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Interview with Hal Lewis (October 21, 1972)
Interview with Robert M. Swanson (June 29, 1973)
Interview with Dr. John E. Craps (July 17, 2003)
Interview with Dr. Charles F. Byers (August 2, 1973)
Interview with John Henry Davis (September 4, 1973)
Interview with Dr. F. W. Kokomoor (August 17, 1973)
Interview with Perry A. Foote (November 28, 1973)
Interview with Robert F. Davidson (December 4, 1973)
Interview with J. Hooper Wise (December 11, 1973)
Interview with Dr. Ernest Cox (July 11, 1974)
Interview with Dr. Alvin P. Black (July 3, 1974)
Dr. Alvin P. Black ( oral history interview )
Dr. Alvin P. Black ( oral history interview )
Interview with G. Manuel Turner (July 22, 1974)
Interview with Mrs. John W. Blake (August 17, 1974)
Interview with Dr. Raymond B. Becker (September 10, 1974)
Interview with Mrs. Bernice A. Mims (September 11, 1974)
Interview with Stephan P. Sashoff (October 8, 1974)
Stephan P. Sashoff
Stephan P. Sashoff
Interview with Professor Charles G. Geltz (September 16, 1974)
Interview with Hollis Holbrook (January 25, 1975)
Interview with Professor Francis C. Hayes (February 14, 1975)
Interview with Dean Ralph E. Page (February 17, 1975)
Interview with Dean Joseph White (February 21, 1975)
Interview with Alton C. Morris (March 13, 1975)
Interview with Dr. Roe L. Johns (May 9, 1975)
Interview with D. D. McCloud (March 16, 1976)
Interview with Lillian Seaberg (March 30, 1976)
Interview with L. T. Nieland (August 4, 1976)
Interview with Sue Walker (September 7, 1976)
Interview with Ms. Frances Apperson (November 1, 1976)
Interview with Dr. Thomas A. E. Hart (February 24, 1977)
Interview with Mrs. Janice P. Hester (March 16, 1977)
Interview with Dr. Robert Bradbury (April 6, 1977)
Interview with Mrs. Helen Hunt (April 19, 1977)
Interview with Montgomery D. Anderson (August 5, 1977)
Interview with Mrs. George Fox (November 29, 1977)
Interview with Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson (December 2, 1977)
Interview with Ila R. Pridgen (December 12, 1977)
Interview with Clara F. Gehan (December 13, 1977)
Interview with Grace Stevens (December 6, 1978)
Interview with Eve Davidson (February 24, 1978)
Interview with Grace Ensign (June 14, 1978)
Interview with Madge Tams (June 28, 1978)
Interview with Burton J. Otte (September 14, 1978)
Interview with Ms. Marian Youngs (July 21, 1978)
Interview with Stanley West (August 4, 1978)
Interview with Kenneth Bullen (August 14, 1978)
Interview with Nile C. Schaffer (September 7, 1978)
Interview with Robert Cabaniss Goodwin (September 11, 1978)
Interview with W. J. Husa (September 26, 1978)
Interview with Gulie Hargrove Blackmon (October 5, 1978)
Interview with Melvin Valk (November 6, 1978)
Interview with J. Francis Cooper (November 20, 1978)
Interview with John K. Simmons (March 1, 1993)
Interview with Charles Arnold Matthews (March 26, 1993)
Interview with Willard E. Stone (March 30, 1993)
Interview with Robert F. Lanzillotti (April 27, 1993)
Interview with Edward Walter Garris (November 27, 1978)
Interview with Howard K. Wallace (January 5, 1979)
