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About The Jamaica Jewish Archives

Jamaica’s first Jews established their cemetery across the bay on the mainland since 1672. The burial ground is known as the Hunt’s Bay Cemetery which is the oldest known Jewish cemetery on the island. 

In 2008, the Jamaica Jewish Archives (JJA) group under the leadership of Rachel Frankel, who has extensive experience in documenting the Jewish sites of Suriname, other historic Jewish cemeteries, steered the work at Hunt’s Bay with the collaborative support of the Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions (CVE). The successful project to inventory and document existing conditions of the historic Hunt’s Bay Jewish Cemetery in now available to research. 

The Jamaica Jewish Archives has documented more than 10 years of records about Jamaica Jewish cemeteries. The collection consists of : site surveys with plot locations, photographic inventories (digital and 35mm), continuous assessment for grave maps, transcription and translation of epitaphs. The collection also has prints and out of print publications and archival information that relates to Jamaican Jews.