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Workshop images
Barbados Archives Department
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On December 12, 2017, the Barbados Archives Department organized a invitational workshop in order to launch the digitization project of "The Barbados Mercury Gazette." The project was funded through a British Library Endangered Archives Programme grant.

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Barbados Archives Department
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Barbados Archives Department
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DECEMBER 12 WORKSHOP Digitization of the Bridge Town Mercury Gazette Description of Photos Images of the workshop held for the launch of the d igitization of T he Bridgetown Mercury Gazette on December 12, 2017 at the Department of Archives, Black Rock St. Michael, Barbados. The workshop was by invitation only. Participants included senior scholars and professionals from the University of the West Indies, Federal Archives, The National Library Service, Barbados Museum and Historical Society, and indepen dent researchers. The aim of the workshop was to introduce professionals in related fields to the project and future opportunities for research and scholarship. The project was made possible through funding from the Endangered Archives Programme of the Bri tish Library and is the first of its kind to be awarded to Barbados. Photo credit : Lenora Williams WorshopD ec 12 a: L R: S. Boyce, C. Best, L. Paul, I. Thompson, A. Levi, J. Breedy, M. Waldron, J. Toppin (partially visible), M. Dalrymple, WorshopDec12 b: L R: L. Paul, A. Levi, WorkshopDec12 c : L R: T. Inniss, S. Boyce (partially obscured), C. Best (partially obscured), L. Paul, A. Levi, I. Thompson, J. Breedy, M. Waldron, J. Yarde, B. Edward, M. Dalrymple, A. Cummins WorkshopDec12 d: L R: L. Paul, A. Le vi, I. Thompson, J. Breedy, M. Waldron, J. Yarde, B. Edward, P. Welch, J. Toppin WorkshopDec12e : L R: J.Toppin, M. Dalrymple, A. Cummins, T. Inniss, S. Boyce, C. Best, J. Breedy (Standing)


WorkshopDec12f : L R: J. Toppin, M. Dalrymple, A. Cummins, S. Boyce, C. Best, L. Paul WorkshopDec12g: Foreground Background: P. Welch, J.Yard, M. Waldron, I. Thompson (partially obstructed), A. Levi WorkshopDec12h : Top Left Bottom Right: A. Levi, M. Waldron (standing), J. Yarde (partially obstructed), P.Welch, J. Breedy (standing) WorkshopD ec12i: L R: T Inniss, S. Boyce, C. Best, L. Paul, A. Levi, I. Thompson, M. Waldron WorkshopDec12j: L R M. Dalrymple (foreground), J. Toppin(foreground), A. Levi (background), M. Waldron (Standing) WorkshopDec12 k: L R A. Levi (foreground), I. Thompson, M. Waldron (standing), J. Breedy (standing), J. Toppin (backgroun d), M. Dalrymple (background), A. Cummins, T. Inniss, S. Boyce, C. Best, L. Paul WorkshopDec12l: L R : A. Cummins, T. Inniss, S. Boyce, C. Best, L. Paul WorkshopDec12 m : Pre workshop Setup