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Interview with Rudolph Matthews (August 15, 1975)
Interview with Gwen Cherry (November 7, 1975)
Interview with Joe Lange Kershaw (February 10, 1976)
Albert Tresvant
Interview with Reverend C. C. Henderson (October 6, 1975)
Interview with Andrew DeGraffenreidt (September 15, 1975)
Interview with Sallye Mathis (August 20, 1975)
Interview with Earl M. Johnson (October 10, 1975)
Interview with Robert Scott (December 3, 1975)
Interview with Julius Montgomery (August 3, 1975)
Interview with Mayor Bobbie Brooks (December 5, 1975)
Interview with Henry Taylor (December 29, 1975)
Interview with Raiford Brown (October 28, 1976)
Interview with Edward Vieira (October 29, 1976)
Interview with Ernest Jackson
Interview with Lloyd Pearson
Interview with Mildred T. Grant (February 20, 1983)
Interview with Elizabeth Bostick (February 7, 1984)
Interview with Mary L. Singleton (October 7, 1975)
Interview with James E. Huger (December 9, 1975)
Interview with Robert L. Hall (July 25, 1975)
Interview with Matthew Fair (August 1, 1975)
Henry Warner
Ernest Wards
Stan Pearson
Enoch Mobely
Wanda Dickson
Ruth Ann Ramsey
Ragfield McGhee
Edwina Barry
Cathia Darling
Janice McPherson
Carl Smart
Ernest Lee Stevenson
Verman Williams
Wesley Avery
Lenora Wimby
Juanita Shearen
Lee Anderson
James R. Ford
William A. Grear
Hollice T. Williams
Willie Washington
Dr. John S. Jackson
Neil Butler
Mrs. Earlene Watkins
Emerson Thompson
Roz Boyd
George H. Gause
David E. Randolph
Samuel Allen
Charles H. Hill
James Randolph
Gwendolyn Francis
Carlton Smith
Alonzo Williams
Nathaniel Vereen
William Turner
John T. Saunders
Mrs. Vernita Cox
Leon Collins
Leroy Gibson
Charles Coleman
S. P. E. Pinkney
Wendell Holmes
Reverend Nolan Pitts
Gus Richarson
James Jones
Claude Brooks
Karl Weaver
Eddie L. Martin
Eugene Hickson
Jerry Taylor
Jackie Canyon
Bobbie Hunter
Frank Hampton
Father Gibson
Earnest Barkley
Cauley O. Lott
Ike Ward
Daniel Hendrix
James Teate