Interview with Alfred Warrington (July 16, 1993)
Interview with Keith Austin (June 9, 1994)
Interview with Dr. Marna V. Brady (January 1, 1971)
Mrs. J. R. Benton
Interview with John McQuitty (January 19, 1971)
Interview with Dr. Archie N. Tissot (January 12, 1979)
Interview with Klein Harrison Graham (January 29, 1970)
Interview with Dr. H. Phillip Constans (April 21, 1970)
Interview with James W. Norman (March 4, 1969)
Interview with Ancil Payne (December 4, 1968)
Interview with Albert A. Murphree, Jr. (February 10, 1969)
Interview with Dr. Elmer D. Hinckley (July 25, 1972)
Interview with Ken Christiansen (March 30, 1987)
Interview with Rae O. Weimer (March 30, 1987)
Interview with Ralph Turlington
Interview with Claudie M. Hamilton (January 25, 1979)
Interview with Elizabeth Chace (January 23, 1979)
Interview with Dr. Mildred Griffith (February 5, 1979)
Interview with Herbert S. Wolfe (February 26, 1979)
Interview with Dr. Lewis H. Rogers (April 5, 1979)
Interview with Vivian C. Prince (April 27, 1979)
Interview with Stephen C. OConnell (September 13, 1991)
Interview with Judge Arthur Black (July 26, 1984)
Interview with Dr. Oscar E. Heskin (May 11, 1979)
Interview with Martha Cody (May 17, 1979)
Interview with Magdalen Pando (June 30, 1979)
Interview with Dashwood Hicks (October 24, 1979)
Interview with Leon B. Thrasher (November 10, 1979)
Leon B. Thrasher
Leon B. Thrasher
Interview with Colin D. Gunn (December 1, 1979)
Interview with Angus M. Laird (February 1, 1980)
Interview with Robert Curran (December 10, 1979)
Interview with Mrs. Jean P. Tison (September 10, 1979)
Interview with Mr. Hazen Nutter (September 17, 1979)
Interview with Caroline West (January 10, 1980)
Interview with Estelle Carson (February 26, 1980)
Interview with Charles W. Bachman (March 22, 1980)
Interview with Molly Springfield (March 18, 1980)
Interview with Ralph Blodgett (July 11, 1980)
Interview with J. Rex Farrior, Sr. (September 6, 1980)
Interview with George Baya (February 25, 1985)
Interview with George Allen (February 26, 1985)
Interview with Judge William Herin (February 27, 1985)
Interview with Phyllis Durell (January 3, 1981)
Interview with Dr. Archibald "Archie" Robertson (March 23, 1967)
Interview with Mrs. H. G. Metcalf (March 23, 1967)
Interview with John Tigert (November 5, 1958)
Interview with Dr. Manning J. Dauer (October 3, 2003)
Interview with Anne Little (January 25, 1982)
Interview with Beth Creighton (February 10, 1982)
Interview with Emma Davis (February 8, 1982)
Interview with Mary Purser (February 11, 1982)
Interview with George Freeman (March 8, 1982)
Interview with Richard B. Stephens (June 17, 1985)
Interview with Raymer Maguire (June 13, 1985)
Interview with Leo Foster (February 21, 1986)
Interview with W. T. Moore, Jr. (February 27, 1986)
Interview with Dr. Manning J. Dauer (March 28, 1982)
Interview with Lester Hale (May 22, 1982)
Interview with John Icenhour (July 22, 1982)
Interview with Charles Fairbanks (September 16, 1982)
Interview with Eugene Todd (March 1, 1984)
Interview with Cary Reichard (January 12, 1983)
Interview with Harold Riker
Interview with Ed Clark (September 22, 1982)
