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The personal philosophy of Nathaniel Hawthorne ..
Freedom and sustainability
Yield and yield stability of pure and mixed stands of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) varieties in north Cameroon
A systems approach to characterizing farm sustainability
Reproductive biology of Elliptoideus sloatianus, Lampsilis subangulata, and Pleurobema pyriforme (Bivalvia Unionidae)
Fish community structure in some naturally acid Florida lakes
Fox squirrel home range and mast crops in Florida
Minimum resource requirements for specified levels of income on crop-livestock farms in the Sinu River Valley of Colombia
Economic potential for increasing vegetable production in the Zapotitan District, El Salvador
An Evaluation of a crop diversification project for low resource hillside farmers in the Dominican Republic
Farm organization and resource fixity
Hydrodynamics and profile response due to cross-shore processes in the surf zone
Acoustic measurement and modeling of the vertical distribution of suspended sediment driven by waves and currents
Modeling suspended sediment transport under combined wave current actions in Indian River Lagoon
Realistic prediction of beach nourishment performance
Long-term evolution of nearshore disposal berms
Numerical simulation of mean cross-shore currents
Wave-current interaction and quasi-three-dimensional modeling in nearshore zone
Three-dimensional hydrodynamics and morphology associated with rip currents
Mud bottom evolution at open coasts
Wind induced wave resuspension and consolidation of cohesive sediment in Newnans Lake, Florida
Wind-driven circulation in Lake Okeechobee, Florida
Numerical modeling of nearshore morphological changes under current-wave field
Two-dimensional time dependent structure of the suspended sediment concentration over rippled seabeds
A second-order diffraction theory for wave runup and wave forces on a vertical circular cylinder
Erosional behavior of deposited cohesive sediments
A coupled discrete spectral wave hindcast model
Integrated modeling of the Tampa Bay estuarine system
A dynamic response model for free floating horizontal cylinders subjected to waves
Numerical modeling of current and wave interactions of an inlet-beach system
Vortex-induced transverse loading on an articulated tower
Vertical structure of estuarine fine sediment suspensions
Bottom mud transport due to water waves
Three-dimensional curvilinear-grid modeling of baroclinic circulation and mixing in a partially-mixed estuary
A parabolic equation method in polar coordinates for waves in harbors
Socio-economic system of an Ecuadorean Indian community
Agroforestry systems in Acre, Brazil
Water wave interaction with porous structures of irregular cross sections
Simulation and analysis of sediment resuspension observed in Old Tampa Bay, Florida
Aggregation and deposition of estuarial fine sediment
Development and field application of a littoral processes monitoring system for examination of the relevant time scales of sediment suspension processes
Sediment-associated constituent release at the mud-water interface due to monochromatic waves
Impacts on the inlet-beach system of ebb tidal shoal mining
Circulation and transport within a system of shallow, interconnected barrier island lagoons
Numerical modeling of wave-induced currents using a parabolic wave equation
Improved cross-shore sediment transport relationships and models
Wave generated bedforms in the near-shore sand environment
Resonant and non-resonant reflection of linear waves over rapidly varying bottom undulations
A two-dimensional finite-difference model for moving boundary hydrodynamic problems
Modeling of the sediment transport in the vicinity of inlet and coastal region
Halocline erosion due to wind induced stress
A laboratory study of fine sediment resuspension by waves
Effect of bed shear stress on the erosional characteristics of kaolinite
Inlet ebb shoal volumes related to coastal physical parameters
Optimum farm plans to meet changing conditions in north and west Florida crop farms
Response of fine sediment-water interface to shear flow
Performance prediction of beach nourishment projects
Wave-current interaction over a submerged bar field
Economic feasibility of stabilizing the price and supply of potatoes in Ecuador
Self-sufficiency in vegetable oil production in Ecuador an application of dynamic linear programming
A critical analysis of how selected Florida newspapers reported the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban missile crisis
Margaret Bourke-White
The role of women in public relations
Staff perceptions of the influentials, issues, and the decision making process in a school system in Florida
Physical, mineralogical and interfacial bonding properties of carbonate and silicate mineral aggregates used in portland cement concrete in Florida
The southern judicial tradition southern appellate judges and American legal culture in the nineteenth century
Die Tucholsky-Rezeption in der DDR
A two-dimensional hydrodynamic model using a finite-volume approach
Erodibility of fine sediment in wave-dominated environments
Effects of seawalls on the adjacent beach
Wind-wave hindcasting and estimation of bottom shear stress in Lake Okeechobee
Prediction of shoreline changes near tidal inlets
Spanish and British subsistence strategies at St. Augustine, Florida, and Frederica, Georgia, between 1565 and 1783
"Remaking frontiers"
Modeling the response of growing broiler chickens
Improved seed germination and stand establishment in sweet corn carrying the sh2 gene
Resource allocation among limited resource farmers in Sitiung 5c, West Sumatera, Indonesia
The incidence of Salmonella in four fish and shellfish species harvested in Florida
Communication of agricultural information resulting from on-farm research trials among limited resourse farmers in two North Florida counties
The development and evaluation of a uniform hospital cost accounting information system, by Gary R. Fane
A nonlinear analysis of Arabic syllabic phonology, with special reference to Makkan
Experimental study of sediment sorting across the beach and its influence on the equilibrium profile
Structure-induced sediment scour potential near a rectangular structure due to waves
Influence of seasonal variation in longshore sediment transport with applications to the erosion of the downdrift beach at Jupiter Inlet, Florida
Guidelines for educational gerontology in Florida's public institutions of higher education
Historical shoreline response to inlet modifications and sea level rise
Tidal flood water withdrawal, with special reference to Jupiter Inlet, Florida
Role of wave and current forcing in the process of barrier island overwash
Laboratory experiments on cohesive soil bed fluidization by water waves
From Affiniam-Boutem to Dakar : migration from the Casamance, life in the urban environment of Dakar, and the resulting evolutionary changes in local Diola organizations
Educational congruency in a stratified society
Effects of N and K applied to two maizesoybean no-tillage cropping systems on yields, profitability, growth, and soil acidity
Redefining Safety Harbor
Detection and induction of estrogen effects in a marine teleost
Hybrid computation of space and energy dependent nuclear reactor kinetics
Not of woman born
An Examination of status characteristics in a caste community and their implications for education
Facility rental business plan for the Florida Museum of Natural History
Photosynthetic characteristics of the submersed aquatic plants hydrilla, southern naiad, and vallisneria
A biomechanics approach to the interaction of host implant systems
A bio-econometric analysis of the Gulf of Mexico commercial reef fish fishery
The pathobiology of a mosquito iridescent virus in Aedes taeniorhynchus (Wiedemann)
Fissioning uranium plasma for rocket propulsion
Improved process control in camshaft grinding through utilization of post process inspection with feedback
Relationships among hydrosoil, water chemistry, transparency, chlorophyll a, and submersed macrophyte biomass
Automatic generation of solution procedures for indexed equation sets using GENIE
On space-charge wave propagation in crossed electric, magnetic, and centrifugal force fields
A computerized method of evaluating trace particle records of turbulent flow fields
Magnesium carbonate, a recycled coagulant for water treatment
Statistical modeling and simulation of atmospheric turbulence
Studies on the physico-chemical characteristics of some Florida soils
A histogenetic study of the needles of Pinus palustris Miller
A study of essential oils occurring in the different organs and products of the citrus group in Florida
Water, wetlands, and wood storks in southwest Florida
The nuclear piston engine and pulsed gaseous core reactor power systems
Class, politics, rebellion and regional development in proprietary North Carolina, 1697-1720
Video telephony
Flow separation and related phenomena at tidal inlets
A study and evaluation of saltwater intrusion in the Floridan aquifer
A study of the combustion phenomena related to "knock" for a spark ignition engine operating on hydrogen and air
Electron gas behavior of a weakly ionized plasma jet with the effect of an electric field applied in the base region
The theory and the diagnosis of the electrodeless discharge
Surface characterization and chemisorption properties of polycrystalline systems SnO2, PtSnO2 and Zr
Productivity measurements and simulation models of a shallow estuarine ecosystem receiving a thermal plume at Crystal River, Florida
A statistical model of atmospheric noise ..
Enzyme biosynthesis in bacteria as a basis for toxicity testing
Stable, three-dimensional, biperiodic waves in shallow water
Precipitation in nickel-aluminum-molybdenum superalloys
Experimental studies in optimal computer control of a continuous distillation column
Biomechanical analysis of a resection arthrodesis
Inelastic wave propagation under combined stress states
Electrokinetic properties of silica, alumina, and montmorillonite
Photoacoustic spectroscopy of optical fiber waveguides
The influence of heat treatment, neutron irradiation and deformation on the martensitic transformations in metastable B1-brass
Behavior of partially miscible organic compounds in simulated ground water systems
Heavy metal interactions with natural organics in aquatic environments
Enzyme biosynthesis in bacteria as a basis for toxicity testing
The particle motion field generated by the torsional vibration of a circular footing on sand
Signal detection and extraction by cepstrum techniques
The incorporation of glottal source-vocal tract interaction effects to improve the naturalness of synthetic speech
Application of fluctuation solution theory to strong electrolyte solutions
The nature of phosphorus uptake and release by organic soils under laboratory conditions
UV optical constants of water and ammonia ices
Ecological studies on tropical moist forest succession in eastern lowland Guatemala
Acoustically measured postural stability with visual feedback
Application of the Wigner distribution to problems in time-varying signal analysis
Optimal multi-facility location on tree networks
Decomposition techniques for the traffic assignment problem
Potassium-sodium ion-exchanged waveguides and integrated optical components
Using multilevel reconstruction approach for machine translation from English to Chinese via linguistic canonical form
Augmentable object-oriented parallel processor architectures for real-time computer-generated imagery
Implementation, collection, and processing of visual evoked responses (CPVER) for cognitive studies
Effects of grain boundaries in polysilicon-on-insulator (SOI) MOSFETS
Autoregressive moving-average (ARMA) model identification for degenerate time series with application to maneuvering target tracking
A computer architecture for emergency call processing
Realization of invariant system descriptions from Markov sequences
Synthesis and analysis of real single-sideband signals for communication systems
Distributed query processing techniques based on pipelining and data sharing in an integrated data network
Properties of noise and charge transport in layered electronic materials
An investigation of some properties of carriers in field-effect devices
Application of numerical methods in analysis of fixed bed adsorption fractionation.
Noise in junction-gate field-effect transistors at low temperaturs
An extensible data model and extensible system architecture for building advanced knowledge base management systems
Numerical modeling of natural convection and conduction heat transfer in canned foods with application to on-line process control
Efficient communications for nonsymmetric information sources with application to picture transmission
The mobility, resistivity and carrier density in p-type silicon doped with boron, gallium and indium
A Water quality model for a conjunctive surface-groundwater system
Sinkhole activity in West-Central Florida
Embodied energy basis for economic-ecologic systems
New results in indirect adaptive control
Themes of Greek legend in the theatre of Jose María Pemán and his contemporaries,
Algebraic properties of noncommensurate systems and their applications in robotics
Temporal processing with neural networks
Modeling and technology CAD for scaled BICMOS integrated circuits
Data distribution and algorithms for asynchronous parallel processing of object-oriented knowledge bases
Hydrophilic polymer coatings to prevent tissue adhesion
Calorimetric measurements of the adsorption of collagen and other organics onto oxide surfaces
Inverse kinematic analysis of robot manipulators
Error compensation in radial profile grinding
New scanning techniques in conopulse angle tracking radar
Rule validation in object-oriented knowledge bases
A systolic distributed arithmetic computing machine for digital signal processing and linear algebra applications
Selected minimax and minisum layout problems
Improved characterization of the pn junction space-charge region, with applications
Analytical models for diagnostic classification and treatment planning for craniofacial pain.
A molecular thermodynamic model for aqueous solutions of nonpolar compounds and micelle formation
Systolic and bus connected arrays -- architectures, algorithms and algorithm transformations
An articulatory speech synthesizer
A reflexive mine avoidance approach for autonomous underwater vehicles
Studies in the arylcyclopropene series.
Plasticity of ceramic particulate systems
On pulsed anodic oxidation and its use in fabricating diode lasers
Whole-body retention and excretion of magnesium in humans
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis of sinkhole activity in north-central Florida
Methods for investigating the properties of polycrystalline silicon P-N junction solar cells
Canal-estuary nutrient exchange and metabolic levels in Florida residential canals
Study of the optimum charge-transfer image sensor
Tracking and disturbance rejection for nonlinear systems with applications to robotic manipulators
Time and frequency domain analysis of thunderstorm-associated narrow bipolar electromagnetic pulses and cloud-to-ground lightning fields
Adaptive simulation of dopant implantation and diffusion for advanced semiconductor process simulation
A study of the noise of microwave Schottky barrier and tunnel diodes
Tapered velocity couplers and devices
Identification of 1f noise producing mechanisms in electronic devices
Point-defect-based two-dimensional modeling of dislocation loops and stress effects on dopant diffusion in silicon
A comparison of self-concepts, peer relationships, persistence and extracurricular involvement of University of Florida freshmen with differing housing
A fault tolerant GEQRNS processing element for linear systolic array DSP applications
Modeling the evaporation and temperature distribution of a soil profile
On some structural properties of linear control systems--reachability from W in N and controllability to W in N
Development of a high-speed gallium arsenide and indium gallium arsenide Schottky barrier photodetector for millimeter-wave optical fiber communications
Software structures for digital remotely controlled systems
A new adaptive algorithm for the real-time equalization of acoustic fields
Robust adaptive array processing
Uptake and translocation of 85 Sr, 59 Fe, 185 W and 134 Cs by banana plants and coconut plants following foliar application.
The application of cadmium telluride as in hole semiconductor radiation detectors in an X Y matrix radioisotope camera
Film + architecture : DVD
Physiological and ultrastructural studies of oat membranes treated with Helminthosporium victoriae toxin
Motion planning and control of robot manipulators via application of a computer graphics animated display
Development of new III-V semiconductor quantum well infrared photodetectors for mid-and long-wavelength infrared detection
Determination of radionuclide concentratins of U and Th in unprocessed soil samples
Comprehensive analysis of concrete pavement response to temperature and load effects
Compton-scatter axial tomography with x rays
Hot-electron noise in gallium arsenide aluminum gallium arsenide heterojunction interfaces
Metric and topological characterization of the advanced stages of sintering
The application of Volterra series and nonlinear operators to nuclear reactor kinetics.
The end and how it looks
Automated detection and quantification of petit mal seizures in the electroencephalogram
Improvement of the range response of short-range FM radars
Selective flotation of dolomite from apatite using sodium oleate as the collector
Defect characterization of GaAsAlGaAs materials and silicon-on- insulator devices by separation-by-implant-of-oxygen
novel tunable filter for wavelength division multiplexed communication systems
Reliability of silicon bipolar junction transistors in integrated circuits
Design and analysis of an integrated circuit-based multi-loop frequency synthesizer
Representation of locally stationary signals using lowpass moments
Computer-generated holographic matched filters
The caddis flies of Alachua County, with notes on those of Florida
Low-temperature response of asphalt concrete pavements
Charge transport and noise properties of Schottky barrier diodes and polycrystalline silicon thin films
Modeling small-geometry silicon-on-insulator transistors for device and circuit computer-aided design
Harmonic analysis and design of nonlinear electronic circuits
A Topological approach for studying microstructures
Landmine detection by scatter radiation radiography
Porous silica gel monoliths
Effect of microwave heating on the solid state reactions and mass transport in ceramics
Development and testing of a device capable of placing model piles by driving and pushing in the centrifuge
liquid equation of state for aqueous strong electrolytes
Theoretical and practical background for the characterization of CNC machining centers
"It have more soft words"
polarized infrared reflection spectroscopic characterization and aqueous durability of lithia-disilicate glass-ceramics
Race relations in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, 1800-1853
deformation of grains during cold-rolling
Costa Rican legislative behavior in perspective,
social ecology of Cali, Colombia.
Space-time reactor kinetics studies with the University of Florida, SPERT Assembly.
survey of Bahamian archeology ...
Hydrodynamic lift in sediment transport.
Stratigraphy and sedimentary history of Newnans Lake
Scheduling via networks, unnetworks, and almost networks
Effect of green microstructure on the sintering of model silica compacts
Motion control of a citrus-picking robot
Kinetic and experimental study of argon and argon-nitrogen mixtures excited by fission fragments
Voltages induced on a test power line from artificially initiated lightning
Interfacial diffusional theoretical, and clinical aspects of topical local anesthetic formulation
Film + architecture : Text
Effects of municipal effluent irrigation on agricultural production and environmental quality
Spatial variability of solute leaching in a sandy soil
Infrared scanning in conjunction with boundary element method to determine convective heat transfer coefficients
Collision-free path finding for two cooperative spatial manipulators
Dynamic delamination propagation in composite beams under impact
Implementation of a sensor-based supervision system for CNC machining
Geostationary satellite and raingage network data for rainfall estimation
Development of a dynamic touch sensor
Optimization of reinforced concrete frames using integrated analysis and reliability
Nutrient, carbon, and water dynamics of a titi shrub swamp ecosystem in Apalachicola, Florida
experimental method for measurement of catalyst surface area by thermal desorption of physisorbed gases
Finite element model for composite masonry walls
Fate of viruses during aerobic digestion of wastewater sludges
Analysis of serial production lines that are subject to breakdown
Coagulation of calcium oxalate monohydrate suspensions
design and construction of a miniature dosimeter for the study of the effects of air cavities in radiation therapy
Application of surface science techniques to degradation of superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-
Fracture mechanics and failure predictions for glass, glass-ceramic, and ceramic systems
On the effect of nuclear radiation on ARC discharges
Growth and modeling of III-V compound semiconductor optoelectronic materials with device applications
ebullition process in forced convection boiling
Ecuadorian oil policy in the era of sustainable development
Evaluation of layer moduli in flexible pavement systems using nondestructive and penetration testing methods
Nitrogen mass balances in Florida ecosystems
Nonlinear gap and Mindlin shell elements for the analysis of concrete structures
Intelligent autonomous systems
Fabrication and characterization of porous silicon light emitting diodes
Towards automatic gender recognition from speech
Microstructure/electrical property correlations for YBa2Cu3O7-x/barrier layer films deposited on Al2O3, silicon, and yittria-stabilized zirconia substrates
The structure of parallel computation and computers for graphics procedures
Removal of polymethyl methacrylate from alumina compacts using microwave energy
SI-GExSI1-x superlattices and device applications
distributed compartment model for resource management and access control
Surface modification of intraocular lens polymers by hydrophilic graft polymerization for improved ocular implant biocompatibility
Application of antibody probes to study populations of specific bacteria in aerobic and anaerobic bioprocesses
Objective assessment of image quality in conventional fluoroscopy and the low-contrast detectability of objects in carbon dioxide angiography
Parallel image processing with image algebra on SIMD mesh-connected computers
On the instabilities resulting from a nonassociated flow rule
F¹8 exchange between fluorocarbons and some fluorine-containing compounds.
Some reactins of 1,2-Dibromochlorotrifluoroethane.
Fruit quality of strawberry (Fragaria virginiana Duchesne X Fragaria chiloensis L.) as affected by potassium and nitrogen nutrition
Conformal stereotactic radiosurgery with multileaf collimation
decomposition method for multistation production systems
study of unconjugated chromophoric interactions related to cyclopolymerization.
osmotic fragility of cells and spheroplasts of a marine Vibrio
study of the mechanism of sulfite pulping.
The Use of the peroxide-catalyzed reactions of bromofluoromethanes in the preparation of olefins and dienes containing fluorines.
Preparation and properties of some cyclopropenylidenecyclopentadienes and methylenecyclopropenes.
effect of metal ions on the autoxidation of benzaldehyde.
study of the uses of the rotating concentric tube distillation column.
Chemosterilization, dispersion and population densities of the eye gnat Hippelates pusio Loew
Stereospecific synthesis and conformational analysis of the 2-(p-tolylsulfonyl)-4-t-butycyclohexanols.
stereochemistry of the reduction of an alicyclic unhindered ketone with some borohydrides and diborane.
Characterization of kraft lignin and investigation of pulping effects on pulp yield, lignin molecular mass and lignin content of black liquor with a central composite pulping design
Aymara verbal derivational suffixes.
mechanistic analysis and design system for evaluation and rehabilitation of flexible pavements
scarab beetles of Florida (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Part I. The Laparosticti (Subfamilies: Scarabaeinae, Aphodiinae, Hybosorinae, Ochodaeinae, Geotrupinae, Acanthocerinae)
Hydroxyproline biosynthesis in higher plants
On the representation of integers by indefinite ternary quadratic forms.
Come for Dinner: Creating a Self-Sustaining Signature Fundraising Event for the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
comparison of liberal and conservative party leadership in Cali, Colombia.
Manuel José Arce and the formation of the Federal Republic of Centra America.
Some effects of ultraviolet light on barley and oat embryos
Nuclear reaction cross sections from the nitrogen bombardment of sulfur.
Influence of dietary magnesium and sulfur upon phosphorus utilization, rumen function and appetite in ruminants
interrelationship of phosphorus, sulfur, copper, and molybdenum on cellulose digestibility of rumen microorganisms and in rat metabolism
Generation and reactions of 2, 2-diphenyldiazocyclopropane.
Tomographic two-phase flow measurement using Compton scattering of gamma rays
Relaxation studies of adsorption on thorium oxide.
quantitative investigation of the alkali metals in atomic emission and atomic absorption spectroscopy.
interaction of tritons with matter.
Nuclear spin-spin coupling in fluorocarbon derivatives.
synthesis and reactions of some saturated and unsaturated fluoroethers.
study of the time lag of gas breakdown in reversed electric field.
Cuban slave trade, 1820-1862 : the demographic implications for comparative studies
Angular dependence of the scattering of metastable helium atoms in helium and neon.
theoretical study of the swimming of a deformable waving plate of arbitrary finite thickness.
Population ecology of the ground skink, Lygosoma Laterale [say]
Solvolysis kinetics of pyridine-boranes.
effects of space harmonics and attenuation on longitudinal electron motion in a linear accelerator.
Effect of level of nitrogen on growth and reproductive physiology of young bulls and rams
Marine bacteria: wall composition and osmotic fragility
Effect of amplitude on damping and wave propagation in granular materials.
Bolivia and its social literature before and after the Chaco War
preparation and reactions of some aliphatic fluoroethers.
Nitrate production and plant response resulting from soil applications of urea, biuret, two urea-formaldehyde compounds and ammonium sulfate
AnAnatomy of the male reproductive tract of the cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus) and comparisons with other muroid genera.
Ralationship of certain macroscopic marine algae to ZN65.
Scattering of hydride ions in oxygen gas.
Culture and pathogenicity of Dothidella ulei
Solvates of light metal perchlorates with hydrogen peroxide.
cultivation and utilization of the eucalypt in the Peruvian Sierra and the industrial triangle of Brazil.
Conservation in museums : William Aiken Walker's marine life paintings
synthesis of 2-phenylpiperazine and some derivatives.
Studies of the absorption spectra of some polysubstituted benzenes.
electron microscope study of megaspore development in Dendrobium orchids.
preparation of certain fluoroolefins containing the trifluoromethyl group.
scattering of hydride and hydroxyl in oxygen.
preparation, resolution and polymerization of allyl-type optically active unsaturated quaternary ammonium salts.
Interrelationships of molybdenum, copper and zinc in the simple stomached animal
study of the hydrogen stretching region in the infrared.
mechanism of the Leuckart reaction ...
oxidation of sulfides by chlorine in dilute solutions
Amendment of sandy soil by soft rock phosphate or fullers earth and response of young citrus trees
Neutron decay spectrometer.
AStudy of the infrared spectra of some substituted acetamides.
Properties of polar molecules adsorbed on metal oxides.
Derivatives of piperazine. XIX. thioether derivatives of piperazine and substituted piperazines.
Preparation and polymerization of certain diunsaturated silanes.
Anion exchange studies of fluoride complexes.
Derivatives of piperazine. XIV.
preparation and polymerization of some diallyl- and dimethallylphosphonium bromides.
Derivatives of piperazine. XII
Osteology and paleontology of the passerin birds of the Reddick pleistocene.
Spectral characteristics of the radio-frequency outbursts of the planet Jupiter.
Oklahoma City National Memorial and the twentieth century memorial process
Butterfly discovery : the creation of an interactive web-based learning environment for the Florida Museum of Natural History
Verbal percussion : lesson 1
Creating prekindergarten educator guides for the Florida Museum of Natural History
Online access for all : museums and the quest to share collections with the public
Digitizing museum objects : the Elmer Harvey Bone Photographic Collection
Methacrylic anhydride.
Spatially dependent integral neutron transport theory for heterogeneous media using homogeneous Green's functions.
Evoking the spiritual
Campus Loan Outreach Program at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
Optical filters, modulators and interconnects for optical communication systems
Constructing Afro-Colombia
hydrolysis of iron (III) in dilute aqueous solution.
Theoretical and experimental investigation of the buckling of thin cylindrical shells subject to combined torsion and uniform external pressure.
Central-Colono relations within the Cuban sugar industry, 1914-1933: exploring the local consequences of global changes, the case of San Vicente from WWI to the Great Depression
Birding Florida
A nuclear excited Xenon flashlamp
A general time-dependent perturbation theory for reactor physics.
Noise in bipolar junction transistors at cryogenic temperatures
Miami relocations for Americans : a practical guide for moving to America's most international city
Create a knock-out advertising portfolio (without setting foot in portfolio school)
Farm problems, solutions, and extension programs for small farmers in Canete, Lima, Peru
The flat bark beetles of Florida (Coleoptera Silvanidae, Passandridae, Laemophloeidae)
Surface studies related to the development of a hyperthermal oxygen atom beam generator
Reachable set control for preferred axis homing missiles
Mosquito conditions at the University of Florida
Technology dissemination among small-scale farmers in Meru Central District of Kenya
Evaluation of community-based conservation approaches
Effect of color materials on student performances of original music compositions
Improving writing and reading comprehension through blogging about experiences in class piano
Do's and don'ts of a first-year choral director
Effects of private music instruction on middle-school students' musical performance anxiety
Reminiscences: Locating the traumatic object
Effects of two different assessment tools on secondary instrumental music students' achievement and motivation
Digital foundations for partnership: A collaborative model for indigenous communities and ethnographic museum collections
In defense of play
Fort Worth and other poems
J. C. Penney and the development of Penney Farms, Florida (1924-1934)
Literature review on the effects of single-sex instruction on students' musical and academic achievements
Effects of Orff-Schulwerk process of imitation on elementary students' reading fluency
Technology dissemination among small-scale farmers in Meru Central District of Kenya
Symbols and place : a study of the gravestones at the Historic Jewish Cemetery in Curacao
Sustainable architecture and its relationship to industrialized building
Developing a social media plan for the Harn Museum of Art
Optimization of nonconvex systems and the synthesis of optimum process flowsheets
Growth kinetics of faceted solid-liquid interfaces
Confluent cases of second order linear differential equations with four singular points
The breeding ecology of four species of herons at Lake Alice, Alachua county, Florida
An appraisal of and recommendations for increasing the degree of competition in Florida's dairy industry
Some theoretical implications from rapid speech phenomena in Miami-Cuban Spanish /
Optical brightness and polarization of quasars and related objects
Accuracy of responding in extinction following errorles discrimination training with continuous and intermittent reinforcement
The effects of a Pre Cana Conference
Grapheme discrimination training in children predicted to develop reading difficulties /
The relationship of ethnic group membership, age, sex, achievement and locus of control to the self-report of a group of Cuban students
Suwannee River town, Suwannee River country
Small group counseling with elementary school children of divorce /
A discriminant analysis of the bankruptcy of securities brokerage/dealer firms /
A longitudinal study of the belief systems of elementary teachers
The effects of traditional and nonpunitive grading systems upon the academic progress of community college students /
Trollope's widows, beyond the stereotypes of maiden and wife
Legal services for local school districts
Hellmann-Feynman forces and dipole moments using multiple-scattering Xa wavefunctions for diatomic molecules /
Ceramics, molluscs, and sedentism
Sooty tern behavior
Resources for teaching three-dimensional art
I document, therefore I am
Loyal doggedness
Ponderous shifts of Professor W_______
National parking
Heart of Malabar
Community identity through sustainable urbanism
Sustainability & the user experience : Turner Field
Community development : preserving the land : a community master plan in Monterrey, Mexico
Interpreting coastal edge
People experiencing people : downtown Sebring redevelopment master plan
Rockvail : active community planning for a post-industrial site
Calle Loiza : urban corridor
Sweetwater Branch corridor
Koppers : a conceptual redevelopment plan for Gainesville's Brownfield site
Kalamazoo Valley Paper Mill : an urban re-development along the Kalamazoo River
Aguas Calientes : an urban redevelopment scheme
Gainesville Downtown Community Plaza
Taking back Main Street - the revitilization of downtown High Springs, Florida
Urban upgrading in el Barrio Siloé : steps beyond regularization
Ais Lagoon Park : culture oriented eco-tourism
Paradise Park & Trail
Parque del Sol : urban park, Quito, Ecuador
Sebastian Inlet State Park : "a vision of tomorrow"
Demand and substitution relationships for Florida and California Valencia oranges produced for fresh market
Stasis, change, and the evolution of the ordeal motif in the novels of George Meredith
A study of the synthesis of some aluminum and phosphorus derivatives of alkyl hydrazines
Operant behavior in the human infant
Automated analysis of biological rhythms in the human electroencephalogram /
Nuclear resonance of O17 in liquid and solid carbon monoxide /
The crisis in Lebanon
A Model pension plan ordinance for Florida municipalities
Physics-based thermal impedance models for the simulation of self-heating in semiconductor devices and circuits
Distribution and population ecology of the fox squirrel in Florida
Integrated traffic control mechanisms for ATM networks
Mississippian capitals
Atomic-scale dynamic processes in the brittle fracture of silica
K : an object-oriented knowledge-base programming language for software development and prototyping
Engineering farm knowledge for a seamless decision support system
Centrifugal modeling of underground structures subjected to blast loading
K0-behavior of normally consolidated fine-grained soils during one-dimensional secondary compression aging and the quantitative prediction of the quasi-preconsolidation effect
Fluid flow and heat transfer in a single-pass, return-flow heat exchanger
Mental health of the unemployed
Population density estimation using line transect sampling /
Measurement of the radiative lifetimes of the v=1 and v=2 levels of the A state of carbon monoxide
Intermolecular pair potentials in the theoretical description of fluids and fluid mixtures
Native of earth
Ecology and control of the principal flies associated with a compost plant
Intensifiers in current English
Relation theory in categories
The Queen city of the Savannah
Political decision making in Ecuador: the influence of business groups
C. G. Jung's theory of the collective unconscious
Using guided fantasy and modeling to modify the acting-out behavior of fifth grade boys
Paraprofessional helper candidates' perceptual organization and their level of interpersonal functioning
An Evaluation of selected acoustic parameters for use in speaker identification /
Female participation in the labor force and fertility
The Influence of selective attention on the performance of learning disabled students
Current and recommended guidelines for community colleges
Work values and assertiveness in the employed and unemployed epileptic
Guided imagery training as treatment for alcoholism
Student services for adults in southeastern community and junior colleges
Interaction of learner characteristics with learning from analogical models of the periodic table and written texts
Assertiveness and acceptance of disability among rehabilitation counseling clients
Time allocation, clergy wife role, and marital satisfaction among priests and wives in an Episcopal diocese /
Adescriptive analysis of nonverbal status displays demonstrated by dental educators in clinical and/or laboratory settings
Optimization of spatial mechanisms
Concurrent dual task performances of right-handers
Kinship and seasonal migration among the Aymara of Southern Peru
Heavy metal complexation with naturally occurring organic ligands in wetland ecosystems
The Impact of selected state and federal land use regulations on Martin County, Florida beaches /
Psycholinguistic abilities and academic achievement of hard of hearing students
Garden of memory and hope
Revitalizing Lummus Park : a South Beach icon
Madeira Beach Town Center : a gateway to the city
Baby Gator ; Child Development and Research Center
Member relations plan for Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars
Bishop Bishop's mission to save the whole wide world and little old you
Gather round
[Re]surfacing derelict histories through juxtapositions of the past and present
The Videogame Text
Empathic embarrassment
Personality and pain response
Preparation and adsorptive properties of thorium oxide
The art of Wilson Harris
Grief in response to prenatal loss
International education in Florida community colleges
Dynamics of farmer adoption, adaptation, and management of soil conservation hedgerows in Haiti
Assessment and modeling of non-quasi-static, non-local, and multi-dimensional effects in advanced bipolar junction transistors
A student facilitator program
Teaching basic jazz piano skills to classically-trained adult pianists
The novels of John Irving
Strain aging in nickel 200
The concept of character in the major novels of D.H. Lawrence
Social acknowledgement of reading: multiple schedule effects /
A study of the power of multivariate analysis of variance on standardized achievement testing
Kinetics of processing asphaltic residues
Design of paired comparison experiments with quantitative independent variables
A comparison of methods for combining tests of significance
Equivalent-circuit modeling of the large-signal transient response of four-terminal MOS field effect transistors /
Multiple large DNA molecules of Azospirillum
Automated E-business Negotiation: Model, Life Cycle, and System Architecture
Costa Rican marihuana smokers and the amotivational syndrome hypothesis /
Studies in the total sleep deprivation of rats
Learning disabilities
Effects of placement in an intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded
A neutral hydrogen survey of blue compact galaxies
An exploration of character emission rates in composition
The development of personal space and personal time perspective
Factors of isolation and interaction in an all-black city: Kinloch, Missouri, by Robert T. Ernst
Hetero-syntheses with isocyanides, by James C. Gill
The behavior of pigeons under free-operant schedules of shock avoidance and shock frequency reduction /
Estimation of a housing demand model with interdependent choices about owning or renting /
A planning programming budgeting system for a university student health service
An attitudinal profile of selected scientists in the university and Federal government
Three responses to frustration and their effects upon subsequent aggressiveness
The synthesis of antimony-nitrogen compounds by ammonolysis and chloramination reactions
Creating support for an authoritarian regime
An Analysis of the stress-strain behavior of several grades of polycrystalline titanium and zirconium with reference to dynamic strain aging and deeformation twinning between 77 and 1000° K
Community educational processes
The locus of formal decision making in selected school systems
The effects of stress inoculation training and conversation skills training on shy (communication-apprehensive) college students
A method of assessing Jungian psychological type development in a high school student sample
The effects of a physical activity intervention on the self-concept and behavior of fifth-grade boys
Gas-liquid reactors
Monte Carlo calculation of the Born-Oppenheimer potential between two helium atoms
Oxide charge degradation of MOS transistor current and mobility in the linear and saturation ranges
Combustion and pre-combustion control methods to minimize emissions from modular incinerators
Toward an extrapolation of the simulated annealing convergence theory onto the simple genetic algorithm
Static and dynamic neutronic analysis of the uranium tetra-fluoride, ultrahigh temperature, vapor core reactor system
Kinetics of swine waste assimilation by phototrophic sulfur bacteria
Carbene-carbene rearrangements
A study of local government financial reporting practices and accounting principles
Object extraction and identification in picture processing
Development and comparison of Compton suppression techniques for low-level radio-nuclide analysis
Ceremonial speaking and the reinforcing of American nationalism in the South, 1875-1890
Dynamic response analysis of complex mechanisms with multiple inputs
Dispersive mass transport in oscillatory and unidirectional flows
The significance of the "protection potential" for Fe-Cr alloys at room temperature
Sleep onset as a function of auditory stimulation rates, response requirements, and novelty of the environment
" Barro de la sierra," semilla y fuente temática de la narrativa de Jorge Icaza /
Relationships among work behavior type, personality function, job satisfaction, and effectiveness ratings of vocational education administrators
Need fulfillment, satisfaction, and importance for chief business, instructional, and student affairs administrators in the Community College System in Florida
Effects of a curriculum intervention program
Photoelectric investigations of AA Ceti and UZ Puppis
Applications of the direct correlation function solution theory to the thermodynamics of fluids and fluid mixtures
Vogtia malloi, a newly introduced pyralid (Lepidoptera) for the control of alligatorweed in the United States
The effect of delaying consequences upon the learning of emotionally disturbed adolescents
A multigroup eigenfunction expansion technique for selecting poison distributions for optimum reactor power distribution
Student affairs at the University of Florida
Mode of transportation and the income-distance to work relationship in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil /
The effect of client preparation upon involvement and continuation in psychotherapy
Alcohol use as a function of expressed and wanted interpersonal behavior
An econometric analysis of socioeconomic and demographic determinants of fish and shellfish consumption in the United States
Suicide risk, self-injury risk, and expected intentionality for a population and its component sub-populations /
William A. Brady
Data acquisition and reduction of high resolution gamma-ray spectra
Role of the root tip in development of enhanced rubidium uptake in washed, excised corn root tissue
Total energy as a function of lattice parameter for copper using the self-consistent APW method
The effects of various tenure and tax management strategies on organization of beef cattle ranches in the Gulf Coast area of central Florida
Limit cycles for systems with nonlinear friction
A coupled discrete spectral wave hindcast model
Recruiting older students to baccalaureate colleges and universities
Vertical coordination arrangements
Coping style and response to radiation therapy patient education
Merit selection, role orientations and legal rationalization
Testing lack of fit in a mixture model
State licensure
Implications of option markets
Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of systems of "reactive" components with applications to strong electrolytes
The structure of velocity and density interfaces in a weakly turbulent stratified shear flow /
An Analysis of the effects of instruction on college student's time management
Electronic and dynamical aspects of diatomic systems /
Amazons and artists
Guinier-Preston zone evolution in 7075 aluminum
Nuclear magnetic resonance of 14N in single crystal glycine and of 15N in liquid and solid N2 /
The Work values and career maturity of community college transfer and native students
Middle class kinship networks in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Economic instability and the monetary process of adjustment in an open economy
Interactional behavior characteristics of spouses related to experienced marital quality /
Modulation of wind generated waves by long gravity waves
Sleep length and variability
Attitudes of nursing students toward mental retardation before and after curricular experience with mentally retarded children
General spin orbitals for three-electron system
The ecological and physiological control of water loss in snakes
Experimentally induced Vibrio fetus var. venerealis infection in the guinea pig (cavia porcellus L.)
The effect of mathemagenic cues on retention of graphically presented data
Structure and kinetics of glass corrosion
Seeing and perceiving
Paleolimnology of the Maya region
Cuban emigre communities in the United States and the independence of their homeland, 1852-1895
A differential response to behavioral objectives on student achievement in a sex education instructional system /
The soil of salvation
The role of subject maturity in the determination of preferred essential therapist characteristics /
Counselor education students' attitudes toward women
Personality integration and the theory of open systems
An application of generalizability theory to the assessment of writing ability
A Vector analytic approach to international systems conflict
High temperature compressive creep of sintered nickel
Systematics and zoogeography of fossil and recent pocket gophers in Florida
Agricultural policy
Purification, partial characterization, and serology of the capsid and cylindrical inclusion proteins of four isolates of watermelon mosaic virus
A concurrent validity study of the emergent reading level
Brain laterality and emotional processing in children
An Academic accounting model for community colleges
Individual differences in counselors' causal attributions for performance outcomes
The relationship between selected personality factors and cancer
Policy innovation in local government
An investigation of the motivator-hygiene theory of job satisfaction
Solution approaches to a multi-stage, multi-machine, multi-product production scheduling problem /
Iterative methods for solving large-scale linear programs
An automated dosimetry system for computed tomography x-ray scanners using silicon p-i-n diodes
The sociology of gender in a kindergarten-first grade classroom
A conductimetric study of some electrolytes in ethylene carbonate-water mixtures at 25 and 40 0C
A model for evaluating alternative policy decision for the Florida orange subsector of the food industry
Optimal scheduling of complex batch processes
Nuclear exchange energy and isotopic phase separation in solid helium
Improvements in the relaxation theory of spectral line broadening in plasmas
God, man and politics
Seasonal fluctuations in the price of existing single family houses
Comparison of methodologies for determination of content and digestibility of hemicellulose and cellulose in tropical grass hays
The effect of syntax on readability for Spanish-speaking adult students of English as a second language
The Doctor Fox effect
Management of Incentive contract models
An investigation of some aspects of the prices and costs of hospital care
Successive habit reversal learning by the spectacled caiman
An exploration of the relationship of ego development theory to counselor development
Toward speaker independent isolated word recognition for large lexicons
An Analysis of the decision making process used by university administrators on selected issues in higher education
Navel orange fruit drop
The Impact of alternative marketing arrangements on the performance of processing cooperatives
Reduction in death threat as a basis for optimal functioning
A Bayesian analysis of model specification uncertainty in forecasting and control /
The Stylistic influence of the alliterative tradition on the poetry of William Dunbar /
Temperature dependence of molecular phosphorescence
Carbene-carbene rearrangements
On some problems of estimation and prediction for non-stationary time series
The Personal theory of the counselor
International economic sanctions
Toxic bait studies with the imported fire ant, Solenopsis saevissima richteri Forel
The Relationship between leadership orientation and group productivity and satisfaction
Character origins in the English folk play
The Effect of success and failure experiences on the expectancy of success and performance
Professional socialization of students in four types of nursing education programs /
The Degree of predicatability of four types of sentences as measured by the eye-voice span of graduate student readers / by Diana Lynn Lagotic
Sex role development and identity achievement
Application of management theories in the development of criteria to assist in solving identified perceived problems
Household and family in the postbellum South: Walton County, Florida, 1870-1885 /
The self-concept of alcoholics during the process of abstinence
Tests of symmetry based on the Cramér-von Mises and Watson statistics
Thermal reorganization and secondary deuterium isotope effect studies of small ring compounds
Physical and chemical changes occurring in beef, post-mortem, as related to tenderness and other quality characteristics
Moral thought and argument in education
Facilitative conditions and psychological type
A Study of problems encountered by students
Science and fiction in the science-fiction novel
Imagery in Quevedo's love poetry
Apnea and bradycardia elicited by facial airstream stimulation in healthy infants in the first year of life
Effects of interpersonal orientation and language similarity on verbal communication in dyadic interpersonal relationships
The Use of oral prompts as an effective teaching strategy in oral reading activities
Client's perception of counselor trustworthiness, expertness, and attractiveness as a function of counselor race and dialect
The Effects of four orientation approaches on disadvantaged black freshman students' perceptions of counseling center services
A Commodity subsector analysis of the U.S. cut flower industry
Cultural standards of attractiveness : a 30-year look at changes in male images in the mass media
Evaluation and response of aged flexible airfield pavements at ambient temperatures using the falling weight deflectometer
Kinematics of parallel manipulators with ground-mounted actuators
Further developments and application of the method of selective physisorption for measuring active catalyst surface area
Isolation and characterization of vesicles involved in hyphal tip growth of Achlya /
Thermodynamic properties of high-pressure liquid mixtures containing supercritical components /
Hydraulic measurements, data analysis, and rational design procedures for residential tidal canal networks /
Influence of dispersion, exclusion, and metathetical sorption on the transport of inorganic solutes in a calcium-saturated porous medium /
Cycloaddition reactions of 1,1-difluoroallene
Traditional and commercial farm supply response in agricultural development
A Comparison of three types of item analysis in test development using classical and latent trait methods /
Mam grammar in outline
Interrelationships of certain thermal and endocrine phenomena and reproductive function in the female bovine
Narrative techniques in the short stories of Juan Rulfo
Mitu, Colombia
The Synthesis of some fluorine-containing cyclobutanes by cycloalkylation
The Synthesis and reactions of fluorine-containing organo-silicon compounds
Partially ordered ideal preserving groups
Perceptual rigidity
Studies of radio frequency radiations from the planets
The Catalytic oxidation of perfluoropropene
The Influence of selected factors on the social orientation of identified adolescent delinquents toward counselors
Energy basis for Miami, Florida, and other urban systems
Influence of preconditioning temperatures and neuropeptides on metabolic and endocrine responses of rats in the heat
Device physics for engineering design of heavily doped regions in pn-junction silicon solar cells
Liquid bonded light water reactor fuel
Spatial and temporal dynamics in the Everglades ecosystem with implications for water deliveries to Everglades National Park
Enhancement of D-lactate production in a continuous culture of a mutant escherichia coli through periodic operation
Quantitative studies of the effects of interfacial bonding strength on the mechanical and rheological properties of polymer composites
Application of the theory of incrementalism to statutory changes in the open door philosophy of Florida's community colleges
Legume intercrops and weed control in sun-grown coffee plantings in the Bolivian Yungas
Cognitive and experiential group counseling for university students of alcoholic parentage
A machine learning approach to following trace particles in turbulent flow /
Magnetic braking during star formation
The potential of the pupillary response in business research
Factors influencing bone fragility in chickens
The effects of varying racial compositions upon attitudes and behaviors of supervisors and subordinates in simulated work groups
Antigenic analysis of Moraxella bovis
The prophetic qualities of Rudyard Kipling's work
Radical cyclizations involved in cyclopolymerizations
A Variational approach to the ground state energy of the electron gas
Complexes of iron (II) cobalt (II) nickel (II) and copper (II) with 2-(α-pyridylmethyleneaminomethyl)-pyridine
Application of sequential decision theory to voice communications
The congruence of past and ideal self concepts in the aging male
Functional paradox in Sidney's revised Arcadia
Defoliation of oats and pearlmillet as related to herbage yield
A study of the synthesis of some derivatives of borazene by Grignard-type reacions
A predictive model for the repayment of student loans in community colleges
Tagore: his educational theory and practice and its impact on Indian education /
Underlying processes of the Jovian decametric radiation
The effects of a self-instruction program in facilitation and communication skills for elementary school teachers /
Reproductive behavior and isolation of two sympatric coenagrionid damselflies in Florida /
An economic analysis of alternative revenue generating policies for state financing
The regular mosquito iridescent virus (RMIV) in the black saltmarsh mosquito, Aedes taeniorhynchus (Wiedemann)
The generalized inverse dual for quadratically constrained quadratic programs
The effects of courtroom cameras on verbal behavior
Physical and microbiological properties of hard cooked and pickled eggs /
Toxicity and physiological movement of vanadium in the sheep and rat
The population phenetics and behavioral ecology of the Florida scrub lizard (Sceloporus woodi)
Change in self-concept as a function of dissonant role-playing
Thermodynamic properties of multicomponent mixtures from the solution of groups approach to direct correlation function solution theory
Synthetic and spectroscopic studies of metal carboxylate dimers
Room temperature phosphorescence
Investigation of a low heat loss high temperature thermal energy storage system
Synthesis and characterization of the first homoaromatic organometallic carbene complexes
Bifunctional synzymes via alternating copolymerization
Germination of Capsicum annuum L. at low temperature
Microcomputer controlled electrothermal atomization using laser atomic fluorescence spectrometry
Systematic studies of cultivated species of Codonanthe (Martius) Hanstein and Nematanthus Schrader (Gesneriaceae)
An early pleistocene avifauna from Inglis, Florida
Optical brightness variations in a sample of nineteen radio-quiet quasi-stellar objects
Screening for resistance to Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and White) Chitwood in Aeschynomene and Desmodium spp. and herbicide effects on Aeschynomene americana L.
Factors that impact on female incest clients in counseling
Empirical and clinical models for student placement in the community college mathematics curriculum
The effects of client sex, counselor sex, and type of client problem on high school counselor facilitative responsiveness and desire to continue a counseling relationship /
Stimulus Functions in Token-Reinforcement Schedules
Reproductive ecology of the green turtle, Chelonia Mydas, at Ascension Island
The role of the charge-transfer complex in the alternating copolymerization of N-substituted maleimides and vinyl ethers
Biology, spatial distribution, and control of Oligonychus (Oligonychus) ilicis (McGregor) (Acarina: Tetranychidae on Ilex crenata 'Hetzii'
Second larval instars of Florida Anisoptera (Odonata)
Biology and population dynamics of tea scale, Fiorinia theae Green (Diaspididae: Coccoidea: Homoptera)
Evaluation of Panicum virgatum L. for nitrogen related agronomic characters /
Teacher perspectives and practices in two organizationally different middle schools
An evaluation of children's services in community mental health centers
Trace element profile of B-16 murine melanoma by particle-induced x-ray emission analysis
Propagator calculations on molecular ionization and excitation processes
Measured and simulated soil water redistribution and extraction patterns of drip-irrigated tomatoes above a shallow water table
Active resistance as a major method of coping in a communist political prison
Nutritional factors affecting mineral status and long term carry-over effects in ruminants /
Studies of the influence, and its control, of grain boundaries on minority-carrier transport in polysilicon devices
The developmental relationship between neuropsychological and achievement variables
Development of a forward link opportunities model for optimization of traffic signal progression on arterial highways /
Blancan Mammals from Haile XVA, Alachua County, Florida
Associative and dissociative ionization of gases on impact of metastable atoms
Analysis of sleep cycles in the rodent
An investigation of the feasibility of utilizing a negative control grid in a crossed-field election gun
Removal and recovery of sulfur dioxide in the pulp mill industry
The theory of literature of James Branch Cabell
Orthomodular lattices
Neutron spectrum measurements in heterogeneous media
The effects of a vitamin A deficiency on the reproductive capacity of rams
Geographic variation in slash pine (Pinus elliottii Engelm.)
Some reactions of the 5 perfluoroalkyltetrazoles
Spatially dependent transfer function of nuclear systems by cross correlation methods
The role of sex pheromones in the reproductive isolation of Heliothis species (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
A controlled comparison of two treatments for nocturnal enuresis
Preparation and reactions of partially fluorinated dienes
Kolb's theory of experiential learning compared with the perceived needs of reentry students at large public universities /
Differences in attitudes and educational philosophy of selected and nonselected applicants for public school administrative positions
Structural evolution and electrical conductivity of sintered uranium dioxide
Alpha particle states in light nuclei
Studies in the transduction of a large F-prime, F14, by bacteriophage P1kc
Verbal tangential response patterns in troubled families
The impact of life events on psychiatric symptomatology
Changing animal utilization patterns and their implications
Analytical potential of a selectively modulated interferometric dispersive spectrometer
Modulation and demodulation of RF signals by baseband processing
Comparative ecology and mimetic relationships of ithomiine butterflies in eastern Ecuador /
The effect of racial prejudice on visual depth perception
The relationship between family-marital functioning and chronic illness
The relationship between market price and book value for regulated utilities
Cross reactive antigens and lectin as determinants of host specificity in the Rhizobium-clover symbiosis
Reactions of amine boranes and related compounds: (I) Mechanism of dehydrogenation of dimethylamine borane (II) Synthesis of trimethylamine chloroboranes
Lower bounds to eigenvalues of the Schrödinger equation
A demographic study of the population of North Carolina
Biology and migratory behavior of Agraulis vanillae (L.) (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)
The Temporal passage of mechanical systems through resonance
Money and income in Colombia, 1950-1960
A study of place vs. response behavior, learning and reasoning in the white rat
Effect of a rigid elliptic disk on the stress distribution in an orthotropic plate ..
Kinetics of the liquid phase thermal isomerization of alpha-pinene
Phenanthridine derivatives, part I, and the Catalytic alkylation of amines, part II ..
Selection for 42-day weight in mice on high and low fiber diets
Physical and chemical properties of resistance exhibited by certain genotypes of Arachis hypogea to invasion by aflatoxin producing Aspergillus spp.
Internal control information and audit program revision
The development and validation of self-presentation scales
Effects of a program of father-child and mother-child reading on children's reading readiness
Mechanisms in mosquitoes responsible for variation in susceptibility to infection by Dirofilaria immitis (Leidy), etiologic agent of canine heartworm disease
The effects of oral reading rate and reinforcement on reading comprehension
Personal control beliefs within correctional settings
Emily Dickinson
John Wilson Croker as a literary critic
Computational techniques and performance criteria for the optimum control of nuclear system dynamics
A noncontaminating iterative process for determining the zeros of a polynomial
Fission product degradation and neutron moderating properties of fluorocarbons
Velocity dependent boson exchange potentials and nucleon-nucleon scattering in the Born approximation
The relationship between disruptive behavior and socio-economic status, ethnicity, and sex of the student;
The relationship of job marketability training to the placement success of college seniors /
Interaction specificities of some small molecules and proteins with DNA
A study of the behavioral characteristics of conglomerates
Local elementary school advisory committees
Hemispheric involvement in the perception of synthetic syllables, natural syllables, and "chirps"
Toxicology of aflatoxin B1, warfarin and cadmium in young pigs
Model and identification theory for discrete systems
Modern accounting approaches to capital maintenance and valuation
Amphibians and reptiles of Kibale Forest, Uganda
Load resistance factor design (LRFD) for driven piles based on dynamic methods with assessment of skin and tip resistance from PDA signals
Variation in the endocrine and immune system of juvenile alligators
Whites doing antiracism
Photosynthetic competence of bean leaves with rust and anthracnose
Effects of diesel-water emulsion combustion on diesel engine NOx emissions
Synthesis and Characterization of Latent Reactive Oligo Oxyethylene Carbosilane and Carbosiloxane Carbosilane Copolymers via Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymerization ADMET for Thermoset Materials
Examination of the effects of bottlenecks and production control rules at assembly stations
Ngoma memories
State-society relations on the agricultural frontier
Parallel token processing in an asynchronous trigger system
Design and implementation of a temporal trigger subsystem for the triggerman asynchronous rule processor
Contagious disturbance and ecological resilience
Developmental changes in the linguistic performance correlates of reading disability
Conflict resolution
Lay people's responses to illness
Use of metaphor in on-line advertising
Studies in applied microeconomics
NBA on network television
Truth in photography
A comparative simulation study of Kanban, CONWIP, and MRP manufacturing control systems in a flowshop
Genetic characterization of plant-pathogen interactions between Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria and tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)
Numerical modeling of compaction of particulate systems
Investigation of the construction scheduling communication process
Wireless instant voice messaging using the Internet
Aryloxy tungsten-based classical catalytic systems and group 14 metal-containing dienes in acyclic diene metathesis polymerization /
Privatization and freedom of information: An analysis of public access to private entities
Evaluation and characterization of resistance to tomato mottle virus (ToMoV) conferred by a modified coat protein of ToMoV
Nuclear design analysis of square-lattice honeycomb space nuclear rocket engine
Leptin resistance reduces growth hormone secretion and contributes to the pathogenesis of obesity
Learning to fly
Use of adenoviral vector for studying transport kinetics of green fluorescent protein and inflammation in the facial nerve system of the rat
Processing of solid solution, mixed uranium/refractory metal carbides for advanced space nuclear power and propulsion systems
Estimation of phenotypic and genetic relationships among hip height and productive and reproductive performance in Brahman cattle /
Bridge damage detection using a system identification method
Therisk-spread option in a potential theoretic framework
An architecture for protection of network hosts from denial of service attacks
Abundance, movement and habitat use of Swainson's hawks in their wintering grounds, Argentina
A layered optimizer for mining association rules over relational database management systems
The Role of Caregivers in the Treatment of Childhood Malaria in Turbo, Colombia
The Feasibility of Using Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Wildlife Research
Accurate measurement of three-dimensional natural knee kinematics using single-plane fluoroscopy
Differences in Arrest Patterns Based on Officer Orientation Preference
Solids Accululation Rates for Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems: A Focus on Charlotte County, Florida
Investigation of Laser-Induced Incandescence and Soot Vaporization Using Time Resolved Light Scattering in a Propane Diffusion Flame
Math confidence workshops
An LCAO local density functional approach to surface electronic structure calculations
An exploratory field study involving the effects of supervisory succession on comparative work units /
Pulsed source time resolved phosphorimetry for quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of drugs
Career patterns in health and hospital administration
Iodination of public water supplies
Mood and dreaming
Robotics and radiation hardening in the nuclear industry
An Effective monitoring framework for community based natural resource management
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for the characterization of corrosion and cathodic protection of buried pipelines
Asymmetrically-distributed variations in traveler-perceived travel times in stochastic user-equilibrium traffic assignment
Finite element analysis of debonded sandwich beams under compression
Understanding and simulating spatial soil water and yield variability in an irrigated soybean field
Activity patterns and habitat associations of Kemp's ridley turtles, Lepidochelys kempi, in the coastal waters of the Cedar Keys, Florida
Using neural networks to position live loads on bridge piers
Process induced residual stresses and dimensional distortions in advanced laminated composites
Natives on the electronic frontier
A spatial emergy model for Alachua County, Florida
Evaluation and Combination of Biometric Authentication Systems
Proof of Concept of the Ion Collider in Refrigeration Systems
Effects of the Absence or Presence of Music on Consumers' Emotions towards Product Placement
Timing of climatic factors that may influence potato yield, quality, and potential nitrogen losses in a northeast Florida seepage-irrigated Potato Production System
Connecting Research to Practice: A Case Study
Using multilevel samplers to assess ethanol flushing and enhanced bioremediation at former Sages Drycleaners
The Edwards Hotel: Significance and the Political Landscape of the Deep South
Brevis Furor: The Madness of Poetic Inspiration in Horace's Works
Experiences and impressions of Jamaican students studying at the University of Florida, 1981-1982
Comparing attitudes about forests between young adults in north-central Florida and the Peruvian Amazon
Crystal Structure Determination at the Center for X-Ray Crystallography: A Practical Guide
Analysis and testing of an integrated refrigeration and storage system for liquid hydrogen zero boil-off, liquefaction, and densification
Separation with Electrical Field-Flow Fractionation
Reproductive endocrinology of the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
A library decision support system built on data warehousing and data mining concepts and techniques
Erosional hot spots at Delray Beach, Florida
Hydraulic properties of south Florida wetland peats
Growth and survival rates of wild and repatriated hatchling American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) in central Florida lakes
Spatial structure affects landscape ecology function
A new clustering algorithm for segmentation of magnetic resonance images
A Tool for community-based water resources management in hillside watersheds
A decomposition-based approach to join trigger processing in TriggerMan
Wireless thin client optimization for multimedia applications
Hunting effort analysis in northeastern Peru
A past in their image
Designing and implementing the DTD Inference Engine for the I-Wiz project
Variably saturated three-dimensional rainfall driven groundwater pumping model
A parallel algorithm for distributed minimum variance distortionless response beamforming
Electric-field induced glass phase in molecular solids at low temperatures
An Analysis of the correlations between the attitude, behavior, and knowledge components of environmental literacy in undergraduate university students
Modeling Florida panther movements to predict conservation strategies in north Florida
Residual stress characterization for laminated composites
Molecular characterization of bacteriocin-like activity in tomato race-three strains of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria
Modeling, analysis and optimization of cylindrical stiffened panels for reusable launch vehicle structures
Three-dimensional characterization of maxillary molar displacement subsequent to headgear treatment with respect to time and force of application
An automated software system for brachytherapy source location
A data density reduction algorithm for post-processed airborne lidar bathymetric survey data
Emulated flexible manufacturing facility
Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy for the study of translational diffusion
Conflict detection in Web based concurrent engineering design
Cost-Benefit Theory of Leaf Lifespan Using Seedlings of Tropical Tree Species
Dilemma for Frankfurt-Style Cases, and the Definition of 'Robustness'
Slaves and Planters in Western Brazil: Material Culture, Identity and Power
Puppet Masters: The Object as Performer in Art
Litter Decomposition and Phosphorus Release in Okeechobee Isolated Wetlands
Seasonal and Experimental Effects on Microbial Composition and Dynamics in a Tropical Secondary Forest in the Eastern Amazon, Brazil
Effects of Temporal Distribution of Specular and Diffuse Reflections on Perceived Music Quality
Assessment and Design of Properties for Flowable Fill Usage in Highway Pavement Construction for Conditions in Florida
Looking Latina: Cultural Perspectives on Images and Representations of Latinas in Film, Television and Popular Culture
Performance and Dependability of RapidIO-Based Systems for Real-Time Space Applications
Moisture and Nutrient Constraints to Ecosystem Processes in a Forest Regrowth Stand in Eastern Amazonia, Brazil
Design and Performance of Ultra-Wideband Acquisition Systems
Popular Support for Democracy in Newly Established Democracies: The Case of Peru and the Development of an Alternative Theoretical and Methodological Approach
Abject Americans
Microcredit and Empowerment among Women Cloth Dyers of Bamako, Mali
Gender, Migration and Transnational Identities: Maya and Ladino Relations in Eastern Guatemala
Potential Benefits of Cover Crop Based Systems for Sustainable Production of Vegetables
Roads, Governance and Land Use in the Brazilian State of Acre
Assimilating to Black America: How the Identity Choices of Haitian Immigrant and Haitian-American Students are Impacted by Racial and Economic Segregation
Relationships of Florida Sandhill Lake Soil Parameters with the Capillary Fringe, Oxidation-Reduction Potential, and Air Entry Values
Dynamics of Land Use In an Amazonian Extractive Reserve: The Case of the Chico Mendes Reserve In Acre, Brazil
Determination of Asphalt Mixture Healing Rate Using the Superpave Indirect Tensile Test
The Performance Approach to Construction Worker Safety and Health
Population Dynamics of Oribatid Mites (Acari:Oribatida) on Horse Pastures of North Central Florida
Reassessing the Impact of Institutions on Economic Reform in Brazil
The quantity, characteristics, source and nutrient input of groundwater seepage into the Indian River Lagoon, FL
A Two-dimensional human spine simulation and three-dimensional spine model construction
Developing Methodologies to Evaluate Decentralized Stormwater Best Management Practices in Gainesville, Florida
Family Justice Appraisals and Involvement with Deviant Peers among Adolescents
Sponsorship Advertising: Effects of Source, Narration Mode and Involvement with the Sponsored Activity on Attitude toward the Sponsorship, Attitude toward the Ad and Attitude toward the Sponsor
Structural Insights into the Active Site of Alpha-Carbonic Anhydrases
Maneuvering Control and Configuration Adaptation of a Biologically Inspired Morphing Aircraft
Use of amphibians as ecosystem indicator species
Studies of Lightcone World Sheet Dynamics in Perturbation Theory and with Monte Carlo Simulations
Mechanisms of Protection against Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Novel Guanylating and Imidoylating Reagents
Traffic control in TCP/IP networks
Spinal Mechanics during Drop Landing: Effects of Gender, Fatigue and Landing Technique
Comparison of Two Methods Used to Teach Sixth Grade Students Recognition of Structural Defects in Trees
The Florida Manatee Somatosensory System
Measuring Non-Medical Prescription Drug Use and Associated Risk-Taking Behaviors among Adolescents
Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Section Using the Midpoint Algorithm in Run II at the Collidor Detector at Fermilab (CDF)
Chemical Alteration and Erosion of Polymeric Materials Induced by Exposure to Simulated Low Earth Orbit Conditions
Organic chemistry of transition metals
Techniques for efficiently recording state changes of a computer environment to support reversible debugging
An object-oriented approach for tracking cadastral data in the spatio-temporal domain
An evaluation of bremsstrahlung cross-sections for keV to GeV electrons
Feasibility of sport hunting as a wildlife conservation and sustainable development tool in southern Mexico
Web-enabled interface for an adaptive systems' interactive book
Strongly partitioned system architecture for integration of real-time applications
Florida heart study
A persistent object manager for Java applications
Integrated verification of constraints and event-and-action-oriented business rules
Detecting humans in video sequences using statistical color and shape models
A syntactic analysis of spatial configuration towards the understanding of continuity and change in vernacular living space
Framework for accessing CORBA objects with Internet as the backbone
Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition of Ta-Based Diffusion Barriers Using Tert-Butylimido Tris (Diethylamido) Tantalum Metal Organic Precursor
Aspects of the Invasion and Management of Japanese Climbing Fern (Lygodium japonicum) in Southeastern Forests
JAK2 and SRC Family Tyrosine Kinase Signaling via the Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor
Effect of Stay-Green Ranking, Maturity, and Moisture Concentration of Corn Hybrids on Silage Quality and the Health and Productivity of Lactating Dairy Cows
Microhabitat Relationships for Spotted Sunfish at the Anclote, Little Manatee, and Manatee Rivers, Florida
Using acoustic telemetry to estimate aatural and fishing mortality of common snook in Sarasota Bay, Florida
Testing a Multivariate Model of Personality, Coping and Life Satisfaction in an Athletic Context
Coastal Sediment Budget for Jupiter Inlet, Florida
Neuroendocrine and Performance Responses to Eccentric-Enhanced Resistance Exercise
Influence of Ethylene Suppression and Ripening on Tomato Fruit Color, Firmness, and Volatile Emissions
Problem Solving Styles and Methods of Florida Agricultural Industry Leaders
Improving Rip Current Forecasting Techniques for the East Coast of Florida
Evaluation of Four Low-Chill Peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch) Cultivars in Three Climatic Zones in Florida
Comparison of U.S. and Latin American Clio Award Winning Advertisements
Culture and the Clios: A Comparison of Clio Award-Winning Television Commercials from the United States, the United Kindom, and Australia
Development of a Stereo Vision System for Outdoor Mobile Robots
Prevention of Vertical End Cracks on Prestressed Beams during Fabrication
The Bioinformaticist's Toolbox in the Post-Genomic Age: Applications and Developments
Soil Compaction and Goosegrass Infestation in Bermudagrass Turf
Analysis of heavy construction equipment related fatalities
Reliability-Based Design and Load Tolerance Evaluation Using Stochastic Response Surface and Probabilistic Sensitivities
Processable Variable Band Gap Conjugated Polymers for Optoelectronic Devices
Concurrent Reinforcement Schedules for Problem Behavior and Appropriate Behavior: Experimental Applications of the Matching Law
Digital Synthetic Ripple Modulator for a DC-DC Converter
Efficacy of Early Voting Systems in the United States and Switzerland
Using EMG spectral analysis as a quantitative measure of motor unit recruitment to evaluate stroke motor recovery
Stock Plant Management of Tropical Perennials
Verb-particle nominals in English
Motivations to Grassroots Community Action in the Context of Poverty
Solute-Driven Melting Kinetics in the Sn-Bi System
Convective Instability in Annular Systems
A comparison of the normalized difference and the tasseled cap vegetation indices
Breaking up news--an investment in the online newspaper's future?
