Serials by College

List of Serials by College

Agricultural and Life Sciences and IFAS
Agronomy Department: AgroGator, 1998-2003
Agronomy Notes, 1998-present
Animal Science Newsletter, 2001-present
Berry/Vegetable Times, 2002-present
Blueberry News, 1999-present
Center for Subtropical Agroforestry Newsletter, 2001-2005
Citrus Industry Update, 2007-present
Citrus Research and Education Center: Citrus Leaves, 1999-present
CitrusLines, 2006-present
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences: CALS Connection, 2001-present
Department of Animal Sciences: Dairy Update, 2002-present
Department of Soil and Water Science: Myakka, 2000-present
Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation: Field Notes, 2006-present
Entomology and Nematology Departmental Newsletter, 1995-present
Environmental Horticulture News, 2001-2006
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences: WaterWorks Newsletter, 1998-present
Florida Dairy Extension: Herd Testing Highlights, 2002-2006
Florida Entomologist, 1917-present
Florida Forest Steward, 1995-present
Florida LAKEWATCH Newsletter, 1997-present
Florida Shellfish Aquaculture Extension: Bivalve Bulletin, 2002-2004
Florida Tomato Institute Proceedings, 2002-present
Food and Resource Economics Department: FREDispatch, 2006-present
Florida Plant Disease Management Guides, 2003-present
Food Science and Human Nutrition: News & Views, 2001-present
Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center: TropicLine, 1991-1998
Hillsborough County Land and Livestock Newsletter, 2006-2007
Horticultural Sciences Department: Vegetarian Newsletter, 1950-present
IFAS Annual Report, 1986-present
IFAS Impact Magazine, 2000-present
International Focus, 2005-present
Manatee [County] Livestocker, 2004-present
North Florida Research and Education Center—Suwannee Valley: Poop Scoop, 2000-2004
Organic Production and Marketing Newsletter, 1999-2005
Plant Pathology Department: PLP News, 1999-2006
Production Times Newsletter
Range Cattle Research and Education Center: Climatological Report, 1965-present
Range Cattle Research and Education Center Newsletter, 1998-2004
School of Forest Resources & Conservation: SFRC Newsletter, 2005-present

College of Business Administration
Annual Report, 2007/2008
Bureau of Economic and Business Research Annual Report, 1996/1997-present
Public Utility Research Center: PURC Review, 2000-present

College of Design, Construction and Planning
DCP News Electronic Newsletter, 2003-present
Department of Urban and Regional Planning: URP News, 2008-present
Historic Preservation: PreServe UF, 2008-present
Perspective Alumni Magazine, 2001-present
School of Building Construction: Orange & Blueprints, 2002-present
Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing Annual Report, 1997-present
Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing Newsletter, 1999-present
Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing: State of Florida Housing, 2006-present

College of Dentistry
Annual Report, 2004-present
Dental Direct, 2006-present
Gator Dentist Today Alumni Magazine, 1998-present

College of Education
co-E-News Electronic Newsletter, 2006-present
Department of Educational Administration & Policy: Leadership Ledger, 2006-present
Education Times Magazine, 2003-present
Teaching, Inquiry, and Innovation Showcase, 2005-present
Workforce Watch, 2004-2005

College of Engineering
Center for Environmental Policy Report, 1999/2005
Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigation Annual Report, 2007/2008
Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigation Newsletter, 2007-present
Civil & Coastal Engineering Newsletter, 2002-present
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE News, 1996-present
Florida Engineer Magazine, 1984-present
Major Analytical Instrumentation Center Newsletter, 2002-2004
Mathematical Programming Society: Optima, 1980-present
McTrans Moving Technology Newsletter, 1996-present

College of Fine Arts
Muse Magazine, 2005-present

College of Health and Human Performance
Living Well Newsletter, 2008-present
Performance Magazine, 1991-present

College of Journalism and Communications
Brechner Center for Freedom of Information: The Brechner Report, 2000-present
Brechner Center for Freedom of Information: Annual Freedom of Information Report, 2001-present
Communigator Magazine
, 2005-present
Open Line Newsletter, 2002-present

College of Law
Environmental & Land Use Law Newsletter, 2005-present
FlaLaw, 2000-present
Florida Legislative Review, 2004-present
Prospectus, 2006/07-present
Report from the Faculty, 2004-present
UF Law Magazine, 2002-present

