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Fact Sheet for Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC )


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Fact Sheet for Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC )
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Wooldridge, Brooke
Taylor, Laurie
Santamaria-Wheeler, Lourdes
Sullivan, Mark
Digital Library of the Caribbean
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Miami, FL
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Fact sheet about the Digital Library of the Caribbean with mission, contents, technologies, teaching, partnerships, and other information.

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University of Florida
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Ul W I4 Mission
dLOC's diverse partners serve an international community of
scholars, students, and citizens by working together to
?1J. ..- a preserve and to provide enhanced electronic access to cultural,
.. historical, legal, governmental, and research materials in a
S.-common web space with a multilingual interface.

Access to Caribbean Resources
The amount of open access content available through dLOC surpasses many commercial Caribbean
collections and includes newspapers, official documents, ecological and economic data, maps,
histories, travel accounts, literature, poetry, musical expressions, and artifacts. dLOC now provides
access to 1,298,224 pages of content related to the Caribbean. dLOC registered a cumulative total of
2,000,853 hits from April 2006-October 2010.
All content available openly: www.dloc.corn

The freely available dLOC Toolkit, training support and continued improvement of the technology
with faceted and geographic searching and new user features are keys to the project's success. Local
funding supports the costs of digitization for dLOC which will enable the project to continue to grow.
The more than twenty partners demonstrate the value of dLOC's content for technology exchange.
Software openly available here: http ://dloc. corn/software

Digitization training program for international partners
Since 2005, dLOC has delivered on-site training to more than 375
people during 25 in-country training. Through training at the
Caribbean Library Association (ACURIL) conference, dLOC F W
reached 100 people through workshops and 600 with poster
presentations. The tri-lingual digitization training manual, online
videos and other supports provide partners with the skills to build
local digitization programs. New opportunities for training )
continue to develop.
Details and training materials: http: //dloc. com/info training

Caribbean Studies K-12 Educational Outreach
Through collaboration with the Title VI National Resource Centers for Latin American Studies at
Florida International University and the University of Florida, dLOC provides teacher training
workshops, presentations and booths at local and national conferences and a nation-wide lesson plan

competition have reached thousands of K-12 teachers. The Teaching Guides collection now hosts 36
titles with over 6,500 hits. dLOC continues to work with teachers and seek contributions to encourage
the study of the Caribbean at the K-12 level.
Details: http://dloc.com/info/outre

New research initiatives
In October, 2010, dLOC received $440,000 in funding over
four years from the U.S. Department of Education TICFIA
program to develop a collaborative online collection of
historical and contemporary newspapers and literary
journals. The Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library has
already received significant praise from scholars. It is through
access to these rare resources that new and innovative research
initiatives can begin.
Details: http://dloc.com/cndl

In response to the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, dLOC established the Protecting Haitian
Patrimony Initiative to support recovery and preservation projects in Haiti. PHPI has provided
support valued at $50,000 for the libraries to secure their collections and initiated a collaborative
online exhibit with top scholars on Haiti's history.
Details: http://dloc.com/info/haitianlibhelp

Building upon the strength of dLOC's partnerships, Florida International University's Strengthening
Caribbean Research through Technology project, funded at $48,000 over 3 years, will provide
faculty and students with the tools to incorporate dLOC sources from the Caribbean into teaching and

Details: http://dloc.com/dlocl/about
Haiti, An Island Luminous will pair expert commentary and original documents to introduce users to
five hundred years of Haitian history. The exhibit, scheduled to launch in the 2012, promotes an
understanding of the complexity of Haitian history through
increased access to research resources with contributions from
current scholars and students, as well as excerpts from past
publications, and direct links providing free access to books,
manuscripts and newspapers.
Details: http://dloc.com/ile a.-r 4m Wt4 u4

Sustainability and Governance
The governance structures of dLOC ensure the project's future. The Executive Board determines
policy-making, planning and fundraising efforts while the Academic Advisory Board is an active,
guiding force that bridges dLOC with broader academic communities.
Details: http://dloc.com/info/bylaw