Principal component analysis with multiresolution
An optical technique for measuring force between a colloidal particle and a flat surface
A three-dimensional modeling approach to Petri network design and modeling
Multimedia support for wireless CDMA with dynamic spreading
Angiotensin II modulation of neuronal calcium current
Protein translocation on the Delta pH-dependent pathway of chloroplasts
Scheduling garbage collection of JavaVM on embedded real-time systems
Newspaper copy desks in 2000
Enhancing high school student writing skills with Florida biodiversity education
A generalized active agent system for extending the active capabilities of a RDBMS
Systematics and biogeography of selected modern and fossil Dipteronia and Acer (Sapindaceae)
An assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of simulated auto racing performance
Randomized decision trees for data mining
Assessment of the effectiveness of quality assurance construction specifications for asphaltic concrete pavement
Discrimination of an invasive plant, Schinus terebinthifolius, from aerial digital imagery
Genesis of carbon sequestration in subtropical Spodosols
Robotic balance through autonomous oscillator control and the dynamic inclinometer
Visual design versus development
Synthesis, properties, and in vivo evaluation of sustained release albumin-mitoxantrone microsphere formulations for nonsystemic treatment of breast cancer and other high mortality cancers
Diverse localization of 14-3-3 proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
Growth and characterization of green electroluminescent thin films
Comparisons of seed weight and seedling characteristics of diploid and autotetraploid red clover
Architecture and protocols for Sangam communities and Sangam e-services broker
Emergy evaluation of water
Hemodynamics and arterial properties underlying pressure responses to cognitive stress in borderline hypertensives
Managing XML data in a relational warehouse
Effects of 24 hours of exercise withdrawal on mood states of individuals high and low on exercise dependence
Piecing together a gray patchwork
Design and characterization of compliant backplate Helmholtz resonators
Rule warehouse system for knowledge sharing and business collaboration
Wireless/mobile video delivery architecture
Evaluation of RELAP5 reactor core modeling capability
Design and analysis of multivariable predictive control applied to an oil-water-gas separator
The Chronotopic Imagination: Aberrant Times and Figures in Cinema
Finite Element Modeling of the Anthropoid Mandible: Mandible Model, Experimental Validation, and Anthropologic Application
Exhumation and cooling history of the Middle Eocene Anaconda metamorphic core complex, western Montana
Synchronization in Impulse Radio Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems
Dimensional Study of an Interference Fit Allograft
Nineteenth-Century New Orleans and A Carnival of Women
Correction of the Respiratory Motion of the Heart from 4D Myocardial Images
Hyaluronic Acid-Olfactory Ensheathing Cell Compositions for Spinal Cord Injury Nerve Regeneration
Simulation Modeling and Benefit-Cost Sensitivity Analysis for Technology Adoption on Puerto Rico-United States Tomato Supply Chain
Analysis of porosity evolution during low temperature metamorphism of basaltic lavas and implications for fluid flow
Management Capacity and Teacher Satisfaction in Private Juvenile Justice Facilities
Evaluation of a Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Vaccine for the Humane Control of Female Feral Cats
Surface modification of biomaterials by pulsed laser ablation deposition and plasma/gamma polymerization
Manipulability Based Path and Trajectory Planning for Climbing Mode of a Hybrid Mobility Robot
Single-Plane Radiographic Measurement of Mobile-Bearing Knee Motion Using an Unknown Distribution of Markers
Effects of Acute Locomotor Training with or without Baclofen Therapy on Spasticity after Contusion Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Los Fulgores de la Desdicha: Requiem y Conjuro del Ensayo Argentino Contemporaneo (1983 to 2005)
Iridovirus Infections of Captive and Free-Ranging Chelonians in the United States
Dependence of Galaxy Stellar Populations on Density at z=0.3-1.5
Historic Context at Risk : Planning for Tropical Cyclone Events in Historic Cedar Key
Excess Noise in One Dimensional Quantum Nanowires
Validation of stresses caused by thermal gradients in segmental concrete bridges
Characterization of a Marine Turtle Aggregation in the Big Bend of Florida
Estimating Sloth Bear Abundance from Repeated Presence-Absence Data in Nagarahole-Bandipur National Parks, India
Relative Effectiveness of Commmercial Fly Traps and Ammonium Carbonate/Yeast in Catching House Flies (Diptera: Muscidae)
Implementation of Aerodynamic Focusing and Dual-Pulse Configuration to Improve Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Aerosol Particle Sampling Rates and Analyte Response
Computational Studies of the Structure and Function of Metalloenzymes and the Performance of Density Functional Methods
Endoxylanases from Glycosyl Hydrolase Families 5 And 10: Bacterial Enzymes for Development of Gram-Positive Biocatalysts for Production of Bio-Based Products
Relationships between Temperament Type and Perceived Self-Efficacy among Informal Caregivers
I. NADPH Regeneration Sources in Non-Growing, Engineered Escherichia coli Cells II. Old and New Alkene Reductases as Potential Biocatalysts
Effect of Grapefruit Juice on P-Glycoprotein Activity
The Psychological Status of Workers' Compensation Clients and Select Demographic and Forensic Variables
Physical Analysis, Modeling, and Design of Nanoscale Double-Gate MOSFETs with Gate-Source/Drain Underlap
Friction and Wear of Polyethylene in Multidirectional Motion: Quantitave Descriptions of Current Theory
Penalized Maximum Likelihood Methods in Emission Tomography
Development of DRIE CMOS-MEMS Process and Integrated Accelerometers
Divergence Loss for Shrinkage Estimation, Prediction and Prior Selection
Teacher Perceptions of Diagnostic Information Provided by Standards-Based Testing
Boron Interaction with Germanium and Self-Instertitials in Silicon
Influence of Product Design on Information Processing
Growth of Low Work Function Materials Using Aerosol-Assisted Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Polymer-Induced Forces at Interfaces
Comparison of Non-Netallic to Metallic Lath Reinforcement in Stucco Cladding Systems
Molecular Modeling of Biomembrane Deformations--The Role of Lipids
High Resolution Search for Dark Matter Axions in Milky Way Halo Substructure
Effects of Listening to Music as an Intervention for Pain and Anxiety in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients
Improving the Construction Process through Standardizing Daily Logs
Beauty Match-Up and Self-Concept Congruity in Advertising
Aerodynamic flow characterization of micro air vehicles using flow visualization methods
Rotor-Bearing System Dynamics of a High-Speed Micro End Mill Spindle
Thermodynamics of Dehydration and Hydration in Natrolite and Analcime
Growth and Photosynthetic Responses of Australian Subtropical Rainforest Species to Variable Light Environments: Implications for Restoration and Mixed-Species Plantations
Organizational Support for Sexual Minority Adolescents
Frequency Domain Prediction of Surface Location Error in Milling
Sensor-Based Automation of Irrigation in Bermudagrass
Local Ecological Knowledge and Informal Management of Small-Scale Commercial Fishermen of Biscayne National Park
Factors Affecting Botanic Garden Visitation among African Americans
Influence of Time Spent in an Environment and Encoding Strategies on the Environmental Context Change Effect
Assessing external reinforcement on reinforced concrete beams using neural networks
Gallium nitride-based electronic devices
Routing algorithm for distributed Web documents
A new hierarchical clustering model for speeding up the reconciliation of XML-based, semistructured data in mediation systems
A Toolkit for managing XML data with a relational database management system
Heartland 2060 : integrating conservation and development in South Central Florida
Fabrication and characterization of multiple flexible magnetic windings
Intelligent Interface Design for a Question Answering System
Analysis of user interface in medical report generation
Implementation of a Wireless/Mobile Video Delivery System
Achieving dynamic inter-organizational workflow management by integrating business processes, e-services, events, and rules
Source specific query rewriting and query plan generation for merging XML-based semistructured data in mediation systems
Phage display screening and expression in plants of peptide aptamers that bind to PthA
Analysis of Osterberg and Statnamic axial load testing and conventional lateral load testing
Improvement of the camera calibration through the use of machine learning techniques
Thermotolerant Variants of Maize Endosperm Adenosine Diphosphate Glucose Pyrophosphorylase
A Linguistic Introduction to German for the Non-Linguist: An Accompanying Guide to any First-Year Course
Phytoremediation of arsenic contaminated soils by fast growing eastern cottonwood Populus deltoides (Bartr.) clones
Application of The Electron Nuclear Dynamics Theory to Hydrogen Abstraction and Exchange Reactions of H + HOD and D2 + NH3+
Implementation of Distributed Database and Reliable Multicast for Distributed Conferencing System Version 2
PEMOCO: an infrastructure for personal mobile e-commerce for java-enabled phones
Architecture and methodology for storage, retrieval and presentation of geo-spatial information
Evaluation of Dairy Manure Compost as a Peat Substitute in Potting Media for Container Grown Plants
Electron Transport Studies of the Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Calcium Hexaboride
Cryogenic Boiling and Two-Phase Chilldown Process under Terrestrial and Microgravity Conditions
Improved Sample Preparation for the Molecular Detection of Shigella sonnei in Foods
Cross-Layer Design of Networking Protocols in Wireless Local Area Networks and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Combinatorial Decomposition, Generic Independence and Algebraic Complexity of Geometric Constraints Systems: Applications in Biology and Engineering
Using carbon fiber reinforced polymer grids as confinement reinforcement for concrete
Search for Heavy Resonances Decaying into tt Pairs
Life History and Pesticide Susceptibility of Cybocephalus nipponicus Endrody-Younga (Coleoptera:Cybocephalidae) and a Taxonomic Revision of the Cybocephalidae of North America and the West Indies
Assessing the Effectiveness of Systems-Oriented Instruction for Preparing Students to Understand Complexity
Enhancing Heat Transport through Oscillatory Flows
Procedures to Facilitate Discrimination of Picture Cards during Communication Training
Analysis of 2,4-D metabolites in higher plants by gas chromatography
Data Mining Meets E-Commerce: Using Data Mining to Improve Customer Relationship Management
Mitoxantrone-Loaded Albumin Microspheres for Localized Intratumoral Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer
A Technique for Passively Compensating Thermally Induced Modal Distortions in Faraday Isolators for Gravitational Wave Detector Input Optics
Long-Term Evaluation of an Environmental Education Program: Assessing the Impacts of the Golden Lion Tamarin Education Initiative in Brazil
Secure Communication Services for Distributed Conference System
An Ultra-compact antenna test system and its analysis in the context of wireless clock distribution
Medical Knowledge and Functional Assessment in the Everyday Lives of Stroke Survivors
Framework for Scalable Secure Source Specific Multicast
Spatiotemporal Throughfall Characterization of Heterogeneous Forest Communities in the Southeastern U.S.
Using fluorescence anisotropy for sensitive platelet-derived growth factor detection based on molecular aptamers
Knowledge Sharing in Distributed Generic Intrusion Detection Model
Effect of Bisphosphonates On Canine Osteosarcoma Cells in Vitro
Genetic Architecture of Fungal Disease Traits in Loblolly Pine
Psychophysical Evaluation of Sweet Taste Perception in Mice
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Plasticity (Slip) Evolution in Notched Single Crystal Superalloy Specimens
Partners in Prevention of Substance Abuse (PIPSA) Theory of Change: A Formative Evaluation in Implementing Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America's Strategic Planning Framework
Low Voltage, MEMS-Based Reflective and Refractive Optical Scanners for Endoscopic Biomedical Imaging
In Sites: Locating Resistance in Composition
Effectiveness of Product Placement: The Role of Plot Connection, Viewer Involvement, and Prior Brand Evaluation
Spectral Characterization and Transmutation of Actinides in Gaseous Core Reactors
Monitoring Soil Moisture and Soil Water Salinity in the Loxahatchee Flooplain
Phenomenology of Micro Air Vehicle Research
Preliminary evaluation of the use of fast growing trees and cultures for cogongrass control on phosphate mined lands
Ernst Mayr As the Darwin of the 20th Century: Defining a Discipline While Defending a Faith
Identifying Benchmark Competency Criteria for a Rehabilitation Counseling Clinical Supervision Instrument
Analyzing the Placement of Community College Students in English as a Second Language for Academic Purposes (EAP) Courses
Environmental Effects of Implementing Mercosur in Argentina: An Integrated Assessment
Iterative Procedure for Enrichment Zoning of Nuclear Thermal Rockets
In Season and Transition Performance of Ryegrasses and Roughstalk Bluegrass under Golf Course Fairway Conditions
Destination Message Design on Travel and Tourism Information Web Sites
To Have and Have Not: Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing in the Florida Keys
Creative strategies in El nuevo herald
Farm problems, solutions, and extension programs for small farmers in Cañete, Lima, Peru
Investigations of the chemical compatibility of rhenium with uranium dioxide at elevated temperatures
Mixed surfactant systems to control dispersion stability in severe environments for enhancing chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of metal surfaces
Notification services in a distributed conferencing system
Building intelligent market places with software agents
Conflict detection and resolution during restructuring of XML data
Effect of pin reinforcement on buckling of delaminated sandwich beams
Crown structure, growth performance, nutritional characteristics, and their genetic parameter estimates in juvenile loblolly and slash pine
Interaction of non-ideal surfaces in particulate systems
Finite element modeling of Florida soil with the PENCEL Pressuremeter
Arterial Stiffness and Endothelial Dysfunction in Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Compact Muon Solenoid Discovery Potential for the Minimal Supergravity Model of Supersymmetry in Single Muon Events with Jets and Large Missing Transverse Energy in Proton-Proton Collisions at Center-of-Mass Energy 14 TEV
New Behavioral Paradigms to Study Taste-Quality Generalization and Discrimination in Rats
African American teachers' perceptions of special education referral
Grade Level Inclusion Meetings How Dialogue Shapes Teacher Problem and Response Constructions
Molecular Regulation of Eicosanoid Metabolism in the Inflammatory Response
Computational Modeling of Glow Discharge-Induced Fluid Dynamics
Three-Dimensional Marker-Based Multiphase Flow Computation Using Adaptive Cartesian Grid Techniques
Flapping and Fixed Wing Aerodynamics of Low Reynolds Number Flight Vehicles
Fairness of Orange County and Hillsborough County School Impact Fees
RAAV Mediated Modulation of Parkin in the Rat Basal Ganglia
Efficient Approaches to Integrated Requirements Planning Problems in Supply Chain Optimization
Self Sensing Spaces
Measured Hurricane Wind Pressure on Full-Scale Residential Structures: Analysis and Comparison to Wind Tunnel Studies and ASCE-7
Study of Reaction Pathways and Kinetics in Cu(InxGa1-x)Se2 Thin Film Growth
Growth of Gallium Nitride and Indium Nitride Films and Nanostructured Materials by Hydride-Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Dissecting Emotion: Towards a Functional Neuroimaging Probe for Affective Disorders
CARMA: Management Infrastructure and Middleware for Multi-Paradigm Computing
Improving Utilization and Availability of High-Performance Computing in Space
Multi-Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics with Interfaces
Genotypic and Forest Management Effects on Size-Density Fractionation of Soil Carbon in a Forested Spodosol
Effect of Reduction Treatment on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fluorite Oxides
Synthetic Control of Order in Soluble Dioxythiophene Polymers
A Study of the Behavior, Ecology, and Control of Flower Thrips in Blueberries Towards the Development of An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program in Florida and Southern Georgia
Dynamics of Colloidal and Polymeric Suspensions via a Fluctuating Lattice-Boltzmann Model
The Mandala in Western Gardens through History
An Adaptive planning framework for situation assessment and decision-making on an autonomous ground vehicle
Layout Techniques for Phase Correct and Gridded Wiring
Constructed Ambivalence: Contradictions within the Race Discourse of White College Students
Burrows of Semi-Fossorial Vertebrates in Upland Communities of Central Florida: Their Architecture, Dispersion, and Ecological Consequences
Influence of Gadolinium as a Dopant in III-Nitride Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors
Hysteretic Modulation for Point of Load Application
Tandem mass spectrometry for the identification and quantitation of tryptolines (tetrahydro-beta-carbolines) in rat brain extracts
The calculation of limits of detectability and optimum conditions for atomic emission and absorption flame spectrometry
Biological and physical investigations of bodies of water beneath dense water hyacinth populations before and after chemical treatment /
Event history processing in an active distributed objects system
Multifrontal algorithms for sparse inverse subsets and incomplete LU factorization
Implementation of NCL
Simulation-based approach for decision making and route planning
A Workflow management and simulation system and its supporting object-oriented knowledge base management system
Approximate minimum degree column ordering algorithm
Dynamic framework for subdivision surfaces
Enhanced techniques for timer trigger processing
Addendum to "Enhanced algorithms for timer trigger processing" (UF CISE Department Technical Report TR-99-015) concerning issues related to updates that take place at timer boundaries
Temperature and Vacuum Ambient Effects on the Cathodoluminescent Degradation of Sulfide-Based Thin Film and Powder Phosphors
A Code Generation Approach to Support Dynamic Workflow Management
Information retrieval and answer extraction for an XML knowledge base in WebNL
(Semi) Automatic wrapper generation for production systems by knowledge inference
Integrated alerting for structured and free-text data in TriggerMan
Efficient Object Recognition Using Color Quantization
Models of computation for performance estimation in a parallel image processing system
Mining and visualization of association rules over relational DBMSs
Cell adhesion
An outbreak of fungal dermatitis and stomatitis in a wild population of pigmy rattlesnakes, Sistrurus miliarius barbouri, in Florida
Equilibrium properties of polymer solutions at surfaces
Performance modeling and evaluation of topologies for low-latency SCI systems
Monte Carlo simulations for estimating uncertainty in GIS-derived base flood elevations arising from positional errors in vector data
Public relations education and the public relations profession
Testing a decision making model for nursing
A Web based distributed medical record and imaging entry and visualization system
Ecosystems, sociocultural systems, and ecological economics for understanding development
Environmental Education and Conservation in southern Ecuador: Constructing an Engaged Political Ecology Approach
Transgenic arabidopsis ADH/GFP reporter gene produced for studying space biology telemetrically
Verb meanings and their effects on syntactic behaviors
User preferences in an interior multiuse space as related to community enhancement in a college of law
A Study On Role-Based Access Control
Accuracy of response surface approximations for weight equations based on structural optimization
Spectrum and Properties of Mesoscopic Surface-Coupled Phonons in Rectangular Wires
Landscape ecology of apiculture in the Maya area of La Montana, Campeche, Mexico
Web agent programming model
Sputter Deposition of ZnO Thin Films
Characterization of the HSP70 protein homolog (HSP70h) of citrus tristeza closterovirus
Development of a neural networks model to predict the diauxic lag length
Ecosystem-sim: A virtual ecosystem simulator
Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods
Buffer Management in Tone Allocated Multiple Access Protocol
Resource and Requirement Schemas Applied to Auctioning in a Computational Market
Our common house
Selling American art
Congressional reform and its institutional consequences
Semi-automatic ontology-based knowledge extraction and verification from unstructured document
Self-organizing features for regularized image standardization
An investigation of the use of metaphor in the rubeTM paradigm
Two-level optimization of composite wing structures based on panel genetic optimization
Active Mode Power Management for mobile devices
Consumers' beliefs in product benefits
Adaptive control of the propagation of ultrafast light through random and nonlinear media
Decentralized ad-hoc groupware API and framework for mobile collaboration
On the LU factorization of sequences of identically structured sparse matrices within a distributed memory environment
Contribution of modulus to the contact guidance of endothelial cells on microtextured siloxane elastomers
A Cost-Benefit Evaluation Server for Supporting General Decision-Making
Performance of Lactating Holstein Cows Fed Catfish Oil
Power Aware Public Key Authentication for Bluetooth
Azimas: Web Mobile Agent System
Land Cover Mapping: A Comparison Between Manual Digitizing and Automated Classification of Black and White Historical Aerial Photography
Three Essays in Corporate Bond Contract Design and Valuation
Simple Multi-Agent Cooperation: An Approach Based on Predator-Prey Modeling
Formulation of a Rip Current Forecasting Technique Through Statistical Analysis of Rip Current-Related Rescues
Alignment advertising
The Political Effects of Disaster and Foreign Aid: National and Subnational Governance in Honduras After Hurricane Mitch
The Psychophysics of Salt Taste Transduction Pathways
Naturally Occurring Sarcocystis Infection in Domestic Cats (Felis Catus)
Thirst and Sodium Appetite in Mice: Angiotensin, Brain Fos, Blood Plasma Hormones, and Fluid Intake
Computing a Maximal Clique Using Bayesian Belief Networks
Design and Implementation of An Ultrasonic Position System for Multiple Vehicle Control
Exploring the Leisure of Mothers Who Are Living in a Homeless Shelter
Exploring Hybridity in Flora Annie Steel's On the Face of the Waters and the Law of the Threshold
Development of An Alpha Silicon Carbide Based Liquid Toner for Electro-Photographic Solid Freeform Fabrication
Analysis of tensegrity-based parallel platform devices
At the Crossroads of Culture: The Intersection of Interlanguage, Residual Modernism, and Nomadic Hybridity in Bei Dao and Ezra Pound's Modernist Poetics
A Dsp-Based Computational Engine for a Brain-Machine Interface
Magneto-Structural and Magneto-Optical Studies of Prussian Blue Analogs
Multiscale Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Modeling Voltage Potential
Cosmological Perturbations and Their Effects on the Universe: from Inflation to Acceleration
Habitat Selection and Foraging Success of Wading Birds in Impounded Wetlands in Florida
Relationships Between Medication Levels and Depressive Symptoms in Older Individuals
Some aspects of dynamic strain aging in the niobium-oxygen system /
A communications model of democratic political development in the United States
Performance of normals and retardates on Piaget's conservation tasks
Corings in the category of rings
An investigation of the potential for the use of organic fertilizer on small, mixed farms in Costa Rica
The optimization of energy recovery systems
E. E. Cummings : the meaning of the sonnets
The multivariate one-way classification model with random effects
Changes in detectability of direction and motion associated with saccadic eye movements
Age-group responses toward the young-adult, middle-aged, and elderly in Athens, Greece /
Psychophysiological correlates of self-esteem
Host infectivity spectrum of Sarcocystis neurona and Sarcocystis falcatula
Phylogeny and biogeography of Elatostema (Urticaceae) from Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Effect of glaze coatings and pressure-heat processing on short-term soft denture liners
Characterization of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene of citrus tristeza closterovirus
Virtual thin client
Effects of glucosamine and chondroitin on the viscosity of synovial fluid in patients with osteoarthritis
Design and implementation of a host-based and event-based detector
XML Schema inference with XSLT
A computational atomistic model of radiation damage to DNA
Effects of antioxidant, chloroquine and noise exposure on auditory brainstem response threshold and distortion product otoacoustic emission amplitude in guinea pigs
Emergy perspectives on the Argentine economy and food production systems of the Rolling Pampas during the twentieth century
Jaguars, pumas, their prey base, and cattle ranching
Effect of a computerized help resource on the lexical inferencing ability of English as a second language (ESL) learners during contextualized reading
Encoding and Fourier descriptors of arbitrary curves in 3-dimensional space
A lightweight collaborative API for ad-hoc mobile computing
Optimizing thin clients for wireless computing via localization of keyboard activity during high network latency
Collateral sprouting of unmyelinated primary afferents lacking receptors for nerve growth factor
A generalized approach for extending the active capability of RDBMSs
Exercise adherence in employee exercise programs
Large-scale distributed services
Effects of recombinant adeno-associated virus encoding leptin on body weight regulation and energy homeostasis
Adaptive control of lasers and their interactions with matter using femtosecond pulse shaping
Three-dimensional representation of evolving interfaces in computational fluid dynamics
Pediatric Head Trauma: Cerebral Perfusion Pressure as An Indicator of Outcome
Integration of Business Events and Rules Management With the Web Services Model
Performance of 'Gale' With Semantically Neutral Sentences
Potential Interaction of Cysteine Rich Intestinal Protein With a Protein Partner and Their Regulation in Immune Cells
Silicon Carbide Schottky and P-I-N Rectifiers
Chuck Chonson: American Cipher
Characterization of Mutations in the Terminal Repeats and Capsid Proteins of the Adeno-Associated Virus Type-2
And He Honoured at Hit Hade Euermore After
Fracture and Residual Stress Characterization of Tungsten Carbide 17% Cobalt Thermal Spray Coatings Applied to High Strength Steel Fatigue Specimens
In Another Place, Not Here: A Reappropriation of Caribbean Nationalism
Analysis of airborne laser-scanning system configurations for detecting airport obstructions
Convergence among the states of India in the time period from 1980 to 1999
Deposed Kings
Directed Evolution of a Sulfoxidation Biocatalyst
Iron and Nitrate Assimilation in Blueberries (Vaccinium Spp.)
A Biomechanical Comparison of the Front and Rear Lat Pull-Down
Drishti, Integrated Indoor/Outdoor Navigation System and Service
The Efficacy of Leadership Development, Critical Thinking Dispositions, and Student Academic Performance On the Critical Thinking Skills of Selected Youth Leaders
Quantitative Fracture Analysis of Etched Soda-Lime Silica Glass: Evaluation of the Blunt Crack Hypothesis
The Effects of Epistemic Style On Therapy Preferences
A Tale of Two Stroops in Traumatic Brain Injury
Consequences of Nesting Date On Nesting Success and Juvenile Survival in White Ibis
Service-Learning Education: A Philosophical Clarification
Algorithm and implementation for extracting semantic information from legacy application code
Geospatial Analysis of Vegetative Characteristics Associated With Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Habitat in a Pine Flatwoods Ecosystem
Finite Element Analysis of Slip Systems in Single Crystal Superalloy Notched Specimens
From the Periphery to the Center: An Emotional Perspective of the Elaboration Likelihood Model
Evaluation of the Displacement Discontinuity Method With Tessellations to Simulate the Indirect Tension Strength Test
Depression and Illness Intrusiveness as Predictors of Quality of Life Among Implantable Atrioverter Defibrillator Recipients
Subsurface Stresses in Anisotropic Cylindrical Contacts
Gossip-Based Failure Detection and Consensus for Terascale Computing
Body Condition Factor Analysis for the American Alligator (Alligator Mississippiensis)
Comparative Analysis of Vapor Compression and Hybrid Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification Systems
Behavior and Design of Grouted Anchors Loaded in Tension Including Edge and Group Effects and Qualification of Engineered Grout Products
Investment, Classroom Contexts, and Learning Opportunities of Four Cuban Refugee Women in Their First English-to-Speakers-of-Other-Languages (ESOL) Learning Experiences
Simulation of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Methylmercury Concentration within Channel Banks and Surface Waters of the Carson River, Nevada
Wall color of patient's room: effects on recovery
History and the Construction of Hierarchy and Ethnicity in the Prehispanic Tarascan State: A Syntagmatic Analysis of the Relacion de Michoacan
Dynamic Analysis Techniques for Quantifying Bridge Pier Response to Barge Impact Loads
Planar Vehicle Tracking Using a Monocular Based Multiple Camera Visual Position System
Insitu Measurement of Florida Limestone Modulus and Strength Properties
Sublethal Effects of Sodium Nitrate on Developmental Rate and Body Length in Southern Toad (Bufo terrestris) Tadpoles
Comparative Analysis of Speech Intelligibility in Church Acoustics Using Computer Modeling
Ubiquitous file system protocol
Mass Spectroscopy Applied to Gas Leak Detection and Fuel Ionization
Comparisons of Cosmetic Advertisements: Strategies for Cultural Adaptations in Women's Magazines in Taiwan
Porcine Model of Inflammatory-Mediated Visceral Hypersensitivity
Disruptions and Desire in Psychoanalysis and Children's Books: Adam Phillips and Chris Van Allsburg
The Social Context of Participation: Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and the Creation of a Marine Protected Area In Bahia, Brazil
Geometric Bin Packing Algorithm for Arbitrary Shapes
Path Planning for Nonholonomic Vehicles and Its Application to Radiation Environments
Diegetic Stance and its Role in Role Playing Games: An Examination of Schema Development and Narrative Application in Digital Interactive Fiction
An Evaluation of the Advanced Placement Program in Environmental Science
Dynamic Torsional Shear Test for Hot Mix Asphalt
The Characterization of Freckle Casting Defects in Directionally Solidified Nickel-Base Superalloy Turbine Blades
Data Structures for Dynamic Router Table
Applying Database and Ontology Design Techniques to a NASA Biological Research Repository
Multimedia Communication with Cluster Computing and Wireless WCDMA Network
Hurricane Data Collection Hardware and Software: Improvements, Maintenance and Development
An XML-based diagrammatic dynamic modeling and simulation system
Effects of Organization-Public Relationships and Product-Related Attribute Beliefs on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention: Using Relationship Theory and Expectancy-Value Model
Design and Characterization of an Intensity Modulated Optical MEMS Microphone
Pathways of Oxidative Damage to Skeletal Muscle after an Acute Bout of Contractile Claudication
Molecular Dynamics Studies of Thin Film Nucleation and Substrate Modification
Data Structures for Static and Dynamic Router Tables
The Design and Fabrication of an Omni-Directional Vehicle Platform
Effects of Grade Level and Target Status on the Acquisition of Knowledge of Problem-Solving Strategies in a Universal Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention
Effects of the Melanocortin Agonist Melanotan II, Central Pro-Opiomelanocortin and Interleukin-6 Gene Therapies on the Regulation of Body Weight and Energy Homeostasis
The Meaning of Environmental Ethics in J. G. Bennett's 'The Dramatic Universe'
Studying Patterns and Correlates of Recidivism
Benefitting a City: Women, Respectability, and Reform in Spokane, Washington, 1886-1910
Examining the Normative Aspects of Public Participation in Community Planning: A Case Study of the Big Bend Scenic Byway
Potent Anorexic and Lipopenic Effects of Central Leptin Gene Therapy Are Blocked by Diet-Induced Obesity: Evidence for Impaired Leptin Receptor Expression/Signal Transduction in Obesity and Reversal by Caloric Restriction
Determination of Uranium Concentration in Water by Microsample X-Ray Analysis (MXA)
HIV-1 Based Viral Vector Development for Gene Transfer to the Cardiovascular System
Exploring Factors Influencing Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Adoption
Leadership in the Cooperative Extension System: An Examination of Leadership Styles and Skills of State Directors and Administrators
An Information-theoretic approach to sonar automatic target recognition
Integration of Ground-Penetrating Radar, Geographic Information Systems, and Global Positioning Systems for 3-Dimensional Soil Modeling
Urban lakes and waterbirds
It's Great to Be a Florida Gator: Fans Negotiating Ideologies of Race, Gender, and Power
Design and Analysis of a Dynamically Reconfigurable Network Processor
Effect of Nitric Oxide (No) On Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Rats
Effect of Within Field Location of Host Plants and Intercropping On the Distribution of Microtheca Ochroloma (Stal) in Mizuna
Bilateral Asymmetries in Flexibility, Stability, Power, Strength, and Muscle Endurance Associated With Preferred and Nonpreferred Leg
Neonatal Endotoxin Exposure and Alcohol Intake of Mice in Early Adulthood
Field Study of the Rotary Desiccant System Using the Cromer Cycle
Signing and Validating Contracts in Open Computation Exchange and Arbitration Network (Ocean)
Bait preferences and toxicity of insecticides to white-footed ants Technomyrmex Albipes (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
Electrical Communication Between Solid State Electronics and Biochemical Systems Using a Nanomaterial/Nanoelectrochemical Strategy
Predicatbility of the Voice Handicap Index Relative to Acoustic Measures of Voice
Svat Calibration of Point and Regional Scale Water and Energy Dynamics
Functional Vs Isokinetic Fatigue Protocol: Effects On Time to Stabilization, Peak Vertical Ground Reaction Forces, and Joint Kinematics in Jump Landing
Second-Order Schedules of Token Reinforcement: Combined Effects of Token-Production and Exchange-Schedule Manipulations
Diva-Data Warehouse Interface for Visual Analysis
Training and motivation
Anthropogenic Burning in the Okavango Panhandle of Botswana: Livelihoods and Spatial Dimensions
Neopaganism: A Twenty-First Century Synthesis of Spirituality and Nature
Locating Ethnic Context: Mother's Characteristics and Child Mortality in Trinidad and Tobago
Compression Library for Palm Os Platform
Ambulatory blood pressure biosituational feedback and systolic blood pressure estimation
And She Was Loved: Trauma and Testimony in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon
Efficient Transduction and Targeted Expression of Lentiviral Vector Transgenes in the Developing Retina
Multi-Scale Modeling of the Slurry Flow and the Material Removal in Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Sustainable Design and Construction Strategies for Research Building Typologies
Binding, kinetics, and cellular processing of ovine interferon tau and the type I interferon receptor
A practical realization of parallel disks for a distributed parallel computing system
Contact Fatigue Mechanisms as a Function of Crystal Aspect Ratio in Baria-Silicate Glass-Ceramics
Experimental Investigation of An Ammonia-Based Combined Power and Cooling Cycle
Curiosity, Opportunity, and Agency: Understanding Divergent Patterns of Adolescent Tobacco Use
The effects on credibility, attraction and attitude of reward and distraction through violations of personal space expectations /
College attendance plans for graduates of Protestant high schools in the South
Creating prime-time product placements : NBC's Parks and Recreation, Parenthood, and Community
Anodic stripping voltammetry at a glassy carbon electrode for the determination of platinum species derived from cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II)
Development of an ACR Appropriateness Criteria database
Instant messenger for collaborative learning environments
The Roles of the Malaysian Government and Private Sectors in the Development of Music Education
Interactions Among Unit Price, Fixed-Ratio Value, and Dosing Regimen in Determining Effects of Repeated Cocaine Administration
Topology optimization under stress constraints
Multiple Vehicle Positioning Simulation and Optimization
Infrared Emission Comparison Between Half-Stack and Full-Stack Zns: Ref3 Actfel Devices
Differential capacity of stainless steel in potassium chloride solutions during potentiostatic and galvanostatic polarization
Laser-excited atomic fluorescence in a graphite furnace
Heterosis and additive breed effects on feedlot and carcass traits from crossing Angus and Brown Swiss
The Operas of Peter Cornelius
The Portrayal of older adults in basal reading textbooks of the 1960s and 1980s
Ground vibration testing of airplane pylon-store dynamics using laser doppler vibrometer and accelerometer techniques
Documenting dodern and ancient methane release from cold seeps using deep-sea benthic foraminifera
Voltage-clock scaling and scheduling for energy-constrained real-time systems
Genetic variation in Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. dieffenbachiae
Relationship of motivations, decision making, and satisfaction in museum visitor behavior
Fast Fourier Transform Implementation Using Field Programmable Gate Array Technology for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Systems
Silica-Titania Composites for Water Treatment
Extended Production Integration for Construction (Epic): An Integration System for Building Construction
MDC: A Mobile Data Collection System for Pocket Pc
Access control model for distributed conferencing system
Development of the Knight Foundation Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics and its Impact on collegiate athletics: 1989-2001
Neuronal fiber tracking in Dt-Mri
A Comparison of the acoustic correlates of focus in Indian English and American English
Moderate murine dietary zinc deficiency and zinc supplementation modulate specific thymic mRNA abundances in Vivo: results from cDNA array analysis and differential display screening
Luminosity and mass functions of very young stellar clusters
Architecting Rube Worlds: a methodology for creating virtual analog devices as metaphorical representations of formal systems
The radiological health significance of cardiovascular special procedures
Low order observer design via realization theory
X-ray structural studies of some group VIII compounds with catalytic implications
Incremental plastic stress waves in aluminum and copper rods under axial quasistatic preloading
Developmental composition in college
Pentagonal bipyramidal complexes of first-row transition metals
Memory consolidation as a function of sleep and the circadian rhythm
The Automated design of linear intergrated circuit amplifiers
The Inverse optimal linear regulator problem
The Reactions of nitrogen and sulfur oxides in air
Stationary analysis and optimality conditions for (o,S) policies in multi-commodity inventory control problems by Nabil S. Faour
Developing research skills for educational program planning in Honduras: process and product
An Analysis of the non-verbal social behavior of a child in a kindergarten setting, by Jerome R. Freund
France, Great Britain, and the international sugar bounty question, 1895-1902
Christian and pagan elements in the works of Tristan L'Hermite
Systems analysis of U. S. management strategies in the Gulf of Mexico shrimp industry
Speaker identification as a function of fundamental frequency and resonant frequencies
Tensor methods in the representation of SU(2)
The Structure and interrelationships of the self-concept of the child and those of his mother, parent educator and teacher
Comparisons of the perceptions of social interactions of clinic and non-clinic children
Patterning of psychological type, interpersonal understanding, and marital happiness
Generalized reliability methods for systems with standbys
On the theory of cyclic viscoplasticity
Trading system design and implementation in OCEAN (Open Computation Exchange and Arbitration Network)
Alternative models of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
Transport characteristics of epitaxially grown InAs₁₋ₓPₓ
The Sensitivity of two beam transmission electron microscope images to the structure of small crystal defects
The Effects of an educational planning unit on eighth-grade students
Dynamic versus static testing
Biodegradation of selected phenolic compounds in a simulated sandy surficial Florida aquifer
Mississippian period community organizations on the Georgia Coast
Optimization of signal-to-noise ratios in analytical spectrometry
Material specific hemispheric activation
Operating strategies and related performance evaluations for a moving merge control system
Life cycle and epidemiology of Amblyospora sp. (Microspora: Thelohaniidae) in the mosquito Culex salinarius Coquillett
Morphology, development, and ultrastructure of Termitaria snyderi Thaxter
Depositional behavior of cohesive sediments
Personality factors and stress ratings of life changes in a college population
The Uptake of free fatty acids from sea water by a marine filter feeder, Crassostrea virginica
Cognitive differentiation:
Effects of elevated turbidity and nutrients on the net production of a tropical seagrass community
Energy basis of disasters and the cycles of order and disorder
Diving or drowning?
A multi-genre analysis of Melville's Pierre:
Designing and implementing a surface modeling system
Algorithms for external beam dose computation
An Enhanced secure online relational database application
Church-state relations in education in Argentina since 1943
A nonrecursive simultaneous-equation model for problem drinking
The Host-parasite relationship of Graphognathus spp. larvae and Neoaplectana dutkyi
Investigation of deep level impurities (oxygen and chromium) in bulk gallium arsenide and Au-GaAs Schottky diodes
Hydrogen labeling of some heteroaromatic carbon acids
Effect of suspended fine sediment on equilibrium local scour depths
The Role of Interleukin-12 in the pathogenesis of Sendai virus-induced airway disease
Statistical modeling and segmentation of sky/ground images
An Implementation of an ultrasonic indoor tracking system supporting the OSGI architecture of the ICTA lab
Noncommutative field theories, solitons and superalgebra
Understanding microindentation in bone
Revisiting Stonehenge: Marriage, Masculinity, and Burney's Sentimental Hero in the Wanderer
Floristic Inventory of Morningside Nature Center, Alachua County, Florida
Localization and Expression of Et-1 Receptors in the Normal and Glaucomatous Dog Eye
Standards-Based Infrastructure for Dynamic Extension of Network Management Service Using Mobile Code
A Comparison of caffeine and pemoline models of self-injury in rats
Structural transitions of the vortex lattice in anisotropic superconductors and fingering instability of electron droplets in an inhomogeneous magnetic field
The Extent to Which American Children's Folk Songs Are Taught by General Music Teachers Throughout the United States
Nonuniform Space-Time Codes for Layered Source Coding
Design, Construction and Implementation of a Web-Based Database System for Tumor Suppressor Genes
Benthic Mapping of Coastal Waters Using Data Fusion of Hyperspectral Imagery and Airborne Laser Bathymetry
A Translator writing system for a Java oriented compiler course
Metabolic Alterations of Free and Protein-Bound Biotin in Rats During Dietary Biotin Manipulation and Endotoxin Exposure
Radio Business On the World Wide Web: A Content Analysis of Terrestrial and Internet-Only Radio Stations in the United States
Multi-Scale computation in hemodynamics
Potential for remote sensing to locate the ordinary high water line in Florida: a case study of Lakes Hatchineha and Kissimmee
Implementation of a parallel program, program generator
Real-World evaluation of mobile phone speech enhancement algorithms
Speculating a sustainable future: science fiction and the pedagogy of ecological literacy
BLUESIM: A Bluetooth LAN access profile simulator
Two-port electroacoustic model of a piezoelectric composite circular plate
Skeletal dosimetry: a hyperboloid representation of the bone-marrow interface to reduce voxel effects in 3D images of trabecular bone
GEMS: Gossip-Enabled Monitoring service for heterogeneous distributed systems
A Framework for reliable multicast protocol
Characterization of the University of Florida air-water shear-layer facility
Diffusion of an innovation: the electronic portfolio project in the college of education
Towards a real-time implementation of loudness enhancement algorithms on a motorola DSP 56600
The Effects of various stabilizers on the mouthfeel and other attributes of drinkable yogurt
Optical and transport properties of conjugated polymers and their application to devices
Protein synthesis and myosin heavy chain mRNA in the rat diaphragm during mechanical ventilation
Microbial Cr(VI) reduction: role of electron donors, acceptors, and mechanisms, with special emphasis on Clostridium spp.
The Internet as a public relations tool: study of Korean practitioners' perception
Revising captivity narratives
A Dynamic data/currency protocol for mobile database design and reconfiguration
Computer controlled detection of people using adaptive ellipsoidal distributions
Orthodontic Psychosocial Impacts
Robust Nonlinear Attitude Control With Disturbance Compensation
Socio-economic impacts of community forest management in rural India
Systematics and biogeography of flying squirrels in the Eastern and the Western Trans-Himalayas
Preference reversal and the estimation of indifference points using a fast-adjusting-delay procedure with rats
Reduction in pre-tetinal neovascularization by ribozymes that cleave the A2b receptor mRNA
Framing analysis of the New York Times and Le Monde following the attacks of September 11
Clinical evaluation of the Prophy-Jet in routine plaque debridement of orthodontic patients
Advanced polymeric burnable poison rod assemblies for pressurized water reactors
Characterization of quantum well infrared photodetectors by analysis of noise spectral density
Do People Brace Sensibly? Risk Judgments, Outcome Importance, and Risk Prevalence
Placement of brands of alcohol in 'teen' movies: a qualitative analysis of perceptions and attitudes of high school students
A Multiple-station experiment to examine the close electromagnetic environment of natural and triggered lightning
Physical nature of light-emitting centers in spark-processed silicon
Effectivness of the concrete reinforcing placement inspection process
Efficient group membership algorithm for ad hoc networks
Science Intervention Programs for Southern Black Students: A Cluster Evaluation and Two Proposed Models
Transformations of the (silver) screen
Understanding homonegative attitudes through sex, race, and gender role ideologies
"He Might Have Read Between the Lines": dissonant identity in the early works of John Oliver Hobbes
Environmental Fate of Lead in Florida Shooting Range Soils
Polyhedral organelles involved in the B12-dependent metabolism of 1,2-Propanediol in Salmonella Enterica Serovar Typhimurium Lt2
Tell me more: adding narrative schema to the Rube simulation
Evaluation of Largemouth Bass Exploitation and Potential Harvest Restrictions at Rodman Reservoir, Florida
Hemodynamic Parameters of Patients With Treated Hypertension and Coronary Artery Disease
Regional landscape analysis and reserve design to conserve Florida's biodiversity
Resident perspectives of ecotourism as a tool for community-based development: case ctudy of Arroyo Surdido, Samana, Dominican Republic
There and back again: a brief survey of wordless picturebooks
Development of specification criteria to mitigate top-down cracking
Natural language parsing and representation in XML
Portrayal of school shootings by American newspapers
Computational modeling: the effects of motion on total knee replacements
Prediction of slip systems in notched FCC single crystals using 3D FEA
Use of an evapotranspiration model and a Geographic Information System (GIS) to estimate the trasvase system in the Santa Elena Peninsula, Guayas, Ecuador
Finite element analysis of a laboratory soil box test facility for evaluating the structural response of concrete pipe
High pressure and temperature dependence of thermodynamic properties of model food solutions obtained from in situ ultrasonic measurements
Interorganizational cooperation in uncertain environments: the case of food aid management
Chemical tracing and analytical and mass-balance modes of pore water circulation in the Banana River Lagoon, Florida
Chemically derived ceramic composites
A new approach to motor calculus and rigid body dynamics with application to serial open-loop chains
Energy systems and inertial oscillators
CPA personality profiles and their relationship to organizational size
The relationship of violations of receiver expectations and resistance to persuasion
A Sociological analysis of spiritism in Brazil
Electron spin resonance of collision complexes
The Thermodynamic pressure in superfluid helium and its implications for the phonon dispersion curve
Monologue in the Tristan of Thomas
Topological means
Bilateral consensus in doctor-patient transactions
An Analytical and experimental study of blood oxygenators and pulmonary mass transfer in liquid breathing
Ascent and return: the redemptive voyage of Poe's hero
Generalizations of the Vitali-Hahn-Saks and Nikodym theorems
John A. Logan:
Reusable Template Library for Parallel Patterns
Birth order effects and fluid/crystallized intelligence
Temperature dependence of jet swell and material functions in polymer melt systems
Alternative modes of self-enhancement
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' The Yearling:
Delayed coincidence spectroscopy of fission fragment excited gases
Physical aspects of mixing in coagulation control
A study of the optimum number, sizes, and locations of wastewater treatment facilities in Alachua County, Florida
An Exploratory study of the influence of country of origin on the product images of persons from selected countries
Conduction mechanisms in low breakdown voltage silicon P-N junctions
Design and implementation of minimum time computer control schemes for start-up of a double effect evaporator
Analytic and numerical transport techniques in energy-dependent past neutron wave and pulse propagation
Synthetic and mechanistic studies of 3, 3-dimethoxycyclopropene
The Effect of resource investment programs on labor employment
Comparative ontogeny of Thelebolus, Lasiobolus, and Thecotheus (Pezizales, Ascomycetes)
The Pathogenicity and interrelationship of Pratylenchus coffeae and Phythium splendens on Chinese evergreen
The Host-flea relationships in a sylvatic plague endemic region of the southwestern United States, with special studies on some new approaches to plague control
Numerical calculation of the response of coastal waters to storm systems-with application to hurricane Camille of August 17-22, 1969
Micromorphology and genetic interpretations of selected Colombian andosols
Value orientations and modernization in two Colombian cities
Finding the N most vital links in flow networks
An Introduction to the Laud Troy Book
An Analogue study of the effects of therapists' level of functioning on co-therapists' level of functioning and activity level within a multiple therapy situation
Strongly bounded, finitely additive vector measures and weak sequential compactness
Noise in phototransistors
On Borsuk's paste job and related topics
Behavioral effects of dextran-induced intravascular aggregation of red blood cells (sludge) in the rabbit
Effect of molybdenum and copper in forage on nitrate reduction in ruminants
Synthesis and reactivity in the cyclobutene series
The Structure of economic theory and the goals of scientific analysis
An Investigation of some magnetically anomalous cobalt (II) complexes
The Theory and application of a continuous source in atomic absorption flame spectrometry
Personality determinants in attitudes toward disability
Repression-sensitization and psychological adjustment
Patient-therapist need compatibility and expectation of psychotherapeutic outcome
Discrete system sensitivity and variable increment optimal sampling
Autoxidation of industrial wastes with oxygen
The Aftermath of the Trujillo dictatorship
A Study of eye dialect
The Synthesis of minimum phase transfer functions by zero sharing
A Balance sheet for the nation:
Marketing Florida Asparagus plumosus ferns
Tolerances of certain citrus seedlings to free water in soil
Variation in floral fragrances and pollinators in the Gongora quinquenervis complex (Orchidaceae) in central Panama
Thermal effects in stellar pulsations
Continuously adaptive M-estimation in the linear model
The physiological and biochemical constraints on activity in spiders
Molecular orbital treatments of the aquo and ammine complexes of iron, cobalt and nickel
Chemical and electrical properties of grain boundaries in polycrystalline silicon
Phase resolved phosphorimetry
Product energy distributions in bimolecular reactions
The Effect of corrective and signal feedback on academic performance
Perceptual and acoustic analyses of selected voice and resosnance qualities
Correlates of volunteer performance in a suicide prevention/crisis intervention service
Biology and hybridization of Apantesis phalerata (Harris) and A. radians Walker in Florida (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) /
A Test of clinical versus actuarial prediction
A Floristic study of the attached algae of Lake Mize, Florida
On some minimax location problems using rectilinear distance
Factors affecting fertility of selected brown sand soils of Guyana
An Experimental analysis of clinical judgment
Changes in ribonucleic acids in citrus fruit with growth and development
Energy transport in the three-dimensional, harmonic, isotopically disordered crystal
The Effects of visual feedback from a chart upon the rate of academic performance of junior and senior high school students
The Effect of expectancy, reinforcement value, and skill vs. chance situations on a simple performance task
The Evolution of microstructure during sintering of UO₂ and its effect upon mechanical and thermal properties
Gas exchange and metabolism in the Sirenidae (Amphibia, Caudata)
The Effects of rate of point reinforcement on human preference behavior
An Analysis of vocalizations of three species of east African cercopithecidae
A Study of the effect of examiner race on individual intelligence test scores of black and white children
Photoelectric study of EE Aquarii and AE Phoenicis
Vector measures and stochastic integration
A Computer-based corporate modeling system
Synthesis of charged and neutral boron-containing heterocyclic systems
Toward a resource planning model for community hospitals
Factorial determinants of urban policy
Effects of composted municipal refuse on plant seed germination and soil organisms
Response of tomato fruits to certain growth regulators with emphasis on pectolytic enzymes, cellulase, and ethylene
Cellular mechanisms of beta radiation inhibition of corneal wound healing /
The American Christian press and pre-war Hitler's Germany, 1933-1939.
The Influence of distribution and ecology on the thermoregulation of small birds
Intermolecular interaction for polar and nonpolar molecules correlated with properties of gases
Effects of story enactment and teacher-led discussion on preschool children's story comprehension
High frequency transmit-receive phased array coil for head and neck MR neuroimaging at 3 tesla
Ion pair structure and beta-carbon stereochemistry in the anionic oligomerization of vinyl pyridines /
A comparative study of cooperation in voluntary and statutory consortia
The Federal Trade Commission's activities in the area of deceptive trade practices
The Conceptualization of political violence
Prediction of wave forces from nonlinear random sea simulations
Comparative social changes in Florida, the Southeast and the United States since 1930, by Stanley A. Clark
The Anatomy of the cell envelope of a marine vibrio examined by freeze-etching
Trends in the proton NMR spectra of some amine-haloboranes
In vitro acetylation of histones in rat liver chromatin
The Effects of certain growth regulating chemicals on the maturity of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum mill.)
A Study of institutional forces concerned with financial accounting in the United States, utilizing the annual reports of the United States Steel Corporation as reference points
Ensemble characteristics of visual evoked cortical potentials in noise
An Analysis of spontaneous and conditioned eyelid response magnitude in Macacca mulatta
Self-and cross-incompatibility in black cherry (Prunus serotina)
Optimal policies for queuing systems with periodic review
Optimal allocation of the Florida citrus industry's generic advertising budget
Convertible securities - debt or equity?
Subglottal pressure measures during vocal fry phonation
A Sociological study of the relations of man to the land in Nicaragua
A Methodology for selecting among water quality alternatives
T.S. Eliot's 'Raid on the inarticulate'
Racial discrimination in housing
The Inhamuns
Peruvian local government
The Life style of Alfred Tennyson
The Cumulative effects of bupivacaine epidural anesthesia and obstetric variables on neonatal behavior
A Multiple-factor analysis to identify underlying dimensions of multiple indicators of quality
Moral judgment
Thermal expansion and isothermal compressibility of solid nitrogen and methane
A Conceptual model of institutional goal-setting in a public institution of higher education
Low frequency noise sources in bipolar junction transistors
Orientation of the gopher tortoise, Gopherus polyphemus (Daudin)
Early and current management theorists, a comparative functional analysis
Parent involvement in the composing processes of kindergarten children
Determination of aldicarb by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with short capillary columns
Tissue protein and energy deposition in steers fed diets with different urea fermentation potentials (UFP)
Job satisfaction among female nurses
The relationship of administrative theory to the identification of governance issues in state community college systems /
Investment management and the computer; limitations and prospects
Some structure theorems for topological machines
Children's judgments of personality on the basis of voice quality
Studies of the systematics and reproductive cycles of the genus Lepidochelys
An Entrepreneurial discretion model
"Sermo de die iudicii"
The Syntheses of derivatives of iminosulfur difluorides
Radio frequency gas chromatographic detectors
A Taxonomic revision of the genus Chamaesyce (Euphorbiaceae) in the Caribbean
The Relationship of imitation to intelligence and scholastic achievement of Negro and White first grade pupils in integrated classes
Waveform analysis of geographic patterns recorded on visible and infrared imagery
The Democratic Labor Party of Trinidad
Support for reform among congressional democrats, 1897-1913
The Evolutionary significance of certain behavioral, physiological, and morphological adaptations of the old-field mouse, Peromyscus polionotus
Analysis of crystal growth of high temperature materials in a plasma furnace
Coupling reactions of fluoroalkyl iodides
The Use of a mathematical model in the computer control of an industrial distillation tower
A Concept of management development
The Corporate image as it reflects firm self-conception and affects patronage motives
Implicativity and irreducibility in orthomodular lattices
A Study of the reactions of some nitrogen and phosphorus bases: (I) with triethylaluminum; (II) with chloramine
Synthesis and some reactions of some diamino- and triaminophosphonium chlorides
An Experimental study of frequency modulation of the laser by the Zeeman effect
The Purification and properties of a hexokinase from the corn scutellum
A Web Services Flow Language (WSFL) engine for the enactment of composite web services
An Architecture for a certified service provider (CSP) to collect sales and use tax from online commercial transactions
Natural history and factors that influence population structure in the banded coral shrimp (Stenopus Hispidus)
Relationships between worker participation in work management and characteristics of healthy personality
Dispersion of 5 MHz zero sound in superfluid ³He near T subscript c in magnetic fields
Verbal behavior in group psychotherapy
Ion beam-plasma interactions
Financial and investment management policies of title insurance companies
The Scattering of low velocity neutral particles
Theme and structure in Housman's A Shropshire lad
A Histochemical study of embryo development in Vanda (Orchidaceae)
A Study of some salts of 2,2-diphenylcyclo-propyldiazonium hydroxide
The Politics of council-manager government in Ohio
Bounds on reliability for binary codes in a gaussian channel
Lower bounds to the eigenvalues of Hamiltonians by intermediate problems
Nonlinear analysis of a space-charge-wave amplifier
Escape learning and "vicious circle" behavior under partial and continuous reinforcement
Sainthood in the theater of Lope de Vega
Motion of a flexible hydrofoil near a free surface
Post-irradiation development of chromosomal damage in seeds
The Application of linear economic models to marketing
Midbrain reticular stimulating and generalized drive
The Jacksonian movement in American historiography
A Kinetic study of the chlorination of unbleached kraft pulp
The Preparation and reactions of some fluorocarbon acylamino compounds
American air service observation in World War I
Projective convexity
Geotropism and transport of indoleacetic acid in normal and ageotropic Zea Mays L.
Asphalt Monomer reactions
A Study of the Geolycosa pikei complex in the southeastern United States
Some effects of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on the carbohydrate methobolism of etiolated corn seedlings
Personality factors related to underachievement in college freshmen of high intellectual ability
A Study of homing in the cotton mouse, Peromyscus gossypinus
A Study of a linear ordinary second order differential equation with five regular singular points
Importance of organic color, bacterioplankton and planktivore grazing in structuring ciliated protozoan communities in subtropical lakes
An experimental investigation of the rheological properties of various polystyrene composites
Monte Carlo simulation of indirect damage to biomolecules irradiated in aqueous solution--the radiolysis of glycylglycine
Surface properties and flow behavior of foams in relation to fluid displacement in porous media
The Effects of initially high error tasks on short term learning for mildly handicapped students
A Social history of Ouro Prêto
The Light curves of W Ursae Majoris systems
The differential impact of death on family stress levels as determined by stage of the family life cycle
Renaissance mnemonics, poststructuralism, and the rhetoric of hypertext composition
The effects of graphing calculators and a model for conceptual change on community college algebra students' concept of function
Cognitive factors associated with depression in Presbyterian (USA) clergy
A survey of genetic counseling professionals in the southeastern United States : actual versus perceived roles
The Relationship of teacher praise to teacher orientation and their relationships to students' perceived competence, intrinsic motivation, and achievement
Music as a prior condition to task performance
Son-Rise program expanded main bar
A Study of the effects of diffusion and kinetics on the spatial distribution of products created by electron deposition /
Schools, community, and change
Exact unconditional tests for 2x2 contingency tables
The Use of income as a measure of school district fiscal capacity
Realization theory of infinite-dimensional linear systems
The Problems of implementing Florida's teacher education centers
An Impact analysis of audit reports of selected Florida public community colleges /
Immunologic responses in Florida native sheep experimentally infected with Haemonchus contortus
A Proposed radical-chain pathway for photoinitiated reductive-dehalogenation and substitution reactions of hetaryl and aryl halides in methanolic methoxide /
Public Health policy and mortality in Latin America
Peruvian costumbrismo - 1830-1870
Market structure and economic analysis of the Florida sweet corn industry
The Preparation and polymerization of certain diunsaturated phosphorus containing monomers
Language patterns of repressors and sensitizers in personal and impersonal descriptions
Use of N15-tagged urea-formaldehyde in nitrogen availability studies
The Compact open topology for a space of relations and certain monotone relations which preserve arcs, pseudocircles and trees
A Study of accidental degeneracy in Hamiltonian mechanics
Some interpersonal conditions of effective psychotherapy
The Effect of cobalt 60 gamma rays on the biology of the eye gnat Hippelates Pusio Loew
Social self and the social desirability motive
New methods of computing radial distribution functions of fluids
Decameter-wavelength radio observations of the planets in 1962
Catalytic reactions of aliphatic alcohols over thorium oxide
Image interpretation for fields produced by high frequency line currents over finite conducting media
Nuclear magnetic resonance study of the trifluorovinyl group
Extinction of conditioned inhibition
Psychophysical method and phoria as variables determining apparent movement
Atomic fluorescence flame spectrometry as a means of chemical analysis
Temporal variability and pre-morbid adjustment in schizophrenia
The Use of complex variables for solving certain elasticity problems involving intersecting boundaries
Military intervention and civilian reaction in Chile, 1924-1936
Emission spectrochemical determination of residual trace elements in sponge copper powders
Host-parasite relations of the fungus Dothidella ulei P. Henn on the Hevea rubber tree
A Study of molecular compound formation between dinitrogen tetroxide and some sulfur-containing Lewis bases
Studies on the in vivo and in vitro growth of trypanosoma cruzi
Les Adaptations théâtrales et cinématographiques de l'oeuvre d'Honoré de Balzac aux Etats Unis
A Counterexample to the bounded orbit conjecture
Factors contributing to the herbicidal resistance of Black titi (Cliftonia monophylla)
Characteristics and application of a laser ionization/evaporation source for tandem mass spectrometry
Variability in the estimation of item option characteristic curves for the multiple-category scoring model
The Synthesis and characterization of reversed phase stationary phases for high performance liquid chromatography
The Temporal dimension of Jungs' psychological typology
Non-Linear neural networks for modeling and online segmentation of non-stationary ventilatory signals
A Micromechanics method to predict the fracture toughness of cellular materials
Multifidelity global design optimization including parallelization potential
Does the elicitation of self-explanation of correct and incorrect solutions improve college students' problem solving abilities?
Java source code analysis tool
Constraint-based brokering for publishing and discovery of web services
Religion, war, and changing landscapes: an historical and ecological account of the yew tree (Taxus Baccata L.) in Ireland
Relationships between zooplankton abundance and age-0 black crappie abundance and size at three productive Florida lakes
The new vocationalism: a Deweyan analysis
Applications of laser scanning and imaging systems
Network algorithms for supply chain optimization problems
Optimizing integrated production, inventory and distribution
Foramen is Tougher than drilled hole in equine third metacarpus
Estimating multimedia instruction performance based on workload characterization and measurement
Chemical modification of silicone elastomer for controlled biological interactions on microtextured surfaces
Control strategies for supercavitating vehicles
The Use of information technology by county extension agents of the Florida cooperative extension service
A Time-base asynchronous readout CMOS image sensor
Multimedia delivery in a wireless environment
Polyvinylpyrrolidone modified bioactive glass fibers as tissue constructs: synthesis, characterization, and rat mesenchymal stem cell response
Hydraulics and stability of mulitple inlet-bay systems: St. Andrew Bay, Florida
Algorithms for reduced content document synchronization
Comparative ecology of two sibling species of wolf spiders (Araneae, Lycosidae)
The scribal art of textual transmission
A Comparison of certain experiences by life stages of selected groups of self-actualzied, modal, and low-functioning college students
Class and region in Argentina;
The Feasibility of computerized precision assessment of elementary mathematics skills
The Quixotic novel from the point of view of the narrative
The Effects of self-recording upon nonverbal reasoning performance for elementary school students
Reason and the unity of experience
Some effects of cold stress on the morphology and electrophysiological function of the retina of the goldfish
Union discipline and its implications for the individual and for management
Longshore current and sediment transport
Some contextual effects on the perception of synthetic vowels
Speaking in Florida on the issues of presidental reconstruction, 1865-1867
Modeling and characterization of advanced bipolar transistors and interconnects for circuit simulation
Guidelines for the evaluation of learning resource centers in the community college
Concurrent academic predictors of spelling performance of third grade children
Myology of the limpkin
The Effects of a vocational exploration group program with incarcerated youths
Form and myth in three novels by Iris Murdoch: The Flight from the enchanter, The Bell, and A Severed head
Deprotonations of ternary iminium salts
A Study of the effects of counseling practicum supervisor offered facilitative conditions on supervisee self-exploration
Perceptual reactance as predictive of self-image discrepancies
Dynamic response of a wetting liquid enclosed in a rotating tank in a zero-G environment and subjected to various disturbing forces
The Clash between formalism and reality in the Brazilian civil service
Structural evolution in nickel during annealing subsequent to hot deformation
Heat of reaction of processing asphalt
A Taxonomic study of the sauritus group of the gartersnakes, genus Thamnophis Fitzinger
Stress distribution of a rotating limaçon
The Conflict between the body and the soul as a metaphor of the moral struggle in the Middle Ages
The Effectiveness of creative problem-solving in reducing the aggression of emotionally handicapped middle school children
Age-related differences in articulatory physiology among adult females
The Effect of postmortem electrical stimulation on the texture of hot-boned, chill-boned, and age-boned broiler breast fillets
The Role of semiochemicals in the behavior of the horn fly, Haematobia irritans (L.), (Diptera: Muscidae)
The Effects of secondary sewage effluent on the water quality, nutrient cycles and mass balances, and accumulation of soil organic matter in cypress domes
Economic strategies and changing environmental systems in a Brazilian Amazon community
The Construct validity of the holistic writing score
Cancer deaths in the aged
Reconectando el rio Tunjuelo : reconnecting the River Tunjuelo
Urban forest planning
An Algorithm and implementation for extracting schematic and semantic knowledge from relational database systems
Ideological rhetoric : systemic arguments on war and peace in high school American history textbooks
The Adelantamiento of Florida: 1565-1568
A Descriptive study of three methods of programming flash cards
The Ethics of speech in the plays of William Wycherley
Black and white single parents' attitudes toward traditional family relations
Dasheen mosaic virus of cultivated aroids and its control by seed propagation and culture of shoot tips
The Analytical dynamics of the woodpecker problem
Investigation of interface properties and hot carrier degradation effects in silicon-on-insulator materials and devices
Influence of applied potential, fluid velocity, pH and temperature on formation of calcareous deposits under impressed current cathodic protection
Life history patterns of three estuarine brittlestars (ophiuroidea) at Cedar Key, Florida
Maintenance and suppression of responding under concurrent schedules of electric-shock presentation
A New method of analysis based on room temperature phosphorescence
The Pleistocene avifauna of the Talara tar seeps, northwestern Peru
Phytoplankton community structure and primary productivity in two Florida lakes
An Experimental analysis of the paper-reinforced bar pressing behavior of the golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)
5 beta-cholestan-3 beta-ol an indicator of fecal pollution
Categorical embeddings and linearizations
The Effect of institutionalization on the social behavior and language of mentally retarded children
Ecology, economics and behavior of the fall armyworm in field corn
Characterization of protein secretions by the porcine uterus and their relationship to reproductive physiology
Investigations concerning the thermal alteration of silica minerals
Charles Wentworth Dilke as a literary critic
Efficiency of two operant procedures in building fluency in dressing skills of profoundly handicapped children
The Effects of pretraining clients to increase the in-counseling frequency of affective and concrete verbal behavior
Inducers of expectancy for positive therapy outcome in a military setting
Growth, reproduction and survival of some marine copepods subjected to thermal and mechanical stress
Spectroscopy of fission fragment excited atmospheric pressure argon and xenon plasmas
Avenues of cooperation between three state agencies responsible for post high school education
An Econometric analysis of the Florida grapefruit industry
An Investigation of the turbulent mixing of parallel two-dimensional compressible dissimilar gas streams
The Beef cattle industry in the Roraima Savannas
Genetic and environmental factors associated with milk yield in beef cattle
Eimeria tenella: comparative pathology and lesions of experimental infections in bacteria-free specific pathogen-free and conventional chickens
Regional phonological variants in Louisiana speech
The Reactions of thiolate, alkoxide, thioethe and carboxylate chelate complexes of cobalt (III) with chromium (II)
Reactions of reduced sulfur compounds with ozone
An Experimental study of two strategies for modifying impulsivity of children ages eight through eleven
Economic effects of trade policies on the shrimp fisheries of the United States and the Latin American nations
Differentiation, integration and performance in selected Florida hospitals
Love's Mirror and the aesthetics of devotion
On ties in triple comparisons
The U.S. Armed Services' examination of their role, 1945-1950
Some correlates of empathic counseling behavior of Episcopal clergymen
Attribution of responsibility and assignment of sanctions for violations of positive and negative norms
A Genetic study of apholate-resistance in Aedes aegypti (L.)
Natural compactifications of lattices
Metabolic rates in spiders
The Anomalies of hospital organization
Some implications of the experience factor for managerial accounting
James Buchanan
Satellite-derived surface temperatures and their relationships to land cover, land use, soils and physiography of North-Central Florida
Analysis of the magnetohydrodynamic flow of a fissioning gas in a disk MHD generator
Sugar transport in the maize scutellum
Theorems for finite automata
The Military reform in the viceroyalty of Peru, 1762-1800
Biblical, liturgical and classical allusions in The Merchant of Venice
Fluoride removal from wet-process phosphoric acid reactor gases
A History of the Cotton Producers Association
Annual reproductive cycle of the male pocket gopher (Geomys pinetis)
Effects of human relations training on the personal, social, and classroom adjustment of elementary school children with behavior problems
The Distribution of Hotelling's generalized To²
The Christian vision of Pope's Eloisa to Abelard
The Effect of diethylstilbestrol and methyltestosterone on the growth, carcass characteristics, and nitrogen retention of growing swine
Narative perspective in the short stories of Ernest Hemingway
Dietary factors affecting blood spot incidence and changes in the vascular system of the hen
Acquisition and reversal of a two manipulanda differentiation in sham, neocortically, and hippocampally lesioned rats
A Comparative analysis of some measures of change
Analytical studies of selected Jovian decametric phenomena
Relationship of resistance in maize (Zea mays L.) to two related species of Pyralidae: Dia traea saccharalis (F.) and Zeadiatraea lineolata (Wlk.)