Interview with John Newell (September 22, 1982)
Interview with Molly Harrower (November 26, 1982)
Interview with Melvin Fried (November 8, 1976)
Interview with Henry Hinkley (November 29, 1976)
Interview with Stephan Mickle (September 12, 1986)
Interview with Dr. David Denslow (April 19, 1983)
Interview with Dr. Robert Primack (March 17, 1983)
Interview with Lassie Goodbread Black (March 1, 1984)
Interview with Evelyn Sims (December 1, 1976)
Interview with Dr. Arthur B. Otis (January 7, 1977)
Interview with Dr. Thomas H. Maren (January 23, 1977)
Interview with Daryl Mase (February 3, 1977)
Interview with Dr. George Harrell (February 23, 1977)
Interview with Dr. Leo G. Gramling
Interview with Kenneth Finger (December 11, 1980)
Interview with Emanuel Suter (August 3, 1982)
Interview with George Harrell (August 11, 1982)
Interview with Dr. Clyde M. Williams (September 24, 1982)
Interview with Ruth Martin (January 7, 1983)
Interview with Sam Martin (June 13, 1984)
Interview with Lamar Crevasse (January 29, 1990)
Interview with Richard T. Smith (November 27, 1990)
Interview with Lois J. Malasanos (April 7, 1992)
Interview with Gerald Berenson (January 24, 1998)
Interview with Rebecca Bowles Hawkins
Interview with Joseph W. Little (March 11, 1996)
Interview with Joan Hartigan
Interview with Linda Aiken
Interview with Ann Smith
Interview with Jennet Wilson
Interview with Dr. Faye Gary
Interview with Dorothy Harris
Interview with Pauline Barton
Interview with Lois Malasanos
Volume Two
Interview with Lois Knowles
Interview with Edna Mae Jones
Interview with Roy D. Graham
Interview with Lucille Mercandante
Interview with Virgie Pafford
Interview with Ray Massa
Interview with Betty Hilliard
Interview with Dean Kathleen Long
Interview with Virginia Strozier
Interview with Audrey Clark
Interview with Iona Pettengill
Interview with Carol Christiansen
Frances Apperson
Dean Joseph Weil ( oral history interview and materials )
Steven Doherty
Steven Doherty
Byron D. Spangler ( oral history interview )
Byron D. Spangler ( oral history interview )
Maryly VanLeer Peck ( oral history interview )
Interview with Marshall B. Jones
[Tapes on Miss Liza]
Marshall Jones Hearings. Subcommittee hearings
Interview with Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and her maid Martha Mickens
University of Florida Oral History Program: Anita Spring, interviewee; Anne Judge, interviewer, April 15, 1992. Transcript.
The Lord's prayer in English and in Hitchiti
Hayford Enwall
Seminole legends, dances and religious songs
Lewis Berner [UF 6] ( Oral History Interview )
Seminole songs
Audio Cassettes, 2, recordings of Tapirape Indians
Jean Chance
Sue T. James
Elizabeth Alexander
E. T. York
Edward C. Troupin
John V. Carlson
Scott A. Sloan
Oral History Interview with Dennis Keith "Dutch" Stanley
Charles Edward "Ed" Barber
Willis Bodine
Horance G. "Buddy" Davis
Budd H. Bishop
Emily White Stevens Maclachlan Ring
Hal C. Batey
Richard William Bowles
Catherine Longstreth and the Lioness
Miriam Peskowitz
John K. Mahon
Joseph J. Sabatella
Tu Huynh
Mickie Edwardson
JoAnn Smith
Jesse Ray Jones
Felicity Trueblood
Winifred L. Frazer
Lyle N. McAlister
