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Survey done for Joseph Emond, mulatre libre, map included (Jeremie Collection 1-32)
Sale of half of a sugar plantation by dlle Francoise Antoinette Kanon to sieur Pierre Stansilas Foache, living in le Havre (Jeremie Collection 3-17)
Estimate of the schooner, "La Dorade", belonging to the estate of the late Mr. Michel Vernion (Jeremie Collection 26-15)
More testimony in the case between Elizabeth Gauthier and Lehoux (Jeremie Collection 9-10)
Report by Mr. Pierre Laplace on a runaway negro sailor named Louis (Jeremie Collection 2-67)
Partnership agreement between Jean Paul Bontineau and Francois Raimond. 1791 Oct. 1 (Jeremie Collection 2-73)
Sale of 49 squares of land situated at Plymouth by Mr. Raimondaine to Mr. Guillaime Raimon jeune for £3000. 1790 Sept. 4 (Jeremie Collection 2-8)
Receipt by Mr. Pierre de St. Martin to his brother, Mr. Jean Baptiste Raymond de St. Martin, jeune. 1786 Oct. 14 (Jeremie Collection 6B-49)
Agreement between Francois Raymond (for deceased Mr. Guillaume Raymon) and the Jean Vigne (Jeremie Collection 2-108)
Liaison of interest (shares) between Mr. Raymond Latapy and Nanon Akakin, free negress. 1789 Oct. 28 (Jeremie Collection 6B-182)
Transfer of lease of plantation by Mr. Joseph Desravines to Mr. Raymond. 1796 Oct. 18 (Jeremie Collection 8-38)
Naming of special procurator to manage all the affairs of Mr. Francoise Raimond Aine (elder). 1793 Aug. 8 (Jeremie Collection 2-106)
Lease of a slave to Mr. Fondelin by Elizabeth Raymond, 1780 July 12 (Jeremie Collection 15-18)
Letter of attorney by Raymond de Saint Martin to Joseph Bernard. 1790 Oct. 30 (Jeremie Collection 6C-17)
Inventory of the possessions of heirs of Mr. Perigard. 1793 Aug. 29 (Jeremie Collection 2-107)
Partnership agreement between Guillaume Raimond and Jean Lafourcade for plantation work (Jeremie Collection 2-74)
Jean Lascabes (in the name of Mr. Pierre Laurgeubie) and Mr. Francois Raimond jeune for his brother Francois Raimo (Jeremie Collection 2-198)
Marriage contract between Mr. Louis Aubert and Miss Pelagie, negro slave. 1797 Feb. 16 (Jeremie Collection 10-44)
Exchange of land between Pierre and Raymond de St. Martin. 1787 May 18 (Jeremie Collection 6B-93)
Report of notaries who had visited the land of the younger Raimond brother (Jeremie Collection 2-83)
Statement regarding use of land as a "bonded-warehouse" for mountain plantations (Jeremie Collection 2-76)
Inventory of property belonging to the Picot estate, at the request of Mr. Lefranc, trustee for absentee citizens (Jeremie Collection 17-130)
Contract for lease of plantation belonging to Miss de Raymond between Mr. De Raymond and Mr. Claverie. 1797 (Jeremie Collection 16-142)
Marriage contract between François Elei and Elizabeth Celeno. 1789 Oct. 28 (Jeremie Collection 6B-181)
Sale of half a piece of land and house by Mr. Charles Staco to Mr. Pierre Raymond. 1798 Aug. 2 (Jeremie Collection 17-197)
Mr. Picot (cooper) owes tax for 3 heads of slaves (Jeremie Collection 17-6.5)
Emancipation of the negress, Nanon, by Mr. Jean Kina, colonel in the service of his majesty George III. 1798 May 27 (Jeremie Collection 17-165)
Lease of a house by Zabette Damelle (called Yoyon) to Mr. Pierre Raymond. 1798 March 15 (Jeremie Collection 17-162)
Picot owes for the ordinary tax and a special tax for two slaves (Jeremie Collection 17-52.5)
Sale of house by Mr. Guillaume Laville to Marie Rose Raimond. 1798 Feb. 15 (Jeremie Collection 23-37)
Town dues census for Caymittes, stating that Mr. Picot owes £24 per head for 2 negroes - totalling £48. 1795 (Jeremie Collection 17-16.5)
Archives de Jeremie
Archives de Jeremie : Boite
Archives de Jeremie
Archives de Jeremie : MG69
Emancipation of the negress, Rosalie, by Mlle Marthe Guillaume. 1795 Dec. 2
Sale by Marthe Guillaume to M. Jean Baptiste Mongol a negress named Rosalie. 1793 Jan. 14
Last will and testament of Joseph Vigneau. 1781 Dec. 23
Jérémie Papers: Revocation by M. Thomas Leveque of his procuration which he had gien to M. Lean Francois Gervaie 1783 Mar. 24.
Jérémie Papers: Procuration by M. Jean Francois Gervaid to M. Jeanniot. 1785 July 4
Jérémie Papers
Jérémie Papers: Sale of plantation by M. Jean Francois Gervais to M. Brard. 1786 June 3
Jérémie Papers: Deposit of inventory of succession of Pierre Gervais by his executor Antoine Recouly. 1800 Aug 26
Jérémie Papers: Accounts rendered by citoyen Antoine Recouly of the succession of citoyen Pierre Gervais. 1800 Aug 26
English Translation: Jérémie Papers: Procuration by M. Jean Francois Gervaid to M. Jeanniot. 1785 July 4
French Transcription: Jérémie Papers: Procuration by M. Jean Francois Gervaid to M. Jeanniot. 1785 July 4