Hart Crane's poetics and The Bridge
A Sociological analysis of man-land relations in Central America
The Functional relationship of Manaus to the Amazon basin
The Influence of fixe-ratio schedules of reinforcement on acquisition and resistance to extinction of the instrumentally conditioned GSR
The Theme of individuation in the short stories of Ernest Hemingway
An Involution of period seventeen
Relaxation training with children
Alight and arise
Apiary investigations
Relation of phenolic compounds to germination of peach seeds
Cohomology for normal spaces
The Sanchez Cerro regimes in Peru, 1930-1933
Velopharyngeal mechanism:
Ordering and the K-state in nickel-molybdenum alloys
The Parliamentary activity of trade union MP's, 1959-1964
John Vanbrugh's The Relapse
Laurence Sterne and the tradition of Christian folly
Interpersonal themes in encounter group process as a function of style of leadership
Effects of weather on orange supplies
The Old English Rune poem, an edition
The Relationships between role conflict, satisfaction and the dropout potential of college students
Computable functions
Modification of flowering, sex expression and fruiting of selected cucurbits by growth-regulating chemicals
The Effect of ozone inhalation on the frequency of chromosome aberrations observed in irradiated Chinese hamsters
The Effects of observer age and type of task on the imitation of adult and peer models
Nuclear magnetic resonance in metals
Information retrieval from moiré fringe patterns in thermal strain fields
A Study of Rhymers' Club poetry
A Study of various measurement bases and their effect on periodic income determination
Images and image symbolism in metaphysical poetry with special reference to other-worldliness
Undernutrition of growing male chickens and its relationship to sexual development and reproductive performance
A Study of the effects of thiamine on children with speech non-fluency
The Bases of humor in the contemporary Spanish theatre
The Effect of the relaxation response on the positive personality characteristics of paraprofessional counselors
The Services provided to students in residence halls as a function of the organizational structure of housing
Beef cattle management systems for the southeast
Structure and composition of the aquatic invertebrate community inhabiting epiphytic bromeliads in south Florida and the discovery of an insectivorous bromeliad
The Relationship between perceptual characteristics and counselor effectiveness ratings of counselor trainees
Radiative transfer in circumstellar dust
Nonlinear anlysis of dynamic stability of elastic shells of revolution
Jonathan Swift and the stage of the world
The Disinfection of public water supplies with elemental iodine
The Influence of affect-stimuli on subsequent performance
Pope and the stage metaphor
A Multivariable atmospheric dispersion model
Zinc-65 uptake in a two-step marine food chain
Shelley and his twentieth-century detractors
Comparative study of the acoustical behavior of Phaneropterinae (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae)
Synthesis, polymerization, and properties of certain aliphatic tetraenes
A Study in the oxidation of Kraft black liquor
The Natural history of the red-tailed skink, Eumeces Egregius Baird
Effects of amendments on soil properties and on growth of bermuda grass on putting greens
An Analysis of the Wechsler intelligence scale for children with institutionalized metal defectives
Reactions of butylamines over alumina catalysts
On the formation and collimation of an axially-symmetrical hollow electron beam
The Preparation and properties of vinyl and glycidyl fluoroethers
Problem-solving by mature rats as conditioned by the length, and age at imposition, of earlier free-environmental experience
Determining instructional reading level
Thermodynamic investigations upon carbenium ions derived from pyridyldiphenylmethanols--free and complexed
Factors affecting the measurement and utilization of xanthophylls in the egg yolk and broiler skin
An Experimental treatment program on the amelioration of shyness in children
Nuclear and cytoplasmic nucleic acid synthesis in Acetabularia
Genus Aedes, subgenus Aedimorphus Theobald in Southeast Asia
A Study of creep in lightweight and conventional concretes
Cesium-137 and other gamma radioactivity in the Florida environment
Taxonomy and bionomics of the nematode genus Butlerius
Dewatering of domestic waste sludges by centrifugation
A Theoretical and experimental study of neutron wave propagation in moderating media
The Last battle:
The Role of technology in the failure of the rigid airship as an invention
Microbial ecology of anaerobic terminal carbon mineralization in Everglades soils, with emphasis on sulfate-reducing prokaryotic assemblages
Inverse radiosurgery treatment planning through deconvolution and constrained optimization
Propagation of neutron waves through heterogeneous multiplying and nonmultiplying media
Removal of low-level radioisotopes from waste water by aerobic methods of treatment
The Use of the Bible in Milton's epic poems
DNA Separation and sequencing by Electric Field-Flow Fractionation (EFFF) in a microchannel
Controlled atmospheres for air pollution studies
Joseph Priestley on language, oratory, and criticism
The Effect of trace minerals on cellulose digestion as studied in the artificial rumen
Effects of sound transmission in an aqueous and air environment on infant motor behavior
Some correlates of attitudes toward women among undergraduate males
Multielement atomic fluorescence flame spectrometry
Host microflora relationship of vectors of canine heartworm disease
Field investigations of the short wave modulation by long waves
Domains of Greek letter tau-holomorphy on a Banach space
The 1864 Florida federal expedition
Graph and combinatorial algorithms for geometric constraint solving
The Evolution of Lekking: insights from a species with a flexible mating system
Nesting and mating decisions and their consequences in the Baya Weaverbird Ploceus philippinus
Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Enhancement of Inflammatory and Regulatory Cytokine Production and Humoral Responses
Improving the performance of Escherichia coli KO11 during the fermentation of xylose to ethanol
New compounds for cancer research: the synthesis and metabolic study of isotopic derivatives of fluorene
Decomposition and inversion of convolution operators
Turbidity currents and sedimentation in closed-end channels
Infrared intensities of water and water dimer
Productivity and herbivory in high and low diversity tropical successional ecosystems in Costa Rica
Vocabulary acquisition strategies and vocabulary performance of students in four allied health professions training programs
An Analysis of light variations of RS Canum Venaticorum binary systems
Esophageal and physiological effects of stress and relaxation
Biology of diffusible pollen wall compounds
A Free operant analysis of programed insturction performance with reading disabled children
Counselors' goals and roles to assist older persons in federally supported programs
Professional women today
A Comparison of personality traits and job satisfaction between non-managing professionals and managerial personnel
Fiscal federalism in Brazil
Queues with balking and their application to an inventory problem
Comparison of osmoregulation in two species of the genus Fundulus
Decomposition of torsion theories
An investigation of the Cannot Say scale of the group Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
Effects of a complex cognitive strategy on locus of control for students with learning disabilities
Some environmental correlates of foreign market service strategies
Adapting the flow of resources concept to the business enterprise
Utilization of non-protein nitrogen by ruminants consuming a low quality forage
The Epidemiology of common fears and diffuse phobias:
The Microstructural evolution of aluminum during the course of high temperature creep
Sectoral trends in employment and shifts in the Phillips curve
A Systems analysis of optimal manpower utilization in health maintenance organizations
Mechanistic, model compound, and copolymerization studies of the 4-substituted-1,2, 4-triazoline-3,5-dione ring system
Automatic computer generation of solution precedures to large sets of nonlinear simultaneous equations via GENDER
Optical reflectivity measurements on alloys by compositional modulation
A Critical evaluation of comparative financial accounting thought in America 1900 to 1920
Biochemical basis of acidity in citrus fruits
The Cytopathology of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus in Aedes triseriatus (SAY)
Solvolysis kinetics of the methylamineboranes
Aelfric's "The Forty Soldiers" an edition
Left-right concept acquisition
Selected Piagetian tasks and the acquisition of the fraction concept in remedial students
Saturated atomic fluorescence as a diagnostic tool for flames and plasmas
The Legacy of plantation America
Within the moral eye
Nonparametric analysis of bivariate censored data
Effects of a volunteer tutor program on self-esteem and basic skills achievement
Interaction of urban stormwater runoff
Energy basis of a coastal region: Franklin County and Apalachicola Bay, Florida
The Relationship between self-concept and academic achievement among gifted elementary school students
A Delay-Efficient Rerouting Scheme for Voice Over Ip Traffic
Design and Implementation of a Policy-Based Intrusion Detection System - Generic Intrusion Detection Model for a Distributed Network
Gender, Culture Change, and Fertility Decline in Honduras: An Investigation in Anthropological Demography
Design and Implementation of Sketcher - User Interface for a Geometric Constraint Solver
Solving Real-Life Transportation Scheduling Problems
Microfabricated Silicon Microchannels for Cell Rheology Study
Dynamic compression of asphaltic glasses
The Effects of statistical information on clinical judgement
Design and implementation of an intelligent primitive driver
Neutron wave propagation in a heavy water, natural uranium, subcritical assembly
Model reference adaptive control of a nuclear rocket engine
The Sleep need:
Movement and transformations of urea-N in three forest soils of the Southeastern Coastal Plain
Karst Topography as an influence on land use in west central Florida
Behavior charting as an adjunct to the dyadic counseling relationship
The Organic matter budget and energy flow of a tropical lowland aquatic ecosystem
Groundbased and spacecraft studies of Jupiter at decameter and hectometer wavelengths
Association between student reliance upon no-penalty retaking of module tests and final examination scores
The Relation between whole-nerve and unit responses of the auditory nerve (alligator lizard)
Requirements for a model of customer environmental behavior and a theory of customer environmental perception
Students' cognitive styles as indicators of success with an audiovisual-tutorial instructional package in typewriting
Translation of potyvirus RNA in a rabbit reticulocyte lysate
The Ingress of Pseudomonas alboprecipitans Rosen into sweet corn (Zea mays saccharata (Sturtevant) Bailey) in relation to stomatal aperture and infection court
Attraction of insects to odorant sources in a warehouse
A Projected Hamiltonian approach to polyatomic systems
Metal complex facilitated transport and activation of molecular oxygen
A Comparison of cypress ecosystems in the landscape of Florida
Treatment duration and efficacy of coupled motor recovery protocols
Comparison of conventional culture methods and the polymerase chain reaction for the detection of Shigella spp. on tomato surfaces
Multitrouting behavior in stream control transmission protocol
Management intensity effects on animal performance and herbage response in bahiagrass pastures
Degenerative joint disease of the hip in cats: imaging, pathologic, and in vitro studies
The Performance of a reactor using photocatalysis to degrade a mixture of organic contaminants in aqueous solution
Extracting semantics from legacy sources using reverse engineering of Java code with the help of visitor patterns
Identification, characterization, and soil mite vector relationships of Pseudomonas marginata (McCulloch) Stapp
Implementation patterns for parallel program and a case study
Help thy neighbor: a study of bystander intervention in emergencies
An OSGI based infrastructure for smart homes of the future
Risk management techniques for decision making in highly uncertain environments
Maximum independent set and related problems, with applications
Ease in compostion studies
Effects of oral carbamazepine administration on biotin metabolism in rats
An Evaluation of dosing methods and effects of p,p'-DDE and dieldrin in Florida largemouth bass (Micropterus salmiodes floridanus)
Webs of resistance
Interaction of lightning with power distribution lines
Effects of feeding citrus pulp supplements on the performance of growing beef cattle
Polymer silicate and magnetic polymer nanocomposites: processing and characterization
Microhabitat preference of the introduced gecko Hemidactylus turcicus in an urban environment
Analysis of neonatal heart rate variability and cardiac orienting responses
Laboratory rip current circulation using video-tracked lagrangian drifters
Global pptimization algorithms for adaptive infinite impulse response filters
Web-based search engine for radiology teaching file
Determination of patient-specific functional axes through two-level optimizations
Molecular characterization of the rabbit HK[alpha]2 gene
Phosphorus removal and soil stability within emergent and submerged vegetation communities in treatment wetlands
Bandwidth-aware video transmission with adaptive image scaling
Reimplementation of the Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) department website ssing a content management system
Religion and politics in films about the Vietnam War
Social factors of cigarette smoking initiation among undergraduate college students
Divergent pathways: an analysis of racial differences in risk of retirement and work disability among African American and white women in the labor force in later middle-life
The Impact of heuristic cues on the effectiveness of threatening appeals
A Radiation dosimetry model for radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies : b Indium-111 labeled B72.3-GYK-DTPA for colorectal cancer
Fluctuations in systems far from equilibrium
Polymerization studies of 4-substituted-1, 2, 4-triazoline-3, 5- diones and synthesis of model compounds related to triple strand polymers
Yield physiology of peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)
The effect of high temperature on the free amino acids of common pea (Pisum sativum L.)
The Effect of positive and negative administrations on intelligence test performance
The Effect of value on the perception of distance
The Relationship between insect mineral content and radiation sensitivity
Spectrum loading and multidimensional sliding of PTFE with a pin-on-flat tribometer
Effect of gas composition and carbon activity on the growth of carbon nanotubes
The Effects of prenatal cocaine exposure on attention and reading: a longitudinal study
Bias and objectivity in the Cold War reporting of Marguerite Higgins
Longitudinal examination of disordered eating correlates in collegiate female gymnasts
Biochemical characterization and action of connective tissue growth factor and its receptor in corneal scarring
Distribution of Gulf of Mexico Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi) in relation to environmental parameters and the distribution of benthic invertebrates in the Suwannee River Esturary, Florida
Information theoretic self-organization of multiple agents
Flammability of native understory species in pine flatwood and hardwood hammock ecosystems
Co-channel interference suppression for OFDM systems
The Effect of a patellofemoral knee brace on quadriceps muscle activity
Jobsite security on commercial construction projects
Biological activity and therapeutic applications of intracellular interferon gamma and interferon gamma mimetic peptides
Speaking in our own tongues: language and conversations between african based creative theory and Western based traditional theory towards a theory of womanist dramatic discourse
Implementing update extensions to XQuery 1.0
Economic development and integration
Effects of soil temperature gradient on growth and carbohydrate and nutrient element levels in three warm-season turfgrasses
Activation analysis of trace elements in serum
Alternative decouplings of the electron propagator
Access to sexually transmitted disease services in Duval County, Florida
The Isle of Pines, Cuba
Notation and performance of avant-garde literature for the solo flute
Parent participation in the school system
Modality related performances in educationally handicapped children
Evalulation of sustained release of antisense Oligonucleotide from Poly DL (Lactide-Co-Glycolide) microspheres targeting fibrotic growth factors CTGF and TGF-Beta1
Elementary interns' knowledge and implementation of accommodations for diverse learners
Sensory and quality aspects of fresh-cut tomatoes as affected by stage of ripeness and postharvest treatment with 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP)
Jobsite security in residential construction
Optimization approaches in risk management and financial engineering
Effect of the Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase 677C to T Polymorphism on Folate status and DNA methylation response in young women
Transnational information sharing and event notification
Selective effects of the Immigration and Reform and Control Act of 1986 on farmworker living and working conditions in the U.S.
The Effects of yellow passion fruit, Passiflora Edulis Flavicarpa, phytochemicals on cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of Leukemia Lymphoma MOLT-4 cell line
Does ankle cryotherapy affect dynamic stability of healthy subjects?
Mode I fracture criterion and the finite-width correction factor for notched laminated composites
Effect of HMO coverage on the choice of outpatient or inpatient surgery
Membrane and adaptively-shaped wings for micro air vehicles
Evaluation of oxygen transmission rate of packaging films on growth of clostridium sporogenes and media oxidation reduction potential in packaged seafood simulating media
Effect of doxorubicin-induced apoptosis on gender
Thermodynamic studies on alternate binary working fluid combinations and configurations for a combined power and cooling cycle
The Development and maintenance of collective efficacy with a women's community college basketball team
Structural evaluation of impact damaged prestressed concrete I girders repaired with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials
Analyzing the thermal annealing behavior of laser thermal processed silicon
The Theory of planned behavior in predicting attendance at environmental horticulture extension programs
Adaptation and acclimation of populations of Ludwigia repens to growth in high- and lower-CO2 springs
Exemplary social studies teachers' sse of technology in the classroom
Identification of a physical model to evaluate the rutting performance of asphalt mixtures
Identity and prevalence of blood parasites in wild-caught birds from Madagascar
A Distributed file system for distributed conferencing system
Corresponding states relationships for transport properties of pure dense fluids
Extraversion-introversion and neuroticism-stability in relation to person perception
Identification and control of nonlinear differential systems with stiction and coulomb friction
The Relationship of self-paced individualized instruction to pupil achievement when measured by pooling the probabilities of several independent samples
Personality patterns and psycholinguistic differences in response to music
Decomposition of 2-Pyrazolines
The Effects of juvenile hormone on mitrochondrial sic metabolism in the Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hubner)
Changes and variability in personality characteristics among female prison inmates as a function of length of incarceration and race
Land Privatization and Titling as a Strategy to Diminish Land Loss and Facilitate Access to Credit: The Case of Communal Landowners in the Peninsula of Santa Elena, Ecuador
Probit and Ordered Probit Analysis of the Demand for Fresh Sweet Corn
Multiple Perspectives and Influences on Talent Development
The Professional socialization of nursing students
Monitoring and Modeling Water and Nitrogen Transport in the Vadose Zone of a Vegetable Farm in the Suwannee River Basin
A Pilot Study Based on Contractor Perceptions of Integrated Total Project Services (ITPS)
A Reconfiguration Scheme for Flight Control Adaptation to Fixed-Position Actuator Failures
Quantitative Analysis of CIS-Regulatory Sequences in Genes of Arabidopsis
Integrating Adaptive Queue-Responsive Traffic Signal Control with Dynamic Traffic Assignment
España en la obra de Ramón del Valle-Inclán
Corn stalk rot incidence, etiology, and control in Florida
SPREAD: Secure Protocol for Reliable Data Delivery
Reduction of Noise Due to Task Correlated Motion in Event Related Overt Word Generation Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Paradigms
Natural Mentors, Ethnic Identity, and Adolescent Mental Health
Academia and industry perspectives on leadership and human resource development competencies required for agricultural leadership graduate students pursuing industry careers
Site Preparation for a Deep Foundation Test Site, at the University of Central Florida
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Beclomethasone Dipropionate
Seasonal Changes in the Herbage Mass and Quality of Legume-Bahiagrass Pastures
Advanced nondestructive monitoring and evaluation of damage in concrete materials
Ozone Treatment to Prevent Microbial Growth in Air Conditioning Systems
Relative Attractiveness of the Sonic Web and the Horse to Stomoxys calcitrans
Judicial redefinition of state action in regard to due process issues in nonpublic educational institutions /
Implications of Maslow's needs theory for counseling older Americans
Comparison of attachment behaviors in Down's Syndrome and normal infants /
Neuroanatomical and pharmacological correlates of the behavioral manifestations of intraventricular administration of kainic acid in the rat /
The Relationships between the frequency of disruptive behavior and peer acceptance in pupils in selected elementary grades
Race, civil rights, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Judicial Court /
A Functional analysis of the developmental assessment protocol for the severely handicapped
Nuclear magnetism of solid helium-three
The impact of a physicians' assistant clinic on a rural southern county
An application of role conflict theory to the role expectations held for the dean of students by various reference groups in five selected universities /
Observations and analysis of U Cephei
Optical studies of ion-molecule collisions
Radiation Reaction on Moving Particles in General Relativity
Modeling the response of mangrove ecosystems to herbicide spraying, hurricanes, nutrient enrichment and economic development /
A Model for Minimizing Cost for Housing Laboratory Mice
A Quasi-Analytical Model to Predict Water Quality during the Operation of an Aquifer Storage and Recovery System
Mobility Management for Wireless Mobile Networks
Pattern-Based Design and Validation of Communication Protocols
Solid Modeling Using Implicit Solid Elements
Monitoring and Assessing Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Restoration: A Case Study in North-Central Florida
A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Adult Caregiving Daughters and Their Elderly Mothers
Billy Graham and the end of evangelical unity
Smollett and the sordid knaves
Status inconsistency and mental health
A poetry of invocation
Directions for the future of student personnel services in Florida's community colleges /
A comparison of rates of social interaction between aged widowed and aged married individuals /
The influence of collective bargaining upon written policies of governance in selected community/junior colleges
An investigation of the relative effectiveness of three methods of utilizing laboratory activities in selected topics of junior college mathematics
The romance tradition in eighteenth-century fiction
A comparative analysis of the vocal communication systems of the Carolina chickadee and the tufted titmouse /
Base strength-reactivity effects in polyethylenimine esterolysis reaction
Communication between legislators and university administrators
Rhizobium-related constraints to grain legume production in St. Kitts, West Indies
Synthesis and x-ray structure of iron stabilized strained cyclic allenes
Magnetic ordering of bcc solid 3He at melting pressure
Long-term incentive compensation plan adoption and the capital spending decisions of managers
Inheritance of photoperiod-induced flowering and a glabrous-stem maker gene in Aeschynomene americana
Relative prices of options, forward contracts, and futures contracts
Bioacoustics, maternal investment, and developmental strategies in the mole crickets, Scapteriscus acletus and vicinus
Estimation of black and white housing services demand elasticities in the United States using a simultaneous model of tenure choice and housing services demand
Characterization and spatial variability of a phosphate minesoil in Central Florida
Utilization of autolytically active cell wall for characterization of tomato fruit softening
Plant responses of an Aeschynomene americana--Hemarthria altissima association to grazing management
Reproductive behavior and performance of the female Florida wild turkey
1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of fluorinated allenes and studies of fluorinated trimethylenemethanes
2+2 cycloadditions of fluorinated methylenecyclopropanes and the thermolysis of 3,4 dimethyl 1,1,2,2-tetrafluorocyclobutane
A solution to the Schwinger-Dyson equations of quantum electrodynamics
Added resolution elements in tandem mass spectrometry for chemical analysis
A comparison of island and mainland pollination ecology
Laboratory automation in urban hospitals
Solubility of nonpolar gases in potassium hydroxide solutions
The expulsion of the Spaniards from Mexico, 1827-1829
An electroencephalographic and neuroanatomical analysis of the septal syndrome
Evaluation of kinetic models of ruminant intake and digestibility utilizing tropical grasses /
The social origins of counterrevolution in Argentina, 1900-1932
Mechanism of ethanol-induced changes in lipid composition of Escherichia coli
Adaptation of membrane-bound enzymes to ethanol
Preparation and deprotonation of certain pi-arene-pi-cyclopentadienyliron(11) salts /
Tsunami interaction with coastlines and elevation predictions
The nonprofessional property offender
The birth of a network
An electron microscope and field ion microscope study of defects in quenched platinum
Self-determination and personal approach as developing characteristics in college students
A study of the Florida natural sponge industry with special emphasis on its marketing problems
Scavenger kinetics in the radiolysis of cyclohexane-methyl iodide solutions
Effects of variation in awareness and reinforcement in the conditioning of verbal behavior
Causal thinking, adjustment and social perception as a function of behavioral science concept in elementary school children
Women in the theatre of Gregorio Martínez Sierra
The effects of member orientation upon the development of group structure
A study of electronic interactions in certain vinyl ethers
An orthotropic circular disk subjected to its own weight when supported at a point
Study of Fluoroapatite reactions;
Partial projective planes
The morphology and energetics of discrete optical events in compact extragalactic objects
An Ultrastructural and cytochemical investigation of endometrium from pregnant and nonpregnant gilts
Evaluation of federal marketing orders for fruits and vegetables using time varying parameters
The role of environment during seed development on subsequent seed quality of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)
Stark broadening in laser-produced plasmas
Quince años de poesía puertorriqueña, 1960-1975
Taxonomy, ethology, and ecology of Phidippus (Araneae: Salticidae) in eastern North America
Mass synthesis for multiple balancing criteria of complex, planar mechanisms /
A new phosphorimetric sampling system and subsequent temperature studies
Mathematical models of progressive diseases and screening
Tidal interactions between M81, M82, and NGC 3077
Models for hospital census prediction and allocation
Nuclear resonance in dispersed systems
The converging flow of dilute polymer solutions
The development of microbial decontamination and moisture loss control procedures for beef, pork and lamb carcasses /
Lagrangian aspects of turbulent transport in pipe flow
Dietary amino acid requirements of the almond moth, Cadra cautella (Walker)
Urban morphological theory and spatial differentiation in a Caribbean city
Output feedback stabilization of linear systems
The creation of the republic of Bolivia ..
The relation between critical flicker frequency and several psychological variables
Theoretical studies on the Mannich reaction
The Use of organometallic derivatives in the preparation of some organic fluorine compounds
Molybdenum in the nutrition of the rabbit and rat
Derivatives of piperazine, XI
Political mobilization in the rural South
Teacher intervention with elementary school children in death-related situations
The social and chronological dimensions of village occupation at a North Florida Weeden Island period site /
Determination of vertical turbulent diffusivities of heat in a North Florida lake /
Array processing for composite wavefront decomposition
Land use and landscape change along the Dominican-Haitian borderlands /
Copulatory behavior of Rattus rattus
The investigation of factors influencing the stereochemistry of the Wittig reaction
Study of grown-in defects and radiation-induced defects in GaAs and AlxGa1-xAs
Applied aspects of the thermal biology, ecology, and life history of the blue tilapia, Tilapia aurea (Pisces: Cichlidae)
Career maturity, work values, and life satisfaction among the industrial injured
A comparative study of college women with and without incest experience in relation to self concept and guilt disposition
Studies of general and sexual development in voles (Microtus)
Learning/cognitive styles and learning preferences of students and instructors as related to achievement in respiratory therapy educational programs
The relationship of peer coaching to the frequency of use of effective instructional behaviors in inservice teachers in three selected junior high schools
Teaching employment interviewing techniques to college students
Empirical support for the food budget management strategies in the consumer education curriculum
Parental demographic and psychosocial factors, neonatal behaviors, and infant temperament as correlates of infantile colic /
Functional assessment and coping behaviors among the rural black elderly /
Facilitating stress mastery among high-risk professionals
The American theatrical tours of Charles Kean
An examination of share price behavior during the 1973-1976 lessee accounting standard-setting process
The effects of two organizational socialization strategies
The relationship of program participation and parental teaching behavior
The Relationship of teacher morale and certain demographic factors to teacher ratings of children labeled emotionally disturbed
Vocal communication in an introduced colony of feral rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)
An Acoustical/temporal analysis of emotional stress in speech
Adult students' perceptions of educational barriers
Observations and modeling of the gas dynamics of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 3359
Phase separation of metal or metal-oxide microparticles in solid polymer matrices
Manpower selection criteria in Florida clinical laboratories
Durability of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Strengthening Systems Used to Repair Corrosion Damage in Reinforced Concrete
The Effect of Shear Force on Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Epoxy/Clay Nanocomposite
Where the Gods Live
Synthetic and polymerization mechanism studies of unsaturated quaternary ammonium salts
Poesia y estilo de Miguel Angel Osorio (Main Ximénez, Ricardo Arenales, Porfirio Barba-Jacob)
Personality and situational influences on changes in prejudice
A computer simulation analysis of alternative methods of accounting for utility construction work in progress
The differentiation of low fidelity circuitry by behavioral test response
An electrophysiological study of binaural interaction in the chinchilla auditory cortex
The analytics of multibank holding company behavior
Double dissociation: asymmetry in visual half field recall superiority as a function of type of stimulus materials
Two- and three-body correlations in simple gases
Theoretical Modeling and Design of Complex Materials
Media at the Movies: Analyzing the Movie-Viewing Audience
The Effects of Nonfiber Carbohydrate Source and Protein Degradability on Lactation Performance of Holstein Cows
Trade and economic growth in the Caribbean
Leakage Current Behavior of Reactive RF Sputtered HfO2 Thin Films
Parasympathetic Recovery following Anger Recall in Young Adult Females
Applications of Linear Parameter-Varying Control for Aerospace Systems
Business Faculty Knowledge of Adult Learning Styles: Cooperative Education vs. Non-Cooperative Education Institutions
The Influence of Student Characteristics on Achievement and Attitudes When an Illustrated Web Lecture Is Used in an Online Learning Environment
Syntheses of meso-Substituted Porphodimethenes and Porphyrins with Exocyclic Ring Systems
Athleticism and Empire in P.G. Wodehouse's 'The White Feather'
Smart Bulk Modulus Sensor
Path Planning and Control of a Nonholonomic Autonomous Robotic System for Docking
Non-muffin-tin correction to the total molecular energy in the multiple-scattering Xa method of molecular calculation
The União Democrática Nacional in the state of Guanabara
Annual assemblages as related to the persistence of culture patterns--an anthoropological study of summer community
Polychaetous annelids and benthic environments in Tampa Bay, Florida
International restraints and foreign policy choices
Eye-contact phenomena related to choice of partner and aggressive/passive role playing
Fossil mammals of the coleman ILA local fauna, Sumter County, Florida
An Analysis of product-fact versus psychosocial appeals in advertising
Determination of heterogreneous parameters by the neutron wave technique
Moral vision in the drama of Thomas Otway
Orthotropic cylindrical shells under dynamic loading
Two-parameter stochastic processes with finite variation
Transformation and cryopreservation of embryogenic avocado (Persea americana Mill.) cultures
Leaf Traits of Canopy Trees on a Precipitation Gradient in Panama: Integrating Plant Physiological Ecology and Ecosystem Science
Human Use of Two Species of River Turtles (Podocnemis spp.) in Lowland Eastern Bolivia
Assessing the Awareness of Florida Homeowners about the Use of Biomass for Electricity production
PCR-Based Polymorphisms in Bermudagrass (Cynodon spp.)
The Effects of Hamstring Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness on Functional Knee Joint Stability
Experimental Determination of the Dry Oxidation Behavior of a Compositional Range of Uranium-Thorium Mixed-Oxide Pellet Fragments
A Twice-Told Gothic Romance: The Anatomical Differences in Jules Barbey D'Aurevilly's L'Ensorcelee and Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights
The relationships of the salamanders of the genus Plethodon
Church financing by financial institutions in the United States, 1946-1952 ..
Susceptibility of non-target organisms to Nosema algerae Vavra and Undeen, a microsporidian parasite of mosquitoes
An Analysis of the international tax effort model
Demonstration of a prototype dual-recycled cavity-enhanced Michelson interferometer for gravitational wave detection
Embedding the Refugee Experience: Forced Migration and Social Networks in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Behavioral Consequences of Affect: Combining Evaluative and Regulatory Properties
The Literature of the Blues and Black Cultural Studies
Atmosphere Modification to Control Quality Deterioration during Storage of Fresh Sweetcorn Cobs and Fresh-Cut Kernels
Fabrication and Characterization of Compound Semiconductor Devices and Their Electrical and Thermal Simulation
Singularities of Smooth Maps
Effects of Age and Calorie Restriction on Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Signaling in Skeletal Muscle
Effects of Simulated Microgravity and Shear on Cell Behavior
Quantum Dynamics of Finite Atomic and Molecular Systems Through Density Matrix Methods
Effects of High-Fat vs. High-Carbohydrate Diets on Proximal Gastric Relaxation, Gastric Emptying, pH of Gastric Contents and Plasma Cholecystokinin in the Horse
Reliability-Based Structural Optimization Using Response Surface Approximations and Probabilistic Sufficiency Factor
Superparamagnetic Folate-Immobilized Dye Labeled Microspheres for Oral Cancer Screening
Gathering Night Noises
None of Us Is Perfect and Other Stories
Effects of Problem Specificity, Problem Severity, and Integrative Complexity on Marital Satisfaction
Mexican Simmental-Brahman Genetic Characterization, Genetic Parameters and Genetic Trends
Exercise Therapy as Treatment for Postmenopausal Osteoporosis in Women not Currently Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy
Developing a Basis for Predicting and Assessing Trends in Core Tracking in the Boiling Water Reactor Commercial Power Industry
Exploring White-Collar Crime and the American Dream
La Estetica de Rodolfo Fogwill: Negociar con la Realidad o la Conciencia Intranquilizadora
Is Everything Disposable? Bret Easton Ellis, Abortion, and Consumer Culture
An Examination of adult onset offending
The Good Life of the City and Other Stories
Organizational Change Communication, Identity, Image, and Culture: The Case of CARE International
An Assessment of standards based reform in Florida's middle school science programs
Conservation Genetics of the Florida Black Bear
Invasion of Chinese Tallow (Sapium sebiferum): A Test of Dispersal and Recruitment Limitation in Multiple Habitats
Effect of Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS) Supplementation on the Immune Status of Mares and their Foals
Can General Strain Theory Explain White-Collar Crime? A Preliminary Investigation
An Analysis of risk in the aerospace industry
The internalization of phonological rules as a function of sex and age
Some personality characteristics of frequent and infrequent visitors to a university infirmary
Succession of mammalian faunas on Trinidad, West Indies
An investigation of the relationship between creative humor and authoritarianism
Relative absorption of some nutrient elements by the tomato plant as affected by the stage of growth
Construct validation of an instrument to measure teacher attitude toward the use of international content in the K-12 social studies curriculum
Heterosexual dating inhibition
Figurative versus operative cues in the acquisition of conservation of number /
Activity effects in seawater and other saline mixtures
The highland migrant in lowland Bolivia
Evaporation of sewage plant effluent
An investigation of operant elements in desensitization
Phosphorus Sorption and Desorption in a Brazilian Ultisol: Effects of pH and Organic Anions on Phosphorus Bioavailability
Politics of Conservation and Consumption: The Vicuna Trade in Peru
Organ Volumes in Pediatric Patients Assessed via Computed Tomography Image Segmentation
The Owner's Role in Construction Safety
Evaluation of Heat Recovery Devices with Carbon Dioxide Ventilation Controls
Implementation Considerations for FPGA-Based Adaptive Transversal Filter Designs
Electrostatic Analysis of and Improvements to Electrophotographic Solid Freeform Fabrication
FRP/Steel Strengthening of Unreinforced Concrete Masonry Piers
Seed Banking and Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae in Pasture Restoration in Central Florida
Evaluating the Preservation of Hurricane Deposits in Florida Coastal Sediments
Forest-Use History and the Soils and Vegetation of a Lowland Forest in Bolivia
A Model for Potential Cooperative Biodiesel Production in Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida
Development of Immunological Reagents for Detecting Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium
Is the Alternative Traditional? Tracing Boundaries of Medicines in the Dominican Republic
The Impact of Emotion on Memory and Misinformation Acceptance
Role of Herbicides in Longleaf Pine Flatwoods Restoration: Pine Growth, Understory Vegetation Response and Fate of Applied Herbicides
Distribution and Habitat Selection of Largemouth Bass in a Florida Limerock Pit
Quantitative Measurement of the Density Gradient Field in a Normal Impedance Tube Using an Optical Deflectometer
Kinetic Characterization of Site-Directed Mutants of the Conserved Active-Site Phenylalanine of Uracil-DNA Glycosylase from Escherichia coli
Determination of Axial Pile Capacity of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Piles
Relations between Hydrological Variables and Year-Class Strength of Sportfish in Eight Florida Waterbodies
Internet Relay Chat Services Framework: GNUWorld
Effects of Surface Roughness in Microchannel Flows
An Exploratory data collection approach for the assessment of level of service from a traveler's perspective
Effects of Carbon Monoxide on Muscle Quality of Spanish Mackerel
Count Rate and Spatial Resolution Performance of a 3-Dimensional Dedicated Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner
Neither Ocean nor Continent: Correlating the Archaeology and Geomorphology of the Barrier Islands of East Central Florida
Subculture Perspectives of Money and Humorous Advertising Appeal
Estimation of Microzooplankton Grazing in the Suwannee River Estuary, Florida, USA
Design of Closed Loop Deployable Structures for Tents and Masts
Developing an Enhanced Triaxial Testing System with Cyclic Pore-Pressure Capabilities
Corneal Vascularization in the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
From Cortical Neural Spike Trains to Behavior: Modeling and Analysis
On the Canonical Formulation of Electrodynamics and Wave Mechanics
Susceptibility to Survey Item Order Effects as a Function of Perceived Control over Content
The Development and Comprehension of Conventional Metaphors
Activation and Use of Powdered Activated Carbon for Removing 2-Methylisoborneol in Water Utilities
Nondestructive Testing to Monitor Concrete Deterioration Caused by Sulfate Attack
Preliminary Investigation of the Iconography of the Woman with the Skull from the Puerta de las Platerias of Santiago de Compostela
U.S. refugee policy
Transferred motherhood
The Effect of Moisture Content on the Tensile Strength Properties of Concrete
President Lincoln's Commute Route: A Heritage Tourism Opportunity?
Gender Differences and Perceived Sanction Threats: The Effect of Arrest Ratios
Certain well-factored categories
Optimal rules and algorithms for some parallel processor scheduling problems
Interrelationship of nutrition, growth, development and insecticide exposure in the German cockroach (Blattella germanica) (L.)
Metabolism of soluble and structural carbohydrates during muskmelon fruit development
Purification and partial kinetic and physical characterization of two NADP-specific glutamate dehydrogenase isoenzymes and their protein precursors, and measurement of the patterns of accumulation and rates of degradation of their nonidentical subunits in synchronized cells of Chlorella cultured in different concentrations of ammonia
Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Nutrient Loading to Feather Sound, Old Tampa Bay, Florida
Phylogeny and Character Evolution of Kielmeyeroideae (Clusiaceae) based on Molecular and Morphological Data
The Interaction between Increased Estrogen and Increased Cortisol Is Necessary for Normal Blood Pressure Control in Late Gestation
Alternating current thin film electroluminescence in the near infrared from zinc sulfide doped with rare earths
On Scheduling and Resource Allocation Problems with Uncertainty
Ecological Effects of Roads: Theory, Analysis, Management, and Planning Considerations
Sequential Predation in a Complex Life History: Interactions among Egg, Larval, and Post-Metamorphic Predators of the East African Treefrog, Hyperolius spinigularis
Like a Murure: Social Change in a Terra-Firme Community on the Amazon Estuary
Effects of Interface Windowing Modes and Individual Differences on Disorientation and Cognitive Load in a Hypermedia Learning Environment
The Effects of Hindlimb Unweighting and Beta2-Agonist on the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway and Insulin-Like Growth Factor I
A Computational Thermal-Fluid Modeling Approach to Pulsed and Steady Gas Core Reactors
Matrix Metalloproteinase 2, Matrix Metalloproteinase 9, and Connective Tissue Growth Factor in the Equine Tear Fluid: Possible Implications in Corneal Wound Healing
Oscillatory Behavior in Boiling Water Reactors
Establishing a culture of resistance
Dwelling on Wadmalaw: Landscape Change and Changing African American Life Ways on a South Carolina Sea Island
Effects of Investigative Laboratory Integration on Student Content Knowledge and Science Process Skill Achievement across Learning Styles
Ethnic Differences in Responses to Multiple Experimental Pain Stimuli
Phylogenetic Systematics of the Neotropical Electric Fish Sternopygus (Gymnotiformes: Sternopygidae)
Waxing exodus
English as a Second Language Writing Revisited: Reading Timed Essay Responses for Overall Quality and Global Assets
The Role of Word Games in Second-Language Acquisition: Second-Language Pedagogy, Motivation, and Ludic Tasks
Model for Interpretation of Pipeline Survey Data
Dynamics and Control for Formation Flying System
Barriers to Low Achievers' Success in the Elementary Classroom as Perceived by Teachers: A Qualitative Study
Dynamic Stimulation of Knee Joint Contact during Human Movement
Computational Aeroelasticity Using a Pressure-Based Solver
Structure-Function Studies of the Carnitine/Choline Acyltransferase Family
Finding Intersection Curves Using Subdividable Linear Efficient Function Enclosures
Models for Optimal Utilization of Production Resources under Demand Selection Flexibility
Freshwater Tidal Forest Communities Sampled in the Lower Savannah River Floodplain
Estuary Use Planning and the Application of Terrestrial Zoning Principles in an Estuarine System: A Case Study of the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve
Economics of Web Service Provisioning: Optimal Market Structure and Intermediary Strategies
Socio-Environmental Consequences of Market Integration among the Chachis of Esmeraldas, Ecuador
I'll Keep You in Mind: The Intimacy Function of Autobiographical Memory in Adulthood
Fruit-Tree-Based Agroforestry in the Western Highlands of Guatemala: An Evaluation of Tree-Crop Interactions and Socioeconomic Characteristics
Reformulated Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Obesity: A Randomized Pilot Study Investigating Changes in Expectations for Treatment Outcome
Understanding adherence to the typical anti-hypertensive treatment regimen
Predicting the Vulnerability of Typical Residential Buildings to Hurricane Damage
Water and Nitrate Movement in Poultry Litter Amended Soils
Eulerian Shape Design Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization for Plane Elasticity with Fixed Grid
Optimum Utilization of Fission Power with Gas Core Reactors
Nonstandard Orthographic Representation: Direct Quotation in the News
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Responses to CEO Compensation Equity
Measurement, Modeling and Simulation of Ground-Level Tropical Cyclone Winds
Effects of a Narrative Instructional Strategy on Knowledge Acquisition and Retention from a Nutrition Education Video
Childhood Asthma: Emergency Department Follow-Up Determinants
Feature Selection and Discriminant Analysis in Data Mining
Patient Satisfaction with Treatment for Chronic Pain: Predictors and Relationship to Compliance
Understanding the COMPAS model
Growth and Ferromagnetic Semiconducting Properties of Titanium Dioxide Thin Films: An Oxide-Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor (O-DMS) for Spintronics
The Colonic (HKalpha2) H+, K+ ATPase and the Effects of Aldosterone in the Kidney
Cinema, Computers, and War
A New Paradigm for Biomineral Formation: Mineralization via an Amorphous Liquid-Phase Precursor Process
Applications of Variational Partial Differential Equation Models in Medical Image Processing
Catalytic Carbonylation of Amines and Diamines as an Alternative to Phosgene Derivatives: Application to Syntheses of the Core Structure of DMP 323 and DMP 450 and Other Functionalized Ureas
Negotiated Concepts: Body, Mind, Emotions and Self in Women's Childbearing Narratives
Age-related changes in cardiac mitochondrial function and oxidative stress
The Ethylene Receptor Multigene Family: Insights on Expression, Localization and Function in Arabidopsis and Tomato
Very large-scale neighborhood search heuristics for combinatorial cptimization problems
Attributes of Patient-Physician Relationships in a Teaching Hospital: An Emergent Model of Interactions
Effects of Locomotor Training on the Psychosocial Adaptation of Persons with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Cytological investigation of developmental progress toward diploidization in late generation amphidiploids from the cross, Phaseolus lunatus L. x P. polystachyus (L.) B.S.P
Origin of the ocular light-modulated standing potential in cat
Use of binder rheology to predict the cracking performance of SBS-modified mixture
The northern fringe of rural retirement subdivisions within peninsular Florida
Systems analysis of nutrient disposal in cypress wetlands and lake ecosystems in Florida
The preparation and characterization of several hexaaza macrocyclic compounds of cobalt(II), nickel(II), and copper(II) /
Deliberative and critical ethical questions and their relationship to the value dimension of the decisionmaking process in educational administration
Potassium cycling in a fertilized slash pine (Pinus elliottii var. elliottii Engelm) ecosystem in Florida /
Premarital sexual intercourse : a modified approach to axiomatic theory construction
Protein-Protein Interaction Map of the Arabidopsis thaliana General Transcription Factors A, B, D, E, and F
Using Radon-222 as a tracer of mixing between surface and ground water in the Santa Fe River Sink/Rise System
An Exploratory Video-on-Demand Analysis: Identifying Early Adopters and Attitudes toward Potential Advertising
Analyzing Digital Television: Using the Diffusion of Innovation Theory to Better Inform Policy
Effect of Fertilizer Source on Nitrate Leaching, Plant Water Consumption, and Turf and Ornamental Quality
Effect of Wave Forces on Storm Surge
Evaluation of Basis Levels as Contracts Approach Maturity in the United States Live Cattle Futures Markets
The Onset and Effect of Cognitive Fatigue on Simulated Sport Performance
Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Magnetite Nanocomposite Particles for Targeting and Retrieval Applications
Effect of Lameness on Ovarian Activity in Post-Partum Holstein Cows
Developing a Seawall Algorithm for the DNR Model with Application to the Oceanside, California, Coastline
Accountability and the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test
The Impact of Exercise on Mood: Effects of Varying Intensity and Frequency
Transgressive narratives
Reconfigurable Multi-Node Wireless Communication Testbed
The Half-Life of Home Furnishing
Changing Standards: Adjusting the Definition of an Acceptable Outcome
The Cycle of the Life and Passion of Christ in the Bible of Avila
Qualitative Analysis of the Occupational Longevity of a Late-Career Adapted Physical Educator
Image-Based Weighted Measures of Skeletal Stiffness: Case Studies of Great Ape Mandibles
Mapping and Phenotypic Characterization of Temperature Sensitive Vaccinia Virus Mutants Cts6 and Cts9
Domestic Public Diplomacy, Public Relations Strategy and Foreign Policy during the Persian Gulf War--Implications for Democracy
The Relationship between the Reading of Fitness Magazines and Concerns with Leanness and Muscularity among College Men
New Algorithm for the Triangulation of Input-Output Tables and the Linear Ordering Problem
Taking Bases
Diminished Affective Modulation of Startle to Threatening Stimuli in Parkinson's Disease
Evaluation of the Modified ECFL LURCS Rip Current Forecasting Scale and Conditions of Selected Rip Current Events in Florida
Lightning-Ignited Wildfire Occurrences in a Central-Florida Landscape Managed with Prescribed Fire
Representing Romania: A Museum at the Center of Ethnic Struggle
The Status of Recreation Services at the Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC)
Onset of Pottery in the Subsistence Economy of Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of the St. Johns River Valley
The Worship of Roman Divae: The Julio-Claudians to the Antonines
Breaking Narrative Bounds: The Use of Multiple Visual Narratives in Caldecott Medal Award Books
Enhanced Trehalose Production Improves Growth of Escherichia coli under Osmotic Stress
The Prevalence of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions in Modern and Ancient American Skulls: Lack of Evidence for an Occlusal Etiology
El Cuerpo Incorrecto: Cuerpos y Confrontaciones en la Narrativa de Mayra Santos-Febres
Family Systems Theory as Literary Analysis: The Case of Philip Roth
Effects of Preoperative Ibuprofen, Anxiety and Gender on Post Separator Placement Pain
Cephalometric Analysis of Posttreatment Changes in Class II Division 1 Patients Treated in Either One or Two Phases
Geosynthetic Reinforced Pile Supported Embankments
Affine image registration using minimum spanning tree entropies
Testing the Reliability and Validity of a Brand-Personality Measurement Tool
The Problem of Higher-Order Vagueness
Southern Chinch Bug, Blissus insularis Barber (Heteroptera: Blissidae), Management in St. Augustinegrass
Visions of Feminist (Pom(o)nanism)
Integral Communication
'It Comes with the Territory': Women Restaurant Workers' Experiences of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Objectification
The Impact of the Changes in the Takeover Market on Managerial Entrenchment
How Parenting Style and Religiosity Affect the Timing of Jewish Adolescents' Sexual Debut
The Unreasonable season
Dissociating Components of Cognitive Control Using High-Density Event-Related Potentials: Implementation of Control, Conflict Processing, and Error Monitoring
Characterizing and Explaining Differences in Cognitive Test Performance between African American and European American Older Adults
The Diagnostic Utility of Subjective Memory Questionnaires in Normal and Pathological Aging
Recipe for Collective Complacency: Social Barriers in a Community-Based After-School Enrichment Program
Influence of Attentional and Motivational Factors on the Performance of a Mastered Motor Task
The Effects of Quality Grade, Aging and Location on Selected Muscles of Locomotion of the Beef Chuck and Round
"All that we become"
Simulation and Evaluation of PAP: A New Routing Architecture for Differentiated Services Domains Handling 'Expedite Forwarding' Traffic Class
Resurveying the Religious Topography of the Tiber Island
Skeletochronology as a Method of Aging Oligocene Gopherus laticuneus and Stylemys nebrascensis, Using Gopherus polyphemus as a Modern Analog
Evaluating Corporate Environmental Strategy: A Case Study of Six Multinational Companies
Straightening Up and Coming Out: Documenting the Heterosexual Trajectory on TLC Daytime
The Circulation of Reality TV and Internet Activism: Real World Meet the Zapatistas
Family Functioning and Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Pediatric Patients with Type I Diabetes
Illegal Moves as a Source of Problem Difficulty
Play Along: Video Game Music as Metaphor and Metonymy
Oxidation of Biological Molecules with Bicarbonate-Activated Hydrogen Peroxide and the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Manganese(II) and Bicarbonate
Nitric Oxide Metabolites in Wound Fluids from Pressure Ulcers on V.A.C.(TM) Therapy
Utilization of care coordination among children with special ceeds in the 1994 National Health Interview Survey on Disability Phase II
Predator-Mediated Coexistence and Multiple Predator Effects in a Treehole Community
Trolox supplementation during mechanical ventilation attenuates contractile dysfunction and protein degradation
Effects of Gap Junction Blockers on Circadian Regulation of Gene Expression in Embryonic Retinal Explant Cultures
Effects of Acute Aerobic Exercise on the Negative Mood States Elicited by the Media's Portrayal of the 'Ideal' Female Body
Defining the Role of the Angiotensin II Type 2 Receptor in Cardiovascular Disease
Extended Logistic Model of Crop Response to Applied Nutrients
Fabrication, Thermal Stability and Mechanical Characterization of Electrodeposited Nanocrystalline Face Center Cubic Ni-Fe Alloys
Synthesis and Enzymatic Degradation of Poly (Ester Amide) Polymers Made by Acyclic Diene Metathesis
A New Approach for Reducing Scattered Photons and Electron Contamination in Cobalt-60 Therapy Beam
Effects of Plant Parasitic Nematodes and Nitrogen Fertility Management on Hybrid Bermudagrass
Intrinsic Diffusion Simulation for Single-Phase Multicomponent Systems and Its Application for the Analysis of the Darken-Manning and Jump Frequency Formalisms
Immigrant Workers and Technological Change: An Induced Innovation Perspective on Florida and U.S. Agriculture
A Knowledge-Based System for Hominid Fossils
An Evaluation of factors influencing away-from-home consumption of crawfish in the Gulf region
Using geographic decision information systems to support political endeavors at the University of Florida
Thyroid Hormone-Like Function in Echinoids: A Modular Signaling System Coopted for Larval Development and Critical for Life History Evolution
Expression of IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1) Receptor on Gingival Tissues Samples in Diabetic Patients and Controls
Respiratory Allocation and the Resting Rate of Metabolism in the African Lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus
Reduced Herbicide Inputs for Weed Management in Florida Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Production
Effects of Cultural Differences and Product Types on Advertising Effectiveness in Costa Rica and the U.S.
Influences of Nutrient Loading, Vegetative Habitats and Simulated Drought on Microbial Enzyme Activities in the Everglades
Ba'ax T'aan Hablaremos in School? Language Choice among Yucatec Mayan Students in Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico
From 'Indios Miserables' to 'Nacionalidades Indigenas': Discourse and the Construction of Ethnic Identity in Andean Ecuador
MALDI-TOFMS Based Protein Profiling as a Diagnostic Tool for the Analysis of Bacillus Spores and Cells
Characterization of Temperature Sensitive Vaccinia Virus Mutants in the A3L and E6R Complementation Groups
Emotional Response and the Web-Ad Schema
Sustainable Forest Management in Rural Nicaragua: Self-Reported Household Behavior and Stated Management Preferences in Santo Tomas, Chontales
Effects of Introduced Groundwater on Water Chemistry and Fish Assemblages in Central Florida Lakes
The Relationship between Consumer Role Socialization and Nostalgia Sport Tourism: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective
Parallelization of Light Scattering Spectroscopy and its Integration with Computational Grid Environments
Effects of Different Seating Arrangements in Higher Education Computer Lab Classrooms on Student Learning, Teaching Style, and Classroom Appraisal
Compact Heat Exchanger Design for Transferring Heat from a Vapor Core Reactor into a Gas Turbine Power Plant
Mother of All Concurrent Editors Version 2.0
The Survival and Transformation of Judgments about Persons: Matching Effects in Person Impressions
Chemical and Isotopic Evidence for Exchange of Water between Conduit and Matrix in a Karst Aquifer: An Example from the Santa Fe River Sink/Rise System
RUBE_QM: A 3D Simulation and Modeling Approach for Queuing Systems
Does Ethnicity Moderate Media Effects of the Ideal Physique on Negative Mood?
Organometallic Precursors for the Chemical Vapor Deposition of LaB6
Boron Activation and Diffusion during Millisecond Annealing of Ion-Implanted Silicon
African-American Women at Midlife: The Social Construction of Health and Aging
The New Deal and Higher Education in Florida, 1933-1939: Temporary Assistance and Tacit Promises
A Critical Analysis of the Books Read Aloud by Kindergarten Teachers and Their Reasons for Book Selection
YCAB.Net CF: Collaboration Groupware for Mobile Devices Using the Microsoft.Net Compact Framework
Effect of Vapor Dynamics on Interfacial Instabilities
Polymeric Drug Delivery of Antiepileptic Drugs to Neuronal Networks Cultured on Multielectrode Arrays
Evaluation of Open-Graded and Bonded Friction Course for Florida
Effect of Goal-Setting on Memory Performance in Young and Older Adults: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Study
Diffusion Tensor Field Restoration and Segmentation
Analysis of the stability of features and separability in airborne laser swath mapping data
Simulation of Noise Mechanisms in Scaled Bulk and Partially Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator Field-Effect Transistors
Working Class Black Americans: Experiencing and Coping with Racism
Drexel Burnham Lambert, Underwriting Fees, and Market Power
Assessing Landowner Perceptions and Prices of Conservation Easements in Florida
Improving Nitrogen Management in Potatoes through Crop Rotation and Enhanced Uptake
Linear Programming Approach to Fitting Splines through 3D Channels
Strategic Analysis and Recommendations for XYZ Research Corporation: A Case Study
Cuba's Dance of the Millions: Examining the Causes and Consequences of Violent Price Fluctuations in the Sugar Market between 1919 and 1920
Optimization Models for Sourcing Decisions in Supply Chain Management
The Represson Polemic: Constructing Normalcy and Deviance within Therapy Disciplines
Modeling Growth and Composition of Perennial Tropical Forage Grasses
Ultraviolet-Assisted oxidation and nitridation of hafnium and hafnium aluminum alloys as potential gate dielectrics for metal oxide semiconductor applications
Enumeration of Total Airborne Bacteria, Yeast and Mold Contaminants and Identification of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria spp., Salmonella spp., and Staphylococcus spp. in a Beef and Pork Slaughter Facility
To Consult or Not: A Signal Detection Study of Advice-Taking
Stationary Hemispherical Electrode under Submerged Jet Impingement and Validation of Measurement Model Concept for Impedance Spectroscopy
Interactions of Enteric Bacteria with American Cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) and Pharaoh Ants (Monomorium pharaonis)
Contributions of the Individual b Subunits to the Function of the Peripheral Stalk of F1F0 ATP Synthase
A Career Counseling Unit for Teenage Girls
The Impact of Land Titling on Land Transaction Activity and Registration System Sustainability: A Case Study of St. Lucia
A Parallel Direct Open-Shell Coupled-Cluster Singles and Doubles Algorithm
Biological Functions and Molecular Mechanisms of the Interleukin-4 Signaling Pathways in Autoimmune Exocrinopathy Using the NOD.B10.H2b Mouse Model of Sjogren's Syndrome
Palatal Phenomena in Spanish Phonology
The Effects of Phonological Awareness, Rapid-Naming, and Visual Skills on Early Elementary Students' Reading Fluency
Synthesis of Dispiro-Porphodimethenes and Their Transformations to Otherwise Inaccessible Porphyrin Products
Power Distribution Reliability as a Function of Weather
Effects of Formal Dance Training and Education on Student Performance, Perceived Wellness, and Self-Concept in High School Students
War, words, and the southern way
Forest, Fragments, and Fruit: Spatial and Temporal Variation in Habitat Quality for Two Species of Frugivorous Primates (Cercopithecus mitis and Lophocebus albigena) in Kibale National Park, Uganda
Startle Probe Modality: An Investigation of Ethnic Differences
Morphological Survey and Characterization of Programmed Cell Death in the Placenta-Chalaza and Endosperm in the Developing Caryopsis of Maize
State Politics and the Fate of African American Public Schooling in Florida, 1863-1900
Computational Study of Stress Concentration about an Oblique Hole in a Thick Walled Tube: Toward Understanding Structural Improvements in Bone
A Biogeochemical Survey of Wetlands in the Southeastern United States
Human-Induced Noise Impacts on Boaters at Waldo Lake, Oregon
Embodying Mysticism: The Utilization of Embodied Experience in the Mysticism of Italian Women, Circa 1200-1400 CE
Semiparametric Inferences in Stability Design
Pragmatic Knowledge and Subjective Evaluation in the Acquisition of English Taboo Language
Jak2 Tyrosine Kinase: New Insights Regarding Structure, Function, and Pharmacology
Ecosystem Services and Conservation Alternatives: A Case Study of Public Preferences and Values in Northeast Florida
Citrus Yield Mapping System Using Machine Vision
Chemical Alteration of Poly (Tetrafluoroethylene) (TFE Teflon) Induced by Exposure to Hyperthermal Atomic Oxygen and Ultraviolet Radiation
Development of an Autonomous Navigation Technology Test Vehicle
Experiments in Cryogenic Two Phase Flow
Host-Specificity Tests, Field Releases, and Establishment of the Small Decapitating Fly, Pseudacteon curvatus Borgmeier (Diptera: Phoridae), in Florida
Assessing Belief in Coordinating Meaning in Romantic Relationships
Fracture Toughness of Graphite/Epoxy Laminates at Cryogenic Conditions
Principles of Designing and Developing Spreadsheet-Based Decision Support Systems
Web Design's Effect on Perceived Credibility of Online News Stories
PLC-WIFI Hybrid Broadband Internet: Deployment and Security
Evaluation of an Environmental Education Program for the Andean Bear in an Ecuadorian Protected Area
An Ecologically based study of germination requirements and dormancies in three commercially produced Florida native wildflowers
Golf in Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions (MICE) Tourism: Perceptions of Meeting Planners
Stormwater infiltration at the scale of an individual residential lot in North Central Florida
Real-Time Implementation of Signal Reconstruction Algorithm for Time-Based A/D Converters
Development of Modified T-Z Curves for Large Diameter Piles/Drilled Shafts in Limestone for FB-Pier
Experimental Evaluation of a Natural Knee Contact Model Using Response Surface Optimization
Evaluation of Classifiers for Automatic Disease Detection in Citrus Leaves Using Machine Vision
Suenos Dulces and the Bridge over Bravo: Introducing Natalia Caudillo Guardado
Mixed Mode Fracture Toughness of Stitched Laminated Composites
Mixed-Mode Interfacial Fracture Toughness of Sandwich Composites at Cryogenic Temperatures
Biology and Management of Allokermes kingii on Oak Trees
Victorian and musician: Charles Villiers Stanford's symphonies in context
Economic Analysis of Pest Management in Peanuts
Effects of an Aquatic Program on the Spatial Awareness of a Person Who Is Blind
Disease resistance mechanisms in waterhyacinths and their significance in biocontrol programs with phytopathogens /
Proton radiative capture by tritium below 30 MeV
Isolation, characterization, and mechanism of action of a complement inhibitor derived from Erhlich ascites tumor cells /
Frictional Damper to Enhance Dynamic Stability in Endmilling
Identification of Micropterus salmoides floridanus Populations in Barrow Pit Ponds Using Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis
The Predictive Ability of Adherence to Homework and Skill Acquisition for Treatment Outcome in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Investigation of a Method to Reduce False-Positive Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis Test Results
Investigation of Navier-Stokes Code Verification and Design Optimization
Optimization Problems in Telecommunications and the Internet
Survival, Movement Patterns, and Habitat Use of Juvenile Wood Storks, Mycteria americana
Belonolaimus longicaudatus and Hoplolaimus galeatus on Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum)
Detection, Characterization, and Distribution of Begomoviruses Infecting Tomatoes in Venezuela
Information Technology Adoptions in Public Assembly Facilities: Benchmarking and Strategic Objectives
Reduced Order Models and the Approximation of Stokes Flow Control Problems
Oligomerization of the L Subunit of the Measles Virus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase
Thermal Inactivation Kinetics of Escherichia coli and Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in Orange Juice
Better Nutritional Status as Measured by the Mini Nutritional Assessment Tool Is Associated with Increased Immune Response in Elderly Nursing Home Residents with Pressure Ulcers
Expression of Pyruvate Decarboxylase in a Gram Positive Host: Sarcina ventriculi Pyruvate Decarboxylase versus Other Known Pyruvate Decarboxylases
Hydrologic and Economic Impacts of Alternative Residential Land Development Methods
Security and Trust Management in Collaborative Computing
Adeno-associated virus type-2 mediated expression of pigmented epithelium derived factor or kringles 1-3 of angiostatin reduced neovascular retinopathies
Effects of Ethylene on Floral Fragrance of Petunia x hybrida 'Mitchell Diploid'
Sputter Deposition of Rare Earth Doped Zinc Sulfide for Near Infrared Electroluminescence
Ubiquitous web caching
Measuring Bone Density at Distances Lateral to the Bone-Implant Interface with Various Stages of Loading: A Histomorphometric Analysis in the Baboon
Farming and Patterns of Agrobiodiversity on the Amazon Floodplain in the Vicinity of Mamiraua, Amazonas, Brazil
Kinetic Parameter Estimation of Time-Temperature Integrators Intended for Use with Packaged Fresh Seafood
Control of Micro Air Vehicles Using Wing Morphing
Comparative Genetic Analysis in Insular and Mainland Populations of the Florida Cottonmouth, Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti
Motherhood: How It Affects Women Journalists' Experiences
Equine Salmonellosis--Molecular Epidemiology of Clinical Isolates and the Effect of Antibiotics on the Cecal Microenvironment with Particular Reference to Short-Chain Fatty Acids and the Salmonella Plasmid Virulence (spv) Genes
The Empowerment of Japanese Women Aged 50 and over through Leisure-Travel
Developing IPM Strategies for Control of Twospotted Spider Mites in Strawberries in North-Central Florida
Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and Steel Strengthening of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Piers
Teaching Leadership in Agricultural Science: Behavioral Factors That Influence Secondary Agricultural Science Leadership Instruction
Positional roots in Kanjobal (Mayan)
Pressure and velocity distribution for air flow through fruits packed in shipping containers using porous media flow analysis
"Speculations--on '(Derri)da'"
A biosystematic review of the bloodsucking psychodid flies of Colombia (Diptera: Phlebotominae and Sycoracinae) /
Synthetic and solvolytic studies in the bismethanonaphthalene system
Kinetics of TiB formation
On her own terms
Effects of carbon dioxide on the physiology and biochemistry of photosynthesis in soybean
Priority lanes on urban freeways
Applying the pulsed ion chamber methodology to full range reactor power measurements /
Life-powered poetry
Popular art
On the distribution of a linear combination of t-distributed variables
Inter-System Authentication Mechanisms for Seamless Roaming in Wireless Environments
An Economic analysis of hydrogen production technologies using renewable energy resources
A Florida Public School District's Compliance with Disciplinary Requirements Regarding Unitary Status
Structure and Growth of Anisotropic Metal Colloids
Respect as Awareness of Rational Nature: A Modified Intellectualist View of Kant's Moral Psychology
Determining Gradation and Creep Effects in Mixtures Using the Complex Modulus Test
Tourism in a rural Ugandan village
Attitude change and self-attribution of responsibility as functions of attributions of others /
Reproductive behavior and early development in cotton mice, Peromyscus gossypinus, and white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus /
Patterns of geographic variation in Florida snakes
Technology transfer within a government organization
Coordinatized Hjelmslev planes
Behavior and ecology of the rock iguana Cyclura carinata
Semiosis as a theory of aesthetics
Pulsed laser-excited fluorescence
Biology and ecology of ants of the genus Aphaenogaster in Florida
Electron spin resonance and optical spectroscopy of hydrocarbon radicals at 4°K in raregas matricas / by Keith Ingram Dismuke
The metropolitan community of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerias, Brazil
The radiation chemistry and photochemistry of ethyl bromide in the gas phase / by Arthur Jesse Frank
Part I. Thermal "ene" reactions of cyclopropenes with classical eneophiles
Effects of insect growth regulators on the bionomics and control of the horn fly, Haematobia irritans (Linnaeus)
The biology of Rhyacionia subtropica Miller (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae)
Computer simulation of an optically pumped methyl fluoride laser
A signal detection from noise utilizing zero-crossing information
Narcissus in Valéry's poetics
Studies on in vivo and in vitro myelin sulfated galactocerebroside biosynthesis in central nervous system tissue
Effects of a classroom simulation on selected career decision-making variables with ninth-grade students
Wave transformation in the surf zone
A new nematode parasite of mole crickets
The Use of social networks by naval officers' wives
The Relationship of repression-sensitization to aspects of marital dyad functioning
Comparison of Algorithms for Fetal ECG Extraction
Development and Deployment of Instrumentation Systems for Full-Scale Barge Impact Testing of St. George Island Bridge
Cathodoluminescence and Degradation of Oxide Thin Film and Powder Phosphors
Quantum Chemistry Calculations of the Reactions of Gaseous Oxygen Atoms with Clean and Adsorbate-Terminated Si(100)-(2x1)
Characterization of the Chemical Effects of Ceria Slurries for Dielectric Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Reference Skeletal Dosimetry Model for an Adult Male Radionuclide Therapy Patient Based on 3D Imaging and Paired-Image Radiation Transport
Interparticle Force Based Methodology for Prediction of Cohesive Powder Flow Properties
Sodium Hypochlorite and Alternative Sanitizers for Sanitation of Simulated Packinghouse Water Systems
Man's impact on the phosphorus cycle in Florida
Chemistry of aziridines
The Neidhart plays: A social and theoretical analysis
A spatial analysis of the dimensions of economic health in the southeastern United States (1950 and 1960)
The treatment of international reserves by underdeveloped countries as related to the creation of a new form of international reserves
Inspection and control of nuclear armaments in a nation-state system
Contemporary criticism of the works of Samuel Johnson ..
