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Guus Balkema, 1974-1988
Bernard Bru, 1994-2003
S. D. Chatterji, 1986-2004
Louis Chen, 1980-2004
John Henry Coates, 2003
Claude Dellacherie, 1971-1980
Joseph Leo Doob, 1962-2003
Rick Durrett, 1980-1994
William Feller, 1957-1964
Ron Getoor, 1967-1995
Joe Glover, 1978-1996
Hsu Pei, 1980-2004
Olav Kallenberg, 1980-1996
Frank B. Knight, 1982-1998
G. Letta, 1995-1998
Paul Levy, 1964-1968
Paul-Andre Meyer, 1963-2000
Randi, James, 1993-2000
G. E. H. Reuter, 1957-1965
Barry Simon, 1980-1994
Takacs, 1993-1994
John P. Walsh, 1996-2003
Ruth Williams, 1991
Marc Yor, 1988-1996
Aleksandr Adolfevich Yushkevich, 1995
Jean-Claude Zambrini, 1996-1997
Correspondence, no dates
Correspondence, pre-1960
Correspondence, 1961-1970
Correspondence, 1971-1980
Correspondence, 1981-1990
Correspondence, 1991-2000
Correspondence, 2000-2004
Correspondence with and related to Pao-Lu Hsu and his work, 1947-1983
Correspondence related to grants
Research report, Doeblin's Theory of Markov Processes, 1957
A Private China: Return to Hangchow" Manuscript and correspondence
Correspondence related to newspaper articles and TV programs
Note on history re Ville
Postcards and Christmas cards
Notes on h process, Falkner's results
Reading or lecture notes in Princeton by Bochner or Bohr
Translation of Kolmogorov's book in China, notebook 1. 1933
Translation of Kolmogorov's book in China, notebook 2. 1933
Manuscript of Chung's previous work on probability theory of finite number of events. 1942
Classroom notes of Cramer's lectures in Princeton (2 folders). 1946
Siegel's course in transcendental numbers. 1947-1948
Course in several complex numbers in Princeton. 1947-1948
Von Newmann's course at the Institute: Rings of operators in Hilbert space. 1947-1948
Notes from Weyl's course on integral equations and Artin's course on algebraic numbers. 1947-1948
Notes from Feller's class in Cornell. 1948-1949
Lecture notes and Kakutani's in Urbana. 1949-1950
Lecture notes (Cramer's theorum, etc.). 1951
Lecture notes (Kolmogorov's inequality, etc.). 1960-1970
Notes (personal notebook). 2001
unidentified notes with loose pages. Includes exam book on Doeblin. 1947-1949