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Captiva Island Families
Mrs Rosa (Karl) Kennon with a friend in Rosa's garden
David Wightman harvesting coon in 1919
The North end of Captiva Island in 1938
Manor house built for C.B. Chadwick and family
Chadwicks at South Seas Plantation
South Seas Plantation Resort
Fisherman's Lodge
The Bayview Hotel
Fisherman's Lodge
Postcard view of the Captiva Hotel
Bayview Hotel
Mary Cunningham house
Clara Stran and her gift shop
Buzz and Dorothy Price, with Capt. Stran and their catch
Mea Way's New House
Ellis House
Palm Avenue
Waterfront homes
F.A. Lane house
Williams House
Judge Williams home
John Illyn house
George and Catherine Becker and their home
Becker and Wightman families
Harris brothers fishing boat
Basil Osmin in front of John Ilyn fish house
Bulkhead off Captiva
Wightman family photos
Kinzie brothers home at "Snug Harbor"
Crown Lawn Lodge
First Captiva School
The Snyder Family and the Snyder School
Loomis family and home
Dickey family homes
Picnic and Blind Pass - Women in wool bathing suits with Mrs. Dickey on left
Dickey family photos - people and places
Becker House
Hennings and Becker Family
Sherril home
The Pines house
The "Bait Box" gift shop
Cottage built in 1910 and owned by Fannie Hall
The Burck cottage
Randall's City Dock
The steamer, "Dixie" at Randall's dock
Captiva Mail and Livery Service
Lovick Holtzendorf sitting on his freight and luggage carrier at Randall's dock
The Steamship "Dixie"
The Steamer "Gladys"
Ice House
School interior decorated for Palm Sunday
Mail boat at the old Post Office dock
Two views of the Gore hotel
Hattie Brainerd (at left) with daughter in law, Mae Brainerd and children
On the porch at the Captiva Hotel c.1915
Lumbering on Captiva in the early 1900's
Dickey hotel
St. Patrick's Day Parade
Playtime on Captiva beach
John R. Dickey and his wife, Maude
Dickey Family related photos
Inside road that led from "Tween Waters" to the old Post Office on the bay (East of Gulf Road)
Costume party at the David Henry house
Doctor John Hicks Family
Bishop Family Photos
Mr. and Mrs Fayram
The Fenton home
Thumb House and Fish Catch (2 photos)
Dr. Brundage's house
Mrs Kay (left) and Mrs. Trula Hicks Rouse
Dr. Hicks, Mrs. Dickey and Dr. Dickey
Costume party at Mrs.Trula Hicks Rouse's house
Island visitors Mr. and Mrs Watts, early 1900's
David Henry house, 1920's
The McNeil House
Jaegger house
Reba Fitzpatrick cottage
Teunis Clark's House, called "Moonover" built in 1937
Xandra Kalman in the early 1940's
Alice O'Brien house
Blind Pass Bridge
Ice boat at Andy's Dock, 1942
Jay "Ding" Darling, Alice O'Brien and Penny Darling
Andy Rosse
Beulah Brainerd Wiles with her first born daughter.
Island Mailboat
Ray Booth and Andy Rosse
The Ferry from Punta Rassa to Sanibel
Mr and Mrs John Carter
Cottage on C.B. Chadwick's Coconut Plantation
Sketch of a cottage at the end of Captiva Drive
Maybelle Stamper's house
Weeks family - related photos
Unidentified woman
Larry and Allen Weeks on the dock with one of their many cats.
Shuffleboard on the Fisherman's Lodge court.
Leo and Peg Hofschneider at Andy's dock, 1940's
Bill Shannon in front of his palm frond house.
Binns and Cuthbert House
"Ding" Darling(front) and Belton Johnson
Belton and Miriam Johnson House
Herman and Rick Kalman, Tunis Clark, Marie Dickey Kalman and Mrs. Ewing.
Carl and Alice Miner
The "Ark"
Bowen Price and his daughter Dorothy
'Tween Waters Inn
The Captiva Fire Department truck, manned by Mr. Wakefield.
Xandra Kalman and the Post Office snake
French Chef luncheon.
Alice O'Brien
Max and Jayne Hayford in 1946.
Views of the Hayford house and pool, looking toward Chet Loomis house on the Gulf in 1947.
Jean (Mrs Chester) Loomis and son Tobby
Carter Family Photos
Doctor and Mrs. Dickey and guests
Party at the Dickey House
Bathing Party at Dr. Hicks'
House built by Captain Oliver Smith
Bishop Cottage built in 1910's
Tony's House
Costume party at Reba Fitzpatrick house
Randall's City Dock
Andy Rosse house on Captiva Island
Andy Rosse Marina
Maybelle Stamper with two of Weeks' cats
Jinny and Bud Loomis, Katie Howland, on Weeks' Deck
Cootage as seen from the back bay
Ina Watson campsite
Ina Watson
Lillian Paschall and Margaret Dugdale
Mrs. Futch
MacKenzie Home
William MacKenzie, Sr.
Back of the Boat - Hendersons and Mac McLane
Doctor John Henderson
Eager House
Dog and Alligator on Captiva beach
Ambassador Bill Stevenson and his wife Bumpy
Clow House - Gulf side
Cartoon by "Ding" Darling - Moving to the Fish House
Barker House
Captiva Patio Party
Philip Reddy
Mr.and Mrs. Arthur Ralston
Ralph Bixby Home on Roosevelt Channel
Captiva Islanders Coffeebreak
Afternoon tea on Captiva Island
In Memory of Ann Hayford Bruning
George W. Carter and his wife, Elizabeth Frances
Carter Homestead
Carter homestead - Old well and sugar cane press
Crop picking time on the Carter homestead
Elias Knight Carter house
Working the Carter homestead
Knight Carter Family
Knight Carter Family
Carter Family
Knight Carter Home
Group photo of members of the Carter family
The Carter dock and family photo
2nd school building on the north end of Captiva
Logging crews pose for the camera
Jay "Ding" Darling, Alice O'Brien and Penny Darling