Dispute settlement in a southern small claims court
The formulation of an instrument to assess interpersonal meanings of sexual experience
Population dynamics of the round-tailed muskrat (Neofiber alleni) in Florida sugarcane
A historical review of the development of Florida's school finance plan
Theoretical Studies of Coherent Optic and Acoustic Phonons in GaN/InGaN Heterostructures
Genetic Association of Catalase and Antigen Processing Genes with Vitiligo Susceptibility
Bodies of Blended Times: Time Compression Figures and the Imagination of the Future
Performance Modeling and Analysis of Multicast Infrastructure for High-Speed Cluster and Grid Networks
Simultaneous Reconstruction and 3D Motion Estimation for Gated Myocardial Emission Tomography
Fat Talk and Related Conversation: What Women Have in Mind When They Engage in Food and Body Discourse
Phosphorus Flux from the Sediments in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes
Phenotypic Changes in Dendritic Cells When Challenged with Cowpox Virus
Comparison of the Effects of a Processing Sequence and a Nuclear Export Element on Ribozyme Activity in Transfected Cells
Genetic Analysis of the Polyhedral Organelles Formed during B12-Dependent Growth on 1,2-Propanediol in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium LT2
Integration of Medicinal and Culinary Herbs in an Agroforestry Combination on St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands
Why women's clothing? A Critical history of clothing collections
The Illusion of Getting a Job: Women's Work on Flower Plantations (A Case from Ecuador)
Literatura testimonial indigena en Guatemala (1987-2001)
Emotional Response to Beauty
Re-Presenting Louise Lawler
Switching Hidden-Markov Model and Hardware Implementation for a Brain-Machine Interface
Developing a Noninvasive Method for Assessing Reproductive Status and Characterizing Gender-Specific Plasma Proteins in the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)
The Role of Arginine 270 and 92 Residues in the Catalytic Mechanism of the Recombinant Bacillus subtilis Oxalate Decarboxylase
The development and application of a neoburkeian framework for rhetorical criticism
Electron gas behavior in the base and mixing regions of a weakly ionized plasma flow at an abrupt increase in cross section
Experimental evidence of resistance to Haemonchus contortus infection in sheep
A torsion theory for modules over rings without identities
Investigation of some tetragonally distorted cobalt (II) complexes
The effect of certain groups on the basic properties of polyquaternary ammonium hydroxides
Sediment Management in Low-Energy Estuaries: Loxahatchee, Florida
The early stages of crystallization in alkali-silicate glasses
A comparison of the differential effects of four aversive procedures utilizing electric shock on smoking behavior
The use of the design elements in the stage designs of Robert Edmond Jones and Lee Simonson
Preparation and reactions of some fluorine containing silanes
The life and music of Ernesto Lecuona
Economic Impact of Adopting Silvopasture in Florida: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
Implementation and Comparison of Two Ecosystem Health Assessment Methods: Species at Risk in Florida (Camp Blanding Training Site) and Conservation by Design in Georgia (Grand Bay--Bay Lakes Area)
Comparison of Fish Assemblages in Flooded Forest versus Floating Meadows Habitats of an Upper Amazon Floodplain (Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Peru)
Effects of an Eight-Week Progressive Resistance Training Program on Balance in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis
The contemporary Spanish American novelists' theory of the novel
Parameter-free designs and confidence regions for nonlinear models
Distribution, habitat, and social organization of the Florida Scrub Jay
Depopulation and culture change in the early historic period interior Southeast
The Deptford phase
Evaluative criteria for community college foundations
Biocultural correlates of child nutrition and growth and development in Costa Rica
Reversal of the effects of deterioration in aged soybean seeds (Glycine max (L.) Merr. Cv. Vicoja)
An Examination of service quality indicators as a predictor of customer satisfaction for U.S. forest service recreationists
Dynamic Antifouling Structures and Actuators Using EAP Composites
The Forensically Important Calliphoridae (Insecta: Diptera) of Pig Carrion in Rural North-Central Florida
Bracing Requirements of Cold-Formed Steel Cee-Studs Subjected to Axial Compression
Littoral Vegetation of Lake Tohopekaliga: Community Descriptions Prior to a Large-Scale Fisheries Habitat-Enhancement Project
Nutrient and Solids Removal by Lime and Alum Treatment of Flushed Dairy Manure
Evaluation of the Agricultural Field Scale Irrigation Requirement Simulation (AFSIRS) in Predicting Golf Course Irrigation Requirements with Site-Specific Data
Design and Development of a Micro Air Vehicle (MAV): Test-Bed for Vision-Based Control
Quantitative Metrics to Evaluate Image Quality for Computed Radiographic Images
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Peach Palm (Bactris gasipaes Kunth) in Agroforestry Systems of the Peruvian Amazon
Role of Arabidopsis and Tomato Phytohormones in the Response to Bacterial Pathogens
Distributed Virtual Rehearsals
Land Use and Prey Density Changes in the Nakuru Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya: Implications for Cheetah Conservation
Numerically Efficient Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Barge Impacts on Bridge Piers
Perceptions of Livestock Extension Education Delivery and Globalization Effects among Dairy Farmers in the North Coast of Honduras
Predictors of Healthy Eating among Ethnically Diverse University Freshmen
Advanced quadrature sets, acceleration and preconditioning techniques for the discrete ordinates method in parallel computing environments
The Middle Miocene Alum Bluff Flora, Liberty County, Florida
An Assessment of the ecological and socioeconomic benefits provided by homegardens
Cross-National Construct Equivalence of School-Age Children's Temperament Types as Measured by the Student Styles Questionnaire
An application of the reformulated +Herzberg) theory of job satisfaction to selected administrative affairs staff in the Florida State University System /
Cyclic nature of bovine uterine luminal proteins and their relationship to peripheral plasma progesterone and estrogen levels /
Herbicide and Insecticide Interactions in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Effects of Longshore Currents on Rip Currents
The Effects of Residual Stress, Viscoelastic and Thermodynamic Parameters on Apparent Fracture Toughness of Dental Bilayer Ceramic Composites
Development of Gallium Nitride Based Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors for Magneto-Optical Applications
An Ecological validity study of executive function measures in children with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Trauma, narrative, and the marginal self in selected contemporary American novels
Solid-State Olefin Metathesis
Modified Gravity Theories: Alternatives to the Missing Mass and Missing Energy Problems
Respiratory Mechanoreceptor Activation of Somatosensory Cortex in Humans
Numerical Modeling of Transpiration Cooled Rocket Injectors
Biomechanical Properties of Tropical Tree Seedlings as a Functional Correlate of Shade Tolerance
Seedling Carbohydrate Storage, Survival, and Stress Tolerance in a Neotropical Forest
MBTI Temperaments: The Relationship between MBTI Temperaments and Advertising Careers
Effects of Dislocations on Electronic Properties of III-Nitride Materials
Ecohydrological Study of Watersheds within the Military Installation in Fort Benning, Georgia
Perceptions of Farmers, Students, and Faculty Regarding University-Based Extension: A Case Study from Earth University, Costa Rica
Development of a Geospatial Data-Sharing Method for Unmanned Vehicles Based on the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS)
A Novel Index to Analyze Power Quality Phenomena Using Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform
On the Formulation of Inertial Attitude Estimation Using Point Correspondences and Differential Carrier Phase GPS Positioning: An Application in Structure from Motion
Efficacy of Composite Tooth Attachments in Conjunction with the Invisalign TM System Using Three-Dimensional Digital Technology
An Examination of the adoption of the Internet in agriculture magazines
Counselor Perspectives on Suicide and Suicidal Ideation: A Qualitative Study
Nearshore Wave and Sediment Processes: An Evaluation of Storm Events at Duck, NC
The Relative Value of Seagrass, Marsh Edge, and Oyster Habitats to the Brackish Grass Shrimp, Palaemonetes intermedius, along the Gulf Coast of Florida
Characterization of Cathepsin B mRNA and Protein Expression, Enzymatic Activity and Cellular Localization following Contusion Spinal Cord Injury in Rats
In Vitro Remineralization of Human Enamel with Bioactive Glass Containing Dentifrice Using Confocal Microscopy and Nanoindentation Analysis for Early Caries Defense
Performance Analysis of Dynamic Sparing and Error Correction Techniques for Fault Tolerance in Nanoscale Memory Structures
Distributed Configuration Management for Reconfigurable Cluster Computing
Evaluation of Living and Synthetic Mulches in Zucchini for Control of Homopteran Pests
Relationship between Collegiate Track Runners' Achievement Goal Orientations and Perceptions of Motivational Climate
Influence of Pier Nonlinearity, Impact Angle, and Column Shape on Pier Response to Barge Impact Loading
A New Quality Measure in Electrocardiogram Signal
Anonymity and Covert Channels in Mix-Firewalls
Culture, Parental Attachment, and Trait Anxiety: A Comparison of Latino- and Caucasian-Americans
Biocultural Variation of Skeletal Trauma in Contemporary Greeks
Affect, decision making, and adolescent risk behavior
Controlled-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer Release Characterization and Its Effects on Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Production and Soil Nitrogen Movement in Northeast Florida
Post-Harvest Recovery of Forest Structure and Spectral Properties after Selective Logging in Lowland Bolivia
The legislature strikes back in Peru: the role of congress in the demise of Fujimori in 2000
Germplasm Characterization of Arachis pintoi Krap. and Greg. (Leguminosae)
Separating Dolomite from Phosphate Rock by Reactive Flotation: Fundamentals and Application
Time-resolved infrared studies of superconducting molybdenum-germanium thin films
Benzotriazole-Mediated Syntheses of Heterocyclic Compounds and Acylations Utilizing N-Acylbenzotriazoles
Adoption of beef cattle preconditioning practices in relationship to information sources and methods
Process Forensics: The Crossroads of Checkpointing and Intrusion Detection
Evaluating Agency Perceptions of Partnerships: Lessons Learned from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Evaluating the Use of Lower VMA Requirements for Superpave Mixtures
Flow Chamber for Studying Cell Attachment to Opaque Substrates
Study of the Feasibility and Energy Savings of Producing and Pre-Cooling Hydrogen with a 5-KW Ammonia Based Combined Power/Cooling Cycle
Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in Southwest Georgia Headwater Streams
Effect of Ambient Air Contaminants of the Performance of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Characteristics of U.S. Hispanic Advertising: A Comparison of Award-Winning and Non-Award-Winning Commercials
Reproductive Ecology, Cub Survival and Denning Ecology of Florida Black Bears
An Investigation on the printing of metal and polymer powders using electrophotographic solid freeform fabrication
Multi-Wavelength Observations of Barred, Flocculent Galaxies
Nondestructive Evaluation of Riprap Rocks
Foreign Direct Investment and the Investment Climate of Developing Countries in the Western Hemisphere
Determination of the Effects of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Irradiation on Sensory Characteristics, Microbiology, Texture and Color of Fresh-Cut Cantaloupe Using Modeling for Package Design
A Computation Paradigm for Multiple Mobile Agent Systems
Work-Behavior Analysis of Counselor Educators in CACREP-Accredited Programs
Study of Cooling Production with a Combined Power and Cooling Thermodynamic Cycle
Designer Oligonucleotides for Probing DNA-Protein and Protein-Protein Interactions
Survivin Expression after Traumatic Brain Injury: Potential Roles in Neuroprotection
On the Modeling and Design of Zero-Net Mass Flux Actuators
Investigation of Soil Amendments for Use in Golf Course Putting Green Construction
Vegetative Characteristics of Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) Habitat on the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge: Implications for Restoration and Management of Pine Communities
Examination of Head Start Children's Social Competence and Social Cognitions after Participating in a Universal Violence Prevention Program
Applying Terrestrial Landscape Ecology Principles to the Design and Management of Marine Protected Areas in Coral Reef Ecosystems
Geometry of Link Invariants
Role of Brain Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase in Cardiovascular Function
Magnetotransport and Tunneling Study of the Semimetals Bismuth and Graphite
Ant Communities of Florida's Upland Ecosystems: Ecology and Sampling
Measuring Care Quality and Health Outcomes in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease
Exile and Agency in Caribbean Literature and Culture
Leisure in the Lives of Older Men: Coping and Adaptation following Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
Oceanic Deep-Water Circulation and Climate during the Late Neogene
Probabilistic Analysis and Results of Combinatorial Problems with Military Applications
Memory-Related Possible Selves: Exploring Age-Related Differences
Effects of Three-Dimensional Forcing on Alongshore Currents: A Comparative Study
Leisure Experiences of Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities: A Case Study
Status, Distribution, Habitat Requirements, and Foraging Ecology of the Jabiru Stork (Jabiru mycteria) in Northern and Central Belize, Central America
Testing the Accuracy of Linking Healthcare Data across the Continuum of Care
Immersion, Stylization, Naturalization, and the Erasmatron: Bridging the Gap between Gameplay and Narrative towards the Promise of Interactive Storytelling
Public Relations in Primetime: A Framing Analysis of The West Wing
Utilization of University of Florida flux meter for estimating arsenic contamination in groundwater
From Hegel to Hinduism
Two essays in financial economics
The Use of computer technology on the implementation and development of project-specific safety programs
A New Method for the Modeling of Elemental Segregation Behavior and Partitioning in Single Crystal Nickel Base Superalloys
On the Control of Asynchronous Machines with Infinite Cycles
Use of metallic foams for heat-transfer enhancement in the cooling jacket of a rocket propulsion element
Simplified Method for Obtaining Navigational Information from Hydrophone Arrays
Modeling Coastal Forest Decline: An Investigation at Seahorse Key, Florida
Top ten building code violations in Florida
Estimating Power, Energy, and Action Integral in Rocket-Triggered Lightning
Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Wildlife Surveillance
Computational Accounts of Attentional Bias: Neural Network and Bayesian Network Models of the Dot Probe Paradigm
Recruitment of Transcription Complexes to the Beta-Globin Locus In Vivo and In Vitro
Effects of Vitamin E Supplementation on Oxidative Stress Parameters Measured in Exercising Horses
Bacterial Citrus Canker: Molecular Aspects of a Compatible Plant Microbe Interaction
Aquatic Vertebrate Usage of Littoral Habitat Prior to Extreme Habitat Modification in Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida
Nonlinear Simulation of a Micro Air Vehicle
Transport properties at nano scales via first principles studies
Remote Detection of Hydrogen Leak Using Nd:YAG Pulsed Laser Induced Dual Line Detection Rayleigh Light Scattering
Optimization of Composite Structures by Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
Large Wind Missile Impact Performance of Public and Commercial Building Assemblies
Critical Analysis of Craft Skills Assessment Testing Instruments
Residential Irrigation Water Use in the Central Florida Ridge
Temperature Rise of Mass Concrete in Florida
Perceived dimensions of nursing practice
Effect of Water Hardness on the Survival of Rainbow Sharkminnow (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum) Eggs and Larvae
Impact of Atlantic and Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on the Magnitude and Timing of Annual Floods in Northern Florida
Numerical Analysis and Parameter Study of a Mechanical Damper in Machine Tool
Effect of Nonfiber Carbohydrates on Product Yield and Fiber Digestion in Fermentations with Mixed Ruminal Microbes
Improved Gauss-Seidel Iterative Method on Power Networks
The Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenases of Arabidopsis thaliana
Multiple Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Systems with Self-Organizing Maps
Hydrolytic and Antioxidant Properties of Ellagic Acid and Its Precursors Present in Muscadine Grape
Developmental Mortality in American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) Exposed to Organochlorine Pesticides
The Use of acid and alkali-aided protein solubilization and precipitation methods to produce functional protein ingredients from tilapia
Magmatism and Ore Deposit Formation in SW Pacific Island Arcs
Role of the Dorsal Periaqueductal Gray Activation in the Neural Control of Breathing
Toward a general economy of travel
Measuring the Effectiveness of Commercial Sponsorships in Intercollegiate Athletics
Interactions of the Growth Hormone Secretory Axis and the Central Melanocortin System
An analysis of the content of oral language patterns of children
Orbital Interactions in Group 6 Imido Diamido Complexes
Impacts of Transportation Demand Management Policies and Temporary Campus Transit Use on the Permanent Transit Habits and Attitudes of University of Florida Alumni
Optimum Boiling Water Reactor Fuel Design Strategies to Enhance Reactor Shutdown by the Standby Liquid Control System
Factors Affecting Total Coliform and Escherichia coli (E. coli) Bacterial Counts at 30 Lakes in Hillsborough County, Florida
Validating the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) for sse among older adults in Nepal
Preliminary Design and Nonlinear Numerical Analysis of an Inflatable Open-Ocean Aquaculture Cage
The Performance of Silica-Titania Composites in a Packed-Bed Reactor for Photocatalytic Degradation of Gray Water
Land Use and Land Cover in Inapari, Peru, and Assis Brazil, Brazil, Southwest Amazonia
Population Assessment of the Gulf of Mexico Sturgeon in the Yellow River, Florida
Characterization of a Microbial Culture Capable of Removing Taste- and Odor-Causing 2-Methylisoborneol from Water
Engineering the Metabolism of Escherichia coli for the Synthesis of Oxidized Products: Acetate and Pyruvate Production
Modeling North Florida Dairy Farm Management Strategies to Alleviate Ecological Impacts under Varying Climatic Conditions: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Community Fire Management in the Maraba Region, Brazilian Amazonia
Media Narcissism and Self-Reflexive Reporting: Metacommunication in Televised News Broadcasts and Web Coverage of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Heat Treatments for Controlling Postharvest Diseases and Chilling Injury in Florida Citrus
Crisis Intervention Training for Students in School Counselor Preparation Programs
Socioeconomic Evaluation of Indigenous Communal Carpentries in Peruvian Amazon
Transcriptional profiling on trees affected by citrus blight and identification of an etiological contrast potentially associated with the disease
Growth and Characterization of Novel Gate Dielectrics for Gallium Nitride
Practical Formation of Empty-Space Silicon Voids in a Non-Explosive Semi-Hydrogen Ambient
Reproductive Strategies in the Postpartum Dairy Cow with Reference to Anovulation and Postpartum Uterine Health
Photoperiodic Response of Commercial Calibrachoa Cultivars
Leguminous Cover Crop Fallows for the Suppression of Weeds
Characterization of Zinc Transporters in Caco-2 Cells
Empowering Youth: A Framework for Evaluating Community-Based Art Education
Hobbyists' Preferences for Marine Ornamental Fish: A Discrete Choice Analysis of Source, Price, Guarantee and Ecolabeling Attributes
Facing Off in a Southern Town: Black and White Perspectives on Race and Racism
The Roles of Zinc and Metallothionein in Hepatocyte Antioxidant Defense
The New Boogaloo: Nuyorican Poetry and the Coming Puerto Rican Identities
Three-Dimensional Visualization Display Device
Inhibition of Herpes Simplex Virus Replication Using Small Interfering RNA that Target ICP4 Gene of Herpes Simplex Type 2
Stability and Functional Studies of Oligomeric M2 Ion Channels in Synthetic and Natural Lipid Environments
Rural Road Feature Extraction from Aerial Images Using Anisotropic Diffusion and Dynamic Snakes
On Liapunov's direct method
Heterogeneous Nucleation and Influence of Surface Structure and Wettability
Autopilot Development for a Micro Air Vehicle Using Vision-Based Attitude Estimation
Comparative Studies of Postpartum Primiparous and Multiparous Beef Dams and the Effects of Early Weaning in the Subtropics
Effects of Housing, Exercise, and Diet on Bone Development of Yearling Horses
Acoustic measurement techniques for suspended sediments and bedforms
Strain Effect on the Valence Band of Silicon: Piezoresistance in P-Type Silicon and Mobility Enhancement in Strained Silicon pMOSFET
Professional Expertise and Pharmacy Technicians
Natural Licks as Keystone Resources for Wildlife and People in Amazonia
A Flight Testbed with Virtual Environment Capabilities for Developing Autonomous Micro Air Vehicles
Miniaturization of Ground Station for Unmanned Air Vehicles
Dynamic Characteristics of Morphing Micro Air Vehicles
Automated System for Load-Balancing EBGP Peers
Understanding the Transition from Normal Cognitive Aging to Mild Cognitive Impairment: Comparing the Intraindividual Variability in Cognitive Function
Bayesian modeling of nonstationarity in normal and lognormal processes
Governmental immunity
The relationship of teacher-offered empathy, genuineness, and respect to pupil classroom behavior
The effects of variations in client topic area, affective presentation, and sex on counselor trainee
The relative effects of modeling on the acquisition of wait-time by preservice elementary teachers
A measure of meter conservation in music, based on Piaget's theory
Jurors' evaluation and utilization of expert psychiatric testimony
Agricultural development in Clear Creek
Estimating and testing the parameters of a generalization of the first order nonstationary autoregressive process
UBVRI photometry of variable red dwarf emission objects
Generic professional and technical knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by mental health counselors
A quasi-experimental study to assess the effect of an undergraduate social foundations of education course
A comparative and programmatic approach to organizational control
Calculation of the electronic structure of the U center and related color centers in alkali halides by using the multiple scattering method / by Hsi-Ling Yu
The Afro-Asian dimension of Brazilian foreign policy, 1956-1968
The addition of heterocyclic amines to cinnamete esters
A study of differential fertility in Brazil ..
Price effects of financial futures trading
Axisymmetric buckling of annular sandwich panels
The relationship between psychosocial factors and response to medical treatment in chronically ill adolescent patients
Attempts to generate a homoaromatic carbene and bisnorcaradiene
Aromatic carbene transition metal complexes
Examination of the Lemures and the Lemuria
Mapping the Geospatial Community
Intra-Transform Volcanism along the Siqueiros Fracture Zone 8 Degrees 20 Minutes N to 8 Degrees 30 Minutes N, East Pacific Rise
Kinetic Analysis of the Contribution of Base Flipping to the Substrate Specificity and Catalytic Activity of Human Alkyladenine DNA Glycosylase
Extending Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry: Desorption and Ionization Considerations
Quality Changes Induced by Mechanical Stress on Roma-Type Tomato and Potential Alleviation by 1-Methylcyclopropene
Development of a Practical Technique for Sampling the Afrotropical Malaria Vectors Anopheles gambiae S.L. and An. funestus
Monitoring and Control Tactics for Grape Root Borer Vitacea polistiformis Harris (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) in Florida Vineyards
Field Verification of Camber Estimates for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders
Negation Comprehension and Aging
Analysis of preservice teachers' beliefs and professional knowledge about teaching struggling readers
Schema Exportation and Integration for Achieving Information Sharing in a Transnational Setting
Design of All-Bolted Extended Double Angle, Single Angle, and Tee Shear Connections
Predicting Soil Phosphorus Storage in Historically Isolated Wetlands within the Lake Okeechobee Priority Basins
Eternal Ramifications of the War of the Pacific
In Search of Pathogenicity Factors of Xanthomonas citri pv. aurantifolii
Predicted Changes in the Knee Adduction Torque due to Gait Modifications
Relationship among Image, Perceived Risk and Intention to Travel to China and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games among U.S. College Students
Vitreous carbon tube furnace for atomic fluorescence spectrometry, by Charles J. Molnar
Galbraith's paradigm : case study in scientific revolution
A model statute to regulate unfair advertising and sales practices in Alabama
The reluctant diplomacy of José María Rojas: 1873-1883
A study of the effect of non-ability variables on the outcome of intercollegiate debates
Federal aid to community colleges and its influence upon resources available for equalization of educational opportunity, 1969-1971
Leadership and the group-induced shift
Recruitment and representation
Design and Implementation of GridOS: Operating System Services for Grid Architectures
Toward a noncommercial technology
Text-Level Effects of a Word-Level Decoding Accuracy and Automaticity Intervention
Development of a Flight Avionics System for an Autonomous Micro Air Vehicle
Detection of Microcracks in Concrete Cured at Elevated Temperature
Ethnobotanical Analysis of Different Successional Stages as Sources of Wild Edible Plants for the Guaymi People in Costa Rica
Clearance Rates and Particle Selectivity in the Hard Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, from Warm Water Habitats
Evaluation of Tourism in the Okavango Delta in Botswana Using Environmental Accounting
Phytoremediation of Arsenic-Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
"A Torrent of rhetoric"
Extension Support for Organic Farmers in the South: A Function of Attitude, Knowledge, or Confidence?
Percutaneously Controlled Hydraulic Occluders and Their Application in Gradual Venous Occlusion
Calcium and Vitamin D Intake of Children and Adolescents with Asthma
Relationships among Emotion, Motivation, and Exercise Behavior: Regular Exercisers' and Sedentary Individuals' Subjective and Cortical Response to Exercise Stimuli
Dynamic Modeling and Flight Control of Morphing Air Vehicles
Religion, Science and Public Education: Newspaper Coverage of the Origins' Debate in Ohio's Public Schools
Dysphagia and Nutritional Status following Stroke
Characterization of the Zps1p Cell Wall Protein from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Tissue Remodeling and Steroidogenesis in the Preovulatory Follicle of Cycling Pony Mares
Identifying Host-Strain Behavioral Differences of Fall Armyworm in Florida (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
The Role of Calcium in and Methodologies for Overcoming pH Excursions for Reactivated Granular Activated Carbon
Perceived Benefits, Constraints, and Negotiation Strategies of Skiers and Snowboarders with Disabilities
Examination of Aroma Volatiles Formed from Thermal Processing of Florida Reconstituted Grapefruit Juice
Remote Detection of Hydrogen Leaks Using Laser Induced Rayleigh/Mie Scattering
Evaluation of Mosquito Trapping Efficiency and Determination of Seasonality for Mosquitoes at the University of Florida Horse Teaching Unit
On Broadening the Participatory Meanings of 'Transpersonal' Phenomena: Discussed in Relation to Transpersonal Theory and to the Work of Ken Wilber, Jorge Ferrer, and Robert Nozick
Flooring Materials--Life Cycle Costing for M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction at the University of Florida
Effect of Growing Season, Storage Temperature and Ethylene Exposure on the Quality of Greenhouse-Grown Beit Alpha Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) in North Florida
Mechanistic Study of Sorbent Injection for Vanadium Emission Control in Combustion Systems
Influence of Gold Particles on Gallium Arsenide Substrate When Etched in Chlorine Plasma
Adsorption of substituted aromatic compounds by activated carbon
Differences in Psychophysiological Reactivity to Static and Dynamic Displays of Facial Emotion
Was Descartes a Trialist?
Widowhood: Change and Well-Being in a Florida Leisure-Oriented Retirement Community
The Associations among Collegiate Tennis Coaches' Coaching Efficacy, Percentage of Time Spent Teaching Mental Skills, and Team Performance (Won-Lost Record)
Hawking Cultural Icons: Representations of Stephen Hawking in American Popular Culture, 1974-2004
The contribution of nonassociative factors to cebus monkey eyelid conditioning performance
Development of a chick assay for determining availability of phosphorus from various phosphate materials
The relationship of the concept of differentiation to the structure of verbal behavior
The echoic poetry of Jonathan Swift
Afro-Colombian masculinity
Disturbing the Genre: Evaluating Power Structures in Young Adult Literature and Charting New Possibilities with PUSH
'Scully, What Are you Wearing?': The Problem of Feminism, Subversion, and Heteronormativity in The X-Files
Figures of the 'Other Cuban': Trauma, Periperformativity and the Everyday
Media Portrayals of Cubans and Haitians: A Comparative Study of the New York Times
The economics of municipal water rates
Frequency, celeration, and variability of academic performance as predictors of learning
Simulation of defects in crystals by point force arrays
The electrokinetic properties of calcium oxalate monohydrate
Preparation of Dense Barium Cerate Film on a Planar Porous Support for Hydrogen Separation Membranes
Atomic fluorescence flame spectrometry with a continuous wave dye laser
Effects of mineral levels on physiology and morphology of plants
Modeling cathodic protection for pipeline networks
Model Predictions of Radiation Stress Profiles for Nonlinear Shoaling Waves
The relationship of group career counseling and computer-assisted career guidance
Effect of particle size on the destabilization of colloidal suspensions in water
Polarons and Impurities in Nickel Cobalt Oxide
Charge Correlation Effects in the Broadening of Spectral Lines from Highly Charged Radiators
Population Ecology of the Vicuna (Vicugna, vicugna) at the Salinas y Aguada Blanca National Reserve, Arequipa, Peru: Baseline Data for Sustainable Management
Relating Interfacial Fracture Toughness to Core Thickness in Honeycomb-Core Sandwich Composites
Dissolution and Surface Proximity Effects of Low Energy, Amorphizing Germanium Implants into Silicon
Effects of Hydrogen and Ethylene Injection Schemes in a Supersonic Airstream
Vein graft remodeling
The Epidemiology of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians Causal Organism of Bacterial Leaf Spot of Lettuce
Optical Characterization of Rocket-Triggered Lightning at Camp Blanding, Florida
Elite Alpine Ski Racing Coaches' Achievement Goal Orientations as Predictors of Their Coaching Behavior
Observer's Willingness to Express Pain Behaviors Influences the Accuracy of Estimating Pain in Others
An Augmented error criterion for linear adaptive filtering
Temporal Resolution and Determination of the Mechanism of Ethanol-Induced Taurine Efflux
Backstage, Frontstage Interactions: Everyday Racial Events and White College Students
Bioorganic Molecules in the Cosmos and the Origins of Darwinian Molecular Systems
Ecology and Management of Wetland Forests Dominated by Prioria copaifera in Darien, Panama
Diet and Condition of American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) in Three Central Florida Lakes
Enhanced Functionality of Carbon Nanotube Modified Atomic Force Microscopy Probes and Applications
Building an Episomal Model of Aging in Saccharomyces cerevesiae
Enhancement of Presentation of Chinese Narrative Poems--Using a Multimedia Model for 'Mulan Shih'
Examining Purchase and Non-Redemption of Mail-in Rebates: The Impact of Offer Variables on Consumers' Subjective and Objective Probability of Redeeming
A Computational Study of Surface Adsorption and Desorption
High-Performance Periodic Contention-Free Multiple-Access Protocol for Broadband Multimedia Powerline Communications
Marco Pereira: Brazilian Guitar Virtuoso
Adoptive Transfer Studies to Establish a Model of Phase II Exocrine Gland Dysfunction in the NOD Model of Sjogren's Syndrome
The Mechanism of Formyl-Coenzyme A Transferase, a Family III CoA Transferase, from Oxalobacter formigenes
Implementing a Global Anti-DoS Service Based on Random Overlay Network
Development of a MEMS-Based Acoustic Energy Harvester
The Relationship of Spirituality and Self-Health Assessment in Predicting Postoperative Pain and Analgesic Use
The Role of Students' Perceptions of Classroom Climate in Predicting Academic Motivation and Assigned Grades in Middle School Mathematics
Positive Youth-Development Outcomes among Florida 4-H Members
Design and Implementation of a Modular Manipulator Architecture
Professional Commitment to Advertising: The Relationship between Advertising Education and Professional Commitment
Current job evaluation practices in hospitals
Predictors of Quality of Life in Caregivers at One and Six Months Post Stroke
Cell-mediated and humoral immune responses to Dirofilaria immitis in experimentally-infected dogs
City councils and public policy
Reverse Kinematic Analysis and Uncertainty Analysis of the Space Shuttle Aft Propulsion System (APS) Pod Lifting Fixture
Effects of Dietary Physical Form and Carbohydrate Profile on Captive Giraffe
Anatomical aspects of avocado stems and their relation to rooting
Manganese utilization by ruminants and poultry
Diversification opportunities and effects of alternative policies on Costa Rican coffee farms
Nonlanguage cerebral mechanisms in a visual field task
The 2, 4-ethano- and 2,4-etheno-3-alkoxy-tris-homocyclopropenyl cations, orientation and stereochemistry of nucleophile capture
The effects of stimulus characteristics on the relationship between the visual evoked response and intelligence
Most and least helpful experiences in the supervision of paraprofessional mental health workers
A radical pathway for reductive dehalogenation and nucleophilic substitution of hetaryl halides
The effects of individual differences on learning from writtern materials: the control of inspection behavior by test-like events
Studies of seed dormancy of Prunus persica
Double modulation - optical scanning and mechanical chopping - in atomic absorption spectrometry using a continuum source
Yes/No-Question Intonation of Native Speakers and International Teaching Assistants in Academic Discourse
Understanding the relationship between successful construction company growth and the growth of a small city in Florida
Dwarfism in Low Chill Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum)
Mathematical modeling of the growth and development of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Effect of the vegetable leafminer, Liriomyza sativae Blanchard, and the associated plant pathogens on yield and quality of the tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. cv. Walter
Comparison of the pharmacokinetics and toxicity of sulfisoxazole in humans and two monogastric animal species
The effect of depth of rooting on citrus root structure and water absorption
Relationships between self-concept and illicit narcotic use among addicts in chemotherapeutic treatment
Interrelationships among leadership style, organizational climate, and team effectiveness among selected high school administrative teams
Effects of phonetic processing and stimulus relevance on the auditory evoked response
Natural phonology and loanword phonology (with selected examples from Miami Cuban Spanish)
An archeological, ethnohistoric, and biochemical investigation of the Guale aborigines of the Georgia coastal strand
A history of bands in Marquette, Michigan, 1866-1930
Nuclear relaxation in fluorine-containing liquids
A longitudinal follow up of preschool intervention program for Mexican-American migrant children in primary grades
Contributions to statistical techniques for two and three dimensional measurement problems
When other isn't enough
Using hard cost data on resource consumption to measure green building performance
Content Analysis of Religious and Value-Oriented Frames in the 2004 Republican National Convention
Medication Use Performance Indicator Evaluation: A Systems Perspective
Improved Use of Green Manure as a Nitrogen Source for Sweet Corn
The Moving Picture Ship
Impact of Mood on Recall of Brand Placements in the Movies
Articulating the Business and Ethical Arguments for Sustainable Construction
Qualitative Investigation of Daily Show Viewers: Symbolic Constructions of Identification and Credibility
Analysis of the sintering force in copper
Visual evoked responses
Reproductive biology of the lesser cornstalk borer, Elasmopalpus Lignosellus (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae)
The effects of jogging and assertiveness training on self variables and assertiveness in women
Emotional aspects of the pregnancy experience
Personality structure and mood in female college students
Ratio responding as a function of concurrent avoidance schedules, yoked shocks and ratio value
Distortion of factor loadings as a function of the number of factors
Clinical judgment and the use of psychological reports
Implications of Plant Diversity and Soil Chemical Properties for Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) Invasion in Northwest Florida
Preparation and Evaluation of Polymer Composite Multilayers on SiO2 for Use in Medical Systems
Muscle Function and Quality after Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
The role of repeated copulations in reducing the effects of competitive inseminations among male laboratory rats
To discover that there is nothing to discover
Bivariegated graphs and their isomorphisms
Numerical modeling of solute transport in tidal canal networks
Crossed molecular beam studies of sensitized fluorescence
Factors related to clinical performance of baccalaureate nursing students
An investigation into the composing processes and graphic linguistic awareness of three very young children
Individual characteristics and achievement of pre-service elementary teachers
Perceptions of disturbed and disturbing behavioral characteristics by school personnel
A history of inmate rehabilitation through education in the Florida State correctional system, 1868-1980
A comparison of gay and heterosexual teachers on professional and personal dimensions
Sexual harassment of women students in higher education
The dynamics of nominal exchange rates
The impact of mandating on the operational capability of local government
Method for Measurement of Residual Stress and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Laminated Composites
A Query Composer and A Composite Service Specification Generator for Dynamic Web Service Composition
Efficient Methodology for the Synthesis of 2,4-Benzodiazepin-1-ones, Sulfonylbenzotriazoles, Sulfonamides, Ethylene Sulfonamides, Thiocarbamates, Dithiocarbamates and Thioamides
College Males' Awareness of and Attitudes toward the Human Papillomavirus
Technology Dissemination among Small-Scale Farmers in Meru Central District of Kenya: Impact of Group Participation
Anatomy of a Cortical-Striatal-Thalamic Network Mediating Directed Attention in the Rat
Dietary Consistency and Sutural Morphology: The Complexity of the Mid-Palatal Suture in Procolobus badius and Colobus polykomos
Pharaoh Ant Consumption of Fluids Used in Hospital Environments
The Effects of Logging on Primate-Habitat Interactions: A Case Study of Redtail Monkeys (Cercopithecus ascanius) in Kibale National Park, Uganda
The Understanding of motivations, preferences and constraints of recreation in a rural Costa Rican community: La Zona de Monteverde
Integrating Hypermedia into Elementary Teachers' Science Professional Development Opportunities: The Effects on Content Knowledge and Attitudes toward Science
Peripheral Myelin Protein 22 Is a Novel Constituent of Intercellular Junctions
Quasi-regular Surface Representation
Pasteurization of Beer by a Continuous Dense-Phase CO2 System
An Analysis of compound specific carbon isotopes of lipid biomarkers
Inheritance of Morphological Characters of Pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata L.)
Sexual Dimorphism and the Transition to Agriculture: A Meta-Analysis
Management of Pest Mole Crickets Using the Insect Parasitic Nematode Steinernema scapterisci
Expression of Notch-1 and Its Ligand Jagged-1 in the 2AAF/PHx Oval Cell Mediated Liver Regeneration Model
Analysis of Rat Microglial Cellular Senescence as Determined by Measurements of Telomere Length and Telomerase Activity
Nuclear Design Methodology for Analyzing an Ultra High Temperature Highly Compact Ternary Carbide Reactor
Statistical Functional Mapping for Genetic Control of Programmed Cell Death
Polymeric Surface Modification of Metallic Medical Implants for Enhanced Stability and Delivery of Therapeutic Agents
Mycoplasma bovis Infection of Dairy Calves
Physiological and Life-History Responses to Patterns of Food Availability
Estimating Import Demand for Fresh Tomatoes into the United States and the European Union
Building Information Modeling Implementation in the Construction Industry
Assessing the Effects of Dialogic Reading on the Oral Language Skills of Migrant Preschoolers at Risk for Reading Difficulties
Text Mining Biomedical Literature for Constructing Gene Regulatory Networks
Laser Photofragmentation and Heterogeneous Chemiluminescence for Nitro-Based Explosive Detection
Early Childhood Preservice Teachers' Beliefs about Music, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, and the Relationship between Music and Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Empirical and Hierarchical Bayesian Methods with Applications to Small Area Estimation
Subtype-A and Subtype-B HIV-1 P24 Based FIV Vaccines
Gender Role Disruption and Marital Satisfaction among Wives of Chinese International Students
Synthesis of Metal Selenide Semiconductor Nanocrystals Using Selenium Dioxide as Precursor
Sleep Disturbance in Chronic Pain Patients
Characteristics of Phonological Processing, Reading, Oral Language, and Auditory Processing Skills of Children with Mild-to-Moderate Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Convergence in the Curriculum
Living Experiences, Intercultural Stressors, Social Support, Family Cohesion, and Emotional Well-Being of Chinese Sojourning Grandparents in the U.S.
Timing, Duration, and Diurnal Distribution of Supraoptimal Temperatures Affect Floral Initiation of Poinsettia
Exploring Written Communication Techniques for Complex Natural Resource Issues
Isotropic versus Anisotropic Intracellular Electrical Properties of a Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DT-MRI) Based Cardiac Model
Destination Familiarity, Awareness and Image of Bulgaria among U.S. College Students and Their Intent to Travel
Consumer Sensitivity to Bundle Context
Newspapers and Urban Growth
Quantification and Ecological Role of Snag Habitat in the Apalachicola River, Florida
Phonetic Realization and Perception of Prominence among Lexical Tones in Mandarin Chinese
Role of Type-I Interferons and Toll-Like Receptors in Experimental Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
In El Norte con Calle 13 and Tego Calderon: Tracing an Articulation of Latino Identity in Regueton
Extent of Acculturation Experiences among High School Muslim Students in America
Resistance among Prospective Teachers in a Graduate Social Studies Course
Effects of Soil Moisture Sensor Based Irrigation on Drip Irrigated Bell Peppers Grown on Sandy Soil
Measurement of Event Shapes in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV
Host Range, Phylogenetic, and Pathogenic Diversity of Corynespora cassiicola (Berk. and Curt.) Wei
High-Contrast Imaging with a Band-Limited Coronagraphic Mask
Freshwater Clams as a Tertiary Treatment for Phosphorus in Agricultural Wastewater
Applications of the electronic cone penetration test for the geotechnical site investigation of Florida soils
Dramatism and the theatre
Benchmarking smart homes using a humanoid robot approach
Effect of a supersolvus heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a powder metallurgy processed nickel-base superalloy
Sedimentation of hard sphere suspensions at low Reynolds number ssing a lattice-Boltzmann method
Pilot data on the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF) and performance measures of executive function in pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Vibration-induced droplet atomization and dropwise condensation
Nd Isotopes throughout the North Atlantic in the Late Cretaceous and across the Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
State aid to private institutions of higher education--the development of guidelines
Military reform in the viceroyalty of New Granada, 1773-1796
Women in transition
Migratory aptitudes in the elimination-rearrangement reactions of 1, 1-diaryl-2-bromoethylenes
Effects of oral reading rate and inflection on comprehension and its maintenance
Surface pole modeling of field access magnetic bubble devices
The Effects of entry level skill assessment training on the placement decisions for handicapped students made by vocational educators
The relationships between alternative local fiscal capacity measures and selected school finance equity standards
The relationship of sex and temperament to mutual gaze behavior in early parent-infant interactions
An inquiry into the identification of discriminating factors relating to high and low functional literacy performance
Developmental group counseling using structured play with elementary school disruptive children
A comparative analysis of the conceptions of development in Dewey, Piaget, and Kohlberg and their implications for educational theory and practice
Microanatomical study on the eyes of the lone star tick and the screwworm fly with related electrophysiological studies
Radio spectral line studies of the interstellar medium in the galactic plane
The impact of desegregation on the Florida Statewide Twelfth Grade Achievement Test scores of black and white students in a rural and an urban Florida county
Relations of the blue stain fungus, Ceratocystis ips (Rumbold) C. Moreau, to Ips bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) occurring in Florida
Flare-related color effects in UV Ceti stars
Reactivity in the tricyclo 4 heptan-5-ylidene and the tricyclo 5 octan-2-ylidene series
Hydrodynamic modeling of nets and trawls
Use of quasi-static friction cone penetrometer data to predict load capacity of displacement piles
Cell contact mediated differentiation in Dictyostelium / by Ning Yueh Yu
An investigation of the strength of concrete masonry shear wall structures
Temporal factors of talk in unconstrained conversation : personal and situational relationships
Synthesis and polymerization of some non-conjugated dienes
Sex, status and role in the Mestizaje of Spanish colonial Florida
Relationships between career satisfaction and personality type for employed dietitians
A repetitive integral measurement technique for X and gamma radiation dosimetry and depth dose scanning
Continuum semigroups with midunit
Behavioral thermoregulation in anisoptera
An empirical examination of analysis of covariance with and without Porter's adjustment for a fallible covariate
The formation of a contact binary star system
Economics of Mexican-United States relations during the reforma, 1854-1861
Immortality and Rasselas
Maturation and motherhood
Water drop deformation and fragmentation due to shock wave impact
Environmental, cultural and insecticidal effects on the vegetable leafminer, Liriomyza sativae Blanchard, and its parasites
In vivo and in vitro responses of cattle to prostaglandin F2a
Plasmalemma ATPase of the maize scutellum
Mothers' perceptions of their children's intellectual abilities and their relationship to academic achievement
The influence of pictures, context and difficulty on beginning reading
Coverbal behavior elicited by aphasic subjects during conversational turns
A cross-section analysis of the demand for mobile homes in Florida
The Quantity and quality of marital interaction related to marital satisfaction
Leadership orientation and self-presentations
Capability of d² spectrometry for detecting Raman scattering
Determinants of the outstanding volume of dollar bankers' acceptances
An instrument to measure the two-dimensional wave slope spectrum of ocean capillary waves
Structural studies of 4 + 2 perhalocyclopropene cycloadducts
Ionic and osmotic regulation, metabolic response to salinity, and physiological response to pesticides of juvenile Callinectes Sapidus Rathbun
Land use and population in St. Vincent, 1763-1960
Population dynamics of microorganisms associated with caladium seedpieces
An Analysis of the Rossiter effect in algol-type eclipsing binary systems
Studies in time-resolved optoacoustic spectroscopy
Unique morphogenetic and cell division behavior in populations of Escherichia coli treated with 6-amidinopenicillanic acid
Synthetic and solvolytic studies in the endo, exo-bismethanonapthalene sic system
Effects of specific factors on the fatty acid composition of Streptococcus lactis
Comparison of S2 progeny and inbred tester methods for improvement of maize
Response of pearl millet inbreds and hybrids to inoculation with Spirillum lipoferum
Feasibility of using Toxorhynchites rutilus rutilus (Coq.) in the control of container-breeding mosquitoes
Economic impacts of frozen concentrated orange juice futures trading on the Florida orange industry
Thermal and photo-induced rearrangements of sigma-bound cyclopropyl iron complexes
Temporal and social aspects of the foraging ecology of a piscivore, the osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
Influence of the nuclear genome on transcription of a maize mitochondrial region associated with male sterility and toxin sensitivity
Phylogenetic relationships of the soft-shelled turtles (family trionychidae)
Interaction of Rhizobium japonicum with soybean isolines carrying unique genes which affect nodulation at the Rj1 locus
The impact of wet season and dry season prescribed fires on Miami Rock Ridge Pineland, South Florida
A revision of the genus Paratrechina (Hymenoptera : Formicidae) of the continental United States
In situ characterization of corroding interfaces via digital signal analysis
Deposition, corrosion and coloration of tungsten trioxide electrochromic thin films
Synthesis and study of the interactions of polymers containing nucleic acid bases as pendant groups
Discourse functions of the active-passive dichotomy in English
The three symphonies of Daniel Gregory Mason
Electron channeling patterns from elastically and plastically deformed crystals
Decomposition, function, and maintenance of organic matter in a sandy nursery soil
Solvatochromic investigations of chromatographic processes
American and German children's perceptions of war and peace
Characterization of Agrobacterium tumefaciens adsorption to potato tissue
Policy implementation and participation response to an education program for the elderly at the University of Florida
Wastewater reclamation at St. Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands
From far more different angles
A historical review of the organization and development of teacher education in the State of Florida
Developing cross-cultural sensitivity for counselor education students
Heteroepitaxy and nucleation control for the growth of metal chalcogenides using activated reactant sources
Identification and Characterization of a Major Hepatic Glutathione S-Transferase Isoenzyme in Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) That Conjugates 4-Hydroxynon-2-Enal
Evaluation of Selected Heavy Metal Concentrations in Soils of an Urban Stormwater Retention Basin
Characterization of Two Begomoviruses Isolated from Sida santaremensis Monteiro and Sida acuta Burm. f
Biology and Rearing of Diomus terminatus (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) on Rhopalosiphum maidis (Homoptera: Aphididae) and Artificial Diet
Recovery Study of Salmonella spp. off the Surfaces of Tomatoes and Packing Line Materials
Design, Assembly, and Testing of an Ultra-High-Speed Micro-Milling Spindle
The Transparent gate
Quantitative Evaluation of a Boater Education Program for Manatee Protection
Diagnosis of Systemic Inflammatory Disease in Manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
Brown and the Times: A Rhetorical Exegesis
Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Concrete Spalling during Extreme Thermal Loading
Teaching English-Word Final Alveolopalatals to Native Speakers of Korean
Borders and Rumors: The Georgia Frontier in the Atlantic World
Neurogenesis of Adult Stem Cells from the Liver and Bone Marrow
Eastern Mosquitofish as a Bioindicator of Pulp and Paper Mill Effluents
Multi-Scale Modeling of Solids as a Composite of Quantum Mechanical (QM) and Classical Mechanical (CM) Domains
Juxtaposed Integration Matrix : a Crisis Communication Tool
Characteristics of Advanced Placement Environmental Science Reading Teacher Participants and Their Perceptions of the Reading as a Professional Development Experience
Combinatorial Algorithms Involving Pattern Containing and Avoiding Permutations
Tunneling between two dimensional electron systems in a high magnetic field and crystalline phases of a two dimensional electron system in a magnetic field
The Importance of Community Leadership to Successful Rural Communities in Florida
Novel Application of Gene Therapy and Somatic Stem Cells in Treating Metabolic Liver Disorders
Optimizing the Packing Behavior of Layered Permutation Patterns
Multi-Luminophore Coatings for Pressure Sensitive Paint Applications
Women and crime in context
Development of a Competitive Inhibition Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (CI ELISA) for Serosurvey of Wildlife Species for West Nile Virus, Emphasizing Marine Mammals
A 10 Gigabit per second limiting amplifier with 40dB gain and 7 GHz bandwidth for sonet OC-192 applications
Three-Dimensional (3D) Urban Simulation for Collaborative Urban Design
What music videos teach at-risk adolescent girls
Lyric Voice and American Democracy
The Role of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) in Oval Cell Aided Liver Regeneration in the 2-AAF/PHx Model
Rheological and Abrasion Resistant Properties of Transparent Polymer/Silicate Nanocomposite Coatings
Charge Induced Actuation in Carbon Nanotubes and Resistance Changes in Carbon Nanotube Networks
Extending Dysarthria Research with a Measure of Communicative Effectiveness
Sustainability of a school wide literacy reform
Indium Nitride Growth by Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE)
Protein Aggregation in Peripheral Myelin Protein 22 (PMP22)-Associated Neuropathies
Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Copper Using Nanoparticle-Based Slurries
Irregular-Structure Tree Models for Image Interpretation
Effect of Content Area Reading Strategy on Achievement in Secondary Agriscience
Characterizing the Fiber-Matrix Interface via Single Fiber Composite Tests
Prostate Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines: Clinical and Economic Outcomes
Analysis and verification of stresses and strains and their relationship to failure in concrete pavements under heavy vehicle simulator loading
Creation and Validation of the Dual Motivation Profile Scale
Interactions of Atomic Oxygen with Pt(111) and Nitrided Si(100)
Effectiveness of a Multisensory, Orton-Gillingham Influenced Approach to Reading Intervention for High School Students with Reading Disability
Characteristics of Somatic Pain Sensitization in Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Modeling Two-Phase Transport during Cryogenic Chilldown in a Pipeline
Economic Impact of a Mediterranean Fruit Fly Outbreak in Florida
Identification of Activities Critical to Examine the Need for Personal Attendant Care for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
Fragmentation of Quark and Gluon Jets in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Center-of-Mass Energy of 1.8 TeV
Regulation of the Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory Protein (StAR) by cAMP and Transforming Growth Factor-Beta (TGF-Beta) Dependent Pathways
Regulation of Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Function and Pharmacology by Amino Acid Sequence in the Second Transmembrane Domain
The Elephant Jumpers
Floodplain Impacts from Channelization and Urbanization: A Characterization of the Tumblin Creek Delta Floodplain, Gainesville, Florida
Music and Movement: An Investigation of the Influence of Formal Music Training and Significant Athletic Experience on Rhythmic Perception
Assessment of Controlled Insurance Programs for Construction Projects
Relationships Among Perceived Stress, Sleep Quality, and Diurnal Cortisol in Endometrial Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study
User preference of interior design elements in hotel lobby spaces
Preliminary Development of the Child Impairment Rating Scale
The Sendoff and Other Stories
Bearings: A Collection of Poems
The Perfect Body
Dialogic Communication in the Nonprofit Sector: How Are Colleges and Universities Interacting on the Web?
Covering Chlorine Contact Basins at the Kanapaha Water Reclamation Facility: Effects on Chlorine Residual, Disinfection Effectiveness, and Disinfection By-Product Formation
Segmentation in 3D Virtual Spine Modeling for Assistance in Surgical Planning and Guidance
La Despolitizacion de Baldomero Sanin Cano: Lectura de Elites Letradas desde la Regeneracion
Determination of Residual Stress and Thermal Behavior for Composite Laminates
Red Holes Everywhere
The Lyric Aeneid: A Fat Sacrifice to a Slender Muse
Mirrors of Absurdity : The Positive Unconscious of Knowledge
High Temperature Synthesis of Cerium Sulfides and Kinetic Modeling
A Complex Systems Theory of Technological Change: A Case Study Involving a Morphometrics Analysis of Stone Age Flake Debitage from the Horn of Africa
Examining Apathy and Depression in Parkinson's Disease
Factors Conditioning the Development of a Community Forestry Coalition in Western Amazonia, Brazil
Exploring a Multi-Stage Model of Crisis Management: Utilities, Hurricanes, and Contingency
Military-Base Impact on a Local Economy: A Case Study of Three Military Bases in Two Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Strategies Employed by North Carolina Agriculture Teachers in Serving Students with Mild to Moderate Learning Disabilities
Perceptions of Orthognathic Surgery Patients' Change in Profile: A Five Year Follow-up
The Potential for Rewriting Myth: Finding 'Kindness' on the Frontier
First Impressions of Office Reception Spaces: Communicating Symbolic Meanings through Design Elements and Furnishing Arrangements
Uncovering our work
Analysis of three degree of freedom 6 x 6 tensegrity platform
Procedural and Distributive Justice in the Healthcare System
Vanguard assemblages
Effects of Resistance Exercise on Markers of Inflammation and Antioxidant Defenses in Heart Transplant Recipients
Level of Voice among Urban and Rural African-American Middle-School Students
Impact of Crop-Management History on Organically Fertilized Sweet Corn (Zea mays L.)
Reproduction and Identification of Root-Knot Nematodes on Perennial Ornamental Plants in Florida
Investigation of Gaseous Hydrogen Leak Detection Using Raman Scattering and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Influence of family and community social capital on aggressive parental behaviors at high school soccer games
Neural Change in Patients with Chronic Nonfluent Aphasia after Language Rehabilitation: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Study
Interference Effects of Anxiety and Affective Processing on Working Memory: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Accounts
Heuristic Solution Methods for the 1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional Mastermind Problem
Gender-role portrayals in Taiwan's television commercials
Probablistic Assessment of Bridge Loading Concurrent with Permit Vehicles
Recreation Specialization and Reports of Potential Impact Behaviors among Birders Attending Birding Festivals
Analysis of knee mechanics during the squat exercise
The Effects of Creeping Commercialism on Children's Public Television Programming on the Strength of Relationship between PBS and Parents of Child Viewers
Status of E-Business Implementation in the Construction Industry
Unsound compositions
Morphological and Constituent Analyses of American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Eggshells from Contaminated and Reference Lakes
Design of Controllers for Improving Contour Accuracy in a High-Speed Milling Machine
Intersection Detection and Navigation for an Autonomous Greenhouse Sprayer Using Machine Vision
Perceptions of Job Satisfaction and Gender Roles among Agricultural Communications Practitioners
Sex and the Recently Single: Cultural Models of Mature Sexuality and HIV Risk by Physicians and Midlife Women
History- and Community-Thinking in Nahulingo, El Salvador
Taiwan Online Newspaper Coverage: The Framing of the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election
A Public Relations Campaign of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Test of a Cognitive Processing Model of a CSR Message
Detection and Molecular Characterization of Cetacean and Pinniped Poxviruses Associated with Cutaneous Lesions
The Peruvian Family Violence Law: Adoption and Implementation Challenges
Otherance, Self-Representation and the Commodity Other
Evaluating Limerock-Base Thick Lift
Viewing America
Investigation of Theoretical Limitations of Recombination DCIV Methodology for Characterization of MOS Transistors
Transverse jet penetration in supersonic flows with variable boundary layer thickness
Analysis of absorber operations for the 5 kw ammonia/water combined cycle
Blending East and West: A Content Analysis of Taiwanese Award-Winning TV Commercials from 1998 to 2003
Characterization of the Activity of Fluazifop-Butyl on Bristly Starbur (Acanthospermum hispidium DC.) and Trimethylsulfonium Salt of Glyphosate on Round-Up ReadyTM Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
Molecular Manganese Compounds as Single-Molecule Magnets: A Molecular Approach to Nanoscale Magnets
Methods for Producing Off-Axis Ratio Tables from Mini-Multileaf Collimator Shaped Circular Fields for Input into a Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment Planning System
Connected and Disconnected: The Skull Art of the Bismam of West Papua
Photocatalytic Oxidation of Selected Organic Contaminants and Inactivation of Microorganisms in a Continuous Flow Reactor Packed with Titania-Doped Silica
Impact of Culture and Ideology on Coverage: Comparing the People's Republic China and the United States Weekly News Magazines' Stories of SARS Epidemic
Query Optimization Using Frequent Itemset Mining
High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of the Influence of Grain Boundary and Triple Grain Junction Crystallinity and Chemistry on Silicon Carbide-Based Armor with Small Additions of Aluminum, Boron, and Carbon
Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Ventilated Cages for Laboratory Animals
Ecosee: Toward a Visual Rhetoric and Composition of Nature
Whites in blackface, blacks in whiteface
Design and Implementation of a 6 DOF Parallel Manipulator with Passive Force Control
Relationships between Mass and Flux in Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Source Zones
Attentional Contrast During Sequential Judgments: An Explanation for the Number-of-Levels Effect
Risk Perceptions of and Acceptance Capacity for the American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) in South Florida
Development of a Numerical Procedure for Mixed Mode K-Solutions and Fatigue Crack Growth in FCC Single Crystal Superalloys
State of Local Economic Development: Attitudes and Approaches to Development Plans
Management Strategies to Improve Nutrient Cycling in Grazed Pensacola Bahiagrass Pastures
Synchronized Ovulation with Timed Insemination versus Exogenous Progesterone with Insemination at an Induced-Estrus as Therapeutic Strategies for Ovarian Cysts in Lactating Dairy Cows
Adhesion properties and cell surface characteristics of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana
Bioactive and Functional Properties of Catfish Protein Hydrolysates and Catfish Protein Isolates
Feasibility of processing mixed carbide nuclear fuels for use in transmutation systems
Relationship between Client Factors and Symptom Levels for Clients in Ongoing Mental Health Treatment
Women's lived experience with human papillomavirus
Wanting the bad and doing bad things: an essay in moral psychology
Psychological Distress, Well-Being, and Cardiac-Specific Quality of Life among Patients with Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy Undergoing Nonsurgical Septal Reduction Therapy
Identification and Initial Characterization of Genes Controlled by DNA Methylation in Embryonic Stem Cells
Multilevel Effects of Leader Charisma on Follower Satisfaction
Identification and Characterization of Genes Unique Genes Systemic Xanthomonas Pathogens
Second Language Reading: The Interrelationships among Text Adjuncts, Students' Proficiency Levels and Reading Strategies
Field Testing of Prestressed Concrete Piles Spliced with Steel Pipes
Using domain-specific knowledge in support vector machines
Studies in Synthetic Methodology: Routes to Sulfur- and Nitrogen-Containing Compounds
Contemporary Gun Policy and Policing: An Analysis of Police Cadet Attitudes toward Concealed Weapon Permitting Laws
Generalizing from Purchase Outcomes
Effect of Diaprepes Root Weevil on Leaf Gas Exchange and Growth of Select Ornamental Tree Species
Automation of Prototype Solid Waste Management System for Long Term NASA Space Missions
Evolutionary Patterns in the Dilatata Group (Paspalum, POACEAE): A Polyploid/Agamic Complex
Understanding education
Temperature Dependent Mechanical Properties of Composite Materials and Uncertainties in Experimental Measurements
Pulsed Laser Annealing and Rapid Thermal Annealing of Copper-Indium-Gallium-Diselenide-Based Thin-Film Solar Cells
Effect of Alcohol Cosolvents on the Aqueous Solubility of Toxaphene
Endothelial Dysfunction and Arterial Stiffness in Heart Transplant Recipients
The Diet Culture Phenomenon and Its Effect on the United States Orange Juice Industry
Sourcing Strategies in a Supply Chain
Optimization and Information Retrieval Techniques for Complex Networks
In Vitro Seed Germination and Seedling Development of Calopogon tuberosus and Sacoila lanceolata var. lanceolata: Two Florida Native Terrestrial Orchids
Response of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) to Traps, Attractants, and Adulticides in North Central Florida
Three Essays on Taxation and E-Commerce
Remote Sensing and Simulation to Estimate Forest Productivity in Southern Pine Plantations
A Wireless clock distribution system using an external antenna
Psychological Profiles in Autoimmune Disease: Relationship to Demographic, Diagnostic, Disease Activity and Social Support Measures
The Impact of the Learning Environment on a Child's Behavior
Fusing Probability Distributions with Information Theoretic Centers and Its Application to Data Retrieval
Impact of Post-Stroke Mobility on Activity and Participation
Bed and Breakfast Websites: Marketing Accommodations to People with Disabilities
Gene Therapy for Phenylketonuria: Dominant-Negative Interference in a Recessive Disease
Tennis + Sex = Increased Popularity: Using a Content Analysis to Examine the Covers of Tennis Magazine from 2000 to 2004
Jamming Mitigation through Collaboration
Behavior of Light-Emitting Polymers: Film Formation, Optical Properties, and Degradation
Value of the Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) hot list as a dairy management tool
Acoustic characteristics of arabic fricatives
Teachers' Beliefs and Instructional Practices within Selected High Performing and Low Performing Florida High Schools
Hayes, Herr and Sack: Esquire Goes to Vietnam
Promise or Peril: How Elite Newspapers Frame Stem Cell Research
Reliability-Based Hybrid-ARQ Using Convolutional Codes
Quantifying the Risk of Financial Events Using Kernel Methods and Information Retrieval
Disclosure Control of Confidential Data by Applying PAC Learning Theory
Efficient, Tight Bounding Volumes for Subdivision Surfaces
Supplementation Effects on Early Weaned Calves Grazing Cool- and Warm-Season Grasses
Transformational leadership and follower risk behavior
Transformation of 'Galia' melon to improve fruit quality
Stochastic Inventory Control in Dynamic Environments
Hydrogen Peroxide Disproportionation and Organic Compound Oxidation by Peroxycarbonate Catalyzed by Manganese(II): Kinetics and Mechanism
From Molecular Oligomers to Supramolecular Gels: Photophysics of Conjugated Metal-Organic Systems
Genetic Determinants of Host Range Specificity of the Wellington Strain of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri
Androgynous Democracy: American Modernity and the Dual-Sexed Body Politic
Quality of Adolescent Preventive Health Services at School-Based Health Centers Compared with Usual Care
Diauxic Lag of Denitrifying Bacteria in Oxic/Anoxic Cycling under Continuous Flow Conditions
Impact of the 30-Baht Health Insurance Policy on Hospital Drug Utilization in Thailand
On Electronic Representations in Molecular Reaction Dynamics
New Information Theoretic Distance Measures and Algorithms for Multimodality Image Registration
Domain-Specific Knowledge-Based Informational Retrieval Model Using Knowledge Reduction
Phenotypic Characterization and Sequence Analysis of pthA Homologs from Five Pathogenic Variant Groups of Xanthomonas citri
Process Development for ZnO-Based Devices
Computational Modeling of Thermodynamic Effects in Cryogenic Cavitation
Numerical and Exact Density Functional Studies of Light Atoms in Strong Magnetic Fields
Heavy Atom and Hydrogen Kinetic Isotope Effect Studies on Recombinant, Mammalian Sialyltransferases
Filter-Based Modeling of Unsteady Turbulent Cavitating Flow Computations
A Web-service-based e-learning service infrastructure for achieving dynamic and collaborative e-learning
Phosphoproteomics of Arabadopsis thaliana
A Case Study of Faculty Support in the Distance English Language Teacher Education Program at Anadolu University in Turkey
On the Classification of Inverse Limit Spaces of Tent Maps
Multiple Daily TENS Treatments for the Shoulder after Exercise-Induced Injury
Architecture for a Low-Level Functional Specification Language Supporting Multimodeling and Simulation
Ab Initio Density Functional Theory
Learning in Action: Training the Community Policing Officer
Interplay among Anxiety, Motivation, and Autonomy in Second Language Learners of French: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study
Infrared Thermography Inspection of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Bonded to Concrete
Bioresponse to Polymeric Substrates: Effect of Surface Energy, Modulus, Topography, and Surface Graft Copolymers
Syntheses and Studies of Perfluoroalkyl Substituted Compounds
Robust Multicriteria Optimization of Surface Location Error and Material Removal Rate in High-Speed Milling under Uncertainty
Effects of Dietary Aluminum from Water Treatment Residuals on Phosphorus Status and Bone Density in Growing Lambs
Radiation Reaction in Curved Spacetime
Episodic Memory, Integrative Processing, and Memory-Contingent Brain Activity during Encoding
Study of Tungsten(IV) and Tungsten(VI) Imido Complexes: Synthesis, Structural Analysis, and Reactivity
Subaqueous Pedology: Expanding Soil Science to Near-Shore Subtropical Marine Habitats
Framing, Persuasion, and Attitudes toward Same-Sex Marriage
A Continental Margin Record of Little Ice Age to Decadal Climate-Induced Changes in Sediment Transport and Delivery in the Gulf of Alaska
Diffeomorphic Point Matching with Applications in Medical Image Analysis
Controlling Twospotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) in Florida Strawberries with Single and Combination Treatments of Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot, Neoseiulus californicus (McGregor), and Acramite
Slavery, Coffee, and Family in a Frontier Society: Jeremie and Its Hinterland, 1780-1789
Stages of Change, Self-Efficacy, Social Support, and Substance Abuse within a Gainesville, Florida Drug Court Program
Cognitive Task Analysis of Superintendents' Work: A Case Study and Critique of Supporting Information Technologies
Perceived Motivational Climates and Achievement Goal Orientations of Students with Racial and Ethnic Differences in Middle School Physical Education Classes
Application of a Three-Dimensional Model to Deep-Water Wave Breaking
A Coupled Modeling System to Predict Morphology Changes and a Comparison of Pressure Gradient Forces to Shear Stresses in the Nearshore
KLU--A High Performance Sparse Linear Solver for Circuit Simulation Problems
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Emotional Reactivity and Wisdom Assessment of Meditators and Non-Meditators
Morphological Adaptations of Soybean in Response to Early Season Flood Stress
Acquisition of tense-aspect morphology by English learners of French and Chinese
An Assessment of the needs and perceptions of the Florida horse owner and the UF/IFAS extension adult horse programPerceptions of the Florida Hors
Theory of Linear Operators for Aggregate Stream Query Processing
Relationship of Gender to Interiors and Exteriors in Euripides
Multi-Resource Allocation across Multi Projects by Subcontractor
Target Safety: Programs Focused on Preventing Specific Hazards/Injuries
Detection and Molecular Characterization of Manatee Papillomavirus in Cutaneous Lesions of the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
Development and Evaluation of Permeable Friction Course Mix Design for Florida Conditions
Effect of Academic Detailing on COX-2 Utilization Rates
Estimating the Crop Coefficient of Bahiagrass Using Lysimeters and the FAO56 Penman-xxMonteith Equation
Comparing Estimators of VAR and CVAR under the Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
Synthesis and Characterization of Lanthanide Complexes for Use in Near-Infrared Light Emitting Diodes
Model for Suspended Gate Field Effect Transistors Used in Laboratory Animal CagexxMonitoring
Trying to go it alone and failing in an authoritarian developing state
Modeling Biological Nitrogen Removal with Denitrification Enzyme Parameter Estimation
Effect of Ethylene Sensitivity on Development and Germination of Petunia x hybrida Seeds
Effects of Nociceptin/orphanin FQ Microinjections into Amygdala on Anxiety-Related Behaviors and Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Activation
Evaluation of Attractants and Monitoring for Sap Beetle Control in Strawberries
Ecological Effects of Solarization Duration on Weeds, Microarthropods, Nematodes, and Soil and Plant Nutrients
Identification of Potential Mosquito Vectors of West Nile Virus on a Florida Alligator Farm
Pedagogy of Disease: Re-envisioning Critical Pedagogy for Economically-Privileged Students inxxthe First Year Composition Classroom
Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity Affects Gene Expression in Overloaded Skeletal Muscle
Grain Boundary and Triple Junction Chemistry of Silicon Carbide Sintered with Minimum Additives for Armor Applications
Economic and Environmental Analysis of Tree Crops on Marginal Lands in Florida
An Investigation of the nodular microstructure of selected silsesquioxane and epoxy thermosetting resins
Local Marketing and Promotional Efforts of Florida Cooperative Extension Agents
Survival of Salmonella and Shigella on Tomatoes in the Presence of the Soft Rot Pathogen, Erwinia carotovora
Application of Single Party and Multiple Party Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty to Water Resources Allocation Problems
Expert System for Tree Selection in Urban Horticulture
Culture and Classroom Management: Grounded Theory from a High Poverty Predominantly African American Elementary School
Fun in the Workplace: Toward an Environment-Behavior Framework Relating Office Design, Employee Creativity, and Job Satisfaction
Oxidation Kinetics and Mechanisms in HT-9 Ferritic/Martensitic Stainless Steel
Noted Interior Design Programs in Architecture, Fine Arts, and Human Ecology: A Comparison of Curriculum, Faculty, and Alumni
Evaluation of Cyclic Pore Pressure Induced Moisture Damage in Asphalt Pavement
Bayesian Mapping of Multiple Qualitative Trait Loci
Transient performance of steam reformers in the context of automotive fuel cell system integration
Improving Turbo Codes through Code Design and Hybrid ARQ
Remote Sensing and Imaging in a Reconfigurable Computing Environment
Comparing the Language of Intermediate Learners of French in Asynchronous Electronic Communication vs. Face to Face Communication
Firmness and Storage Characteristics of Crisp-Textured Blueberries
Survivorship, Growth and Pigmentation Responses of the Marine Ornamental Invertebrate Tridacna maxima to Varied Irradiance Levels in Two Different Culture Systems
Particle Scale Modeling of Material Removal and Surface Roughness in Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Hydrogen Atom Abstraction Reactivity of a Primary Fluoroalkyl Radical in Water
Stress Modeling of Nanoscale MOSFET
Static versus dynamic structural response of bridge piers to barge collision loads
Effects of Oyster Shell Shape and Thickness on Absorption of Electron Beam, Gamma Ray, and X-Ray Irradiation
Effects of Low and High pH on Lipid Oxidation in Spanish Mackerel
Financial Returns to Society by National Health Service Corps Scholars Who Receive Training as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners
Urban disadvantage, social disorganization, and racial profiling
Prediction of Drive for Muscularity by Body Composition and Psychological Factors
Equal Access?: The Accessibility of Children's Books across Economic Neighborhoods
Environmental Accounting of Natural Capital and Environmental Services of the US National Forest System
A Moderate calm? Florida's struggle over school desegregation after Brown, 1955-1961
Reconfigurable Computing with RapidIO for Space-Based Radar
Continuous Time Correlation Analysis Techniques For Spike Trains
The Development of Family Violence Research: A Retrospective Analysis
Geospatial Procedures for Identifying a Prospective Development Location
Evaluation of Different Commercial Lures and Horse Odors as an Attractant and Their Abilities to Increase Mosquito Trap Numbers at the University of Florida Horse Teaching Unit
The Co-Construction of Autobiographical Memory Narratives of Children with Specific Language Impairment
Identification and Classification of Green Citrus by Spectral Characteristics for Precision Agriculture
The Role of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Sarcopenia
Standard Model Higgs Boson Discovery Potential in the Decay Channel H - > ZZ(*) - > 4 mu with the CMS Detector
Responses of Plant and Small Mammal Communities to Prescribed Burning in Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve
Conductances in the Two-Impurity Anderson Model
Use and Management of Amazonian Dark Earth in Borba, Amazonas, Brazil
Neotropical Rainforest Origins
Barriers to Affordable Housing Rehabilitation
The Only Paradise We Ever Need
Assessing the State of Math Education in ACEJMC Accredited and Non-accredited Undergraduate Journalism Programs
Investigation of the History of Exhumation and Faulting in the Ruby Mountains Metamorphic Core Complex, Nevada
The Role of Charles I in the Evolution of Taste and Collecting in England
Species Richness and Habitat Preference of Large Vertebrates in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve
Cutting Performance and Stability of Helical Endmills with Variable Pitch
Seedling Recruitment as a Driver of Species Richness in the Understory of the Longleaf Pine Savanna
Accessory Dwelling Units as Affordable Housing and Smart Growth
Anti-Assimilationist Politics in Nella Larsen's Quicksand and Claude McKay's Home to Harlem and Banjo
Ashes to Ashes
Objective Cognitive Fatigue in Parkinson's Disease
Theft and Vandalism on Industrial and Roofing Construction Projects
Effects of Packaging System, Fat Concentration and Carbon Monoxide on Microbiology, Sensory and Physical Properties of Ground Beef Stored at Plus or Minus 1 Degree Celsius for 25 Days
Change of TCR V Beta CDR3 Length Distribution in CD4 T Cells of Influenza Vaccinated Subjects
Case Studies of Two Florida Architects' Residential Passive Design Strategies and Recommendations for Today's Developers
Apt Appropriation
Laboring to Uphold the Image of Suburbia
Billbug (Sphenophorus spp.) Composition, Abundance, Seasonal Activity, Development Time, Cultivar Preference, and Response to Endophytic Ryegrass in Florida
Heat Management Strategies for Construction Workers
Suggested Practices for Preventing Construction Worker Falls
A 3D Canine Hybrid Phantom for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Dosimetry
Assessment of Differences in Physical Properties of Sand Associated with Beach Nourishment and Effects on Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Nesting in Northwest Florida
Effect of Phenotypic Characteristics and Preconditioning Gain on Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Beef Cattle
Unstable Authority in Tacitus' Histories 1 and 2
Biological Denitrification of High Nitrate Industrial Streams
New Reactor Design and Regulation
The Moral Facts
I am "I"
Cause and Effects of HVAC Systems and Applications on Historic Buildings
When Things Do (Not) Refer
Attitude toward Mobile Advertising
The Influence of a Cross-National Conflict Shifting on a Transnational Corporation's Host Customers
Light-Cone Formulation of Maximally Supersymmetric Theories in Superspace
Importance of Religion among Ex-Offenders and Their Perspectives on Turning to Religion during Incarceration
Feasibility Study of Hydrogen Production Using Electrolysis and Wind Power in Patagonia, Argentina
Quantification of Asymmetrical Stepping Post-Stroke and Its Relationship to Hemiparetic Walking Performance
Economic Incentives for Conserving Environmental Services on Agricultural Lands
Judicial Reform and Democratization
Evaluation of Next Generation Beach and Dune Erosion Model to Predict High Frequency Changes along the Panhandle Coast of Florida
Differing Experiences of Hispanic-Latino Community College Students
Concepcion de la Vega 1495-1564
Facilitating Injured Workers Return to Work
Juiced Media
Synthetic Routes to Novel Conjugated Polymers Based on Fluorene and Synthetic Analogues of Fluorene
Limited English Language Proficiency and Access to Health Care among U.S. Latinos
Building Commissioning from a Contractor's Perspective
Microfinance Institutions' Efforts in Building Virtual Relationships
Divergent Stress Coping Styles and Singing Behavior in the Short-Tailed Singing Mouse (Scotinomys teguina)
Roles of Spirituality in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Persons' Experiences of Minority Stress, Psychological Distress, and Well-Being
Valuing Preferences for Water Quality Improvement in the Ichetucknee Springs System
Assessing Uncertainty in Forest Dynamic Models
Anti-Smoking Messages on the World Wide Web
The English Language, South Africa and Nelson Mandela: A Case for Rhetorical Urgency and a Strategy for Rhetorical Success
Effects of Moisture and Time on Stiffness of Unbound Aggregate Base Course Materials
Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Study Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Alachua County, Florida from 1993 to 2003
Role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Surviving a Crisis
Multivariate Assessment of Adherence and Glycemic Control in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes
Riparian Zone Management in Coastal Plain Streams
Dividing the Waters
Languages of Algerian Diaspora in the United States of America
Cultural and Environmental Factors Influence the Performance of Angelonia augustifolia Cultivars
Animal Use in Award-Winning TV Commercials in China versus the U.S.
Unhomely Homes
Form, Intent, and the Fragmentary Roman Historians 240 to 63 B.C.E.
