cn a n e o es.He s c fox nt pe 3 Maor Santiago Pauline Gonzlez DANGEROUS D I V I NG DOES DEEP DAMAGE


THE BEACHCOMBER SPEAKS.. ...Or Mumbles Something... .Vieqnes is considered by many to be twice a colony. On this they blam the apathy on the part of government agencies. Either things don't seem to get done or they get s'ed and then get abandoned e_ud Vieques is no fuer ahead. But coneider: it is the he.rdest town to get to from those eir-conditioned San Juan offices thoth you wouldn't thik so when holidays roll around as they do every few days. And even from the standpoint of alphabetical order Vieqnes is right down there at the bottom of the list. But t biggest boogeyman when it comes to aborted or abandoned projects seems to be Inter-Agency Jealousy, at all leveis from here to San Juan to Washington back. If Agency X gets a proposal t]oh then Agency Y we,uts a piece of it or opposes it or nitpicks it to death.And that brings in the new broad of executives on the tax-dollar take: the coordinators the cousuRants. "But just what is it you do, Mr. Q. ?" "Me? Oh, I coordinate." And how about those consultants? Sixtybucks-an-hour and out-oftown! Maybe it's just simpler to lay the blame on stains. ###. THE VIEQUES TIMES The Vieques Times is published by Vieqnes News Info, Box 1578, Vieques, P.R.00765. Tel. (809) 741-8508 Editor: Charlle Cormelly Printed by Vieqnes Grap]ic Nelson Castillo P.O. Box 98 Vieques, PRo00765 Tel. (809) 741-4377 FILLER PRODUCTS Distributed in Vieques by VIECO 741-2416 I Volne One THE VIE( __WEATHER REPORT BLUES Viequss is blessed with an ideal climate... most of the time. But when the weather stes to chae it's a atter of great conce'n. Wokl that we were also blessed with an ideel weather forecast service. Such does not seem to be the case. Witness the southerly blow on Three Ks Day this yas duLug which many local boats and vsitgrg yachts were sk or damaged as the U.S. Weather Bureau (NOAA) insistently spu their tpe announcg winds d swells from the north. Vieqnes Divers had no u'ouble getti a pegeful of signatures for a letter of protest. Or tke the case of Hun-icane Frederick: according to the Sen Jue.u federal experts the storm woukl pass 128 mils to t south. But the winds got sb'oager e.ud sb'onger al fLually subsided during te mght only to renew sngth from the opposite dil'ection. Still the recording assured us that Frederick would pass far to the GYPSY WOMAN COLUMN Free Consultations c/o The Vieques Times Letrs answered m print as space allows. )UES TIMES May 1987 El Viejo Says... by T.P. "Tourism has some good points "Turismo si que tiene sus punto south. Until a radio uuotmcer from St. Tho got Miami on the phone to report the spmptc of the passing of the eye. No way, said Miar but wait a umuute, what are your map coordinates? The disk jockey gave the government guy the latitude and longtitude the Virgin Islands and the Miami meteorolog his throat and told that case storm shotSd be_. just about.., right over y head Or so the story goes. This doesn't happen all the time but bo interests have sotht out options. They guy in San Juan is in an air-conditioned offk his weather doasn't change much. Besides weather that gets to San Juan has already pa Vieqnes for the most part. So they look for forecasters located upwind of here, whose weather is haadir this way. T'nere's a jazz station LuSt. Croixat99 FM that employs staff meteorologists who special emphasis on boatir interests and se( have a betr track record than San JuanAnd there's the biggie, Radio Antilles in Monsen which repeats the most comprehensive repol from Antigua, way upwind from Vleques. do the whole Caribbean area by zones at a.m. and at 6:00's the most complete kowof but you'llneed to know map coordinates to get a clear picture. Page I I


The situation at Esperana ie shelter for boats and elimlna !:ncal. The st little storm all ,but elimlnated beth m nt of V2qs Dim. ub Woi peop dly put up e g but t's ep fo ffmm d sea, t ep sea fm d m t sr b a sea e foan for mosquito breedir grounds. Maybe it can be put on This is now an officially desigated tourist zone where properties are such hot items that a guy who once botht a residential lot for one dollar from the goveFnment ca sell for six flgus and there are those who are seven.Be;; that as it may some serious salvation measures are s easier to save a beach than to splarle-type boardwalk. The make a new one.. ,plan would also include a play"ne welcomes letrs ground park for th chiidmn 'rom madam about th or any land a dredging of the sevenpther rnatm relating to llfe in HOSPITAL cont. from Page One old structure to be remodelled as an old-age home upon the completion of a new $4-rnililon Health Center at a nearby location. So things look better for the future. But ust how did it get so rim don o the present? Administrator Goazlez, who was appointsd by the Health Secretel-y ia September 1985, explained that the little hospital had been rim for almost 20 years thout administrator due to some "unexplainable" oversight on the part of the authorities. The yearly budget of $I .5mllln, she said, is almost enely eaten up by salaries for the 92 employees end by traportatin end fuel costs. And furtherrnore due to bureaucratic Catch 22's she doesn't get to adminr the bridget allocation, The money is handled jointly by the Fajanlo Regional Office Vieqnes Clty Hali. So when he typewriter or t X-ray machine breaks dovn she has to ship it to the Fajardo office and walt. She has no petty cash to call in a mpe.n'man. And when a doctor needs a quick bottle of aspirin or something, she can't call the drugstore. She has to send a purchase order to City Hall, g City_ Hall office hours, and hope there's someone handy who's authorized to sign it. The Times h fast-hand knowledge of cas in which patients, or their neighbors or famfly, have had to hitch a ride out to the Navy Bee to look for an intravenous unit, a bottle of peroxide, plaster for a ce,t and even o have a oth pulled. Serious emergencies ere medivac-ed to Puerto Rico by plane but it's still no bed of roses for the doctors. Dr. Bethalda MacKeie hes horror stories to tell of bein socked in by a storm while tendir to a bleeding gunshot victim in a little isld-hopper airplane. She feels she was saved by the grace of God and the cool expertise of Visquss pilot Jimmy Adams. She can latgh now "But," she said, "these are not embtzlae planes. I'm not even sure if my insurance would cover these cases." Dr. Csar Calder6n, medical director of the Caner, was openly indnam at the situation. "We simply don't have sufficient medicine or equipment to do what should be done. The dentist can't get a simple hand press to take impressions so in many cases he's limited to extractions. The defibrillaor h been ou for repairs for six years (The defibrillator is the device with shock electrodes to be clamped to the chest in lt ditch efforts to keep the heart pumping.) ] just spent en days without of those cheap little wooden ng'e depressors. Try to get a child to sit till for a check when you have go in be.---ehand e d "It's time o sop this policy of shuttirg out the sun by hiding your eyes behind yoIr hand. If the maternity ward needs repairs then it should be fixed, not shut down. Some women come as late as pos.'dble so the child can be born in Vieques. Some give bh-th on the plane And if they deliver here the baby s]l h to be taken to Puerto Rico for a bothersome series of tests and injections because officially it "Vieques needs special rules it can't be regulated like some other town on the big island where you can drive on a little further and find another facty if the first one doesn't have what you need. And the popttlon ie nlnety-percent medicalindigent." Speaking of the new radio instlatlon Calderon pointed out that it ls used mainly fox emesncy nbe crew, e The new eleme device not ved but would work through a computer hook-up. Pe3


