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Race, ethnicity, and racism in medical anthropology, 1977-2002
Intrahousehold disparities in women and men's experiences of water insecurity and emotional distress in urban Bolivia
Transitions, Access, Conversations: Editor's Introduction
HIV and the Moral Economy of Survival in an East African City
Childbirth in Santiago de Chile: Stratification, Intervention, and Child Centeredness
Recruitment Practices and the Politics of Inclusion in Cancer Clinical Trials
“The Weight on Our Shoulders Is Too Much, and We Are Falling”: Suicide among Inuit Male Youth in Nunavut, Canada
Plot and Irony in Childbirth Narratives of Middle-Class Brazilian Women
Aging Respectably by Rejecting Medicalization: Mexican Men's Reasons for Not Using Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
“Love Isn’t There in Your Stomach:” A Moral Economy of Medical Citizenship among Nicaraguan Community Health Workers
Malicious Whites, Greedy Women, and Virtuous Volunteers: Negotiating Social Relations through Clinical Trial Narratives in South Africa
Struggling with AIDS in South Africa: The Space of the Everyday as a Field of Recognition
Folding Paper Swans, Modeling Lives: The Ritual of Filipina Eldercare in Israel
Genes, Race, and Culture in Clinical Care: Racial Profiling in the Management of Chronic Illness
Can Medicine Be Aesthetic?: Disentangling Beauty and Health in Elective Surgeries
Making Sense of HIV in Southeastern Nigeria: Fictional Narratives, Cultural Meanings, and Methodologies in Medical Anthropology
Men’s Narratives of Vasectomy: Rearticulating Masculinity and Contraceptive Responsibility in San José, Costa Rica
Commentary: Thinking through Public Health Genomics
The Patient–Consumer–Advocate Nexus : The Marketing and Dissemination of Gardasil, the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine, in the United States
Subjectivity, Hygiene, and STI Prevention: A Normalization Paradox in the Cleanliness Practices of Female Sex Workers in Post-Socialist China
For the Sake of our Children: Hispanic Immigrant and Migrant Families’ Use of Folk Healing and Biomedicine
"I Didn't Feel Like I Was a Person Anymore”: Realigning Full Adult Personhood after Ostomy Surgery
“Lungisa”—Weaving Relationships and Social Space to Restore Health in Rural KwaZulu Natal
Modeling Population Health: Reflections on the Performativity of Epidemiological Techniques in the Age of Genomics
Trading Legitimacy: Everyday Corruption and Its Consequences for Medical Regulation in Southern Vietnam
Critical Anthropology of Global Health “Takes a Stand” Statement: A Critical Medical Anthropological Approach to the U.S.'s Affordable Care Act
Framework Negotiations: Diagnostic Insights among Alternative Medical Practitioners Participating in Integrative Medicine Case Conferences
Tainted Commons, Public Health: The Politico–Moral Significance of Cholera in Vietnam
Ethnography, Fidelity, and the Evidence that Anthropology Adds: Supplementing the Fidelity Process in a Clinical Trial of Supported Employment
Nobody's Child: The Role of Trauma and Interpersonal Violence in Women's Pathways to Incarceration and Resultant Service Needs
“Playing the Numbers Game”: Evidence-based Advocacy and the Technocratic Narrowing of the Safe Motherhood Initiative
Material Proximities and Hotspots: Toward an Anthropology of Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Encounters in Cancer Treatment: Intersubjective Configurations of a Need for Rehabilitation
Science, Sentiment, and the State: Community Genetics and Pursuit of Public Health in Cuba
Straining Psychic and Social Sinew: Trauma among Adolescent Psychiatric Patients in New Mexico
Troubling “Environments”: Postgenomics, Bajan Wheezing, and Lévi-Strauss
Chucaque and Social Stress among Peruvian Highlanders
“The Same Thing in a Different Box”: Similarity and Difference in Pharmaceutical Sex Hormone Consumption and Marketing
A Biocultural Perspective on Fictive Kinship in the Andes: Social Support and Women's Immune Function in El Alto, Bolivia
Definitions and the Experience of Fertility Problems: Infertile and Sub-fertile Women, Childless Mothers, and Honorary Mothers in Two Southern Nigerian Communities
Navigating and Circumventing a Fragmented Health System: The Patient's Pathway in the Sierra Madre Region of Chiapas, Mexico
“I Swear to God, I Only Want People Here Who Are Losers!” Cultural Dissonance and the (Problematic) Allure of Azeroth
Deaf Capital: An Exploration of the Relationship between Stigma and Value in Deaf Multilevel Marketing Participation in Urban India
Making Assumptions, Making Space: An Anthropological Critique of Cultural Competency and Its Relevance to Queer Patients
Introduction: Public Health Genomics—Anthropological Interventions in the Quest for Molecular Medicine
Keeping up with the Cadillacs: What Health Insurance Disparities, Moral Hazard, and the Cadillac Tax Mean to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Correctional Officers and the Incarcerated Mentally Ill: Responses to Psychiatric Illness in Prison
Fallen Uterus: Social Suffering, Bodily Vigor, and Social Support among Women in Rural Mexico
Patient Agency Revisited: “Healing the Hidden” in South India
“Volunteers Are Not Paid Because They Are Priceless”: Community Health Worker Capacities and Values in an AIDS Treatment Intervention in Urban Ethiopia
Self-care and Subjectivity among Mexican Diabetes Patients in the United States
ARVs and ARTs: Medicoscapes and the Unequal Place-making for Biomedical Treatments in sub-Saharan Africa
Transnational Disorders: Returned Migrants at Oaxaca’s Psychiatric Hospital
“Here Nobody Holds Your Heart”: Metaphoric and Embodied Emotions of Birth and Displacement among Karen Women in Australia
Salutogenic Education? Movement and Whole Child Health in a Waldorf (Steiner) School
Everyday Narratives on Race and Health in Brazil
How Women in Bangladesh Confront the Stigma of Childlessness: Agency, Resilience, and Resistance
Chilling Example? Uruguay, Philip Morris International, and WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
Works of Illness and the Challenges of Social Risk and the Specter of Pain in the Lived Experience of TMD