Use of an Electronic Interactive Storybook in an Intervention to Change Adolescents' Attitudes toward Academic Responsibility
Undergraduate Student Involvement in Collegiate Student Organizations in Colleges of Agriculture
Pharmacological and Environmental Factors in the Development of Contingent Tolerance to Cocaine in Pigeons
Constructing a Professional Legislature
Impact of Promotional Tactics on Consumers Demand for Fruit Juices
Florida's Public Education Finance Program Regarding Equity and Adequacy
Essays on Latin American Infrastructure
Intertemporal Preferences and Time-Inconsistency
On-Line Juvenile Sexual Victimization among College Students
Atomistically Informed Fuel Performance Codes
Effects of Narrative Refutational Text, Epistemological Beliefs, Empathy, Affect, and Systematic and Heuristic Processing on Conceptual Change in Preservice Teachers
The Facade of Unity
Efficient Algorithms for Spatiotemporal Data Management
Socioeconomic Analysis of Agroforestry Systems and Livelihoods in Small Island Developing States
Writing from the Women's Prison
Pain Expression in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Nitrogen Incorporated Hafnia Gate Dielectric Thin Film and Titanium Based Metal Gate Electrode for Dual Gate Application
Optimization Techniques in Communication Networks
Representations of Finite Groups of Lie Type
OH-PLIF Measurements and Accuracy Investigation in High Pressure GH2/GO2 Combustion
Losing Faith
An Ethnographic Study of Literacy Practices among a Florida Mexican Immigrant Family and Their Children's Elementary Teachers
Enhancing Learning Trials
Separation of Tryptic Peptide Ions by High-Field Asymmetric-Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Murine Models of Overconsumption and Binge Eating
The Mark of Cain
Expanding the Envelope
Modeling and Simulation of Systemic and Inhaled Corticosteroid Therapy
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of the Lantibiotic Mu1140
Detoxification, Nutritive Value, and Anthelmintic Properties of Mucuna pruriens
Generation, Characterization and Risk Assessment of Transgenic Apomictic Bahiagrass
Understanding the Various Influences on Special Education Pre-Service Teachers' Appropriation of Conceptual and Practical Tools for Teaching Reading
Robustness in Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Lender Control and the Role of Private Equity Group Reputation in Buyout Financing
Everyday Colorism in the Lives of Young Black Women
Across the Great Water
Peer-Assisted Social Cognitive Physical Activity Intervention for Older Adults
Fiction Techniques Used in La Piece d'or by Ken Bugul, Les Techniques de Mise en Fiction dans La Piece d'or de Ken Bugul
Elucidating the Function and Expression Pattern of a Novel Adenine Nucleotide Translocase, Ant4
Elementary School Counselors' Attitudes about Interventions Related to Counseling Children Retained in Grade
Whole Plant Response of Chrysanthemum to Paclobutrazol, Chlormequat Chloride, and (s)-Abscisic Acid as a Function of Exposure Time Using a Split-Root System
On a Conjecture of William Herschel
FK506 and "Mini" Methotrexate for the Prevention of Graft-Versus-Host Disease in Pediatric Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation
Passive Survivability for Single Family Home Construction in Florida
Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia coli to Efficiently Produce Succinate in Mineral Salts Media
Effect of Temperature on the Metabolic Rate of Diploid and Triploid Mercenaria mercenaria
Defensive Mechanisms of Perfectionists
Essays in Renewable Energy and Emissions Trading
Spatiotemporal Filtering Methodology for Single-Trial Event-Related Potential Component Estimation
Exploration of the Relationships between Elementary Principals', Mentors', and Novice Teachers' Beliefs and Practices in a Teacher Induction Program
Transmission properties of sub-wavelength hole arrays in metal films
Carbon Supply and Demand in an Annual Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) Cropping System
Effect of Cognitive Problem-Solving Style, Internet Usage, and Level of Interactivity on Attitudes toward and Recall of Web-Based Information
Use of MRI to study excitotoxic spinal cord injury
Chlamydia Infection: Population Specific Risk Factors for Female University Students
Studying the Effects of Changing Experimental Parameters on the Medial Olivocochlear Efferent Fibers and Outer Hair Cell Activity by Measurement of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions
Phosphorus Requirement of St. Augustinegrass
Henry Cowell in the Fleisher Collection
The structure and meaning of William Faulkner's A fable
Unique localization patterns for E2F5 and LEK1 in skeletal muscle
Assessing Dimensions of Disruptive Child Behavior with the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory
Development of a Parametric Software Tool for the Design and Manufacturing of Micro Air Vehicles
Serotype Replacement of Vertically Transmitted Diseases through Perfect Vaccination
New Challenges to Florida Citrus
Sensory Assessment of Shrimp Exposed to Phosphate Treatments for Moisture Control
Immigrants and Emigrants: Toward a Diasporic View of Becoming-Dutch
Correlation and Initiation of Nickel Sensitivity Due to Trauma during Orthodontic Treatment
An examination of the Bible for information on construction
Reproductive and Dispersal Ecology of the Invasive Coral Ardisia (Ardisia crenata) in Northern Florida
Necessity and Aprioricity
An investigation of interpersonal understanding
A study of issues in the collective bargaining process in public education
Effects of High Speed Machining on Surface Topography of Titanium Alloy (TI6AL4V)
Analytical and Numerical Evaluation of Subsurface Stresses in Anisotropic (Single-Crystal) Contacts
Vertical mobility and dynamics of phosphorus from fertilizer and manure in sandy soils
Study of Properties and Behavior of Surfactants and Micelles at the Solid/Liquid Interface Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Photophysics of Single Chain Poly(Arylene Ethynylene)s
Predicting Preservice Agriculture Teachers' Intentions to Teach Utilizing Person Inputs, Contextual Influences, Teacher Efficacy, and Outcome Expectations
Inactivation of Glutathione S Transferase Zeta by Dichloroacetic Acid
The Chemistry of 1,1,2,2,9,9,10,10-Octafluoro[2.2] Paracyclophanes
Effect of Porous Media and Fluid Properties on Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Migration and Dilution Mass Flux
Neurospheres and Multipotent Astrocytic Stem Cells: Neural Progenitor Cells Rather Than Neural Stem Cells
Interhemispheric Transfer of Praxis Information Using Probable Alzheimer Disease as a Model for Disconnection Apraxia
Batch Production Smoothing with Variable Setup and Processing Times
Hemangioblasts: From Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Their Effector Molecules
Micromechanics, Fracture Mechanics and Gas Permeability of Composite Laminates for Cryogenic Storage Systems
The black flies (Diptera : Simuliidae) of Florida and their involvement in the transmission of Leucocytozoon smithi to turkeys
Walking away from Nuremberg: just war and the doctrine of command responsibility in the American military profession
Geomagnetic Field for the Past 5 Myr Recorded in Lava Flows from British Columbia, Patagonia, and Mexico
Indian Award Winning Advertisements: A Content Analysis
Nuestra Senora del Rosario de la Punta: Lifeways of an Eighteenth Century Colonial Spanish Refugee Mission Community, St. Augustine, Florida
Sherwood Anderson Tours the East Village
Evaluation of Consumer Preferences Regarding Goat Meat in Florida
A Rapid, Simple, Inexpensive and Reproducible Endo-Beta-Mannanase Assay Test for Determining Optimal Hydrothermal Timing of Commercial Priming of Lettuce Seed
Fabrication of Coated Biodegradable Polymer Scaffolds and Their Effects on Murine Embryonic Stem Cells
Photochemically Induced Flavor Changes in Orange Juice Exposed to Light in Glass and Polyethylene Terephthalate at 4 C
A Comparison of Treatment Impacts between Invisalign and Fixed Appliance Therapy during the First Seven Days of Treatment
Applications of Stress from Boron Doping and Other Challenges in Silicon Technology
Crack Control in Toppings for Precast Flat Slab Bridge Deck Construction
Development of a Rural Freeway Level of Service Model Based upon Traveler Perception
Effects of the Timing of Initiation of Fat Supplementation on Productive and Reproductive Responses of Periparturient Dairy Cows during Summer
Last Lumbar Facet and Pedicle Orientation in Orthograde Primates
Wyoming was good to us
A Model of Gentrification: Monitoring Community Change in Selected Neighborhoods of St. Petersburg, Florida Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process
Are There Groups of Advertising Creatives with Unique Perceptions of the Usefulness of Marketing Information?
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Pedestrian Countdown Signals
Effects of the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act on Federal Congressional Candidates: A Case Study
Amphibian and avian species composition of forested depressional wetlands and circumjacent habitat
Investigation of the Effects of Heat Transfer from a Scroll Compressor through the Use of Heat Pipes
Residual Herbicide Impact on Native Plant Restoration as an Integrated Approach to Cogongrass Management
Cross-National Conflict Shifting: A Case Study of the DuPont Teflon Crisis in China
The New Journalism and Its Editors: Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe, and Their Early Experiences
Dissimulating Women: Jamaica Kincaid's Annie John and Autobiography of My Mother
Environmental Influences on Mosquitofish Reproduction
Spanish Evaluative Morphology: Pragmatic, Sociolinguistic, and Semantic Issues
Islam, Democracy, and Governance: Sudan and Morocco in a Comparative Perspective
Interactions between Plants and Soil Microbes in Florida Communities: Implications for Invasion and Ecosystem Ecology
Development of Calcium Oxide Solid Reactants for the UT-3 Thermochemical Cycle to Produce Hydrogen from Water
Modular Tissue Scaffolding Tools: A New Family of Self-Assembled Biomaterials Derived from Copper-Capillary Alginate Gels
University students' perceptions of lighting and preferences for the setting and social arrangements in contrasting dining facilities
Measuring Demand Factors Influencing Market Penetration and Buying Frequency for Flowers
Microchip Lasers as Sources of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Plasma Characteristics and Analytical Performance
Topical delivery of a model phenolic compound
Analysis of markets in the presence of network effects and standards competition
A Finite Volume, Cartesian Grid Method for Computational Aeroacoustics
Theoretical Studies of the Electronic, Magneto-Optical, and Transport Properties of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
Patient-Centered Outcomes for Chronic Spine Pain: Multidimensional Success Criteria and Treatment Matching
Through an Open Door? International Students at the University of Florida, 1946-1958
Experimental Investigation of an Airfoil with Co-Flow Jet Flow Control
The Central Gallery: Visitor Orientation at the Florida Museum of Natural History
Cost and Design Analysis of Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Comparing Single Family Room, Double-Occupancy, Open-Bay, and Combination Settings for Best Design Practices
Pharmacological Challenges of an Animal Model of Self-Injurious Behavior
Looking at Ethiopia: History, Photography, and Power
Production of Organic Pigment Nanoparticles by Stirred Media Milling
Neutronic Design and Optimization of a Porous-Fuel, High-Temperature, Gas-Cooled Reactor for Space Power and Propulsion Applications
Inhibition and Working Memory Contributions to Children's Tower of London Performance
Voting-enabled role-based access-control model for distributed collaboration
Spatial and Demographic Modeling Techniques Applied to the Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) Ecosystem of North Central Florida
Does Heat Treatment Facilitate Muscle Regrowth following Hind Limb Immobilization?
The Role of Birds and Microsites in the Regeneration of South-Temperate Rainforest
Epizootiology of Feline Leukemia Virus in the Florida Panther
Effects of Everglades Restoration on Sugarcane Farming in the Everglades Agricultural Area
The Miami Herald and the Miller Effect: Literary Journalism in the 1980s
Electroluminescence and Photophysical Properties of Near-Infrared Luminescent Lanthanide (III) Monoporhyrinate Complexes and Pendant Polymers
Forest Certification for Community-Based Forest Enterprises in Brazil's Western Amazon: Local Stakeholders' Perceptions of Negative and Positive Aspects of Certification and How to Improve the Certification Process
Nanoscale Energy Storage Electrodes by Template-Synthesis
Plant Evapotranspiration in a Greenhouse on Mars
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Absorption-Condensation in a Combined Power and Cooling Cycle
The Guanajuato-Florida Connection: A Binational Study on Health Status and United States-Mexican Migration
Plastic Anisotropy of Hexagonal Closed Packed Metals
Effect of High Curing Temperatures on the Strength, Durability and Potential of Delayed Ettringite Formation in Mass Concrete Structures
Biological and Physical Factors Affecting Catch of House Flies in Ultraviolet Light Traps
High-Pressure GH2/GO2 Combustion Dynamics
Negative BOLD and Aging: An fMRI Investigation
Quality of Service Design Issues in Multimedia Communications over Power Line Networks
Development and Defense of a Desire-Satisfaction Conception of Well-Being
Study of Homogeneous and Heterogenized Ruthenium / Tin Heterobimetallic Complexes: Synthesis, Electrochemistry and Catalytic Properties
Differential Allocation in the Flagfish, Jordanella floridae, in Response to Male Condition
The Storm in Air
Artless Silences
The Good Death, Happy Endings
The Soft Music of Ships
A Little Indiscretion
I. Composer and Choreographer: A Study of Collaborative Compositional Process II. The Lotus Flower, Ballet Music for Chamber Ensemble and Two-Channel Audio
Effects of Urban Water Scarcity on Sociability and Reciprocity in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Managed compliance
Taxonomic Revision of Lake Tanganyikan Synodontis (Teleostei: Mochokidae)
The State of Theory Building in Public Relations Ethics: A Critical Examination
Use of exercise-related mental imagery by middle-aged adults
No More Bullets
Effects of p,p'-DDE on Reproduction and Biomarkers of Endocrine Disruption in Fathead Minnows (Pimephales promelas)
A Distributed File System (DFS)
Consequences of Childhood Abuse on Violence Perpetration among Hispanic Adolescents: A Partial Test of General Strain Theory
Helquist's and Snicket's All-Seeing Eyes: Panopticism and the Archive in A Series of Unfortunate Events
Constructing a Successful Residential Green Rating Guideline
Mechanistic Basis of Gas Exchange in the Terrestrial Astomatal Acid Metabolism Plant, Chiloschista lunifera (Reichb. f.) J. J. Sm. (Orchidaceae)
Evaluation and Characterization of Organic Waste Products as Nutritional Sources of Bahiagrass
A Feminist Re-Vision: A Case for a New Perspective on the Law from the Narratives of Incarcerated Women
Wear-resistance mechanisms in polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based solid lubricants
Painterly Struggle: Conflict and Resolution within Raphaelle Peale's Still Life Paintings
Wetland avifauna use of littoral habitat prior to extreme habitat modification in Lake Tohopekaliga, Florida
Postwar American Culture and the Ideological Inscription of the Suburban Norm
Nonlinear Modeling, Identification, and Compensation for Frictional Disturbances
Spanish-English Bilinguals in Gainesville, Florida: A Cross-Generational Study of the Use of Calques
Vehicle Dynamics Measurement System for Evaluating Older Driver Performance
Study Abroad: Impacts and Contributions to Student Development
Relationship of Mesiodistal Tooth Size to Extraction Rate and Post-Treatment Changes in the Class II Division 1 Malocclusion
Effects of Preoperative Ibuprofen, Anxiety, and Gender on Post-Separator Placement Pain
Characterization of the Human Cyt19 Gene Product: An Arsenic Methyltransferase
Barter Club Participants in Argentina: Idealogues or Pragmatists?
Morphological Analysis of Tropical Bulbs and Environmental Effects on Flowering and Bulb Development of Habranthus and Zephyranthes
Greeks and Barbarians in Fifth and Fourth Century Sicily
Rome and Early Christianity: Perception and Prejudice
Design and Testing of a Self-Powered Wireless Hydrogen Sensing Platform
Identity and Community in the Weblogs of Muslim Women of Middle Eastern and North African Descent Living in the United States
Expression of the Receptor of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (RAGE) in Gingival Tissues of Smokers and Non-Smokers with Generalized Periodontal Disease
Imaginary Identity: Aeneas' Search for a Home in Aeneid 3
New Paradigm of Public Diplomacy and Broadened Relationship Building: A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Governments' Web Sites
Women outside the palace
Tasting Teacher: A Look at Cannibilism in Petronius' Satyricon 141
Temporal Trends in Juvenille Alosa Spp. Abundance and Relation to Predator Diets at the St. Johns River, Florida
Accountability and teacher attitudes
Facies Distribution and Hydraulic Conductivity of Lagoonal Sediments in a Holocene Transgressive Barrier Island Sequence, Indian River Lagoon, Florida
Effects of Supplement Type on Performance and Physiological Responses of Brahman-Crossbred Cattle
Effects of Helicosporidia on Mosquitoes
Brazil's Mission to Haiti: Continuity or Departure?
Water quantity and quality impacts of the proposed Everglades agricultural area storage reservoir
The telecommunications act of 1996 and Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations
Diagnosis in Hippocrates' Epidemics
Factors Affecting the Maximum Depth of Plant Colonization by Submersed Macrophytes in Florida Lakes
Influence of Cover Crops on Nutrient Availability in a Sweet Potato Cropping System in South Florida
Effectiveness of an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Extension Program for Forest Conservation and Sustainable Agroforestry in Southern Bahia, Brazil
Manifestations of One-Dimensional Electronic Correlations in Higher-Dimensional Systems
Design Space Exploration of Virtual Machine Appliances for Wide-Area Distributed Computing
Development of Hurricane Resistant Traffic Signal Support Systems
Response of Aedes albopictus (Skuse) (Diptera
Sallust's Bellum Iugurthinum: Reading Jugurtha as the Other
Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Osteoporosis, Exercise, and Bone Mineral Density
Geochemistry of Cretaceous and Tertiary Plutons of the Great Falls Tectonic Zone
The Evolution of the architectural ornamentation on the University of Florida Campus, 1906-1956
Empirical Essays in the Economics of Regulation
Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of Incentives and Public Ownership
Perverse Titillation
Historic Preservation of the Recent Past
Paleomagnetism and Detrital Zircon Geochronology of the Upper Vindhyan Sequence, Son Valley and Rajasthan, India
Contextualized Qualitative Research in Nigeria
Growth Rate of Tectona Grandis and Cedrela Odorata in Monoculture and Mixed Species Systems in Belize, Central America
Cross-Dressed Poetics
Emotional Reactivity in Parkinson's Disease
The Reagan Administration's Communication Response to the Iran Arms Crisis
The Role of Mood States in Social Impression Estimates
Cognitive Control Disruption in Traumatic Brain Injury
Scientific Applications of the Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanner (M-TLS) System
Inner Caustics of Cold Dark Matter Halos
Do They Really Hate Us? The Limits of U.S. Public Diplomacy
Corporate Social Responsibility in U.S. Hispanic Businesses
Sitcoms and Suburbia
An Analyis of the Communication Efforts Made by Law-Abiding Animal Advocacy Groups about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
Influence of Motives and Consumption of Sport Video Games on Sponsorship Effectiveness
Application of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis Old Yellow Enzyme in Synthesis of Chiral Ketones and Building Blocks for Beta-Amino Acids
Brief, Online Interventions for Perfectionists
Governance and Management of the Upper Acre River in Pando, Bolivia
Mechanisms of Self-Esteem Change in Overweight Children Participating in a Family-Based Weight-Management Program
Executive Functioning, Parenting Stress, and Family Factors as Predictors of Diabetes Management in Pediatric Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Using Intensive Insulin Regimens
Maintaining Very Large Samples Using the Geometric File
Feeding Optaflexx 45 (Ractopamine-HCl) to Cull Cows
Small-Scale Sediment Transport Processes and Bedform Dynamics
Ab Initio Density Functional Theory for Open-Shell Systems, Excited States and Response Properties
Teaching Strategies and Standardized Tests
Taxonomic Revision of the Amphilius uranoscopus Group of East-Central Africa (Teleostei
Vision-Based Map Building and Trajectory Planning to Enable Autonomous Flight through Urban Environments
The Role of Clinically Applicable Temporal Resolution and Working Memory Tests in Prediction of Speech Perception and Hearing Handicap
Properties of Natural Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Inferred from Multiple-Station Measurements of Close Electric and Magnetic Fields and Field Derivatives
Structural Genomics of Fragaria--Wild and Cultivated Strawberries
Effects of Chronic and Low Methylmercury Exposure on Juvenile White Ibises (Eudocimus albus)
Optimization Stability of Gate Dielectrics on Gallium Nitride
Predicting Commitment to Engage in Environmentally Responsible Behaviors Using Injured and Non-Injured Animals as Teaching Tools
Role of Oxygen and Sphingomyelin Metabolism in Actions of Heat Shock on the Oocyte and Embryo
Development of Transition-Metal Doped Cu{sub 2}O and ZnO Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors
The Rice XA21-Binding Protein 25 Is an Ankyrin Repeat-Containing Protein and Required for XA21-Mediated Disease Resistance
Eastern Subterranean Termite (Isoptera
Population Dynamics of the Amazonian Palm Mauritia flexuosa
Diagnostics of a See-Through Hollow Cathode Discharge by Emission, Absorption, and Fluorescence Spectroscopy
The Destruction of Cultural Heritage by Warfare and Reconstruction Strategies
The Genus Speyeria and Speyeria atlantis/Speyeria hesperis Complex
Trajectories of Two Racine Birth Cohorts
Role of Satiety Signaling in the Beneficial Effects of Calorie Restriction in Mice
Automated Variance Reduction Technique for 3-D Monte Carlo Coupled Electron-Photon-Positron Simulation Using Deterministic Importance Functions
Wireless Cooperative Networks with Differential Modulation
The Development and Evaluation of an Improvisation Module for Beginning Bands
Writing Liberation
Alkoxide-Based Precursors for Direct Electrospinning of Alumina Fibers
Comparison of Measured and Simulated Responses of Maize to Phosphorus Levels in Ghana
The Female Sterilization Controversy
The Role of the Pathe in Aristotle's Conception of Virtue
From Partnership to Collapse
Determination of Xanthine and Uric Acid in Xanthinuric Urine and Extracellular Fluid of Porcine Endothelial Cells of the Pulmonary Artery by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Radium-226 Accumulation in Sediments of Groundwater-Augmented Lakes in Hillsborough County, Florida, USA
The Little House
In Situ Lubrication of Boric Acid
Charge Carrier Transport in Conjugated Polymers
Writing the Mean
Improving the Readability of RFID Tagged Pharmaceutical Products and Food Supplements Inside a Modified Sealed Tote
Relative Contribution of Food Folate and Folic Acid to Intake and Status of Young Men and Women
Residual Strain Measurement of Plain Weave Composites Using the Cure Reference Method
Cytochrome P450 2C8 Reaction Phenotyping
Butterfly Farming and Conservation Behavior in the East Usambara Mountains of Tanzania
Improving LEED-NC 2.2 Using the Green Globes Building Assessment System
Experimental Investigation of Particle Segregation in Hopper Discharge
Amphibian Responses to Forest Management Practices in Southwestern Georgia
Finite Element Analysis Using Uniform B-Spline Approximation and Implicit Boundary Method
Mindfulness Meditation as an Intervention for Body Image and Weight Management in College Women
Quantifying Global Position System Signal Attenuation as a Function of Three-Dimensional Forest Canopy Structure
Drag Forces on Pile Groups
A Matter of Survival
Walking the Tightrope
Constituting an Osage Nation
Evaluating Risks and Returns Associated with Altnernative Marketing Strategies for Processed Citrus
Developing Strategies for Customized Manufactured Housing
The design and construction of a piezoblade and an evaluation of the Marchetti dilatometer in some Florida soils
An investigation of the linear electro-optic effect of epitaxial zinc sulfide films for integrated optics
Experiments in marine biochemistry: I. Homarine metabolism. II. Chemoreception in Nassarius obsoletus
Real-time composite signal decomposition
The effect of environmental stimulation on sensation seeking behavior of criminals and non criminals
The role of accounting in the economic development of the modern State
Mergers, agency and managerial response
Retinal receptor orientation in amblyopic and nonamblyopic eyes assessed at several retinal locations using the psychophysical Stiles-Crawford function
The Relative Influences of Predation and Prey Availability on Ardeid Breeding Colony Site Selection
Positive Youth Development: The Case of a Wilderness Challenge Intervention
Qualitative Examination of Athletes' Sources of Motivation to Participate in a Competitive Environment Using Grounded Theory
Molecular Identification and Genetic Characterization of Cetacean Herpesviruses and Porpoise Morbillivirus
Web-based GIS to enhance the design of a statewide Trails Network as part of Florida's Greenways and Trails System
Sandwich Panels with Functionally Graded Core
Synthetic Applications of Homochiral Glycidic Esters Derived from Enzymatic Reductions
Fish Abundance and Community Composition in Native and Non-Native Littoral Aquatic Plants at Lake Izabal, Guatemala
Qualitative Examination of Athletes' Sources of Motivation to Participate in a Competitive Environment Using Grounded Theory
Parallel Computational Mechanics with a Cluster of Workstations
Interactions of Invasive Species in Mosquito Container Communities in Virginia
The Feasibility of Water Reuse in Florida
Playing Adolescent: Choose Your Own Adventure and the Subject of Participatory Media
Factors Influencing Faculty Migration to Department Chair Positions in Colleges of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Orbital Lifetime Analyses of Pico- and Nano-Satellites
Naturally Confused: A Focus Group Study Describing Selected Consumers' Perceptions of All-Natural and Organic Pork
Controlling Airblast Sprayer Air for Variable Rate Application in Orchards
Bifurcations of the Degree-Two Standard Family of Circle Maps
Designing for Construction Worker Safety: A Software Tool for Designers
The Discourse of Masculinity in Demosthenes 21 and Aeschines 1
Design and Analysis of Optimal Decoding Models for Brain-Machine Interfaces
Cultural Models among Transnational Mexican Migrants
Arsenic Hyperaccumulation by Pteris vittata L. and Its Potential for Phytoremediation of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils
The Effect of Putative Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Methyltransferase Mutants on Transcription and Replication
Denoising, Segmentation and Visualization of Diffusion Weighted MRI
Mating Behavior of Two Populations of Drosophila melanogaster
Viability of wetland trees After twenty years on phosphatic clay settling areas and their role in ecosystem development
Relationship between Beef Consumption and Vitamin B12 Intake and Status in Healthy Men and Women
Nutrient Release Patterns of Coated Fertilizers Used for Citrus Production and Their Effect on Fruit Yield and Foliar Nutrition
A Womanist discourse analysis of the comedic discourse of Jackie "Moms" Mabley
Soil Moisture-Based Drip Irrigation for Efficient Use of Water and Nutrients and Sustainability of Vegetables Cropped on Coarse Soils
Phytochemical, Antioxidant and Color Stability of ACAI (Euterpe oleracea M.) as Affected by Processing and Storage in Juice and Model Systems
Organochlorine Pesticide Reproductive Effects in Fathead Minnows (Pimephales promelas): Comparison of Embryo and Maternal Exposure
Bioprocess Development for Asymmetric Reductions by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Enzymes
Do Optimists Have Better Lives? A Quasi-Experimental Optimism, Life Satisfaction, and Quality of Life Study
Linearization Through Carrier Amplitude Modulation (lcam) Control of the Boost Converter
'Is use of cosmetics anti-socialist?'
Identification of Preferred Performance Measures for the Assessment of Truck Level of Service
Characterization of Commonly Encountered Explosives Using High-Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry Coupled with Mass Spectrometry
A Qualitative Study of First-Year High School Band Directors and Their Mentors
Semantic Integration through Application Analysis
Studies of the Adeno-Associated Virus Capsid
Predictors of Attrition in Latino Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers in the REACH Trial: An Archival Investigation
Natural Regeneration of Canopy Trees in a Tropical Dry Forest in Bolivia
Nitrate as an Endocrine Disrupting Contaminant in Captive Siberian Sturgeon, Acipenser baeri
Agronomic and environmental characterization of phosphorus in biosolids produced and/or marketed in Florida
Sense of Coherence, Spiritual Maturity, and Psychological Well-Being among United Methodist Clergy
Differentiated Reading Instruction and Classroom Management Structures that Promote Reading Development
Personality Traits as Risk Factors for Occupational Injury in Health Care Workers
The Impact of NonNormality on the Asymptotic Confidence Interval for an Effect Size Measure in Multiple Regression
Down with the Embargo
Sport Spectator Conative Loyalty
Factors Associated with Suicidal Ideation among American College Students: Re-Examination of the Escape Theory of Suicide
Reliability in classroom observation
A differential analysis of curriculum and instructional profiles in high and low achieving urban elementary schools
The social factors associated with the happiness and mental health of people in the middle years and early old age
Species abundance relationships of aquatic insects in monotypic waterhyacinth communities in Florida
Geographic variation and dimorphisms in song, development, and color in a katydid; field and laboratory studies (Tettigoniidae, Orthoptera)
Electrolyte behavior in solvents of high dielectric constant
The prime discriminant factorization of discriminants of algebraic number fields
The effect of crystal defects on microdiffraction patterns
Tensor products of spaces of measures and vector integraion in tensor product spaces
Constituency and the analysis of legislative politics: a study of the United States House of Representatives in the eighty-eight Congress
Physical chemical studies of (I) a phosphatase from pig, (II) cytochrome P450 from Pseudomonas putida, and (III) electronic quenching of Al and Ga atoms in rare gas matrices
Surface chemistry of calcium and phosphorus retention in selected acid tropical soils from the Republic of Vietnam
An improvement of the Poincaré-Birkhoff fixed point theorem
A histological and physiological analysis of adventitious root formation in juvenile and mature cuttings of Ficus pumila L.
Seasonal energy budgets of a fossorial rodent Geomys pinetis
Advanced power electronic for wind-power generation buffering
Precision Farming Technology Adoption in Florida Citrus Production: A Survey and Analysis, Case Study, and Theoretical Review
Robust Control of Supercavitating Vehicles in the Presence of a Dynamic and Uncertain Cavity
Medical Pluralism and Utilization of Maternity Health Care by Muslim Women in Mombasa, Kenya
Characterization of the Effects of Reduced Mutant Huntingtin in the R6/1 Model of Huntington's Disease
Phosphate-Induced Lead Immobilization in Contaminated Soil
Mechanisms of Mechanical Ventilation-Induced Oxidative Stress in the Diaphragm
The Influence of Participant Preference and Perceived Difficulty on Exercise Adherence
Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Laminated Hydroxyapatite-Polysulfone Composites
On the internal realization of polynomial response maps
Mechanistic, model compound, copolymerization and modification reaction studies of the 4-substituted-1,2,4-triazoline-3,5-dione ring system
The Velocity dependence of the absolute total ionization cross section for collisions of argon atoms with singlet and triplet metastable helium atoms
Alkali cation binding to nonionic polymers
Proteins of the mammalian mitochondrial ribosome
Compositional analysis of glass surfaces and their reaction in aqueous environments
Algorithms for sequencing multileaf collimators
The interactions of oligopeptide amides and anthracyclines with DNA
Use of the differential reflectometer in the study of thin film corrosion products on copper
Ultraviolet light induced recovery in Escherichia Coli of radiation damaged bacteriophage deoxyribonucleic acid
Dielectric characteristics of PZT 95/5 ferroelectric ceramics at high pressures
Higher resolution studies of Jupiter's decametric radio emissions
Mechanisms and kinetics of binary alkali silicate glass corrosion
The fossil freshwater Emydid turtles of Florida
Attractants and body hydrocarbon constituents of the horn fly, Haematobia irritans (L.) (Diptera : Muscidae)
In-situ Spectroscopic Studies of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Conjugated Polymers in Electrochromic Devices
Genetic divergence during speciation in freshwater snails of the genus Goniobasis
Chemical durability of multicomponent silicate glasses
Algorithms for metabolic network-based drug target identification
MHD generator duct flow with cross stream dependent fluid properties
Biology and bioluminescence of selected fireflies in three genera : Pyractomena, Photinus and Photuris (Coleoptera: Lampyridae)
Observations and Characterization of Subaqueous Soils and Seagrasses in a Recently Constructed Habitat in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida
On the Skyscraper As a Building Type in an Era of Uncertainty, Globalization and Environmentalism
Family Factors, Adherence, and Metabolic Control in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes
The Challenge of Cattle Ranching to Common Property: A Case Study in the Isoso, Bolivia
Temporal Changes in Salinity and Nutrient Regimes of a Tidal Creek within the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve, Florida, Associated with the 2004 Hurricanes
Mosfet Piezoresistance Coefficients on (100) Silicon
The grain size distribution of aluminum
Grazing effects on herbage composition and nutrient distribution on a Florida range flatwoods
Coping with Social Stress: Implications for Psychopathology in Adolescent Girls
Wave modifications in a semi-cnclosed basin: bahia concepcion
New Approaches to Multiscale Signal Processing
Spatial and temporal land-cover transformation in the Angkor Basin
Senescence and Other Factors Affect Fecundity in Two Species of Culex Mosquitoes
Characterization of wall teichoic acids in two morphological forms of Arthrobacter crystallopoietes
Time-resolved opto-acoustic spectroscopy
Reactive cross sections obtained from total cross section measurements
Alternative tomato farming system practices and their influence on the persistence and infectivity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi and other fungal root endophytes
Non-Contributing Buildings in Historic Districts
Investigation of Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor) Anti-Predator Vocalizations
Using stable carbon ssotope, microwear, and mesowear analyses to determine the paleodiets of neogene ungulates and the presence of C4 or C3 grasses in Northern and Central Florida
Quantitative Fractography: A Comparative Study to Evaluate Polymer Fracture Toughness
Aluminum water treatment residuals for reducing phosphorus loss from manure-impacted, high-watertable soils
Tissue culture of Trifolium polymorphum, T. carolinianum, Adesmia latifolia, A. bicolor and Lotononis bainesii
Heat and Mass Transfer within the Diffusion Driven Desalination Process with Heated Air
An XML based approach proposing an effective solution to the data management issues within the construction industry
Poetique du Desert: Parcours Narratifs dans L'Oeuvre de le Clezio et Malika Mokeddem
Numerical Simulation of Wear for Bodies in Oscillatory Contact
Village community and peasant society in medieval England
Sexual Health in HIV-Infected Men
Pop Froze the Easel: Decoding the Cultural Significance of Top Ten Pop Songs from Two Eras
Effect of Oxygen on the Growth of Xylella fastidiosa
Aedes albopictus oviposition and larval density, development and interactions with Wyeomyia spp. in exotic bromeliads of southern Florida
Beyond Borders: Constructing a European Identity in Northern Ireland
Justice in the Health Care Provider and Patient Relationship: Appraisals of Multicultural Competence, Procedural Justice, and Distributive Justice
Natural Gamma Activities in Glacimarine Sediments: Correlations with Terrestrial Source Data
Educational Needs and Preferences of Hispanic Farmworkers Related to Pesticide Worker Protection Standard (WPS)
The 'Ricans Underclass Status? A Look from within Chicago
On the Structure and Function of Tails in Snakes: Relative Length and Arboreality
Experimental Investigation of Gravity-Independent Flow Boiling Regimes
Advanced high-temperature shape-memory alloy development and thermomechanical characterization of platinum and palladium modified NiTi based SMAs
Brazilian Government Policies in the Ethanol Program: A Model for the Rest of the World?
Petrogenesis of Andesites and Dacites from the Southern Juan de Fuca Ridge
Ontology-Based Customizable 3D Modeling for Simulation
Application of Statistical Techniques to Modeling Crop Growth
Effects of Aging on Microglial Activation in Response to Neuronal Injury
Use of the Delphi technique to derive a common definition for work-related education
Coping with the Competing Demands of School and Sport: A Cognitive-Motivational-Relational Examination of Chronic Stress
Perceptions about Traditional 4-H Clubs among the Hispanic Clientele in Southwest Miami-Dade County
Self-Powered Wireless Sensors: Remotely Powered Wireless Sensors Using Wireless Power Transfer
The Influence of Ego Identity on Heterosexual Individuals' Attitudes toward Lesbian and Gay Individuals
The Impact of Subscription Electronic Resources on Selection Decisions by Media Specialists and Utilization Practices by Teachers and Students in Elementary Library Media Centers
Minimal Sequences Necessary for Imprinted Expression of the Prader-Willi Locus
Establishment of Silvopastoral Systems in Degraded, Grazed Pastures: Tree Seedling Survival and Forage Production under Trees in Panama
Development, Optimization and Characterization of a Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Method for Detection of Dipicolinic Acid
An integrated multichannel neural recording system with spike outputs
Polymer Modification with Matrices for Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry and with Aptamers for Surface-Enhanced Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Attention and Self-Concept in Adolescents with Spina Bifida
Nursing and Stroke Rehabilitation: Relationship of Stroke Survivors' Quality of Life, Functional Abilities and Meaningful Function
Quantum Turbulence: Decay of Grid Turbulence in a Dissipationless Fluid
Exception to the Rule: Can Test Administrators Prevent Stereotype Threat?
Involvement of BMP6 and E2F5 in Skeletal Myogenesis
Linearization Techniques for Integrated CMOS Power Amplifiers and a High Efficiency Class-F GaN Power Amplifier
Environments of X-Ray Sources in External Galaxies
Linking Farmers to Markets: Assessing Planned Change Initiatives to Improve the Marketing Performance of Smallholder Farmer Groups in Northern Tanzania
Discrete Groups from a Coarse Perspective
Modified PWA 1483 Nickel-Based Superalloy for Industrial Gas Turbine Applications
Force Generation by Microtubule End-Binding Proteins
Ecology of the Leopard (Panthera pardus) in Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Satpura National Park, India
Response-Independent Conditioned Reinforcement in an Observing Procedure
Dynamical Computation with Echo State Networks
Biogeochemical Transformations of Phosphorus in Wetland Soils
Strengthening the Voice and Farm Bureau Foundations: Explaining Local Board Performance as Related to a Professional Development Program for a Nonprofit Membership Organization
Information Theoretic Content and Probability
Ultra-low power analog circuits for spike feature extraction and detection from extracellular neural recordings
Habitat- and Density-Mediated Influences on Snook Ecology
A Preclinical Study of Flavopiridol in the Treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Glucocorticoid-Induced Myopathy is Mediated by Impaired Nitric Oxide Synthesis
Algae, exotics, and management response in two Florida springs
Enclosure as a Function of Height-to-Width Ratio and Scale: Its Influence on User's Sense of Comfort and Safety in Urban Street Space
Suppressors of Cytokine Signaling-1 (SOCS-1) Mimetic and Antagonist Peptides: Potential as Therapeutic Agents for Treatment of Immunological Diseases
Fabrication of Asymmetric Pores for Biosensors and Transport Studies
Thermodynamic Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Oxidation/Sulfidation of Ni-Cr-Al Model Alloy Coatings
Effect of Strain on the Gas Permeability of Composite Laminates
Salt and Drought Tolerance of Four Ornamental Grasses
Tissue equivalent phantoms for evaluating in-plane tube current modulated CT dose and image quality
Identification of Neural Activity in Aplysia Abdominal Ganglia Using Impedance Measurement
'We Only Vote but Do Not Know'
Use and effects of diploid pollenizers for triploid watermelon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunberg) Matsumura and Nakai] production
Laboratory Investigation of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (DNAPL) Partial Source Zone Remediation Using Cosolvents
Spatial Theory in the Native American Boarding School Program: Cultural Influence through Landscape
The Morpho-Syntax of Latin and Old French: The Loss of a Case System
Multicultural Competence and Decision-Making Bias in Child Protective Services
The Impact of Creativity on the Evaluation of Entry-Level Interior Design Portfolio: Examining the Relationships Among Creative Novelty, Resolution, and Style
Silvopasture as an Approach to Enhancing Phosphorus and Nitrate Retention in Pasturelands of Florida
Two-dimensional self-assembly of amphiphilic block copolymers at the air/water interface and nanoparticles for drug detoxification applications
Protection of Floodplain Wetlands Associated with Minimum Flow and Level Development in Southwest Florida
Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses of Under-Balcony Acoustics with Real and Simulated Arrays of Multiple Sources
Multidimensional Perceptual-Cognitive Skills Training Reduces Spatio-Temporal Errors and Improves Dynamic Performance among Seniors
Labor Migration, Gold Mining, and Low HIV Prevalence in Guinea
Zero Tolerance Policies in Florida School Districts
Manganese Centers in Oxalate Decarboxylase
Assessment of Tree-Rings as a Record of Pre-Historic Stream Flow in a Subtropical Environment
Female Imagery in the Avadanasataka
Sex and Race Differences in Rating Others' Pain, Pain-Related Negative Mood, Pain Coping, and Recommending Medical Help
Economics of Steam Methane Reformation and Coal Gasification for Hydrogen Production
American political films
Development of Passenger Car Equivalency Values for Trucks at Signalized Intersections
Effects of Reporter and Child Characteristics on the Identification and Willingness to Report Child Maltreatment
Optimization Problems in Telecommunications with Military Applications
Copper Gallium Diselenide Thin Film Absorber Growth for Solar Cell Device Fabrication
Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopic Study of Semiconductors in High Magnetic Fields
Interfacial Instabilities during the Solidification of a Pure Material from Its Melt
The Economics and Law of Invasive Species Management in Florida
The Effects of War on Gender Roles in Iliadic Troy
The Flip-Over Effect in Self-Similar Hydrodynamics
Case and Statutory Law Regarding the Liability of Youth Sport Organizations for the Pedophilic Actions of Youth Sport Coaches and Officials Based on the Theories of Respondeat Superior, Negligent Hiring, and Negligent Retention
Black Hole Evaporation: Validity of Quasi-Static Approximation
High-Power Bipolar and Unipolar Quantum Cascade Lasers
Effects of a Modified Milieu Therapy Intervention on the Social Communicative Behaviors of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
First Observation and Measurements of Chi_cj Decays into Two Charged and Two Neutral Hadrons
Out of Bounds: College Women's Ultimate Frisbee and the Practice of Gendered Identities
Effects of Motivation, Preferred Learning Styles, and Perceptions of Classroom Climate on Achievement in Ninth and Tenth Grade Math Students
Explosives Detection by Photofragmentation and Nitric Oxide-Ozone Chemiluminescence
Modeling Sand Ripple Evolution under Wave Boundary Layers
Evaluation of a Children's Medical Services Program for Overweight Children and Adolescents with Hyperinsulinemia and Type II Diabetes
Evaluation of Bacteriocins in Xanthomonas perforans for Use in Biological Control of Xanthomonas euvesicatoria
Effect of Communicative Goals on Telling Two Types of Autobiographical Narratives in Young and Older Adults
Essays in Health-Related Public Policy
Zinc Oxide Sputter Deposition and Modeling of Copper-Indium-Gallium-Diselenide-Based Thin Film Solar Cells
Grounded Theory of Florida Aquarium Retailers' Acceptance of the GloFish
Molecular Characterization of Photoperiodic Flowering in Strawberry (Fragaria sp.)
On Propositional Memory
Material Beginnings of Saramaka Maroons
Catalytic Oxidative Carbonylation of Amino Alcohols and Diamines to Ureas as an Alternative to Phosgene Derivatives: Synthesis of Disubstituted Hydantoins
Cell Count Moments in the Halo Model
Executive Functions in Children with Reading Disability
Nonlinear Signal Processing Based on Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
We Do Not Eat Meat with the Christians
Depressive Symptoms and Cervical Neoplasia in HIV+ Women with Human Papillomavirus Infection
The Relationship of Fear-Avoidance to Disability: A Quantitative Review
Outcomes of Behavioral Weight Loss Treatment: A Comparison of Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Advance Reservation and Scheduling of Bulk File Transfers in E-Science
The Musical Language of Marlos Nobre through His Orchestral Works
Mid-Infrared High Resolution Imaging of Herbig AE/BE Stars: Exploring the Geometry of Circumstellar Dust
Vision-based control for autonomous robotic citrus harvesting
Multi-Level Graph Partitioning
Images, Imagery, and the Construction of Political "Reality" in Cicero's Catilinarian Orations
The Characterization of Lysine Specific Demethylase 2 (LSD2), a Novel Histone Demethylase
White-American Kindergarten Teachers' Racial Identities and Their Beliefs about the Role of Culture in Social Competence
Next Generation Algorithms for Railroad Crew and Locomotive Scheduling
Development of High Temperature Stable Ohmic and Schottky Contacts on N-GaN
Taxonomic Distribution of Modern Fin-Winged Fruits and the Fossil History of the Combretaceae in the United States Based on Fin-Winged Fruits
Effects of Semantic Association on the Resolution of Coordination Ambiguities
The New Face of AIDS
Factors Influencing Partial Pressure Carbon Dioxide Levels in Florida Lakes: pH, Aquatic Macrophytes, and Geology
The Fermion Self-Energy during Inflation
Romantic Dreams, Revisionist Nightmares
Chemical Vapor Deposition of WNxCy Thin Films for Diffusion Barrier Application
Associative Stigma and Factors of Association
Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in the All Hadronic Channel at the Tevatron
Communicating the Dairy Message: How Locus of Control Relates to Producer Perceptions of Mandatory and Entrepreneurial Marketing
Examining the Use of Fear Appeals in Political Spots during the 2004 Presidential Elections by the Candidates and Their Campaign Supporters
Impact of Distraction on Simulated Lane Navigation in Older Adults with and without Cognitive Impairment
Lyapunov-Based Control of a Robot and Mass-Spring System Undergoing an Impact Collision
Presurgical Depression and Anesthetic Sensitivity in Women Undergoing Surgery for the Removal of Gynecological Tumors
Reduced Sensitivity to Nitric Oxide Limits Satellite Cell Activity on Cultured Myofibers from Aged Mice
Role of Social Capital in Natural Resource Conservation
Intraindividual Variability in Objective and Subjective Sleep and Cognitive Performance in Older Adults with Insomnia
Influence of Root Branching Order on Fine Root Substrate Quality and Decomposition in a Pinus palustris Ecosystem
Fine-Scale Spatial Genetic Structure in the Brown-Headed Nuthatch (Sitta pusilla)
Gender, Sex, and the Sociolinguistic Variable [-ing]
Effects of Weather and Behavior on Body Temperature and the Consequences of Temperature Fluctuations on Development and Reproduction in Schistocerca americana: Implications for Phenology and Population Modeling
Clinical Evaluation of Biofilm Content in Orthodontic Patients Treated with ProphyJet versus Conventional Home Care
Removal of Elemental Mercury from Flue Gas Using Nanostructured Silica/Titania/Vanadia Composites
Center Characteristics and Kidney Transplant Candidate Outcomes
Effect of Early Class II Treatment on the Incidence of Incisor Trauma
Alienation and love
Eating Disorder Symptomatology in Gay Men: Testing an Extension of Objectification Theory
Kinematic Analysis and Design of a Compliant Microplatform
Skeletal Effects of Teriparatide in Glucocorticoid-Treated Mice
Machine Vision Based Citrus Yield Mapping System on a Continuous Canopy Shake and Catch Harvester
Status and Use of Tropical Hardwood Hammocks and Forested Residential Areas as Habitat for Resident and Neotropical Migratory Birds in the Florida Keys
Long-Term Comparison of Treatment Impacts between Invisalign and Fixed Appliance Therapy
Evaluation of Safety Provisions in Subcontracts
Vegetative Filter Strips to Reduce Surface Runoff Phosphorus Transport from Mining Sand Tailings in the Upper Peace River Basin of Central Florida
Model Program for Construction Crisis and Disaster Management
Diet Composition and Growth Rates of Black Crappie Pomoxis nigromaculatus Relative to Benthic Food Availability at Three Florida Lakes
The Design of Georeferencing Techniques for Unmanned Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Video for Use with Wildlife Inventory Surveys: A Case Study of the National Bison Range, Montana
An Improved Green-Ampt Soil Infiltration and Redistribution Method and Its Application to 1-Dimensional and Quasi 3-Dimensional (Point Source) Flow Domains
Households' Resource Use, Conservation Attitude and Perceived Socioeconomic Impact of the Protected Areas Policy in the Nariva Swamp, Trinidad and Tobago
The Use of GIS in allocating employment centers that minimize land use conflict and satisfy regional economic potential
Sampling-Based Randomization Techniques for Approximate Query Processing
Napping and Sleep
Operation Lemonade: Opus Dei's Public Relations Campaign against The Da Vinci Code
Impact of Surface Chemistry on Adsorption
The Head of the Mouse: Dominican Microenterprises' Formal and Informal Credit Decisions
Neighborhood Crime, Depression, and Social Disorganization Theory
Vision-Based Control for Flight Relative to Dynamic Environments
Female Circumcision in the United States
Hurricane Damage Mitigation: Field Deployment Strategies and Residential-Vulnerability Modeling
Life Cycle Assessment and Emergy Synthesis of a Theoretical Offshore Wind Farm for Jacksonville, Florida
Modeling and Control of MEMS Micromirror Arrays with Nonlinearities and Parametric Uncertainties
Life Satisfaction and Alternative Lifestyle Choices
Using Rotational Resistance Measures to Thoroughly Assess Shoulder Flexibility in Baseball Pitchers
Need-Based Feedback
Influences on the Distribution and Occurrence of Nitrate-Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in the Water Resources of the Suwannee River Water Management District
Frevo and the Contemporary Dance Scene in Pernambuco, Brazil
Creating Net Roots
Measuring Intercultural Sensitivity of International and Domestic College Students
Hybrid Discrete Ordinates and Characteristics Method to Solve the Linear Boltzmann Equation
The Block-Building Invariance Test (B-BIT)
Green Communities
Relationships among Personality, Self-Determination, and Exercise Behavior
Milk Production in Canete, Peru
Models and Algorithms for Reliable Facility Location Problems and System Reliability Optimization
Sex Bias in Interpreting Emotional States from Visual Cues
Leisure Meanings, Experiences and Benefits
Treatment Potential of Wastewater Drainage Ditches in a Rural Community of the Andean Amazon
Design of Multi-Gigabit Serial Link Transceiver Using Bandwidth-Efficient Half-Symbol-Rate-Carrier Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Modulation
Emergence Dynamics of American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) in Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Timed Releases with Neoseiulus californicus as a Biological Control Agent for Tetranychus urticae Koch and its Ecological Impact on North Florida Strawberry Fields
Economic Impacts and Motivations of Off-Highway Vehicle Recreationists
The Panama Canal Expansion Project
Advancing Relationship Management Theory
Low-Income African-American Caregivers' Experience of Having a Son Referred to Mental Health Counseling by the School Counselor
Physical Activity and Quality of Life Experienced by Participants of a Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
Phylogeography of the Swallow-Tailed Kite (Elanoides fortificatus)
The Role of the Wnt Family of Secreted Proteins in Oval "Stem" Cell Based Liver Regeneration
An Adapted Modulation Transfer Function for X Ray Backscatter Radiography by Selective Detection
Space-Time Processing in Multi-Antenna Systems
Case Study of Development in the County Road 241 Jonesville-Alachua, Florida Corridor
CFD-Based Surrogate Modeling of Liquid Rocket Engine Components via Design Space Refinement and Sensitivity Assessment
The Perfect Storm
Developments in the Perturbation Theory of Algebraically Special Spacetimes
Using Geospatial Reasoning in Institutional Research
Biases in Population Estimation for Colonially Nesting Great Egrets (Ardea alba) and White Ibises (Eudocimus albus) in the Florida Everglades
Improved Prediction of Spindle-Holder-Tool Frequency Response Functions
Effects of Computer-Based and Print-Based Fluency Instruction on Students at Risk for Reading Failure
'Recruiting' the Self
Experimental Study of a Novel Gas Turbine Engine Integrated with an Absorption Refrigeration System
Prevalence and Functions of Self-Injurious Behavior in the Prader-Willi Syndrome
Functional Analysis of Low-Rate Problem Behavior
For an Architecture of Discontinuity
Rheology of Noncolloidal Suspensions of Spheres in Oscillatory Shear Flow and the Dynamics of Suspensions of Rigid Fibers
Toward a New Theory of Relief-Sponsored Settlement Design
Fundamental Approach to Practical Corrosion Problems
Testing Vapor Toxicity of Formate, Acetate, and Heterobicyclic Compounds to Aedes aegypti and Musca domestica
A Newer Use of Media
Relationship Management with Adolescent Publics
Dynamics of Microbial Growth in Single Substrate Culture
Evaluating Soybean Farming Practices in Mato Grosso, Brazil
Developing a Scorecard to Evaluate the Use of Personal Fall Arrest Systems
What Media Do to Bi-Polar, 50-50 States
The Different Tiers of Social Lives in Policies
Effects of Signals on the Maintenance of Alternative Behavior under Intermittent Reinforcement
Gender and Family Roles in George Lopez
Simulating Temperature Jumps for Protein Folding Studies
CEOs and the Roles They Play in Corporate Misconduct
Behavior of Several Amphiphilic Copolymers at the Air-Water Interface
A Real Bastard
Multivariate Limited Translation Estimators
C3-Symmetric Nonadentate Ligand Systems Bearing Both Pyridine and Diamide Moieties for the Extraction of Lanthanides and Actinides and DFT Level Computational Studies for the Molecular Orbitals and Electronic Transitions of Expanded Porphyrin Systems Bearing Bis(Naphtoazuleneone) Ring Systems
Value Optimization of Muscles from the Veal Chuck
Household Income, Land Valuation and Rural Land Market Participation in Ecuador
Obesity and Postpartum Depression
Calculation of Ar-41 Concentrations for the University of Florida Training Reactor Using Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Codes
Cerium-Zirconium Oxide Nanocatalysts as Free Radical Scavengers for Biomedical Applications
A Comparative Expresssional Analysis of a Family of CCA-Like MYB Transcription Factors in Two Higher Plant Species
Levels of Student Development in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Florida
Interactions among Phytoplankton, Microzooplankton, and Mesozooplankton in Riverine Coastal Systems along the West Coast of Peninsular Florida
Theory and Sexual Offenses
Zinc Transporter Expression in Mature Red Blood Cells and Differentiating Erythroid Progenitor Cells
Effect of Ridge Shape on the Fit of Denture Bases
Approximations to Pi, Dedekind's Eta Function and Modular Equations
Angular Leaf Spot of Strawberry
Tandem Use of Monte Carlo and Deterministic Methods for Analysis of Large Scale Heterogeneous Radiation Systems
Optimization of a Morphing Wing Geometry Using a Genetic Algorithm with Wind Tunnel Hardware-in-the-Loop
Technology Skills and Learning Style Assessment of Building Construction Students
A Tale of Two Stages
Judgmental Anchoring and Adjustment in Metacomprehension
Nutrient Release and Availability from Individual and Blended Nutrient Sources for Organic Transplant Production
The Impact of Translocation on Nuisance Florida Black Bears
Chemical and Economic Analysis of a Value-Added Product from Muscadine Grape Pomace
Design and Synthesis of Early Transition Metal Trianionic Pincer Ligands
SEE Evaluation, A Comprehensive Sustainability Certification for the Construction Industry
Role of Beaver Impoundments in the Structure and Function of Southern Georgia Streams
Crop Water Requirements and Irrigation Management of Southern Highbush Blueberries
The Development of Thermal and Mechanical Property Tests for Mass Concrete
The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
Site-Directed Mutagenesis of a PAQR Family Protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Dynamics of Land Use among Maya of Southern Belize
Investigating Patient and Provider Influences on the Assessment and Treatment of Pain
Optimization Methods in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
A Hybrid Fine-Coarse Mesh Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Model for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems
Examining Seasonal Movement and Habitat Use Patterns of Adult Common Snook
Enhanced Retention of Phosphorus Applied as Flushed Dairy Manure
Comparison of Extracellular Matrix Proteins from Allyl Alcohol and Carbon Tetrachloride
Comprehensive High Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of Single Molecule Magnets
Modeling Land Surface Fluxes and Microwave Signatures of Growing Vegetation
"Kobushi Ageroo! (=Pump Ya Fist!)"
Terrestrial Ecology of Juvenile and Adult Gopher Frogs (Rana capito)
Sediment Organic Carbon Pools and Sources in a Recently Constructed Mangrove and Seagrass Ecosystem
Patterns of Brown-Headed Cowbird Parasitism in a Recently Invaded Area and Potential Mechanisms Limiting Cowbird Reproduction
The Primary Creep Behavior of Single Crystal, Nickel Base Superalloys PWA 1480 and PWA 1484
Housing Energy Efficiency and Affordability Issues Affecting Low-Income Residents in Gainesville, Florida
Banking on Remittances to Mexico
The Making of an American Shinto Community
Freshman Academies and the Transition to High School
Relationships among Teachers' Phonemic Awareness Knowledge and Skills and Their Students' Emergent Literacy Growth
Optimization of Contrast Agents for High Magnetic Fields
Influences of Mediated Priming on Tip-of-the-Tongue Incidence and Resolution
Characterization of Flumioxazin as an Aquatic Herbicide
Analysis of Spatial Information to Improve Retrieval of Cartographic Materials by Providing Geographic Coordinate Information
Lipoprotein structure
Performance, Microbial Ecology, and Life Cycle Assessment of an Activated Carbon Biofilter Used for Methanol Removal
Gamma Background Studies for the Xenon Experiment Using a High-Purity Germanium Detector
Key Factors Affecting Labor Productivity in the Construction Industry
The Termite Cellulase System as a Novel Target Site for Termite Control
Planning, Zoning, and Preservation
Optimization Models for Capacity Planning in Health Care Delivery
Nitric Oxide Deficiency in Chronic Kidney Disease
Linkage between Biogeochemical Properties and Microbial Activities in Lake Sediments
E2F6 is a Common Repressor of Meiosis-Specific Genes
Development of Time-History and Response Spectrum Analysis Procedures for Determining Bridge Response to Barge Impact Loading
Investigating the Determinants of Local Scale Distribution of Ruellia tweediana (synonym R. brittoniana) in Natural Areas
First You Are White, Then You Are Different
In Vitro Selection and Development of Aptamers for Biomarker Discovery and Targeted Therapy
Improving Problem Solving Efficiency
Embedding Radio Frequency Identification Inlays into Injection Molded Food Containers Using In Mold Labeling Technology
Structure-Function Relationship of Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Muscle Proteins Subjected to pH-Shift Processing
Improving Memory Hierarchy Performance with Addressless Preload, Order-Free LSQ, and Runahead Scheduling
Consumers' Use of Food Labels
Microstructural Engineering of Composite Cathode Systems for Intermediate and Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Traditional Food Security
Selected Elementary School Retention Practices
Validation of Stresses Caused by Thermal Gradients in Segmental Concrete Bridges
Multiple Sequence Alignment Solutions and Applications
Mining Comparative Genomic Hybridization Data
Evaluation of Concrete Mixes for Slab Replacement Using the Maturity Method and Accelerated Pavement Testing
Biophysical Characterization of Peptide Mimics of Lung Surfactant Protein-B
Switching of Ethnic Identification among New York City Latinos
Mathematical Modeling for Multi-Fiber Reconstruction from Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Images
Assessment of Caries Diagnosis and Caries Treatment on a Dental Practice-Based Research Network
Role of the Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ-Nop Receptor System in Stress Responses
Successful Rural Health Programs in Persistent Poverty Counties in the Southeast United States
Geometrically and Physically Based Modeling for Deformable Objects Simulating Soft Tissue Interactions in Surgery Environments
Multiple Tail Models Including Inverse Measures for Structural Design under Uncertainties
Floristic and Environmental Variation of Pyrogenic Pinelands in the Southeastern Coastal Plain
Recruitment Dynamics of Age-0 Largemouth Bass along a Latitudinal Gradient of Florida Lakes
New Protein Structure Prediction Method Using Inter-Residue Distances and a Theoretical Investigation of the Isomerization of Azobenzene and Disubstituted Azobenzenes
Impacts of Diffuse Recharge on Transmissivity and Water Budget Calculations in the Unconfined Karst Aquifer of the Santa Fe River Basin
Developing a High Thermal Conductivity Nuclear Fuel with Silicon Carbide Additives
Time Lag Model for Quality of Life Assessment in HIV-Infected Patients with Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
Response Surface Designs for Linear Mixed Models
Exploratory Study of Distress among Spouses of International Students
Allowable Limits for Conductivity Test Methods and Diffusion Coefficient Prediction of Concrete Structures Exposed to Marine Environments
Development of a Rational Design Approach (LRFD phi) for Drilled Shafts Considering Redundancy, Spatial Variability, and Testing Cost
Nitrogen Dynamics in a Constructed Wetland Receiving Plant Nursery Runoff in Southeastern United States
Pain Perception in Humans Is Altered by the Presence of Foods in the Mouth
Applying a Heuretic Generator within Architectural Education
Development of a Management Focused Decision Support Tool for Okeechobee Basin Beef Cattle Agroecosystems
Sensitivity Analysis of Idle Times and Project Durations in Construction Scheduling
Habitat Assessment for a Threatened Marsupial in Temperate Forest of Patagonia
Comparison of Lever Press and Nose Poke Operants for an Analysis of Food Intake and Meal Patterns in Mice
Design and Testing of an Apparatus to Measure Carbon Dioxide Solubility in Liquid Foods
Detection of Turfgrass Stress Using Ground Based Remote Sensing
Advanced Three-Dimensional Packaging Schemes for Microelectronic and Microsystem Applications
Fabrication and Characterization of Zinc Oxide and Gallium Nitride Based Sensors
Relationship between Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction among Middle School Principals in Central Florida
Copyright in the YouTube Age
Real-Time Smooth Surface Construction on the Graphics Processing Unit
Diversity of Structural Types and Molecular Nanomagnetism in Iron and Manganese Clusters
Fatal Construction Accidents Categorized as Other
The Discursive Nature of Mentoring
Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3 Regulates Hematopoietic Stem Cell and Endothelial Progenitor Cell Function during Vascular Development
Relations between Parenting Behaviors and Family SES
Effect of Everyday Distraction on Healthy and Cognitively Impaired Elders' Memory for Stories
Analysis of Ethnomusicological Field Recordings Using Electroacoustic Listening Methods
Birthing the Diaspora
Development of an Automated Testing System for Verification and Validation of Nuclear Data
Algorithms for Sensor Coverage and Sensor Localization Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks
Disorder and Correlations in Metallic Cuprates
Effect of Pre-Treatments on the Kinetics of Subsequent Aerobic and Anaerobic Biodegradation of Polylactic Acid (PLA)
The Role of Frugivores in Shaping the Evolution of Fruits in Ficus (Moraceae)
Measurement and Control Issues in a Novel Dynamic Radiographic Imaging System
Photocatalytic Oxidation of Hazardous Air Pollutants Using Silica-Titania Composites in a Packed-Bed Reactor
Landscape and Hydrologic Effects on Anuran Species Richness in Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park
Heterogeneous Sodium Fast Reactor Designed for Transmuting Minor Actinide Waste Isotopes into Plutonium Fuel
Head Acceleration and Associated Pain Felt in the Neck Region during a Simulated Automobile Low Velocity Rear-End Collision as a Function of Seat Back Angle
Motion Analysis of Head and Neck during Football Helmet Facemask Removal
Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Radio Frequency Integraded Circuit Blocks of Multi-Band Transceiver for Communication Systems
Near-Surface Structural Examination of Human Tooth Enamel Subject to In Vitro Demineralization and Remineralization
Particle Deformation during Stirred Media Milling
Post-Natural Disaster Hazards Encountered by Remediation Workers
Statistical Methods in Data Mining of Brain Dynamics
Stable Superparamagnetic Ferrofluids for the Treatment of Secondary Liver Cancer by Hyperthermia
National Allegories, Personal Stories
Urban Block Networks
The Nature and Prevalence of Alexia in Aphasia
Impact of Transit-Oriented Developments on Housing and Transportation Affordability
Dealing with Drugs
Examining Journalists' Blogs and Their Implications for Journalism in Mainland China
Effect of Emotional Attachment to a Brand on Credibility of Information Sources
The Erotic Folk
Using Geographic Information Systems and Socioeconomic Indicators to Bolster Post-World War II Neighborhoods as Initial Candidates for Historic Preservation in Jacksonville, Florida
Description of Osteoprogenitor Gene Expression in Periodontal Soft Tissues
Kinematic Analysis of a Planar Tensegrity Mechanism with Pre-Stressed Springs
Cooperative Learning and Learner Perceptions of Language Acquisition in College-Level ESL Classrooms
"Planet in Peril"
Current Deployment of Lean Methods in the Construction Industry
Television Broadcasters' Adoption of Digital Multicast and Ancillary Services
Development of Spacecraft Orientation Buoyancy Experimental Kiosk
Desired Loving Behaviors across the Life Span
Deformable Microparticles with Multiple Functions for Drug Delivery and Device Testing
Development of Closed-Loop Interface Circuits for Capacitive Transducers with Application to a MEMS Capacitive Microphone
Magnitude of the Oxidative Stress Response Influences Species Distributions
Storing and Predicting Dynamic Attributes in a World Model Knowledge Store
Studying Aptamer Binding to Cancer Cell Membrane Receptors by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
Changes in Attitudes about Diversity of Preservice Teachers in a Children's Literature Class
Development of an Insitu Rock Shear Testing Device
Computational Modeling of Collision-Induced Chemical Reactions: Gas Phase and Solid-State Reactions Induced by Ionic or Cluster Impacts
The Evolving Role of Florida Black Museums and Their Communities
Dairy Manure-Component Effects on Phosphorus Release from Sandy Soils
Borsuk-Ulam Property of Finite Group Actions on Manifolds and Applications
Nutrient Transport in Groundwater Near Isolated Wetlands and Drainage Ditches
Patient Assisted Computerized Education for Recipients of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (PACER)
Trade study of nuclear space power and propulsion system architectures for advanced interplanetary travel
Personal Productivity Improvement Methods: A Case Study on the Effects of Life Coaching in the Construction Industry
Preliminary Development of the Teacher-Report ADHD Impairment Scale
Crucial Topics in the Debate about the Existence of External Reasons
Developing LEED Version 3 Based on The Natural Step and Process Changes
The Epic Production of Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans, or (Re)Presenting and (Re)Forming History
Exploratory Study of the Practice of Sub-Subcontracting in the Construction Industry
Effects of Hyperbilirubinemia on Cisplatin Nephrotoxicity
Green Building Techniques for Affordable Housing in the State of Florida: A Focus on Single Family Residences
Product Placement in Independent Film: A Qualitative Analysis of Attitudes of Aspiring and Existing Independent Filmmakers
Floral Composition of a Lower Cretaceous Paleotropical Ecosystem Inferred from Quantitative Palynology
Design Elements that Create Consistent Visual Identities in Advertising
Evaluation of Growth Regulating Herbicides for Improved Management of Cogongrass and Torpedograss
Reducing Skin Friction and Heat Transfer over a Hypersonic Cruising Vehicle by Mass Injection
Prediction of Reading Comprehension Performance on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test in a Dyslexic Population
Effects of Temperature, Salinity, and Dissolved Oxygen on Survival of Triploid and Diploid Hard Clams, Mercenaria mercenaria
Renormalization of Gauge Theory on the Light Cone World Sheet
Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
An Examination of Principal Shortages in Florida School Districts
A Qualitative Frame Analysis of Illegal Immigration in Two British Newspapers
Relationships among Social Support, Life Purpose, and Stress in the Lives of Graduate Students
Comprehension and Vocabulary with Students in Primary Grades
Polymorphisms in Candidate Genes for the Nitric Oxide Pathway in Sickle Cell Patients with Acute Chest Syndrome and Asthma
Case Study
Creation of a Laboratory Testing Device to Evaluate Instability Rutting in Asphalt Pavement
Role of the Periodontal Ligament in Occlusal Load Transfer
State Estimation
Real Options Framework for Acquisition of Real Estate Properties with Excessive Land
Input/Output Control of Asynchronous Machines with Races
Privilege and Idealism in Salinger and Knowles's Modern American Prep School Stories
Integrated Conservation of Florida Orchidaceae in the Genera Habenaria and Spiranthes
Potential Bioremediation System for Nitrate Removal from Plant Nursery Runoff Water
Comprehensive Analysis of Jennifer Higdon's Selected Orchestral Works
Effects of Commercial Gill Net Bycatch on the Black Crappie Fishery at Lake Dora, Florida
Cellulolytic and Xylanolytic Gut Enzyme Activity Patterns in Major Subterranean Termite Pests
The Framing of Organ and Tissue Donation--A Framing Analysis of the Nation's Elite Newspapers
Trajectory Generation for Effective Sensing of a Close Proximity Environment
Re-Envisioning History
Quantification of the Matrix Hydraulic Conductivity in the Santa Fe River Sink/Rise System with Implications for the Exchange of Water Between the Matrix and Conduits
Journalistic and Third-Party Scrutiny of Political Ads on Televisions and the Web: An Experimental Study
Kinetic Analysis of Truncation and Elongation Mutants of the CapG Severing Mutant
Using remote sensing and geographic information systems for flood vulnerability mapping of the C-111 basin in south Miami-Dade County
Shoot Elongation Patterns and Genetic Control of Second-Year Height Growth in Pinus taeda L. Using Clonally Replicated Trials
Conservatism in Accounting: An Analytic Explanation and an Exploration of the Effects of Familiarity and Rules- vs. Principles-Based Standards
Ridge Augmentation Using DFDBA and Cortical Cancellous Chips in a Thermoplastic Matrix (Regenaform)
Comparison of Expanded and Nonexpanded Free Soft Tissue Autografts: A Clinical Comparison
Hinduism in Cyberspace
The Unique effects of the implantable cardioverter defibrillator
Life Cycle Analysis of the Deconstruction of World War II Army Barraks at Ft. McClellan in Anniston, Alabama
Beginnings, Middles, and Endings in Horace's Odes
Design of an Ultra-Low-Power Control System for a Self-Powered Wireless Sensor
Changes in Grammatical Aspects of Aphasic Discourse after Contrasting Treatments
Effects of Bolus Consistency on Timing and Safety of Swallow in Parkinson's Disease
Food Advertising during Children's Television Programming
Medical Cost Offset Effects in Pulmonary and Cardiac Patients with Depression or Anxiety
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Production by Gasification of Biomass
Nonclassical Nanoscale CMOS: Performance Projections, Design Optimization, and Physical Modeling
Exploring the Attitudes, Beliefs, Preparation, and Practices of African-American Clergy in Premarital Counseling
Cytokine Profiles and Viral Replication within the Thymuses of Neonatally Feline Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Cats
Low Mass Star and Brown Dwarf Formation in the Orion B Molecular Cloud
Compliant Formation Control of an Autonomous Multiple Vehicle System
Development and Characterization of a High Average Power, Single-Stage Regenerative Chirped Pulse Amplifier
Application of Lithium/Halide Exchange Reactions to the Synthesis of Complex Polymer Architectures
Thick-Gate-Oxide MOS Structures with Sub-Design-Rule Channel Lengths for Digital and Radio Frequency Circuit Applications
Breast Cancer Detection with Diffuse Optical Tomography
Fully Integrated CMOS Receiver for a 24-GHz Single Chip Radio-MicroNode
First Principles Calculations of Intrinsic Defects and Extrinsic Impurities in Rutile Titanium Oxide
The Role of the Quiet-Eye Period and the Bereitschaftspotential in Arousal Regulation and Motor Preparation for Performance of a Self-Paced Motor Skill
Laboratory Studies of Arm-Locking Using the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna Simulator at the University of Florida
Magnetic Stratigraphy and Environmental Magnetism of Oceanic Sediments
Characterization and Use of Bacteriophages Associated with Citrus Bacterial Pathogens for Disease Control
Mosquito and Sentinel Chicken Interactions with an Assessment of Experimental Cage Design and Flight Activity of Mosquitoes in Orange County, Florida: 2005-2006
Novel Heavy Fermion Behavior in Praseodymium-Based Materials: Experimental Study of PrOs4Sb12
Dialogo Urbano: Perceptions of Life, Language and Identity in Metropolitan Puerto Rico
Measurement of Flexible Wing Deformations in Flight
Procedural Learning and Cognitive Flexibility in a Mouse Model of Restricted, Repetitive Behavior in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Are There Contingent, A Priori Truths?
