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Nveua discripciondlas Islas Carolinas al R.P. Daubenton et la Compa. et Jesus Confesor et su Majesta. Catholica
Tabvla Asiae IX
Asia (sketch of the rivers ganges & Jumna...)
Laos 1:50,000
Cambodia 1:50,000
The map of China with the surrounding states correctly copied from mons' d'Guville engraved from monsr de paun's philosophical dissertations..
Map of the European settlements in the East Indies published by T. Cadell according to act of Parliament, May 1st by Tho. Kitchin
Map of Asia and Africa
Three-Way doom
Design for blockade
The Squeeze
Asia 1:1,500,000.
Southern Asia 1:2,000,000.
Chishima-rettō 1:50,000 /
Northern Karafuto 1:50,000
Southern Karafuto 1:50,000
Hokkaidō 1:50,000