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Alumni CLAS Notes, 1991-present
Center for African Studies: Irohin, 1991-present
Center for African Studies Research Report, 2008-present
Center for European Studies: CES Gazette, 2004-present
Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies: Chronicae, 2006
Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research: News and Views, 2001-2007
CLAS Notes, 1988-2006
Department of Anthropology Newsletter, 2001-present
Department of Chemistry: Chemical Bond Brochure & Newsletter, 2004-2006
Department of Criminology, Law and Society: Criminal Gator, 2001-present
Department of Political Science: Partisan Newsletter, 2002-present
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures: RLL Newsletter, 2002-2005
Florida Physics News, 2003-2006
History Department: Alpata: A Journal of History, 2004-present
ImageTexT (archived), 2004-present
Latin American Business Environment Report, 1999-present
Latinamericanist Newsletter, 1983-present
Physics Department: PROTON Newsletter, 2007-present
Samuel Proctor Oral History Program: History Speaks: Samuel Proctor Oral History Program News, 2009-present
Spanish & Portuguese Studies News, 2008-present

College of Medicine
Academic Physician Quarterly, 2007-present
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities: PostCARD, 2001-present
Clinical and Translational Science Institute: CTSI Newsletter, 2008-present
Department of Hospital Medicine Newsletter, 2008-present
Department of Medicine Annual Report, 2006/2007-present
Florida Physician Alumni Magazine, 2006-present
Retrospectroscope, 1964-1967

College of Nursing
Gator Nurse Alumni Magazine, 2005-present

College of Pharmacy
GATORx Alumni Magazine, 2004-present
PharmaNote, 2002-present

College of Public Health and Health Professions
Biennial Report, 2002-present
Florida Center for Medicaid and the Uninsured: Florida Medicaid Adult Enrollee Satisfaction Chartbook, 2004-2006
Florida Center for Medicaid and the Uninsured Newsletter, 2006-present
Florida Center for Medicaid and the Uninsured: Health Coverage Update, 2004-present
Florida Center for Medicaid and the Uninsured: Florida Health Insurance Study Fact Sheets, 2005-present
PHHP News, 2002-present

College of Veterinary Medicine
Florida Veterinarian, 2004-present
Large Animal Links Magazine, 2005-present
Mobile Equine Diagnostic Service: MEDS Quarterly, 2005-2006
The Veterinary Page, 2007-present

Smathers Libraries
Chapter One: a Newsletter for Friends of the University of Florida Libraries, 1990-present
Howe Society Newsletter, 1986-2007
Library News: for Faculty of the University of Florida, 1998-present

University Administration and Other Units
Alumni Association: Florida Magazine, 2000-present
Animal Care Services Newsletter, 2001-present
Annual Financial Reports, 1999/2000-present
Bridge Software Institute: BSI Newsletter, 2006-present
Career Resource Center Annual Report, 2000/2001-present
Commercialization Council: UFCC Venture News, 2003-2007
Common Data Set, 1999/2000-present
Department of Recreational Sports: RecSports, 2009-present
Division of Student Affairs Annual Report, 2002-present
English Language Institute: ELI Student Voices, 1999-present
English Language Institute: ELI Weekly, 2006-present
Faculty Development Newsletter, 2007-present
Faculty Senate: Academics Newsletter, 2004-present
Financial Aid News, 1996-present
Florida Museum: Bulletin of the State of Florida Museum, 1956-
Florida Museum of Natural History: Friends of the Randell Research Center Newsletter, 2002-present
Florida Water Resources Research Center Annual Technical Report, 2006
Gator Aid: Financial Aid Application Guide, 2006/2007-present
Gator Aid Handbook, 2003/2004-present
General Clinical Research Center GCRC News, 2002-2004
Graduate School: Excel, 2001-present
Harn Museum of Art Exhibitions, 2006/2007-present
Institute on Aging: Changing Seasons Newsletter, 2006-present
Institute on Aging: Continuum Newsletter, 2006-present
McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity Newsletter, 2007-present
Office of Audit & Compliance Review Annual Report, 2002/2003-present
Office of Audit & Compliance Review: OACR Audit Focus, 2002-present
Office of Educational Research Bulletin, 2005-present
Office of Graduate Minority Programs: McNair Launcher, 2003-2006
Office of Research Annual Report, 1998-present
Office of Research: Explore Magazine, 1996-present
Office of Technology Licensing: OTL Tech Notes, 2002-2007
Office of the Provost: Budget Information, 2007/2008-present
Performing Arts Season Guide, 2006/2007-present
Physical Plant Division: Gatortales, 2005-present
Physical Plant Division: Shop Talk, 2004-present
Police Department: UF Together for a Safe Campus, 2002-present
Post: the Monthly Newsletter of the Health Science Center, 2004-present
State of the University Address, 2004-present
Student Affairs Update, 2006-2007
Student Employee Handbook, 2003/2004-present
Student Employer’s Handbook, 2003/2004
Student Employment Coordinator, 1997-2003
Student Financial Aid Annual Report, 1998/1999-present
Transnational and Global Studies Center: TGSC Commentaries, 2004-present
University Press of Florida: Florida Current Newsletter, 2007-present
University Record, 1905-present
Water Institute Progress Reports, 2006-present


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