RREWARD $ 5 0 0 The people of Vleques are collectir money in an effort o siraulate civic interest in the mvestigaon of the murder of resident conuactor Max Schrack. Scb.ack was the victim of a gnlesome multiple sabbtug in hs own home last November.There w no evidence of forced entry the Scbmack residence and neighbors have indicated that Schrack had a visitor or visitors at the time of the cr_.,but no o, fficial, positive identification has been foh.omi. Hlie Oarca, treasurer of the rex fund, repoxt that $3,500 have been deposited in the Vleqnes batik and that collectious conunne,The reward is for information leading o the angst and conwction of the killer or killers. Police chief Captain Juan Crle old the Times that there is en oron investation of the crime but that it is now in the jurdiction of the Distl-ict At$orney's office and the C.I.C., both in Hmacao.He said that the local police, thotgh technically off the case, will coordinate any forthcoming leads with the Humacao offices. ### ROMERO REAL ESTATE -ales Ren%als Anordo Mellado Street Vqs, P.R.00765 KOOK 00 -Leed Bker (80g} 741201 Lcda.EteidredaAcevedo Box 243, Vquts, P,R. 741397 TIENDA SAN JUAN ILo Mueblerio Nueva I Muebles y Encees de Calldad Calado de Calidad Para Toda La FamiUa Box le, vis. .R, 741-3861 Box 937 741-3101 CARNICERIA GRANJA Cslle G. Mellado VlEOUES REkLTY [ E'.ay McNamara 809 741-8274 ] Broker Box 606 ; Vieques,PR 007651, Pege 4


flavor...s! sahor de equ: Rice: 2 cups of rice, 3 cups of awr, ablespoone gebk off, I poon of s. Sau e off befo d sd r. Bo md my e spoon cor, s at w for 20 us, or, or cor my se. Be: 1 po dd smd be, po sd p's feet (pa), o po pp (cba) peekd I spoonsed ch. S be p's feet oh r cr, seply. D, n hofl ger d s set c peppe (ajks cs of g, s sh kas, aph of dd og, st. Sau fly cpd s tbs. o off. d B n Pmc PLANTS Aloe: a large group of plants of te lily fe.9ily. We select aloe, or e It is locally known sv, for our fhut issus because of its kgendary mknown and extsnetve use by Viequenees. It is commordy found in domesc ge.rdens and does peltulely well in arid Most whlely plantsd in the tropics is the or Babelos aloe, A. veto, a atlve of the Svfla ha a mItlule of medicinal uses. The leaves which ee intsusely bir should be pared carefully to obte, in ctl Jelly which is the part used to concoct the following medicaments... An infusion made of jelly blended wlth cot's mflkis good to relieve ulcers of kldusys and bkdder. Mixed with end honey and Wn befors reth'h it rslisves pub'ol'y disonler. Svlla which has been roestsd then pared and rIxed with almond hzatsn the heall of contusions. problems eae relieved by an Infusion of the roots boiled and strained. Combine with honey, brandy and sW.r anis for the perfect cough syrup. We e_re all prone to burning in our a'opical sun. I find a Itue of chilled aloe and wich hazel a llfesaver for ender, sunburned s. HDICRTS m e go on 2. Paint, d w e It ef, beau sse for coo, s se. He Vqs c se Oab a of S D. S bs s of decomn of r es P fy be es w Fab, a s t f Espea Beth, dcomd a w fet bes s of wh fead f st. Do, aso msent on beth, does a c on so of sse; dea cups, pk bow nut ds. offers of se e deh e enjoy for bean T a nt e day so of ee. M:,p. P.O. Box 100 THO LUR V, P.R. 0065 DEBRA J. LUGR MPADOS VIE c--l [ j Pe5


