The Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library (CNDL) is supported by the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), a cooperative digital library for newspapers resources from the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. CNDL provides access to digitized versions of Caribbean newspapers, gazettes, and other research materials on newsprint currently held in archives, libraries, and private collections. CNDL continues to add historical and current newspapers through ongoing digitization and born-digital curation, expanding the geographic, temporal, political and linguistic variety of the newspapers.

CNDL is built within the Digital Library of the Caribbean, with all partners taking an active role in developing CNDL as a whole by digitizing materials; securing permissions; providing and receiving training on digitization, metadata creation, preservation, requesting permissions; conducting outreach; identifying and arranging access to materials for digitization; cultivating new research initiatives with Caribbean scholars for the newly accessible materials; and working to ensure sustainability of CNDL by consolidating existing organizational and technical frameworks established by the Digital Library of the Caribbean and assisting partners in incorporating newspaper digitization into national public policy agendas and supporting secondary grant-writing and other fundraising activities. Please see our recent call for partners or contact us to inquire about this project.

To grant permissions to add your newspaper, please contact us or use the permissions form here.

CNDL began in July 2009 when the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library was awarded a prestigious four year TICFIA grant, with the project starting in October 2009 to build the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library (CNDL). The grant funding helped the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library (CNDL) to be established a collaborative international digital newspaper library to preserve and increase access to valuable resources for the study of the Caribbean and the advancement of Caribbean Studies. CNDL is an umbrella for regional newspaper digitization including literary news journals, traditional newspapers, government gazettes, and other works in newsprint. The project partners have created a critical mass of endangered resources to enable access for researchers and the world.

The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is the parent organization, governing the development of the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library (CNDL). Both dLOC and CNDL benefit from a rich legacy of international collaborative preservation and access projects, dating back through microfilm other prior technologies, including the Caribbean Newspaper Imaging Project which was supported with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, following the tradition established before and solidified with the Farmington Plan. Support for CNDL comes from the newspaper publishers, archives, libraries, and museums across the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas.