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World War I sheet music
World War I sheet music
Joseph Neller Photo- Marching to the Front
Joseph Neller Photo - Bombed Village
Uncle Sam Poster (I Want You)
The Battle In The Air
The Fight Is On
He Sleeps Beneath The Soil of France
We're Going O-V-E-R The Top
We'll Carry The Star Spangled Banner Thru The Trenches
The Cootie Tickle
Give A little Credit to the Navy
Hello Central! Give Me No Man's Land
How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm
Mothers of America…
The Rose of No Man's Land
Trench! Trench! Trench!
We Don't Want The Bacon…
When Uncle Sammy Leads The Band
Yankee Doodle In Berlin
Your Lips Are No Man's Land But Mine
Joseph Neller Photo - Woodrow Wilson in Europe
America Awake!
America First
The Neutrality March
The Seminole
Division of Military Science Photo- SATC- Naval Cadets
Division of Military Science Photo-SATC- Setting Up Exercises
America Here's My Boy
A daddy's Prayer
Dreaming Of Home Sweet Home
I Dreamt My Daddy Came Home
I'm Proud to Be The Sweetheart Of A Soldier
Liberty Bond Magee
Over Here
Should The Stars In Your Service Flag Turn To Gold
That's What We're Fighting For
When It Comes To A Lovingless Day
Be Good To California , Mr. Wilson
Billy Boy
General Pershing March
General Pershing Song
Hello! General Pershing
Just Like Washington Crossed The Delaware…
Rear Admiral Wood One Step
Till The Work Of The Yanks Is Done
We Stand For Peace While Others War
Yankee Division March
Joseph Neller Scrapbook- Photo Album #1
Joseph Neller Photo Album #2 - G.H.Q. Chaumont (France)
Bring Back, Bring Back, Bring Back The Kaiser…
Goodbye - Farewell Raus Mit Kaiser Bill
We're After You
We're All Going Calling On The Kaiser
We'll Knock The Heligo - Into Heligo Out Of HeligoLand!
Who's Afraid Of The Kaiser
When The Kaiser Does The Goose-Step...
The Worst Is Yet To Come
Broadway Jones
Cohan Revue 1916
Friars All-Star Frolic - Olympic Theatre
George Washington, Jr.
If We Had A Million Like Him Over Here
Out There
Over There (2 copies - different covers)
When You Come Back…
You're A Grand Old Flag
Don't Take My Darling Boy Away
He's Doing His Bit
I Don't Want To Go To War
I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier
Stay Down Here Where You Belong
Bring Back A Belgian Baby To Me
China We Owe A Lot To You
The Fatherland, The Motherland, The Land of My Best Girl
For The Freedom Of The World
Over The Top
Over Yonder Where The Lillies Grow
Our Country's In It Now/ We've Got To Win It Now
The Russians Were Rushin / The Yanks Started Yankin
When Alexander Takes His Ragtime Band To France
When Ireland Comes Into Her Own
When The Boys Go Marching Over There
Yankee Doodle's Going To Berlin