NOTES ON THE FORT CONDE DE MIRASOL Essay by Carlos Velez Rleckehoff Conde de Nirasol Fort sits on a hill with a commanding view of the town harbor. Its consb'uctlon w ordered in 1845 by Do,n Re.fael de Aistequi Velez, the Count of Mirol and governor of Puerto Rico. His orders to engineer Don Diego Gdvez called for a Stronghouse with four cannons to be u'ained on the port and a Blockhouse to house fifty men, both buildmgs contained in a star-shaped wall of stone and brick.These walls taper from six to eight feet in thickness at the base to about three feet on top. The fort itself is 150-feet long end 70-feet wide. It has a rounded arch 40feet in diameter end an embattled cornice. It also boasts a 55,865gallon cistern with dimensions of 27.5 feet by T0-feet by 18feet in depth. Its curb-stone (sic.) is three-feet hh. Befol'e completion the fort was used to lodge a volunteer force of soldiers from the West Indies, England, Italy, Spn e.ud South America which pledged to serve the local goveFnment. difficulties caused some cornercutting so the outsr walls can be seen to form a rather incomplete star. The fort was latsr used as the municipal jail and as a disciplinary correction facility for uru-uly Spanish troops. Exile to Vieques w part of the punishment for nonconformist behaviour. Armistice ended the Pge 6 Spanlsh-American War on A.ust 12, 1898 and the American was Ised on Vieqnes on September I0, 1898. But the ganuson of I01 men and three Spardsh officers refused o surrender unlil ordered to do so by the Governor. Even then they remained in the fort with nonfunchonel cannone,armed only with carbines and infantry t'ies for seveld days until the final bloodless take-over on September 21, 1898, when, for the first time, the U.S. Flsg was rinsed over the fort. Spein officially ceded Puerto Rico to the Unitsd Staes at the Treaty of Pe.ns on December i0, 1898. The noted blstoru, Dr. althogh the soldiers at the fort never had the opportunity to display their courege, the imposir edifice kept invaders away by its mere presence. The fort is presently admirdstercd by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. It is the seat of the CenU'o Culttal Yaureibo Inc., of Vieques. This building is the most important monument on Vleques for peace e.ud cultura. There hopas that the fort become an archeological museum to harbor the large collection of pre-Colombian e!tifacts found here at La Hueca and currently on exhibit at the Univereity of Puerto Rico m Rio Piedras.The people of Vieques also desire that th outstanding scructure be reopened to the public for culturelly enrichi activis such as lectures concerts and that it should also house an historical museum. ## TROPICAL TRIVIA There are two Lo.n.estDays-of-the-Year in Vieques. A question of such thLs as latitude and declension. In New England, or California for that matter, there is only one. That is the day when the sun reaches the northernmost point on its annual eliptical royce: 23 degrees, 26.6 minutes of northern latitude, June 21st to 22nd. But to get there the sun has to pass dh'ectly over Vieques on the way up and on the way back to clss the 18th. parallel; May 12th.and Angust ist. Therefore we have two Longest Days, which should be good for suntan lotion sales. On the other hand we only have one Longest Night, which should still be good for SOet]. yie eLUIE; LEGUILLOU TR,AN SMI SSIOM SERVICE ICANICA GENERAL Saida de! Pueblo de COLMADO RUIZ GROCERIES BAR BILLAR VIDEO SHOP Esl)eraaza Vleques RL RODRIGZ COLERG Co Com Box 8?5 V, P.R. 00765 Q Ppe Ment Van Ren Ny&Ray 809-741-8136 Box 1403 VS, Is. P.R.00?6


Volume One Traducd6n IIIE VIIEOUE | IMIZ5 DANEf(.JS DIVIN<3 BUCEO PELII.OSO (P,ghla uno) Segun ms y ms personas de,.-cuh'en I05 piacor'es de! mundo Si!encJoso, lOS bazo] Seven oblJgadus a lJ-rse )ad rns profundo en su bosqueda pra la lango]ia elusiva, el flargo ariso y el sixths,re popular :arru:bo Y f,e es[n hstinar,,In s Burbujas', o la Enfernledad de Caissorfs. es el pre:io que pagan per Jr muy hondo, quedarse nudho Demp, y guardar uf'iciente aire papa descompresionar mientras asciendan.Plucbos son arectados y touches recuperan pete unus cuan[os Ilevan tas huella5 que pueden set dolores intermi[entes, la impo[encla o paralysis permanenLe Ilasta ahora no registra cases de muer[e en Vieques pete si consequeneias sepias El case de pa[rullero policiaco Angel Diaz, meier conocido come "Robin": El dia 3 de diciembre del 1986 el ue ileva,lo a la Sala de Emergencia de Vieques per sls compa6eros quienes sospecbaban 'una bur'boja.' El Dr. Francisco Del Ohno, de fume, es[aba de acuerdo y orden6 un vuelo de emergencia per helic6p[e'o hacia ]a base naval de goosevell Roads que hacerlo Aqui oo hay facilidades papa las victirnas de "Ias burbujas.' El mdlco-buzo Dr. Ignacio Plendigoren y sus ayudantes Io some[ieron a cuidado inLens#vo den[re y aruera d( la camara de recompresl6n e hizo ona serie de elech'o-cardiogramas y o[ras pruebas antes de mandarlo a los Eslados Unido5 papa [ra[amien[o adicional. Diaz a6n es[J alli, en un silt6n de ruedas, recibiendo [erapia. 5us compaheros policias esperan que se le permi[a [rabajo de escri[orio cuando se concluya sa [er'apia. El Furte Conde de Hirasol se encuen[Pa situado eo una colina dde la cual se domina la visLa de la bahia del pueblo el ale 1845 Don latael de Arisl.egui y Vlez, Conde de Hirasol y Gobernador de Puerto Rico, orden6 la construcci6n Pus 6rdenes al ingeniero Don Diego Glvez fueron dadas papa la cons[rucci6n de una Casa Fuer[e con QJa[Po piezas de ar'Liltecia apunLando bacia el puerto, y n BLOCKHOUSE para acomoda incuenLa hombres. Ambas edificaciones esLar;an rodeadas murallas de piedra y ladrillo en forma de eslrella, las murallas miden de (5 a 8 pis de ancho en ta base, y cem:a de tr'es en la cima. El Fuerle mide 50 pi6s de largo y ?0 de ancho, ]iene un medio redondo de 40 pis de dimelro, y una almenada Tambtn [iene una cisLerna papa 55,865 galones de agua )]uv}a que mide 27.5 pis de ancho, 70 de hrg, y I( d hondo El brocal mide 5 pi de al[o Habia necesidad de aln.jamien[o papa la mi]tcia vol[Jfl[a'ia provenienLe de las lndias OccidenLales, Inglaerra, Italia, Espaffa y Am6rica del Sup los coales jor'abao fidelidad al gobierno local Dificuitades finaocieras fueroo la causa de que se quedara sin te'rninaP ona de as extrefradades de la mural]a en forma de estrella. El Fuerte rae usado come cgrcel monicipal y casa de corrocci6n papa los soNados espaffoles exHados en Vequ;s El armisHdo firmado enh'e Espafa y Eslados t.lnidos de Am6rica el 12 de agosto de 1898 pus ltrmin) a la tiispano Americanaen PuerLo Iico. [.a bandera americana rue izada en Vieques eo sepLlembre I0, 1898, pore )a compuesta de ]01 soldados y Ires oficiales espa6oles rebusaon r'endirse has[a recibir 6rdenes del gobernador. Ao permane(ieon en el Fuer[e con calzones inservlbtes y a'mados solamen[e con carabinas y rifles de inranLeria, La bandera americana rue izada en el Fuerle el 2] de septiembre de 1898. Oficialmen[e, Espaa Eedi6 Puerto #ice a .st.ados Unidos en el TPatad de Paris el l0 de diciembre de ]898. El conocido historiador, Dr. Amad, dice, "El Forin nunca lure la opor[unidad de demos[Par su for[aleza con[ra sus Invasores; pete impuso el PespeLo con su pPesencia," En la ac[ualidad, el [uePte es admisrado per el InsU[ul,o de Cul[ura Puertorrique6a, yes el sede del centre Cultural Yaureibo Inc, de Vieque5. [s el oumea[o ms lmporLa[e de Vieques en mlsl6n de paz y Hay la esperanza de queen el Fuer[e se ins[ale un museo arqueol&gico papa exhibit la gPan colecci6n de arLeactos pre-olombinas en(on[rados en [.a ttueca, Vieques y que aELoaimente se exbiba en la Universidad de Puelo Rico. Los viequense5 tambin desean que es[a estruc[uca sobresabenLe sea aberLa al pQbiico papa el enf'iquecimienLo cuiturat en acLividades come donferencias, conciertos, y papa erigir un museo histPico per Caclos Vlez ie(kehoff. ESTA TRADUCCION CORTESlA DE[SUPERMERCADO PORTELA] EIaldorloty Num. 15 Tels. 741-2251/741-Ol15


