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About Federal Documents about Cuba

The Federal Documents about Cuba collection is comprised of publications by the US Federal Government on the subject of Cuba.  Materials will include treaties, agricultural research reports, maps and any other content discovered which documents the relationship of the United States Government with the nation of Cuba.

This collection is part of the larger Collections of Excellence project by which, in partnership with the Asssociation of Southeastern Resarch Libraries (ASERL), the University of Florida seeks to provide workable solutions to address the increasing cost of managing, preserving, and providing access to large collections of Federal government publications through the creation of several comprehensive collections, known as "Centers of Excellence" (COE)*, of U.S. government information from each Federal government agency. Built upon the foundation of existing holdings at Federal Depository libraries, these collections will become more complete with assistance from both Regionals, libraries who collect government information comprehensively, and Selectives, libraries who collect government information selectively, in the ASERL states. For more information about project please visit the ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program page.

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