Transforming an urban arterial into a multiway boulevard
Fast, Painless and Pound-Shedding: A Framing Analysis of Diet and Fitness Coverage in Teen and Women's Magazines and an Examination of the Surrounding Advertisements from 2005
Selective Exposure to Health Promotion Interventions: An Unobtrusive Observation of Participation in HIV Prevention Programs
Relationship of Flower Thrips to Hardlock of Cotton
Restoring Abandoned Pasture Land with Native Tree Species in Costa Rica: An Ecophysiological Approach to Species Selection
Design Point Analysis of the High Pressure Regenerative Turbine Engine Cycle for High-Speed Marine Applications
Ground Proving Seismic Refraction Tomography (SRT) in Laterally Variable Karstic Terrain
Wittgenstein, Kripkenstein, and the skeptical paradox
Shifting Cultivation Effects on Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa) Regeneration
Targeting Lower Motor Neurons Using Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors
Surfactant Mediated Passivation to Achieve Chemical Mechanical Polishing Selectivity
Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Indium Nitride and Indium Gallium Nitride Thin Films and Nanostructures for Electronic and Photovoltaic Applications
Organizational Learning in a Community College
Construction, Validation, and Administration of a Diagnostic Test of Cello Technique for Undergraduate Cellists
Toward the death and flowering of transcendentalism in Walt Whitman
Effect of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 on Development and Post-Transfer Survival of Bovine Embryos Produced in Vitro
Anchor Embedment Requirements for Signal/Sign Structures
Boater Compliance Behavior in Manatee Conservation Zones
Investigation and Characterization of the Dispersion of Nanoparticles in a Polymer Matrix by Scattering Techniques
Measuring Morphological Awareness in Adult Readers: Implications for Vocabulary Development
Population Ecology and Conservation of the Snail Kite
Forensic Linguistics, First-Contact Police Interviews, and Basic Officer Training
Continuous Approach to the Lightning Discharge
Engineered Microtopographies to Induce in Vitro Endothelial Cell Morphologies Stable to Shear
Gay Men: Negotiating Procreative, Father, and Family Identities
Curriculum Components of Classroom Management Training for School Counselors: A Delphi Study
Financial repression and subsidies
Medical Image Segmentation and Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis
Application of Asymmetric Laplace Laws in Financial Risk Measures and Time Series Analysis
Template Synthesized Membranes for Ion Transport Modulation and Silica-Based Delivery Systems
Micromechanical Analysis and Design of an Integrated Thermal Protection System for Future Space Vehicles
The reliability of a depth of sleep measure and the effects of flurazepam, pentobarbital, and caffeine on depth of sleep
A New Class of Sparse Channel Estimation Methods Based on Support Vector Machines
Alternative nitride diffusion barriers on silicon and germanium for copper metalization
Acoustic study of disordered liquid 3He in high-porosity silica aerogel
Tracking and state estimation of an unmanned ground vehicle system using an unmanned aerial vehicle system
Analysis and modeling of cattle distribution in complex agro-ecosystems of south Florida
Direct and Nearby Lightning Strike Interaction with Test Power Distribution Lines
Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in Inverted Film Boiling Hydrogen
Initial Development of a Ribozyme Gene Therapy Against Herpes Simplex Virus Type I (HSV-1) Infection
Changes in Characteristics of the Canine Myocilin Gene and Myocilin Protein in Glaucomatous and Normal Dogs
Edge Partitioning and Finding Community Structure Using Spectral Decomposition
Assessment of a Telerehabilitation and a Telehomecare Program for Chronically Ill Veterans
Molecular Interactions in Surfactant Solutions: From Micelles to Microemulsions
In Vitro Toxicity Analysis of Nanoscale Aluminum: Particle Size and Shape Effects
Linking the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) and the Minimum Data Set (MDS)
Side-Implanted Piezoresistive Shear Stress Sensor for Turbulent Boundary Layer Measurement
Perceptions of Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction among Full-Time and Part-Time Community College Faculty
Directed Evolution of DNA Polymerases
Saving of Time and Energy in the Laundry Process: Importance of Dynamic Surface Tension, Micelle Stability and Surfactant Absorption
Vitamin B12 status and absorption using holo-transcobalamin in young men and women
Rats Exhibit Behavioral Despair and Hormonal Alterations after Social Defeat Stress: Implications for Major Depression
Nappy Hair in the Diaspora: Exploring the Cultural Politics of Hair among Women of African Descent
Network Centric Traffic Analysis
Genetic Engineering to Improve Nutritional Quality and Pest Resistance in Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum var. Flugge)
Transnational Processes, Communication, and Interpersonal Relationships of International Elementary School Students in an English for Speakers of Other Languages Program
Political Catholicism in Spain's Second Republic (1931-1936)
Recruitment and Retention Practices in Construction
Impact of Marketing Strategies on the Success of Small Residential Developers
Effects of Ad Placement and Ad Type on Consumer Responses to Podcast Ads
Interaction between Construction Superintendent and Hispanic Workers
Lexical Ambiguity Priming in Older Adults: Parameters of Enhancement and Suppression
Cognitive Training with Video Games to Improve Driving Skills and Driving Safety among Older Adults
Multi-Scale Analysis of Benthic Biogeochemical Properties and Processing in a Spring-Fed River and Estuary
Effect of Long-Term Melengestrol Acetate Treatments on Follicle Dynamics and Response to Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone and Prostaglandin F2alpha Synchronization Treatments in Bos indicus x Bos taurus Heifers
Earnings, Accruals, and Cash Flows in the United States Food Supply Chain
Career Decisions of Florida Agricultural Extension Agents
Decision Model for Public Sector Assessment of Sustainable Buildings in Florida
Zelman v. Simmons-Harris
Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Novel Materials
Infectious Bursal Disease Virus in Wild Turkeys and Sandhill Cranes of Florida
Instrumentation of the Next Generation Gravitational Wave Detector
Biased Bootstrap Methods for Semiparametric Models
Role of Methylsalicylate in Tomato Flavor and the Response to Bacterial Pathogen Infection
Peer Victimization, Physical Activity, and Social-Psychological Adjustment in Obese Youth
Life History, Host Choice, and Behavioral Plasticity of Trichopria nigra (Hymenoptera
Potential of Insecticide-Treated Cords and Sprayable Baits for Control of House Flies (Diptera
The Correntropy MACE Filter for Image Recognition
Metal Salen Complexes in Anion Binding and Catalysis
Alienated Citizens in Search of a State
Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Oxide Nanocrystals
Single- and Two-Phase Pressure-Driven Flow Transport Dynamics in Micro-Channels
Approaches for Two-Dimensional Monitoring and Numerical Modeling of Drip Systems
The Impact of High-Stakes Testing on Curriculum, Funding, Instructional Time, and Student Participation in Music Programs
Evaluation of Tribological Response of Molybdenum Disulphide-Based Coatings to Varying Environments
Identification and Application of Repetitive Biological Sequences
Evaluation of Electrochemical Processes Occurring in the Cathodic Reaction of SOFCs
Effect of Syntactic Structure on Speech Production in Adults Who Stutter
A General Equilibrium Analysis of Property Tax in Florida
Get Active (But Get Snacking)
Analysis of Self-Assembling Complexes via Supramolecular Mass Spectrometry
Transfusion Practices in the Management of Sickle Cell Disease among Florida Physicians
Carbon Sequestration Potential of Agroforestry Systems in the West African Sahel
Development of an Extended Culture System for Bovine Blastocysts
The Role of the Catholic Church in Colombian Social Development Post World War II
Analysis for CTGF and TGF-Beta in Deep Partial Thickness Thermal Burn Injury Tissue versus Normal Tissue
Effects of Temperature and Food on Avian Incubation Behavior
Neodymium Isotopic Study of Ocean Circulation during the Middle to Late Miocene Carbonate Crash
Development and Evaluation of Raw and Pre-Cooked Vacuum Packaged Goat Meat Products
The Impact of Invasive Upland Plants on the Recreational Value of Natural Areas
Simplified Dynamic Barge Collision Analysis for Bridge Pier Design
Germplasm Collection, Evaluation, and Characterization of Common Carpetgrass
The Sword of Cesar Borgia
The Influence of the European Commission Data Privacy Directive on Third Countries and the Passenger Name Record Controversy
Time Series Analysis with Information Theoretic Learning and Kernel Methods
Comparison of Bending Profiles for Atomic Force Microscope Cantilevers to Fixed-Free Euler-Bernoulli Beam Model
Action Research as a Planning and Designing Approach
Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for the Determination of Carbon in Soil
Role of Members of the Tomato Ethylene Receptor Family in Determining the Timing of Ripening
Students' and Patients' Perspectives of Clinical Teaching at a Dental School
Structure of a Lowland Neotropical Galliform Bird Guild
Selective Mechanisms for Benthic Water Flux Generation in Coastal Waters
The Prediction of Risk to Recidivate among a Juvenile Offending Population
The Role of the Linguist-Ambassador in Metalinguistic Science Fiction
Managing Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood
Downloading Media Files
Strength, Modulus of Elasticity, Shrinkage and Creep of Concrete
Self-Efficacy and Memory Aging
Labor, Soil Quality, and Yield in Conventional and Ecological Small-Scale, Tropical Agroecosystems
Perceived Smart Technology Needs Among Elders with Mobility Impairments
Perceived Group Cohesiveness among Participants in Redistributed Farms of Capricorn District, Limpopo Province
Evaluating Adjustments to the Mean Squared Error due to Estimating Variance Parameters in Linear Mixed Models
Memory Patterns in Children with Reading Disabilities, with and without Auditory Processing Disorders
A Study of Joint Classifier and Feature Optimization
Design of Wideband Communication Circuits
Piecewise Linear Lattice Based Associative Memories
Shape Analysis via Unified Segmentation, Smoothing, and Registration of Riemannian Structures
Identification of Native 20S Proteasomal Substrates in the Haloarchaeon Haloferax volcanii through Degradomic and Phosphoproteomic Analysis
N- and O- Acylation of Peptides and Sugars in Partially Aqueous Media
Evaluation of the General Antimicrobial and Antilisterial Properties of Nisin, Rosemary and EDTA on Ready-To-Eat Turkey Ham Inoculated with Listeria monocytogenes and Stored at 4 Degrees Celsius
Effect of Upper Extremity Injury on Grip Strength Effort
Mitigating CMP Memory Wall by Accurate Data Prefetching and On-Chip Storage Optimization
Neuromechanical and Neurophysiological Examination of Walking with and without an Ankle Foot Orthosis in Non-Injured Individuals and Persons with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Life History of Papaya Mealybug (Paracoccus marginatus) and the Effectiveness of Three Introduced Parasitoids (Acerophagus papayae, Anagyrus loecki, and Pseudleptomastix mexicana)
Passive States and Essential Observers in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
A Comparison of Organizational Socialization and Job Satisfaction in New Extension Agents within the Southern Region
Characterization of Actin-Based Motility on Modified Surfaces for In Vitro Applications in Nanodevices
Narratives of Resistance
Information Fusion and Sparsity Promotion Using Choquet Integrals
Assessing Connectivity in Simulated, in-Vitro, and in-Vivo Neural Networks Using Granger Causality
Real-Time Estimation of Delay at Signalized Intersections
Comparing the Use of Humor to Other Coping Mechanisms in Relation to Maslach's Theory of Burnout
Thin Films and Nanoparticles of the Photoactive-Cobalt Iron Prussian Blue Analogue
Indexing Techniques for Metric Databases with Costly Searches
Topics in the Structural Dynamics and Control of an Articulated Micro Air Vehicle
Projection Operator Formalism for Quantum Constraints
Corroboration and Contention in 'Congo' Consecrations
Fracture Toughness of Cellular Materials Using Finite Element Based Micromechanics
Optimization Approaches in Risk Management
Shigella flexneri Recruits Host Cell Myosin-X for Efficient Formation of Filopodia
Characterization of Novel Yeast Receptors Implicated in Metal and Lipid Metabolic Pathways
Processes and Criteria of Nationally Recognized High School Choral Directors for the Selection of Performance Literature
Biochemical Mode of Resistance to Multiple Insect Pests in a Romaine Lettuce Cultivar
Mechanisms of Resistance to Southern Chinch Bug, Blissus insularis Barber (Hemiptera
Thyroid-Gonad Axis of the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)
Characterization of Sorption and Degradation of Pesticides in Carbonatic and Associated Soils from South Florida and Puerto Rico, and Oxisols from Uganda
Son of Sam Goes Incognito
Optimization Methods in Financial Engineering
Investigation of Stiffness Gain Mechanism in Florida Limestone Base Course Material
Women's Health in Jeopardy
Conservation Photography
Design and Development of Ontology Based 3D Virtual Greenhouses
Role Models, Possible Selves, Perceived Self-Efficacy, and Perceived Self-Control as Predictors of GPA in College Students
From Pinus elliottii Plantation to Pinus palustris Ecosystem
Nutrient Dynamics in Bahiagrass Swards Impacted by Cattle Excreta
Addiction and Pregnancy Intentions
An Executional and Cultural Analysis of Television Advertisements in Pakistan
Market Analysis and Practice with Empirical Evidence from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
Impacts of Road Crossings on Headwater Streams
Role of Activating Transcription Factor-2 in Control of Pocket Protein Expression and Regulation of Chondrocyte Growth
Special Education Students in Selected Florida High Schools
An Appraisal of Surface Wave Methods for Soil Characterization
Linking Commercial Success to Community and Conservation Benefits
Me Now, Me Then
Life-Cycle Indoor Air Quality Comparisons between LEED Certified and Non-LEED Certified Buildings
Cooperation between Florida County Extension Agents and Florida Agricultural Educators
ADMET Amphiphiles
Point Process Monte Carlo Filtering for Brain Machine Interfaces
Accurate, Scalable, and Informative Modeling and Analysis of Complex Workloads and Large-Scale Microprocessor Architectures
Molecular and Genetic Determination of the Role of Elsinochrome Toxins Produced by Elsinoe fawcettii Causing Citrus Scab
Enhanced Control Performance and Application to Fuel Cell Systems
Development of the MCNPX Depletion Capability
Effect of Folate and Vitamin B12 Status and Related Genetic Polymorphisms on Congenital Heart Defect Risk
Ethnicity and Jewish Identity in Josephus
Synthesis and Applications of Metal Oxide Nanowires
Who Put the Fun in Functional? Fun at Work and Its Effects on Job Performance
Consumer Response to Home Monitoring
A Knowledge-Based Toxicology Consultant for Diagnosing Multiple Disorders
Behavioral Phototaxis of Previtellogenic and Vitellogenic Mosquitoes to Light Emitting Diodes
Assessing the Effectiveness of Supplemental Educational Services in Urban Florida School Districts
Aeroelastic Analysis and Optimization of Membrane Micro Air Vehicle Wings
CMOS Millimeter and Submillimeter-Wave Components
Daxx and Rassf1 Define a Novel Mitotic Stress Checkpoint That Is Critical for Cellular Taxol Response
Fabrication of Robust Biomimetic Nanopore for Biomolecular and Biomedical Analysis
Thermally Stable Ohmic and Schottky Contacts to GaN
Assessing the Development of Campus Safety Policy in the Community College following the Virginia Tech Tragedy
Preservice Elementary Teachers' Two-Dimensional Visualization and Attitude Toward Geometry
Enrichment Planting of Native Tree Species in the Eastern Amazon of Brazil
Active Adaptive Management for Native Fish Conservation in the Grand Canyon
Subcontractor Safety Practices for Hispanic Workers
Antimicrobial Properties of Selected Asian Herbs
Computable Aspects of Closed Sets
Characterization of Lightning Using Optical Techniques
Conservation Initiatives, Community Perceptions, and Forest Cover Change
Ecological Footprint of Energy Development in Eastern Venezuela's Heavy Oil Belt
Bioanalytical Applications of Affinity-Based Nanotube Membranes for Sensing and Separations
Impact of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training on Cortical Excitability of the Lateral Abdominal Musculature
The Piqueteros and the Dialectics of the Desborde
Effects of Nicotine on Responding Maintained by Environmental Stimuli in Rats
Overlapped Transmission in Wireless Networks
Environmental Management in the Accommodations Sector in the Anglophone Caribbean
Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Skeletal Muscle Adaptations after Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
Quantum Gravitational Correction to Scalar Field Equations during Inflation
Cryogenic Two-Phase Flow and Phase-Change Heat Transfer in Microgravity
Nitric Oxide Facilitates Nuclear Factor of Activated T-Cell (NFAT) Activity through AKT Induced Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3Beta (GSK-3Beta) Phosphorylation
Internet Use and its Effect on Sexual Behavior in Traditional College-Age Students
Analysis of Shallow Buried Reinforced Concrete Box Structures Subjected to Airblast Loads
Affordable Energy Efficiency Practices for New Single Family Homes in Alachua County
Skeletal Muscle Adaptations following Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury and Exercise Training
Control of Plant Cell Shape by the Irregular Trichome Branch Genes in Arabidopsis
Data Mining and Time Series Analysis of Brain Dynamical Behavior with Applications in Epilepsy
Experimental Characterization and Modeling of the Mechanical Response of Titanium for Quasi-Static and High Strain Rate Loads
Impact and Control of Organic Matter in USGA Ultradwarf Bermudagrass Golf Greens
Evaluating the World Bank's Concept of Social Capital
Tacit Dangers
Relationship of Enrollment to the Tuition and Fee Difference Ratio and State Resources between 1960 and 2000
Evolution of Cyclooxygenase in the Chordates
Aluminum Water Treatment Residual Effects on Soil Phosphorus Retention and Forage Yield and Nutritive Value
Safety Practices of Small to Medium-Sized Construction Firms
Inventio Pindarica
Language and Earnings of Latinos in Florida
Back and Forth
Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity Mediates Activation of AMP-Associated Protein Kinase in Isolated Mouse Skeletal Muscle
Language and Emergent Literacy in Preschoolers with Early Cochlear Implantation
Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style of Leaders in Florida Agriculture
Biocentric Development Ethics
Ontology-Based Approach to Simulation with Application to Citrus Water and Nutrient Management
Building Information Modeling and Its Impact on Design and Construction Firms
Approximate Probabilistic Optimization of a Wingbox Model Using Exact-Capacity-Approximate-Response-Distribution (ECARD)
Quantifying Eocene and Miocene Extension in the Sevier Hinterland in Northeastern Nevada
Built-Out Municipalities in Florida
Effects of Social Defeat Stress on Connexin36 Gene Expression in the Amygdala
Diagnostic Tools and Genetic Susceptibility Factors Associated with Bovine Paratuberculosis Infection
Making String Education Culturally Responsive
Laser-Based Diagnostic Techniques in Single Particle Analysis
Enhancement of Uranium Dioxide Thermal and Mechanical Properties by Oxide Dopants
Relationships among Pain, Pain Medication, and Pain Outcomes in Older Adults with Arthritis
The Marketing of Seasoned Equity Offerings
Process Development and Simulation of Hybrid Photovoltaic Cells
Refractory Carbides' Microstructural Integrity in Hot Hydrogen Environment of Space Nuclear Reactors
The Agriculture Angle
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor and Thioredoxin in the Brain
The Buffoon Men
Comparison of Two Short-Term Progestogen-Based Estrous Synchronization Protocols in Yearling Heifers and Suckled Postpartum cows of Bos indicus X Bos taurus Breeding
Enhancing Interest in Nursing as a Career Choice with Fifth-Grade Students
Organochlorinated Pesticides (OCP) Stimulated Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Cultured Microglia
Microfluidic Mixing and Its Use in Lab-on-a-chip Devices
Teacher-Child Interactions in Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Programs in Child Care Settings
Economic and Environmental Impacts of Ethanol Production from Southern United States Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii) Plantations
Effects of Improved Physical Fitness on Cognitive/Psychological Functioning in Community-Dwelling, Sedentary Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Framing Conflict
A Simulation Study on the Performance of Four Multidimensional IRT Scale Linking Methods
Volunteer Participation among Members of Social Sororities and Fraternities
Mechanisms by which Overexposure to Cortisol Causes Fetal Heart Enlargement in Late Gestation
Activation of the Subthalamic Nucleus during Obstinate Progression in Rat Pups
Architecture as the Occupied Language
Moving Balloon Algebra
Marronage in Saint Domingue
Examining Changes in Male and Female Intimate Partner Homicide over Time, 1990-2000
Carbon Sequestration Potential of Tropical Homegardens and Related Land-Use Systems in Kerala, India
Diagnostic Validity of DSM Symptoms and Criteria for Preschoolers
Experiences of Social Studies Teachers with Teaching Controversial Public Issues in the Classroom
Differentiation of Putative Cancer Stem Cells and Its Effect on Tumorigenicity in Osteosarcoma
The arbitrage model of security returns
The Importance of aesthetics in ecological landscapes for residential neighborhoods
Charles H. Jones 1848-1913 : editor and Progressive Democrat
Job satisfaction of full-time professional nurses employed in hemodialysis treatment facilities
Baseline Development to Streamline Executive Search
A Lateral Vision-Based Autopilot for Micro Air Vehicles Using a Horizon Detection Approach
Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Identifying DNA Sequence Variants That Encode Drug Response
Molecular Beacon Aptamers: Fundamentals for Fluorescence-Based Detection and for Protein Studies
Time-Based Analog-to-Digital Converters
The Effect of Media on Attitudes of High School Students toward the School Band and Band Members
Cross-Layer Design of Resource Aware Protocols for Heterogeneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Topics in nonlinear models for piezostructural systems
The Role of Social Factors, Lexical Borrowing and Speech Accommodation in the Variation of [q] and [?] in the Colloquial Arabic of Rural Migrant Families in Hims, Syria
Design Considerations and Optimization for Univariate and Multivariate Generalized Linear Models
Literary Journalism at Sports Illustrated: Dan Jenkins, Frank Deford and Roy Bount, Jr.
Effects of Personal Placebo Response Information on Future Placebo Response
Plato's Didactic Exemplum: Eros, the Dialogue, and Philosophy in the Symposium
Examination of Medication Adherence among African-American Low-Income Primary Care Hypertensive Patients Using the Patient-Centered Culturally Sensitive Health Care Model
Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Mill) Ecosystem Restoration on Coastal Wet Pine Flats: Developing a Monitoring Program Using Vegetation and Soil Characteristics
Portraits of Gastonia: 1930s Maternal Activism and the Protest Novel
Metallicity, Distance and Distribution of Populous Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Simultaneous Planning and Control for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
Developing Educational Materials in Bioprocessing Using an Ontology Database Management System
New Optimization Methods and Applications in Kernel-Based Machine Learning
ERK2 Is Required for Efficient Terminal Differentiation of Skeletal Myoblasts
Regulation of the Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 (HSV-1) Latency-Associated Transcript (LAT)
Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Control for Vision-Based Environment Mapping
Best of Both Worlds? Consumer Inferences about the Benefits of Hybrid Products
Security Exchanges
State-Space Models with Exogenous Variables and Missing Data
A Comparison of Relational and Physical Aggression Correlates in Young Children
Tunable Contact Barrier of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Films for Electrical Contact to Semiconductors and Polymers
Effects of The Invasive Exotic Apple Snail (Pomacea insularum) on The Snail Kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis plumbeus) in Florida, USA
Performance of Flexible Evaporator for Loop Heat Pipe Technologies
Chain Reaction Model of Political Advertising Effects: Advertising Content, Memory, and Candidate Evaluation
Marketing-Sales Integration: The Role of Mindset Differences
Effect of Perinatal High Fat Diet on Stress Responsivity, Motivation, and the Induction of Metabolic Syndrome in Offspring Using a Borderline Hypertensive Rodent Model
Exposure Potential of Sulfuric Acid Mist at Phosphate Fertilizer Facilities
Use of Impedance Spectroscopy to Investigate Factors That Influence the Performance and Durability of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells
Dogs That Bark: Why Are Bank Loan Announcements Newsworthy?
Identity Work and the New Christian Right
Role of Work Climate in the Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Women in a Nontraditional Career Field
Pensamientos y Practicas Feministas en el Peru (La Poesia Limena de los 80 y 90)
The Effects of Visual and Auditory Noise on Autobiographical Memories
Patents, North-South Trade and Global Growth
Abiotic Stress, Grazing and Disease
Directions for the Lost
Impact of Remittances on Business Creation and Sustainability in Rural Communities
Covert Aggression
Optimization of Methods for Phage Display Using Single-Chain Variable Fragment Phagemid Libraries
Influence of Message Framing, Involvement, and Nicotine Dependence on Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Public Service Announcements
A 700-Year-Long Record of Glacial Surging and Associated Flooding
Autonomous Vehicle Guidance for Citrus Grove Navigation
Genetics of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Resistance in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Trees, Tractors, and Governance
A New Model for Analyzing Sociolinguistic Variation
Investor Relations
Theoretical and Methodological Developments for Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms for Bayesian Regression
Inter-Kingdom Signaling and Characterization of a Coral White Pox Pathogen, Serratia marcescens
Simulation-Based Capacity Estimation of Arterial Workzones
Literatura y Trabajo en la Narrativa Argentina del Siglo XX (1930-2003)
Managerial Motivation for Justice Rule Adherence
Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics of Voriconazole
Cigarette Smoke Condensate-Induced Transcriptional Regulation of Bcl-Xl in Spontaneously Immortalized Human Breast Epithelial Cells
Map Algebra
Contingency Values of Varying Strength and Complexity
Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Rotary-Vane Two-Phase Expanders in Vapor Compression Refrigeration Systems
Interaction of Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC) and Base Excision Repair Proteins
Export Demand and Promotions of U.S. Beef
Protein Phosphatase Regulatory Protein 10 Cooperates with Neurofibromin Inactivation in Myeloid Leukemogenesis
Adsorption of Sodium Polyacrylate in High Solids Loading Slurries
3D Deterministic Radiation Transport for Dose Computations in Clinical Procedures
Minimal Detectable Change and Patient Reported Outcomes in Falls Rehabilitation
Subway Urbanism
Family Caregiver Quality of Life in a Pediatric Oncology Setting
Spatial Ecology and Demographics of a Population of Sternotherus odoratus (Testudines
Freedom of Communication: Breathing Space in the Marketplace of Ideas, The First Amendment Implications of Electronic Surveillance
Impact of Market Demand and Game Support Programs on Consumption Levels of Professional Team Sport Spectators as Mediated by Perceived Value
Prodromal Symptoms and the Determination of Coronary Artery Disease in Women
Implementation of Bi-Incidence Feasibility Regions in Helix Packing via Constraint Solving
Politics and the Online Marketplace :
Demand for Air Passenger Traffic and Its Impact on the Tourism Industry of Florida
Role of Health Literacy in Total Knee Arthroplasty in Older Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis
Butterfly Abundances, Larval Predation, and Egg Parasitism as Determined by Proximity to Butterfly Farms in Florida and Costa Rica
Using Population Genetics of Human Head and Clothing Lice to Elucidate Human Evolution
Transitive Inference in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Exploring Reading and Math Masteries
Metabolic Engineering of Microbial Biocatalysts for Fermentative Production of Next Generation Biofuels
Use of New Electronic Media
Competing Contingencies for Escape Behavior
Comparative Age and Growth of Greater Amberjack (Seriola Dumerili) from Charterboat and Headboat Fisheries of West Florida and Alabama, Gulf of Mexico
Memory Efficient Distributed Detection of Node Replication Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Application of Trianionic Pincer Ligands to Reactions Involving Group VI Alkylidynes, Metal-Metal Multiple Bonds, and Group IV Amides
Multiple Non-Redundant Roles for Plastidic 6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase (6PGDH) in Maize
Image Denoising Using Histogram-Based Noise Estimation
Model for Developing Trust in Construction Management
Protein Requirements for the Initiation of Poliovirus Negative-Strand RNA Synthesis
A Viral Vector Approach to Fragile X Syndrome
Feasibility Study on Mixed-Use Transit-Joint Development in Growing Urban Areas, Using Meaningful Urban-Form and Nonurban-Form Variables
Effect of Drip Irrigation and Nitrogen Application Rates on Soil Nitrogen and Potassium Movement and Nitrogen Uptake and Accumulation in Vegetable Crops
Scheduling Online Advertisements Using Information Retrieval and Neural Network/Genetic Algorithm Based Metaheuristics
Neighborhood, Housing, and Women's Health Disparities
An Experimental test of public relations messages
Rethinking Culture History in Florida: An Analysis of Ceramics from the Harris Creek Site (8VO24) on Tick Island in Volusia County, Florida
Microfinance non-governmental organizations evolution to commercial banks: South American case study
Comparative Analysis of Functional Assessment Methodologies and Functional Analysis for Young Children with or at Risk for Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
Child Fosterage in the Dominican Republic: A Comparative Analysis of Child Living Conditions
Choosing Remediation Targets for Naming Deficits in Probable Alzheimer Disease: Does Typicality Matter?
Population and Identification of Mycorrhizal Fungi in St. Augustinegrass in Florida and Their Effect on Soilborne Pathogens
'Lobsters Are Like Gold': Perceptions of Resource Access and Management in a Mexican Common Property Fishery
Practicing Teachers as Elementary Social Studies Methods Instructors: Their Beliefs about the Issues They Encounter in Preparing Preservice Elementary Teachers
Engaging Farmers: Recognizing and Responding to Gender and Social Diversity in Farming Systems in Trinidad
Factors Affecting Oklahoma Cherokee Farmers' Use of Traditional Agricultural Practices: Socioeconomics, Theory of Planned Behavior and Resource Access
Prodrug Strategies Aimed at Improving Topical Delivery of Drugs Using the N-Alkyl-N-Alkyloxycarbonylaminomethyl (NANAOCAM) Promoiety
Role of Complement, B Cells, and Genetics in Development of Sjogren's-Like Autoimmune Exocrinopathy
Nearshore Infragravity Wave Generation: A Numerical Model and Parametric Study
Lightning Flashes: A Cinephiliac History of Classic Hollywood
Do Buyer and Seller Motivations Affect Transaction Prices in Commercial Real Estate Markets? Evidence from Tax-Deferred Exchanges and Other Conditions of Sale
Nonlinear Dynamics of a Dual-Backplate Capacitive MEMS Microphone
Improving the Topical Delivery of Phenol-Containing Drugs: An Alkylcarbonyloxymethyl and Alkyloxycarbonyloxymethyl Prodrug Approach
Bayesian Methods in Case-Control Studies with Applications in Genetic Epidemiology
Decision Model to Optimize Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings in Florida
Structural correlates of race-specific drug sales arrests over time
Switched-Active and Passive, Hybrid Filter for Resonance-Free Transient Regulation
Phase II Biotransformation of Xenobiotics in Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) and Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)
Stabilization of Liquid Interfaces
Career Experiences of Novice Urban Agriculture Teachers
Mixed-Metal Molecular Complexes: Single-Molecule Nanomagnets and Bioinorganic Models of the Water Oxidizing Complex of Photosystem II
Security in Heterogeneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Challenges and Solutions
Contingent Claims Analysis of Optimal Investment Decision Making in the Management of Timber Stands
A Novel Methodology for Identifying Conserved Regulatory Modules at the Binding Site Level
Factors Affecting Pulmonary Targeting of Inhaled Corticosteroids
Measuring Post-Stroke Arm Motor Ability: Measurement Properties of the Fugl-Meyer Upper Extremity Assessment Examined with an Item Response Theory Measurement Framework
Identification of Neurosecretory Molecules in Aplysia Californica and Related Molluscs
Heme Oxygenase-1 Regulates Ccr2/mcp-1 Axis and Granuloma Formation in a Mouse Model of Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infection.
Effect of Tilapia Protein Isolate on Water-Holding Capacity and Quality of Tilapia Fish Muscle
Development of Sensor Component for Terrain Evaluation and Obstacle Detection for an Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle
Real-Time Particle Detection Using Sub-Threshold Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Transformation of Valley-Bottom Cultivation and Its Effects on Tanzanian Wetlands: A Case Study of Ndembera Wetland Area in Iringa Region
Use of edge and interior habitat of urban forest remnants by avifauna and herpetofauna
Molecular Analysis of Two Putative Mediator Subunits in Arabidopsis thaliana
Comparing Poisson, Hurdle, and Zip Model Fit under Varying Degrees of Skew and Zero-Inflation
Utilization of a Peer Network Strategy to Teach Social Skills to Elementary Age Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Multi-Dimensional Outcome Measures of FM System Usage in Places of Worship
Nitrate-Nitrogen Dynamics in Tributaries of the Santa Fe River Watershed, North-Central Florida
Development of a Flexural Bond Strength Test to Determine Environmental Degradation of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Composites Bonded to Concrete
The Turning Hour Project: Using Literature for Suicide Education in the Schools
The Future of Sports Psychology: A Delphi Poll
Time-Dependent Confounding in Antihypertensive Drug Studies
Psychosocial Status of Children with Auditory Processing Disorder
Loggers, Settlers, and Tribesmen in the Mountain Forests of the Philippines: The Evolution of Indigenous Social Organization in Response to Environmental Invasions
Experiences of Co-Teaching: Crafting the Relationship
Overlay Infrastructure Support for Internet Applications
Going Public in Support: American Discursive Opposition to Nazi Anti-Semitism, 1933-1944
Teachers' and Low-Socioeconomic-Status Students' Beliefs about High School Reading Instruction
Estimating Soil Carbon Sequestration in Ghana
Hematopoietic Stem Cells Derived from Umbilical Cord Blood: Effects of Ex Vivo Expansion and Design of a Novel Culture Environment
Indirect Shoot Organogenesis and Selection of Somaclonal Variation in Dieffenbachia
Strain Effects on Hole Mobility of Silicon and Germanium p-Type Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect-Transistors
Race, Gender, and the Prisoner's Dilemma
Moisture Effects on the High Strain-Rate Behavior of Sand
The validity of Emotional Intelligence and its ability to predict important outcomes
Sand Transport Rates at Jupiter Inlet, Florida
Multiple Surrogates and Error Modeling in Optimization of Liquid Rocket Propulsion Components
Delinquent Girls and the Relation of the Parent-Adolescent Relationship and Peer Influence to Quality of Decision-Making
Investigating Archaeological Sites, Cemeteries, and Soils with Ground-Penetrating Radar in Florida
An Evaluation of Collaborative Resource Management and the Measurement of Illegal Resource Use in a Ugandan National Park
An evaluation of reinforcer dimensions influencing food selection of individuals diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome
Poor Field Emergence of Late-Maturing Peanut Cultivars (Arachis hypogaea L.) Derived from PI-203396
Comparison of the Outcomes on the Leadership Behaviors of Community College Administrators
Vision-Based State Estimation for Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles Using the Coplanarity Constraint
Health Literacy: The Validation of a Short Form Health Literacy Screening Assessment in an Ambulatory Care Setting
Popular Virtuosity
Development and Validation of Scientific Inquiry with Technology
Experimental Analysis of Precursors to Problem Behavior
How Does Migration Affect Agricultural Labor Productivity? The Case of Mexican Rural Households
Problematic Use of Online Social Networking Sites for College Students
Responses of Arabidopsis to High Levels of Magnesium Sulfate and of Wheat to a Space-Flight Environment
Alternative Techniques of Backscatter Radiography
Metabolic Characterization and Engineering of Enterobacter Asburiae Strain Jdr-1 to Develop Biocatalysts for Efficient Hemicellulose Utilization
Effects of Sugar Metabolism Mutations on Ethylene Production and Related Transcript Levels in Developing Maize Seeds
Treatment Efficacy of Trimethoprim Sulfamethoxazole, Pentoxifylline and Altrenogest in Experimentally Induced Equine Placentitis
High Efficiency Loosely Coupled Wireless Power Transfer System via Magnetic Induction
Integrated Pest Management in University of Florida Structures and Landscapes
Engineering and Characterization of Hemicellulose Hydrolysate Stress Resistance in Escherichia coli
The Characters and Commutators of Finite Groups
Investigation into the Mechanisms of Hydrogen Sulfide Signaling in the Cardiovascular System and the Effects of Age and Caloric Restriction
Evaluation of Aquatic Plants for Phytoremediation of Eutrophic Stormwaters
Effects Of Acupuncture And Electroacupuncture On Immune Responses And Pulmonary Functions In Horses
Role of Asymmetric Dimethylarginine(ADMA)in the Regulation of Endothelial Derived Nitric Oxide
Statistical Designs and Algorithms for Mapping Cancer Genes
Statistical Models for Haplotyping Complex Human Diseases with a Family-based Design
Development of a Biocompatible and Dissolvable Tympanostomy Tube
Characterization of Microsomal Prostaglandin E Synthase-1 Gene Regulation by the Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Interleukin 1-beta
The Relationship Between Specific Conductivity and Flow Paths in a Karst Aquifer, North-Central Florida
Education Differences in Elevated Blood Glucose
Est Discovery in Threatend Tsuga Caroliniana
Assessment of Preference for Olfactory Stimuli in Individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome
A Forest of Disputes: Struggles over Spaces, Resources, and Social Identities in Amazonia
Mass Spectrometry for Structural Proteomic Analysis of Recombinant Human Sialyltransferase and Identification of Nanoparticle Harvested Oligonucleotides
A Speed Adaptive Mobile Internet Protocol over Wireless Local Area Network
Effect of Bug-in-the-Ear Feedback as an Intervention to Promote Attachment Behaviors in the Adolescent Mother/Infant Dyad
High Impact Strength Polymers Having Novel Nano-Structures Produced via Reactive Extrusion
Energy Savings for an Air-to-Air Residential Heat Pump Using Indirect Evaporative Cooling
Theoretical Analysis of Solar Driven Flash Desalination System Based on Passive Vacuum Generation
Subliminal Messages in Films and Their Potential Effects on Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
Metapopulation Dynamics of Yellow-Bellied Marmots
The Use of crisis management by extension in hurricane preparedness
Demographic and Fitness Consequences of Delayed Dispersal in The Cooperatively Breeding Acorn Woodpecker
Regulation of the Type III Secretion System in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Development of a Structured Method of Mental Practice and Its Effect on the Performance of High School Band Students
Analysis of in vitro and in vivo function of total knee replacements using dynamic contact models
Foreclosing Others in Cultural Representation
Dose versus Image Quality in Pediatric Radiology: Studies Using a Tomographic Newborn Physical Phantom with an Incorporated Dosimetry System
Maintenance of Intraguild Predation in Jumping Spiders
Nature-Based Tourism Impacts in I-Lan, Taiwan: Business Managers' Perceptions
Functional Behavioral Assessment: Basing Intervention on Function in School Settings
Social Organization of a Species of Singing Mouse, Scotinomys xerampelinus
Beliefs and Practices of Successful Teachers of Black Students: Case Studies from Secondary English Classrooms
Life History of Triaspis eugenii Wharton and Lopez-Martinez (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and Evaluation of its Potential for Biological Control of Pepper Weevil Anthonomus eugenii Cano (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Gradient Methods for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization
Stress-Gradient Failure Theory for Textile Structural Composites
Micromechanical Model for Predicting the Fracture Toughess of Functionally Graded Foams
Parallel Mechanisms with Variable Compliance
Looking away
Effects of Long-Chain Fatty Acids on Lipid-Metabolizing Genes and High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Production in Cultured Human and Rat Hepatocytes
Caking of Granular Materials: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Life-History Consequences of Artificial Selection for Increased Egg Size in Hydroides elegans (Polychaeta: Serpulidae)
The Usability of graphical user interfaces of mobile computing devices designed for construction foremen : icons and predefined text lists compared
Discursos Neofeministas en los Testimonios de Elvia Alvarado, Maria Elena Moyano, Domitila Barrios de Chungara y Maria Teresa Tula, 1975-1995
Generalization of Repetitive Rhythmic Bilateral Training
Effects of Soil and Plant on Arsenic Accumulation by Arsenic Hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata L
Analysis and optimization of a jet-pumped combined power/refrigeration cycle
Identification of Differentially Expressed Proteins as a Result of Raf Kinase Activity
Minimization of Linear Growth Functionals of Measure
Heat and Mass Transfer for the Diffusion Driven Desalination Process
Effects of Cocaine on Eating by Pigeons
Defending against Internet Worms
Characterization of Adult and Embryonic Stem Cell Proliferation, Differentiation, and Integration in Vitro and in a Nigrostriatal Slice Culture System
Colossal Magnetocapacitance and Scale-Invariant Dielectric Response in Mixed-Phase Manganites
Women deans
Analysis of the perception and reality of integrated marketing communications (IMC) in corporate public relations
For the Benefit of Girls: Evaluating a Girls' Program in Appalachia
How to Cleave
'I Took My Power in my Hand': Emily Dickinson's Thirtieth Fascicle
Aural Ekphrasis and Statian Sound in Chaucer's Temple of Mars
Triggered Lightning Testing of the Performance of Grounding Systems in Florida Sandy Soil
An Unpublished manuscript of Cicero's Laelius De amicitia, Cato Maior De senectute and Paradoxa stoicorum
Intellectuals, the Soviet Regime, and the Gulag: The Construction and Deconstruction of an Ideal
Object and Action Naming in Aphasic Stroke Patients: Lesion Characteristics Related to Treatment Improvement
Phenomenology of Universal Extra Dimensions
Growth Curve Models in Signal Processing Applications
Accommodating pain-free exercise therapy for peripheral arterial disease
Development of MEMS-Based Piezoelectric Cantilever Arrays for Vibrational Energy Harvesting
Opportunity Makes the Thief: Analysis of the Physical Cues That Influence Shoplifter Perceptions of the Retail Interior and the Decision to Steal
:capture [les mots juste]
Implementation of Highly Reactive Pozzolans in the Key Royale Bridge Replacement
Rats Relearn a Sodium Chloride vs. Potassium Chloride Discrimination after Chorda Tympani Transection Using Remaining Gustatory Input
The Inexpressibility of Truth
Exploration of Food Security Via a Meso Scale Modeling Approach
Impact of Cognitive Load and Source Credibility on Attitude toward the Ad for Affective and Cognitive Advertising Appeals
Variation in Noise Measurements of Power Tools Used in Construction
Loss of Infinitival Complementation in Romanian Diachronic Syntax
Bis(monoacylglycerol)phosphate Effects on Model Membrane Morphology
The Application of Semiempirical Methods in Drug Design
Analysis of Actin Filament Polymerization on Biomimetic Particles
Student Success and Its Relationship to Occupational Status Score in the Los Angeles Community College District
The Orchestral Works of Meredith Willson
Analysis, Testing and Verification of the Behavior of Composite Pavements Under Florida Conditions Using a Heavy Vehicle Simulator
Closed-Loop Control of Flow-Induced Cavity Oscillations
Exposing the Man behind the Curtain
Effects of Nanoparticles on the Wear Resistance of Polytetrafluoroethylene
Influential Factors on Brand Choice and Consumption Behaviors
Evolutionary Significance of Filial Cannibalism in Fishes with Parental Care
Random Cortical Networks Grown on Microelectrode Arrays as Cell-Based Biosensors for Neurotoxins as Demonstrated by Botulinum Toxin Type A
Photophysics of Platinum and Iridium Organometallic Materials
Intramolecular Tunnel and Regulatory Mechanisms of Asparagine Synthetase (ASNS)
Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation on Speech Motor Planning/Programming in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Adapted ab Initio Theory
Identification and Expression of Invertase Genes in Populus
Learning-Aided System Performance Modeling in Support of Self-Optimized Resource Scheduling in Distributed Environments
Analysis of Historic Creek and Seminole Settlement Patterns, Town Design, and Architecture
Olefin Metathesis in Carbohydrate and Norbornene Applications
Synthesis and Characterization of Core-Shell Nanoparticles, and a Study of their Use as Encapsulation Agents
The Roles of Emotion Processes and Hypothetical Scenarios in Predicting Antisocial Behavior
Life Cycle Cost of Displacement Ventilation in an Office Building with a Hot and Humid Climate
Direct and Indirect Estimates of Black Crappie Size Selectivity to Otter Trawls
Determination of Aqueous Soil Sorption Coefficient (Koc) of Strongly Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals (SHOCs) Using Mixed Solvent Systems and the Solvophobic Model
Analysis of Two-Lane Roadway Lane Closure Operations under Flagging Control
I. Planes of Discourse in Fixed Media Electroacoustic Music
Regulation of Sink Strength in Developing Maize Florets
Part I
Influence of Cover Crops on Phosphorus Fractions and Soil Fertility in a Peruvian Cacao Agroforestry System
Competency Threat
Brain Dynamics, System Control and Optimization Techniques with Applications in Epilepsy
Romanticism and the Cult of Celebrity
Imagining Iran
Oxalate Degrading Enzymes of Oxalobacter formigenes and Escherichia coli
Knowledge-Aided Signal Processing
An Examination of Strategic Group Membership and Technology in the Nursing Home Industry
Hunger Pangs
Rescuing Our Past
El Poder Subversivo De La Nueva Novela Historica Femenina Sobre La Conquista Y La Colonizacion
Isolation and Characterization of Equine Umbilical Cord Blood Derived Stem Cells
The Role of Genetics in Vitiligo Susceptibility
Antifeedant Effect of Commercial Chemicals and Plant Extracts Against Schistocerca americana (Orthoptera
The Diagnostic Utility of a Multi-Task Verbal Fluency Paradigm in Frontal and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Algorithms for Solving Multi-Level Optimization Problems with Discrete Variables at Multiple Levels
Intertextual Connections
Serum lipid patterns of growing pigs during fat absorption
A general methodology for analyzing demand for outdoor recreation with an application to camping in Florida state parks
Comparative behavior, acoustical signals, and ecology of New World Passalidae (Coleoptera)
Is a New Urban Development Model Really Building Greener Communities? A Comparative Study of Homeowners from Three Development Types
Robust Adaptive Methods and Their Applications in Quadrupole Resonance
1-Benzotriazolyl-2-Propynones as Novel 1,3-Biselectrophiles, Benzotriazole-Assisted Thioacylation and Synthesis of Energetic Materials
Relationship between Dental Caries Prevalence and Sugar Intake or Preference for Sweet of Supertaster Compared to Nontaster Children
Role of Stromal Cell-Derived Factor 1 in Proliferative Retinopathy
Workers of the Sunshine State unite!
Effects of Potassium Permanganate on the Sailfin Molly, Poecilia Latipinna, at Varying Salinity Levels
Artificial Potential-Function Guidance for Autonomous In-Space Operations
Image Segmentation and Object Tracking for Micro Air Vehicles
Alejo Carpentier's "The kingdom of this world" and the spectral voice of communal consciousness
Intergenerational Solidarity as a Way of Understanding Grandtravel
Effectiveness of Extractive Reserves, Agro-Extractive Settlements, and Colonist Settlements in Southwestern Amazonia: An Economic and Land-Cover Comparison of Three Land Tenure Types in Acre, Brazil
Strategies to Enhance Fertility in Dairy Cattle during Summer including Use of Cryopreservation of in Vitro Produced Embryos
Effects of Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate in Ethylene Glycol on Consumption and Mortality of the Eastern Subterranean Termite
Gulf Coast Barrier Island Restoration: Public Demonstration and Education, Production Practices for the Beach Plant Iva Imbricata, and Restoration with Composite Plantings
Hurricane Impacts on Coastal Dunes and Spatial Distribution of Santa Rosa Beach Mice (Peromyscus polionotus leucocephalus) in Dune Habitats
Analysis of a putative cleavage motif in rice receptor-like kinases
Barriers to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Treatment Participation during the Perinatal and Postpartum Periods: A Comparison of Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes
Phosphorus Sorption and Flux in Northern Everglades Soil under Drained and Flooded Conditions
Lyapunov-Based Range and Motion Identification for Affine and Non-Affine 3D Vision Systems
Emerging Technologies and Strategies to Enhance Anthocyanin Stability
Leaf-Tissue Freeze-Tolerance Mechanisms in Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Fluegge)
Adaptations in Skeletal Muscle following Spinal Cord Injury and Locomotor Training
Physiological Effects of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training with the Sedentary Healthy Elderly: Pulmonary, Cough, Swallow, and Speech Functions
Use of landscape metrics to predict avian nest survival in a fragmented Midwestern forest landscape
Other Cultures of Trauma: Meta-Metropolitan Narratives and Identities
Dynamic Simulations of Suspensions of Rod-Like Polymers and Colloids
Cytokine and Neurotrophin Response to Acute and Chronic Aerobic Exercise in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
Role of Angiotensin-(1-7) in Cardiovascular Physiology
Statistical Mechanics and Linear Response for a Granular Fluid
Characterization of the Distribution of Developmental Instability
Brazil's Elevated Interest Rates: A Case of Irrational Pessimism or Guarded Optimism?
Patient-Specific Dynamic Modeling To Predict Functional Outcomes
Palynomorphs and Selected Mesofossils from the Cretaceous Dakota Formation, Minnesota, USA
Why Are Initial Public Offering (IPO) Prices Only Partially Adjusted?
Development of ZnO-Based Thin Film Transistors and Phosphorus-Doped ZnO and (Zn,Mg)O by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Characterizing and Controlling Extreme Optical Nonlinearities in Photonic Crystal Fibers
The color of love on the big screen: the portrayal of women in interracial relationships in Hollywood films from 1967-2005
Search for Radiative Decays of Upsilon(IS) into Eta and Eta-Prime
Perceptions of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-New Construction (LEED-NC) Green Building Certification System among LEED-Accredited Professionals
Influence of Tray Rigidity and Material Thickness on Accuracy of Polyvinyl Siloxane Impressions
Effect of Involvement on Message Sidedness
Corporate Social Responsibility and Crisis Communication: Nike Taiwan Jordan Crisis vs. Paolyta Bullwild Crisis
Expository Writing Skills in Elementary School Children from Third through Sixth Grades and Contributions of Short-Term and Working Memory
Autobiographical Memory Sharing in Everyday Life
The Business Implications of the Environmental Chapter of the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement
Effect of Dietary n-3 Fatty Acid Source on Plasma, Red Blood Cell and Milk Composition and Immune Status of Mares and Foals
Determining the Role of Fractal Geometry and Fracture Energy in Brittle Bilayer Materials
Gaussian Mixture Model Based System Identification and Control
Socio-Economic Impacts of Controlling Melaleuca in South Florida
In Search of a Parotid Secretory Protein Protease: A Focus on Glandular Kallikrein 22
Essays on Technological Change
Assessing and Treating Chronic Pain in Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Dementia: A Single-Subject Approach
Simulation-Based Approach to Estimate the Capacity of a Temporary Freeway Work Zone Lane Closure
Demographic Studies of Plants: Data Limitations and Spatial Sampling Methods
Effect of Model Size on Female Adolescents' Body Images
Effects of Formal Instruction on Acquisition of Spanish Vowels
Gangsters, Zombies, and Other Rebels: Alternative Communities in Late Twentieth-Century British Novels and Films
Complex Network Assortment and Modeling
Divided Attention, Perception, and Auditory Recall
Larval Competition and Adult Susceptibility to Arbovirus Infection in Container Mosquitoes
Synthetic Application in Thioacylation, Acylation, and Sulfonylation
Aircraft structural safety
Essays on the Effects of Family and Schooling on Student Outcomes
Animated Commercials' Effects on Low-Effort Routes to Persuasion: Classical Conditioning Approach
Microbial Succession Associated with Soil Redevelopment along a Short-Term Restoration Chronosequence in the Florida Everglades
Nonlinear Integer Optimization and Applications in Biomedicine
Study of the Actin-Related Protein 2/3 Complex and Osteoclast Bone Resorption
Ethnic Differences in Diffuse Noxious Inhibitory Controls (DNIC)
Processing of Coconut Water with High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Technology
Law Enforcement Officers' Endorsement of Bias Characterization of Crime Scenarios: A Prospective Study of Differences between Disability and Other Protected Categories
Regulation of Floral Volatile Synthesis in Petunia x hybrida cv 'Mitchell Diploid'
Regulation of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase via Amino Acid Deprivation
Emotion and the Defense Cascade: Modulation of Voluntary and Involuntary Movement
Stress-Induced Changes in Sensitivity to Thermal Nociceptive Stimulation in Normal Rats and Following Excitotoxic Spinal Cord Injury
Asymmetrical Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Role of Perceived Benevolence
Embedded Test Circuit and Method for Radio Frequency (RF) Systems-on-a-Chip (SOCs)
Breastfeeding Practices in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit before and after an Intervention
Integrated Control of Dodder (Cuscuta pentagona Engelm.) Using Glyphosate, Ammonium Sulfate, and the Biological Control Agent Alternaria destruens Simmons, sp. nov.
Three Essays on Bundling and Two-Sided Markets
Effects of Stocking Wild-Adult Largemouth Bass on the Fishery at Lake Griffin, Florida
Design and Analysis of Fixturing Methods for Mesoscale Manufacturing
Onsite Evaluation of Manure Management Practices and Nutrient Composition of Stall Waste Produced by Florida Horse Operations
Regulation of Prostaglandin F2alpha Biosynthesis by Long Chain Fatty Acids in Cattle
Involvement of SDF-1 in Stem-Cell-Aided Liver Regeneration
Targeting Angiogenic Growth Factors in Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
Synthetic Development of C3-Symmetric Triphenoxymethane-Based Reagents for Selective Recognition and Sequestration of Lanthanides and Actinides
Characterization of the B Cells in Lupus-Prone and Resistant Mouse Models
Collaborative Decoding: Achieving Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks Using Soft-Input Soft-Output Decoders
Development of the UF LISA Benchtop Simulator for Time Delay Interferometry
Efficient Scheduling Techniques and Systems for Grid Computing
Electroluminescence from Zinc Sulfide Thin Films Doped with Erbium Trifluoride
Contribution of Methanotrophic Groundwater and Rhizosphere Bacteria to Phytoremediation
Aging, Emotional Memory and the Hippocampus
Celtic Christianity and the Future of New Religious Production
Analysis of low cycle fatigue properties of single crystal nickel-base turbine blade superalloys
Conspiracy Theory and Consumer Practice: Collecting and the Paralysis of Interpretation in American Film
Money! Money in Oz!: Consumerism, Communism, and the Censorship of Baum's Oz Books
Life in Death/Death in Life: Trauma, Testimony and the 1798 Lyrical Ballads
Understanding African-Americans' participation in church oriented special events
Influence of Product-Endorser Match-up on Consumer's Purchase Intentions of (Non-Sport) Endorsed Products
Queer Pedagogy and American Studies: A Reparative Re-Thinking
Acoustic Impedance Testing for Aeroacoustic Applications
Zombies and the Active Imagination: Last Updated April 26, 2006
Differentiation of Malignant from Benign Breast Lesions Based on Functional Diffuse Optical Tomography
Global Competition for the Japanese Fruit Juice Market
Nonparametric Functional Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci
Impact on Carpet Tile in a Hospital Patient Unit Corridor: An Observation Case Study
Evaluation of Remote, Infrared-Triggered Cameras as a Population Survey Technique for Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo)
Cryogenic Two-Phase Flow during Chilldown: Flow Transition and Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer
Framing Analysis of the Military Procurement in Taiwan
Effects of Spectral Slope on Perceived Breathiness in Vowels
Air Bearing Kinematic Coupling
Cumulative Disadvantage in Cognitive Control due to Depression and Aging: A Double Jeopardy Hypothesis
Role of Microglia during Motoneuron Regeneration and Degeneration: Relevance for Pathogenesis and Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Forgiveness in Children: The Child/Adolescent Dispositional Forgiveness Inventory
Effects of Off-Road Vehicles on the Nesting Activity of Loggerhead Sea Turtles in North Carolina
Phosphorous Storage Dynamics in Wetland Vegetation and Forage Grass Species: Facilitating Wetland Hydrologic Restoration in the Lake Okeechobee Watershed
Development and Implementation of the DIGGS Format to Perform LRFD Resistance Factor Calibration of Driven Concrete Piles in Florida
German Shepherd Dog Degenerative Myelopathy: Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis in a Spontaneous Canine Model of Demyelinating Disease
Contemporary Brazilian Trade Policy
An Exploration of Preservice Teachers' Experiences in an Online Writing Partnership
Breakdown Probability Model at Freeway-Ramp Merges Based on Driver Behavior
Esterase Isolation, Expression, and Population Analyses of Culex nigripalpus Theobald (Diptera
Assessment of the Performance of Iodine Treated Biocidal Filters and Characterization of Virus Aerosols
Rhodium and Iridium Complexes Supported by Chelating Bis-N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands
Dendritic Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes
Effects of Long-chain Fatty Acids on Production, Metabolism and Immunity of Holstein Cows
Study of Pore Water Pressure Impact and Fluid Conductance of a Landfill Horizontal Liquids Injection System
An Evaluation of the value added tax in the fiscal structure of a state
Digestibility and net energy studies with bird-resistant sorghum grain diets fed to steers
Solubility and biocompatibility of glass
An Investigation of production scheduling problems motivated by semiconductor manufacturing
Noncallable debt
The theory of the measurement of the income of trading enterprises
Effects of Rapid Salinity Change on Submersed Aquatic Plants
Graduate School Readiness in Psychology: A National Study
Influence of Saltwater on Weed Management in Seashore Paspalum
Community Residents' Perceptions of Ecotourism Impacts and Conservation Issues in Rural Creole Belize: A Case Study of Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
Survival and Promotion of Female and Male Strobili by Topgrafting in a Third-Cycle Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii var. elliottii) Breeding Program
Dynamic Response of Discontinuous Beams
Perceptions and Impacts of the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Extension Mentoring Program
Identity Crisis: Why Do General Women's Sport Magazines Fail?
Numerical Analysis of a Redundant Compliant Spatial Mechanism
Guided Surgery Using Rapid Prototyping Patient-Specific Guides
Investigation of Physical and Spectral Characteristics of Laser-Induced Plasmas: Applications to Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Analysis of Aerosols and Single Particles
Optimized Sterilization and Decellularization of Small-Caliber Vascular Allografts while Preserving Matrix Integrity
Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions in the Context of Globalization and Transnational Linkages: The Case of Cuba
Blends of a Polystyrene-Block-Poly(ethylene Oxide) Copolymer and Its Corresponding Homopolymers at the Air-Water Interface
Growth of Epitaxial Zirconium Carbide Layers Using Pulsed Laser Deposition
Social Construction of Meaning by English Language Learners from Different Cultural Backgrounds
Ribozymes Targeted to the Mitochondria Using the 5S Ribosomal RNA
Skeletal Biomechanics of the Florida Manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris)
Near-Infrared Study of the Star-Forming Properties of the Rosette Complex
Poverty, Partnership, and Public Health: Community Needs Assessment in a Mexican Colonia
Water Balance Considerations in Modeling of PEM Fuel Cell Systems
Forced-Air Cooling of Strawberries in Reusable Plastic Containers
Differential Predation by Orius insidiosus (Say) on Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) and Frankliniella bispinosa (Morgan) in Sweet Pepper
Molecular Characterization of the Population Diversity of Selected Isolates and Subisolates of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) from Florida
Permeabilities of Subduction Zone Sediments and Their Effect on Pore Pressure Generation
Effects of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Bovine Somatotropin on Endocrine Function, Embryo Development, and Uterine-Conceptus Interactions in Dairy Cattle
Computational Design of Nickel Based Superalloys for Industrial Gas Turbine Components
Event Bed Preservation Potential in a St. Vincent Island Salt Marsh in Florida
Phosphorus Sorption by soils of the Everglades Agricultural Area
RF Circuit Nonlinearity Characterization and Modeling for Embedded Test
Reading Authentic Text in the Hypermedia Environment: The Effects of Question Glosses on Comprehension Processes of Intermediate Learners of German as a Foreign Language
Coupled Simulation Modeling of Flatwoods Hydrology, and Nutrient and Vegetation Dynamids
Peripheral Expression of Plasma Gelsolin as a Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease
Increased Light Sensitivity in Mice Expressing a Mutant Human Rhodopsin Transgene
Utility of the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS) for Classroom-Based Reading Instruction
Non-premixed Conditions in the Flameholding Recirculation Region behind a Step in Supersonic Flow
Ultrafast Time Resolved Excitation Dynamics in Conjugated Dendrimers
Modeling Age-Related Motor Learning Deficits with Functional Neuroimaging Connectivity Analyses
Using a Crop-Pest Ontology to Facilitate Image Retrieval
Position Analysis of Planar and Spatial Tensegrity Structures
Structural Characterization of Macromolecular Assemblages
Entropy-Based Techniques with Applications in Data Mining
Interaction of Conservative Design Practices, Tests and Inspections in Safety of Structural Components
Having Our Cake and Eating It Too: Americans' Ambivalence about Social Welfare
Speech Perception Test for Jordanian Arabic-Speaking Children
Proton Radiation and Thermal Stability of Gallium Nitride and Gallium Nitride Devices
Sexual Orientation and Human Rights: the Use of Human Rights Law to Address Sexual Orientation-Based Discrimination and Violence in Ecuador
Survival of Inoculated shigella spp. on Tomato and Orange Surfaces
Effect of Early Treatment on Stability of Occlusion in Patients with a Class II Malocclusion
Microbial Composition, Biofilm Formation, and Removal from the Surfaces of the Manway Lid Gaskets of Citrus and Dairy Liquid Transport Tankers
Studies on the Effects and Mechanisms of Action of Eicosapentaenoic Acid on PGF2alpha Production in Cultured Bovine Endometrial Cells
Ecology of flowering dogwood (Cornus florida L.) in response to anthracnose and fire in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA
Triggered-Lightning Properties Inferred from Measured Currents and Very Close Magnetic Fields
Experimental Tests of Cognitive Busyness and Expectancy Effects in Text-Based versus Graphic-Based Communication
Process Characterization of Fabricating Plastic Microfluidic Devices
Biology and Host Specificity of Tectococcus ovatus (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae), a Potential Biological Control Agent of the Invasive Strawberry Guava, Psidium cattleianum (Myrtaceae), in Florida
Development of an Arterial Link Travel Time Model with Consideration of Mid-Block Delays
Vision-Based Navigation Using Multi-Rate Feedback from Optic Flow and Scene Reconstruction
Bait Aversion and Oral Toxicity of Insecticides in a Field Strain of German Cockroach
Study of Soot Formation in an Iron-Seeded Isooctane Diffusion Flame Using In Situ Light Scattering
Combined Effects of Termiticides, Volatile Organic Compounds, and Mechanical Stress on Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)
Characterization and Optimization of Radiography by Selective Detection Backscatter X-ray Imaging Modality
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Effects of Rodent Activities in Ventilated Cages
Circularity and Infinite Liar-Like Paradoxes
Analysis of Ternary-Valued, CIC Filter-Based OFDM Channelizers in Modern Wireless Communications Systems
American Public Opinion of Iraqi Prisoner Abuse: An Empirical Test of the Legitimacy and Recreancy Theoretical Frameworks
Communication Efforts of Florida Extension Faculty during the 2004 Hurricane Season
Influence of High-Resolution Spatial Information on Resource Exploitation: An Example from Angler Impacts on Artificial Reefs
A Service-Oriented, Scalable, Secure Framework for Grid-Enabling Legacy Scientific Applications
Puzzles and Possibilities: New Forms of Communication in the Electrate Age
Participatory Planning for Recreation Management in Abaco National Park, Bahamas
Growth and Nitrogen Fixation of Legumes Native to the Longleaf-Wiregrass Ecosystem
Savanne Sauzey Revisited
Direct Measurement of Water and Solute Mass Fluxes Using a Passive Surface Water Flux Meter
Waters of the University of Florida: Managing for Water Quality in the Lake Alice Watershed
Effect of Food Availability on Long- and Short-Term Controls of Food Intake
Gender Depiction in Tourism Brochures: The Case of the Cruise Lines
Motivational Factors and Decisions to Volunteer in the Florida Park Service
Effect of Pruning Type, Pruning Dose, and Wind Speed on Tree Response to Wind Load
Evaluation of Rut Resistance of Superpave Fine-Graded and Coarse-Graded Mixtures
Dating Historic Houses in Alachua County, Florida
Euthanasia of Tilapia using Carbon Monoxide for Color Fixation and Color Stabilization
Mediating Role of Openness in the Links of Right-Wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation and Traditional Gender Role Attitudes to Anti-Lesbian and Gay Attitudes and Behaviors
Epistemology and Psychotherapists: Clarifying the Link among Epistemic Style, Experience, and Therapist Characteristics
Effects of Organochlorine Contaminants on Hatchling American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Growth
Phytochemical and Antioxidant Stability of Thermally Processed Guava (Psidium guajava) and Guava Juice Blends
Meta-Stable States of Vegetative Habitats in Water Conservation Area 3A, Everglades
Lesbian Women and Eating Disorder Symptomatology: A Test and Extension of Objectification Theory
Quantifying the Magnitude of Nutrient Limitation on Phytoplankton in Kings Bay, Florida, USA
Additive Effects on the Hydrothermal Degradation of Hot-Pressed Silicon Nitride Spherical Rolling Elements
Relationships among Gender Attitudes, Sexual Self-Esteem and Risky Sexual Behavior
Hyperspectral Endmember Detection Using Morphological Autoassociative Memories
Investigation of Properties Responsible for Phenol Removal via Titania Coated Activated Carbon
Histologic Examination of the Florida Manatee (Trichecus manatus latirostris) Integument
Ant Occupancy and Anti-Herbivore Defense of Cordia alliodora, a Neotropical Myrmecophyte
Evaluating Body Image, Physical Activity, and Time since Disability Onset as Predictors of Psychological Adjustment to Mobility Impairments
Adolescent Perceptions on the Presence of the Seven Contextual Features of Animation Violence as an Indicator of Aggressive Attitudes and Behaviors
The Effect of Brand Placement in Video Games on Adolescents
High Solids Leachbead Anaerobic Digestion for the Reduction and Stabilization of Organic Waste Generated from an Exploratory Space Mission
Design and Implementation of an Optical-Access Steam Methanol Reformer
Fungi Associated with the Glassy Winged Sharpshooter, Homalodisca coagulata, in Its Native Range
Structure-Activity Relationships of an Agouti-Related Protein-Derived Decapeptide at the Murine Melanocortin Receptors
San Juan Evangelista: A Sixteenth-Century Spanish Colonial Mission in Culhuacan, Mexico
Elementary Teachers' Experiences in Adopting an Agricultural Literacy Curriculum
Collaborative Decoding and Its Performance Analysis
Influence of Professional Community and Organizational Justice on Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Privatized Juvenile Justice Programs
What's My Story? Narrative Intervention in Career Counseling
Adaptation Framework for Wireless Thin-Client Computing
Fabrication and Testing of Dual-Wavelength Photon Sieves
Disorder, Itinerant Ferromagnetism, and the Anomalous Hall Effect in Two Dimensions
Examining the Effectiveness of Specific Praise Statements in Increasing Appropriate Behavior and Decreasing Problem Behavior in Young Children
Experimental Investigation of Flows from Zero-Net Mass-Flux Actuators
Calibrating Pressure Sensitive Paints Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Use of Granulated Limestone as Fine Aggregate
Extending Functional Analysis Methodology to Identify the Function of Peer-Related Withdrawn and Peer-Related Negative Social Behaviors for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Examining Recruitment Methods for College Women At-Risk for Eating Disorders and the Relationship between Exercise and Eating Pathology
Influences of Couple Conflict Type, Division of Labor, and Violated Expectations on First-Time Parents' Individual and Marital Well-Being
Changing Bodies Mean Shifting Worlds: Lesbian Women and Pregnancy Experiences
Science Fiction and the Ecological Conscience
Meal Characteristics of Melanocortin 4 Receptor Knockout (MC4RKO) Mice
Biotechnology and Its Uses in Improvement of Canker Resistance in Citrus Trees
Functional Ecology of the Gametophytes and Sporophytes of Tropical Ferns
In Pursuit of Factors That Predict Stalking Perpetration and Victimization among College Students
Alpha 1A- and Beta 2-Adrenoceptor Gene-Expression Differences in Hypertensive and Normotensive Persons by Race
Heat and Mass Transfer of a Low Pressure Mars Greenhouse: Simulation and Experimental Analysis
Dynamic Modeling, Control, and Verification for Citrus Variable-Rate Technology (VRT) Fertilization
Neural Networks Based Metaheuristics for Solving Optimization Problems
Spatio-Temporal Dependency Analysis of Epileptic Intracranial Electroencephalograph
Managing Dynamic Relationships
An Irrigation Ontology and Its Use for Localized, Illustration-Based Educational Materials
Enhanced Interpretation Models for Impedance of Lithium Ion Batteries
Nitrogen Leaching and St. Augustinegrass Turf Response to Lawn Maintenance Strategies.