VOLUME ONE TRADUCCION THE VIEOIJES TIME5 CHANGES CAMBIOS ALOe: un grupo de plantas de la familla del IIrlo.,. Escogimos el aloe, o sivila, pars nues.ra primers edlcibn par su tarns legendaria y su usa extenso par los vlequenses. Se encuent,ran en los jardnes y s' da bien en reas aridas. La variedad aloe de Barbados, A,vra, que se siembra comunmente par el Caribe, es nativa del Medit,er,r,dneo. La svila tiene un sinnOrnero de usos rnedicinales. Los hojas son int,nsarnente arnargas y se deben polar cuidadosamente pars conseguir la jalea cristalina del int,eMor, que se usa pars conieccionar los siguientos medicarnentos... Una int'usibn de jalea mezclada con leche de vaca olivia los 01ceras de los rlSones y veJiga. Pans allviar, males pulmonares es buena una rnezcla de leche y rniel al acostarso. La svila asada, pelada y aplicada con aceite de alrnendra alijera la curs de contusibnes. Males intestinales se alivian con una inl'usibn de los raices hervidas y coladas. Combinase el aloe con miel de sbejas, brandy y anis estrellado pars un jarabe expecLoPant,e eficaz. Aqui bajo nuestro sol tropical Lodos estarnos expuestos a quemaduras de la piel. Encuentro que una mezcia ret'rigerada de svila con agua rnaravilla es un salvavidas pars la plel a'ectada, ARTESANIA Virnos atres atresanos trabajando hig0ePas en la isis. Estos paclentas y talentosos aPListas conviertan el I'ruto del higiJero en vaslJas 0Ules y hellas papa cocinaP, alrnacenar, o servir. Gabrietla es hija nat,iva de la nacibn Sioux de los Dakota en America del NoPte. Ella trae el aPte decor,ativo y adiestramient.o de sus ancestros a PuePt,o Real donde en su hogar elaboPa ditas exquisitas, pendient,es de cuentas colgant,es y rnbviles hechicePos. Fabian, un artists de la sobrevivencia en la Plays de EspePanza ha encontrado en,esano. Sus ditas tienen un atractivo salvaje e inocenf.e. Sus ar,t,iculos mas inovadoPes son casas de pjaros tan encantadoras que no hay ave que los resista. Douglas, quien vive de vez en cuando en la plays, decors rnuy detalladamente t,oda class de higiJera; tasas delicadas, ditas grandes y vasijas peqenas pars aperlt,ivos. Toms un rnornento de cads dis pars escuchar al mar, y oiras eI canto de la et,er,nidad... M.P. FESTIVAL LIBROS El Dcirno Feslival Cultur,al Viequense se celebr6 durant,e el Fin de sernana de abril 10. Habian grupos de halle, de m0sica y de tit,eres, una exhibicibn de art,esania, bebidas, cornida, t,eat,ro y un rnini-marat,bn. Per,o la soPpresa grands t'ue la present,acibn al p0blico de tres nuevos Iibros publicados en Vieques. Prirnero, porque I'ue escrito par Angel Sanes a quin el l'est, ival f'ue dedicado o#'Icialmente pop su anl'it,r,ibn, el Centro Cult,ural Yaureibo, esuna coleccibn de D&cirnas tamao-bolsillo.EI libra, ent,itulado Dcirnas Papa Isis Nena. contiene 19 canciones tratando de tado un Madre, de Boxeo, de Reiigibn y de la Polit,ica. La letra es en espaiol. Fue publicado par el Centro Cultural YauPeibo. Angel Sanes es bien conocido hosts par el t,uPista coma chel" de cocina en el Restaur,ant. Cerr,ornar. Prbxirno, 'Vicaues. History of a Small Island',nap EHzaboth Langhorne: un libra (paper-back) de 90 pIiginas encapsulando el desarnollo de la isis desde el Uernpo pre-Colornbiano, atravs de los dias de los pip,aLas, a la Ilegada del Rey AzOcar, la ocupacibn pop la Marina de los Estados Unidos y los pPotastas Pealizadas hosts el foment.o industriai-turisUco del pr,esent.e. El libr,o captions ilustracibnes, rnapas, 'otos y valePosas fuentos bibliogr&I'icas. Escr,it,o sn ingles, rue publicado par el Fideicorniso de Conservacibn e Historia de Vieques. Ms. Longhorns reside en Vieques yen Virginia par estaciones. Es aut,or,a de los libPos #lmcv Astor and Her Friends' y 'M0ntlcelto. A Family Star,v.' El t,er,cer libra de Vieques tiene letras en ingles yen espaol. Es un Iibr,o de coloPeaP ent,itulado l.a Isis Nena. nap los Nios de Captions 57 dibujos hechos pop estudiantes Vtequenses de escuela elemental, quienes escojleron sus pPopios t,ernas desde un matrix de la conservacibn. Es tambi&n de portada blandita per,o de tamaio regular. Fue publicado par el Fideicorniso de Conservaci6n e HistoPia de Vieques coma parts de su programs de alertar los niSos a la necesidad de rnedidas par,a la conservacibn de la naLuraleza. Fue irnpPeso par" Vieques Graphic. Ejemplares oraL,is hap sido repartidos a cads estudiant,e y maestro de grado element,al en Vieques. Los libros de historia y el de colorear se pueden cornpPaP aun precio de $6.95 y $2.50 respectivamenta en Ia ol'icina del Fideicomiso en el Hotel TradeWinds en Esperanza. El libra de poesia se consigue atravs de Nilda Medina on el tel. 741-865t pPecio: $3.00.


