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dLOC is governed by an Executive Committee which oversees all project activities, a Scholarly Advisory Board which provides guidance to the Executive Committee, and a group of Contributors working toward dLOC's continued success and sustainability. The Governing structure shall consist of an Executive Committee, Advisory Board, Executive Director, and sub-committees.

Information on representatives updated on Jan. 28, 2013. For historic and additional information, see all of the bylaws, minutes, and related governance materials. >

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of dLOC. The Committee shall consist of nine partner representatives elected from the institutional representatives by the general body, one institutional representative from one of the host institutions, and representative of the Institutional Members and the Chair of the Scholarly Advisory Board, non-voting, for a total of 12 members. Terms of office shall be staggered, 2-year terms. A majority shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee democratically votes on key decisions affecting the future of dLOC, and convenes once a year in proximity of the Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) conference.

  • Chair: Barry Baker, Director of Libraries, University of Central Florida (UCF)
  • Vice-Chair: Sandra Barker, Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
  • Secretary: Pending Election
  • Member: Dulce María Núñez de Taveras, Director, Biblioteca, Pontificia Universidad Madre y Maestra
  • Member: Astrid Britten, Director, Aruba National Library (Biblioteca Nacional Aruba)
  • Member: Lusiola Castillo, Chief Librarian, Belize National Library Service and Information System (BNLSIS)
  • Member:  Johnny Saintelus, Digitization Director, Archives Nationales d'Haïti (ANH)
  • Member: Marie-France Guillaume, Exective Director, Brothers of Christian Instruction Library
  • Member: Celia P. Prince-Richard, Manager, Library and Faculty Technology Services, University of the Virgin Islands
  • Member: Pending election
  • dLOC Institututional Member Representative: Pending election
  • Host Institution: Anne Prestamo, Dean of Libraries, Florida International University (FIU), and Judith C. Russell, Dean of University Libraries, University of Florida (UF)
  • Scholarly Advisory Board Chair: Pending election

       Past‐Chairs (non‐voting):

  • Jean Wilfrid Bertrand, Director, Archives Nationales d'Haïti (ANH)
  • Judith Rogers, Manager, Library and Faculty Technology Services, University of the Virgin Islands (UVI)
  • Margo Groenewoud, Director, University of the Netherlands Antilles Library

Scholarly Advisory Board

The dLOC Scholarly Advisory Board includes academics and professionals in Caribbean Studies. The Board provides leadership in relevant academic disciplines, curriculum development, and/or technical issues. In 2017, the Board is being reconvened. Historical information on the Board is available, along with the draft charge which will be reviewed and updated when the new Board is convened in 2017-2018.

  • Co-Chairs:
  • Members:
  • Ex-Officio Members:


dLOC Contributors consist of trainers, programmers, and librarians from dLOC's current grant-chartered directing institutions: Florida International University (FIU) the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI), and the University of Florida (UF).

  • Brooke Wooldridge, dLOC Program Associate, Florida International University, Miami, FL
  • Judith Rogers, dLOC Co-Director, University of the Virgin Islands
  • Chelsea Dinsmore, dLOC Technical Director, University of Florida, Gainesville, F
  • Laurie Taylor, dLOC Digital Scholarship Director, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Gayle Williams, dLOC Librarian Coordinator, Florida International University, Miami, FL
  • Rebecca Jefferson, dLOC Judaica Librarian Coordinator, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Margarita Vargas-Betancourt, dLOC Archivist Coordinator, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Lourdes Santamaria-Wheeler, dLOC Training Specialist, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL