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Sim, Jana
Edition 1 of 15
inkjet printed on Somerset Velvet then laser cut and bound in single page coptic binding with plastic cover and leather ( medium )
6 in. x 9 in. x 1 in.


Meter is about how I feel when I read something that’s too difficult. Many required readings as part of my studies in the Interdisciplinary MFA program at Columbia College, Chicago were very difficult for me to understand. Each page shows my stress level rising gradually. The English words and information pile up to the point where it feels as though my brain can’t take this anymore. I took the outline images of myself gradually changing color as the stress gauge increases.The words inside the body are laser-cut backwards and are readable from the back of the page. They describe how I feel at each stage, as my distress becomes greater and greater.
ARTBOUND 2011 Honorable Mention

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University of Florida
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