Vo lule One Tr adIcc ion, (I-II!i V IF(IJIS -II111_5 HOSPIIAL (pfltna u1o) La alcaldeza I%nuela Santiago Collazo ha dicho quo el estado de deLerloro en el Centro de Salud es "alarmantel" Los doclorea Inflrman qua no hay sala de operactones, la sala de emerge,r.ia es "lnoperaal.e" debldo a la alta de espacfo y de equtpo, que la sala de maLernidad ha sido clausurada Dor razones de sanldad y una parte del ediflclo de 74 aSos ha sido condenado pot ser "inseguro". Hujeres enctntas Uenen que set rasladas F]ardo para dar a luz. Ha habldo escasz de medicJnas y oquipo [a] como unidades intravenosas para 5uero Administradora Pauline Gonziez concuerda que hy prob]emas pero se 51ene ms opUmls[a desde la vlsi[a del Secretari de Salud Dr. Luis Izqiuerdo Hora el rues pasado. 1 anunci6 un plan ara la construcci6n de una nueva sala de emergencia de $500,000 al lado de la ya exisen[e. Una nua antenna de radio ha sldo Instalada que puede permilir transmisi6n pot eleme[ria de electro-cardiogramas a centros en San Juan o Ponce pra que los mdicos pueden 8provechar de analisls en-linea.l [arabian puso fin a] toledo que el edlficio completo fuera umbado en el o 1990. El nuevo plan Io restaura como un asilo para ancianos n pronto se edlflque un nuevo Centro de Salud en un solar cercano a un cos[o de $4-millones. Plodo que las cosas se ven me]ores en el fuuro, Pero como ru e ha caido an[o al presen[e? Admlnisrdora 6onzlez, uten ru nombrada or el Secrearlo de 5alud en 5eDl.lembre de 1985, expllcb que el hospi[al Cue oper'ado por cast 20 a6os debido a una falta "inexplicable" de parte de las utorldades. 1 presupues[o anua] de $ .5 millones, ells, se consume en gran parte por los salrlos de los 92 empledos y los costos de combustible y transporlaci6n.Adems, seg6n reglsmenLaci6n burocrtica, ella no es quien admlnistra los rondos. El desembolso de dinero es esuerzo conJuno de la Oficina Regional de Fajardo y el Huniclpio. Asi ue sl se rompe una maquinilla de escribir o de Rayos-X, ella iene que mandarla a Fajardo y esDerar. No iene 'pet[y cash' con que pagar un 6cnico de reparaci6n. Y cuando un doc[or requiere una bo[ella de asplrlna o algo mas serlo ella no puede Ilamar a la armacia. liene que mandar una orden de compra a] municipio duran[e horas Isborables del municioio y esperr que persona auorlzada de la firma. El Times tiene conoclmleno de casos donde los pacienes, o sus 8migos o amlllares, hn [enido que cojer hasta Base para edir una unidad para suero, una boella de agua oxigenada, yeso ara una ractur y hs[a para sacarse una muela. Las emergenclas mas srias son [rasladadas a FaJardo pero la vld no es color de rosa pra los doc[ores, La Dra. e[hzalda HacKenzie Uene cuentos de horrores sobre Lorment en el alre mlenas culdaba un paclente sangrando de herldas de bala abordo de un peueffo avlon. Ella lene ue ue salvada por la gracla de DI6s y la calma y expert.Is ve[erano pllo[o Viequense Jimmy Adams, Ahora ella puede relrse "Pero" dice, "esos no son avlones ambulanclas. Yo no esoy segur st mls 5eguros cubren casos asl." El Dr. Csar Calder6n se expres6 francamene Indignado pot la siacl6n. "Senclllamente no tenemos suflcientes medicamen[os nl equlpo pra trabaJar me,or. El den[Ista no conslgue un prense manul pr impresiones Io que le limita en ciertos cmsos a extracci6nes, El deflbrllador se rotund6 a repararse hace sels aos y no ha vueffo 6n. (El deflbrilador es el aparato elecrohock que se pega 1 pecho del paclente como uffimo esfuero cuando el cormzon deja de Itir.) Yo acabo de Dasar unos diz dias sin tener esos baratos depresores de lengu, ilntenta abrirle la boca a un niffo a mano ]implal "Ya es hora de abandonar esa politlca de [apar el cielo con la no. Si Is sals de marnldad necesita reparaci6n, pues haga la reprcl6n. No I condene. Alguns mu.leres Ilegan [arde prop6sl[o para que sea poslbte e] naclmlento de1 nlo en Vleques. iAIguns dan a luz en el avionl Y aunque nasca aqui siempre hay que mandar el beb a Puerto Rico pars una aerie de pruebas, plnchzos y hs drenaJe lumbar orque oflclalmen[e e un patio "Vleques requtere reglas especlales. No se puede considerar como oo ueblo en la Isla 6rande donde uno puede segulr en carro hacla otra tacllldad st I prtmera no [tene Io que uno necesl. L8 oblacln es algo como noven[a por clen mdlcoIndigente." Hablando del nuo radio, Calder6n epllcb que es para ansml[Ir Instrucclones a [cnlcos de emergencla y choeres de ambulancla, e. El aara de telemefa [oda no ha Ilegado ero abaJsris aavs de la compu[adora. BREAKWATER-PEAS (Pagtna ?) En ebrero del 1986 [I Comlt de Ajus[e Econ6mlco del Preslden de los Esdos Unidos anuncl6 planes para un rompeolas para pro[eger el Puer de Isabel Segunda. Enonces la burocrcla metlO el plco. as agenclas se envolvleron y el proyec[o ue uesto en remoJo. Nlnguna construccl6n en En enero del 1987 el Almlran[e William "le" O'Connor lJo a Prena Asoclada ue el rabaJo debe emezar en se[lembre un costo de 1600,000 a la Htna y o[ros 40,O00 al Depsrmento de Recursos Na[urales. Ahor dlcen Io9 rumores que cuando se ue se consuye el romeols ser consulda no en el pueblo slnb en Hartlneau an un un[o conocldo como "Grlngo Beach" donde sewirla como facllldsd de carga par el propuesdo parque Induslal de $25mlllone, Pero no son ms que rumrs y segn/uls Herrero, dlrecr de la Vleques Oeveloement, hay dos proyec[os dlstintos, uno para el rompeolas del ueblo, ol, ro para un muelle de carga y ara el aacaje de la lancha de pasajeros [Ipo "hydrofoil" de San Juan, y es lUmo srla Iocaltzado cerca del are de "6rlngo Beach."


