dLOC Software Toolkit

To aid partners with digitzation and content submission, dLOC has created a software Toolkit to streamline local workflows and facilitate the creation of submission packages conformant to dLOC's technical and metadata specifications.

The toolkit is available for download as ZIP files in the following formats:

To install, unzip these packages and run the setup file which will guide you through the entire process. Should any issues be encountered during the installation, you may contact either Mark Sullivan (Programmer) or Brooke Wooldridge (dLOC Coordinator).

The Toolkit requires the .NET Framework 3.5, which can be downloaded here.

This freely distributed toolkit includes a local database application, a central tracking application, four secondary applications, a Metadata Template, a Pre-Quality Control Processor, a Quality Control Application, and the Go dLOC! FTP client.

The dLOC Toolkit was written in C# for use on PCs with Windows 2000, NT, XP, or Vista. dLOC recommends installation on machines with at least 1 GB of RAM for image processing. For more detailed information on the software, please consult the project Manual.

For all tools and software available for the dLOC, see this page.

Screenshots of the dLOC Toolkit

dLOC Toolkit 1

dLOC Toolkit 2

dLOC Toolkit 3

dLOC Toolkit 4