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DIGI T Access to C The amoun t collections histories, tr a access to 1, 2,000,853 h A ll content The freely with facete d funding su p The more t h So f tware o Di g itizatio n Since 2005 people dur i Caribbean reached 1 0 presentatio n videos and local digit i continue to Details an d Caribbean Through c o Florida Int e workshops, T AL LI C aribbean R t of open a c and inclu d a vel accoun 2 98,224 pa g h its from Ap r available o p available d L d and geogr a p ports the c o h an twenty p op enl y avail a n trainin g p dLOC has i ng 25 in-c o Library A s 0 0 people t n s. The tril other suppo i zation pro g develop. d trainin g m a Studies K1 o llaboration e rnational U presentatio n BRAR Y R esources c cess conte n d es newspa p t s, literatur e g es of conte n r il 2006-Oc t p enl y : www. d L OC Toolki a phic searc h o sts of digiti z p artners dem a ble here: htt p ro g ram for delivered o n o untry train s sociation ( t hrough wo r l ingual digi t rts provide p g rams. N e a terials: htt p: 1 2 Educati o with the T i U niversity a n s and boot h Y OF T Missio dLOC' s schola r preser v histori c comm o n t available p ers, offici a e poetry, m u n t related to t ober 2010. d loc.com t, training s h ing and ne w z ation for d L o nstrate the p ://dloc.com / internatio n n -site traini n ings. Thr o ( ACURIL) r kshops an d t ization trai n p artners wi t e w opport u : //dloc.com/i o nal Outrea i tle VI Nati o a nd the Un i h s at local a T HE C A n s diverse p a r s, students v e and to pr o c al, legal, g o n web spac e through dL O a l documen t u sical expr e the Caribb e s upport and w user featu r L OC which value of dL O / so f tware n al partner s n g to more t o ugh trainin g conference d 600 wit h n ing manua l t h the skills u nities for n f o/trainin g c h o nal Resou r i versity of a nd national A RIBB E a rtners serv e s and citi z o vide enhan c g overnment a e with a mu l O C surpass e t s, ecologi c e ssions, and e an. dLOC continued i r es are keys will enable O C’s conte n s t han 375 g at the dLOC h poster l online to build training r ce Centers Florida, d L conference s E AN | F e an interna t z ens by w o c ed electron i a l, and rese l tilingual in t e s many co m c al and ec o artifacts. d registered a i mproveme n to the proj e the project t n t for techn o for Latin A L OC provi d s and a nati o Partner traini n headquart F ACT SHE E t ional com m o rking tog e i c access to arch materi t erface. m mercial C a o nomic dat a d LOC now p a cumulativ e n t of the te c e ct’s succes s t o continue t o logy excha n A merican S t d es teacher o n-wide les s n g at CARIC O ers in Guyana E T m unity of e ther to cultural, als in a a ribbean a maps, p rovides e total of c hnology s Local t o grow. n ge. t u d ies at training s on plan O M


competitio n titles with o the study o f Details: ht t New resea r In October, four years program t o historical journals already rec e access to t h initiatives c a Details: ht t In response Patrimon y support val u online exhi b Details: ht t Building u p Caribbean faculty and research. Details: ht t H aiti, An I s five hundr e understandi n increased a c current sch o publication s manuscript s Details: ht t Sustainabi l The gover n policy-mak i guiding for c Details: ht t n have reach o ver 6,500 h i f the Caribb e t p://dloc.co m r ch initiativ e 2010, dL O from the U o develop and cont e The Cari b e ived signif i h ese rare res o a n begin. t p://dloc.co m to the eart h Initiative t u ed at $50, b it with top s t p://dloc.co m p on the stre n Research t students wi t t p://dloc.co m s land Lumi n d years of H n g of the c c cess to res e o lars and s t s and direc s and newsp a t p://dloc.co m l it y and Go v n ance struct u i ng, planni n c e that bridg t p://dloc.co m e d thousan d i ts. dLOC c e an at the K m /info/outre e s O C received U .S. Depart m a collabor a e mporar y n b bean New s i cant praise o urces that n m /cndl h quake in H a t o support r 000 for the s cholars on H m /info/haiti a n gth of dLO t hrou g h T e t h the tools t m /dloc1/abo n ous will p a H aitian hist c omplexity e arch resou r t udents, as t links p r o v a pers. m /ile v ernance u res of dL O n g and fund r es dLOC w i m /info/byla w d s of K -12 t e ontinues to w 12 level. $440,000 i m ent of Ed u a tive onlin e n ewspaper s s paper Digi from schol a n ew and in n a iti on Janu a r ecovery a n libraries t o H aiti’s histo r a nlibhelp C’s partner s e chnolo gy p t o incorpor a u t a ir expert co m ory. The e of Haitian r ces with c o well as ex c v iding free a O C ensure t h r aising effo r th broader a w ea chers. Th w ork with t e i n funding o u cation TI C e collectio n s and lite r tal Library a rs. It is thr n ovative res e a ry 12, 2010 n d preservat i o secure th e r y. s hips, Flori d p roject, fun d a te dLOC so m mentary a e xhibit, sch e history th r o ntributions c erpts from a ccess to b o h e project’s r ts while t h a cademic co m h e Teaching e achers and o ver C FIA n of r ar y has r ough e arch 0 dLOC est a i on project s e ir collectio n d a Internatio n d ed at $48, 0 o urces from t a nd original d e duled to la u r ough from past o oks, future. T h h e Academi c m munities. Guides coll e seek contri b a blished the s in Haiti. n s and initi a nal Univers i 0 00 over 3 t he Caribbe a documents t u nch in the h e Executiv c Advisory e ction now h b utions to e n Protectin g PHPI has p a ted a coll a i ty’s Stren g years, will a n into teac h t o introduce 2012, pro m e Board de t Board is a n hosts 36 n courage Haitian p rovided a borative g thenin g provide h ing and users to m otes an t ermines n active,

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