VOLUME ONE IRALbUCCION THE VIEQUES TIMES VOICE UNA VOZ EN El DESIERTO 8ianca Rivera, organizadora del Cenlro para la Educaci6n de Nios con Impedimentos Mlliples (CENIM), esl clamando para acciGn de parte de las agencias gubernamentales con fines de adelantar la construcci6n de una escuela en La Esperanza. "Acci6n de las agencias s io que se necesita, no meras cartas de endoso y apoyo. Es una cuesti6n de sobrevivenia. Los nitros afectado5 son aislados de las failidades regulates de ]as escuelas p0blicas y nosotros no tenemos ni acoeso a los ,rondos ya asignados pot la legislatura Ai proyecl.o se le asign6 cinco rail d61ares pot el representante Samuel Cepeda y otros cinco rail pot el Senador doaquln Pena Pea. "Pero," eplica la Rivera, "nosotros no vemos ni un cenLavo de este dinero. Se manda a una agencia yes adminisLrado alli," La asignaci6n de Cepeda ha sido canalizada atrevs de la Administraci6n de Servicios 6enerales que hasta ahora ha tumbado el techo della vieja escuela en ruinas que rue asignda a CENIM pot el St. Pedro Hernndez Purcell, director de la Administraci6n de Terrenos quien tambin le di6 una parela de 481 metros en Barrio Santa Maria. El dinero de Pe6a Pea no ha llegado "El problema es," dijo Rivera, "que nos han dicho que el edificio en Esperanza (anteriormente utilizado pot la estaci6n de radio BauUsta WIVV) requiere pot Io menos $53,000 para set restaurado." CENIM se inaugur6 en 1984 con un donativo de ochenta y seis centavos pot un grupo de nios estudiantes quienes querian ayudar a sus hermanos menos afortunados. Ganaron los chavitos vendiendo limbers de leche. Desde entonces so han recaudado mas de seis-mil-d61ares en donativos y actividades de venta, etc. La pr6xima movida es montar un kiosko de reresco5 en el sitio eo Esperanza, Io cual ser operado pot estudiantes. Blanca Rivera, madre de cuatro, es una trabajadora socil en el sistema de Instrucci6n PQblica en Vieques, En el 1986 fur nombrada Trabaladora Socil de Ao en Puerto lico, Cheques de donativos se pueden girar al hombre de CENII'I/86, Box 68, Vieques, P.R. 00765. BEACHCOMBER EL PEINAPLAYA HABLA.., 0 rlurmulla.,, Vieques es considerado pot muchas personas como dos veces una colonia.Por eso achaean la aparente apatia de las agencias gubernamentales, 0 las cosas no se hacen o se empiezan y despues se abandonan y Vieques no progresa. Pero considere: es el pueblo mas dif'icil para llegar desde esas oficinas con aire-acondicionado en San Juan aunque uno no Io pensaria durante los dias festlvos que son cada tantos dias, Y hasta del punto de vista de orden all'abtico Vieques queda all en el rabo de la lista Pero el Cuco mas grande cuando se habla de proyectos abortados o abandonados parece set Celos Inter-Agenci], en todos los niveles de aqul a San duan a Washington y de regreso. $i la Agencia X logra que se apruebe un proyecto entonces la Agencia Y o quiere participar o se opone o Io fiscaliza basra la muerte. Y alli surge la nueva raza de ejecutivos que prolil'eran donde se encuentran los 'tax-dollars': los coordinadores y los sesores. "&gero que eactamenl.e es Io que usted hare, St. "&Yo? Ah, pues,yo...coordino," &Y que lal los asesores? iSesenta pesos I hora y estn de viaje! Puede que sea ma5 seni]lo hechar la culpa al 'status,' BEACH EROSION EROSION DE LA PLAYA (PAGINA ?) La situaci6n en Esperanza es criUca, El 01timo reboso por poco elimina la playa frente a Vieques Divers. Oras Pbllcas moot6 de inmediato una verja de seguridad pero eso es para asegurar que los autos no se moran en el mar, no para prevenir que el mar se mete en la carretera. La alcaldesa anunci6 un plan en agosto del aSo pasado para construir un tipo de malec6n con paseo turistico. El programa tambien incluye una plaza de recreo para los niSos y el dragado de la laguna de siete cuerdas para proveer un refugio para las lanchas de los pescadores y para eliminar un actual criadero de mosquitos. El proyecto se puede considerar urgente, Es un rea ya designada oficialmente zona de Iurismo donde Ias propiedades son tan calienles que uno queen un liempo compraba un solar del gobierno por un d61ar puede vendero por cien rail y hay quienes hablan de rail]ones, Sea eso como sea, hacen falta srias medidas de conservaci6n, Es ms fcil proteger una playa que Fabricar una nueva,,, RECOtIPENSA El Pueblo de Vieques est recaudando rondos para eslimular interns clvico en la invesligaci6n del asesinalo del contratista-residenle llax Schrack.Schrack rue victima de un horrible ataque de mltiples putaladas en su propia residencia en noviembre del aSo pasado, No hubo evidencia de entrada Forzada a la casa y vecinos ban indicado que Schrack tenia visita o visitas cerca de la hora estimada del crimen, pero identificaci6n positiva, oficil, no se ha dado. Elias Garcia, tesorero del rondo de recompensa, inl'orma que hasta ahora ms de $3,5OO hart sido depositado en el banco y que las colecciones continuan. La recompensa es para informaci6n que Iogra el arresto y convicci6n del asesino o asesinos, El jefe de policia, Capitn Juan CaMe, dijo al Times que hay una investigaci6n que continOa, pero a cargo de la Oficina de] Fiscal y de la C.I.C., ambos en Humacao,Affadi6, no obstante, que la policia local, auoque tcnicamenl.e fuera de] caso, coordinaria cualquier informaci6n que se reciba con las agencias en Humacao.