John Kitts
Budd H. Bishop
Irving Kallman
Leona Bramblett Tate
Phyllis M. Meek
Jennet M. Wilson
David Bushnell
Ruth H. Alexander
Robert Q. Marston
Wanda Ebersole
Willis Bodine
Reid Poole
Roy C. Craven
Scott A. Sloan
Sally L. Miller
John H. Moore
David M. Chalmers
Joseph Mills Ripley, III
Dr. Frank Tuttle
Caroline Richardson
Ralph Lowenstein
Harry B. Shaw
Jon Mills
Leonidas Polopolus
Robert A. Bryan
Bill F. Chamberlin
Dr. Mildred Hill-Lubin
Dr. Mildred Hill-Lubin
Charles R. Hoffer
Anita Spring
Maurice Mayberry
Josephine McSwine
Karelisa Hartigan
Samuel C. Gowan
Arthur L. Funk
Rae O. Weimer
Frances Reitz
Robert Q. Marston
Mary Ann Harn Cofrin
Elizabeth Graham
Dr. Archibald "Archie" Robertson
Anna Bryce Edmonson
Minerva C. Franklin
John Paul Jones
Michael V. Gannon
Winifred E. Buchanan Cooke
Edward C. Troupin
Dr. Ronald Faveman
Russell Danburg
Joel R. Stegall
Gustave Harrer
Austin B. Creel
Elwood Keister
Lotte B. Graeffe
James P. Hale
Margaret Weeks Hammond
Delton Scudder
Mrs. T. Lynn Smith
J. Wayne Reitz
Geoff Boucher
Marsha M. Sherouse
Charlotte Porter
John A. Harrison
D. R. Billy Matthews
Lotte Mauderli
David Kushner
Robert A. Bryan
George Baughman
Frank Wright
James Wilson
Kenneth Tefertiller
Edward G. Blue
Peggy Carr
William H. Jackson
Rodman Webb
Marshall M. Criser
Lawrence D. Harris
Paul L. Doughty
Betty Stewart-Dowdell
Louis Gaitanis
Delphine Jackson
Charles J. Harris
Mario Ariet
Brian Burton
Horance G. "Buddy" Davis
Marna Weston
John H. Kaufmann
Olabiyi B. Yai
Brian duToit
Stephan P. Mickle
Margaretha Micha
Benjamin Mathis
William Simmons
Grant Thrall
Nancy P. Arny
Edward L. Jennings
Thomas Winston Cole, Sr.
AaBram Marsh
Helen T. Safa
Robert R. Lindgren
Lincoln Brower
G. W. Mingo
Rabbi Gerald Friedman
Otis Jones
Larry Crook
Paul Dee Welch
Charles Jackson Helseth
Hunt Davis
David Walker
Noel Lake
W. H. "Radical Bill" Abney
Goran Hyden
Ted Smith
Terry L. McCoy
George Starke
Sidney Homan
George Starke
Robert Marston
John Lombardi
William M. Goza
Stephen C. OConnell [UF 304]
Kevin M. McCarthy
Melvyn New
William Emerson
Samuel Proctor
Madelyn Lockhart (UFWS 3)
Irene Thompson (UFWS 2)
History Speaks: Samuel Proctor Oral Histroy Program News
History Speaks: Samuel Proctor Oral History Program News
History Speaks: Samuel Proctor Oral History Program News
History Speaks: Samuel Proctor Oral History Program News
History Speaks: Samuel Proctor Oral History Program News
History Speaks: Samuel Proctor Oral History Program News
Paula Criser
Elfi Schlegel
Edward R. Woodward
Alan J. Block
Randolph Matheny
Alex Grass
Henry Fenn
James D. Bruton, Jr.
Mrs. Frank Maloney
Jape Taylor
Lester Evans
George T. Singleton
Nicole Haislett
Tracy Caulkins-Stockwell
Jeanne D. Crenshaw
Judge Winifred L. Wentworth
Waldo Fisher
Judge James Knott
Mark V. Barrow
Dana LeRoy Shires, Jr.
Dixie Miller
Susan Petrina
E. Covington Johnston
Jim Free
Hazel Donegan
Fletcher Baldwin
Gerold Schiebler
Aaron M. Kanner
George John Miller
Walter O. Weyrauch
William D. Macdonald
Lee Dockery
A. E. Carpenter
Elmer LeRoy "Roy" Hunt
Jean Bennett
Galen Hall
Dean Jeffrey E. Lewis
Benjamin Overton
James Russell Green II
James C. Adkins, Jr.