Simulcasting Using Slotted ALOHA in Ad-Hoc Networks
Sensitivity Enhancement in Future Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors
Fairy Tales and Necrophilia: A New Cultural Context for Antebellum American Sensationalism
Leadership in Colleges of Agricultural and Life Sciences: An Examination of Leadership Skills, Leadership Styles, and Problem-Solving Styles of Academic Program Leaders
Imaging Small Molecules in Tissue by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Methodology for Operational Performance Assessment of Two-Lane Highway Facilities
A Case Study of Psychological Empowerment of Employees in a Community College
Olefin Metathesis in Peptidomimetics, Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry, and Molecular Imprinting
Effects of Maternal Affect and Communication on Mother-Daughter Conflict Resolution
Multilateral Agreements in the Space Sector
Interaction of Iron Species and Soot Particles in an Isooctane Diffusion Flame
Photoplethysmography for Determining Major Airway Resistance Changes and for Detecting Fluid Loss in Blood Donors and Renal Hemodialysis Patients
Three Essays on Health Economics
The Relationship between Therapists' Epistemology and Their Therapy Style, Working Alliance, and Use of Specific Interventions
Development of a Stereo Vision System for Outdoor Mobile Robots
A Methodology for Tribological Examination of Thin Film in the Nanodisplacement Regime
Studies on the Entomopathogenic Fungus Beauveria bassiana: Molecular and Immunological Characterization of Allergens
Strategic Learning
Milling Dynamics Prediction and Uncertainty Analysis Using Receptance Coupling Substructure Analysis
Anisotropic Fracture Analysis of the BX-265 Foam Insulation Material Under Mixed-Mode Loading
Isotopic Determination of Region of Origin in Modern Peoples: Applications for Identifying U.S. War-Dead from the Vietnam Conflict
Molecular Engineering of Nucleic Acid Probes for Intracellular Imaging and Bioanalysis
Integrative Use of Perennial and Annual Cover Crops for Weed Management in Organic Citrus
Data Collection Needs for Work Zone Incidents
Dissimilar Cognitive Styles and their Relationships with Undergraduate Student Stress, Motivation, and Engagement
Revision and Phylogeny of the Tribe Curiini LeConte (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae)
Nonlinear Approximation Techniques to Solve Network Flow Problems with Nonlinear Arc Cost Functions
Chemical Biodiversity and Signaling: Detailed Analysis of FRMFamide-Like Neuropeptides and Other Natural Products by NMR and Bioinformatics
Time-Mode Circuits for Analog Computation
Conceptions of and Orientation to Teaching Science of Beginning Secondary Science Teachers
Student Perceptions on Self-Development Variables in Selected Community College Study Abroad Programs: A Quantitative Study using Chickering's Theory of Student Development
The Man in the Principal's Office: Revisiting Harry Wolcott's Research during an Era of Increased Complexity and High Stakes Accountability
Information Theoretic Measures and Their Applications to Image Registration and Segmentation
Kinetic and Structural Effects of Interfacial Interruption and Protein Nitration in Human Manganese Superoxide Dismutase
Perceived Bioterrorism Preparedness and the Impediments to Bioterrorism Preparedness of Rural Physicians
Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors of Florida Extension Agents Regarding Community Food Security
Integrative and Interactive Approach to Three-Dimensional Programming
Rectal Temperature, Calving-Related Factors, and the Incidence of Puerperal Metritis in Postpartum Dairy Cows
ND Isotopes: Investigation of Cretaceous Ocean Anoxic Event 2 and a Systematic Study of Fe-Mn Oxide Coatings
Defining and Revising the Gnawa and Their Music through Commodification in Local, National, and Global Contexts
Distribution and Occurrence of Stachybotrys chartarum in North Central Florida Habitats
Biological Control of Imperata cylindrica in West Africa Using Fungal Pathogens
Visual Servo Tracking Control via a Lyapunov-Based Approach
Effect of Host Plants and Pesticides on Parasitism of Haeckeliania sperata on Diaprepes abbreviatus
Oxygen Mediated Grazing Impacts in Florida Springs
Sex Determination by Discriminant Function Analysis of Native American Crania from Florida and Georgia
Modeling Sediment Transport in the Sheet Flow Layer Using a Mixture Approach
Construction of the Oceanic Crustal Layer 2A: A Detailed Petrographic and Geochemical Study of Lavas from 9 Degrees 30 Minutes North and 9 Degrees 50 Minutes North East Pacific Rise
Repellancy, Lethal Time, and Transference of Residual Insecticides Used for Pharaoh Ant Control
Fight for the Right: The Quest for Republican Identity in the Postwar Period
Optimization Models for Integrated Production, Capacity and Revenue Management
A 24-GHz Fully-Integrated CMOS Transmitter with On-Chip Antenna
Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Composite Electrical Contact Materials for Microelectromechanical Systems Applications
Identification of Preferred Performance Measures for the Assessment of Level of Service on Two-Lane Highways
Investigation of Close-Proximity Operations of an Autonomous Robotic On-Orbit Servicer Using Linearized Orbit Mechanics
Self-Configurable Communication Network for Wireless Multi-Robot Testbed
Thrips Competition and Spatiotemporal Dynamics on Reproductive Hosts
Demand Shifts in Outlet Selection in the United States Market for Fresh Flowers
'One Together and One Apart': Interracial Marriages between Indo-Trinidadian Women and Afro-Trinidadian Men
Contextual and Personal Predictors of Coping with Anger in Junior Tennis Players
Estimating Consumers' Willingness-to-Pay for Country-of-Origin Labels in Fresh Apples and Tomatoes: A Double-Hurdle Probit Analysis of U.S. Data Using Factor Scores
Latina Magazine: How Do Latinas Negotiate the Magazine's Ideology of What It Means To Be Latina?
Evaluation of Soil Test Methods as Indicators of Releasable Phosphorus in Wetland Soils
Phosphorus Release and Storage by Two Isolated Wetlands in the Northern Lake Okeechobee Drainage Basin
African American Fathers' Perspectives: Barriers and Social Supports for Involvement with Nonresidential Children
'Inconsistent' Desire: Self-Government and Age-Disparate Marriage in George Eliot's Middlemarch
Perceptions of Florida Beef Cattle Producers on Preparedness for an Agroterrorism Attack
Characterization of Nitrogenase Gene Distribution and Activity in WCA-2A Perhiphyton
Life Cycle Cost Analysis of a Novel Cooling and Power Gas Turbine Engine
Vegetation and Soil Quality Changes Associated with Reclaiming Phosphate-Mine Clay Settling Areas with Fast-Growing Trees
Changes in Polyphenolics and Resultant Antioxidant Capacity in 'Tommy Atkins' Mangos (Mangifera indica L.) by Selected Postharvest Treatments
Guava (Psidium guajava L.) Fruit Phytochemicals, Antioxidant Properties and Overall Quality as Influenced by Postharvest Treatments
Detection of Ralstonia solanacearum in Irrigation Ponds and Semi-Aquatic Weeds, and Its Chemical Treatment in Water
Baseline Measurement of Running Away among Youth in Foster Care
Biogeochemical Survey of Wetlands in Southwestern Indiana
Florida's State Agricultural Response Team
Using Electron Capture Dissociation Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry to Study Modified Polypeptides
Physiological and Anatomical Basis for Differences in Growth Performance during In Vitro and Ex Vitro Culture of Sea Oats (Uniola paniculata L.) Genotypes
Bandwidth-Efficient Forward-Error-Correction Coding for Long-Burst Noise Channels
Islam, Science, and Modernity: From Northern Virginia to Kuala Lumpur
Development of the Family Resilience Assessment Scale to Identify Family Resilience Constructs
Quantification of the Extent of Diagenesis in Biogenic Apatite of Cenozoic Shark Centra
Acoustic Application of Pressure-Sensitive Paint
Julius Watkins and the Evolution of the Jazz French Horn Genre
Genetic Effects of Rooting Ability and Early Growth Traits in Loblolly Pine Clones
Biology, Ecology, Behavior, Parasitoids and Response to Prescribed Fire of Cavity Nesting Hymenoptera in North Central Florida
Assessing Trade-Offs in Multiple-Objective Tropical Forest Management
Development of an Ohmic Thawing Apparatus for Accurate Measurement of Electrical Resistance
Low-Temperature Catalytic Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide over Palladium Metal, Hydrous Palladium Oxides, and Anhydrous Palladium Oxides
Stick-Slip in Powder Flow: A Quest for Coherence Length
Microwave Mediated Synthesis of Nitrogen- and/or Oxygen-Containing Compounds
Pharmacokinetics and Pulmonary Disposition of Clarithromycin and Tilmicosin in Foals
Comparing Focus on Form Instruction to Focus on Forms and Focus on Meaning Instruction of the Spanish Direct Object Clitic Pronouns
Two-Dimensional Modeling of a Chemically Reacting Boundary Layer Flow in a Catalytic Reactor
Modern Interpretations of Gender in Naguib Mahfouz's Cairo Trilogy
The Poet Flaneuse in the American City: Gwendolyn Brooks, Adrienne Rich, Diane di Prima, and Audre Lorde
Textual Projections: The Emergence of a Postcolonial American Gothic
Effect of Filtered Wood Smoke Processing on Spoilage Bacteria, Pathogenic Bacteria, and Sensory Characteristics of Yellowfin Tuna
'There's Just Kind of, Sort of a Symmetry to It'
Visual Quantification of Non-Homogeneous Colors in Foods
Uptake and Survival of Vibrio vulnificus in Oysters
Numerical Evaluation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Open Cell Foams
Relative Abundance, Growth, and Mortality of Five Estuarine Age-0 Fishes in Relation to River Discharge at the Suwannee River, Florida
Factors Affecting Periphyton Abundance on Macrophytes in a Spring-Fed River in Florida
Improved Bone Drilling Process through Modeling and Testing
A Murine Xenograft Model of Canine Osteosarcoma
Evaluation of Living and Synthetic Mulches with and without Imidacloprid for Suppression of Whiteflies and Aphids, and Insect-Transmitted Viral Diseases in Zucchini Squash
The Essence of Secondary Agriculture Teachers' Experiences with Teacher Collaboration
Best Management Practice Development with the Ceres-Maize Model for Sweet Corn Production in North Florida
Evaluating Philadelphia's Gun Court
X-Ray and Infrared Spectral and Timing Observations of Galactic Interacting Binary Stars and Associated Relativistic Jets
Identification of Potential Mosquito Vectors of West Nile Virus to Horses in North Central Florida
Functional role of neural oscillations in attention and memory in humans
Response Restriction and Contingent Access to Responding in Multi-Response Environments
Navigating the Complexities of Legislation: How Elementary School Principals Interpret and Implement Florida's Third-Grade Retention Policy
Community-Based Timber Management in Acre, Brazil and Its Implications for Sustainable Forest Management
Elucidating the Genetic Influences in Pain Sensitivity and Analgesic Effect
Population Structure and Pathogenicity of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from Strawberry and Noncultivated Hosts in Florida
Efficacy of Selected Insecticides Using Arboreal Bioassays and Rubidium Marking of White-Footed Ants, Technomyrmex albipes (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
The Role of Jak2 Tyrosine Kinase in Regulating Angiotensin II-Mediated Cellular Transcription
From Volunteer Vacationing to Solidarity Travel in Nicaragua: An NGO Mediated Rural Development Strategy
Smoldering Fire in Long-Unburned Longleaf Pine Forests: Linking Fuels with Fire Effects
Physiological Genetics of Contrasting Loblolly and Slash Pine Families and Clones
The Design and Synthesis of a Genetic System for a Synthetic
Angle-Dependent High Magnetic Field Microwave Spectroscopy of Low Dimensional Conductors and Superconductors
Optimal Design and Analysis of Clonal Forestry Trials Using Simulated Data
Public Perceptions of Urban Pest Management and the Toxicity of Fatty Acid Salts to Cockroaches
Applications of Parallel Global Optimization to Mechanics Problems
Gas Phase Structure and Reactivity of Zirconocene Cations
Female Discourses: Powerful and Powerless Speech in Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur
Assessment of Fish and Plant Communities in Lake Apopka, Florida
Population Dynamics and Management of Belonolaimus longicaudatus on Strawberry in Florida
Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal II-VI Semiconductor Nanorods
Metathesis and Isomerization Activity of Ruthenium Carbene Catalysts in Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymerization
Optical Studies of High Temperature Superconductors and Electronic Dielectric Materials
Mathematics, Culture, and Questions: A Study in the Culture of the Mathematics Classroom through a Random Questioning Experiment
Fabrication and Characterization of Compound Semiconductor Sensors for Pressure, Gas, Chemical, and Biomaterial Sensing
Evaluation of Shrinkage Cracking Potential of Concrete Used in Bridge Decks in Florida
Reconstruction of Missing Transverse Energy and Prospect of Searching for Higgs Boson Produced via Vector Boson Fusion in Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment
Relationships among Leadership Styles, School Culture, and Student Achievement
Relation between Cost, Quality, and Risk in Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction
Eating Disorders among Latinas: Examining the Applicability of Objectification Theory
Object-Oriented Hydrologic and Water-Quality Model for High-Water-Table Environments
Planning Decision Framework for Brackish Water Aquifer, Storage and Recovery (ASR) Projects
Experimental Aerodynamic and Static Elastic Deformation Characterization of Low Aspect Ratio Flexible Fixed Wings Applied to Micro Aerial Vehicles
Analog Baseband Processor for CMOS 5-GHz WLAN Receiver
Low-Power Software Configurable Modulator for Wireless Communications
Preservice Teacher Perceptions of a Multicultural Field Experience Activity
Structure Activity Relationships of Nicotine Analogs and Erythrina Alkaloids on the Alpha 4 Beta 2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor
Effect of fibrolytic enzymes on the nutritive value of tropical grasses and dairy cattle performance
Context-Driven Programming Model for Pervasive Spaces
Finite Element Analysis for Incipient Flow of Bulk Solid in a Diamondback Hopper
Effect of Alpha7 Nicotinic Receptor Activation and Over-Expression in Brain and in PC12 Cells
Pervasive Computing Approach to Energy Management
Synthesis and Engineering of Polymeric Latex Particles for Medical Applications
Residents' Perceptions of Sustainable Tourism in Tucume, Peru
Development of TiO2/Activated Carbon Composite Photocatalyst for the Removal of Methanol and Hydrogen Sulfite from Paper Mills
Jennings Hall
Competitive Mixture of Local Linear Experts for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Comparing Human and Social Resources Accumulated through Participation with Habitat for Humanity in Scattered Sites and Habitat Neighborhoods
I. Research-Based Rubrics for Assessing Undergraduate Music Compositions: A Validity Study. II. Identity Crisis, A Composition for Wind Ensemble, Percussion, Electric Organ, and Electric Bass
Charlemagne: The Making of an Image, 1100-1300
Club Drug Use as Self-Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury
Rules, Regulations, and Rebellions: The Struggle for Human Rights in an Era of Neoliberal Trade and Development
Evolution of Defects in Amorphized Silicon
Fibulae of the Ninth through Seventh Centuries BC in Central Italy
Dissolved Oxygen as Related to Minimum Flows and Levels
Conceiving-of and Conceiving-That
Trade Area Definition and Calculation
Managing Media to Manage Construction Projects
The More Mischievous the Better
Testing the Influence of Cuban Treefrogs (Osteopilus septentrionalis) on Native Treefrog Detection and Abundance
Quantifying Fire Severity and Carbon and Nitrogen Pools and Emissions in Alaska's Boreal Black Spruce Forest
Crossing Cultures
Ex-Inmates' Perspectives on Informal Methods of Control Utilized by Correctional Officers
Satellite Imagery
An Application of GIS in Visitor Experience Planning
Evaluation of Landscape Tree Stabilization Systems
Behavior of Standard Hook Anchorage Made with Corrosion Resistant Reinforcement
The Response of Three Cabomba Populations to Herbicides and Environmental Parameters
Contact Modeling for a Nonlinear Impact Oscillator
Ecology and Conservation of the Andros Iguana (Cyclura cychlura cychlura)
Asymptotic Enumeration in Pattern Avoidance and in the Theory of Set Partitions and Asymptotic Uniformity
roots of a clinical intuition in counseling
Nature, nurture, and temperament: Comparisons of temperament styles displayed by U.S. students
The calculation of electric microfield distributions
Effect of ventilatory loads on respiratory mechanics and dyspnea
Three individualized treatments for test anxiety and academic achievement among community college students
Genetic, developmental, and molecular characterization of a high oleic acid peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Discrimination of changes in complex auditory stimuli
Fast fourier transformed acoustic resonances with sonic transform
Rapid detection of enteroviruses in environmental samples
Asearch for cosmic axions
Pathogenicity of Bacillus penetrans to Meloidogyne incognita
Thedevelopment of children's understanding of social anxiety in others
Enforcement of state open meetings laws
Asex-role orientation to the interpersonal meaning of sexual experience
Evoked potential correlates during the processing of complex pictorial stimuli
Interdisciplinary/interprofessional teamwork
Apsychometric study of the family adaptability and cohesion evaluation scales
Cognitive attention redirection preparatory techniques, coping style, and adults' adjustment to periodontal surgery
Ananalysis of declassification practices in special education
Double resonance spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool and analytical technique for atomic spectroscopy
Theeffect of a single fluorine substituent on the 1,5 homodienyl hydrogen shift, the solvolytic ring-opening of bromocyclopropane, and the 1,3 carbon shift of 6-methylenebicyclo3.2.0hept-2-ene
Production and characterization of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to three virus-induced proteins of papaya ringspot virus type W
Rewriting the nostalgic story: Woman, desire, narrative
Theevent-related potential "P3"
Theeffect of experience on the auditor's organization and amount of knowledge
Theportrayal of older adults in basal reading textbooks of the 1960s and 1980s
Anempirical study of the relationships between financial leverage and capital costs for electrical utilities
Effects of sodium chloride and polyethylene glycol on the water relations, growth, and morphology of citrus rootstock seedlings
Anexperimental investigation of managers' escalation errors
Effects of sex and appearance on ratings of source credibility
Preferred strategies of selected university student affairs administrators in implementing change using Nutt's four models of change implementation tactics
Factors affecting the nutritional quality of soybean products fed to swine and chicks
Aninvestigation of confirmatory bias in an audit setting
Negativity and mediation in Adorno's literary aesthetic
Developmental differences in the temporal summation of transient and sustained auditory stimuli
Thedevelopment and validation of a multidimensional exploration and commitment scale for assessing ego identity development
Thepolitical participation of Asian Americans in the early 1990s
Learning from museum exhibits
Theeffect of self-modeling of positive affective behaviors on students' attitudes toward school
Sequential shrinkage estimation
Songs of silence
Explaining the "Bandwagon" and "underdog" effects
Remote sensing and soil science applications to understanding Belle Glade cultural adaptations in the Okeechobee Basin
Thespiralling binary system of black holes
Theinfluences of family background variables versus subject variables on the sex roles, sex role stereotypes and sex role orientations of college students
Generalized economic models and methods for markets in disequilibrium
Theleisure preferences of older adults
Evaluation of a dual career couples guidance program
Genetic variation in symptomology of slash pine in response to fusiform rust
Set-valued integrals
Thegas phase and surface radiation chemistry of hydrogen-carbon monoxide mixtures
On the performance of the GNMA hedge in volatile money markets
Thesignificance of tropical cyclone rainfall in the water supply of south Florida
Nontimber Forest Product Certification Considered
Effectiveness of mental imagery for relapse prevention for recovering addicts
On a question of the tenability of capital punishment within the framework of social contract theory
Thepsychological functioning, self-concept, and locus of control of battered women in a spouse abuse shelter
Personality types and preferred methods of analyzing categorical syllogisms
To eat or not to eat?
Patients' and nurses' perspectives on good adjustment to chronic hemodialysis
Free-operant avoidance of time-out from response-independent food presentation by pigeons pecking a key
Keyword mnemonic and contextual analysis strategy instruction with at-risk adolescents
Token reinforcement, choice, and self-control in pigeons
Extension of the concept of horizontal fiscal equity to community college per-student revenues
Parameter resetting and learnability in the acquisition of French and Spanish by adult native speakers of English
Sensation seeking, alcohol expectancies, and motivation for drinking among male and female college students
Theimpact of the frequency of accounting-based performance reports on capital budgeting decisions
Occupations and compensating wages for unemployment risk
Hearing impaired students in a middle school
Tourism and invention
Development of the disruptive student behavior scale
Effects of experimental palatal Fistulas on speech and resonance /
Monetary policy in a developing economy
Evaluating interethnic conflict in the press
journalistic civil rights advocacy of Harry Golden and the Carolina Israelite /
Cost-benefit analysis of level II fieldwork for bachelor's-level and basic master's-level students in occupational therapy /
Importance of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus in striped bass, Morone saxatilis /
Comparative anatomy and systematics of twelve woody Australasian genera of the Saxifragaceae
comparison of articulatory performance over three observations in apraxia of speech utilizing CVC words weighted for phonemic complexity /
Maintenance of breast self-examination skill and home practice /
Probabilistic nature of accounting earnings
Effects of intense acoustic noise on cochlear function in infant and adult guinea pigs /
Genera of American cicadas north of Mexico
Personality, sexual functions, and sexual behavior
Professional orientations of university professors and their behavior at meetings of learned societies
Changes in divorcing men's perceptions of fathering during the transition from live-in father to non-residential father
Analysis of the movement initiation problem in Parkinson's disease
Acase study of a seventeenth-century gatekeeper
Characteristics of autistic children
Action in Fenimore Cooper's tales
Behavior/stress interactions in diabetes mellitus
Analytical and diagnostic studies of an ICP-excited ICO fluorescence spectrometer
Avian seed dispersal of neotropical gap-dependent plants
Chin and Benne's change strategies in relationship to programs and policies in student affairs
Bovine placental lactogen
Aggression and familiarity as factors in mate selection in Peromyscus polionotus and Peromyscus maniculatus
Beach and dune erosion during severe storms
What we believe and what we ask
Water management effects on photosynthate distribution, physiology, and nutritive value of perennial peanut
Version control and management in computer-aided design databases
Water and nutrient movement related to soil productivity in an aggregated gravelly oxisol from Cameroon
The variable effects of religiosity on deviant behavior
Risk premia in foreign exchange markets
Work and health of the Chesapeake Bay commercial fishermen of Somerset County, Maryland
Underachieving children
Why do we have to do this for money?
An electrophysiological study of binaural interaction in the chinchilla auditory cortex
Indian independence movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and the U.S.A. civil rights movement under the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Soybean seed-coat permeability as related to seed deterioration, fungal association, and seed size
Phosphorus dynamics in an acidic, soft-water Florida lake
In vitro production of colchiploids and mutants of native Florida diploid Vaccinium species and hybrids and evaluation of 12X V. ashei colchiploids
Theimpact of political ideology on socioeconomic and budgetary dynamics
Temperamental and developmental dimensions of self-control in middle childhood
Astudy of the systematic component of risk in common stocks
Forward masking of auditory nerve (N1) and brainstem responses (Wave V) in humans
Factors affecting psychosocial adjustment in chronically ill children and in their parents
Theeffects of active and passive roleplaying, language intensity, and cognitive complexity on attitude change
On the representation and separation of the personal and normative reasons for behavior
Self-awareness and cigarette smoking
Acomparison of several different imagery instruction procedures for the treatment of test anxiety
Thesocial psychology of shyness
Employee or independent contractor
Thefunction of elaborative responses in the processing of a persuasive communication
Imaginative play predisposition, playfulness, ideational fluency
Projections of the health care system of the future
Photographic studies of quasi-stellar objects and other active radio sources
Theinteraction of the A-B status of psychiatric aids
Boron hydride chemistry of n-substituted-iminotriphenylphosphoranes
The visual evoked potential
Chemical modification of alpha-amanitin to yield derivatives suitable for conjugation to proteins via reductive alkylation
Age differences in attention
The antebellum barrier island plantation
A dynamic, mixed integer location model applied to Florida citrus packinghouses
Young adults' attitudes toward older adults
Theparadox of national insecurity
Theimpact of tourism and development on public ritual and festival
Convertible bond issues and equity price impacts
The impact of the wife's employment status on first-time parents' occupational and familial roles
Short term impoundment of longshore sediment transport
Kinematics and dynamics of barred spiral galaxies
Error bound for polynomial and spline interpolation
Memory retrieval latency and quantity as a function of objective self-awareness and self-schemata
Theearly Latin American labor movement
Thesociedad rural Argentina and Argentine economic policy during the Radical era
Asystems approach to financial appraisal of greenhouse heating with power plant cooling water
Theninth componet of human complement
In'm Reben's hoyf
The testing of an instructional strategy for improving reading comprehension of expository text in science and content area reading
The use of emotive words in intercollegiate debate
Aman for all ages
Coastal Mississippian period sites at Kings Bay, Georgia
A study of contemporary leadership models in CPA firm audit teams
Theevolution of industrial land use with the Knoxville metropolitan region
Like beads on a string
Thecomparative behavior of three species of swallows (genus Progne)
Models and designs for generalizations of mixture experiments where the response depends on the total amount
Phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) and diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Dominican Republic
comparative study of health status, health behaviors, and health care delivery
The impact of the acculturation process on consumer purchasing patterns
The relationship between maternal variable scores and infant performance in a Negro experimental stimulation training population
The poems and poetics of Dylan Thomas
Experimental analysis of behavioral isolation among four sibling species of nemobiine crickets
acquisition of English by Choctaw speaking children /
Heat transfer to water droplets on a flat plate in the film boiling regime
HyperGIS: A Concept and Its Applications
ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase activity from maize potato mosaics
Spatial Structure and Process of Nonagricultural Production: Settlement Patterns and Political Development in Precolumbian Southwest Florida
Diabetes Aid
Effect of Spatial Configuration of Isolated Temporary Wetlands on Anuran Metapopulations as Mediated through Predator-prey Relations
Mechanisms in the Perceptual and Respiratory-Related Evoked Potential Response to Inspiratory Loads
Bluesec - A Bluetooth Stack Extension for Secure Service Access
Using Wait-Free Synchronization to Increase System Reliability and Performance
Beginning Social Studies Teachers' Use of Technology in the Teaching of History
Study and Enhancement of Electrophotographic Solid Freeform Fabrication
Aggregation of Demand Points for the Planar Covering Location Model
Structure-Property Relationships of Electrochromic 3,4-Alkylenedioxyheterocycle-Based Polymers and Copolymers
High Fruit Sugar Characterization, Inheritance and Linkage of Molecular Markers in Tomato
Copper Seed Aging Effects on Post Electroplating Defects
Skin Color, Blood Pressure, and the Contextual Effect of Culture in Southeastern Puerto Rico
Efficient Buffering Control for a Software-Only High-Level, High-Profile MPEG-2 Decoder
Design and Characterization of a Mems Based Optical Microphone for Aeroacoustic Measurement
Decision Support Service for Distributed Conferencing System
Does Network News Coverage of Legislation in Congress Show Signs of Partisan Bias?
The Proxy Gator - A Server-Side Wireless Toolkit
Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinase Regulates Soybean Serine Acetyltransferase in Response to Oxidative Stress
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Cefpodoxime and Cefixime
E-Services Based Information Fusion: A User Level Information Integration Framework
Mining Algorithms for Generic and Biological Data
Temporal and Spatial Variability of Nutrient Fluxes from Sediment in the Lower St. Johns River
Development of a Routine Objective Quality Control Program for Diagnostic Ultrasound
Genetic Variation of the Major Surface Protein 3 in Anaplasma Marginale
Factors Affecting Growth and Culturing of Campylobacter Jejuni
Model of Postural Adaptations After Spinal Cord Injury: Diagonal Limb Response in Cats
Determination of Dynamic Stiffness of a Hydrostatic Carriage of a High-Speed Milling Machine
Technical Efficiency of the Dual-Purpose Cattle System in Venezuela
The Effectiveness of Performance-Based Outcome Measures in a Community College System
Rupture and Resistance: Gender Relations and Life Trajectories in the Babacu Palm Forests of Brazil
Analysis of Insitu Test Derived Soil Properties With Traditional and Finite Element Methods
Comparison of Algorithms for Epileptic Seizure Detection
Biochemical and Functional Analysis After in Utero Delivery of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus to a Mouse Model of Glycogen Storage Disease Type Ii
Campaign Finance: Contributions, Expenditures and Finding Political Equality
Adaptive Radiation of Oil-Reward Compounds Among Neotropical Orchid Species (Oncidiinae)
An Online Interactive Spreadsheet Approach to Data Analysis and Manipulation
Experimental Studies of Spin Dependent Phenomena in Giant Magnetoresistance (Gmr) and Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor (Dms) Systems
A Visualization Tool to Support Online Analytical Processing
Web-Based Quality Assurance (Qa) Program for the Department of Radiation Oncology
Degradation of Toxaphene in the Presence of Zero-Valent Iron
Father Involvement in Parent Training: Does It Matter?
Design and Analysis of User Interface for Radiology Teaching File
Solid Slicing and Electrostatic Analysis for Electrophotographic Rapid Prototyping Machine
The Relationship Between Family Factors and Metabolic Control in Pediatric Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
Spadones et Castrati: Two Types of Eunuchs in Roman Literature and Law
Diversity and Conflict in Forest Management Projects: The Case of a Colonist Community in the Lowlands of Bolivia
Attention and Memory/Learning Following Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: A Multidimensional Pilot Study
The Costa Rican Press On the Internet: The First Ten Years
Eskimo Nights and Other Stories
Population Assessment and Management Needs of a Green Turtle, Chelonia Mydas, Population in the Western Caribbean
Genetic Variation Among Populations and Species of Groupers and Coralgroupers (Osteichthyes: Serranidae: Epinephelinae)
Measuring Phonological Processing and Phonological Working Memory in Adults With Developmental Dyslexia: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
Turkey, Identity, and European Union Enlargement
Affective Influences On Cognitive Control in High Fear and Phobic Individuals
Sound Characterization of Highway Traffic on Rigid Pavement Contraction Joints
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Overt Language Production in Aphasia Rehabilitation: The Contribution of the Language Nondominant Hemisphere
The Actual Muscles of the Heart: Stories
Effect of Therapist Process Variables On Treatment Outcome for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (Pcit)
Efficacy of a Recombinant Herpes Virus of Turkeys Vector Vaccine, Expressing Genes to Newcastle Disease Virus and Marek's Disease Virus in Chickens and Turkeys, Against Exotic Newcastle Disease Virus Challenge
Implicit Solid Element for 2d Plane Stress Analysis
Conducted in If
Slave Housing Patterns Within the Plantation Landscape of Coastal Georgia
Peculiar Love (Poems and Translations)
Titanium Dioxide Coated Activated Carbon: A Regenerative Technology for Water Recovery
Adverse Outcomes in Adolescent Childbearing and the Intergenerational Transference of Risk:Cross Comparison of Children of Mothers Differing On Age and Presence of Miscarriage
Investigations of Iconography: Reading Katharine Hepburn Through Biography and Film
Characterization and Analysis of Close Lightning Electromagnetic Fields
Networked International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (Icd-9) Coder: A .Net Approach
Preparation, Characterization, and in Vitro Testing of Poly (Lactide-Co-Glycolide) and Dextran Magnetic Microspheres for in Vivo Applications
Exploring the Mechanisms of Exercise-Induced Cardioprotection Against Myocardial Stunning
Family Functioning, Adherence, and Metabolic Control in Children and Adolescents With Type I Diabetes
Fast and Scalable Internet Service Scheme for Static and Dynamic Web Data Contents
Simulation of Flooding Responses to Land Cover Change in the Quebrada Estero Watershed in San Ram N, Alajuela, Costa Rica
Backward Object Control in Korean
Carotenoid Synthesis and Retention in Mango (Mangifera Indica) Fruit and Puree as Influenced by Postharvest and Processing Treatments
Studies of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Peanuts and Transgenic Arabidopsis
Design and Implementation of An Intranet Driven Radiology Knowledge Bank
Static and Dynamic Hysteresis Modeling of Power Ferrites Up to Curie Temperatures for Power Electronic Applications
Quality Retention of Calcium and Ascorbic Acid Fortified Muscadine Grape Juice
Utility of the Tests of Variables of Attention (T.O.V.A.) in the Diagnosis of Adhd in a Community-Based Sample
We Think It Exists But Are We Asking the Right People? Analyzing Citizens' Attitudes Toward Racial Profiling
Framework to Asess Streamflow Withdrawal Availability and Impacts of Ecological Conditions
Characterization of Long Term Fire-Suppressed and Recently Burned Vegetation Communities of Naval Live Oaks, Gulf Islands National Seashore
Photoinduced Quantum Dynamics of Adsorbates at Surfaces
Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a Rat Hippocampal Slice Model of Acute Brain Injury
The Relationship Between Stress and Depression in Primary Caregivers of Children with Cystic Fibrosis
Movements and Habitat Use of the Santa Rosa Beach Mouse (Peromyscus Polionotus Leucocephalus) in a Successional Dune Mosaic
Saint Theresa's Finger and Other Stories
Play Acting
We Need More Elephants
Vigilant Vector: A Hypoxia Inducible and Heart-Specific Double Vector System for Cardioprotection
Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Multiple Models Based On the Self-Organizing Map (Som)
A Case-Based Critique of the Industry Foundation Classes for Building Commissioning
Modernist Transcanonization: Reading Genevieve Taggard and Una Marson
Cultural Logic of the United States in the Globalization Era
Injuries and Illnesses in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA)
Outdoor Localization Technique Using Landmarks to Determine Position and Orientation
Adaptations to Heterogenous Habitats: Life-History Characters of Trees and Shrubs
Perceived Motives for Clicking On Multimedia Features: An Exploratory Study
Bang, Whiskey, Roost
Relationship Maintenance Strategies on Web Sites
Context-Aware, Ubiquitous Service Discovery and Delivery for Mobile Clients
Students' Perception of Pair Programming
Language Diversity in Guinea, West Africa
Lowering Core Body Temperature and Perceived Exertion by Three Cooling Methods
Effects of Extensive Television and Newspaper Exposure to Terrorism Reporting on Fear of Victimization and Curtailing Civil Liberties: Media Use Interactions and Gender Differences
Negative Inversion in Modern Hebrew
Evaluation of Hurricane-Resistant Single-Family Residential Structures
Habitat Value of Created Wetlands to Waterbirds in Golf Course Landscapes
The Idea that Created the Universe
The Moon in January
The Five-Factor Model and Holland's Theory: Community College and Corporate Leaders
Evaluation of the HCM 2000 Two-Lane Highway Analysis Methodology and the Highplan Planning Level Implementation
Resolving Downfalls and Encouraging 'Outside-the-Box' Thinking: Empowering Teaching Interns through Consultee-Centered Consultation
A Dynamic Multilevel Model of Task Motivation Linking Personality, Affective Reactions to Feedback and Self-Regulation
Affective and Cognitive Brand Conviction: Making Loyal Relationships
School Teacher Online Planner and Website
Neighboring Communities of Practice: A Case Study of Classic Stallings Pottery
Consumers' Evaluations of Time-Delayed Purchase Opportunities
Nonlinearity of the Hemodynamic Response in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI)
Wear Mapping and Tribological Investigation of Liquidmetal Bulk Metallic Glass
Ciencia, Mujer y Religion en Tres Novelas de Rosa Fabregat
Ecology of Lake Griffin, a Hypereutrophic Cyanobacteria-Dominated Lake in Central Florida
A New Species of Hemiauchenia (Camelidae;Lamini) from the Plio-Pleistocene of Florida
Differences in Calibration of Reading Comprehension and Self-Efficacy across Achievement Levels and Learning Disability Status
Optimization and Dynamical Approaches in Nonlinear Time Series Analysis with Applications in Bioengineering
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Water Desalination System Using Low Grade Solar Heat
A Location Model for Web Services Intermediaries
Inheritance of Promiscuous Nodulation in Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] and the Evaluation of Potential RAPD Markers for the Trait
Reproductive Strategy of Pheropsophus aequinoctialis L.: Fecundity, Fertility, Oviposition Behavior; and Influence of Mole Cricket Egg Chamber Depth on Larval Survival
Ruthenium Catalysis in Metathesis Polymerization: Synthesis of Linear Copolymers of Ethylene and Polar Vinyl Monomers via Metathesis
Model-Order Reduction for Efficient Simulation of Nonlinear Electro-Magneto-Thermal Coupled Problems
Quantifying Computed Radiography (CR) and Digital Radiography (DR) Image Quality and Patient Dose for Pediatric Radiology
Comparison of Landsat MSS and TM Imagery for Long Term Forest Land Cover Change Assessment
Securities Analyst Responses to CEO Charismatic Images: A Symbolic Perspective
Identification of Leptin Target Sites in the Brain: Leptin Receptor Installation in the Brain Using Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors
Consequences of Nutrient Loading in the Suwannee River and Estuary, Florida, USA
Electrode Shape Optimization of Piezoelectric Transducers
A Liberalism of Fear: Imagining Indigenous Subjects in Postcolonial Ecuador, 1895-1950
Structure-Function Studies of Human Carnitine Acetyltransferase
Computational Studies of Melanocortin Receptor System and Channel Function in Glutamine-Dependent Amidotransferases
Evaluating Nondestructive Testing Techniques to Detect Voids in Bonded Post-Tensioned Concrete Ducts
Expression and Partial Characterization of Two New Proteins That Interact with Death Associated Protein-3, a Mitochondrial Ribosome Protein and Positive Mediator of Apoptosis
Physical Enviornmental Cues That Support Activities of Residents with Dementia in Special Care Units
Temperature Variations of Dipteran Larval Masses Analyzed on Florida Black Bear Carcasses
The Production, Disposal, and Beneficial Use of Coal Combustion Products in Florida
Capillary Electrophoresis and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Determination of Polyglutamyl Folates in Citrus Products
Weed Management and Economic Returns in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) under Different Row Patterns and Tillage Regimes
Physiological Leaf Traits of Scrub Pawpaw, Asimina obovata (Willd.) Nash (Annonaceae)
Bipolymer-Microglia Cell Compositions for Neural Tissue Repair
Synthesis and Properties of Protein Micro/Mesosphere-Drug Compositions Designed for Intratumoral Cancer Therapy
Forecasting Seasonal Streamflow/Precipitation Variability of the Peace River at Arcadia, FL, Conditioned upon Pacific-Atlantic Sea-Surface Temperatures
Ferroelectric Hyperthermia for Cancer Therapy
DNA Delivery Using Modified Forms of Silica
Effect of Dietary Zinc Deficiency on Cysteine-Rich Intestinal Protein (CRIP) and Splenic Cytokine Expression in Transgenic Mice
Method Specifications: Current Prevalence and Future Usefulness
Leaching Behavior of Personal Computer Central Processing Units (CPUs) Using Standardized and Modified Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Tests
Acoustic Detection of Manatee Vocalizations
A GIS-Based Hydrologic Restoration Analysis for the Northern Indian River Lagoon Watershed
Model Matching for Asynchronous Sequential Machines
Monte Carlo Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Dense Medium Light Scattering, with Applications to Corneal Light Scattering
Evaluation of Five Mosquito Traps and a Horse for West Nile Vectors on a North Florida Equine Facility
A Source Apportionment Study of Alachua County's Air Quality and the Hydrogen Storage Characteristics of Magnesium Nickel Composites Produced by Dry Particle Coating
Metal Attenuation and Toxicity Reduction of Chromated Copper Arsenate Pressure Treated Wood Leachate by Three Florida Soils
'Midnight's Children' and Subaltern Pasts: Salman Rushdie Provincializing Europe
Low Complexity, Narrow Baseline Beamformer for Hand-Held Devices
Predicting Phosphatic Soil Distribution in Alachua County, Florida
Benzotriazole-Mediated Synthesis of N-Acylbenzotriazoles and 2H-Azirines
Design and Implementation of Mixed Mode Digital Pulse Width Modulator for a DC-DC Converter
Statistical Analysis of Rater Effects
The Distribution of Calcium Oxalate Crystals in Genus Dieffenbachia Schott. and the Relationship between Environmental Factors and Crystal Quantity and Quality
Mathematical Modeling of Disbonded Coating and Cathodic Delamination Systems
Investigation of a Novel Multicolor Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector and Advanced Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors
Regulation of the Human Asparagine Synthetase, P21, and P27 Genes by Amino Acid Deprivation
An Economic Analysis of Multi-Fishery Participation among Commercial Fishers in South Florida
An Exploration of Authentic Discussion in the Booktalks of a Fifth-Grade Class
Developing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Techniques for Managing Key Insect Pests of Blueberries in the Southeastern United States
Impact of Gastrostomy Tube (GT) Feedings on Survival Is Affected by Pulmonary Function in Individuals with Cystic Fibrosis
Implementation of Laser Range Sensor and Dielectric Laser Mirrors for 3D Scanning of Glove Box Environment
Nitrogen Mineralization of Incorporated Bahiagrass Sod and Its Effect on Nitrogen Uptake and Yield of Maize
Prediction of End Bearing for Drilled Shafts and Suggestion for Design Guidelines of End Bearing for Drilled Shaft in Florida Limestone
Effects of Mold on the Practices of Florida Building Contractors
Evolution of Penotypic Plastic: Insights from Echinoid Larvae
Modeling the Work Center Design Problems for Thermal Processes in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Identification of Critical Facilities along the Coast of Louisiana Using Geographic Information Systems for Emergency Management Planning
Donor-Acceptor Methods for Band Gap Control in Conjugated Polymers
Revision of Passiflora Subgenus Decaloba Supersection Cieca (Passifloraceae)
Optimization of Light Use by Tropical Canopy Trees Through Acclimation of Leaf Physiology and Orientation
Adolescent Weight Gain during Supervised Substance Abuse Treatment: An Examination of Two Interventions Selected as Possible Solutions to the Problem
Enteral Arginine Supplementation Was Not Effective in Maintaining Serum Concentrations of Arginine or Arginine Metabolites Following Lipopolysaccharide Challenge
Firm Performance and Information Technology Utilization in the Construction Industry: An Empirical Study
Balancing the Right to Privacy and the Right of Access: Access to Child-Abuse Records in the 50 States
Deriving Housing Quality Indicators to Estimate Rehabilitation Needs: An Analysis in the Gainesville Area
Pokeweed Antiviral Protein-Mediated Resistance to Citrus Pathogens
Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Greenhouse Spraying
Interaction, Population Movement, and Political Economy: The Changing Social Landscape of Northeastern Florida (A.D. 900-1500)
Enhancement of Stem-Cell Transplantation Strategies for Muscle Regeneration
Photophysics of Platinum-Acetylides
A Process Model for Controlling Project Productivity of Highway Construction Operations
Sewing the Seeds of Statehood: Garment Unions, American Labor, and the Establishment of the State of Israel, 1917-1952
Synthesis and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanoparticles Within Ionomer Solutions
Identification and Characterization of Cis-Acting Elements in the Regulation of Imprinted Gene Expression
Nutrient Regulation of the Human CCAAT/Enhancer-Binding Protein Beta and Its Relation to Transcriptional Control of the Human Asparagine Synthetase Gene
Blind Separation of Convolutive Mixtures Using Renyi's Divergence
Electric Field Induced Transparency Modulation in Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Ultra-Thin Films and a Method to Separate Metallic and Semiconducting Nanotubes
Synthesis of C-Nucleoside Analogues for Mechanistic Study of Uracil DNA Glycosylase
From Tapping to Cutting Trees: Participation and Agency in Two Community-Based Timber Management Projects in Acre, Brazil
Couples' Contraceptive Choices: Issues of Concordance and Power
Protective Effects of Estrogens against Oxidative Stress
Juvenile Offenders and the Impact of Youth Court and Peer Influence on Decision-Making
Relationships among Mehlich-1, Mehlich-3, and Water-Soluble Phosphorus Levels in Manure-Amended, Inorganically Fertilized, and Phosphatic Soils
Purification, Characterization, and Site-Directed Mutagenesis of a Methanogen Ribofuranosylaminobenzene 5'-Phosphate Synthase
Jean Toomer or How the Failed Race Man Performed Modernity
Multi-Winding Model with Direct Extraction of Parameters from Voltage Measurements
Modeling and Design of a MEMS-Based Piezoelectric Microphone
Risk Factors Associated with Salmonella Shedding in Hospitalized Horses with Signs of Gastro-Intestinal Disease
Determining the Optimum Depth of Drilled Shafts Subject to Combined Torsion and Lateral Loads in Saturated Sand from Centrifuge Testing
Integration of Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators with Feed-Forward Neural Networks for Optimal Feature Subset Selection and Pattern Classification
'A Mere Appendix': The Reclaiming and Desexing of Sherlock Holmes
Application of Molecular Detection Methods to Most Probable Number (MPN) Enumeration of Vibrio Vulnificus in Oysters
The Grammar of Grave Robbing: Dichotomy and Discourse between Museums, Native Americans, and NAGPRA
Modular Design and Control of a Reconfigurable Multi-Agent Robotic System for Urban Inspection
Design of a Mechanically Adaptable Locating and Supporting System for an Intelligent Fixture
Reproductive, Ovarian, and Uterine Responses to a GnRH-Agonist (Deslorelin) Implant during and after the Postpartum Summer Heat-Stress Period in Dairy Cattle
Specific Heat Measurements of Copper Benzoate
Phosphorus Retention and Release of Soils in a Constructed Wetland for Wastewater Treatment
Assessing Nonmetric Cranial Traits Currently Used in Forensic Determination of Ancestry
Evaluation of Pore Presure and Aggregate Structural Effects on Water Damage in Hot Mix Asphalt
Training Hispanic Construction Workers in Florida
Estratriene Neuroprotection through Antioxidant, Non-Estrogen Receptor Mediated Mechanisms
Isolation, Characterization, Mapping, and Analysis of Suppressors of Rabbitpox Virus Mutants in the SPI-1 Gene
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Optically Pumped Semiconductors
Predictors of Cognitive Dysfunction after Major Noncardiac Surgery
Exploring Cross-Generational Attitudes and Opinions on the Use of Multimedia in the Christian Church
Women Hunters and Men Gatherers: Gender Role Changes among the Shuar
Issues Surrounding Heavy Metals in Landfills: Lead-Based Paint Leaching and Concentrations in Florida Landfill Leachates
A Study of Life Skill Development of Oklahoma 4-H Alumni during the Years of 4-H Participation 1969-1998
Grassroots Organizations and Markets: Two Case Studies in the Amazon Region
Thermoelastically Actuated Acoustic Proximity Sensor with Integrated Electrical Through-Wafer Interconnects
Enhanced Trailer Backing
Derivation of Production Level Import Demand and Choice of Functional Form
Electrospinning of Ceramic and Nanocomposite Nanofibers
Resistivity and Time Domain Reflectometry Sensors for Assessing in situ Moisture Content in a Bioreactor Landfill
The Sign of the Leopard: Leopard Imagery in the Kingdoms of the Yoruba, the Kingdom of Benin, and the Kingdom of Dahomey
Mechanisms of Silicon-Mediated Resistance to Magnaporthe grisea (Hebert) Barr in Rice
Ecological and Phylogenetic Characterization of Phytophthora capsici in Florida
Impact of Uncertainty on Construction Project Performance Using Linear Scheduling
Proton Transfer in Catalysis by Iron and Manganese Superoxide Dismutase
Coffee and Landscape Change in the Colombian Countryside 1970-2002
Combined Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches toward Carbon Nanotube Nanostructures by Self-Assembly
Habitat Quality, Competition, and Recruitment Processes in Two Marine Gobies
Distress Predicts Success Criteria and Expectations for Treatment: The Patient's Perspective
Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Soil Erosion Potential in a Mountainous Tropical Watershed, Central Andean Cordillera of Colombia
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pathogenicity and Antibiotic Resistance
Relationships of Attachment Status and Gender to Personal Meaning, Depressiveness and Trait-Anxiety among College Students
Important Interactions in Peptide-Based Transfection Agents, Sugars as Chiral Scaffolds, and Molecular Imprinting of Nerve Gases
Relationship between Personality, Exercise Behavior, and Exercise Preferences
Assessing the Relationship between Perceived and Actual Physical Fitness: A Meta-Analytic Review
Concurrent Segmentation and Estimation of Transmission Images for Attenuation Correction in Positron Emission Tomography
Photophysics of Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers That Contain Transition Metal Chromophores
Semiconductor Diode Laser with Saturable Absorber (S-Laser)
Off the Isle of Man
Fast Dynamics in Protein Folding: Time-Resolved Fluorescence and Absorbance Studies of Polypeptide Reconfigurations
A Study of Plant Mesofossils from the Dakota Formation in Kansas, USA
Transient Analysis of Pressure-Induced Transfer of Cryogenic and Gaseous Hydrogen in Storage Systems
TGF-Beta-1 Regulation of Chemokine Receptors in Rat Microglia and Human Macrophages
B12 Metabolism in Humans
Bioactive Organic-Inorganic Hybrids for Tissue Engineering Applications
The Negotiation of Indigenist Radio Policy in Mexico
Domestic Water Use, Hygiene Behavior, and Children's Diarrhea in Rural Uganda
Syntheses, Reactivity, and Physical Properties of Spiro-Tricyclic Porphodimethenes, and Porphyrins with Exocyclic Rings
Surface Modification of Medical Implant Materials with Hydrophilic Polymers for Enhanced Biocompatibility and Delivery of Therapeutic Agents
Isolation and Characterization of Components of Low Temperature-Induced Signal Transduction Pathways in Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. and Citrus paradisi Macf.
Studies of Three Major Peanut Allergens
Developing Biological Indicators for Isolated Forested Wetlands in Florida
Disability in Stroke: Effectiveness of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor on Post-Stroke Residual Disability
Biological and Molecular Characterization of a Hypovirulent Isolate of Phytophthora nicotianae on Citrus
Characterization of Transgenic Ethylene Insensitive Petunia x hybrida Plants with a Focus on Seed Development
Characterization of the Immune Response to Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors in the Brain
A Muscleblind Knockout Model for the Neuromuscular Disease Myotonic Dystrophy
Controlling and Probing Atoms and Molecules with Ultrafast Laser Pulses
Defend in Place--The Redundancy and Interconnectivity of Life Safety in Health Care
Transparency and Corporate Web Sites: IROs' Perspectives in the Wake of the 2001-02 Accounting Scandals
Generation of TTT and CCT Curves for Cast TI-6AL-4V Alloy
Effects of Carbon Dioxide Control Systems on the Performance of Variable-Air-Volume Distribution Air Conditioning Systems
Elegy for a Moth
Evaluating the Sustainability of a Select Group of Nicaraguan Microfinance Institutions
Empirical Investigation of the Relative Importance of Client Characteristics and Topics in Premarital Counseling
Does Inhibition of NF-kB Increase Chemosensitivity in Gastric Cancer Cells?
Embouchure and Three Stories
Dental Asymmetry through Time in Coastal Florida and Georgia
Symbiotic Relationship between Anthene emolus (Lycaenidae) and Oecophylla smaragdina (Formicidae): An Obligate Mutualism in the Malaysian Rainforest
The Effects of Propofol on Pain Intensity and Unpleasantness
Pre-Service Teachers' Goal Orientations across the Contexts of Teaching and Learning
Trademark Parody: Why Nobody Knows What's Going On
Mixed-Ligand Strategy for the Preparation of Manganese Based Single-Molecule Magnets
Delay-Based Computing: Implementation Issues in CMOS and Nanotechnologies
Measuring the Organizational-Level Value of Corporate Philanthropic Activity: Path Analysis of Corporate Philanthropic Activity on Bottom-Line through Reputation
Chemistry of Latent Reactive Polycarbosilane/Polycarbosiloxane Elastomers via Acyclic Diene Metathesis (ADMET) Polymerization
Association between Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Periodontitis
Development of a Magnetically Agitated Photocatalytic Reactor
Godwin's Politics of Process
Race Matters: Treatment Outcome for African American Families in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Noise Levels of Common Construction Power Tools
The Effect of Carbon Monoxide and Filtered Smoke on Quality and Safety of Yellowfin Tuna
Faunal Procurement Practice on Antebellum Plantations
The Role of Working Memory, Concurrent Load, and Syntactic Complexity in L2 Sentence Processing
Measuring Gentamicin and Penicillin Concentrations in Allantoic Fluid of Pregnant Pony Mares by In Vivo Microdialysis
Degrees of Separation
Coaching in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Development and Reliability of the Therapist-As-Coach Coding System (TACCS)
Parental Differential Treatment of Children with CF and Their Healthy Siblings
Diet Selection in the Yellow-Bellied Slider Turtle, Trachemys scripta: Ontogenetic Diet Shifts and Associative Effects between Animal and Plant Diet Items
Social Interactions of Alpha, Natal and Immigrant Males with Juveniles among Brown Capuchins (Cebus apella) in Suriname
A Databased Model to Predict Postsecondary Educational Attainment of Low-Socioeconomic-Status Students
Spectral Based Phosphorus Sensing in the Lake Okeechobee Basin
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System for Assessment of Citrus Condition Parameters in Florida
SmartWave: An Intelligent Microwave to Help Elderly People Cook Independently
Walk on an Abandoned Island
Functional Elements and Human Dimensions of a Municipal Solid Waste Management System in the Amazon Forest: The Case of Puerto Bermudez, Peru
Molecular Investigations, Cryopreservation and Genetic Transformation Studies in Papaya (Carica papaya L.) for Cold Hardiness
Molecular Evolution of the ASPM Exon 18 Indel Locus in Primates
Middle Power Leadership on Human Security
The Impact of Illness on Livelihoods in Rural Western Kenya: The Influence of Livelihood Type, Gender, and Seasonality
Retinal Cell Tropism of Adeno-Associated Viral (AAV) Vector Serotypes
No Easy Answers: Male-Male Relationships of Surinamese Brown Capuchins as a Result of Complex Interactions and Multiple Variables
Composite Service Discovery, Description and Invocation
Age-Related Changes in Word Retrieval: Frontal-Executive vs. Temporal-Semantic Substrates
Family Environment Types and Their Association with Family Support Satisfaction among African American and Caucasian American Women with Breast Cancer
Challenging State Human Rights Practices from the Outside: Argentina's Transnational Advocacy Network during Dictatorship, Transition, and Democratic Rule
The Effects of Advertising Schema-Congruity on Emotional Response
Soil-P Dynamics and Sugarcane Responses in Everglades Histosols
Globally Speaking: The Effect of Internal Message Frames on Attitudes and Cognitive Processing Focused on Internationalizing Agricultural Extension within the Elaboration Likelihood Model
Celebrity Blogs: Investigation in the Persuasive Nature of Two-Way Communication Regarding Politics
The Role of Culture in Conflict Mediation: Toubabs and Gambians Cannot Be the Same
Independent Product Information and Marketing Strategies
Protected Area Management in the Watershed Context: A Case Study of Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica
Things Come Together, with Stories
Density-Dependent Effects on Hatchling Production in the Green Turtle Nesting Population in Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Adherence in Children with Cystic Fibrosis and Asthma
Polyphenolics from Red Wine in Cancer Prevention: Influence on Apoptosis in Human Leukemia Cells and Antioxidant Effects in Human Subjects
Virtualization Techniques to Enable Transparent Access to Peripheral Devices across Networks
The Effects of Vitamin B-6 Status on the Activity of Serine Hydroxymethyltransferase in Rats and Humans
Benzotriazole Intermediates in Organic Chemistry
Pseudomonas aeruginosa ExoS Induced Apoptosis in Host Cells
Epitaxial Growth and Characterization of Oxide Based Ferromagnetic Semiconductors for Spintronics Applications
Racial Differences in the Relational Health and Depressive Symptoms of College Women
Essays in Corporate Diversification, Market Efficiency, and Allocation of Scarce Resources
African American Mothers' Perceptions of Quality Childcare
'Soldier-Citizens': The Veterans of Foreign Wars and Veteran Political Activism from the Bonus March to the GI Bill
The Economic Impacts to an Industry Associated with an Invasive Species: The Case of Citrus Canker in Florida
Synthesis and Characterization of Thiol-Functionalized Chitosan Based Adsorbents for Arsenic Removal from Water
Record for a UF dissertation. Title & abstract won't display until dissertation is accessible after 2016-12-31
Surgical Training with an Augmented Digital Environment (SurgADE): An Adaptable Approach for Teaching Minimally Invasive Surgery Techniques
Models and Algorithms for Operations Scheduling Problems with Resource Flexibility and Schedule Disruptions
Influence of Calcium on Postharvest Quality and Yield of Strawberry Fruit (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)
Secretas construcciones: Relatos argentinos jovenes a fines del siglo XX
Toward an Ethics of the Political
Cycling of Organic Matter in Three Soft-Water Subtropical Lakes
Molecular Dynamics Studies of Nanofluidics and Nanomechanics
Conjugated Polyelectrolytes: Amplified Quenching, Self-Assembly and Sensor Applications
AIRE Regulates Central and Peripheral Tolerance Through Direct Control of Autoantigens and Other Key Genes in Thymus Epithelial Cells and Dendritic Cells
Mammalian and Viral Chemokines Provide Insight into the Mechanism of Chemokine Receptor Activation
Milo Hascall and the Suppression of Democratic Newspapers in Civil War Indiana
Functional and Descriptive Predictors of Outcomes following Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy for Individuals with Post-Stroke Hemiparesis
Solid State, Transparent, Cadmium Sulfide-Polymer Nanocomposites
A Novel Biomarker for Traumatic Brain Injury: CSF AlphaII-Spectrin Breakdown Product Levels
Executive Functions and Social Skills in Children and Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD): A Pilot Test of Barkley's Model of Behavioral Inhibition
Measuring Surface Chemical Properties Using Flow Adsorption Calorimetry: The Case of Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxides and Arsenic (V)
Mathematical Programming Approaches in Classification and Risk Management
The Effects of Political Systems/Structures on the Practice and Education of Public Relations in Bulgaria
From Sugars to Nucleic Acids: Synthesis of an N-Linked Inositol Dimer and Advances toward a Fully Functional Expanded Genetic Information System
Up-Regulation and Activation of Caspase-12 and Caspase-7 Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats
Modeling Linear-Low Density Polyethylene: Copolymers Containing Precise Structures
Manipulation of the Flavanoid Pathway in Citrus
Vapor Phase Synthesis and Characterization of One-Dimensional Zinc Oxide Nanostructures
Lentiviral Vectors: Mechanisms of Transgene Silencing and Functional Characterization of Novel Genes
Organizational Trust as a Mediator of Individual Union Voting Intentions in Faculty Union Certification Elections
Impartiality: Its Nature and Application
Forty-Four Years of Retrospective International Advertising and Marketing Research: A Systematic Quantitative Meta-Analysis
Long-Term Stability of Sorbed Phosphorus by Drinking-Water Treatment Residuals: Mechanisms and Implications
Radio Frequency Circuits for Tunable Multi-Band CMOS Receivers for Wireless LAN Applications
Roles of Sarcoplasmic Reticular CA2+ -ATPase 2a and Action Potential Duration in Rat Normal and Hypertrophied Myocardium
Kinetic and Structural Studies on the Activation of the Proton Transfer in Catalysis by Carbonic Anhydrase
The Disposal of CCA-Treated Wood in Simulated Landfills: Potential Impacts
Exploration of Literature Discussions in a Multicultural Classroom
Solid-State Electrochemical Properties of Oxygen-Ion Conducting Ceramic Materials and Their Applications
Prospective Cancer Chemoprevention Agents: Mechanisms of the Effects of a Soy Isoflavone Concentrate and Vitamin E Succinate on the Regulation of P21 (CIP1/WAF1) Gene Expression
The Relationship between Teacher Efficacy, Cultural Receptivity, and the Decision to Refer
System Design and Signal Processing for OFDM-Based Wireless Communication Systems
The Foraging Ecology of Fruit Bats in the Seasonal Environment of Central Zambia
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Corticosteroid Prodrugs and Soft Drugs
The Secret Lives of Government Documents: Balancing Public Access and National Security in an Age of Terrorism
Interaction between GAPDH and V-ATPase: Additional Evidence for Direct Coupling of the ATP-Generating Glycolytic Pathway to the ATP-Consuming Proton Pump
Battery in Brazil: Feminist and Family Sociology Perspectives on Domestic Violence
The Souls of Some Black Folk: Black Gay Men's Experience of Race, Sexuality and Identity
Framing Analysis of The New York Times and The Guardian Regarding Mad Cow Disease from 1986 to 2002
P Sorption Characteristics on Amorphous Al-Fe Co-Precipitated Hydr(oxides) as Determined by Batch Experiments and Flow Calorimetry: The Energetics and the Effect of Time, pH and Al Content
Storm Runoff due to Land-Use and Land-Cover Change: Simulating Hydrological Response to Alternative Futures in a Southern California Watershed
Homing and Spatial Use of Gag Grouper, Mycteroperca microlepis
Analysis of Rainfall Variability in Sub-Humid Ghana
Sensitivity of Superpave Mixtures for Development of Performance-Related Specifications
Heat Shock Proteins (Hsps) and Protection from Hepatotoxicity
Creative Execution: Content Analysis of Chinese Award-Winning Television Commercials in 1997-2003
The Effects of Wealth and Markets on Rubber Tapper Use and Knowledge of Forest Resources in Acre, Brazil
Patterning of Conjugated Polymers for Electrochromic Devices
Changes in Knowledge and Attitudes of Certified Nursing Assistants about Ethics of Treatment Choices for Nursing Home Residents with End-Stage Alzheimer's Disease
Estimation of Trimethoprim, Sulfamethoxazole, and Pentoxifylline Concentrations in Allantoic Fluid of Pregnant Pony Mares with Experimentally Induced Placentitis
Metabolic Engineering for Beta-Alanine Overproduction and Stress Tolerance in Plants: Expression of Escherichia coli L-Aspartate-Alpha-Decarboxylase in Transgenic Tobacco
Functional Analysis of Sucrose Synthase Genes in Maize
Development of a New Permeability Probe (Vertical and Horizontal Insitu Permeameter--VAHIP)
The Socioeconomics of Rank in Late Prehistoric and Contemporary Fiji: An Exploration of Ethnographic and Archaeological Indicators
Spatial Ecology of Female Florida Black Bears
Geo-Spatial Assessment of the Impact of Land Cover Dynamics and Distribution of Land Resources on Soil and Water Quality in the Santa Fe River Watershed
Computational Investigation of 1-Fluorocyclopropenes
Construction and Use of an Alkaline Phosphatase Fusion/Insertion Mutagenesis System to Identify Membrane/Secreted Proteins in Vibrio vulnificus and Other Gram-Negative Bacteria
Evaluation of Nanostructured Silica-Titania Composites in an Adsorption/Photocatalytic Oxidation System for Elemental Mercury Vapor Control
Sensitivity of Hepatic Cystathionine Beta-Synthase and Cystathionine Gamma-Lyase to Graded Levels of Vitamin B6 Intake in Rats
Combined Influence of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase 677C- > T, 1298A- > C, and Methionine Synthase Reductase 66A- > G Polymorphisms, Folate and Vitamin B12 Status on Homocysteine in Young Women
Study of the Effects of the Florida 4-H Residential Camping Program on Participants' Level of Environmental Sensitivity
New Modulation Technique to Improve Supply Ripple Rejection of a Digital Pulse Width Modulator
Type III Secretion System Associated Cytotoxicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain pa103
Initial Characterization and Determination of the Molecular Mechanism(s) that Control Transcription of the Human PKC Epsilon Gene in Lung Cancer Cells
Evaluations of Tumor Physiology and Its Impact on Cancer Therapies
Effects of Response Requirement and Reinforcer Delay on Pigeons' Demand for Food in a Closed Economy
Comparative Anatomy and Systematics in Polystachya (Orchidaceae)
Soil Water Depletion, Growth, Physiology, and Yield of Carambola Trees in Krome Soil
Adaptations in Skeletal Muscle during Cast Immobilization and Rehabilitation in an Animal Model
Use of Microdialysis as a Tool to Determine Tissue Distribution of Lipophilic and High Molecular Weight Compounds
Fluorescent Microspheres as Position Markers to Track the Rotation of Listeria monocytogenes during Actin-Based Motility
Investigation of Interactions between the 193-nm Argon-Fluoride Excimer Laser and Corneal Tissue
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Ciprofloxacin in Simulated Microgravity
The Pretty Few Seeds2 Locus Encodes a Homeodomain Transcription Factor That Regulates Ovule Development
Access, Utilization, and Provider Selection Patterns of United States Veterans
Molecular Systematics and Anatomy of Vandeae (Orchidaceae): The Evolution of Monopodial Leaflessness
Application of Catalytic Oxidative Carbonylation to Cyclic Ureas and Oxidant Studies
Synthesis and Characterization of Heterobimetallic Ru/Pd, Ru/Pt, Ru/Au, and Ru/Cu Complexes and Their Application for Electrooxidation of Methanol
Applications of Langmuir-Blodgett Films and Langmuir Monolayers: Supported Catalysis and Membrane Models for Urinary Stone Formation
The Immediate Effects of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Shocks on Patients and Their Spouses
Numerical Simulation of Complex Fluids in Confined Geometries
Ophthalmic Drug Delivery through Nanoparticle-Laden Soft Contact Lenses
Synthesis and Characterization of Tailored Zinc Oxide Nanostructures and Their Engineered Nanocomposites
Post-Copulatory Sexual Selection in the Beetle Diaprepes abbreviatus
Development of Magnetic Composite Photocatalytic Particles for Environmental Applications
Histone Modifications and Chromatin Dynamics of the Mammalian Inactive Sex Chromosomes
Beta-Amylase Induction and the Protective Role of Maltose during Temperature Shock
Genetic Evaluation for Growth Traits, Reproductive Performance and Meat Tenderness in Beef Cattle
High-Resolution Spectral Analysis: The Missing Data Case
Photocatalytic Nanocomposites based on TiO2 and Carbon Nanotubes
An Archaeological Investigation into the History and Socio-Political Organization of Konso, Southern Ethiopia
Lemniscal and Non-Lemniscal Responses to Ongoing Noises and Transient Probes in the Auditory Thalamus
Hepatocyte Transduction by Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus as an Approach to Gene Therapy for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders
Trademark Dilution Law: A Cross-Disciplinary Examination of Dilution and Brand Equity Scholarship
Apoptosis and Inflammation in a Mouse Model of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
A Structure Activity Investigation of Benzylidene Anabaseine Interactions with the Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor
Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Peptides and Peptidomimetics for Mouse Melanocortin Receptors
The Identification of Trans-Acting Factors That Mediate the Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Enhancer Function
Transcriptional Regulation of the Human System A Amino Acid Transporter, SNAT2 Gene by Amino Acid Availability
Meshfree Method Using Approximate Step Functions: Application to Problems Governed by Poisson's Equation
User Model Driven Architecture for Information Retrieval in Construction Project Management
Growth Flushes and Nitrogen Absorption of Sweet Viburnum (Viburnum odoratissimum Ker-Gawl.)