WHAT WAS NEWAT THE TENTH FESTIVAL?BOOKS. Th Tenth Visqus Culture Fesve.l ea at fond eM ofAp I0. de, m pppet ps, a c exblt, food d a -n. But b se psenn Ft, became It n by el wm fes ofy dedad by i spoor, Cen C 7aIbo, U a y poct-sed cocn of es Dc de.Dc n-d rhd s be s ffi g compnt. 19 sos de e from MoOr Bo Ren Pos. It Sph pubd by Cen C 7aIbo. exL Vqs, H of a S Is, by Eabe L: b a 90-e paper eaps debpent of b from p-Colb da h p s nt of K S, en U. S. oom. book con VIEQUES GAS Telephone 741-2551 Household Appliances Delivery and Installation Guarantee and Service All Kinds of Brass Fittings Bottled Gas All Sizes Visit our modern store In town at 206 Prudonclo Qultonas St. Comparo Prices and Quality is written in English and publbhed by The Visqes Cosexvation H t. o cp ft pd Ha. L, w ses ly m Hy r Her Fs A Fy Vbqms boo Eh a coM book cd La Is He, pot Los Ns de on 57 dms do by qms cn cse o subject o a sofor edith but f pubMd by Vqs HM t p of cmn ed for coen ms. It pd by Vbqs Gp. Fe copes bee gln e ekn ge sent r on Vq. book co book y e ped at apse of specly at VCHT offe poe book abb from Hed at 741-8651 $3.00. ORUPO MEDICO FILI Cal Muoz Rlvexa 112 Tel. 741-8569 DR. JUAN COLON, Uloo Meates 7:30 11:30 AM DR. CARLOS RIVERA CRUZ, HedlcLi Inea Jueves 7:30 11:30 AlVl DRA. NAYDA BETANCOURT, Pediatra Vismes 7:30 11:30 AM DRA. SUSAN CABRERA, Oinec61oga Sbado 7:30 4:00 PH DR. FRANCISCO de CARDENAS VALDES OeneLsts Luaee e Visn'm$ 3:00 6:00 PM S6bado 8:00 12:00 M VISITAS AL HOGAR Pete 7


Volume One THE VIEQUES TIMES May 1987. K I NG I]BflBI flL I VE AND WiELL KING [:ROB PIIOGRAMI [:OMATOSE The Kirk Crab pictured above weighed four pounds ..and had a claw-span of two feet, nine. inches. It was caug"ht ,-ff Esperanza and was eaten in a salad by the Times staff. Delicio1 was the StoiC;rab, or Jucy_Dorrnido .. And thei.'s moi. where they cane from. Chech kxox where. Cheito knows where and so does Todn and so do we.. Last year Dr. W.'.-dter Adie .of the Smithaonn Inetit.tion arid his crew O!oSClenusts aboard the research vessel Mcs, Resolute de,funned that Vieqoes was a suable ca,n for Kiug Crab rnarlculture. Not sl-pris_n..,, ally, w_he. n o.,.n.. considers the fact that the C..a-ibbean KUg Crao (or Myttnax spinosissimus as the biologists prefer) is a year-rottnd resident and always has been., even before food sanps and gramt r-K, neys. An?,ay the Sn-ithsortlan's Mao. Systems Laboratory came up with what appeared to be the perfect program. Uilize their .al technoiogy to raise the big crab., in captivity. Create a hatchery, tram local biologlste and fishermen. Parcel out sections of a huge crab rarch in Ensenada Honda which the Nav Caribbean King Crab Overshadow Adult West Indian Stone Crab to relinquish, provide I00 jobs and u'am a cadre to export t]technology to @e hurry nations arid convert Veques into the Ca-ibbear center for Marine Studies. Not to mention rkir; ailable a great supply of delicious, orgarc seafood for local consumpt$on and for export. Everybody loved it. It made sere. Corporations were formned, foundations contacted, clout letters circulated, scientisteducators recruited, proposals printed and the government gencies jockeyed for position. It was so good everybody wanted in. Classes were to begin last August. qj-,en,make it September or October, etc. Now the whole t]-mg's "on hold." There is no official connnsntary. One outit blames the "delay", on ursci-tpulous consultets, arother says the crabs won't eat enough here, sorfleole else says there' a hassle over who s]',uld pay who's line tickets. Meanwhile there's no project for Vieques although over ore mllion U.S. dollars have been pumped into crab projects, m four islands in the CaFibbean. Pe8


