CopiBook Manual for DLC ( Feb. 2012 )


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CopiBook Manual for DLC ( Feb. 2012 )
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Technical documentation that supports DLC competencies.

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CopiBook ManualFollow these steps for correct use of the CopiBookVersion: DLC 02-14-12


2 Turn on side lights so they can start to warm up. Turn on external monitor.


3 Turn CopiBook on by depressing the round “Start” button on the back of the machine. Note: If after a couple of seconds nothing happens, you will need to make sure that the “Power Supply” switch is on, in the down position. 2ndNote: It takes several minutes for the CopiBook to boot up. Be patient. When the “Language Selection” screen is displayed, you are ready to start. Choose the icon that depicts the American and British flags.


4 Single click on the “Use this one”. Then click on the Administration Icon in top right corner. Click on the “Destinations” tab. Click on “WSID5576”. click on green checkmark. Then click on the “Scanner” icon to exit to main scanning screen.


5 Click on the “Settings” icon. Click on the “Save” tab. Click on “processed Image” icon.


6 The destination should be set to WSID5576. “Format” should be set to TIFF. You should type the name of the folder you would like your images saved to in the “Subdirectory” box. Under Auto File Names, type what you want the prefix of your image name to be in the space furthest to the left. Type the number you would like to start with in the center space Click the green check mark when finished. Be sure that there’s a checkmark to the left of “processed image”. Check the “Processing” tab. We only use the “Detail Enhancement”.


7 Click on the “Format” tab. The “Document Type” section should be set to the rectangle that is totally shaded with the number 1 on it for single image scans. The shaded rectangle with the numbers 1 and 2 are used for double image scan as in the inside portion of books. This is also where you choose the Color Space, it should never be set to anything other than Color or Grayscale. (The first two choices) Format should be set to “Auto”. Resolution to 300 ppi. Click on the green checkmark to return to main “Scanning” screen.


8 When you shut glass with the power on, it should latch in the down position. To unlatch the glass push the “Glass Release” button. If you will be shooting the inside pages of a book, open it to roughly the middle and place it on the book cradle. If you are shooting a flat item, use the foam spacer pad if the item you are scanning doesn’t touch the bottom of the glass with the cradle adjusted all the way up. Close Glass. Use the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons to adjust the cradle so that the item is snug against the bottom of the glass.


9 Click on “Automatic Focus Adjustment” button. Wait until CopiBook is no longer making any noise. Click on Green Check Mark to save and exit to main “Scanning” screen. Click on “Adjustment” icon. Click on the “Balance/Focus” tab. You should now be ready to start shooting your item.