Ebb and Flow System versus Overhead Sprinkler and Microirrigation for Container-Grown Woody Ornamental Production in Florida
Selecting Immigration in Modern Argentina: Economic, Cultural, International and Institutional Factors
Using Mouse Models to Study the Mechanism of Imprinting Involved in Prader-Willi and Angelman Syndromes
Investigation of Electron-Nuclear Spin Interactions in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems via Magnetoresistively Detected Magnetic Resonance
Increased-Throughput Screening of Potential Drug Candidates for Permeation across Membranes and Estimation of Central Nervous System Bioavailability
Iron Biomineralization of Brain Tissue and Neurodegenerative Disorders
Guidelines for Initiating and Monitoring Ketogenic Therapy for Patients with Epilepsy
The Use of Wet-to-Dry Dressings
Development of a Structured Summer Internship Program for the M. E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction
An OSGI Based Framework for an Intelligent Sensor Network
Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Human Umbilical Cord Blood Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Algebraic-Geometric Methods for Complexity Lower Bounds
Stability Analysis of Time Periodic Delayed Differential Equations with HP Time Finite Elements
Supporting Snapshots in a Log-Based File System
Starbucks' Effect in Taiwan: A Study of Global Consumer Culture
Metabolic Rate of the Gag Grouper (Mycteroperca microlepsis) in Relation to Swimming Speed, Body Size, and Seasonal Temperature
Aging and the Role of Phonology in Encoding New Lexical Associations
Phosphorus Immobilization in Manure-Impacted Soil with Aluminum-Based Drinking Water Treatment Residual
Evaluation of Frankliniella bispinosa as a Vector of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Pepper
Limnology and Paleolimnology of Hypersaline Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic
Satiation of Need Related Sodium Appetite Studied Using Progressive Ratio Schedules
Endometrial Adenogenesis and Uterine Immune Regulation in Sheep
Effects of 9 Months of Resistance or Aerobic Training on Endothelial Function in Postmenopausal Women
Laboratory Apparatus and Methodology for Determining Water Erosion Rates of Erodible Rock and Cohesive Sediments
Electrothermomechanical Modeling of a 1-D Electrothermal MEMS Micromirror
Product Placement Belief and Product Usage Behavior in South Korea and the United States
Design and Fabrication of a Novel Electrostatic Micromirror with High Speed and Large Rotation Angle
Characterization and Activity Comparisons of Methanotrophic-Heterotrophic Mixed Cultures Derived from a Landfill Environment
Repeated Acquisition of Sexually Transmitted Infections: Feelings, Perceptions, and Explanations of Adolescent Girls
Roles of Supercooling and Cooling Rates in the Microstructural Evolution of Copper-Cobalt Alloys
A Distributed Control System for Low Pressure Plant Growth Chambers
Critical Elements of Beginning Teacher Induction: An Analysis of Support Contributing to Professional Development
Integrated Surface Water and Groundwater Model to Evaluate Wetland Restoration and Water Storage Increase in the Fisheating Creek Basin
Relationship of Teacher Change to Frequency of Teacher Interaction with a Reading Coach
Implementation and Evaluation of Global Compositional Complexity for Gene Prediction
Energy Transfer in Dendrimers
Developing an Objective Flavor Measurement Tool for Orange Juice
Implicit and Explicit Retrieval of Spelling in Young and Older Adults
Examination of Mercenaria mercenaria as a Host for Perkinsus marinus
Linkages among Vegetative Substrate Quality, Biomass Production, and Decomposition in Maintaining Everglades Ridge and Slough Vegetative Communities
Evolution of Self-Interstitials Induced by Ion-Implantation in Silicon-Germanium Alloys
Construction of the Top of the Egyptian Pyramids: An Experimental Test of a Levering Device
Paleogene Deep Water Circulation in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean Revealed from Neodymium Isotopes
Supporting High Productivity among Disconnected Mobile Collaborative Authors
Channel Migration and Geology on the Chickasawhay River, Southeast Mississippi
Polystyrene-Block-Poly(ethylene Oxide) Stars: Surface Films at the Air/Water Interface
Book Selections of Economically Disadvantaged Black Students
Blanqueamiento y Provincializacion del Negro en 'Manuela' de Eugenio Diaz Castro
Reproducibility of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Mapping Swallowing Musculature in the Human Motor Cortex
Development of a Questionnaire Assessing Dentists' Knowledge, Opinion, Education Resources, Clinical Practice, and Physician Cooperation Regarding Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Recasting Muslim Women: A Translation of Nawab Faizunnesa's RupJalal, with Commentary
Improving Memory Hierarchy Performance by Store-Load Renaming and Locality-Guided Parallelization
Cation and Acid Transporters in a Euryhaline Elasmobranch (Dasyatis sabina)
Economic Threshold Decision Rules as an Integrated Pest Management Tool in Florida Citrus Production
Multiple Target Tracker and Human Classifier for Radar Application
Physics and Design of Nonclassical Nanoscale CMOS Devices with Ultra-Thin Bodies
Variable Band Gap Poly(3,4-Alkylenedioxythiophene)-Based Polymers for Photovoltaic and Electrochromic Applications
Growing-Up Stories: Narratives of Rural African American Women
Metabolic Adaptations following Disuse and Their Impact on Skeletal Muscle Function
Revised Series of Stylized Anthropometric Phantoms for Internal and External Radiation Dose Assessment
Essays on Productivity in Thai Manufacturing
Quorum Sensing Regulated Gene Expression in Porphyromonas gingivalis
Gene Expression Profiling of Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes from Type 1 Diabetes Patients
Lattice Algebra Approach to Neural Computation
Integrated Assignment and Path Planning
Optimizing High Field T1 and Diffusion Tensor Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Characterization, Mobility, and Fate of Dissolved Organic Carbon in a Wetland Ecosystem
Competitive Interactions in a Pecan (Carya illinoensis K. Koch)--Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Alleycropping System in the Southern United States
Application of Discrete Time Survival Analysis to Examine Minority Undergraduate Retention, Attrition, and Persistence to Graduation at Selected Institutions
Franz Mayer and Company: The Programs of Stained Glass in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Jacksonville, Florida; and the Sacred Heart Church, Tampa, Florida
Epigenetic Modifications in the Angelman and Prader-Willi Region of Chromosome 15
Liquid Contact Luminescence Studies of Compound Semiconductor Materials
Health Information-Seeking Behaviors on the Internet among Diabetic and Healthy Women
Integrated Approach to Predictive Modeling: A Case Study from the Upper Xingu (Matto Grosso, Brazil)
Operative Topography: An Agent for Place-Making in the Age of Globalization
An Empirical Examination of Bowen Natural Systems Theory as It Applies to Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Stable Nitrogen Isotopic Ratios as an Indicator of Wetland Eutrophication: A Case Study in the Florida Everglades
New Manganese Nanoparticles as Single-Molecule Magnets
Behavioral Sensitization to Cocaine in Pigeons
Alterations in the Hepatic Biotransformation of Steroids as a Potential Mechanism for Contaminant Induced Changes in Plasma Testosterone Concentrations in Juvenile Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis)
A Decision-Support Model for Cost and Activity-Based Performance Measurement in Steel Construction
Judging Members of African- and Asian-American Groups: A Test of the Role of Relevant and Irrelevant Affect in Intergroup Perceptions
Genetic Inquiry into Vaccinia Virus Intermediate and Late Gene Regulation
In Vitro and in Vivo Analysis of the Establishment and Maintenance of Beta-Globin Locus Chromatin Structure
Developing Semantic Digital Libraries Using Data Mining Techniques
Sediment Transport in Sandy Estuaries at Equilibrium
Self-Knowledge and Narrow Content
Involvement and Plasticity of Adult Stem and Progenitor Cells in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
The Identification, Establishment, and Maintenance of Genomic Imprints
Factors Affecting Evaluation of Cable Network Brand Extension: Focusing on Parent Network, Fit, Consumer Characteristics, and Viewing Habits
Protease Inhibition in the Treatment of Intimal Hyperplasia
Relevance of the Polymer-Induced Liquid-Precursor (PILP) Process to Biomineralization and Development of Biomimetic Materials
Torque Steadiness of the Ankle Plantar Flexors during a Concentric and Eccentric Isokinetic Movement
Identification and Characterization of Potential Virulence Factors Expressed by Candida albicans during Oropharyngeal Candidiasis in HIV-Infected Patients
Archaeological Investigations in the Greater Asmara Area: A Regional Approach in the Central Highlands of Eritrea
Examination of the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory with African American Preschool-Age Children
Thecamoebians as Environmental and Paleoenvironmental Indicators: Evidence from Modern Thecamoebian Distributions in Florida
Toward a Distant Coast
Southeastern Wetland Biogeochemical Survey: Determination and Establishment of Numeric Nutrient Criteria
Policing and Democracy: The Influence of Narratives on Police Discretion
P-Element-Mediated Transformation of Drosophila melanogaster with the Yeast Metallothionein Gene CUP1 to Assess the Potential for Genetic Improvement of Beneficial Insects in Florida Citrus
Climate Change in Central America during the Late Deglacial and Early Holocene Inferred from Lacustrine Sediments in Lake Peten Itza, Guatemala
Beneath Each Wing, a Light
Analyzing Political Television Buys: A Content Analysis of Media Purchases for the U.S. Senate Race in the Tampa Media Market
Teaching and Evaluation Strategies to Enhance Critical Thinking and Environmental Citizenship Skills
The Missing Gardener
Gene Expression in Bovine in Vitro Produced Embryos, Nuclear Transfer-Derived Embryos, and Donor Cells Using Real-Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction
Guy Santana Sings, Ay-Ay-Ay-Ay Me: Stories
Falling into the Queer Archive: 'A Florida Enchantment' and the Uses of a History of U.S. Consumer Capitalism
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: The Spiritual Consummatory Appetite and the Death Wish in the Poetry of Francis Quarles and Robert Southwell
Memory Functioning after Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Impact of Pediatric Obesity on Quality of Life
Sediment Budget Analysis and Management Strategy for Fort Pierce Inlet, Florida
Relationships of DNA Methyltransferases, Dnmt3a and Dnmt3b, and 5-Aza-2'-Deoxycytidine Sensitivity among Various Cancer Cell Lines
Advertising Message Strategy in Russian Award-Winning Commercials
Forensic Analysis of Saw Marks in Bone: An Assessment of Wear-Related Features of the Kerf Wall
Measuring Relationships: A Model for Evaluating U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Programs
Anticipation of Pain: Psychophysiological Reactions and the Role of Dental Fear
'Our Present Race of Young Men': Frances Burney's Bad Boys
Finally Home: The University of Florida Campus as a Microcosm of American Post World War II Residential Design
Crop Coefficients and Water Quality for Watermelon and Bell Pepper under Drip and Seepage Irrigation
Ephemeral Hierophanies
Utility and Reliability of 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Physical Capture Efficiency and Disinfection Capability of Iodinated Fiber Media
The Last Box
Characterization of Noise in MEMS Piezoresistive Microphones
Framing the Experience of Aging: An Analysis of U.S. Newspaper Discourse on Middle Age
Associations between Teachers' Self-Ratings of Cultural Receptivity and Their Ratings of Their Low-Performing African American Students' Levels of Behavior Problems, Adaptive Skills, and Success Behaviors
Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression Patterns on Healing Rat Skin Wounds with Human Recombinant Platelet Derived Growth Factor
Engineering Properties and Cone Penetration Testing of Municipal Solid Waste to Predict Landfill Settlement
An Investigation of Development of Forgiveness: A Triarchic Model
Sorority Women and Alcohol Use: Effects of Length of Membership, Level of Involvement, Structure of Functions, and Presence of Authority Figures
Effects of Interpersonal Violence on Intention toward Permanency
Gastric Evacuation and Digestion State Indices for Gag Mycteroperca microlepis Consuming Fish and Crustacean Prey
Development of Media Planning in a Developing Country: Turkey
Framing and Second Level Agenda Setting of the Issue of Outsourcing: Lou Dobbs and Thomas Friedman 2003-2004
Ambulatory Perineural Local Anesthetic Infusion following Total Joint Replacement: A Pilot Study
Seeking the Personal: An Expanded View of the Forms and Functions of 15th-Century Netherlandish Devotional Art
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Children with Comorbid Externalizing and Internalizing Symptoms
Almost Always Benign and Other Stories
Interpersonal Feedback about Integrity: When Is It Good to Be Regarded as Principled versus Pragmatic?
Leukocyte Esterase Levels in Saliva as Indication of the Extent and Severity of Periodontal Diseases in Adults
Lamina Dura: Bundle Bone or Radiographic Artifact
Comparison of Early Pubertal Timing Effects on Aggression and Delinquency between Urban Minority Girls and Boys: Demonstrating Effects and Identifying Pathways
Agency at the Frontier and the Building of Territoriality in the Naranjo-Ceibo Corridor, Peten, Guatemala
Dietary Exposure to Organochlorine Pesticides p,p'-DDE and Dieldrin and Their Effects on Steroidogenesis and Reproductive Success in Florida Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides floridanus)
Phenomenological Study of Chinese Students' Academic and Social Integration on Campus
Visuospatial Abilities in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Algorithms for Multiconstrained Quality-of-Service Paths and Restoration
Documentation, Characterization, and Proposed Mechanism of Diquat Resistance in Landoltia punctata (G. Meyer) D.H. Les and D.J. Crawford
Childhood Stress of an Iron Age Population from Taiwan: Using Linear Enamel Hypoplasia and Porotic Hyperostosis as Stress Indicators
Accuracy and Precision of Fin-Ray Aging for Gag (Mycteroperca microlepis)
Effects of Environmental Contaminants on Development, Sexual Differentiation, and Steroidogenesis in Alligator mississippiensis
Type I Error Rates for the Kenward-Roger Adjusted Degree of Freedom F-Test for a Split-Plot Design with Missing Values
Policy Framework in Telecommunications Mergers and Acquisitions: A Comparative Analysis of Merger Review of the FCC and the DOJ/FTC
Interactive Communication Features on Nonprofit Organizations' Web Pages for the Practice of Excellence in Public Relations
Optimization of Goldberg's Five-Factor Model of Human Personality for the Measure of Brand Personality
Effect of Coarse Aggregate on the Strength of Adhesive-Bonded Anchors
Characterization of Epigenetic Modifications of the Murine Nanog Gene
Informal Institutions and their Consequences for Market Transactions in the Lithuanian Dairy Sector
Yaw Owusu Shangofemi: An African-American's Blacksmithing Career in Context
The Origins of the Kouros
Mobile Authentication in Wireless Systems
Statistical Modelling for Functional Mapping of Longitudinal and Multiple Longitudinal Traits: Structured Antedependance Model and Wavelet Dimensionality Reduction
Ecology of Juvenile Green Turtles, Chelonia mydas, at a Temperate Foraging Area in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Characterization and Profiling of the SUMO Conjugation Pathway in Populus
Moisture Addition at Bioreactor Landfills Using Vertical Wells: Mathematical Modeling and Field Application
Exploring Desorption/Ionization on Porous Silicon Mass Spectrometry and Its Applications
Polymer Linker DNA Probe Design, Characterization and Comparison with Molecular Beacons
Let Freedom Sing! Four African-American Concert Singers in Nineteenth-Century America
Variation in Western Gulf Slope Percina sciera (Teleostei: Percidae)
Prehistoric Exploitation and Biogeography of Birds in Coastal and Andean Ecuador
Tests of Misspecification for Parametric Models
Reassessment of the Turtle Community in the North Fork of White River, Ozark County, Missouri
Associations between Pubertal Development and Behaviors Observed in Mother-Daughter Interactions
Ecology and Pathogenicity of Bipolaris spp. and Curvularia spp. Associated with Decline of Ultradwarf Bermudagrass Golf Putting Greens in Florida, USA
Long-Term Voluntary Exercise and Melanocortin Ligands: Their Effects on Food Intake and Body Weight Regulation
Emotional Reactivity to Picture Stimuli in Children with and without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Hemangioblastic Origins of the Adult Endothelial Progenitor Cell
Cicero's Ideal Statesman in Theory and Practice
Autonomous Vehicle Guidance Using Machine Vision and Laser Radar for Agricultural Applications
Effects of Restricted Interests on the Social Behaviors of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Trace Gas Quality, Temperature Control and Extent of Influence from Air Addition at a Bioreactor Landfill
The Road to Higher Education: Racial Identity Development and Its Influence on Black Students' Decisions to Attend Historically Black or Predominately White Institutions
Dominant Strategy Double Auction Mechanisms: Design and Implementation
Developing English Determiners through Internet Chat: An Experiment with Korean EFL Students
Defense of Conceptual Analysis and Thought Experiments
Phylogeography, Evolution, and Population Genetics of the Salamanders, Pseudobranchus, in the Southeastern United States
New Approaches to Inhibitor Design for Glycosyltransfer Enzymes
Ovule Anatomy and Gene Expression Changes during Stress-Induced Abortion
Gentlewomen Prefer Women: Refiguring Dorothy and Her Friendship to Lorelei
Passive Flux Meter for Measuring Groundwater and Contaminant Flux in Bioactive Environments
Direct Measurement of Colloidal Forces between Biological Particles and Langmuir Phospholipid Bilayers
Sources of Agricultural News: The Media Relations Environment of Agricultural Communication Professionals
Innovative Remediation Techniques for Treatments of Toxaphene Contamination
Improving Klebsiella oxytoca for Ethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass
Treatment of Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Preschoolers with or without Comorbid Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Characterization of Actin-Based Vesicle Motility and Nucleotide Effects on the Actoclampin Motor
Ethics and Mental Health
Molecular Beacons: Mechanisms of Action and Uses in Monitoring Gene Function
Effect of Crystallographic Orientation on Plastic Deformation of Single Crystal Nickel-Base Superalloys
An Ear Flow Chamber for Studying Tympanostomy Tube Occlusion
The Role of Professional School Counselors as Perceived by Future School Principals
Effect of Prosthodontic Services on Self-Rated Oral Health Outcomes
Breast Dosimetry in Clinical Mammography
Novel Methods for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
Resource Management in Wireless Networks
Dynamics of Single-Substrate Continuous Cultures
Power-Aware Routing in Sensor Networks
Differentiation of Carbohydrate Stereoisomers by Infrared Multiple Photon Dissociation Spectroscopy Using a Free Electron Laser and a Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer
Defending the International Interest
Benzotriazole Auxiliary in the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds and Amino Acid Derivatives
Culture Frames of the 2004 Presidential Campaign: Public Relations Strategies for Mobilizing Florida's Latinos
Chinese Cyber Nationalism: How China's Online Public Sphere Affected Its Social and Political Transitions
Potential Use of By-Product Co-Treatments with Constructed Wetlands for Removing Phosphorus from Wastewater
The Contribution of the Basal Ganglia to Expressive Language Performance
Exercise-Induced Expression of Myocardial Heat Shock Protein 72: The Impact of Temperature and Mechanical Load
Mechanistic Study of the Polymer-Induced Liquid-Precursor (PILP) Process: Relevance to Biomineralization
Consciousness, History, and Nation in the British Novel, 1926-1932
Template-Assisted Mineral Formation via an Amorphous Liquid Phase Precursor Route
Alteration of Poxvirus Serpins Have Unexpected Effects on Virus Pathogenesis
Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics of Compact Bone
Narratives of Identity, Home, and Return of Kosovarian Refugees: Steps toward a Postmodern Sense of Agency
Perceptions of Sustainable Construction in Large U.S. Construction Companies
Continuous High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Processing of Watermelon Juice
Interannual Lake Temperature Trends as Indicators for Climatic Change in Florida
Investigating the Physiological Role of Apelin-13 on Fluid Consumption and Blood Pressure
Desde Dentro, Desde Fuera: Dos Narradoras Vascas Contemporaneas
Graduated Interventions and Mismatch: How Correctional Placements Affect Recidivism among a Sample of Juveniles
Recurrent Themes in William Steig's Picturebooks
Excavation Site Prediction Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery and GIS Data Development of Archaeological Deposits for En Bas Saline, Haiti
Brand Preferences among Meats: An Application of Probit Models
Utilizing In-Situ Benthic Mesocosms to Quantify Phosphorus and Nitrogen Fluxes in South Florida Agricultural Canals
Screening Genotypes of Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum) for Resistance to Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homeocarpa) Development
Precision Molding of Metallic Microcomponents
Proteomic Study of the 14-3-3 Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ambient pH- and Carbon-Regulated Gene Expression in the Necrotrophic Phytopathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Optical Flow Based Obstacle Avoidance for Micro Air Vehicles
Phosphorus Cycling in a Large Subtropical Constructed Wetland Dominated by Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
The Role of Perceived Intuition and Reasoning in Impression Formation and Change
Model for Evaluating the Feasibility of Brownfields
Nesting Habitat Selection and Habitat Associations of Juvenile Jabiru Storks (Jabiru mycteria) in Belize, Central America: Implications for Conservation
Novel Method for Detecting Human Polyomaviruses in Environmental Waters as an Indicator of Human Sewage Pollution
Accurate Determination of Dissipated Creep Strain Energy and Its Effect on Load- and Temperature-Induced Cracking of Asphalt Pavement
Ecology and Population Biology of the Jamaican Giant Swallowtail, Papilio (Pterourus) homerus Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae), in the Cockpit Country, Jamaica
Excuses and Group Productivity: The Consequences of a Good Excuse
Darkness and Light: Henryk Gorecki's Spiritual Awakening and Its Socio-Political Context
Use of Personal Digital Assistants in the Construction Industry
Advanced Techniques in Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Applications
Laboratory Studies of Astrophysical Molecules
Evaluation of Performance-Based Gradation Guidelines
Mechanism of the Reaction Catalyzed by the Oxalate Decarboxylase from Bacillus subtilis
Differences in Mobile Communication Technology: Assessing the Factors Affecting CellularxxMobile Telephone Diffusion at the Country Level
Skeletal Dosimetry Models for Alpha-Particles for Use in Molecular Radiotherapy
Quantum Magneto-Oscillations in Two-Dimensional, Disordered, Interacting, Electron Systems
Absolute Monitoring Accuracy: The Effects of Cue-Utilization Instruction and Working-Memory Capacity
Framing Analysis of the 2004 Student Government Election at the University of Florida in a College Media Setting
A Motivational Approach for Understanding Receptivity to Diversity: Implications for Diversity Training
Synthetic Efforts toward Self-Complementary Quadruply Hydrogen Bonded Ureidopurines
Use of Bacteriophages to Decontaminate Naturally and Experimentally Infected Oysters of Vibrio vulnificus
Emerging Issues in Florida's Tourism Resources: Shifting Gears from Participitory Planning to Community-Based Management
Phase I and Phase II Biotransformation of Methoxychlor and its Demethylated Metabolites in Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Liver and Intestine
Unity or Dissension? African American Literary Perspectives on Twentieth-Century Interracial Organizations and Relations
Development of an Atlas Based Image Guidance System for Deep Brain Stimulation
Hunting and Household in PDS Sao Salvador, Acre, Brazil
Comorbid Oppositional Defiant or Conduct Disorder Problems in Children at High-Risk for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Comparison of Emotional, Psychosocial, and Behavioral Adjustment
Herpetofaunal Responses to Prescribed Fire in Upland Pine Communities of Northeast Florida
The Evolution of Student Services for Athletes at Selected NCAA Division I-A Institutions
Assessing the Vertical Movement of Phosphorus in Manure-Impacted Soils
A Gendered Perspective on the Examination of Relational Health, Stress and Coping, and Athlete Satisfaction among Female College Athletes
Entre Cafres y Blanquitos: Perceptions of Race and Racism in Puerto Rico
Boron Diffusion within Amorphous Silicon Materials
Molecular Systematics of the Genus Dichaea (Zygopetalinae: Orchidaceae)
Infrared Luminescence from Spark-Processed Silicon and Erbium-Doped Spark-Processed Silicon
Influence of a Juvenile Hormone Analog and Dietary Protein on Male Caribbean Fruit Fly, Anastrepha suspensa (Diptera: Tephritidae), Sexual Behavior
Synthesis and Properties of Acrylic Copolymers for Ocular Implants
This Brand's for Me: Brand Personality and User Imagery Based Self-Congruity
Role of Nuclear Speckle Protein PNN/DRS in Transcriptional Regulation
Non-Isothermal Fate and Transport of Drip-Applied Fumigants in Plastic-Mulched Soil Beds: Model Development and Verification
Processable Disubstituted Poly(Propylenedioxythiophenes)
Assessment of a Care Coordination/Home Telehealth Program for Veterans with Heart Failure
Strategy for Identifying and Implementing Sites for Urban Agriculture: A Case Study of Gainesville, Florida
Mass Spectrometric Studies of Estrogen Receptors from Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides)
Design and Optimization of 5GHz CMOS Power Amplifiers with the Differential Load-Pull Techniques
Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymers and Ethylene Oxide/Propylene Oxide Copolymers
Relationship of Empathy, Cognitive Development, and Personal Suicide Behaviors to Residence Hall Staff Suicide Counseling Skill
Application of Sandwith's Competency Domain Model for Senior College Housing Officers in the United States
Development of Engineering and Implementation Measures to Improve the Safety of Pedestrians and Bicyclists in Highway Construction Zones within Urban Areas
Development of a Simulation Model To Predict the Impact of Incentive Contracts on Transportation Construction Project Time Performance
Organ Dose Assessment in Pediatric Fluoroscopy and CT via a Tomographic Computational Phantom of the Newborn Patient
Estrogen Action on the Ovine Fetal Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis
Dominant Effect of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) gag-pol on Viral Fitness and Resistance to Protease Inhibitors
Drug Overdose Treatment by Nanoparticles
Inhalation Dose Assessment: Risk Assessment of Airborne Particulates to Workers in the Florida Phosphate Industry
Combinatorial Approaches for Problems in Bioinformatics
Studies of Directed Adhesion of Bio-Organisms on Functionalized Polydimethylsiloxane Elastomer
Development of a Low Attrition Classifier
Information Theoretic Approach for Low-Complexity Adaptive Motion Estimation
Computational Studies of Fe-Type Nitrile Hydratase and Related Mononuclear, Non-Heme FE(III) Complexes
Symmetric Limb Loading: The Immediate Effect on Gait Initiation in Persons with Hemiparesis
Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of the Yacare Caiman (Caiman yacare) of South America
Novel Therapeutic Methods for Inducing Immunomodulation: Applications to the Non-Obese Diabetic Mouse Model of Type I Diabetes
Self-Serving Bias: A Possible Contributor of Construct-Irrelevant Variance in High-Stakes Testing
Field and Labortatory Studies of Culex erraticus (diptera: Culicidae) Ability to Detect Hosts, Identify Habitat, and Attempt Colonization
A Member of the Arabidopsis thaliana XBAT Family of Ubiquitin Protein Ligases, XBAT32, Is a Positive Regulator of Lateral Root Development
Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of an Anechoic Wind-Tunnel Facility
Characterization of the Genes at the EPI-2 Locus and Their Potential Roles in Neurofibromatosis 1-Dependent Myeloid Leukemia
Paleogenetics: The Past As a Key to Unlock the Present. The Resurrection of AncestralxxProteins to Elucidate the Function of Seminal Ribonuclease
Spectral-Based Nitrogen Sensing for Citrus
Comparison of Environmental Impacts of Wood Treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA)and Three Different Arsenic-Free Preservatives
Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions and Control Strategies at Construction and Demolition Debris Landfills
The Immunological Characterization of the Efferent Limb, the Afferent Limb, and the Ocular Phasexxof Eye-Derived Tolerance
Factors Involved in the Epigenetic Regulation of the HSV-1 Reactivation Critical Region (rcr) during Latency and Reactivation
Cross Cultural Study on Videostyle of Televised Political TV Spots and Presidential Debates between the U.S. and South Korea
Characterization and Processing of B-Lactoglobulin Gelcast Ceramics
Requirements for Efficient Initiation of Poliovirus Negative-Strand RNA Synthesis
Cloning and Characterization of a Methyl-Dependent Restriction Endonuclease and A Cell Cycle Regulating DNA Methyltransferase from Zymomonas mobilis Subspecies mobilis CP4
Long-Term Survival and the Use of Health Care Services among Veterans with AIDS in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
Conservation Biology of Mitoura gryneus sweadneri (Lepidopertera: Lycaenidae)
Discovery of Agents that Antagonize the CNS Effects of Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone
Silicon Carbide MIS and MOS Development Using Alternative Nitride and Oxide Dielectrics
Confidence Intervals for Root Mean Square Standardized Effect Size in One-Way Fixed-Effects ANOVA
Effect of Jaw and Tongue Position on Suprahyoid Muscle Function during Swallowing
Water, Perfect Memory: Gender, Culture and Consciousness in the Novels of Toni Morrison
Development of a Behind-the-Wheel Driving Performance Assessment for Older Adults
Acceleration of Murine Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) by Exposure to the Organochlorine Pesticide Chlordecone
Structural and Functional Studies of Adeno-Associated Virus
Genome Sequence and Molecular Characterization of Homalodisca coagulata virus-1, a Novel Virus Discovered in the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)
Transcriptional Changes Resulting from Herbivory by the Xylem-Feeding Leafhopper Homalodisca coagulata (Say) (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) in the Vascular Transcriptome of Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck
Genetic and Molecular Characterization of the 20S Proteasome and Proteasome-Activating Nucleotidase Subtypes of the Haloarchaeon Haloferax volcanii
A Standard and Low-Power Implementation of Radix-2 Fast Fourier Transform
Hysteretic Pulse Width Modulation with Internally Generated Carrier for a Boost DC-DC Converter
Barge Impact Testing of St. George Island Causeway Bridge Geotechnical Investigation
Injury Assessment of Sea Turtles Utilizing the Neritic Zone of the Southeastern United States
Limitations of Existing Scheduling Tools in Planning Utility Line Construction Projects
Methods to Evaluate the Emotional Response to U.S. Antiterrorism Measures
Production and Performance of Gaillardia Cultivars and Ecotypes
Effect of Indoor Environmental Quality on Occupant's Perception of Performance: A Comparative Study
Partial Characterization of the Use of Inducible Interleukin-10 Over-Expression in the Non-Obese Diabetic Mouse
Synthesis and Solid-State Organization of Functionalized Donor-Sigma-Acceptor Molecules
Intersubject Surface Mapping with Nonrigid Registration for Neurosurgery
Impact of Superintendent Leadership Behavior on Project Performance
The Keys to the Fourth Estate: Unlocking the Source of Access Education in the Sunshine State
Phytoplankton Community Structure in Tampa Bay, Florida,USA
Phage Display Single-Chain Variable Fragments for Detection of Listeria monocytogenes
Neurocognitive Findings in Prader-Willi Syndrome and Early-Onset Morbid Obesity
Model of Neocortical Connectivity Based on an Architecture of Scale-Free Networks
The Value of Large-Scale Development
ADHD, Executive Functions, and Academic Impairment
Demand for Olive Oil in German Restaurants
Effects of Water Table Management and Organic Amendment on Water Quantity and Quality in South Florida
Morphology Effects on the Light Emitting Properties of Conjugated Polymer Blends
Dendritic Cells and Cytokine Immune Responses to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Growth Factors
From The Wings
Linguistic Analysis of the Feminization of Titles of Professions in the French Language As Evidenced in the Press from France, Canada, and Belgium
Effects of Sibling Relationships and Religiosity on the Timing of Sexual Debut
Environmental Factors Affecting Aquatic Invertebrate Community Structure on Snags in the Ichetucknee River, Florida
Intra-Imperialisms: Reading the Revolutionary Subject in American Literature and Political Discourse, 1776-1787
Approaches for Using Open-Graded Friction Courses for Paving Florida's Highways
Compost Standard in the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program Regulation: Implications and Limitations
Effectiveness of Disgusting Images as a Persuasion Tool in Public Service Announcements for Controversial Two-Sided Public Issues
Functional Mapping of Longitudinal Trajectories with Unevenly and Irregularly Spaced Data
Exploring the Influence of Environmental Features on Residential Burglary Using Spatial-Temporal Pattern Analysis
Exploring 'Transparent Security': A Case Study of the Alachua County Courthouse Entrance Lobby in Gainesville, Florida
Characteristics of Florida's Hispanic Advertising: A Content Analysis of Current Advertisements Airing on Spanish Language Television
The Dioskouroi on Four-Figure Etruscan Mirrors
Reiterating or Discarding the Message? Frames in Newspaper Content Compared to Those in Reader-Submitted Opinions
Accountability and the Nonprofit Sector
Not of Woman Born: Monstrous Interfaces and Monstrosity in Video Games
Movement Behavior, Patch Occupancy, Sustainable Patch Networks, and Conservation Planning for an Endemic Understory Bird
Exploring the Relationship between Wildfire Education Programs and Social Capital in Communities at Risk of Wildfires
Identification and Assessment of the Dominant Aggregate Size Range of Asphalt Mixture
Favored Sound Production Exercises of Selected Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass Pedagogues: An Analysis and Adaptation
Gene Therapy Restores Function to Cone Cells in an Animal Model of Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA-1)
Children's Self Development and Understanding of Others' Minds: A Comparison of Korean and American Children
Internet Hate Speech in the United States and Canada: A Legal Comparison
Development of the Voxel Computational Phantoms of Pediatric Patients and Their Application to Organ Dose Assessment
Comparison of Loss Ratios between Owner and Contractor Consolidated Insurance Programs
Full-Field Concentration Measurement Using Laser-Induced Rayleigh Light Scattering
Land-Cover Change, Fragmentation, and Agriculture in Southwest Puerto Rico: 1982-2002
Border Spaces and La Survivance: The Evolution of the Franco-American Novel of New England (1875-2004)
The Communicative Function of Behavioral Responses to Music by Public School Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Leaching of Lead from Electronics Waste Using Simulated Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Synthetic Methodology as a Basis for Conducting Polymer Design
Biochemical, Molecular, and Physiological Aspects of Fluridone Herbicide Resistance in Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata)
Meal characteristics of melanocortin 4 receptor knockout (MC4RKO) mice
Functional Analysis of Genes Involved in cAMP-Mediated Signaling in the Wide Host Range Necrotroph Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary
Design and Optimization of a Distributed Generation System with the Production of Water and Refrigeration
Peptide, Peptidomimetic, and Small-Molecule-Based Ligands Targeting the Melanocortin Receptor System
Molecular Analysis of 14-3-3 Protein Interactions
Peripheral Myelin Protein 22 (PMP22) Is in a Complex with Alpha6 Beta4 Integrin and the Absence of PMP22 Affects Schwann Cell Adhesion and Migration
Characterization of Sensory Afferents Innervating Visceral Tissue
Ammonia-Generating Mechanisms of Mutans Streptococci
Functionalized Ethylene Copolymers and Materials via Olefin Metathesis Polymerization
Aspiration and Real Options: A Behavioral Theory of Strategic Decision Making
Design and Characterization of Frequency Conversion Circuits for Wireless Applications
Goal Setting as Impression Management
Simulation of Fluorine-Diffusion Behavior and Boron-Fluorine Co-Interaction in Silicon
Use of Chondroitinase ABC following Spinal Cord Injury in the Adult Cat: Enzyme Thermostability and the Effects of CS-GAG Degradation on Locomotor Recovery
Low-Noise and Low-Power Interface Circuits Design for Integrated CMOS-MEMS Inertial Sensors
Techniques for Skeletal Dosimetry in Radionuclide Therapy via Assessment of Patient-Specific Total and Regional Spongiosa Volumes
Mass Spectrometric Studies of Asparagine Synthetase and Its Role in the Drug-Resistant Form of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Synthesis and Characterization of Oil Core Silica Shell Nanocapsules for Biomedical Applications
Assessing the Function of Aspartic Proteinases of the Plasmodium falciparum Digestive Vacuole Using Gene-Knockout Strategies
A Novel Post-Entry Determinant of Macrophage Tropism Maps to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) Gag Polyprotein
Genomic Approaches to Neuronal Identity: Nitrergic Neurons and Their Targets in Aplysia californica
An Ultra-Low-Power Neural Recording System Using Pulse Representations
Medium Access Control Protocols for Wireless and Powerline Local Area Networks: Evaluation and Enhancements
Amateurs and Professionals in the House of Representatives: The Impact of Pre-Congressional Political Experience
Molecular Analysis of an Acid Invertase Gene Family in Arabidopsis
Synthesis, Properties, and in vivo Evaluations of Protein Meso/Microsphere Compositions for Intratumoral Chemotherapy
The Exploration of Structural Variability in Proteins by Natural Selection and Rational Design
Regulation of Phase Variation and Deletion Mutation in the Vibrio vulnificus Group 1 CPS Operon
How Do Organizations Matter? The Role of Civic Organizations on Ethnic Relations, England and Beyond
Boron Activation and Diffusion in Silicon for Varying Initial-Process Conditions during Flash-Assist Rapid Thermal Annealing
Some Months are Sadder Than Others
Beyond the Pale Country of Anger
Mating Group Formation and Female Assessment by Satellite Male Horseshoe Crabs (Limulus polyphemus)
Ecological Review and Demographic Study of Carapa guianensis
Inventory and Conservation Assessment of the Herpetofauna of the Sierra de Omoa, Honduras, with a Review of the Geophis (Squamata: Colubridae) of Eastern Nuclear Central America
Dictionary-Based Code Compression Techniques Using Bit-Masks for Embedded Systems
Transverse Bone Transport Osteogenesis: A New Limb Salvage Technique for the Treatment of Distal Radial Osteosarcoma in Dogs
Floral-Derived Attractant for the Tephritid Fruit Fly Parasitoid Diachasmimorpha longicaudata (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
Exploratory Study of Sleep, Body Mass Index, Diet, and Physical Activity among Undergraduates
Lentiviral-Mediated Restoration of Sight in the GUCY1*B Chicken
'I Offer Thee My Body, Mind, and Soul': A Qualitative Inquiry into the Union Formation Processes among Second Generation Patels in Florida
Effects of Intravenously Administered Bilirubin on Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury
Marjory Stoneman Douglas's River of Progress: Modernism, Feminism, Regionalism, and Environmentalism in Her Early Writings
Sources, Manifestations and Solutions: Examining Colorism among African American and Afro-Caribbean Women
Using Microsatellite Loci to Determine the Fine-Scale Genetic Structure of a Compex of Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) Dens in Northeastern New York
Some are More Equal Than Others: A Look at the Application of the Equal Opportunities Law
Reputation Management of the Big Four Public Accounting Firms after the Enron and Arthur Andersen Scandals
An Examination of Same Sex Intimate Partner Violence Research: A Critique and Proposal
Il Baciccio: The Fashioning of a Deritative Artistic Identity through Portraiture
Soil Displacement during Tunnel Excavation by the Formosan Subterranean Termite, Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Role of Pax7 and Pax3 in the Repair and Regeneration of Mouse Jaw and Somatic Muscle
Mild Cognitive Impairment: Memory, Cortisol, and Hippocampal Volumetrics
Misreading Pamela: The Secular Critic as Determined Seducer
Family Influences on Attrition in School-Linked Mental Health Services
What Is a Successful Weight-Loss Outcome? The Impact of 5% and 10% Body Weight Reductions on Metabolic Risk Factors for Disease in Obese Women
Attentional Profile of Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorder: Is It Different from That Seen in ADHD?
Top Ten Building Code Violations Found by Florida Building Officials
The Circus of the Black Hole
Assessing the Use of Web-Based Project Management Systems in Construction
Safety, Sustainability, and Public Perception of Manufactured Housing
Managing Hispanic Construction Workers
Barriers to Physical Activity in Overweight Youth
Age Differences in Spatial Cognition and Navigation: A Comparative Neuropsychology Approach
Domestic Violence as a Predictor of Bullying and Victimization Behavior in Rural Adolescents
Purification and Characterization of Beta-Protein Variants of 20S Proteasomes of the Haloarchaeon Haloferax volcanii
Enhancing Sleeping Beauty Mediated Gene Therapy Towards Endothelial Specificity
Molecular and Morphological Diversity of Coreopsis Leavenworthii, a Florida Wildflower
Your Place Is My Home: Nonfictions and a Novel Excerpt
Disparities in Mental Health Provider Availability in the State of Florida
Assessing the Potential Impacts of Policy Interventions on Household Income and Land Use among Extraactivists and Colonists in Brazil's Western Amazon
Employment of Construction Workers through Temporary Labor Agencies in Florida
Bahiagrass Germplasm Reproductive Characterization and Breeding at the Tetraploid Level
U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Officers: A Qualitative Study of Education and Training
Mineral Concentrations of Cool Season Pasture Forages in North Florida during the Winter-Spring Grazing Season
Effects of Parental Attachment on Self-Control: A Look at Attachments among Puerto Rican High School Students
Agroforestry Adoption and Maintenance: Self-Efficacy, Attitudes, and Socio-Economic Factors
Feminist Activism in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Politics of Postnatal Depression
Electrophysiological Studies of Oligomeric M2delta Wildtype and M2delta (V15T) Ion Channels Using a Planar Patch Clamp Technique
Influence of Hydrology on Everglades Ridge and Slough Soil Topography
Relationship between the Natural Urban-Growth Boundary and Affordable Housing in Broward County, Florida
The Effect of Organizational Culture and Information Technology on Knowledge Management Strategies in Construction
Alteration of Ecosystem Nutrient Pools and Microbial Communities after Invasion of Melaleuca quinquenervia
Evaluation of Above-Ground Potential Measurements for Assessing Pipeline Integrity
Roles of Output and Task Design on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition
Social Evolution and Reproductive Altruism in a Facultatively Social Paper Wasp, Mischocyttarus mexicanus
Persuasive Message Typicality and Source Credibility: A Schema-Copy-Plus-Tag Model with Sleeper Effects
Quantifying the Effects of Interference through Use of an Alternative Method of Productivity Estimation
Regulatory Particles of Proteasomes and Determinants of Protein Level Regulation in the Haloarchaeon Haloferax volcanii
Essays on Governance, Regulation and Incentives
Exploratory Study on Corporate Blogs: Potential of Corporate Blogging to Be a New Public Relations Tool
Priming Behavior: The Cases of Goals and Procedures
Relationship Maintenance with Financial Publics: Investor Relations Links of Forbes 200 Best Small Company Web Sites
Effects of Disturbance on Animal Communities: Fire Effects on Birds in Mixed-Conifer Forest
Respiratory and Neural Characterization of a Mouse Model of Pompe Disease: Insights into Gene Therapy Mediated Treatment
Character Tables of Finite Groups
Civilization's Wild East: Narrating Eastern Europe's Communism and Post-Communism
Correlation of Procaine Plasma Concentrations and Local Analgesic Activity in Horses
Shipboard Ventilation Systems and Design Standards on Board United States Coast Guard Cutters
Impact of the ENSO Phenomenon on Florida Fresh Tomatoes
Evaluation of Sorbent Technology to Prevent Heavy Metal Emission and Leaching from Combustion of Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) Treated Wood
Metabolic Dysfunction in Pediatric HIV-Positive Patients
Towards an Understanding of an Outdoor Education Program: Listening to Participants' Stories
Speciation and Extinction of Flightless Rails (Aves: Gallirallus) in Oceania
Two Essays on Corporate Finance
Advertising Message Strategies and Executional Devices in Television Commercials from Award-Winning 'Effective' Campaigns from 1999 to 2004
Adaptive and Robust Techniques (ART) for Thermoacoustic Tomography
N-(Protected-alpha-aminoacyl)benzotriazoles: Chiral Acylating Reagents for N- and O-Aminoacylation
Examination of the Impact of School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports on Middle School Teachers
Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I and Apoptosis as Determinants of Preimplantation Bovine Embryonic Development
Hyoid Movement and SEMG Activity during Normal Discrete Swallows, Mendelsohn Maneuver, Effortful Swallow and Expiratory Pressure Threshold Tasks in Healthy Adults
Synthesis and in vitro Evaluation of Cytochrome P450 Isoform-Selective Substrate Analogs as Exhaled-Breath Markers of Enzyme Competency
Structure-Antimicrobial Activity Relationship for a New Class of Antimicrobials, Silanols, in Comparison to Alcohols and Phenols
Early Identification and Intervention for Disruptive Behavior in Primary Care: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Certified Health Education Specialists' Opinions Regarding Direct Third Party Reimbursement for Health Education Services
A Multiheuristic Approach to Resource Constrained Project Scheduling: An Adaptive Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Legacy Status as a Signal in College Admissions
Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Two Phosphorylation-Based Signal Transduction Systems: Site-Specific Effects of the Circadian Clock on Limulus Myosin III Phosphorylation, and Binding Selectivity of the Arabidopsis Family of 14-3-3 Isoforms
Self-Assembling Nanoscale Delivery Vehicles
Influence of Causal Conditional Reasoning on Acceptance of Product Claims
Estudio Sociolinguistico de los Marcadores 'Como,' Entonces,' y 'Tu Sabes' en el Habla de Bilingues Estadounidenses
New Combinatorial Approaches for Solving Railroad Planning and Scheduling Problems
Olefin Metathesis in Supramolecular and Ring-Opening Polymerization
Laboratory Investigation of the Effects of Treatment Integrity Failures on Differential Reinforcement Procedures
Inhibition and Functional Characterization of Asparagine Synthetase
Spatial Dynamics of Night Roosting in Heliconius erato petiverana (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)
Analysis Using Non-Conforming Structured Grid and Implicit Boundary Method
Background Noise Cancellation for Acoustic Detection of Manatee Vocalizations
The Effect of Supply Uncertainty on Supply Chain Design Decisions
Functional Analysis of Pinin by Targeted Disruption in Cultured Cells and Mice
Teacher-Student Interactions: Differences between Students with and without Behavior Problems
Linkages among Relationship Maintenance Strategies, Relationship Quality Outcomes, Attitude, and Behavioral Intentions
Statistical Models for Clustering Dynamic Gene Expression Profiles
Repressing a Repressor: Adeno-Associated Virus Delivered Short-Hairpin RNA Molecules Targeting Phospholamban
Murine Zinc Deficiency Alters T-Lymphocyte Subpopulations and Gene Expression of Chemokines and Cytokines in the Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissues
Travel Time Estimation as a Function of the Probability of Breakdown
Use of Colloidal Gas Aphron in Subsurface Treatment of Soil
Job Engagement: Construct Validation and Relationships with Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement, and Intrinsic Motivation
Web Wars versus Air Wars: A Comparison of Televised and Online Political Advertising in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Campaign
Measuring Organizational Sponsorship Credibility: The Application of Source Credibility Theory in Determining the Most Effective Advocacy Advertisement Sponsor
Characterization and Process Development of ZnO-Based Light-Emitting Diodes
Enhanced Distributed Multimedia Services Using Networked Storage Systems
Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) System of Carbon FRP Laminate and Sprayed Glass FRP for Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Beams
Gene Therapy for a Novel Cystic Fibrosis Dependent Murine Model of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
NADP-Dependent Malic Enzyme Gene Family in a Facultative Single-Cell C4 Photosynthesis System
Special Education Reading Teachers' Understandings and Enactment of Motivational Teaching for Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities
Regulatory T Cells and Mechanisms of Immune Regulation in Type 1 Diabetes
Ecological and Demographic Trends and Patterns of Metamasius callizona (Chevrolat), an Invasive Bromeliad-Eating Weevil, and Florida's Native Bromeliads
Mechanism of Cell Death in Cardiac Myocytes Exposed to Doxorubicin
Absence of Craft Professionals: Alachua County High School Students' Perceptions of the Construction Industry
Remus Lupin/Sirius Black: Using Slash Fiction to Discuss Canon
Classification and Characterization of Coreceptor Use and Phenotype of Human Immnodeficiency Virus Type One (HIV-1) Obtained from Infected Children
Characterization of Synthetic Zeolites Optimized for Heavy Metal Removal from Wastewater
Preservice Teachers' Interests and Pedagogical Judgments
Construction Safety Practices of Specialty Contractors
Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Miniaturized Protein Expression Systems
Effect of Fiber Types on the Mechanical Properties and Permeability of High Strength Concrete
Formation of Unsymmetric 1-Acyl-6-Hydroxy Fulvenes and High Acylation Selectivity of Unsymmetric Cyclopentapyridazines
Toward an Understanding of the Relationship Linking Child Maltreatment, Family Functioning, and Procedural Justice
The Broadcast Flag: A White Flag for Fair Use?
Evaluation of Performance Measures as Leading Indicators of Safety
American Black Nightshade (Solanum americanum Mill.) Interference in Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.)
Comparative Evolution and Development of the Butterfly Eyespot and a Survey of Wing Pattern Gene Expression across Butterfly Families
Speeches in the Letters of Pliny
Development of an Animal Model To Study the Role of ALK1 in Arteriogenesis
Gatekeeping Journalists' Weblogs: The Influence of the Media Organizations and Individual Factors over U.S. Journalists' Perceived Autonomy
Contributing Factors Leading to Couples' Decisions to Participate in Premarital Preparation: Contextual and Individual Influences
(Re)Conceptualizing the Binary: Constructions of Gender between GenderQueer and Women's Studies Students
Non-Calendar Demand for Fresh Flowers: An Application of Tobit Model for Estimating Market Penetration and Buyer Frequency
Cyberdieting: Blogs as Adjuncts to Women's Weight Loss Efforts
The Role of Neuropsychological Testing in Assessing the Impact of Standard Treatments on Cognition in Breast Cancer Patients
Perceptions of Fairness, Communication, and Adolescent Delinquency: A Mediational Model
Measuring the Potential Payoffs from Biofortification: The Case of High-Iron Rice in The Philippines
Microarray Expression Analysis of Nagami Kumquat in Response to Canker Infection
Semi-Active Vibration Control of a Parallel Platform Mechanism Utilizing Magnetorheological Damping
First Principles Dynamics of Transient Light Absorption and Emission of Alkali Atoms Interacting with Rare Gas Atoms
Enzymatic Characterization, Subsite Specificity Exploration, and Inhibition Analysis of Malarial Aspartic Proteinases Using Enzyme Kinetics, Combinatorial Chemistry, and Molecular Modeling
The Effects of a Social Story Intervention on Social Skills Acquisition in Adolescents with Asperger's Syndrome
'She Had Never Seen a Place for Which Nature Had Done More': The Role of Nature in Jane Austen's Enlightened Feminist Romanticism
Feeding and Aging Effects on Carcass Composition, Fatty Acid Profiles and Sensory Attributes of Muscles from Cull Cow Carcasses
Basic Elements of Target Safety Programs
OPTCON: An Algorithm for Solving Unconstrained Control Problems
Teresa Carreno and Her Piano Music
Developmental Dynamics and Neural Stem Cell Characteristics of Embryonic Central Nervous System Tissue Transplants to the Injured Adult Spinal Cord
Female Public Nudity in Belle Epoque Paris
Inactivation of Microorganisms by Photocatalytic Nanostructures Under Dry Conditions
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Gene Therapy and Its Immunoregulatory Function for Preventing Type 1 Diabetes in Non-Obese Diabetic Mouse
Public Person Libel Standards in the British Commonwealth Caribbean versus the United States
Wireless Sensor Network Deployment Scenarios and Sleep Protocol Fault Tolerance for Environment Monitoring Applications
Mitigation of Opsin-Related Retinal Degeneration by Pharmacological Approaches
Development of Holistic Quantitative Soil-Landscape Models in North-East Florida
Identifying In Vivo Induced Genes in Porphyromonas gingivalis Using In Vivo Induced Antigen Technology (IVIAT)
Adaptation of an Instrument Measuring Perception of Job Flexibility in Chronic Illness Self-Management
Management of Soil Suppressiveness to Peanut Root-Knot Nematode Using Pasteuria penetrans
A Double-Hurdle Probit Analysis of Preferences for a Proposed Buyback Program in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Shark Fishery
Finding the Words of God: The Contest for Moral Authority in Germany's Believing Protestant Community, 1888-1919
Spatial Water Balance of the Suwannee River Basin, Florida: An Application of El Nino Southern Oscillation Climatology
Self-Esteem Assessment of Adolescents Involved in Horsemanship Activities
Analysis of Flagella, Chemotaxis, and Motility in the Virulence of Vibrio vulnificus
Characteristics of Successful Advertising Sales Representatives
Variation in Functional Morphology and Physiological Responses of Dicerandra (lamiaceae) Congeners Native to Sandhill Habitats and Florida Scrub
General Strain amid Restoration: An Examination of Instrumental and Expressive Offenses
Post-Disturbance Dynamics in Relative Influence of Spatial Scales on Pineland Birds
Blackness Writes Back: Contemporary African-American Re-Visions of Gothic Racial Ideologies
Assessing Local and Landscape Impacts on Community Composition in Abandoned Citrus Groves
Operation Embed: The Host Officer Experience with Embedded Media during the Iraq War
Development of a System to Support Compartmentalized Directed Evolution of Tag DNA Polymerase
The Implicit Value of Waterway Characteristics and Boating Regulations: A Case Study of Lee County, Florida
On the Community Structure of Ground-Dwelling Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the Sandhills of Florida
Spatial and Temporal Effects of Fire on Insect Herbivore Community Structure
Linking Changes in Dynamic Cotton Canopy to Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
Senior Project as a Remedy for 'Senioritis': What Are the Active Ingredients?
Pulmonary Hypertension: Characterization of the Monocrotaline Rat Model and Adeno-Associated Virus Gene Therapy Approaches Using Prostacyclin Synthase
Putting Behavior in Context: A Test of the Social Structure Social Learning Model
African American Teachers Look Back: Interpreting Participation in the 1968 Florida School Walkout
Modification of Activated Carbon to Improve Aqueous Manganese Removal
School-Wide Beliefs, Implementation and Collective Efficacy of the Florida Reading Initiative Professional Development Comprehension Module
Self-Defining Autobiographical Memory in Relation to Adult Self-Concept and Psychological Well-Being
Familial, Individual, Social-Cognitive, and Contextural Predictors of Career Decision Self-Efficacy: An Ecological Perspective
Land-Cover Change, Economic Shifts and Conservation: An Introduction to Land-Use Land-Cover Change in Trinidad
Larvae and Pupae of Nearctic Pterophoridae: A Synopsis of Life Histories, Morphology, and Taxonomy (Lepidoptera: Pterophoroidea)
Methods to Genetically Engineer Grapevine
Distributed Scheduling for Harnessing Channel Diversity and Smart Antennas in Wireless Networks
Embedded Substrate Noise Measurement for Mixed-Signal/Radio Frequency/Microwave Integrated Circuits
Anthrax Lethal Toxin Paralyzes Actin-Based Motility by Blocking HSP27 Phosphorylation
Brain Dynamics and Control with Applications in Epilepsy
Genomic Approaches to Studies of a Simple Memory Forming Network in Aplysia californica
Grasp-Based Heuristics for Continuous Global Optimization Problems
Mechanism of the Antioxidant Action of Estrogens
Structure Evolution and Tetragonal Phase Stabilization Mechanism of Electrospun Barium Titanate Nanofibers
Adaptive, Multi-Domain Techniques for Two-Phase Flow Computations
Context-Dependent Natural and Sexual Selection on Male Nesting Activity in Flagfish (Jordanella floridae)
Hauntology and Humanities Studies
Principals' Perceptions of Their Professional Development Implementation for Sustained Change
Health Care Utilization and Treatment Adequacy for Anxiety Disorders in Florida Medicaid
Folate Engineering in Tomato Fruit
The Effect of Time after Harvest on Stem Scar Water Infiltration and the Inheritance of Bacterial Soft Rot Resistance in Tomato
Socio-Ecological Determinants of Injury among Younger and Older Adults Involved in Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes in the United States
Forging Secular Publics: Literature and Cultural Activism in Post-Emergency India
Travel Time Estimation for Signalized Arterials Using Probabilistic Modeling
Design and Analysis of Offset Free Model Based Predictive Control
Synthesis and Supramolecular Chemistry of 1-Aza-Adamantanetriones
Multi-Pronged Approach to Eastern North American Biogeography: Phylogeny, Phylogeography, and Predictive Modeling of Temperate Woody Plant Species
Numerical Simulation of Particle Suspension Flows
Lability of Drinking-Water Treatment Residuals (WTR) Immobilized Phosphorus: Implications for Long-Term Stability
Kinetic Characterization and Coordination of Human Alkyladenine DNA Glycosylase and Human Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonuclease 1
Molecular Nanomagnets: Syntheses and Characterization of High Nuclearity Transition Metal Complexes
Cardiomyocyte Differentiation and Heterogeneity of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells
Trait-Mediated Predator-Prey Interactions between Treefrog Tadpoles and Aquatic Invertebrates: Integrating Size-Structure, Density, and Among-Individual Variation
Management of Phosphorus Sources and Water Treatment Residuals (WTR) for Environmental and Agronomic Benefits
Development of Bio/Nano-Materials for Ultrasensitive and Multiplexed Bioanalysis
Characterization of Eicosanoid Lipid Mediators and Identification of Regulatory Mechanisms in the Non-Obese Diabetic Mouse
How Good Brands Do Better: Finding Feasible Communication Strategies when Brand Extension Is Decided
Risk of Pavement Warranties to Contractors
Race Differences in Persistence/Desistance: A Trajectory Analysis of Serious Youthful Offenders Followed into Adulthood
Perceived Stress among Ethnically Diverse Female Graduate Students Attending Predominantly White Institutions
High Throughput Interferometric Doppler Technique for Planet Detection
Tree Responses to Stem Damage
An Evaluation of Methods to Establish Praise as a Reinforcer
Design, Construction, and Experimental Characterization of a Versatile Apparatus for Detecting Individual Aerosol Particles
Qualitative Study of Students' Composing Experiences in an Art-Infused Writing Curriculum
Transcriptional Regulation in Differentiating Primordial Germ Cells of the Mouse Embryo
Induction of Oxidative Stress in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium of Wild-Type Mice to Model the Early Stages of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Design and Development of a Robot Manipulator for Citrus Harvesting
Developing a Framework to Support Data Exchange from Heterogeneous Data Sources Via Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and Web Services
Robust Speaker-Independent Bandwidth Extension for Mobile and Landline Communications
Development of Predictive Models of Soil Phosphorus in Water Conservation Area-2A (Everglades), Integrating Remote Sensing, GIS and Geostatistics
A Decision Model to Optimize the Hydrologic Cycle of High-Performance Buildings in Florida
Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling: Methods, Markets, and Policy
Tree-Forage Interactions in Silvopastoral Systems: Forage Performance under Thinned Loblolly Pine Stands in North Florida
Manganese Complexes as Molecular Nanomagnets: Alcoholysis and Carboxylate Abstraction Routes to Nanoscale Magnetic Materials
Modification of an Endovascular Stent Graft for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Design of a Robotic Citrus Harvesting End Effector and Force Control Model Using Physical Properties and Harvesting Motion Tests
Nonspecific Immunotherapy in a Rat Model of Malignant Glioma
The Development of the Contingent Negative Variation during an Executive Functioning/Planning Task in Children, Adolescents, and Adults
Contaminant and Biomass Transport in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Aquifers
The Role of Occupant Behavior in Low-Income High Energy Intensity Households
Stable Delta 13 Carbon and Delta 15 Nitrogen Isotope Values from Nesting Leatherback Sea Turtles in Florida and the Effects of Preservatives on Stable Delta 13 Carbon and Delta 15 Nitrogen Isotope Analyses
The Taming of the Internet: A New Approach to Third-Party Internet Defamation
Do Sufis Dream of Electronic Sheikhs? The Role of Technology in American Religious Communities
Analysis of Microcrack Behavior in Mass Concrete
Response of Understory Trees to Experimental Drought in the Tapajos National Forest, Brazil
Residential Builders' Perspectives of Building Code Inspections in Certain Florida Counties
Cuban Small Farm Livelihood Strategies: A Case Study of Fifteen Households in the Sierra del Rosario Region
Standardization of International Advertising in Latin America: A Comparison of Advertisements from the United States and Costa Rica
Boundaries and Bureaucrats: Higher Education Reform in Madagascar
Influence of Synthetic Fibers on Plastic Shrinkage of Self-Consolidating Concrete
Physical and Mechanical Properties of a 3D Wall Panel System
Wind Data Collection, Wind Resistance of Florida Residential Structures, and Simulation of Hurricane Force Winds: 2003 to 2006 Florida Coastal Monitoring Program (FCMP)
Effects of Mass Trapping on the Population Dynamics of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in a Residential Neighborhood in Cedar Key, Florida
Quantification of Simulated Bleeding Using a Hemi Array Eight Electrode Electrical Impedance Tomography Method
Perception of U.S. Peanuts among Quality Control Professionals, Operations Managers, and Purchasing Agents Abroad
Ecology and Economic Potential of Secondary Metabolites Produced by Yaupon Holly, Ilex vomitoria
Fatherhood and Crime: Examining Life-Course Transitions among Men in Harlem
The Relationship of Tourniquet Use in Total Knee Arthroplasty to Oxidative Stress and Postoperative Cognitive Declines
Physical-Activity Markers in Human Limb Bones: Comparison of Industrialists and Hunter-Gatherers from North America
Effects on Photoluminescence and Photovoltaic Properties of Solution Processed Poly N-Vinylcarbazole
'I Didn't Think It Was a Big, Big Problem:' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs in Russian and Commonwealth of Independent State Students about HIV/AIDS
Suppressing Ethylene Action: The Influence of 1-Methylcyclopropene on Ripening Responses of Banana Fruit, Musa acuminata
GatorPacker(TM): A Worker Productivity Monitoring System Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology
Epistemology as a Predictor of Psychotherapists' Self-Care and Coping
Impacts of Quicklime Application on Chlorinated Ethylenes in Soil
Cationic Chemical Systems for siRNA Delivery
Nutritive Value of Mucuna pruriens and Effects of Replacing Soybean Meal with Mucuna on in Vitro Rumen Fermentation, Lamb Performance and Meat Safety
Chemical Ecology of Scent Preferences in Male Euglossine Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Euglossini)
On-Chip Antennas for Short-Range Wireless Communications
CMOS Synthesizers for 24-GHz Radios
Characterization of Fracture Properties of Concrete Using the Superpave IDT Test
Evaluation of Utilizing PMOS Transistors for Substrate Noise Reduction in a 2.4-GHz Receiver
Low-Power Radar System for Remote Detection of Heartbeat and Respiration Using Double-Sideband Transmission and Frequency-Tuning Technique
Cellular Adhesion of Normal and Cancerous Colon Cells: Effects of Surface Topographies
Surface Characterization of Polymer-Drug Modified Vascular Stents and Intraocular Lenses
Microsatellite DNA Analysis of Four Culex pipies quinquefasciatus (Say) (Diptera: Culicidae) Mosquito Populations in Florida and Their Vector Competence for West Nile Virus
Development of Living Cell Force Sensors for the Interrogation of Cell-Surface Interactions
PLGA-PEG-PLGA Microspheres as a Delivery Vehicle for Antisense Oligonucleotides to CTGF: Implications on Post-Surgical Peritoneal Adhesion Prevention
Visual Information Access and Management for Life Cycle Project Management
Allelochemicals That Modify Mosquito Host-Seeking Behavior: Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and High-Field Asymmetric-Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Synthesis and Characterization of Heterobimetallic Complexes for Application in Homogeneous Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Methanol
Diel Variations in the Vertical Distribution of Zooplankton in Lake Monroe, Florida
Nanomodification of Cement Matrix for Enhanced Ductility and Fracture Properties in Concrete
Surface Micromachined Optical Force Sensor Enhancement via Compliant Mechanisms
Socioeconomic Impact and Stakeholder Preference to Conservation of Forest Reserves: A Case Study of Kasane Forest Reserve, Botswana
Investigations at a Bioreactor Landfill to Aid in the Operation and Design of Horizontal Injection Liquids Addition Systems
The Influence of Repeated Exposure to Negative Political Advertising on the Evaluations of Candidates and Vote Intention
The Uncanny English House in the English Novel: 1880s to 1930s
Electromotive Delivery of Oligonucleotides into the Cornea
Diagnostic Measurements of Optically Thick and Inhomogeneous Laser Induced Plasmas with Emphasis on Self-Absorption Effects
Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Executional Factors, Information Cues, Creative Strategies and Cultural Values on Korean and U.S. Banner Ads
Effects of Intermittent Fasting on the Phenotype of Peripheral Neuropathic Mice
Comparison of Different Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Plus Prostaglandin F2alpha Synchronization Protocols in Bos taurus, Bos indicus, and Bos indicus x Bos taurus Postpartum Cows and Heifers
One State's Attempt to Improve Juvenile Knowledge of the Court Process
Feeding Ecology of the Atlantic Angel Shark in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Selective Deposition and Release of Gold Nanoparticles Based on Nanowell-Array
A Digital Audio Amplifier Using Pulse Width Modulation for Portable Applications
Design and Analysis of Reliable and Enhanced Fast Handover Scheme for Mobility Management in IP-Based Wireless/Mobile Networks
Solid-State Potentiometric Sensors for Nitrogen Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Carbon Monoxide
Microwave Techniques for Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment
Increasingly Functional Poly(3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene)s through Facile Substitution
Robust and Low Power Multiplierless Digital Filter Design for Wireless Communication
Wave Attenuation and Mud Entrainment in Shallow Waters
Computational Methods for the Design and Selection of Hybridization Probes
Where You Go Matters: Examining Presidential Speeches by Location
Paying for Domestic Work: White Women Negotiating Family, Labor and Privilege
Exhaled Breath as an Alternative Matrix for Alcohol and Drug Detection
Optimal Node Selection and Network Load-Aware Multimedia Streaming Distribution in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Design, Implementation, and Database Integration of a Data Model for Vague Spatial Data as a Foundation of the Next Generation of Spatial Databases and Geographical Information Systems
Employee Popularity: Its Nature, Measurement, and Organizational Relevance
The Rise of Presidential Preeminence: Presidential-Congressional Rhetorical Relations, 1978-2006
Factors Influencing Course Completion among First-Time-in-College Associate of Arts Students in the Community College
Microbial Associates of the Asian Citrus Psyllid and Its Two Parasitoids: Symbionts and Pathogens
Stakeholder Perspectives on the Pitons Management Area in St. Lucia: Potential for Sustainable Tourism Development
Coexistence in a Feedback-Mediated Chemostat
Atlas: A Service-Oriented Sensor and Actuator Network Platform to Enable Programmable Pervasive Computing Spaces
Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Compound Semiconductors for Electronic and Photonic Devices
Innovations and Exclusions: The Incorporation of Chinese Literature in Modern American Poetry
Race and Restoration: Churches of Christ and the African American Freedom Struggle
Selective Rereading versus Rereading in Promoting Greater Metacomprehension Accuracy
The Effect of Cultural Receptivity and Teacher Efficacy on Education Referral Decisions
Restoration of Cone Vision in a Mouse Model of Achromatopsia Using Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus
Developmentally Dependent Responses of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Fruit to Exogenous Ethylene
Consultation, Cooperation and Delegation: Presidential Power in the Twenty-First Century
Enhancement of Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis with Polyhydroxy Fullerenes
Data Structures for Efficient Packet Classification
Dynamic Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Interactions within the Escherichia coli DNA Polymerase III Sliding Clamp Loader
Characterization of the PAQR Family of Membrane Proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Examination of their Role in Metal and Lipid Metabolism and Mass Spectrometric-Based Analysis of Signal Transduction Pathways
Organization of the Bilingual Perceptual Space: English/Spanish Bilingual Perception of Malayalam Nasal Consonants
Development of Ligand-Targeted Plasmid DNA Delivery Systems for Cancer Gene Therapy
Simulations Involving Carbon Nanotubes and Nanoribbons
Divided Loyalties: Latina Family Sagas and National Romances
Immunity to Rhodococcus equi in Susceptible Foals and Resistant Adult Horses and in Vivo Expression of the R. equi vap Genes
Design of an Integral Thermal Protection System for Future Space Vehicles
Social and Emotional Development of Preschool Children: The Impact of Child Care Quality and Maternal Marital Satisfaction
This Isn't Your Mom's Tupperware Party: How EMILY's List Changed the American Political Landscape
Regeneration of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium with Bone Marrow Derived Cells
Development of Polymer Plasmid DNA Gene Delivery
The Importance of Space, Behavior, and Individual Variation in Understanding Predator-Prey and Source-Sink Dynamics
Ophthalmic Drug Delivery by Contact Lenses
Patient Evaluation of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Recall Communication Strategies
The Effect of Alum on Phosphorus Sequestration, Macrophytes, Mineralogy, and Microbial Community in a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Wetland
The Role of TFII-I and USF in Beta-Globin Gene Regulation
The Relationships of Handheld Computer Use, Anxiety, and Self-Efficacy among Public Health Employees
Effects of Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) on Arterial Function in Patients with Symptomatic Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
Epidemiology of Mycoplasmal Upper Respiratory Tract Disease in Tortoises
In Vitro Application of Colchicine to Induce Tetraploids in Dieffenbachia 'Star Bright M-1'
Reconciling pH for Ammonia Biofiltration in a Cucumber/Tilapia Aquaponics System Using a Perlite Medium
Isoform-Specific Roles of 14-3-3 Proteins in Several Biological Pathways of Arabidopsis thaliana
Coaching for Equity: The Transformation of Field Supervisors' Pedagogy in a Professional Learning Community
The Influence of a Healthy Work Environment on Perceived Stress and Stress-Related Health and Behavioral Outcomes: Panel Analysis of Office Staff
Functional Genomic and Proteomic Profiles of Macrophage Reservoirs for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1
Reinventing the City of the Kings: Postcolonial Modernizations of Lima, 1845-1930
Relationship among Family Functioning, Adherence, and Metabolic Control: Longitudinal Follow-Up
Are Parental Depression and Child Disruptive Behavior Related?
'Quoth the Raven, 'Eat My Shorts!'': Adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe in YA Culture
Corruption in the Americas: A Commentary on Trade and Human Rights and an Analysis of the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption
Spatial Relationships between Physico-Chemical Soil Properties and Vegetative Patterns in Everglades Water Conservation Area 1
Flexible Domain Viewer for Supporting Multi-Trade Views of 3D CAD Data
Insurrection Avenue
Sustainability for Interior Design: Rating the Flooring Materials in a Leed Registered Hotel Using the BEES Evaluative Software for Sustainable Products
The Measurement of Sound Levels in Construction
Use of a Cox-2 Inhibitor as a Strategy to Reduce Inflammation Associated with Ischemic Heart Disease
Modified Carbon Paste Electrodes Study and DFT Calculations on Heterobimetallic Compounds as Catalysts for Electrooxidation of Methanol
Hemispheric Interactions in the Control of Movement
Prometheus: Enhanced Software Architecture for the Atlas Platform
Microsecond- and Submicrosecond-Scale Electric Field Pulses Produced by Cloud and Ground Lightning Discharges
The Interaction of Biography and Ethnography in Tacitus' Agricola
Reading between the Lines: Analysis of Frames in a Text and Its Translation
In Secret
OSHA's Criminal Sanctions Prosecution Rates
Extraction Socket Healing Following the Use of Enamel Matrix Derivative: a Histological and Histomorphometric Analysis
Seeing Clients as They Really Are: Accurate Client Assessment Despite Therapists' Gender Stereotypes
Healing Characteristics and Ridge Quantity after Using Enamel Matrix Derivative during Extraction Socket Ridge Preservation
An Architecture School's Curriculum and Pedagogical Methods as the Foundations of the Modern Academy: 1951 to 2007
A Masculinizing Investigation: The Detective and the Problem of Female Reticence in the Sensational Detective Fiction of Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Wilkie Collins
Multipotent Stem Cells Isolated from the Granulation Tissue of Intrabony Periodontal Defects
Regulating Internet Music for Compensation and Distribution: Alternatives to an IP Market
Toward a Theory of Complex Adaptive Ecological Design: Myths, Heuristics, and Principles
Timing of Nematicide Applications for Control of Belonolaimus longicaudatus on Golf Course Fairways
Firefly: Exploring Humanity in the Scie