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Ret. Captain Russell B. Garris
Interview with Eldridge Beach (February 15, 1989)
Interview with Sgt. Linda Perkins (January 9, 1989)
Interview with Sheriff Quenton O. Whittle (January 5, 1989)
Interview with Col. H. Lee Simmons (January 31, 1989)
Interview with August Eugene Hambacher (January 20, 1989)
Larry Lee Austin
Thomas A. Sigman
Otis L. McArthur
Edward L. Herring
Bernard Washington
Pembrook Burrows, III
Joe W. Hagans
Clinton E. Taylor
Lena Loften
E. Ray Peterson
Major C. W. Keith
Flanders (Snag) Thompson
Col. Cleland Collar
Lt. Col. William Kaufman
Capt. Jimmy Hill
Maj. Clyde Carlan
George Poston
Donald W. Smith
Thomas A. Sigman
Mikell Bowen
Hon. Richard Ervin
Quentin O. Whittle
Orlando E. Alvarez
Mary Alice Stapler
Albert G. Fausett