THE VIEQUE$ TIME May 1987 Volmm On Mariner Turns Mode|er Jos Rosado, "Nerito" to his friends, is a retired-merchant seaman who enioIs living at home in Santa Maria bu{ slill likes ships. Hence his hobby: build them at home, ones, little ones, all kinds of does tugboats, life b sailboats, tankers and liberty ships but at the top of the line is his largest, the cruise ship Alonso Manso,complete with stabilizers, swimming pool, ballroom lighting and promenade amenities. For this six-feet model (which is Ion than he is) he has been offered thousand dollars but it's for his son. His models are perfectly proportioned, painted with precision and legitimately and functionall rigged, but what makes them rea31y diTferent is that he uses no plans, no scale drawings, no assembly plant parts. He carves the hulls by hand out of solid blocks of maholhantl or from ilm..go logS, then addH deCails ]m soch diverse sources as watch repair parts or his wife's sewing kit. Negrlto attributes his uncanny skills at freehand wood scultpure to a lifetime of paying attention to the lines of ships a dockside and underway. His technique is instinctual rather than engineered. His latest project is a model of the Venezuelan ,t.a.llshlp.. IollvaE,.at the request o? ItS captaln POSADA VISTAMAR Fresh Native Seafood Rooms.-. $20.00 A Night Bo. Espernzt 741-8-/16 LAUREL REALTY SALES VACATION RENTALS 'ERT PROPERTY IAI4AGEMEN1 I 741-IIm9I P.O. Box 1084 Visquss, P.R. 007651 T1 : "/'41-8455 XEROX COPIES 2 X 2 PHOTOS FILM DEVELOPING VIEQUES BOOKS & MAPS CARDS & POSTERS ACROSS THE PLAZA HAPPY TO SERVE YOU


Volume One THE VIEQUES TIMES May 1987 VIEQUES ISLAND, PUERTO RICO (809) 741-3751 TALES OF THE TAMARINDO The open forum sprites eterr under the > Well even ff the neighbors were to go along 1marindo tree. with this scheme wouldn't the cow be worth .mo .than some shark that's in such bed shape a The t-ibe of fish sges, kibitzers, storytellers, oreIfrult would kill him shell collectors and beeoau collectors w oasembled to haul or launch boats consider a ---," On..ow, m,y s,har,k,. You gott tlak big salty lobster dlver's proposal for sedi up a coacue on one. AI It aLu t just breadfrult. op to catch sharks at an industrial level by boilg hot breadfruit you sling right out of the feeding tm boflir hot breadfruit, caddron and down his gullet when he opens up : Whers you gonn get the breadfruit?, to go for a bie of beef. > Wno's gonn collect all e firewood to We c have it shlpped over on the felu by keep yo.r cauldrons boiling out thers on For Restaurants and Parties Call: Ruben Bonano 741-8644 74|-5831


Voh One THE VIE WEATHER REPORT BUE Visqts is blessed with e ideal climate... most of the time. But when the weather stas to che, ilge it's a mater of great concern. Wodd that we were also blessad with an ideal weather forecast sezwce. Such aoes not eem to e t case. Witness the southerly lo on Thee Kirks U.S. Weat Buresu (NO,,) insistently spun thel =pe announcin winds and swells from th north. Visquss Divers had no trouble getting a pegeful of sgnalurss for a letter of protest. Or take the case of Hun'icane Frederick: accordin to the San Juan federal experts the storm would pass 125 miles to the south. But the winds got stxonger and sb-orer and finally, subsidad dtn'il the night only to rensw strsilgm from the opposite direction. Still the recordtug assured us that Frederick would pass far to GYPSY WOMAN COLUMN Free Consultations c/o The Vieques Times Letre answered in )rint as spece elbwe. ,UE TME -'E Viej o Says... May 1987 by T.P. south. Until a radio amouncer from St, Thomas got Miami on the phone to report the symptoms of the passlx of the eye. No way, said Miami, but wit a minute, what a your coordinates? The disk jockey gave the gowrr-nt guy the latitude and lortltude for Virgin Islands the Miami meteorologist cleared h throat md told him...m that case the storm should be,.. just about,., zht over you head Or so the story goes, doasn't happen all t time but boa Interest hw sotht out opton. "Dy fur guy m san Juan is m an alr-conditioned office his weather doesn't ce much. Besides the weather 1hat e to San ,irt h atre:, p Vleques for the most part. So they look for forecasters located upxtLud of here, whose weather is headi this way. There's ajzz station in St. Crolx at99.5 F that employs staff meteorologists who place special emphis on boati interests and seem to have a better trck record than San Juan.And the there's the bJggis, Radio Anlilles in Monserrat, which repeats the most comprehensive reports from Angua, way upwind from Visquss. They do tb whole Caribbean area byzones at 8:00 a.m. and at 6:00's the most complete we knowof but you'llneed to know map coordinates to get a clear ])icture. Page 11


Una Linea Netamente Puertorriqa Vuele con los Suyos FOR BUSINESS OR FOR PLEASURE ITS OUR BUSINESS TO MAKE IT YOUR PLEASURE 'ISLA GRANDE 722-3736 723-9882 SAN JUAN ST. "THOMA FAJAR ST. CROIX ST.THOMAS ST. CROIX VIEQUES FAJARDO 776-8600 778-9858 741-8331 863-3020 741-8211 OFFICE 741-3261 741-5881 V'1QITEB 8 t03 7:30 05 9:00 AM. )09 12:00 M. |11 2:30 P.M, )13 4:30 15 5:45 P,M. IAII )02 6:30 A.M.* 04 8:15 A.M, 06 9:45 A.M, 810 12:45 P.M. B12 3:13 P.M. 614 5:15 P.M. Dly Ecet 8ox.y CHARTERS AVAILABLE 'Y',QO'8 F.,63'IBDO F]ilt 301 0:50 A.M. 303 !.5:00 A.M. 305 8:00 A,M. 307 9:15 A.M. 300 ll:S0 A.M. 311 2:00 P.M. 313 3:00 P.M. 315 3:30 P.M 317 5:00 P.M. 302 7:15 A.M. 304 7:30 A.M. 306 9:45 310 1:00 P.M. 312 2:30 P.M. 314 4:00 F'.M. 31 4:30 P.M. 318 5:30 P.M. 502 8:30 A.M.* 506 3:00 P.M. $ IT. THOIImFJIDO 503 9:15 A.M.* 509 4:00 VIZ(glI-I!.u'orl' 901 7:45 A.M.* 905 2:45 P.M.* g0g 12:00.M. 911 2:00 P.M. If 902 8:30 A.M.* 906 3:30 P.M.* gl0 1:00 P.M.** 912 3:00 P,M. '' 8xu@y Oy Pete 12