Donald Senterfitt
Sidney Cassin
Justice Raymond Ehrlich
David Marsh Drylie
Charles Savage
Michael Wallace Gordon
Coach Ray Graves
Allison Wagner
Dr. James Robert Cade
C. Max Lang
Carroll Fussell
Leon "Rabbit" Robbins
David Challoner
Dexter Delony
Warren M. Cason
Talbot "Sandy" DAlemberte
James C. Adkins
Tracy Caulkins
W. Paul Shelley, Jr.
Keith Austin
Mandell Glicksberg
William Chandler
Otis Boggs
Francisco Herrero
Parks Carmichael
Richard E. Nelson
George Allen
Hugh M. Hill
Joachim Gravenstein
David W. Hedrick
John H. Stembler
William Thomas, Jr.
Barton Douglas
William "Red" Barber
Judge Anne Cawthon Booth
Marjorie S. Holt
Judge Harold Crosby
Leighton Cluff
Melvin Rubin
William F. Enneking
Dean Frank Read
Robert M. Montgomery
Betty Taylor
Scott Van Alstyne, Jr.
Andrew Adkins, Jr.
Mary K. Phillips
Martha Barnett
Chesterfield Smith
Jerome H. Modell
Leo Wotitzky
John M. "Jack" Hairston
Edythe Austin
Henry G. Hamilton
Professor Felix Muehlner
Jane Tyson
Pedro Vila Fernandez
Thomas J. Price
Charles Savage
Mrs. John J. Tigert
Oliver Austin
Anne Little
Richard T. Schneider
Mrs. Frances Reitz
Charlie Pell
Rae O. Weimer
Mrs. T. Lynn Smith
Richard Lehner [ WUFT 4 ]
Richard P. Schmidt
Michael Moorhead
Dean Dorothy Mary Smith
Frederic G. Levin
Warren Ross [UFHC 57]
Paul Smysor
Phylis Coleman
Lloyd Henryd
W. N. Barry [ AL 90 ]
Tommy Tomlinson ( AL 91 )
Hugh Cunningham [ FAL 14 ]
Tom Julin [ FAL 3 ]
Joe Busby [ FLVT 1 ]
Dennis Kneale [ FAL 11 ]
Robert Rivas [ FAL 10 ]
Alligator Hall of Fame Banquet [ FAL 12 ]
Dr. J. Wayne Reitz
Samuel Proctor (FAL 2)
Ron Sachs [ FAL 9 ]
David Lawrence, Jr. [ FAL 8 ]
Deborah Hendrix
Horance G. "Buddy" Davis [ FAL 6 ]
Jack Detweiler [ FAL 7 ]
Glenna Brashear
Dr. Richard Penrose Schmidt [ SUM UFHC 21 ]
Louis Russo [ UFHC 60 ]
Mike Wood [ UFHC 17 ]
Dr. James Bernard Machen [ UF-321 ]
Kenneth I. Berns [ UFHC 61 ]
Ted Srygley [ UFHC62 ]
Carolyn Hall [ UFHC 63 ]
Dorothy Anthony ( FLVT 9 )
Ken Durrance ( FLVT 5)
Sharon Farrell ( NTS 4 )
Jane Emerson ( FLVT 8 )
Elta Busby ( FLVT 2 )
Jim Edson ( FLVT 3 )
Ginger Edson ( FLVT 4 )
Bill Emerson ( FLVT 7 )
William Boe ( NTS 3 )
Darrell Anthony ( FLVT 10 )
Mark Hove ( NTS 2 )
Mary Durrance ( FLVT 6 )
Carol Giardina
Dr. Sue Legg ( AL 148 )
Beverly Jones ( AL 150 )
Rosa B. Williams ( AL 145 )
Melvin Greer
Chesterfield Smith
Edward Palmer Lincoln
Valerie Simpson
RFUF-002 H. Jane Brockmann: "Gender Discrimination in Veterinary Studies"
RFUF-011 Anita Spring "Bridging the Gap: How the Role of Women in Academia at UF has Changed through the Years"